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this outlaw was part of the crew of the New Republic starship FarStar, working directly for Gorak Khzam. A former slave who fought her way out of indentured servitude, Scoryn found work as a security officer for a minor crimelord. She organized a mutiny against him, destroying his palace and most of its inhabitants. The crimelord put a bounty on her head, and Scoryn fled the sector. She hid out on Kal'Shebbol, and decided that crewing on the FarStar would help keep her location a secret. She was hired to keep order in the ship's close quarters, serving as Khzam's second-in-command. After the Rodian defected, Kaiya Adrimetrum promoted Scoryn into his place. She used her new position to resolve the conflict between herself and Thanis Gul-Rah, who had tried to bring her to justice many years before. She had been "saved" from capture by Imperial Captain Brannij, but held no loyalty to the Empire. Despite her freedom, Scoryn still had a deathmark on her head. She knew, though, that Gul-Rah was part of the team which murdered Kaiya Adrimetrum's husband, and kept this knowledge secret even after she joined the FarStar's crew. After the FarStar escaped from Q'Maere, Scoryn railed against Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum's plans to continue their mission, citing a mutiny was being discussed among the rest of the crew. After she promoted him to her second-in-command, Scoryn's fears were realized when Lowen Chase actually instigated a mutiny. The ship was plunged into chaos, and despite their differences, Scoryn and Adrimetrum worked together to put the rebellion down. Once control of the FarStar was restored to her crew, Scoryn was placed in charge of investigating any deaths and convening corutmartials where necessary. (DARK, KR)

Scotian, Will
this Alliance starfighter pilot was a veteran of Rogue Squadron, and served the Alliance during the attempt to rescue Han Solo from Boba Fett on the moon Gall. Will was a brash, young pilot from the planet Brentaal, and his service record at Oracle Base in Brak Sector caught Wedge Antilles' attention enough to recruit him. His X-Wing was damaged in the battle, and he actually spent very little time with the squadron. He was part of the Alliance assault team which rescued a group of slaves from mercenaries who were supporting the Empire. Among the slaves was a Chev humanoid named Pedna. She was so thankful that she adopted the surname Scotian as her own, in honor of Will's part in the rescue. (WS, SE, SESB)

Scott, Franklin
known as "Shorty" to his friends, Franklin was the only member of the Farns to have a repulsor craft. However, despite the fact that the Farns called themselves a swoop gang, Franklin owned a highly-modified Starhawk speeder bike. Franklin joined the Farns because of their good-natured approach to being a swoop gang, for he is scared of the authorities in Mos Eisley. (GG7)

this experimental Qektoth Attack Cruiser was owned by the Qektoth Confederation. It measured about 103 meters in length, and was crewed by 30 officers and 10 gunners. It was hyperspace-capable, and was armed with some of the Confederations bioweapons. The primary armament was four plasma cannons and a single bio-energy array. The power requirements of the prototype bio-energy array drained much of the ship's power, so the Scourge was only effective against a single ship, and only if it had the element of surprise. After the initial blast, the Scourge was defenseless until the bio-weapon was recharged. This allowed the crew of the FarStar to defeat the Scourge in combat near Qu'mock Station. (KO, KR)

this Victory-class Star Destroyer patroled Darpa Sector during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (FOP)

this yacht was Atlee Thanda's personal starship. To protect himself while traveling, Atlee also maitnained a flight of twelve Z-95 headhunters to escort the ship. (WOA26)

Scourge One
an Imperial Hunter assigned to Sedriss and Operation Shadow Hand, Scourge One tracked Luke Skywalker and Kam Solusar to Ossus and followed them to the surface. (DE2)

Scourge Squadron
this was the primary fleet of Star Destroyers established to protect the Pentastar Alignment. It was under the direct command of Moff Ardus Kaine, and was led by the Super-class Star Destroyer Reaper. (SWJ3)

Scourge, The
this gang of pirates tried to claim the planet Alluuvia as their own, shortly after Radell Mining Corporation established their own claim. The Scourge then captured the Gray Griffins, an Alliance scout team dispatched to explore the planet. In reality, the Scourge had been employed by Imperial Mining, Limited, to guard the planet Alluuvia, after Chalmer Trillili made a deal with the Empire. These actions forced the Alliance to send out a team of soldiers to recover the Gray Griffins. The Scourge was defeated in the assault, and the planet was returned to Radell. (OE)

