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this was one of the many Zorbian pirate ships that harassed the spacelanes of Moddell Sector, during the early years of the New Republic. It was believed that the Skewer attacked and disabled an Ayrou freighter near the Forest Moon of Endor several years before the Battle of Yavin, stranding the Ayrou Tessent somewhere in the forests of the moon. Note that Star Wars Gamer, issue 9, also seems to indicate that the Skewer was the ship that was shot down. (GMR9)

this starfighter maneuver was used during the height of the Clone Wars, and involved a pilot using his forward attitude jets to kick his starfighter into a reverse position. In this way, a pilot could surprise the pilot of an enemy ship that were in pursuit. Because the fighter was suddenly facing backward, the pilot could fire on his pursuit and eliminate them. (E3N)

Skidder, Wurth
this brash young man graduated from Luke Skywalker's Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4 during the years leading up to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. He was part of a group which followed Kyp Durron and formed an almost vigilante brigade of Jedi Knights, bringing their own form of justice to remote parts of the galaxy. He was one of the first Jedi to fly the XJ version of the T-65 X-Wing, a vehicle he used to bring down the Rodian mercenaries of the Osarian First-Force, against the wishes of Leia Organa Solo. Later, during the Battle of Ithor, Wurth was severely injured in battle with the Yuuzhan Vong on Ithor's surface. He survived, and vowed to return the fight to the Vong. He was part of the delegation sent to Gyndine to help relocate refugees, where he allowed himself to be captured by the Yuuzhan Vong. He tried to convince the young yammosk aboard the Creche' that Randa the Hutt was plotting to Chine-kal, while Sapha planted the idea in Randa's mind that Chine-kal was going to kill him. The plan was to create confusion aboard the clustership, but only succeeded in killing Fasgo and attracting the attention of Chine-kal. Chine-kal captured Wurth and planned to present the Jedi as a present to Tsavong Lah. After being attacked by Kyp's Dozen at Kalarba, though, Chine-kal fled to Fondor. He grew angry with the Jedi, and Skidder in particular, and physically abused him. Skidder was broken badly by the torture, and barely survived to discover that Kyp had found him at Fondor. Before he died, Wurth asked Kyp to rescue Randa, who had been playing the Yuuzhan Vong for information to give to the Republic. (VP, DTR, JE)

Esege Tuketu's weapons officer in the Fifth Battle Group, Skids controlled their K-Wing's bombs. (BTS)

Skids, The
this was the name given to the seedy section of the city of Tyrena, on the planet Corellia. (CCW)

a repulsorlift utility vehicle like those employed by Jabba the Hutt. They average about 9 meters in length, and are piltoed by a single driver who uses directional steering vanes to maneuver it. (ROTJ)

this man was part of a small group which managed to survive the destruction of his homeworld of Coruscant, after the Yuuzhan Vong took control of the planet. Skiffer was a member of a collection of humans which tried to wipe out the Walkway Collective and take over their territories and steal their supplies. Skiffer and his group were killed when Yassat led the being he described as Lord Nyax into Skiffer's territory. The dark being murdered them all, and Yassat managed to escape. (EL2)

a fake sabacc card that can change its suit and value with a touch of one corner. (DFR, DA)

Skile Curve
this power-pulse pattern is generated on a computer monitor when a repulsorlift generator is correctly calibrated for proper output. The skile curve is a multi-humped curve which lessens over time before jumping back up slightly. (CFG)

this man served the Empire as a Commander in the armed forces, and was assigned escort duty aboard the shuttle Kandarra during the Imperial occupation of Garos IV. (SWJ4)

this dish, which consisted of pan-cooked roe from a variety of native fish, was popular among the fisherman and sailors of the planet Ando. (PH)

this was the name given to the computer code which provided a droid with the ability to perform certain actions. It was copyrighted by Sienar Intelligence Systems during the Galactic Civil War. (FOP)

a repulsor-equipped board used by children and some athletes to move about. They are also called hoverboards. (GOF2, GOF7)

