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this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

Shredder Bat
a vicious, avian creature native to the planet Atrisia, shredder bats are extremely adaptable to a variety of ecosystems. They have a wingspan of up to a meter across, and hunted in packs of more than twenty individuals.Shredder bats use a complex hearing system, with hearing organs in their necks and behind their ears, to sonically locate their prey. They attacked their prey by diving down on it and taking bites with their sharp fangs, causing their prey to bleed to death. The bats would then land on the downed prey and use their long tongues to consume all the blood and other bodily fluids. They were considered a dangerous nuisance throughout the galoaxy, as colonies of shredder bats have been established on over 1,000 different worlds. Once in a new environment, they tend to attack everything in sight in order to establish a territory. These attacks include humans and humanoids. (ND, COG)

this rare avian was nearly extinct by the time the Clone Wars began. A special aviary was erected on Coruscant to preserve a small colony of shreebirds. (HNN4)

Shree-class Battle Cruiser
this Ssi-ruuvi design was a heavy battleship measuring nearly 900 meters in length, and armed with 24 Ssi-ruuvi turbolasers, 24 ion cannons, 12 concussion missile launchers, and 12 tractor beam projectors. Up to 500 Ssi-ruuvi battle droids can be carried in its holds. The decks on the Shree-class are five meters tall, to accommodate the Ssi-ruuk body. The P'w'ecks that perform menial tasks on the ships have a series of accessways and tunnels in which they can operate. Stun-traps have been set in various access portals to keep the P'w'ecks from entering sensitive areas. Unlike most galactic ships, the Ssi-ruuvi designs lack anti-gravitational systems, and so they employ conductive netting to help stabilize gravity. They also lacked reliable inertial compensators, and sudden changes in direction caused inprepared passengers to be thrown against bulkheads. It also had a large entechment lab used to power the ship and its drones. Each Shree-class cruiser required a crew complement of 800 Ssi-ruuk officers, 234 gunners, 5,000 P'w'eck laborers, and 350 P'w'eck troops. It could also transport up to 5,000 metric tons of cargo. (EGV, TBSB)

literally known as "His Potency", the Shreeftut was the supreme ruler of Lwhekk, and the leader of the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium and the Ssi-ruuk people. Sometime before the Battle of Endor, the Shreeftut made a deal with Emperor Palpatine to provide personal battle droids if the Emperor would provide human prisoners. Although this particular deal fell through, the Shrefftut continued to work to further his own species. The Shreeftut was advised on all governmental matters by the Elders' Council, and on religious aspects by the Conclave. (TB, FH2)

this graduate of the New Republic Space Academy served a member of Leia Organa-Solo's honor guard during her mission to the Chorios Systems to meet with Seti Ashgad. He served as a Yeoman aboard the Borealis, and perished when Ashgad unleashed the Death Seed plague. (POT)

this specially-bred subspecies of the Yuuzhan Vong yammosk was created to emit a powerful signal of interference within the telepathic bands used by yammosks, dhuryams, and other such bio-engineering organisms. This allowed the Yuuzhan Vong to temporarily disrupt the control a yammosk had over starships, or broke the link between a dhuryam and its attendant slaves. The shreeyam'tiz was a large, barrel-shaped creature that existed in a large vat of nutrient fluid, and had to be carried into location by Yuuzhan Vong warriors. The shreeyam'tiz was especially useful during the tizo'pil Yun'tchilat, when the dhuryams had to figure out a way to survive without the help of their slaves. (T)

this small, winged creature is native to the planet S'krrr. They are the natural enemies of the drog beetle, which is the favored food of the shreev. The bat-like shreev are covered with blue fur, and have a snake-like tail. They were protected by the S'krrr, because they kept the drog beetle population under control. Without the shreev, the drog beetles would eventually consume all the crops grown on S'krrr. The average shreev can consume some thirty drog beetles each day. (GOF8)

one of Rei'kas' hired thugs, Shri was sent to intercept Talon Kaarde at the Ithor Loman on Dayark. The assault failed when H'sishi and Shada D'ukal managed to taken the thugs out. (VOF)

this unusual race of pink-skinned beings lived on the Forest Moon of Endor. Shrieks were easily distinguished by their three eyes. Shrieks were named for the loud noise they made whenever they defended their homes, but they could be convivial friends. (ECAR)

this Imperial Star Destroyer was the flagship of the customs fleet that patrolled the Corellian Sector, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (CCW)

this nimble starfighter was used by Mara Jade, during her early years of service to the Smuggler's Alliance. (NEGC)

an Imperial frigate destroyed by the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Shrike Squadron
this was the designation of the group of TIE Fighters garrisoned at Argenhald Base, on Saffalore, during the early years of the New Republic. (SOC)

