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Star-Tour 7
a Lambda-class shuttle ferried civilian passengers during the Galactic Civil War. This is a reference to the passenger shuttle depicted in the StarTours flight simulator rides at DisneyLand and Disney World. (TIE)

StarTower Residences
this was a residential building located near the Alliance's safehouse at 16AA889 Starfield Road. (HAS)

Startron, Kevas
once a native of Contruum, Kevas was a renowned smuggler during the last years of the Old Republic. As the Empire rose to power, his health began to fail. He took an apprentice, the young woman known as Sapphire, and hoped to end his career with one last run. However, he was physically unable to complete the run in his starship, the New Cov Quasar. Sapphire agreed to help him out, and finished the run successfully. However, she kept her part in the run a secret, giving all the credit to Kevas. He was able to retire, and gave his starship to Sapphire for her part in the run. (CRO)

this glitzy casino was found on the planet Pavo Prime. (SWI67)

this creature was native to the oceans of the planet Calamari. (SBS)

this Alliance cruiser was assigned to a number hit-and-fade operations in Wild Space, during the last years of the New Order. (TTSB)

see StarViper-class Attack Platform (NEGV)

StarViper-class Attack Platform
this is the name given to the class of starfighters designed by MandalMotors at the request of Prince Xizor. Xizor contracted MandalMotors to create for him a unique starship, nothing stock or commonplace would do. Xizor wanted a personal transport vessel that would protect him at every turn, and cost was no option. MandalMotors engineers took his directions and came up with the StarViper-class attack platform, a kind of mobile platform ship that was powerful, maneuverable, and durable. The basic hull of the StarViper is rectangular and squat, with four maneuvering vanes that extend from each front corner. The vanes add incredible handling during combat, but can actually hinder atmospheric flight due to their configuration. They are controlled by an artificial brain that monitors ships systems and constantly adjusts their configuration for optimum performance. The StarViper appears to be alive as it maneuvers through space. It is armed with a pair of forward-firing double-laser cannons and two proton torpedo launchers. The interior of the StarViper has limited cargo space, and was designed to accommodate the addition of power converters and other supplemental systems for Xizor's personal ship, the Virago. After Xizor's death at Coruscant, just before the Battle of Endor, MandalMotors regained all rights to the StarViper's designs, and began producing less-powerful versions for civilian use. (EGV, NEGV)

a night-sighting implement used on the EWHB-10 and E-Web repeating blasters. (ISB, EGW)

an Alliance transport ship destroyed by the Empire shortly after the Battle of Hoth. (TIE)

Starway Services
located at Taldaak Station on Utharis, this is a starship berthing and repair center. Luke Skywalker and Akanah nearly berthed the Mud Sloth here during their search for the Fallanassi, but the owner tried to swindle them. (TT)

this was the name of the starship used by Booster Terrik and Llollulion, while they were plying the spacelanes as independent pilots. It was a small ship, armed with just a triple laser cannon. Booster had stolen the ship and was on the run from a crimelord when he found his way to Borlov and befriended Llollulion. (SWJ7)

this small, disk-shaped freighter was used by Asyr Sei'lar, after she resigned her commission with the New Republic following her "death" at Corvis Minor Five. She returned to the planet Bothawui under a new identity, hoping to bring about societal changes in Bothan culture. The Starweb was loaned to her by Booster Terrik, and she left the ship at Commenor for him to retrieve. (IR)

Gil Bastra's starship, it was intercepted by the Expeditious. (XWN)

Starwind Chandlery
this general store and ship outfitter was located on StarForge Station. It provided the basic supplies a small starship would need for space travel. It was run by Labio, along with Wurrooba and Mioe. (FOP)

Starwind-class Pleasure Yacht
this 50-meter-long personal pleasure starship was built by Kuat Drive Yards. The Starwind-class ship borrowed design cues from the Corellian Engineering Corporation's YT series, as it was originally designed to compete directly with those ships. Later, the Starwind-class was modified to challenge the Crescent-class luxury cruisers. The ship resembled a flatten ovoid, with a pair of curving arms embracing the central fuselage. It was manned by a crew of 5, with two gunners, and could transport up to ten passengers. It was unarmed in its basic configuration, but could be armed with a pair of quad laser cannons, and had a fairly sophisticated shielding combination. The Starwind-class ship's most unique feature was its escape pod, which could be jettisoned while still in hyperspace. The pod would immediately revert back to realspace. Once in realspace, or if released in realspace to begin with, the pod could execute a series of random hyperspace jumps which would bring the pod to the nearest well-traveled route. (LCSB, SS)

codename of the Cygnus Spaceworks Xg-1 assault gunboat. (XW)

according to Krizlaw legend, this blue-green sphere appeared in the space above Munlali Mafir and remained in place for three local months before disappearing. This legend was discovered by Doctor Soron Hegerty during her research into the existence of Zonama Sekot. Investigation by Doctor Hegerty and Luke Skywalker revealed more information. According to modern Krizlaws, the Star-World stayed for a short time, but its appearance and presence in the sky caused widespread seismic activity to occur on Munlali Mafir. Much of the planet's population at the time was killed in the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, although the legend fails to say whether the natives were Krizlaw or Jostran. Thus, the Star-World became a harbinger of death and destruction to the Krizlaws. (FH2)

Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks
this was a small starship manufacturer, active during the New Order. (XWA)

Stasheff, Raan
this stern, handsome man served as one of Sayer Mon Neela's personal guards during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Raan was the latest in a long line of security and espionage experts: his grandfather had served with the Corellian Security Force, and his father had been an Alliance agent during the era of the Battle of Yavin. He hoped that his own actions would live up to his forefathers' lofty standards. Raan's dedication to Madame Neela was tested when they were captured by Captain Sergus Lanox and held aboard the Imperial Hazard. During their escape, Raan threw himself in front of a blaster shot meant for Madame Neela, and nearly died in her arms. Madame Neela dragged him aboard the Starcrossed and got him to the Alliance base on Carosi XII, where he eventually recovered from his injuries. (SWJ10)

Stasis Booth
a device which allows its living contents to be placed in suspended animation until revived. They are often used in penal colonies or detention areas (Stars' End was the first facility to make it work) to keep prisoners in stasis until they can be tried. They were also used by the Corporate Sector Authority to silence its enemies, as well as to preserve viable sources of labor. The technology used in the stasis booth existed about 100 years before the advent of the New Order, but was put to prison use at the recommendation of the Authority's Detention Task Force. Also called a stasis box, they found wide-spread use after the Battle of Endor when the New Republic began reaching out to reclaim planets which had suffered from chemical or biological damage at the hands of the Empire. Survivors were transported to medical facilities in stasis booths certified for full-spectrum biological security. (HSE, CSA, POT)

Stasis Probe
this form of deep-space information-gathering probe is dispatched to its probe sites through hyperspace. Undetectable while in hyperspace, stasis probes drop back into realspace only long enough to gather sensor data, relay it to its control location, and receive its next instructions. Passive sensors are used to minimize the ability of conventional sensors to pick it up, and the probe stays in realspace for less than thirty seconds at a time. The New Republic used stasis probes extensively during the Black Fleet Crisis, gathering data on the Yevetha throughout the Koornacht Cluster. (TT)

Stasis-field generator
this piece of equipment created a stasis field, in which an object or being could contained for transport. (JS)

this Core world has been described as "the most boring, stagnant world in the Core." The planet's surface is covered with flat, endless plains, which have been used since the early days of the Old Republic as farmland. The inhabitants of Stassia are passive, and offered no resistance to the encroachment of the Empire. In fact, they took the change of galactic politics as just another day's happenings. They became a model New Order world. The average day on Stassia lasts 22 standard hours, and its years last 340 local days. (SWJ6)

Stassia City
this is the capital city of the planet Stassia, and is famous for its swoop races and ringer tournaments. (SWJ6)

Stassia Classic
this swoop race, staged annual on the planet Stassia, was part of the TransGal Circuit during the last years of the Old Republic. (HNN5)

Stat Flimsi
this was a rigid form of flimsiplast that was used as a form of identification, during the last years of the Old Republic. (MJH)

State Boulevard
this was one of the main streets in the city of New Apsolon, on the planet of the same name. The city and planetary government offices were all located on State Boulevard. (TTB)

this common Zabrak surname meant "navigator". (GCG)

this song, written and played by the band Starburst, first appeared on the compilation StakeOut. (GG9)

Static Hyperspace Bubble Generator
a device, developed by the Bakurans, the SHBG surrounded a ship in realspace with a hyperspace bubble. This bubble doesn't provide any thrust, so the ship cannot move at hyper-speeds. (AS)

Static Ion Field Discharger
this outdated weapon was an early form of ion cannon. Instead of emitting a coherence burst of ion energy, the field discharger spouted a blanket of energy at its target. (KO)

Static Pike
this was the generic term used to describe any non-powered spear or pointed staff used in melee combat. This weapon was originally developed by the Geonosians, for use by their picadors to control their rmounts and the various creatures they used in their gladiator arenas. The basic shape and size was derived from a traditional spear. The static pike was similar in design to a force pike or electropole, although it was given a sharpened tip that could pierce flesh. (GORW, NEGW)