Skimm, Roth
this man and his partner, Belgar Overlord, were a pair of freelance explorers who stumbled upon a habitable world on the edge of the Core Worlds some 600 years before the Battle of Naboo. They named the planet Belgaroth, and the system became known as the Belgaroth System. Before they could turn the system into a way station and turn a profit for their efforts, however, they shot and killed each other over a disputed game of cards. (CCW)

this was the codename used by Alliance operative Lyda Skims, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWGAL)

another name for a landspeeder. (SW)

this was the generic term used to describe any small starship designed to skim the atmosphere of a gas giant and collect gases. (FBS)

this was a form of underwater transport, similar in many respects to the Gungan bongo, that was developed for use on the planet Lamaredd. Many of these vehicles were produced by the Noloh Gunga Bongoform corporation, which produced a standard version that was common across the planet. This common skimmersub measured 9.25 meters in length, and required a single pilot to operate. It could accommodate up to 4 passengers and 18,000 kilograms of cargo. (GMR7)

Skims, Athon
this young Corellian man was the son of Doyle and Lynn Skims. Athon followed in his father's footsteps, joining the Alliance as a pilot during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. Unfortunately, Athon was delivering information to Alliance contacts on Alderaan when the planet was destroyed by the first Death Star. He perished in the explosion. (SWGAL)

Skims, Doyle
this Corellia man joined the Alliance as a fighter pilot, and was one of the many Y-Wing pilots who died during the Battle of Yavin. He was survived by his wife, Lynn, and their daughter, Lyda. (SWGAL)

Skims, Lyda
this young, Corellian woman was an Alliance operative during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Her mother, Lynn, was a textile worker, and imparted a wealth of information on clothing design to Lyda. She also was an accomplished engineer, and learned a great deal about droid repair from her father, Doyle. Lyda joined the Alliance after the deaths of her father and her brother, Athon. She was known to her fellow agents as Skimmer, and was responsible for locating information on Project Dead Eye, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Unfortunately, she went into hiding shortly after discovering the information, fearing that the Imperials would locate her before she could return. A group of Alliance agents working in the Corellian System managed to locate her and return her safely to Alliance headquarters, where she revealed that Dr. Vacca was the leader of Project Dead Eye. (SWGAL)

Skims, Lynn
this Corellian woman owned a small textiles on her homeworld of Corellia, during the early years of the New Order. Her husband, Doyle, and her son, Athon, were both killed during their service to the Alliance, and Lynn was forced to sell the business after Doyle's death. Lynn retired to her small home, and feared for the life of her only surviving child, Lyda. (SWGAL)

Skin Buster
this was the working name of a biochemical substance created by the Genetech orbital lab over Gorsh. This red goo was created from an irritating sap which caused severe burning sensations on the skin of most humanoids. If left untreated, the victim often went insane, screaming from the pain. (PG1)

this battered transport ship was owned and operated by Prit Kessek. (WOA26)

Skine Bounty Hunter College
this Outer Rim syndicate was a small-time operation which speciallized in locating vagrant fugitives. (GG9)

Skine Sector
this area of the galaxy is located in the Outer Rim. (GG9)

developed for medical use during the years leading up to the Clone Wars, this special material could be applied to a doctor's hands in order to protect them from infection. Because it was a free-flowing material, skin-glove could be used to protect the hands of virtually any race. (MBS)

this obese man, distinguished by his bald head and extravagant moustache, employed Valance the Hunter to bring in some of the galaxy's most wanted criminals. In return for Valance's services, Skinker provided the bounty hunter with droid. Skinker didn't understand why Valance always destroyed the droids on sight, but the removal of his rivals was well worth the price. Additionally, Skinker kept his ears open for any information on the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker, as the final payment for Valance's services. Skinker's base of operations was on the planet Junction, which gave him an excellent opportunity to interact with Alliance agents. When the Empire blockaded the Yavin System, the Alliance was forced to look beyond well-known outposts for supplies, and Junction was quite near Yavin. Because of this, Skinker was able to discover that Skywalker had arrived on Junction to purchase droid repair parts. When Valance arrived to capture Skywalker, he was forced to blast open a magnetically-sealed hatch to reach him. In the resulting blast, Skinker and his helper, polyp, were killed. (MC27)