Shrike, Garris
this Corellian trader and smuggler worked aboard the starship Trader's Luck, commanding a ragtag band of thieves and swindlers. He employed without prejudice, using street urchins to beg and steal while using strong alien races for extortion and loan sharking. He was infamous among the underworld for his elaborate schemes, in which he would swindle the rich and wealthy of Corellia out of their credits. He ran the Trader's Luck with an iron hand, and demanded complete loyalty or swift retribution would follow. He dressed in the style of Imperial Moffs, with several medals and decorations purchased at pawn shops. It was Shrike who pulled a young Han Solo from the alleys of Corellia, taking the boy in and using him in many of his best schemes. When Han tried to leave the Trader's Luck, Shrike killed the Wookiee Dewlanna before he was knocked cold by young Solo. Shrike never forgot the incident, and when he discovered Han on Coruscant, he intended to pay him back. Their struggle spanned several levels of the city-world's structures before Shrike gained the upper hand. Just as he was about to deal Han a deadly blow, a bounty hunter that had been trailing Han shot Shrike dead. Han was able to escape the bounty hunter as well, dodging a charge at the last minute and sending the hunter careening into a stone structure and snapping his neck. Han then switched clothing with the hunter, placing all his false IDs in the hunter's jacket. He then burned the face off the hunter with Shrike's blaster and dumped the body into a seemingly bottomless shaft. With Shrike dead and his IDs on another body, Han was finally free of his past. (TPS)

Shrike, Larrad
this man was Garris Shrike's brother. As cruel and demented as Garris, Larrad was one of the bullies who maintained order on the Trader's Luck. When Han Solo attempted to flee the ship, Dewlanna the Wookiee stepped in to help him. Larrad and seveeral others noticed that Han had bypassed several security systems, and they set out to apprehend the youth. As Garris struck out at Solo, Larrad was attacked by Dewlanna. The Wookiee grabbed him by the arm and swung him around with all her might, smashing Larrad into a bulkhead and breaking nearly every bone in his body. Larrad didn't survive. (TPS)

this defensive substance is similar to other webbing and netting used by law enforcement agencies and bounty hunters. ShrinCord is either shot from a gun or laid atop a trap. When it hits living flesh, it begins to shrink, tightening around its target and immobilizing them. (ML)

Shrine of the Sleeper
this chamber was located in DarkStryder's fortress, on the planet Kathol. It was here that the Yapi and Charr Ontee discovered the image of the Sleeper. When DarkStryder drove the Charr Ontee and the Yapi away, they took the image with them, because they knew that DarkStryder feared the return of the Sleeper. The crew of the FarStar, after surviving the destruction of their ship, discovered that the Shrine contained the preserved body of the Jedi Knight Halbret, who had been trapped on Kathol during the Rift Disaster. It was Halbret's image the Charr Ontee remembered. Halbret had been preserved by the Kathol after she helped them enter the Lifewell, mainly to help restore the Kathol once the danger of the Dark Jedi had passed. However, DarkStryder continued to evolve, and chose not to revive Halbret or the Kathol, desiring power for itself. (E)

Shrines of Kooroo
this ancient monuments were claimed by the Fellowship of Kooroo to be the original edifices built by Kooroo to focus the minds of his followers on true enlightenment. The Fellowship of Kooroo believed the enlightenment came in the form of telepathic abilities. The shrines consisted of a central, domed sanctuary surrounded by carved stone obelisks. The obelisks are all inscribed with runes and sigils, and their placement around the central building resembled the spokes of a wheel. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, reporter Andor Javin earned the wrath of the Fellowship of Kooroo by claiming that the Shrines were not religious artifacts but a form of ancient communication device created by an ancient civilization which scouted the galaxy millions of years earlier. (SWJ13)

