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this isolated planet was the site of an Imperial outpost, during the period following the Battle fo Hoth. (LTA3, MC60)

Spine Dragon
this creature was native to the planet Kintan. Like many other creatures on the planet, it evolved from a species which was altered by the intense radiation the coursed through the system as a result of the M'dweshuu Nova. (GG12, GORW)

Spine of Lok
this unusual asteroid belt orbited the planet Lok. It was made up almost entirely of obsidian rock, and was often invisible when viewed against the black backdrop of open space. (SWGAL)

Spine Passage
located aboard the Zirtran's Anchor space station, the Spine Passage traversed the entire length of the space station. (SWJ5)

Spine Rat
this large rat was named for the heavy spines that made up much of its fur. Although these spines provided defense against larger predators, they could also be a hindrance. A spine rat cornered in a tunnel or warren could only move in a single direction, as the spines dug into the surrounding walls whenever the rat moved backward. (GMR7)

Spine Seas
this was a collection of bodies of water, located on the planet Goroth Prime, which were surrounded by rocky spires. (GSE)

Spined Snake
this species of predatory reptile was native to the planet Lok. (ROD)

Spined Viper
related to the spined snake, this poisonous reptile was native to the planet Lok. The venom of a spined viper acted on the victim's nervous system, swiftly paralyzing all autonomic bodily functions and causing the victim to suffocate. (ROD)

this species of fish was native to the planet Vodran. (GG12)

this race of lupine humanoids was similar in appearance to the Shistavenan, but had thick, pointed quills instead of fur. Native to the planet Worxer, the Spiners were known as warriors which could attack by actually shooting their quills at their targets. When the planet Worxer was destroyed when its star went supernova some 200 years before the Clone Wars, the Spiners were rescued by Old Republic scientists who had been monitoring the star. They were quickly absorbed into galactic society, but their unusual technology and ancient language of Worxi left them separated from many other races. Over the decades, the Spiner population dwindled, and many xenoarchaeologists of the New Republic believed that the Spiner race would soon become extinct. Credence was given to this suspicion when it was discovered that Spiners could only reproduce in the Elrood Sector. (WOTC, MC8, ANT, UANT)

this unusual form of glass was produced by the Killiks of the Saras hive of the Colony. It was literally spun from their bodies, much like spider silk was spun into a web, but was melted down and then formed into shapes to produce useful or artistic objects. The raw material was simply referred to as spin. (DN2)

this was the Imperial Navy slang term for an Alliance B-Wing starfighter. (SWJ10)

this casino game resembled roulette. (MJEH)

this process involved subjecting certain gases to intense temperatures and pressures in order to alter its chemical properties. Often, spin-sealing produces gases which intensify the energy of light which pass through them. (GG2)

Spinward Sector
this section of the galaxy is home to the polwocz. (ISB)

this unusual insect was noted for the glossy, shiny webs it wove. These webs were incrediblely strong and durable, despite their fragile appearance. (MBS)

Spiny-collared Toad
this strange amphibian was native to the desert oases of the planet Tatooine. (YDR)

this planet was located in the Lytton Sector of the galaxy. It had very little axial tilt, so its climate is very stable. It was a lush, tropical world with no natural predators. It was first scanned by Old Republic explorers nearly a thousand years before the Battle of Yavin, and the wealthy citizens of the Core have been coming to Spira for a long time. At one point during the height of the New Order, it was estimated that there were 4,527 luxury hotels available on the planet. Its surface is mostly ocean, broken here and there by chains of islands. Weapons are forbidden on the planet. The average day on Spira lasted about 25 standard hours, and its year encompassed 377 local days. An ancient shipwreck was located west of The Point, a remnant from a time before the planet was first settled. No one knew who owned the ship or why it crashed, but over the years the wreck was salvaged for parts and left as an artificial reef. (SWJ1, SWJ5, NEGC)

Spira Heist
this was the name given to the daring robbery by the criminal known as the Tombat, stealing a wealth of jewels during the annual Spira Regatta Open, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (SWJ6)