Scouring, The
this was the Basic name of the Se'Lenti, which was the term used by the Gorothites to describe the ecological and environmental destruction wrought on the planet Goroth Prime during the Aqualish-Corellian War. The offworlders, who each paid handsomely to the P'Dar'Ken for limited and conflicting mining rights, had grown fed up with the manipulations of the Rel'Kan, J'Kek D'rith Kalama. Since neither side could control the planet, they decided that no one would control it. They sent waves of asteroids on a collisionn course with Goroth Prime, and the resulting impacts wreaked incredible amounts of damage. It was estimated that nearly five billion Gorothites died in the resulting cataclysm, with barely two million survivors going underground to escape the destruction. Because of this event, hyperbarides which had been locked into the crust of the planet were vaporized, becoming part of the atmosphere and altering the Gorothite physiology over many generations to accept its presence. The resutling atmospheric conditions had one unique side-effect: repulsorlift engines failed to work on Goroth Prime. (GSE, AE)

see Enwandung-Esterhazy, Tallisibeth (YDR)

Scout Collector
this was the name used to describe any automated scout vehicle which could move into a hostile or unknown environment and retrieve biological samples for later investigation. (JE)

Scout Collector Unit
this droid, essentially a floating dumpster, was used in conjunction with several scout survey units to collect specimens and samples from a planet or moon under exploration. (SWJ2)

Scout Craft
lightly-armed, 100-meter-long ships used by the Empire to quickly reconnoiter an area and report back to it base. They are armed with only 3 turbolasers, but are well-shielded (150 SBD shields protecting a 60-RU hull). They are fast for a large ship, having been rated at a top speed of 80 MGLT. (TIE)

Scout Enforcer
this blaster pistol was produced some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. It was designed to be an advanced version of the hold-out blaster, to be used in desparate situations in remote locations, when no help was available. Thus, it was marketed to scouts and explorers who were regularly out of contact with the Old Republic or any local police force. (KOTOR2)

Scout Soldier
this is the name given to any member of the New Republic Scout Service who maintains their military training, rather than actively exploring the galaxy. Like all Service Scouts, the Scout Soldier receives military training from the New Republic, but serves to ensure that newly discovered planets are protected from claim jumpers and other hostile forces. They can also be called in to quell native uprisings. (GG8)

Scout Survey Unit
this model of ancient exploration droid resembled a large, mechanical spider. Moved about on eight articulated legs, the spherical body of the scout survey unit bristled with sensors, probes, and grasping claws. Small groups of these droids worked in coordination with a scout collector unit, collecting specimens and samples for later analysis. (SWJ2)

Scout Troopers
lightly-armored stormtroopers assigned to guard Imperial garrisons. (HTTE, ISB)

Scout Walker
see AT-ST (ESBN)

an Alliance transport ship destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this was a small survey ship developed by the Chiss. (DN1)

this droid was a member of the computer crew aboard the Malka'an Eternal when the ship was abandoned to crash on Edonaaris. Realizing that he was stranded on the planet, SCr-114's programming caused him to resent the organic life that left him there. When a salvage crew came to recover the wreckage, SCr-114 killed them and took their ship. He later became a notorious Outer Rim smuggler, going by the alias Skar to cover his identity as a droid. SCr-114 modified a variety of droids to serve as his crew aboard the Efficient, removing their inhibitors and creating a loyal crew. (SWJ5)

this surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy. (GCG)

Scraf, Arvid
this settler was one of the first residents of Nam Chorios to greet Luke Skywalker, after the Jedi's B-wing was shot down by Theran forces. He befriended Luke (who used the alias Owen Lars) and helped him get into Hweg Shul during Luke's search for Callista. It as Scarf, using his out-dated and heavily-modified 74-Z speeder, who helped Luke recover his belongings and get a job in Hweg Shul. (POT)

this was a crude term used by criminals and other seedy beings, during the last years of the Old Republic, to indicate any being who made the criminal angry or upset. (RCHC)

this was a team sport that was popular during the last years of the Old Republic. (E3N)

Scrambas, Pello
this 20-year veteran of service to the Royal House of Alderaan's homeguard was one of the first troopers killed when stormtroopers from the Devastator boarded the Tantive IV. (CCG2)