Sh'rip Sh'pa
this was the name given to Yuuzhan Vong spawn ships, which were similar in appearance to gargantuan gemstones. These ships were essentially freighters or cruisers that had been refitted to transport terraforming biotechnology to newly-conquered planets. Measuring about 810 meters in length, the Sh'rip Sh'pa required a crew of 525 Yuuzhan Vong warriors to operate, and could accommodate up to 2,044 passengers - usually from the Shaper caste - and 2,460 metric tons of cargo. These ships were armed with forty plasma cannons, any of which could be moved to a different facet of the hull to provide an infinite range of fire. A specialized dovin basal provided enhanced protection, helping to ensure that the Sh'rip Sh'pa reached its destination intact. (NJOSB)

Shrithek Al'lya
this Bothan served as the Consul of Natural Resources to the government of Kothlis, at the height of the Galactic Civil War. An enterprising entrepreneur, Shrithek used his position to stymie competitors while providing access to favored corporations. (SPG)

Shrivel Braittrand
this hunchbacked humanoid was one of the galaxy's best podracers, some ten years after the Battle of Naboo. (RACR)

a Ssi-ruuvi Shree-class battle cruiser, the Shriwirr was the flagship of the Ssi-ruuk attack on the planet Bakura. The word shriwirr means "ripe with eggs" in the Ssi-ruuvi language. The Shriwirr was accompanied by 4 Wurrif-class light cruisers, 20 Fw'sen-class picket ships, a Sh'ner-class planetary assault carrier, 12 D'kee-class P'w'eck landing ships, and a Lwhekk-class manufacturing ship. A force of over 1,300 battles droids was unleashed in the system. It was captured by the Luke Skywalker and the Alliance during the Battle of Bakura, when Luke escaped from his entechment chair. The Ssi-ruuk evacuated the ship, rather than facing Luke's ability with the Force and possibly dying on an unconsecrated world, and abandoned the ship. It was later renamed the Sibwarra, in honor of Dev Sibwarra's sacrifice to alert the Alliance to the Ssi-ruuvi threat, although its crew secretly called it the Flutie. (TB, EGV, TBSB)

this small, volcanic world was the innermost planet of the Hoth System. (PH)

Shroom Steak
despite its name, this was not actually a cut of meat, but a thickly cut piece of mushroom which grew on the planet Drongar. Because the mushroom was so large, and its cooked texture was tender and firm, it was called a steak in many recipes and menus. (MBS)

this was a snackfood that was created by frying thinly-sliced pieces of the native mushrooms that grew near the swamps of the planet Drongar. (MBS)

this Arakyd Helix Interceptor starship was owned by the Shi'ido Hoole, and he used it to transport himself and his young charges, Tash and Zak Arranda, across the galaxy during the Galactic Civil War. It had been owned by Doctor Evazan, and sold to Meego to fund Evazan's reanimation serum development. When Hoole attempted to get off the planet, D-V9 discovered that Meego had sold the ship Hoole had put a downpayment on. D-V9 negotiated for the sale of the Shroud, and eventually got Meego to sell the ship even before he had wiped its memory banks clean. It was equipped with a GBp-629 hyperdrive, and Hoole later had equipped it with a slave circuit, in order to hide it during their adventures and then call it out when needed. The ship was nearly destroyed over the planet Kiva, when an automated defense system shot the Shroud down. Hoole managed to land it safely, and an Alliance team later rescued them. (GOF2, GOF7, GOF11)

this was the name used by the New Republic to describe the Ghtroc 720 freighter it modified for use by Luke Skywalker. It was named for the covert shroud maneuver, for which the ship became famous. The Republic's technicians gutted the basic Ghtroc 720 and chopped a landing bay inside its hold area. Most of the cargo space was dedicated to the hangar, but a small amount was kept in the bow of the ship for storage of the trac-reflective countermeasures used in the covert shroud manevuer. A repulsorlift generator was added to assist in getting particles out in front of the ship, and an rear-facing proton torpedo launcher was added. (TTSB)

Shroud Team
this group of Alliance operatives was one of the busiest groups of the Divis Arm, based in Corint City on Pirik. Led by Dutra Zeneta, the group acted as spies, foster agents, and infiltrators. (SWJ10)

Shrulldike, Gorvan
known as "Blackblood" to the Daupherm military, this man was a loyal member of the military until he decided to defect and become a smuggler. He recruited Evram Darkmere, and the two managed to steal a ship from the Daupherm government. They renamed it the Retribution, and set out to make a living as smugglers. Shrulldike had few morals, and chose to make a living transporting slaves. Darkmere objected to this career, and challenged Shrulldike for command of the ship. In single combat, Darkmere soundly defeated Shrulldike and assumed command of the Retribution. (CRO)