Spira Regatta Open
this annual race took place across the oceans of the planet Spira. At the time of the Battle of Hoth, the Regatta had been run for 345 years. (SWJ1)

Spira Security Police
this was the small police force which patrolled Ataria Island and maintained the peace on the planet Spira. The wore very casual uniforms, as befitted the tourism which maintained the planet's economy, but were nonetheless impecably dressed. (SWJ1)

this planet, the primary world in the Spirador System of the Tandon Sector, was the capital world of the sector and was the seat of Imperial power during there during the Galactic Civil War. The Alliance placed a stealth-shielded probot in the system, which allowed Daelar vuvTertarrnek to relay information to the Alliance. (CRO)

this Alliance CR90 Corvette saw duty during the years before the Battle of Yavin. (CCG2)

Spiral Arm
a section of the galaxy. (COJ)

Spiral-class Assault Ship
this needle-shaped craft was developed for use by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. It was designed to get a boarding party into a ship which resisted being boarded. The pointed nosecone of the Spiral-class ship was loaded with tekonite, which vaporized on collision. This allowed the pilot to ram the needle-shaped ship into the hull of its target, penetrating the hull without injuring the boarding party. Once the ship had penetrated its target, the boarding party exited through the vaporizde nosecone. The Spiral-class was considered to be expendable. (BI)

Spiraling Shape
this was one of the many false identities created by Cecil Noone and his band of thieves for the starship Asaari Wind, which they had stolen from Ritinki. (GMR1)

Spire Falcon
this short-winged raptor was native to the planet Coruscant, although many xenobiologists believed that it had evolved far beyond its original appearance. The blunt wings of the spire falcon allowed it to make sharp turns and cuts within the confines of the buildings that studded Coruscant's surface, where the spire falcon hunted for scrap mice. Its mottled gray feathers mimicked the ferrocrete of the buildings, providing the spire falcon with almost perfect camouflage. (YDR)

this was the term used to describe the tall, rocky spires created by the Geonosians as living spaces. Hidden beneath the spire-hives were immense chambers used for manufacturing and storage. (SWI66)

Spirit of Battle
see Dra'vil (GMR1)

Spirit of Battle
this was the term used to describe the incredibly focused state of combat, into which a member of the Em'liy race could enter when confronted by an enemy. While in the thrall of the Spirit of Battle, an Em'liy gave themselves over to the fight, allowing the course of their struggle to guide their actions. (UANT)

Spirit of Jabba
this was the heavily-armed escape ship Jabba the Hutt hid in Glass Mountain, on Tatooine, in case he ever had to flee from a rival or enemy. It was well-stocked with all the food and drink Hutts like, and was armed with a pair of ion cannons, a number of tractor beams, proton torpedo launchers, and laser cannons. The ship also contained a holographic security system that could detect the presence of beings on the ship and interact with them. It was activated when the beings who stole the ship failed to key in the appropriate code sequence on the main computer. The system, which projected a huge image of Jabba himself, then took control of all ship's systems and took measures to eliminate the thieves. If the proper code sequence was entered, the system would shut down and return control of the ship to the pilot. Spiker and Big Gizz, after being re-animated by the B'omarr monks, activated the system when they stole the Spirit of Jabba from Gorga the Hutt. The ship's atmosphere was then vented, and they feared for their lives until they were intercepted by the Nemphas. They were forced to crash-land the ship near Mos Eisley, but only after dumping out its cargo - which contained several priceless Mendacian funeral urns from the early Krung dynasty. The Spirit of Jabba was left in the desert for scrap. (TJT)

Spirit of Mindor
one of several ships sent by the New Republic to accompany Garm Bel Iblis, Booster Terrik, and the Errant Venture to Yaga Minor, in an attempt to steal a copy of the Caamas Document. (VOF)

Spirit of Tandre
this was the name used by the Kentra to describe a holographic message, recorded by Michael Tandre after he was forced to crash-land on Orellon II. (SWJ2)

