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Street of Glory
this wide avenue, located in the city of Theed on Naboo, was the site of a Trade Federation concentration camp following the invasion of Naboo. (IOT)

Streev, Mika
this native of the planet Rabaan was the world's premier warrior during the Galactic Civil War, and had earned the sunburst sigil his people bestowed on combat artists. He defeated Andos Delvaren in single combat, earning the position of champion of the planet Rabaan, and was the chosen fighter whenever a dispute arose with the S'krrr. However, Mika's abilities and energies were solely directed at fighting and his personal image. When it came to politics, love, or other activities, Mika either didn't care or wasn't interested in interrupting his training to bother. Many of his rivals hoped to exploit this trait, but couldn't. It was Mika who was chosen to battle the S'krrr Sh'shak, and he was accompanied to the Combat Moon by his lover and fellow warrior, Leda Kyss. While there, they discovered that Andos had led Imperial forces to the moon, in an attempt to instigate a war between Rabaanite and S'krrr. Mika was forced to kill the Imperial trooper named Jan, and would have killed Andos had he not fled in terror. Streev then had to get Sh'shak to halt the Combat and confront the Imperials. He managed to do this just as Modigal Glave shot Sh'shak. Streev fired at the Imperials, scattering them and saving Sh'shak. The Imperial regrouped and captured them. They were nearly rescued by an Alliance X-Wing pilot (who looks a lot like Wedge Antilles), and Mika managed to cut off Glave's arm. However, Glave shot and killed Leda with his other hand while escaping into his own ship. Streev and Sh'shak fled the Combat Moon and agreed to join the Alliance after they hunted down Delvaren and Glave. (SWJ9)

this man served the Empire as a Captain in the military, and was in command of the IMIIF-138 training facility on Sirpar, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ2)

this Imperial Corporal was part of the design team which created the YI-5 surveillance and investigation droid. When Ysanne Isard, the Director of the Imperial Security Bureau, discovered that the YI-5 had one red sensor eye and one blue sensor eye, she ordered Streln and his fellow engineers - Vypass and Gonrey - to be executed for insubordination. Only the effectiveness of the YI-5 in bringing Vune Willic to justice, coupled with the assurances of Imperial engineers, caused Isard to rescind the termination orders. (PH)

Stress Crystallization
this was a term used to describe the damage that can occur to a starship's delicate components, when the ship as a whole was subjected to intense gravitational pressures during desparate maneuvers. The fatigued metal in mountings and casings would literally transmute into a crittle, crystalline structure that could fail at any time. (LCF)

an inexpensive building material. (AS)

Streysal Island
see Streysel Island (WOTC)

Streysel Island
this island, located in the Vaynai Archipelago on the planet Vaynai, was owned by Gallo Memm during the height of the New Order. Note that this location is also designated as Streysal Island. (GMR8)

this was the rarest of the Iskalonian species, and was native to the planet Julsujod III. The Stribers were distinguished by their smooth and finless bodies, with crystal-blue skin and thin bodies. These Iskalonians were also telepathic, but could also communicate via normal speech. They also chose their words wisely when answering a question, choosing to review all aspects of a situation before acting. To many, this made the Stribers appear less intelligent that other Iskalonians, since there was a noticeable pause before the answered. As a species, the Stribers were slowly dying out, and many xenobiologists felt that the Striber race would become extinct within a few generations after the Galactic Civil War. (EGA, GMR1)

Stribos System
a planetary system located near the Demophon System, it was largely uninhabited when Soron Hegerty discovered it while searching for a suitable world on which to relocate the Ssither. (SN)

this modified Imperial Nebulon-B frigate was destroyed during the Galactic Civil War, when it was ambushed by Captain Kuuztin. (TIE)

Strident-class Star Defender
produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, this was one of the first Star Defender ships produced for the New Republic. (JE)

another name for an Imperial AT-ST scout walker. (CPL)

a six-legged reptilian creature native to the planet Sedesia, striders were used as mounts and transports because the planet's high gravity prohibited most forms of repulsorlift vehicles. (SWJ6)

this species of tall, thin-limbed creatures was native to the planet Khomm. It was once wild, but centuries of cloning by the Khommites created striders which were meek and passive. (EGP)

this species of two-legged predator was native to the planet New Plympto. (CCW)

Strider Seven
the AT-ST which first locates Han and Leia on Dathomir. (CPL)

codename of a group of Alliance Y-Wings supporting the Tela transport group. (TIE)