Station 3
this refueling outpost was located between Terman Station and Sriluur, along the Sisar Run. It was destroyed in the gang wars between the Disac and Ghilron pirate groups, and was left as a "mynock-infested wasteland." (SSR)

Station 88 Spaceport
this space station, jointly developed by the worlds of Junction 5, Delaluna, Bezim, and Vicondor, served as a major nexus to the Mid Rim, during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis and the onset of the Clone Wars. It was coveted by the Separatist forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, since the station provided access to the Mid Rim. Whichever side controlled the station would cut off a large portion of the galaxy from the enemy. Lorian Nod, who had always shown a hatred for the Jedi Knights, showed up at the Jedi Temple just after the Battle of Geonosis and offered to help ensure that Station 88 Spaceport would remain an asset of the Republic. Despite the efforts of Count Dooku to persuade the founders, first using negotiation and then force, the founders chose to remain loyal to the Republic. (LOJ)

Stationer, The
this was the man who controlled Silver Station, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ6)

Statuary Park
located on the grounds of the Bakur Complex, in Salis D'aar on Bakura, this vast area of land was filled with statues depicting people and events from Bakura's history. Mingled with the statues were namans trees and well-manicured shrubbery, giving the park an unusually remote feeling depsite its location in the center of the city. It was circular in shape, and covered roughly the same surface area as the Bakur Memorial Building. (TB, TBSB)

Statute 312b
this was the fourth major amendment ratified by the Old Republic Senate during the Clone Wars, providing planets in the Core Worlds and Inner Rim Territories with greater voting power in the Senate over outlying planets. (SWI71)

Stauz Czycz
this alien was the only member of his species to survive the Imperial destruction of his homeworld. A tall, muscular being with reddish skin and a large, triangular head and snakelike tendrils in place of hair, Stauz was a warrior who saw his family and neighbors destroyed, all so that Emperor Palpatine could make an example of them. Rather than allow his people to be completely erased, Stauz set out to exact revenge on the one being who he remembered from the Imperial assault: Darth Vader. Stauz executed Awarru Tark in battle, then had his unusual alien physiology surgically altered to resemble Tark's. He also had a force-field generator implantedin his own body, to provide an additional measure of protection. When Vader sent out the bounty on Han Solo and Leia Organa, Stauz answered the call as Tark. Rather than submit to Vader's commands, Stauz launched an attack on the Dark Lord, catching Vader off-guard and nearly defeating him aboard the Avenger. Unfortunately, Stauz was no match for the Force, and Vader's command of the situation allowed him to cleave Stauz's head from his body. (T4)

a carnivorous creature native to Honoghr, they were tenacious hunters that could become wild-tempered scavengers in famine times. (DFR)

named for the Honoghran predator, this was a form of martial arts developed by the Noghri. Unlike other forms of martial arts that emphasized defensive positions that allowed a combatant to size up their opponent, the stava style of combat brought fighters into close contact. It employed full-body throws and tackles, coupled with powerful jabs and snap-kicks, and was considered one of the most dangerous of all martial arts. (GMR5, HG)

this man was once a member of the Red Star Ring, working out of Nar Shaddaa during the height of the New Order. (GUN)

this was the codename of a squadron of Razor fighters which were assigned to protect the Viraxo base at Denbo. (XWA)

Stavveld, Irnst
this retired Imperial Admiral was brought out of retirement to serve as the Moff of Ado Sector shortly before the Battle of Yavin. Among this priority directives was the location and shutdown of StarForge Station. (FOP)

this New Republic fleet hauler - known as a junker - was the first ship to discover the remains of the Star Destroyer Gnisnal. It also served clean-up duty after the Battle of Endor, the seige of Grand Admiral Thrawn, and pursued the Knight Hammer. (BTS)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was originally commanded by Grand Admiral Afsheen Makati, during the height of the New Order. Years later, she was captained by Commander Vivant, and was dispatched by Carnor Jax to Phaeda. There, with the help of the Emperor's Revenge, the ships pummeled Collo Fauale, on the planet Phaeda, in an effort to destroy Mirith Sinn's forces and to eliminate Kir Kanos. (CE, OWS)

this was the name of Drake Paulsen's personal ship. A modified Ghtroc Class 720 freighter, the ship was bequesthed to Drake by father, Kaine. The origins of the ship were not clear, although Drake believed it might have been stolen. It was armed with a pair of turret-mounted laser cannons. (SWJ2. SWJ3)