Spirit Tree
according to Cularin legend, the Spirit Tree was the largest tree found on the planet. It was said that only a being who was truly in tune with the Force could find its location. (LFCW)

Spirit Tree
the Ewoks rever the Spirit Tree as the first tree to grow in the forests of Endor's Sanctuary Moon. They believe that all life came from this one tree. (ECAR)

Spirited Spirits
this wine and alcohol shop was established by Yves Arsen in the city of Hedrett, on Cularin, during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. The shop was best-known for the Double-Dip Outer Rim Rumdrop, a specialty drink made from a variety of liquors. (EOS)

Spirogyra Gelatin
this is a favored appetizer of the Ugor race. (SH)

Spirva Run
this hyperspace route traversed much of Spirva Sector. (SWJ14)

Spit Adder
a small but deadly snake. (SE)

this was the term used to describe the unusual mortar that was used by members of the Colony to build anything from seats and benches to buildings. It was created by individual members of the Colony from natural materials that were chewed up and combined with their saliva, which acted as a bonding agent. (DN1)

this Imperial Nebulon-B frigates was destroyed by the Alliance during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

this young man was a small-time hoodlum, living in the undercity of Coruscant during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (ZW)

meaning "generous", this name was common among Gungan females. (GCG)

Spleed Nukkles
this Gungan was one of the best bongo racers in the city of Otoh Gunga, prior to the Battle of Naboo. She piloted a blue-skinned, broad-bellied, monobubble bongo for most of her racing career. Unfortunately, just before the Battle, she crashed with Neb Neb Goodrow in a practice run for the Bongo Rally, and was unable to compete. She later helped Jar Jar Binks defeat one of Captain Swagg's droids, as the pirate tried to destroy the Lake Umberbool arena to exact revenge on the Gungans. Despite being injured, Spleed Nukkles helped Jar Jar get back to Otoh Gunga. In the years following the Battle of Naboo, Spleed and Neb Neb continued race their bongos, but more often than not they ended in a crash. Whether between themselves or with other racers, Spleed and Neb Neb always managed to survive and race again, a fact that made them popular with young Gungans and new fans across the galaxy. However, it made them less than popular with other racers, who considered them reckless and dangerous. They were briefly suspended from racing following the crash and disappearance of Zak "Squidfella" Quiglee, but redeemed themselves by restoring Boss Nass's old heyblibber and bringing Squidfella in for questioning. (E1A12, GMR4)

this debilitating disease was just one of many that were believed to have been caused by the inhalation or ingestion of the various molds and spores that were native to the planet Drongar. (SWI83)

Splendid Ap
this deity, not to be outdone by Tilotny, threw itself a shape some time after the Battle of Yavin. It manifested itself as a cone-shape entity with a wide mouth. However, Splendid Ap was not very bright, and had no concept of time. He created a duplicate of himself in the same time as he existed, thus creating multiple images of himself. He found himself in the middle of the spat between Tilotny, Horliss-Horliss, and Cold Danda Sire, in which they solidified the bodily organs of their captives. The captives included Leia Organa and the stormtrooper squadron chasing her. They left Splendid Ap to clean up the bodies, and Splendid Ap returned them to their normal state. However, his ineptness with the concept of time led him to return Leia to her normal time, while teleporting the stormtroopers back 8,000 years. (CSWDW)

Splendor of Yevetha
this Immobilizer-418 Interdictor-class cruiser was refitted by the Yevetha after they took control of the Imperial shipyards in the Koornacht Cluster. Originally known as the Imperator, it was commanded by Tho Voota. (TT)

Splendor Tavern
this seedy tavern was located in the Senate District on Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Tech Raider broker Helb often made deals here, during the last decade of the Old Republic. Because of the amount of blaster fire that occurred on the premises, the lighted letters outside the establishment had been shot out over time. Some four years after the Battle of Naboo, all that remaned was "DOR," and many locals simply referred to the tavern as "The Dor." (DH, JQ)