Scramble 9
this was the code phrase used to highlight urgent messages for the New Republic's Chief of State. Although this is the highest level of urgency that can be attached to a message, it can also be color-coded to indicate how urgent it is. A scramble 9 message that has been given the color purple is generally regarded as the utmost of urgency. (POT)

Scramble Code Five
this was a high-priority encryption code used by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic. It was used whenever a transmission needed to reach Coruscant from a remote location, with utmost speed and maximum security. (AOTCC)

this device was similar to a caller, except that it scrambled the programming of the droid it was aimed at. (TNR)

this was the brand name of Aratech's Mark I anti-droid, ion blaster weapon. (KOTOR2)

this is an air intake system that force-feeds air into the drive system, boosting the power output of existing engine systems. (EGV)

this was a species of crustacean-like amphibians native to the planet Dagobah. These creatures moved about on six crab-like legs, and had a pair of heavily-muscled arms for grasping and crawling. A collection of bio-luminescent patches dotted the dorsal surface of the scrange's body, used for attracting prey or providing light in dark locations. In order to incapacitate its prey, the scrange lashed out with its tusked tail, stunning or badly injuring any creature that came within its reach. (WSW, IWST)

Scranton Toon
this Rodian was a noted pilot who worked for Plook Hartar during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Scranton Toon was chosen to participate in a race, devised by Hartar and his rival, Servid Norn, to prove which of the two had the best pilots working in their respective pirate gangs. Norn, in order to ensure that his pilot won the race, posted a bounty for the capture of Scranton Toon. The bounty requested that Toon be brought in alive, so as to maintain any semblance of a working relationship between the rival pirate gangs. Scranton Toon was known as a laid-back mercenary who was arrogant and skilled. He lost his left eye in a swoop wreck, and had it replaced with a cybernetic photoreceptor. (GMR6)

Scrap City
this was a slang term used by many beings to describe the place where droids were sent when the had outlived their usefulness. (HSE)

Scrap Heap, The
this is the derogatory name given to the area of the River, found on Off-worlders' Quarter, where droid congregate while their owners imbibe at the River. The droids which are left in the Scrap Heap are fitted with a special restraining bolt of Ropagu design. This bolt overrides the droids' original programming, installing a subroutine which is unique in the sector. If an attempt is made to steal a droid from the Scrap Heap, the programming in the bolt compels the remaining droids to attack the thief and prevent the theft. (TSK)

Scrap Mouse
this small rodent was native to the planet Coruscant, where it lived in trash piles and back alleys. (YDR)

this Imperial stormtrooper was one of many that were dispatched to Golrath, under the command of Lieutenant Giel, to search for information on the Alliance's location. Scraper and a friend were shirking their duties when they discovered that the native rock of Golrath had the strange ability to replay images of light it captured when it was hot. (MC65)

this was the nickname of the Aqualish bounty hunter Negollup. (GMK)

Scrapper's Run
this was one of the many podraces which meandered through the cloud-cities of the planet Ord Ibanna during the last decades of the Old Republic. (RAC)

this was the name of the largest junkyard found on the planet Belgaroth. Filled with all manner of debris and toxic waste from the Imperial occupation of the planet, the Scrapyard was avoided by virtually every Belgarian. Its existence gave rise to the phrase "living in the Scrapyard", which was used to describe any being who had died recently. (CCW)

a small scavenger. (JTH)

this was the term used by many Cestians to indicate an existence in which an individual or family made enough credits to feed themselves, with a little left over to barter with. Usually, it referred to farming communities that eked out sustenance, but never enough to sell for a profit. (TCD)

this term, used in the city of Talos on Atzerri and on most of the Free Trader Worlds, describes the practice of setting up progressively intense areas of merchants in the vicinity of spaceports. The initial area surrounding Free Trader spaceports is set up to fleece unsuspecting travelers of their credits through the use of illusory taxes and shoddy merchandise. Most experienced travellers are detected by these merchants, and are expertly routed to more intense sales areas farther from the spaceport. If the travellers still didn't part with their credits, chances are their funds will be stolen as they move further from the law enforcement present at the starport. The "scratchback" occurs when the more intense salesbeings pay a "referral fee" to those businesses close to the spaceport who pass on the more experienced travellers. (SOL)

this beast, native to the planet Ansion, was named for the way it rubbed its belly against the stones, in an effort to satisfy an itch or remove unwanted parasites. (APS)