Shryne, Roan
this Jedi Master and his Padawan, Olee Starstine, were dispatched to lead the fighting on Murkhana during the final stages of the Clone Wars. When the communication to execute Order 66 was received by their clone commander, however, the clone refused to obey the order, as his loyalty was to the Jedi. Although this allowed Shryne and Starstone to remain free, it was only a temporary respite, as Darth Vader himself was dispatched to Murkhana to eliminate them. (SWI83)

this S'krrr warrior was his planet's champion in the years just prior to the Empire's invasion of the Ishanna System. He was also a renowned poet among the S'krrr. He was destined to meet Mika Streev in battle on the Combat Moon, should a dispute arise between S'krrr and Rabaan. He meticulously studied human anatomy and psychology, looking for any advantage he could find. Sh'shak was short for a S'krrr, measuring only 1.7 meters in height, but he was well-trained in the ways of the warrior. He meditated prior to combat, to center his thoughts on the battle ahead. When the Empire finally decided to subjugate the system, Sh'shak and Streev were already on the Combat Moon, preparing to do battle in the ritual Combat. Imperial forces, with the help of Andos Delvaren, attempted to escalate the conflict into a full-scale war by killing both combatants. Sh'shak was hunting Streev when the Imperials began hunting Streev. Streev managed to escape, convinved Sh'shak to work together and them off. Sh'shak was injured when Commander Glave shot him in the thorax, but was rescued by Streev and a group of Alliance agents. They escaped off the moon, and agreed to join the Alliance after they hunted down Delvaren and Glave. (SWJ9, GOF8)

this planet, also known as Lao-mon, was the homeworld of the Shi'ido race. Very little was known about the planet, other than it was a tropical world in the Colonies Region. The name Sh'shuun was a Shi'ido word. (GOF4, UANT)

this was one of the small group of Shamed Ones who lived beneath the surface of Coruscant, after the planet had been transformed into a likeness of Yuuzhan'tar. Sh'simm was one of the few Shamed Ones who lived independently, away from groups like that led by Vuurok I'pan. Like the other Shamed ones, though, Sh'simm believed that the Jedi Knights were not abominations, but saviors of the Shamed Ones and symbols of the new ideology which should be embraced by the Yuuzhan Vong. For this reason, their band remained small, in case they were captured by the Yuuzhan Vong warriors. This ensured that their small cult of Jedi followers would never be fully discovered. (FH1)

this Ssi-ruuvi Elder was known as Bluescale because of his coloration. He was extremely well-versed in the physiology of humans, and was the leader of the task force dispatched to subjugation the planet Bakura. Sh'tk'ith was also charged with maintaining the obedience of Dev Sibwarra. It was discovered that Sh'tk'ith was chosen for the leadership of the Bakura mission by the Shreeftut itself, and acted as the Shreeftut's voice to the Ssi-ruuk on the mission. There were rumors that Sh'tk'ith was the true power behind the Shreeftut, but no facts were discovered before Sh'tk'ith died during the Battle of Bakura. Luke Skywalker believed that Sh'tk'ith was the exact opposite this, sent to Bakura with enough power to draw potential enemies away from Lwhekk and the Shreeftut. (TB, TBSB)

this is the twelfth of the Tunroth Hunter rankings, and is an average level of achievement. (GG12)

Shu Mai
this female Gossam served as the President of the Commerce Guild, some ten years after the Battle of Naboo. Shu Mai was known among her peers and competitors as a being of unusual intelligence. It was Shu Mai who gathered enough credits to purchase her homeworld of Castell from the Commerce Guild, but she remained loyal to the Guild and kept taxes high to maintain control of her people. Her shrewd actions impressed the Guild, which continued to promote her to higher ranks. Her unscrupulous work ethic soon earned her the promotion to President. She was also a confidente of Count Dooku, and was one of the leaders of the secession movement which formed the strongest undercurrent of the politcal landscape of the Old Republic at the time. Shu Mai made arrangements with Senator Mousul to work toward Mousul's homeworld of Ansion being one of the first worlds to secede, hoping to drag along the Malarians and the Keitumites and bring about a sudden and strong reformation of the Republic. While their plans were thwarted by the Jedi Knights who neogitated a treaty between the peoples of Ansion to remain part of the Republic, Shu Mai and Senator Mousul remained loyal to Count Dooku's plans for secession. However, Shu Mai refused to openly support Dooku and the Separtists, instead pledging secret support in order to keep from actually committing treason against the Republic. After the Battle of Geonosis, Shu Mai and her assistants returned to their base of operations on Felucia, only to learn that the Republic was planning to attack the planet. They fled Felucia on the orders of General Grievous, who advised them to go to Belderone. After Grievous was routed at Belderone by Anakin Skywalker, Shu Mai returned to Felucia. However, the Republic's forces tracked her down, and Shu Mai might have been captured if Grievous hadn't returned to transport her to Utapau. After hiding on Utapau under the protection of General Grievous, the Separatist leadership was taken to Mustafar. It was there, after Darth Sidious finally lured Anakin Skywalker to the Darth Side of the Force, that the Separatist leaders met their deaths. Skywalker was dispatched to Mustafar by Sidious himself, with orders to eliminate them. Skywalker quickly killed Shu Mai, before setting off after the rest of the Separatist leaders. (APS, SWDB, ROF, LEV, IS3)