Strike Bomber
see Belbullab-22 (LAWS)

Strike Foil
see S-foil. (SWTJ)

Strike the Moons Flightknife
led by Liak ke Mattino, this Adumari fighter group was the first to offer a simulated battle challenge to Wedge Antilles and Red Flight, during the negotiations between Adumar, the New Republic, and the Empire. Once Red Flight had scored kills with low-powered lasers on the Strike the Moons Blade-32 ships, Wedge offered them another chance at the duel. This was not standard protocol, but neither were simulated kills. Liak ke Mattino and his group accepted, and they continued to learn from Red Flight's tactics. When Red Flight was exiled by perator Pekaelic ke Teldan at the insistence of Tomer Darpen, the Strike the Moons Flightknife assisted them in leaving Cartann City. (SOA)

this TaggeCo riot patrol vehicle is a heavily-armored gunship designed to frighten rioters off or kill the ones that remain. It was 14 meters in length, and required a pilot, co-pilot, and 7 gunners. It could also transport up to 40 troops. It was heavily armed, carrying four medium laser cannons, two heavy repeating blasters, a grenade mortar launcher, and a stun barricade. (CSA)

Strike-class Cruiser
a medium-duty battle ship produced by Loronar for the Empire, they have a modular design which allows them to be configured for specific missions. These ships measure 450 meters in length, and can transport enough troops to support an assault company, two AT-STs, one AT-AT, and several support speeders. Slight modifications will allow them to carry a complete squadron of TIE fighters or a planetary assault cruiser packed with five AT-ATs. They are well-armed, carrying 20 turbolasers, 10 turbolaser batteries, 10 ion cannons, and 10 tractor beam projectors. They use 160-SBD shields to protect a 100-RU hull, and have a top speed of 18 MGLT. (HTTE, ISB, TIE)

this Imperial Victory-class Star Destroyer was commanded by Captain Voss Parck. Parck was in command of the Strikefast when he discovered Thrawn in the Unknown Regions. (SWJ7, SWJ11)

this was the brand name of Oriolanis Defense Systems' projectile pistol. A primitive though prototypical weapon, the Striker fired a solid bullet at its target, much like a slugthrower. It was known for its durability and availability. (EGW, AEG)

this assault shuttle was owned by Ree Shala, during the early years of the New Republic. It was armed with four laser cannons and a tractor beam projector. (SWJ6)

this was a simple form of projectile handgun developed on the planet Mawan. These pistols were used during the Great Purge. (JQ6)

this crimelord rose to power on Mawan, in the wake of the Great Purge. He earned the name Striker during his capture of the city of Naatan, when his soldiers used Striker pistols to kill their enemies. During the years following the Battle of Naboo, Striker was one of the three most powerful beings in Naatan, rivalled only by Feeana Tala and Decca. When Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yaddle, and Anakin Skywalker arrived on Mawan to negotiate a settlement between the crimelords, Anakin discovered that Striker was actually his old nemesis, Granta Omega. As Striker, he hoped to lure a member of the Jedi Council to Mawan and kill them, in an effort to impress the Sith Lord he belived to be gathering power in the galaxy. While he did succeed in taking Yaddle's life, the bioweapon he used did nothing to the population of Mawan. When it was revealed that Striker was actually Granta Omega, Decca decided to hedge her bets, and formed an alliance with him. She added her fleet of ships to Omega's weapons, producing a strong opposition to the work of the Jedi Knights. (JQ6)

this was one of the multitude of Imperial-class Star Destroyers which made up the Imperial Navy fleet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

Striking Sarlacc
this was one of the attack postures used by the teras kasi martial artform. (DMSH)

this predatory mammal was native to the planet Qiilura, where it was often captured and training as a hunting beast. (RCHC)

Strip, The
this section of Vark Street, located in Takari on the planet Iyuta, was filled with bars and inns which catered to the Imperial forces in the system. (SWCP)

this specialized form of camera system was developed by the Old Republic military during the early stages of the Clone Wars. As the name implied, a strip-cam was a miniaturized camera system that was contained on a strip of material no thicker than a sheet of flimsiplast. This allowed a strip-cam to be placed atop or on the side of any flat surface, without the obvious node of a camera eye being exposed. (SWI81)

this was one of the two domesticated zeles owned by Kirlan Swens, on the planet Dagro, during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWI76)

Striped Masters
this was another name for the Kasa Horansi. (PG1, AE)

Strobestock, Elspeth
this middle-aged woman held the position of Dame within House Barnaba at the height of the New Order. She as considered beautiful by nearly everyone, but was also known as a tremendous flirt. She married Heron Strobestock, an officer in the Imperial Army, and worked to ensure that he eventually obtained a position of power within House Barnaba. (LOE.)