one of the Black Sun criminals working with Grobber during the reign of Zekka Thyne over Black Sun's Corellian interests. (TFE)

this was a general term used by medics of the Old Republic to describe a small hypodermic needle used to administer small doses of medicine. (MBS)

this was a shirt that was created from thinskin. (MBS)

Skinto, Mygo
this young woman resembled any of the multitude of children dishomed by the Galactic Civil War and the struggle to control her homeworld of Norne. Mygo could pass as a boy or a girl, and appeared to be a simple orphan. In reality, Mygo was old enough to have children of her own, although she had dedicated herself to making sure the children of Norne were given a chance to survive the battles. She also worked to ensure that the children of Norne weren't exploited and used as slaves or indentured labor. Mygo herself was an orphan who lost her parents when their space yacht disappeared. She was passed among various aunts and relatives until she was old enough to set out on her own. She was hampered by the fact that her physical growth stopped by the time she reached her teens, leaving her with the appearance of a child. She eventually went underground, establishing a series of warrens below the city where "her children" could hide out while still receiving the nourishment and care they required. Mygo was sympathetic to the Alliance, and often passed on information she gained to agents she knew. (CRO)

an avian creature native to the planet Trinta, the skinwing is a reptilian bird with leathery wings and a deafening screech. They have a large, bony head which ends in a long, tooth-filled beak. (DOE)

this flying predator was native to the planet Goroth Prime. Similar in many physiological respects to a Gorothite, the partly mammalian skinwing had longer arms and great membranes connecting them to its body. All the creatures fingers ended in long talons, and it lacked opposable digits. These ferocious beasts were quite clumsy on the ground, but were accomplished fliers. The average specimen stood almost two meters in height, and had a wingspan of three meters. (GSE)

Skip 1
the first of the Smuggler's Run asteroids to be colonized, it is the 35th asteroid in the Run. Despite being the most efficient of the Skips, it continually oozed a greenish-yellow slime which could not be stopped. A Bothan tried to stop it once, but the asteroid began to shake to its roots, causing a large amount of damage to the smugglers' haven. Skip 1 serves as the gateway to the Run, and contains an abundance of docking bays and repair facilities. (TNR)

Skip 2
this Smuggler's Run asteroid was rocked with a series of explosions when Dolph detonated his specially-built droids. The droids were meant to be on Coruscant when they exploded, but a number of smugglers stole droids to keep or sell on the black market. A great deal of damage was caused by the explosions, and there were a number of casualties. (TNR)

Skip 3
this Smuggler's Run asteroid was rocked with a series of explosions when Dolph detonated his specially-built droids. The droids were meant to be on Coruscant when they exploded, but a number of smugglers stole droids to keep or sell on the black market. A great deal of damage was caused by the explosions, and there were a number of casualties. (TNR)

Skip 5
Han Solo, Chewbacca, and the Sullustan Seluss convened on this Smuggler's Run asteroid to discuss their reactions to Jarril's death and talk about their next move. Han and Chewie were in the Run, investigating not only Jarril's death but the unusually large amount of credits flowing through the Run. Skip 5 is riddled with caves strewn about in the stony planetoid, but is too hot for most species to inhabit. Some of the caves were large enough to house six luxury liners, and they believed that the strange cargoes passing through the Run were stored here. All they found was a group of resident Jawas and the smuggler Davis. Skip 5 was rocked with a series of explosions when Dolph detonated his specially-built droids. The droids were meant to be on Coruscant when they exploded, but a number of smugglers stole droids to keep or sell on the black market. A great deal of damage was caused by the explosions, and there were a number of casualties. (TNR)