Shu Shu
meaning "beloved" - or, more literally, "love love" - this name was common among Gungan females. (GCG)

Shubelle, Graekus
this man served as the Administrator of Hologram Fun World, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

this city was located on the planet Sullust. (SWJ10)

this was the fifth planet in the Obas System. It had five moons. (IA)

this was a form of music which was not enjoyed by the Gungan race of Naboo. Many street vagrants chose to play it, encouraging passersby to pay money to make them stop playing. (NEGC)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

Shug Ninx
an outlaw tech on Nar Shaddaa, and an old friend of Han Solo. He is part Theelin and part Corellian human, and had only two fingers on each hand, along with a two-jointed opposable thumb. This combination left him with few choices as far as education and careers went. He found a niche as a mechanic, and saved up enough money to buy a space on Nar Shaddaa. There, he set up his own "spacebarn." This starship garage got him a few good friends, namely Solo, Salla Zend, and Lando Calrissian. They all left to pursue the stars, but Salla's accident brought her back to the spaceport moon. Their partnership was solidified over the years, during which time Shug continued to grow in expertise. His starship garage is located within the spaceport's inner depths, and its entrance is hidden by a large holoscreen. The entry is built from a kilometers-long chute built from a construction module from the second Death Star prototype. (He found the surplus on Bonadan.) He and Salla Zend left the spaceport after Han Solo destroyed one of their prized cruisers, and after Zasm Katth and Baddon Fass ransack the garage. (DE1, DESB, DE2, THG)

Shug's Spacebarn
this was Shug Ninx's starship repair facility, located on Nar Shaddaa. (RD)

this ice-covered planet was located in the Yarith Sector of the galaxy, just Coreward of the Kiax Nebula. The planet was once covered with oceans, but its orbit was pushed outward by an unknown event, and the surface water forze solid. (WOA33)

this city is the capital of the planet Lan Barell. (SWJ1)

Shullos, Trebian
this man was the Maestro of the Conservatory Epic Orchestra during the height of the New Order. (SWJ13)

Shulstine V
this was a planet known for its seedy cantinas. (WOA32)

meaning "twilight", this was a common female name among the Mon Calamari race. (GCG)

this resort world was located in the Core Worlds region of the galaxy. (GORW)

this planet was the site of a trade conference at which Bornan Thul was to turn over the Emperor's Plague to Nolaa Tarkona. (TEP)

this was the name of a noted Sludir individual. (UANT)

this planet was the site of an Imperial Ordnance Research Facility during the Galactic Civil War. (JASB)

this was the term used by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic to describe a one-handed grip on a lightsaber, which is then spun through a 360-degree arc to gain speed for an attack during lightsaber combat. (VD2)

Shunta Osarian Dharrg
this Osarian was the ruler of the planet Osarian, during the time when Nom Anor rose to power among the Rhommamoolians. (VP)

this female Quarren worked as a ship thief for Pal-Nada, during the height of the New Order. Shurgg often stole the uniforms of port authorities where she worked, claiming to be a safety inspector in order to gain access to a target ship. (WOA17)

this Chadra-Fan was an ocean guide during the New Order, working with Kimsh to take visitors out to see the bildogs and proops. (EGA)