Strobestock, Heron
this man was a Colonel in the Imperial Army when he married Dame Elspeth of House Barnaba. Despite his low status within House Barnaba - he was awarded knight status after his marriage - Sir Heron was well-regarded by the leaders of House Barnaba, and was believed to have been in line for a barony at the height of the New Order. (LOE)

the third planet in the Yavin system, Stroiketcy was often considered to be a large comet or asteroid that had been attracted by the gravity of Yavin and its primary star. Its chemical makeup was almost 94% water, with very little rock showing up in planetary probes. Stroiketcy followed a wild, elliptical orbit, and supported a possible form of organocrystalline life. The name Stroiketcy came from a Corellian term meaning "tailed one." The planet's wildly elliptical orbit actually brought it within the orbit of Yavin for a short time, within 100,000 kilometers of Fiddanl. Note that Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds indicates that Stroiketcy is the second planet in the Yavin System. (GG2, GORW)

this Imperial Captain served the military under Governor Touno on Svivren, during the last years of the New Order. Touno assigned him to Mara Jade, who was acting as the Emperor's Hand in the elimination of Dequc's Black Nebula empire. Unknown to Mara and Touno, Strok was secretly working as an informant for Dequc. Mara was forced to shoot him in self-defense, after he encountered her on Qiaxx. (MJEH)

this was a common name given to Zabrak males. Like many Zabrak names, it related to survival characteristics, and meant "axe". (GCG)

this Imperial Commander maintained a tense, working relationship with Senator Greyshade of The Wheel, during the years following the Battle of Yavin. A tall, bald man with a well-muscled frame, Strom commanded a unique cruiser that resembled a small Star Destroyer with the front third of the ship removed. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Strom's small fleet attacked and destroyed a House of Tagge convoy, in an effort to discredit the Alliance. He used captured Alliance soldiers as evidence, leaving them inside damaged ships and adrift between the, hoping that any eventual rescue mission would see Alliance personnel and immediately assume it was an Alliance attack. Strom's ultimate goal was to rescind the no-fly rules surrounding The Wheel, so that he could take the station's profits for himself and capture the Alliance forces he believed were using The Wheel as a form of sanctuary. When Greyshade managed to capture Strom, he demanded a chance to become Strom's partner in return for Leia Organa. Greyshade took the first opportunity to doublecross Strom, who was drugged before he knew it and awoke to learn that Greyshade had stolen profits Strom had taken from the Tagge transport. In a rage, Strom set out to destroy Greyshade. His plans were utterly smashed when Master-Com discovered the recordings which were hidden inside R2-D2, detailing the Empire's plans to take over The Wheel. When these were broadcast over the station's public communications systems, the gamblers of The Wheel rose up against Strom's forces. Strom himself tried to flee the station, but was killed when he confronted Greyshade one last time. Rather than allow Strom to shoot him dead, Greyshade lobbed a proton grenade at Strom, who died instantly in the blast. (MC18, MC19, MC23)

Strom, Pleth
this man served as a Ensign in the armed forces of the Old Republic, and was one of the many fighter pilots who saw combat during the Clone Wars. Ensign Strom and his wingmate, Erk H'Arman, were part of the team that was dispatched to Praesitlyn, under the command of General Khamar, to protect the Intergalactic Communications Center. Unfortunately, Strom was killed in the initial engagement with the Separatists, presumably after crashing into one of the huge number of droid starships that filled the space above Praesitlyn. (JT)