Skip 52
this asteroid, part of the Smuggler's Run, is continually wracked by vicious, swirling rock storms. (TNR)

Skip 6
this asteroid, which is nothing more than a huge mudball, is found within the Smuggler's Run, and was the base of operations for the Glottalphib crimelord Nandreeson. He had it hollowed out and reformed into the perfect replica of Glottal, down to huge swarms of watumba bats and parfue gnats. His lair was hidden deep within the asteroid, and only by traversing a complex series of tunnels and caves could one get in or out. (TNR)

Skip 72
this Smuggler's Run asteroid was rocked with a series of explosions when Dolph detonated his specially-built droids. The droids were meant to be on Coruscant when they exploded, but a number of smugglers stole droids to keep or sell on the black market. A great deal of damage was caused by the explosions, and there were a number of casualties. (TNR)

Skip 8
Chewbacca once landed the Millennium Falcon here and decided to sleep inside the ship. This prompted the smugglers of the run to attack him for believing himself above their ranks, and Han Solo had to rescue the hapless Wookiee. (TNR)

the generic term used to describe any small craft used to travel between Skips within the Smuggler's Run. These ships are quick and maneuverable, a necessity when dodging asteroids. (TNR)

a species of wild bird known for its ability to avoid being caught. (TFNR)

Skipper Squid
this immense squid was native to the oceans of the planet Naboo. (NEGW)

one popular rumor which sprang up in the wake of the Battle of Yavin, after Luke Skywalker had told of his humble upbringing on Tatooine, was that the droid R5-D4 was actually connected to the Force. Known by the nickname of Skippy, R5-D4 had been given lubricants what were infected with midi-chlorians, giving it incredible Force sensitivity. Among Skippy's abilities was the ablity to foresee the future, which manifested itself when Skippy first encountered R2-D2. The Force told Skippy to blow is own motivator when Owen Lars purchased it from the Jawas, allowing R2-D2 to be pruchased instead. (T1)

Skipray Blastboat
this was another name for the GAT-12 series of heavily-armored starfighters, designed by Sienar Fleet Systems to be fast and powerful. They are long, streamlined ships, about twice the length of an X-wing. Because of their size and their design profile, the Skipray Blastboat was created to fill the gap between small starfighters and well-armed capital ships. Despite the fact that the Skipray was equipped with a hyperdrive and could go on missions that starfighters could not, they never became as popular as TIE fighters, and became obsolete in the mind of the Empire. They were found primarily in smuggler defense fleets, until Grand Admiral Thrawn began using them to a great advantage against the New Republic. They have rear-mounted engines, and have a ventral fin for stability. (HTTE, DFR, WOTC, SWDB)

this was a slang term for a collections agent, during the early years of the New Order. The term was eventually adopted by collections agents, since had taken on a sort of mystique, so that independent spacers feared to hear that they had a skip-tracer on their tail. (HSR)

Skirata, Kal
this man served as a Sergeant in the Grand Army of the Republic, and was one of the first instructors chosen to train the army's clone commandos. Like his peers, Skirata was a Mandalorian mercenary who was chosen for the heritage he shared with Jango Fett. He was also secretly the trainer of the so-called Null-class ARC Troopers, who were loyal only to Skirata himself. Despite his gruff and unfeeling demeanor, many commandos recalled his lessons with an emotion that bordered on fondness. Sergeant Skirata did everything he could to get the clones trained in time to participate in the Clone Wars, but knew that all his training was no match for real combat. He also provided them with the knowledge that their Jedi commanders might not have the same level or kind of military training, and privately warned them not to blindly obey the orders of an inexperienced leader. In addition to calling his trainees "dead men" and "wet droids," Skirata was forced to admit that they were data-rich but experience-poor. The clone perplexed him, because they were essentially children who had the best combat training in the galaxy, and because they were able to accept their fate and do their duty without questioning their creators. In public, Skirata seemed to be invisible, having an average appearance that tended to blend into a crowd. His short, wiry body and nondescript face allowed him to pass almost unnoticed in public. However, when he chose to fight, it was obvious that he wasn't just any other being. As the Clone Wars raged on, Skirata found himself "promoted" to the position of special security advisor to the Senate Security Council, helping the Senate Guard and the Coruscant Security Force interact with the various clone commando units dispatched to handle volatile situations. (RCHC, SWI81, SWI84)