this race of spacefaring warriors was native to a planet of the same name. A short-statured race, the Shusugaunt were encountered by one of the many Anx colonization ships that spread throughout their sector during the millennia before the Clone Wars. The Shusugaunt then tried to take control of the planet Gravlex Med, hoping to wipe out the Anx, but the Shusugaunt were unprepared for Gravlex Med's heavy gravity. Unable to fight without quickly becoming fatigued, the Shusugaunt fled Gravlex Med and left the Anx alone. Note that Star Wars Gamer magazine, issue 7, claims that Shusugaunt was the heavy-gravity world, not Gravlex Med. (UANT, GMR7)

this language, the native language of the Shusugaunt race, was also adopted as a second language by the Anx. (UANT)

this ocean-covered world was the homeworld of an alien race by the same name. Ancient xenobiologists of the Old Republic believed that the planet was also the homeworld of another race, the Anx, a theory that surfaced after the skeletons of several Anx were found in the shallow seas of the planet. It was later learned that the skeletons were from members of an exploration party of Anx that had made a trip of several dozne light-years to explore Shusugaunt, but were killed by the natives. (GMR7)

Shutter Shield
this form of planetary defense shield doesn't encase a planet in a sphere of energy broken only by fire gaps. Instead, the shutter shield can be opened and closed to allow starships to move through, as well as to fire weapons at orbital targets. Shutter shields are less expensive to power, but are also less effective at keeping an enemy outside as the opening of the shield creates a large hole to fly through. (HAS)

Shuttle 37
the designation of the shuttle Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker used to get on board the Chimaera and rescue Talon Kaarde. (DFR)

this was a generic term used to describe any transport speeder, often used to move passengers from one spaceport terminal to another. (HSR)

a large repulsorlift craft used to transport people and cargo across short distances. (HSR)

an Alliance Lambda-class shuttle captured during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

native to the planet Naboo, this plant produced a yellow-and-cream-colored fruit, which was juicy and sweet. (AOTCN)

this star was located in the Yarith Sector of the galaxy, on the edge of the Ivax Nebula. There were no planets in orbit around this star, just a series of dust-filled rings. However, a hyperspace beacon was inserted into the system to help starships traveling along the Corellian Trade Spine reorient themselves. (WOA33)

this huge Kubaz was part of the group working for Meres Ulcane and the Kaarenth Dissension. Shuzz worked the cantinas of Betha II's starport, inviting members of non-human races to Ulcane's rallies. (SWJ8)

this was the name of the noxious gas which developed below the surface of the swamps covering the planet Gelgelar. (SWJ14)

Shvash Gas Cooperative
this loose affiliation of shvash gas collectors was run by Vleen Argoe, and attempted to ensure that collectors were paid a fair and consistent procie for the swamp gas. Its officiers were located in Gelgelar Free Port. (PSPG)

Shwock Dubllon
this piece of classical music is probably the best-known piece from the Mon Calamari composer Dembaline. Considered Dembaline's most rousing music, it opened with a flourish before fading into a soft mix of discordant notes. The title, when translated to Basic, is known as Crested Wake. (VP)

this small herbivore was native to the planet Bimmiel. They were fairly abundant, once the planet swung into the closer portion of its elliptical orbit and began to warm up. As plant life re-established itself after winter, the shwpi were roused and began to breed. They were the favored prey of the slashrats, whose voracious appetite kept shwpi population under control. During the winter period of the planet's orbit, the shwpi hibernate until the next warm season. (DTO)

Shwuy Exchange
this minor hyperspace trade route ran between Shwuy and Fakir Sectors. (PP)

Shwuy Perimeter
this was the area of the galaxy located along the Coreward border of Shwuy Sector. (PP)

Shwuy Sector
an area of the galaxy that was heavily re-equipped by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. (ISB)

Shy Loba
this was a common name among the members of the Yuzzum race. (GORW)

this was the traditional dueling scimitar used by the Cerean race. Its name was derived from an ancient word meaning "dancer", and described the sinuous curve found in the scimitar's blade. Made from metals found only on Cerea, the shyarn was a light weapon that required a certain amount of skill and finesse to wield. The martial art form shyarn-ado evolved to teach Cereans who to fight and defend with a shyarn. The metals in the blade have unique magnetic properties, which added to the skill necessary to use it. When two shyarn blades struck each other, the impact created vibrations which increased its natural magnetic forces, locking the blades together and forcing the wielders to move in intricate steps to free the blades. Strength and control were needed to break the connection without losing possession of the shyarn. (UANT)