Splinter Fern
this plant thrives in the moist, swampy environments of its native world of Naboo. When dried out, the slender leaves of the fern form hard, needle-like splinters. The Gungans use them for acupuncture and, when crushed into a powder, they are also used as a cooking spice. (GF)

Splinter Shot
this was the name used by New Republic starfighter pilots to describe the way in which an individual ship could overwhelm the dovin basal on a Yuuzhan Vong coralskipper. By using a multitude of low-powered blasts from a ship's weapons, a fighter pilot could force the dovin basal to generate multiple singularities to absorb the energy. With the dovin basal than preoccupied and overworked, the fighter pilot could fire a full-power blast at the heart of the dovin basal, destroying it before it could create a larger singularity. (NJOSB)

Split Infinitive
this was one of the worst holofilms of the Old Republic, produced in the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

this evasive maneuver was used by starfighter pilots to turn the tables on an opponent. By executing the split-S, a pilot could appear to be jinking in order to prevent a targetting lock. Suddenly, the pilot would break out of the spin and loop beneath the pursuing ship. In this way, the pilot could reverse positions with an opponent, and be able to fire on the opponent. (HSE)

Splitter of Stones
this Qom Jha was one of the few that had ever gotten into the caverns below the High Tower and seen the Threateners up close. He was assigned by Eater of Fire Creepers to lead Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade to the Tower, along with Keeper of Promises and Builder with Vines, as well as the Qom Qae Child of Winds. After the death of Builder with Vines, Splitter of Stones became the leader of the group, taking them to the High Tower. (VOF)

this huge racing enine intake system was designed by Collor Pondrat. The podracer Sebulba mated a pair of Plug-F Mammoths to Split-X intakes to power his pod. The Split-X design combines a ram-air intake with radiators to ensure proper operation of the huge turbine drives. (X1)

this Sedrian warrior was a follower of Karak. Spodan was fatally wounded in the battle between Alliance agents and Karak's forces over control of the Golden Sun. (BGS)

Hideaz Quill-face's alien bounty hunter partner. (DE1)

a lowly alien creature. (JTH)

this ice- and methane-covered world is the fifth planet in the Kidron System. (PG3)

this was a term used on Brentaal and other corporate worlds to describe an individual who served as an executive but also made public appearances to describe corporate policy and activities. (GCG)

Sponge Powder
this was a mild poison created by Amira Nasrabi, from natural materials collected from the sea life of Vaynai's shallow oceans. It caused a being to fall into a deep state of unconsciousness, bordering on a coma, when ingested. (GMR8)

this unusual, oceanic worm was native to the planet Kamino. It was named for the fact that its body seemed to be a cross between an aquatic annelid and a sea sponge. (MBS)

this is a Tahlboorean term which, when translated into Basic, becomes an adjective which describes a being as a "stinking liar." (DRPC)

Spook Crystal
found on the planet Nam Chorios, Spook crystals are a strange form of life that evolved from a mixture of raw crystal and the Force. Also known as tsil, these green and violet stones are unique among the crystalline formations on the planet, and are highly attuned to the Force. When Dzym discovered their ability, he quickly set out to harness the stones' power. He gave some to Loronar Corporation, which was able to develop Centrally Controlled Independent Replicant technology by tuning the crystals with electrical impusles. The crystals could then understand and interpret commands from a remote location and act on those commands. The crystals were used in two primary applications: synthdroids and Needles. When Luke Skywalker discovered the true nature of the Spook crystals, he was able to gain their assistance in stopping Dzym and Seti Ashgad, on the promise that Luke returned all large, functioning Spook crystals back to Nam Chorios. Using the Force, they were able to contact the crystals in the Needle ships and have them destroy the Reliant, just as it docked with one of Admiral Larm's Carrack-class cruisers. (POT)