this was the name of the traditional Togorian scimitar. They were rarely seen off Togoria, and commanded a high price among collectors and weapons aficionados because of their high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. (AIR)

this Aratech jumper jet pack is based on a fiberlight chassis, to which are attached a pair of thrust cones. Propulsion is created through the ignition of solid and liquid fuels, and is capable of carrying the user 100 meters horizontally. The Screamer can also propel the user 70 meters vertically. Each pack can make about 10 jumps before it requires refueling. (CFG)

this was the name of Bertriak's active jamming system. It was used to disguise a starship's ion drive emissions to prevent long-range detection as well as missile and targeting locks. (EGW)

this was the Imperial name for the teezl, used by the line officers and soldiers who served under Admiral Giel. (MC61)

Screamer Gong
this type of musical cymbal was used in conjunction with a drumheller harp. (VD)

Screamer Squadron
this New Republic squadron of X-Wings was hastily formed in the wake of the Battle of Coruscant, and assigned to the Ralroost. Virtually every member of the Screamers was a rookie, with their commander being barely twenty-three years old when the squadron was launched into battle over Ylesia. (Y)

Screaming Jawas
this band often played in the Arcade Omicron, where their alternately thunderous and screeching music has found an audience. (SWJ9)

Screaming Kroobles
this phrase is used to describe a sensation of fear or loathing. (CSWDW)

Screaming Wookiees
this was the name of the training squadron commanded by Atton Repness, before his blackmarket starfighter schemes were exposed. They were based on the starship Tedevium. (IF)

Screed, Terrinald
an Imperial Admiral, Screed was Palpatine's right-hand-man during the early years of the Empire and the New Order. Originally trained at the Caridan Military Academy, Screed was a no-nonsense military expert, and wore an electronic eye-patch. During the years leading up to the Clone Wars, Screed was a Judiciary for the Old Republic, and was one of the loudest supporters of Chancellor Palpatine's Military Creation Act. When Duro fell to the Separatists during the height of the Clone Wars, Screed was placed in command of the Coruscant Planetary Defense forces, as it was feared that the Separatists would use Duro as a staging point for striking at the Core Worlds. Years later, after a distinguished career in the military, Screed was assigned to take control of the fuel refineries on Biitu. While he managed to capture Mungo Baobab and install the Great Heep on Biitu, he was unprepared for the efforts of R2-D2, C-3PO, and the young boy named Fidge. This unlikely trio rescued Mungo and destroyed the Great Heep, leaving Screed with nothing to show for his efforts. This was only a temporary setback for Screed, who later survived the Battle of Endor and established a relationship with Warlord Zsinj. The relationship didn't last long, however, as Zsinj ultimately executed Screed for an undisclosed reason. (TGH, DCAR, HNN4, HNN5, FH1, SWI75, SWDB)

this is the name of the Adarian caste system, which is very rigid and inflexible. (GG12)

Screw Maggot
this was one of the many carnivorous insects which were native to the jungles of Haruun Kal. (SHPT)

this long, thin annelid was named for the corkscrew-shape it obtained as it grew. (T)

this tasty dish was served at many tapcafes, often with a glockaw sauce. (BP)

this was the name of a noted Vuvrian individual. (UANT)

this was the name given to the supreme representative of the Centrality. The name was derived from the High Trammic word for "head writer." (GMR5)

Scrivner's Revenge
this long-running holo-drama chronicled the exploits of Carma Dame. It was popular during the last decades of the Old Republic. (SWJ5)

this Hutt slang term is used to indicate a small denomination of money. (JTH)

this was a primitive form of projectile weapon, developed to fit inside the center shaft of a scroll of parchment. Essentially a tube with an explosive charge at one end, the scroll-gun could fire a small, solid bullet at its target with incredible force. (HSL)

Scrub Lizard
one of the most predominant forms of life on the planet Korbin, the scrub lizard grows to be three meters in length. The scrub lizard is a carnivorous reptile, and lives near cities and the LastCall. Scrub lizards crawl flush to the ground, and are often mistaken for snakes. They are attracted to the kyrf that grows on Korbin, but seem to be immune to its intoxicating effects. The scrub lizard is armed with spiky scales and a tooth-filled maw. When they capture their prey, scrub lizards hold it in their mouths while they shake it violently until it dies. They are ill-tempered beasts. (PG2)