Strong Arm Droid
this was the name given to the guard droids used by Tig Fromm, during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. (OWS)

this cold, rocky world, located in the remote Taldot Sector, was an Alliance safeworld during the Galactic Civil War. Its surface was a rocky collection of mountains and chasms, and was wracked by intense storms. The Alliance formed its base there by gouging out the stone and creating a network of caverns and tunnels. The planet itself had no strategic value, but the families of front-line Alliance soldiers were secreted here during wartime. The transport ship Celestial was bound there when it was overtaken by the prisoners it was transporting. The ship was lost in Otherspace, where the Charon were able to discover the planet's location. The Charon, under the command of the former Grand Moff Ravik, tried to destroy the planet, but were thwarted in their efforts by Alliance agents. The Charon Starship Desolate was nearly destroyed on the planet. There was no known sentient life on Stronghold, and very little plant or animal life survived on the rocky surface. (OS2)

the uncaring owner of the Starhunter Intergalactic Menagerie, Stroon and his slavers would capture any being which looked exotic and place it in their "menagerie" for display. (DCAR)

this balding, heavy-set man was once the leader of the Crimson Nova chapter of the Bounty Hunter's Guild, during the last decades of the Old Republic. When he got too old to actively participate in hunts, he turned the chapter over to his own apprentice, the Cathar female known as Mika. Many claimed that he lost his nerve when he lost his right arm in a fight with a Jedi, but Stroth only used the experience to deepen his understanding of the galaxy. Stroth remained a leader within the Crimson Nova chapter, tempering Mika's fiery anger with his own patience. When Mika accepted Kh'aris Fenn's contract to hunt down Jedi Knights for the Separatists, Stroth was strongly against the idea, citing decades of bounty hunter policy on the matter. However, his own arguments held little weight with Mika, whose parents had been killed by the Jedi, albeit during an illegal death-stick dealing operation. He correctly assumed that the Jedi would eventually discover the source of the bounties and hunt down Crimson Nova, but Mika refused to back down. When Mace Windu and several other Jedi finally arrived at The Rig, Stroth was forced to stun Mika into submission to ensure that she didn't get herself killed in the fight. He then turned Mika over to the Jedi for questionning, and provided the Jedi with the name of their benefactor, Kh'aris Fenn. Stroth also agreed to terminate the agreement Crimson Nova had with Kh'aris, to put an end to the hunting of the Jedi. (RSF)

this material is used to bond pieces of permex and transparisteel. (ML)

this was the Ewok name given to those beings who were possessed by the Totem Master. (ECAR)

Stubtail Greysor
this was one of the many species of domesticated greysor, bred on the planet Naboo. They were named for their short tails. (WSW)

Study Circle
this section of the primary city on Kegan was dedicated to the understanding of the planet's history, as well as the discovery of new knowledge. It led into the Garden Circle. (FFT)

Study of the Galactic Balance of Power: The New Order's Greatest Challenge
this book, written by Kaelldin Krothburt, explores the Galactic Civil War and the effect pirates, mercenaries, and bounty hunters had in it. It was published by DataLine Press, number 543.21, in Dx#4/R2P format. (GG9)

Stufar's Grand Dancitorium
this upscale establishment was located near the Sovar Imperial Hotel in Equator City, on the planet Rodia. (SESB)

this was the Basic translation of a term used by the ancient Mandalorians to indicate a small-time criminal. (KOTOR)

Stump Lizard
a reptile native to the jungle of Yavin 4. (HTF)

a grass favored by Carbool Nuum. (JTH)

Stun Baton
this was Merr-Sonn's version of the stun-stave. (EGW)

Stun Cloak
a special cloak which is often used by bounty hunters. When draped around a victim, the stun cloak inflicts an electric charge across its area, incapacitating the victim. (OS)

Stun Gauntlets
this was a form of presonal protection device which was worn on the forearm, and delivered a potent electric shock whenever it touched exposed flesh. (GUN)

Stun Pole
this weapon is very similar to a force pike or electro-jabber. (SWJ9)

Stun Staff
a small, defensive weapons which is used to stun an opponent. (SWJ9)

Stun Steps
this starship security system used the natural electrical conduction properties of steps and ramps to generate an electromagnetic, neuro-shock field. When installed on a starship entry system, stun steps neutralize a being who is trying to steal the starship. Stun steps were installed with remote-activation systems, keeping them separated from the basic starship security systems and ensuring that they remain live even if other security measures were bypassed. (SWJ13)

this was the generic term used to describe any blaster weapon that could only produce enough power to stun a target. Most stun-blasters were manufactured for military training exercises. (DN1)

a portable weapon that emits energy beams with just enough strength to stun, but not kill, most organic life forms. (PDS)

modified handcuffs that produce an electric shock proportional to the force of the prisoner's struggling. (JS)

this was the generic term used to describe any small blaster pistol that could generate only enough power to stun an opponent, thus requiring less power than a blaster. (HSL)