Spor Crawler
native to the planet Nar Bo Sholla, this poisonous insect was known as an effective tool by assassins and bounty hunters. The crawler was small, measuring just eight centimeters in length, but it injected a powerful poison through its spiked tail. They burrowed in the ground using tiny claws, and lived in hives of up to fifty individuals. They mate whenever possible, laying their eggs in dead prey. Spor crawlers also have value among collectors of rare and exotic creatures, as they were easy to keep and lived for several years in captivity. (COG)

this ancient entity was imprisoned 400 years before the Galactic Civil War in an asteroid by the Ithorians. Spore was a genetic construct of Ithorian botanists, who had hoped to merge the DNA of a vesuvague tree and a Bafforr tree with other material to create a sentient plant. Instead, they created an evil creature which needed more minds to expand its thoughts and work its damage. It could use the minds of almost any living creature to augment its own power, and it was thought that Spore could control several thousand minds at one time. With the help of the Jedi Knights, it still took over 100 years for the Ithorians to capture and neutralize Spore, entombing the entity in an asteroid where is was forced into dormancy by the hard vacuum of space. The Ithorians could not kill Spore, because of their adherence to the Law of Life. When Mining Station Alpha was established on the asteroid to collect minerals, the Ithorians carefully monitored their progress, lest they discovered Spore's tomb. Unfortunately, the tomb was discovered by Hodge and his team shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Spore was released, and the ripples of evil permeated the Force. Emperor Palpatine sent the Dark Jedi Jerec to capture Spore, but the entity had already escaped its prison and hidden itself in the body of the mining chief Hodge. Fandomar was livid with fear, and rushed to escape the asteroid before Spore could infect anyone, but she was too late. She brought Hodge - and Spore - back to Ithor, and Spore attacked the rescue party that came to find them. Black vines snaked out from Hodge's mouth and eyes, entwining the Ithorians and threatening to capture Hoole. Each vine that touched a being infected it immediately, including the Shi'ido Hoole, and Spore raced to infect the Tafanda Bay. Jerec then intercepted Spore on Ithor, and offered it the chance to get off the planet if it would infect the crew of the Vengeance and make them his slaves. Spore agreed, but had no intentions of helping Jerec for very long. Spore tried to capture Tash and Fandomar, but a group of space slugs smashed the Vengeance, dropping her shields and causing it to explode. Spore was split into a thousand small pieces and neutralized in the vacuum of space. (GOF9)

Spore Bomb
this weapon was created by the Ho'Din terrorist Ort Hoogra-D'En as a method for deploying the deadly tamack spores. (ND)

Spore Sickness
this was a common term used to describe any number of illnesses that could be contracted by breathing in the adaptogenic spores of the multitude of fungi that were native to the planet Drongar. The spore sickness was especially common among offworlders, who had not yet adjusted to Drongar's unique environment. For this reason, incoming starships regularly cleaned their ventilation systems before and after arriving at Drongar. In most cases, spore sickness caused damage to the lungs, forcing the body to battle the spores by raising the body temperature to exceptionally high levels, essentially cooking an invdividual in their own body fluids. Interestingly, the spores were only dangerous when encountered in the atmosphere. At ground levels, the spores appeared to be harmless. (MBS)

Spore Tour
this was a slang term, used by the members of the Agricultural Corps to refer to any examination of a planet's native plant life and its applications in terraforming. (DR)

a biological weapon, Spore/B used Bothan stun spores to disable the respiratory system of any being which inhaled it. Spore/B was launched in a canister projectile, and when inhaled it causes unconsciousness. (ISB, GUN)

this heady beer was produced on Ord Cestus, from the spores and seeds of various mushrooms and fungus found in the planet's caves. The intoxicating properties of spore-mead had similar effects on humans as well as X'Ting. (TCD)

Sporofor Spetzna
this restaurant, located on the luxury liner Kuari Princess, speciallizes is spetzna and drapsha dishes. (RM)

this small, leather pouch is used as a purse by the Chadra-Fan. (POT)