this was the term used by the Old Republic's military officers to describe the small boarding craft used by the Separatist navies during the height of the Clone Wars. Skirmishers were usually cloaked, to avoid detection, and held back from the main fighting until most of the warships on both sides were engaged. Then, they would slip behind a Republic ship's defenses and latch onto the ship's hull, blowing a hole in the plating to allow swarms of battle droids to board the Republic ship. Because the Separatist boarding party was made up entirely of battle droids, skirmishers didn't require life support systems that could be detected by most scanners, providing an added meaure of stealth. (JT)

this was a drug that was used to reduce a prisoner's resistance to any interrogation. When it reacted with the drig lotiramine, it caused chemical amnesia and, sometimes, death in the prisoner. (XWN)

this small creature, native to the planet Verkuyl, was known for its attraction to metal and other shiny objects. (TFNR)

this species of small insects was native to the planet Hirsi. Skitterflies lived on the surface of the freshwater lakes. (GG12)

this was a species of small, feline creature. (GG3)

this was a Brigian term for urination. (HSL)

this refreshing beverage was best served cold. (SOL)

Skodhan, Rya
this woman was a native of Mantooine, where she grew up as a street urchin and thief. After learning to deal sabacc and taking three months' pay from Airen Cracken, he recruited her into the Alliance. She later got a job dealing sabacc at the Imperial Palace Casino on Ord Mantell, where she could make contact with a great number of Imperial officers. She then steals information from their rooms - after learning its location with idle chatter during the game - and provides to Alliance agents who show up at her table. After establishing an agent's identity by dealing the agent a winning hand,and having the agent lose it intentionally, she deals the agent a hand that contains a coded message. (CRO)

Skoff, Emiel
this aging human male was a respected instructor at Darakin University before the Empire took control of its curriculum. Skoff left the university, rather than face persecution at the hands of Imperial agents, and set to work trying to discover a way for the Alliance to defeat the Empire. He believed that a heavily outnumbered force such as the Alliance could always prevail in battle. He also said that a reliance on technology provided a false sense of security. He once tried to locate information on a planet in the Gesaril system which was hidden by the Empire. Skoff cared little for appearances, and rarely bathed or changed his clothing. He wrote most of his notes on paper, rather than use a datapad. (GG6)

this man served as the chief engineer aboard the Black Ice. He wasn't loyal to either side during the Galactic Civil War, but saw the Alliance team which tried to take control of the ship as a group of pirates. Skolos eventually turned the ship's computer systems against the Alliance, hoping to use her defense systems to eliminate them. Skolos caused a number of failures in life support and communications, then turned the maintenance droids on the Alliance agents. When he couldn't stop their actions, Skolos fought them to the death. He threw every form of grenade he could at them, but was eventually forced to surrender. (BI)

this was a common name among the Elom race. (UANT)

Skone System
this planetary system, located in Brak Sector, was controlled by the Empire at the height of the New Order. (FBS)

Skoo Runkin
this was a noted Nuknog individual in the history of the planet Sump. (UANT)