Scrubber Droid
produced by Industrial Automaton, this series of droids was designed to clean up hazardous materials from spaceports and hangar areas. The scrubber, which resembled a squat box, moved about in search of fuel spills and other areas where potentially dangerous chemicals pooled. The scrubber was effective at its work, collecting as much of the hazardous material as possible without any sort of fear of its dangerous situation. In those situations where a fire broke out before the scrubber could clean up a spill, the droid was equipped with a fire extinguisher to put out a variety of fire types. (AEG)

this variety of the common loak is a small, compact plant that is more adapted to survival in desert environments. (POT)

a plant native to the planet Endor. (AT)

Scrumma Jawbone
this was a broad, shallow arm of Lake Paonga, located on the planet Naboo. (NEGW)

a species of small fish native to Calamari. (IDC)

this man, a native of Edan II, led a small group of guerrilla fighters which opposed the Imperial occupation of the planet during the period leading up to the Battle of Yavin. Later, he joined his forces with those of the Alliance during the liberation of Edan II. (IAG)

this sweet-tasting herb was used in the creation of many desserts. (BF4)

SCS-19 Sentinel
manufactured by TaggeCo, this personal landspeeder provided a measure of security and defense for beings who worried for their own safety. Armed with a twin laser cannon and protected by heavy armor and shields, the 12-meter-long SCS-19 could transport a pilot and two passengers through a number of hostile environments. Note that the Arms and Equipment Guide indicates that the SCS-19 can accommodate up to four passengers and fifty kilograms of cargo. (GFT, AEG)

this Bith hiding cube was produced by Veretrex Securities. Resembling a small cube, the SCT-1000 was formed from a unique material that distorted light which encountered it. When placed in a niche or on a small shelf, the SCT-1000 appeared to blend into the surrounding wall, producing the visual sensation of a continuous wall panel. (GFT)

this Gran Lord was one of the political cronies installed by Vosdia Nooma, in the Rodian drama The Trickery of Vosdia Nooma. Lord Scufflemug was meant to represent one side of the debate on the Military Creation Act, and was couterpointed by Lady Puffdove. Although critics generally hailed The Trickery of Vosdia Nooma as entertaining, they political allegory and heavy-handed mimicry of the Galactic Senate - represented by Scufflemug and Puffdove - was panned and often described as being in poor taste. (HNN5)

this specialized droid was created by environmental and sanitation engineers on the planet Coruscant, as an automated way to ensure that algae and other natural pollutants didn't foul up Coruscant's fresh water supplies. (CCW)

this humanoid was, at one time, Jabba the Hutt's pilot. Before that, they were partners in crime. Jabba ensured Scuppa's loyalty by implanting a vial of xenoboric acid in his skull following a head-wound sustained during a battle. Jabba held a control stud that could open the vial and release the acid into Scuppa's system. Scuppa was eaten by Princess Nampi, after she had captured Jabba's starship. (JTH)

Scupper Bantoo
this aging CorelliSpace Gymsnor-2 freighter was owned and operated by Maddie Macatten. It was outfitted with obsolete parts and maintained with a loving hand, but barely made it through its travels. The Scupper Bantoo had a slow hyperdrive system, minimal shielding, and was armed with a single heavy blaster cannon. (KO)

this creature inhabits the forests of Kashyyyk, travelling in large groups. (TT)

Scurrg H-6
this experimental bomber design was developed by Nubian starshipwrights during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. At twenty-two meters in length, the Scurrg H-6 resembled a flattened square, with the center spine raised slightly to provide room for the cockpit and shipboard systems. The ship was developed by the Bith engineer Jinkins, who was working for the Nubian Design Collective at the time, and was proposed for sale to the government of Naboo as a defensive craft. The original design was armed with six wing-mounted laser cannons, a turret-mounted double laser cannon, and a proton bomb launcher. A crew of five was required to fly the ship, consisting of a pilot, navigator, and three weapons officers. However, when the Naboo rejected the design as execessively armed, the Nubians scrapped the project, much to the consternation of Jinkins. The Bith then sought out Nym and arranged to steal the prototype. The ship was eventually refitted with a number of new and enhanced systems, and was renamed Havoc. (SWDB, NEGV)