this was the specialized form of swordfighting which was developed by the Cerean people to wield the shyarn scimitar. Usually, a trainee must agree to train with a single master for their entire lifetime, before training can actually begin. This helped to ensure that the availability of shyarn blades was strictly controlled. (UANT)

this Jedi Master was one of many who volunteered to infiltrate the Separatist forces surrounding Count Dooku, during the height of the Clone Wars. After the defection of Sora Bulq, the Jedi Council was dismayed to lose contact with Master Shylar for several months, fearing that she too had defected. However, Dooku saw through Shylar's deception and had her imprisoned and interrogated. Despite her situation, Master Shylar refused to say anything to Count Dooku. She was angry and dismayed when Quinlan Vos appeared at Dooku's side, and Vos himself was dismayed by the fact that he couldn't reveal himself without blowing his cover. When Shylar died during the torture, Vos held himself somewhat responsible. Later, Vos admitted to the Jedi Council that he had had a relationship with Master Shylar, during their training as Padawans. Their relationship was voluntarily ended, so that they could remain true to the Jedi Order. Quinlan spent the rest of the war hoping to atone for what he believed was his part in her death. (J4, RDR, RSOS)

this woman was raised in the Citadel Inquisitorius, on the planet Prakith, during the early years of the New Order. She eventually became an Inquisitor herself, and chose the Deep Core as her jursidiction, since her connection to the Dark Side of the Force was strongest in the Deep Core. (PH)

this name was common among members of the T'surr race. (WOTC, UANT)

this vicious creature was native to the Shyrack Caves of Korriban. A natural predatory, the shyrack was the primary rival of tuk'ata. (KOTOR2)

Shyrack Caves
this series of natural caves was found on the planet Korriban. The primary entrance was hidden in the Valley of the Dark Lords, and the cave was named for the population of shyracks that lived within its walls. (KOTOR)

this was the name of the Wookiee language known as the 'tongue of the Tree People.' It had a wide range of emotional adjuncts, and was primarily used for trade and travel. Because the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk was covered with dense forests, Shyriiwook provided many different words that translated into a single word in Basic. For instance, Shyriiwook had over 150 words for "wood", depending on grain, moisture content, and underlying structure. (TBH, RD, VD3)

Shysa, Fenn
it was believed that Fenn Shysa was one of the three surviving Mandalorian Protectors, along with Alpha-02 and Tobbi Dala, from an original group of 212 which was sent into battle by the Separatists during the Clone Wars. Popular rumor held that it was Boba Fett, not Alpha-02, who survived the conflict. Note that The Essential Guide to Characters claims that the two other Mandalorians were Boba Fett and Jodo Kast. Shysa and Dala served under Alpha-02 during the battle, and both returned to Mandalore when the fighting was over. Whatever the truth to these rumors, what was known was that Fenn Shysa organized the natives of mandalore and got them to fight back against the slavers who had taken control of the planet in their absence, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. One of the beings they captured was the bounty hunter Dengar, just after Tobbi Dala was captured by the slavers. Shysa agreed to a prisoner exchange, but Leia Organa demanded to speak to Dengar. The swap was canceled when Dengar escaped and led the Imperials in Kedalbe to Shysa's base. Fenn infiltrated the slavers' base and rescued Leia and Tobbi Dala, but was unable to protect Dala when the Suprema shot him in the chest. Fenn managed to capture the Suprema, but could not save Dala's life. Fenn was eventually named Mandalore, and the Mandalorian Protectors once again flourished. He remained in touch with the Alliance, and eventually pledged Mandalore's support to the Alliance of Free Planets. Unknown to Shysa, though, was the fact that the former Kaminoan cloner, Taun We, had discovered that he was the only surviving Mandalorian from an attack on Kamino during the Clone Wars. She asked Boba Fett to hunt him down to avenge the destruction of her homeworld, and Fett agreed. Note that, although Star Wars Insider magazine, issue 80, says that Fett hunted Shysa down, it also says that Shysa gave his life for Fett on Shogun. (MC68, MC69, EGC, MC99, SWI80)

Shysha, Fenn
see Shysa, Fenn (GMR9)

this Gran served as a Commander in the New Republic, and was one of the first base commanders of the Esfandia Long-Range Communications Base. It was Commander Si who discovered that the Brrbrlpp were sentient, and devised a form of trinary machine language which the Brrbrlpp could use to communicate with the base. (FH3)

Si Qurr
this noted poet was one of the surviving members of the Abinyshi race. (SWJ14)