Skor II
this small, dense planet was the second world in the Squab system, and was the homeworld of the Squib race. It was located in the Calaron Sector, and had a virtually unlimited supply of natural resources, but they tended to be found in concentrated deposits. The temperate world was covered with forests, oceans, and mountains, and was temperate enough to support most forms of life. During the height of the Clone Wars, Skor II was one of many planets that became battlegrounds. (GG4, REB, LEV)

this was an unusual sport developed as a training exercise by the Jedi Masters who served at Luke Skywalker's academy on Ossus, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Two teams of students were positioned on the playing field, and each was secretly given a set of mutually exclusive goals. A single referee was in charge of ensuring that the teams played within the rules, but this was not their primary role. In fact, Skorch was created to train the referee, not the students. Because the team goals were mutually exclusive, the referee had to determine what they were and figure out a way for both teams to achieve equivalent levels of victory. The simplest solution was to ensure that neither team could achieve any of tehir goals, but this was considered a last resort. In this way, the Jedi referee learned to dig beneath the surface of a conflict and identify the true motives of each side. The Jedi then could work out a way to solve the conflict in such a way that both sides felt like they won. (DN1)

this was the name of the starfighter used by Quinlan Vos during the Clone Wars, when he appeared to defect from the Jedi Order to join the Separatists. The craft resembled an insect, with wide wings sprouting from a body that had segmented legs for landing gear. The tailfin on the Skorp-Ion was curved upward and toward the front of the ship, giving it the appearance of a stinger. When Quinlan tried to escape from Dooku and found himself pursued by Asajj Ventress and Tol Skorr, he took the Skorp-Ion through a series of random hyperspace jumps, only to have the ship damaged in the process. He was forced to dock with the abandoned hulk of the Titavian IV to make repairs, but the Dark Jedi found him and set the Skorp-Ion adrift. Vos and Obi-Wan Kenobi were able to recover the ship after escaping from Ventress and Skorr. Unknown to the two Jedi, however, was the fact that Ventress managed to place a tracer on the hull of the Skorp-Ion, which allowed them to follow the Jedi to Rendili, then Coruscant. (J4, RDR)

Skorr was a hulking humanoid with pale, pebbly skin and pointed ears. He seemed to have been disfigured, and he wore a metal half-mask. He worked with the Rybet, Gribbet. He kidnapped Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, in an effort to draw Solo out. He left Luke's lightsaber behind a proof that he held them. A homing beacon inside the lightsaber gave him a measure of control if Solo left the planet too quickly. Solo managed to liberate Luke and Leia, but was followed by Skorr and Gribbet when they fled the planet. Skorr continued tracking the homing beacon in the lightsaber until Han ejected it in a lifepod. Skorr followed the life pod, believing Solo was in it. He ended up within the midst of an Imperial fleet on maneuvers in the system, and was shipped off to the spice mines of Kessel. He later escaped from Kessel, and vowed to get revenge on Solo. He tracked him to Hoth, where the Alliance was investigating the planet's suitability as a base. Skorr captured Han, Luke, and Chewbacca, with the help of Bossk and Zuckass. They agree to meet Boba Fett on Ord Mantell, where they would turn Solo over to the bounty hunter for transport to Jabba the Hutt. They were intercepted by Darth Vader's fleet near Ord Mantell, and barely made it to the surface. While hiding in a moisture plant, they were ambushed by Raskar, who managed to free the Alliance agents and thwart Skorr's plans. (CSW)