this four-legged, insectoid creature was the only indigenous form of life found on the planet Artus Prime. Living in the tunnels and caverns that riddled the planet's crust, these creatures were essentially blind, but used their other senses to track down their prey. When settlers began mining the planet, the scurriers discovered a new source of food. Many miners lost their lives to scurriers, a fate that also awaited the Imperial stormtroopers who later arrived on the planet. (JK2)

this small, rodent-like creature inhabited the urban areas of the planet Tatooine. Resembling a large, kangaroo-like mouse, the scurriers jumped along on their powerful hind legs. The males were easily distinguished from the females by the prominent curved horns on each side of thier heads. Most females had short, straight horns. Scurriers congregated in the outlying areas of cities like Mos Eisley, hunting for the insects which come to feed on the rubbish of civilization. The scurrier could also scavenge on the garbage it finds. When cornered or surprised, the scurrier could attack with a vicious bite. Large specimens of scurriers have been known to reach twelve meters in overall length. (SWSE, CCG9, WSW)

Scurrier Disease
this unusual disease, believed to be carried by wild scurriers, was sometimes contracted on the planet Tatooine. (SWRPG2)

this ferbil was kept as a pet by V-Davi, in defiance of the rules of the Learning Circle. (FFT)

this was a Corellia word for a drudge or other menial laborer. (SWI83)

this was the Yuuzhan Vong name for the living scales taken from a dora-mu and used to create living armor on one of their bio-organic vessels. A scute resembled a long, chitinous scale, and could be grown in groups that overlapped their bodies to provide protection on vessels such as the vangaak. (NEGV)

Scuttle Grazer
this big-eyed creature inhabits the third level of the Kashyyyk forests. They are quick and elusive, moving on several legs across the jungle. (TT)

an Alliance shuttle that was captured in the Javin Sector, following the Battle of Hoth. (TIE)

this bounty hunter worked with Gyran during the Galactic Civil War. (SSR)

this warship was commanded by Daala during the years surrounding the Black Fleet Crisis. Having come out of retirement to help the New Republic win the Battle of Nam Chorios, Daala returned to the Deep Core and tried to establish a new Imperial fleet. The Scylla served as her flagship, and led her brief charge into New Republic territory against Garm Bel Iblis. Unfortunately, Bel Iblis was able to trap Daala's fleet using a pair of CC-7700 frigates. In order to escape, Daala rammed one of the frigates with the Scylla before limping into hyperspace. Due to damage to the ship's navigational systems, the Scylla's jump was blind, and Daala was not seen again. (NEGC)

this was one of the many Strike-class cruisers that made up the front lines of the Imperial Naval fleet. (XVT)

the Alliance ambushed a convoy which was led by this Strike-class cruiser, shortly before the Battle of Enodor. (XWA)

Scythe Squadron
this Imperial TIE Fighter group was assigned to defend the second Death Star during the Battle of Endor. Their primary mission was to identify and eliminate any Alliance starfighters which attempted to destroy the battle station from within. The fighters of this group were given P-w702 upgraded maneuvering thrusters to give them more control during flight within the superstructure of the Death Star. (CCG11)

Scythe-class Bomber
this is an Adumari assault craft. (SOA)

an Imperial system patrol craft operative during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this was the earliest of the SD-series war droid produced by Balmorran Arms. It was extremely well-armed, but lacked the tactical programming needed to prioritize and eliminate multiple targets. (EGD)

a war droid produced by Balmorran Arms for the New Republic, it was the follow-on to the SD-9 and was used by the Balmorrans to battle the Executor Sedriss. Sedriss eventually received some of the droids in a bargain he struck with Beltane. The original design of the droid was done by Umak Leth, and incorporated heavier weaponry and more intelligent programming. The SD-10 was armed with a repeating blaster, a concussion missile launcher, and a plasma-burst cannon. It was also given advanced servomotors and gyrobalancing systems, in part to keep its massive bulk from toppling in combat. (DE2, EGD)

this was the second SD-series war droid produced by Balmorran Arms. Like the SD-1, it was extremely well-armed, but lacked the tactical programming needed to prioritize and eliminate multiple targets. (EGD)

this was the third SD-series war droid produced by Balmorran Arms. Like its predecessors, it was extremely well-armed, but lacked the tactical programming needed to prioritize and eliminate multiple targets. (EGD)

this was the first Balmorran Arms war droid to take advantage of enhanced programming to prioritize multiple targets. It accomplished this by integrating programming which had been stolen from the defunct Darktrooper program. (EGD)

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