Stunner Net
a protective device used by explorers and scientists, a stunner net is set up around the perimeter of a campsite. It is essentially a charged mesh that produces a stun effect when touched. (ISU)

a large, handheld stick which produces a shock when one end it touched to an opponent or victim. (HSE)

an inexpensive material used to make doors. It is strong enough to keep air conditioning in, but can easily be damaged. (COJ)

this nasty-tempered scavenger was native to the Forest Moon of Endor. The Ewoks often used hunting nets to capture sturicis, in order to prevent them from raiding the Ewoks' gardens and foodstores. (GMR9)

this was the name of one of Talon Karrde's pet vornskrs. (HTTE)

Sturm Dowel
this small cylinder is part of every blaster power pack, and is one of the most important components of every blaster. The dowel is used to disperse built-up energy in case of an overload. If the dowel is removed form the power pack, the pack will explode due to the unabated build-up of energy. (CFG)

Sturn was a smooth-skinned humanoid employed by Lady Valarian as a front desk clerk at the Lucky Despot. Sturn was an indentical twin to Anton. (TJP)

a Chadra-Fan working as a sniffer in the vine-coffee groves of Plawal, at the time when Roganda Ismaren was trying to resurrect the Eye of Palpatine. (COJ)

this oceanic creature, native to the polar oceans of the planet Tralus, was hunted for both sport and food. Most styanax lived in the Sea of Jarad, where they returned to mate each year. The average styanax was a snakelike creature, whose body was protected by overlapping scales of armor. At the end of its tail, the styanax had a poisonous stinger, which it used to disable its prey. (WOTC, CCW)

this Trandoshan and his brothers, Rydge and Xydge, served as chiefs of security for the band Distraction, during the early years of the New Order. They all wore full-body armor, as well as a blaster at each hip. (WOA28)

this rare, crystalline mineral is found only on Aeten II. Sienar Advanced Projects discovered that the crystal could be used to create a full-effect cloaking system that defeated the sensors and security systems of larger craft. In its purest forms, stygium was used as a focusing crystal in a rare number of lightsabers used by the ancient Jedi Knights. (X1, KOTOR2)

this type of writing implement produced a thin, hardcopy strip that contained the text that was written with it. (COJ)

Stylus Ship
also known as an iceborer, this long, narrow starship was used to break through the icy crust of moons and planets in order to reach the minerals and ores hidden beneath. The ship was tapered near the top, coming to an armor-plated point, and equipped with a simple drive system that moved it toward the planet and then back out of the hole it formed. It had only enough maneuverability to move back and forth, and the drive systems were not sufficient for system-to-system travel. They were used almost exclusively by miners, since the design of the stylus ship prohibited any additional systems. A single missile launcher was located in the nose of the ship, which could be used to launch an explosive warhead prior to the nose of the ship piercing the surface, helping the ship to borer deeper into the planet's crust. A stylus ship had to be transported into its target system by a carry ship. (VP)

Styx System
as a youngster, Luke Skywalker often dreamed of being Commander Skywalker, a star-fighter who frees slaves in this far-flung system. (MC17)

Su Des Station
this was one of two secondary facilities that were used on Kamino to produce the clone troopers used by the Grand Army of the Republic. Many of the clone troopers produced at the facilities on Su Des Station were transported, along with their Kaminoan developers, to Coruscant, as a contingency in case Kamino itself was targeted for attack by the Separatists. (SWI84)

Suarbi 7
this planet is the seventh in the Suarbi System. It is a gas giant orbited by an asteroid belt and dozens of moons. (IJ)

Suarbi 7/5
this savannah-covered moon orbits Suarbi 7, a gas giant ringed by asteroids and dozens of moons. A couple of human settlements evolved on the moon centuries before the birth of the New Republic, as did the Jensaarai. It was later renamed Susevfi. It was here that Leonia Tavira returned with the Invidious after her pirate raids. It was also here that she held Mirax Terrik, after Mirax was captured on Nal Hutta by the Jensaarai. (IJ)

Suarbi System
located in Quence Sector, this planetary system was where Leonia Tavira and the Invidious ended up after jumping away from a battle with New Republic warships. It was on the moon Suarbi 7/5 that she discovered the Jensaarai and the Saarai-kaar after shooting the moon's incompetant Imperial govnernor. (IJ)