Skorr, Tol
this former Jedi Knight was shot down over the planet Korriban during the early stages of the Clone Wars. He was rescued by Count Dooku, who helped him recover. From that point forward, Skorr became an apprentice to the Dark Side of the Force, and remained one of Dooku's most loyal servants. Quinlan Vos, on a mission to infiltrate the Separatists, was forced to defeat Skorr and Kadrian Sey in combat in order to gain audience with Dooku. Skorr remained loyal to Dooku, however, even as Vos gained more and more power. He eventually became Asajj Ventress' chief lieutenant, and found renewed favor in the eyes of Count Dooku when Vos was exposed as a spy. Skorr and Ventress nearly captured Vos aboard the Titavian IV, but the timely intervention of Obi-Wan Kenobi saved his life. Skorr and Ventress were left to explain the loss of the two Jedi to General Grievous himself. However, Ventress set off on a mission of personal revenge against Kenobi, leaving Skorr to take the brunt of the General's displeasure. During the Siege of Saleucami, Skorr and a group of agents working for Salje' Tasha were dispatched to Saleucami to ensure that Khaleen Hentz and Vos kept their end of the bargain by relaying information on the movements of the Republic's forces on the planet. Skorr continued to question Vos' true loyalties, and he got his chance to prove his worth to Count Dooku when Vos chose to side with the Jedi on Saleucami. Skorr confronted Vos deep within the planet's geothermal energy-production center, with each man using their physical prowess and lightsaber skills to match the other's moves. Skorr, however, also used psychological attacks on Quinlan, using the truth about Dooku's actions to undermine Quinlan's balance within the Force. Vos eventually grew angry enough to simply kill Skorr, and used the Force to shove Skorr off a ledge. Skorr then plunged into the flowing lava and was killed instantly. (J4, RSS, RDR, RSOS)

this was one of the many resort worlds maintained by the Empire during the height of the New Order. (GCG)

this was a hilly region of the planet Guiteica. It was revered among Bitthaevrian warriors, for the greatest of their numbers were buried there. (AIR)

this man was one of the small cadre' of Imperial officers who allied themselves with Grand Moff Trachta during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. A General in the Imperial armed forces, Skosef was assigned by Trachta to oversee the infiltration of special agents onto the shuttle which would have taken Emperor Palpatine to the first Death Star. The assassination attempt was actually a feint, designed to eliminate a large portion of Palpatine's personal detachment of stormtroopers. Trachta's specially-altered replacements would then be presented as a gift to Palpatine, allowing them to overtly infiltrate the Emperor's guard. Unfortunately for Skosef, his constant opposition to Trachta's plans led Trachta to set up a communications chain that linked Skosef to the explosion aboard the Mathayus that was supposed to assassinate Darth Vader. Skosef was arrested and later executed for his treachery. (SWEB)

this lizard was native to the planet Barab I, where it lived on the slopes of Mount Ste'vshuulsz. (FH2)

this dried-up riverbed is found on the planet Prakith, and was the source of valuable ores. The mines which studded the riverbed were controlled by the Imperial warlord Foga Brill. (SOL)

this huge ocean creature is found in the polar regions of the planet Calamari, but a sighting is incredibly rare. It resembled a massive, thick-bodied squid in that it had a number of long tentacles, but it also had a great mouth that it used to consume its prey. (CCR)

this was one of the many Victory-class Star Destroyers which were still active, as part of the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

a Corellian swear word. (TFE)

Skrag Turn
this was the name given to a section of the Agrilat Swamp Circuit, one of the most popular swoop racing courses of the New Order. (SWGAL)

this was the primary starport located on the planet Coyn, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Its name literally meant "Skyland." It was similar in design to Kwenn Space Station, and was used mainly by beings who had no business on Coyn itself, but were merely stopping over. (PG3)

this was a Sluissi swear word. (GMR1)

this bristly-furred herbivore was native to the moon of Yavin 4. Skreegs were known to be aggressive, especially when defending their herd. (GQRG)

Skreej, Tamtel
the alias used by Lando Calrissian to gain entrance to Jabba the Hutt's palace. EV-9D9 discovered Calrissian's presence when she became paranoid about the appearance of R2-D2 and C-3PO following a number of strange droid problems in Jabba's palace. She thought that Calrissian was in the palace to recapture her. (TJP)

this was a somewhat disreputable city found on the planet Atzerri. It was much less refined than Talos, and boasted a small spaceport. (SOL, EGP)

a small creature native to Belsavis, skreekers are nocturnal. (COJ)

this predator was native to Galantos. Its feet had evolved over time to allow the skree-skater to move across the surface of the gelatinous pools which covered the planet. Their bodies were often covered with colorful, quivering tendrils, which helped them attract their prey. (EGP, CCW)