Si Treemba
this young Arcona worked for Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation, and was transported to the planet Bandomeer aboard the Monument with Obi-Wan Kenobi. The two became good friends after Obi-Wan stood up to Offworld Mining's Hutt leaders aboard the transport ship. To Si Treemba, this was one of the bravest things a being could do, and he held Obi-Wan with high regards. When the two discovered that Offworld had been sabotaging Arcona Mineral Harvest's equipment while en route to Bandomeer, they tried to tell their superiors but were thwarted by a pirate attack on the Monument. In the aftermath, Si and Obi-Wan brought out the dealings of Grelb and Jemba, and helped bring many Offworld workers over to Arcona Mineral Harvest. After landing on Bandomeer, Si Treemba and Obi-Wan discovered Xanatos' part in the sabotage of the Home Party Mine, and helped Arcona Mineral Harvest take control of Bandomeer. (RF, DR)

this given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

Siak-series Protocol Droid
developed and manufactured by Roche Industries, the Siak-series of protocol droids was the first real commercial success the Verpines had during the New Order. More human in shape than the J9 worker drone, the Siak incorporated the technological advances of the TranLang IV communications module. (FTD)

this was a common name among the Zeltron people. (UANT)

this name was common among Sullustan males, and meant "inventive". (GCG)

Sian Tevv
this rebellious councilor from Sullust was responsible for bringing Nien Nunb and his raiding squad into the Alliance after the Empire forced them out of the Sullust system. He was a rebel from the start, hanging around with spacers and technicians in order to learn more about starships and droids. This dismayed his parents, who were Sullustan diplomats. One of his first friends was another Sullustan youth, Nien Nunb, who taught Tevv a great deal about starships. Eventually, though, Tevv went to school and became a diplomat like his parents. He was known as one of the youngest Sullustan diplomats to ever travel to Coruscant. However, while he was there, he witnessed first-hand the real power behind the Empire, as the Senators debated over policy changes while the military subjugated world after world. He decided that Sullust would have to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic if it truly wanted to be free. At first, Tevv was worried about what open rebellion would mean for his people. In early talks with Bria Tharen, he and Jennsar SoBilles felt that rebellion would simply mean powerful reprisal for the Empire. He was later instrumental in the development of the Declaration of a New Republic. Tevv then contracted the Krytos virus while on Coruscant, shortly after the planet was liberated from Ysanne Isard. He didn't evidence any symptoms, but underwent preventative bacta treatment to maintain his health. Because of his various dealings with the Provisional Council, Tevv was considered a possible suspect in the Delta Source leak, although he was never charged with any crimes. His innocence was proven when the ch'ala trees near the Imperial Palace were discovered to be bugged. During the hunt for Prince-Admiral Krennel, Tevv was one of the many Republic councilors who doubted the veracity of Wedge Antilles' transmission to the Republic which indicated Rogue Squadron was alive and well, though in the control fo Ysanne Isard. (TLC, HTSB, KT, RD, IR, TTSB)

Siang Lance
this was the traditional weapon of the Kilian Rangers, and served as a form of badge of office and symbol of their loyalty to Kilia IV. The lance was essentially an ancient sporting blaster rifle, to which was attached a long bayonet. High-ranking Kilian Rangers learned to imbue the Force into their lance, giving it enhanced power and accuracy. (RESB)

Siarr Tepinnel
this vocal opponent of the Corporate Sector Authority was imprisoned at Stars' End by Viceprex Hirken. (CSA)

this Hutt was the brains and the funding behind Ace Entertainment Corporation and the Ace of Sabres casino. A demented Hutt with cybernetic replacements for his right arm and right eye, Sibarra was outcast from mainstream Hutt society. From that point on, he hated all other Hutts, and went out of his way to harass them in business ventures. Many believed that the only reason Sibarra was still alive during the height of the New Order was because of the skills of Dunan Par'Ell, who managed the security of the Ace of Sabres. Sibarra used the Ace enterprise to cover his more illegal activities, and he also curried favors from his high-powered guests in return for small wins at the games. Sibarra also sold the less-fortunate losers at the Ace to Aubro Ahntanda. (WSV)

this was a common name among the Kushiban race. (UANT)

Sibha Habadeet
this collective was one of the Alliance's major suppliers of micrel equipment, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. They specialized in the manufacture of bioelectronic power supplies, like the one which powered Luke Skywalker's cybernetic hand prosthesis. (HTTE)

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