Spotlight Sloth
a creature native to Dagobah, the spotlight sloth was distinguished by the bioluminescent patches on its chest. It foraged the swamps until it founds flower-fruit succulent, which it illuminated until the plant unfolds its skin. Then, the sloth feasted on the flower-fruit's purple berries, ingesting the fruit whole with its toothless mouth. Yoda discovered that the fur of a dead spotlight sloth could be removed and tanned, then used to create durable rugs. (ISU, AQ, IWST)

a form of glowrod which produces a small, focused light rather than provide light along its body. (TFNR)

Spot-luma Lum
this local variety of lum was produced on Adarlon, and was popular at The Glow Dome. (WSV)

Spot-On Locator
this device was produced on the planet Coruscant as a way to help visitors return to their residences in case they got lost. These devices were created to be simple for anyone to use, allowing the user to type in their location and a destination to receive instruction for traveling between points. (CCW)

this clone trooper was part of the platoon dispatched to Pengalan IV, during the early stages of the Clone Wars, to eliminate a Separatist missile facility on the planet. He was given the nickname Mapper by Joram Kithe, who was stranded on the planet with the platoon's survivors after the Separatist sprang a trap. The nickname, given to help Joram communicate with the troopers, was based on the fact that the clone trooper wore a red rag on his head to help keep sweat out of his eyes. The rag was decorated with white spots. It was later revealed to Joram that Spots and his platoon-mates were actually enhanced clones, having been given additional self-reliance and initiative during their development. These enhanced troops were dispatched with observers like Joram, in order to ensure the production of clone troopers was continued. (SWI65)

Spotts TradeChip Company
based on Coruscant during the last decades of the Old Republic, Spotts produced a number of collections of tradechips. The sets consisted mainly of images of sports figures and the stars of stage and holovids, but a set of chips profiling the Jedi Knights was set to debut shortly before the Clone Wars. Spotts met with stern resistance from the Jedi Council, which claimed that the image of the Jedi was not to be taken lightly. (HNN5)

Spotty Conveyor
this Trade Federation garbage scow as en route to planetoid PDC3141-02, with a full load of toxic waste, when it was halted from dumping its deadly cargo by the Old Republic. An injunction against dumping on PDC3141-02 was put in place after scientists from the University of Sanbra discovered microbial life on the barren rock. The Spotty Conveyor lacked enough fuel to bring the entire cargo fo toxic waste home, and lacked sufficient shielding to keep the material in its holds. Senator Lott Dod argued that the dumping of waste on PDC3141-02 was probably sustaining the microbes, and that the Spotty Conveyor should be allowed to do its work. (HNN4)

this dark furred Nalroni was one of Prince Xizor's vigo's, or one of his closest lieutenants. He was mature and intelligent, with greying fur. Sprax had been recruited into Black Sun as a youth on Celanon, when he was apprenticed to a merchant on Brentaal. Sprax was then tapped to become the leader of the Jatayus Trading Consortium, and made a fortune before "retiring" to work full-time for Black Sun. He eventually became a vigo after developing a wide range of criminal businesses for Black Sun, forming a large conglomeration of smugglers, shipjackers, black marketeers, and corrupt business executives. (SE, SESB, SSR)

this was the alias used by Odumin to catch his targets off-guard. Spray was a Tynnan collections agent working for Interstellar Collections Limited. During the early years of the New Order, Spray was hired by Vinda and D'rag to repossess the Millennium Falcon and recover the 2,500 credits owed to the starshipwrights by Han Solo. As Spray, Odumin was able to penetrate the Millennium Falcon and Han Solo's confidences, while secretly planning to use Han as a way to enter the confidences of the Mor Glayyd and break open Zlarb's slavery ring. Fiolla later discovered that Spray was actually Odumin, as they were trying to outrun the slavers' ship above Ammuud. He truly revealed himself when Gallandro took control of the Millennium Falcon, calmly explaining the entire situation to Han and Chewbacca. In the end, both Spray and Fiolla were generously rewared by the Corporate Sector Authority. (HSR, SWDB)