this was another name for the Dxunian raptor, or the Dxun Devourer. (GMR3)

this was the name given to the native language of the Skrilling people. (ANT)

an alien race which evolved on the planet known simply as Agriworld-2079, the Skrillings are humanoid scavengers of large size and stature. They have baggy skin covering their large bodies. Their poor, small eyes sit above eight breather tubes that take the place of a nose. These tubes are studded with olfactory buds that allow the Skrillings to rely on their sense of smell instead of their poor eyesight. Their mouths are filled with sharp teeth. They feed on the carcasses of the various grazing beasts of their homeworld, filling a niche in the ecological system. This has led many other races to regard them simply as disgusting, annoying beasts with no real intelligence. They avoid conflict, and were discovered by a M'shinni exploration ship. The Skrillings had no name for their world, so the M'shinni simply named it Agriworld-2079. It has been determined that the name 'Skrilling' is in fact a M'shinni term that means 'bone picker.' The Skrillings had been a nomadic race, but the segmentation of agricultural land by the M'shinni forced them to form loose villages. Skrillings have a unique talent that allows them to continually ask the same question in many different ways, wearing their opponent down but never angering them. This allows them to ingratiate themselves into any situation, and is the method they used to gain transport on M'shinni cargo ships and escape Agriworld-2079. The Skrilling race developed minimal levels of technology before the advent of the M'shinni, and have evolved minimally since then. (GG12)

Skrim, Wilhalm
this man lived on Tatooine during the height of the New Order. (GQRG)

this female Tarong was the younger sibling of K'derek, and has light and dark olive green plumage. Like her brother, she was a skillful merchant before she became an information gatherer for the Alliance. Sk'rirak and K'derek sold their information for droids and jewelry. (GG12)

this was one of the more common names used by Trandoshan hunters. Like most Trandoshan names, it was reserved for males, but could be adopted by those rare females who became hunters. In the Trandoshan language, the name meant "tears his enemies to pieces". (GCG)

Gudb's pet gorm worm, Skritch was responsible for the death of Andur Sunrider. (TOJ)

this species of small insect makes a loud humming noise when it swarms together. (VOF)

this is the third planet in the Ishanna System, and is a hot world blanketed by rainforests and jungles. It is the homeworld of the S'krrr race. The average day on S'krrr lasts 22 standard hours, and its year lasts 310 local days. (SWJ9)

this alien race, native to a planet of the same name, has been a rival of their human neighbors from the planet Rabaan. For centuries, the two races settled their differences in one-on-one combat on the Combat Moon. The S'krrr are tall, mantis-like insectoids with sharp body segments and small, transparent wings on their backs. They use these wings to communicate in what is known as "wingsong." They have managed to remain technologically advanced for their remote location, but never developed space travel. It is generally assumed that the S'krrr descended from insects, most likely the drog beetle, although there is no evidence to support this. Certain members of the S'krrr population worship the lower insects for this purported ancestry. (SWJ9, GOF8)

this was the Ewok word for "hello". (BTRKS26)

this alien was one of Jabba's henchmen during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Unfortunately, Skud was shot and killed by Han Solo on Orleon, when Jabba tried to capture the smuggler on the planet soemtime after the Battle of Yavin. (MC28)

this was a derogatory name for an individual, but was often used in friendly arguments. (T4)

the hide of this creature, native to the planet Muzara, was used to make protective clothing and carrying bags. (TOJC)

starfighter pilot slang term for a Z-95 Headhunter. (IJ)

Skull of Thalemute
this remarkable xenoarchaeological find was discovered by Doctor Angrail Ryhl. (HR)

Skull-Biters Flightknife
one of the many Cartann fighter squadrons which opposed Wedge Antilles and the Running Crimson Flightknife during the war against the forces of the Yedagon nation, on Adumar. They were defeated by Wedge's forces in battle, and surrendered. (SOA)

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