Sub-70 Ice Mines
these ice mines were named because they were all found below the seventy-degree, southern latitudinal line on the planet Bandomeer. Owned by Southern Bandomeer Consolidated, the mines were known across the planet as some of the most dangerous mines an individual could work in. At these latitudes, the polar ice caps covered the land and water equally, and were laden with a number of valuable metal ores and minerals. During the excavation and mining operations, miners discovered what appeared to be an ancient Sith facility beneath the ice cap, although the exact nature of the submarine docks, tunnels, and chambers was never discovered. (GORW)

this Imperial Lieutenant served as the chief of security and political officer aboard the Executor, ensuring the loyalty of his fellow officers to the New Order. Suba believed that Darth Vader had some hidden weakness that prevented him from killing Luke Skywalker outright. (CCG4)

Sub-Adult Group
also called a SAGroup, this was the largest branch of COMPNOR, exceeding two trillion members at its height. This branch comprised youngsters who were brought up understanding the New Order, and was headed by Imperial officers who kept the Empire's darker secrets from the sub-adults. (ISB)

Subaqua Blaster
this powerful version of a blaster was produced by the Mon Calamari, for use underwater or in aquatic environments where a standard blaster might short out. It was designed to fit over the forearm, and took advantage of the cooling effects of the surrounding water to keep the weapon from overheating. (SWI66, UANT)

Subaquatic Manufacturing Economies
this was an Old Republic training course, created to give accountants a basic education on the economics of creating and sustaining production on planets where there was no landmass. The course was held on Calamari. (SWI65)

these were the divisions established within each of the primary social castes of the Nagai race. These social castes were known as Circles, with membership being determined by birth. Within each Circle were several Sub-circles, and individuals could move upward through the Sub-circles during ritualized combat. (GMR1)

Subcutaneous Comlink
this was a form of miniature communications device that was implanted underneath the skin of the user. There were two main components to the comlink: a sensitive microphone that was placed near the throat, and a tiny speaker that was implanted near the ear. Developed especially for espionage agents, this device allowed the user to communicate with a remote individual by barely speaking above a whisper. Although the communications link to the remote being is encrypted, a compromised frequency required that the implant be temporarily removed to switch channels. (HG)

Sub-dermal Tracker
developed by the Empire's scientists, this small tracking device was implanted just below the skin of an Imperial agent. A specialized transceiver allowed the tracker to be recalibrated with an external control unit, so that the tracker could be tuned to different frequencies and codes. Because the tracker was implanted in the agent's body, it could relay information directly to the agent's brain via nerve impulses. In this way, an agent could track a target without being overly obvious about it. (SWGAL)

this Imperial Nebulon-B2 frigate was destroyed by Alliance forces during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

a Victory-class Star Destroyer that was commanded by Captain Kolaff. It was deployed in the Relgim Sector, and was chosen by Lira and Denn Wessex as the ship which would travel to Kwenn space station to capture Walex Blissex. It was destroyed by the Alliance strike force accompanying Blissex during the Galactic Civil War. (SF)

this Imperial-II class Star Destroyer was part of the Imperial fleet searching for a group of defectors, shortly before the Battle of Endor. It was forced to let the defectors go by a group of Alliance warships. (XWA)

Subla Ransom
known primarily in the Mid Rim, Subla Ransom manufactured a variety of cargo freighters. (FOP, PP)

Subla Ransom Medium Cargo Hauler
this 75.5-meter-long freighter was capable of transporting up to 700 metric tons of cargo. This reliable craft required a crew of five, and could carry up to five additional passengers. The freighter was armed with a turret-mounted blaster cannon. (PP)

Sublight Acceleration Module
also known as a SLAM, this device was developed for use on the Imperial missile gunboat during the Galactic Civil War. The SLAM's function was to increase sublight speed by as much as two times, allowing the gunboat to quickly enter and exit an engagement with the enemy. The SLAM's power source drew power from all other shipboard systems, but was not considered a primary component. Thus, if weapons or target control were activated while the SLAM was engaged, the SLAM would be disengagde in favor of routing power to those systems. (TIE)

Sublight Drive
this was the term used to describe any starship propulsion system that allowed the ship to move through realspace. They most often employed fusial thrusters that forced charged ions through an exhaust port. This use of a fusion reaction to generate thrust often resulted in high levels of radioactive emission, which were illegal within a planet's atmosphere. (SWSB)

Sublight Queen
Nien Nunb's light freighter. (MTS, EGC)

Sublight Transponder
an early version of the IFF transponder. (TOJ)

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