Spray Bandage
this form of bandage was used extensively during the Clone Wars. Easy to carry in small aerosol cans, spray bandage was applied directly to a wound. Special chemicals formed an adhesive seal over the wound, while a small dose of bacta mixed into the spray helped to ensure rapid healing. (SHPT)

this sprayed foam, developed during the last decades of the Old Republic, could be applied to almost any flooring material to create a dense mat. It was often used in gymnasiums and makeshift fitness centers, and was popular among the troops of the Grand Army of the Republic for creating training facilities in the most remote parts of a planet. Anywhere there was a flat surface, sprayfoam could be applied to create a combat arena for hand-to-hand training. (MBS)

this was a form of enamel-based paint that could be sprayed from a handheld canister. (LFCW)

a chemical that is initially liquid in form, it can be expelled through specially-designed tubes to form a net. This net can be aimed at the intended prey. When the spraynet is exposed to the air, it begins to harden. The liquid form is very sticky, and adheres readily to most surfaces, where it then hardens and entraps the prey. It is employed by the Noghri in their Stokhli sticks. (HTTE)

this Ensign served the Warlord Zsinj aboard the Iron Fist during the early years of the New Republic. A pit crewman, Sprettyn longed to be a starfighter pilot. In his spare time - and sometimes while on duty - Sprettyn would run space battle simulations on his computer terminals, analyzing attacks and defenses. He was so eager to learn to be a pilot that he shirked his normal duties while in the presence of Zsinj himself. Zsinj ordered Sprettyn's commanding officer, General Melvar, to evaluate his abilities as a pilot, then execute him for insubordination. (IF)

this is tasty nut which is covered by a hard, outer shell. (SOP)

a fruit native to the planet Endor. (AT)

Spring Celto
this was a slim vegetable used in many gourmet dishes. (HNN5)

this pods of this plant were considered a delicacy. (SWJ11)

this was an ancient form of projectile weapon, that used the power of a compressed spring to propel its payload. These weapons were often quite large, due to the size of the spring needed, and the technology was usually reserved for larger uses, such as harpoon guns. (HSL)

Sprint-class Rescue Ship
known as a Med Runner, developed and manufactured by SoroSuub, this 30-meter-long craft was similar in appearance to the Gamma-class assault shuttle. However, it was designed to provide detailed sensor and identification analysis of a ship in space. These life-form sensors allowed a rescue team to get close to a disabled ship and quickly locate any survivors. The Sprint-class was unarmed, requiring an escort in enemy territories, and was crewed by three pilots and five doctors. It could carry up to forty passengers. (TBSB)

this small creature lives in the forests of Kashyyyk, feeding on the abundant leaves and vines. (TT)

this was the name of a subspace transceiver unit developed by Chedak for use aboard starfighters and other small starships. (EGW)

this was the name used by Han Solo to describe the loose affiliation formed by himself, Chewbacca, Amaiza, Jaxxon, Don-Wan Kihotay, and Jimm the Starkiller Kid. He took the name from a joke Amaiza made about Merri being no bigger than a Wodanian wood-sprite. (MC9)

this medium cruiser was part of the task force assigned to the Mon Mothma, during Operation Trinity. (FP)

this was the name given to the common Corellian housecat. Each one of these felines had jet-black fur and golden eyes, and they were exceptionally intelligent and extremely loyal creatures. However, the spukamas was also known for its ability to get into everything, and if not properly trained, a spukamas could chew holes in most plastics and soft metals. These creatures were popular among Corellian pilots, who kept a spukamas onboard their ships to kill off any vermin that managed to gain access to the ship's interior. Individually, a spukamas was a territorial and highly jealous animal, and keeping more than one in a single household was a recipe for disaster. (CCW)

this was the word used to describe more than one spukamas. (CCW)

this planet was swiftly and brutally suppressed by the Empire's Hell's Hammers, under the command of Colonel Johans. Following the Battle of Endor, the renegade Imperial Harrsk used it as his base of operations. (ISB, COJ)

this planet was famous for its wild, uninhibited orgies. Jabba the Hutt participated in one of these orgies some years before the Battle of Yavin. (JTH)

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