Steady Lady
this fast-hauler was at Coruscant when the Yuuzhan Vong first tried to get a voxyn onto the planet's surface. The 500-meter-long Steady Lady moved into a position to block the Sweet Surprise from gaining access to the planet, volunteering to help Rogue Squadron capture the freighter. (SBS)

Stealth Field
this form of shielding was produced by Imperial engineers for use on the YI-5 surveillance and investigation droid. It monitored the surroundings of the YI-5 droid, and altered its color to match the environment. In this way, the YI-5 was virtually invisible. (PH)

see Stealth-2VX (NEGW)

this was the designation of Prax Arms' palm-sized dart shooter, similar in shape and function to the Happy Surprise hold-out blaster. It fit around the fingers of the user, and fired its darts from slots located bewteen the fingers. (EGW, AEG)

this was one of the many modified versions of the T-65 X-Wing starfighter, first produced by Incom during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Instead of the familiar white-and-red paint job, the StealthX was coated with a matte black, non-reflective material that made it almost impossible to see with normal sensor systems. The surface of the StealthX was also formed from irregular angles, which further served to break up its sensor image by dispersing sensor probes. (DN1)

this was the generic name for an steam-powered vehicle which moved about on treads. (SHPT)

an Imperial Sergeant suspected of sympathizing with the Alliance. He was sacrificed, along with Captain Ganig, by Commodore Bevven and Colonel Drost, at the insistance of Mar Barezz. (ISB)

this Gamorrean was loyal to Orman, but was extremely lazy. Although he would gladly work for Orman, he was prone to find the easy way out of a tough fight. (ML)

Steel Fist
this modified YT-1300 freighter was owned by the bounty hunter Kolig and his gang, Qulok's Fist. The ship was armed with a pair of quad laser cannons and a proton torpedo launcher, and its main drive section was removed and replaced with a pair of military-grade engines. The cockpit was mounted at the base of the portside loading mandible, and a rectenna was placed on the starboard side. (DARK)

Steel Hand
this was the name of the personalized starfighter owned by Zan and Zu Pike. (RESB)

this was an Imperial slang term, used by some officers to describe stormtroopers. (MCI6)

this was a term used by many ancient droids to refer to another droid. (HSL)

a superhard, metallic concrete building material. (SW, HTTE, JS)

a reinforced form of steel, steelfab was manufactured to have high tensile strengths, and was used to create restraints for hospital beds and prison facilities. (BP)

this material was used to make blaster holsters. (SOP)

this planet was the site of a major transfer location for Alliance supplies during the Galactic Civil War. War materiel passed through Hervack Starport, destined for a number of Alliance cells in the sector. (GMS)

a building material. (DA)

manufacturers of the massive control cables used to connect a pod racer's pod to its turbine engines. Steelton cables also relay data between the pod and the engines, such as acceleration and directional data. (TPM)

Steen, Joh
this man worked for Red Star Shipping as a transport Captain, and was in command of transport A-175 when it was ambushed by the Far Orbit. Steen believed Dhas Vedij was an Imperial Captain, and surrendered his cargo to the Far Orbit. (FOP)

Steeze, Cortle
one of many aliases used by Zsinj, Steeze owned a huge plot of land in Viamarr 4. Zsinj was using these aliases and the property they owned to hide manufacturing facilities which supported his war machine. (WS)

this was the name of the small stone pillar that was placed atop the ceremonial tiles used by the Swokes Swokes to denote individuals in The Tract. (WOTC, GORW)

this Iskalloni frigate resembled an 83-meter long asteroid. It was crewed by 39 Iskalloni, and could transport up to 15 passengers. Armed with pair of double laser cannons and a single heavy laser cannon, the ship was designed to allow the Iskalloni to enter normal space as a stray asteroid. Once the ship was detected, it could open fire on the ships which arrived to move it out of planetary space. The Iskalloni would then drop to the planet's surface via similarly-designed dropships. (TSK)

Stele, Kerek
this man was a native of Kuan, and a gifted scientist. He was kidnapped by Bordali agents and tortured, in an effort to get him to divulge his scientific knowledge. When normal methods failed to work, the Bordali decided to kidnap his wife and son, and use their lives to force him to reveal his secrets. However, before they could successfully catch them, the Empire invaded the Taroon System and took them all hostage. (TIE)

Stele, Maarek
only son of Kerek and Marina Stele, Maarek grew up like most young boys on backwater planets, racing swoops at breakneck speeds in his spare time. After the abduction of his father, Maarek and his mother hid in one of the planet's lesser-known cities, until his participation in a swoop stunt provided Maarek's name to the Bordali. They sent Gwadj to kidnap Maarek and Marina, but the Empire chose that very moment to invade the Taroon System. Maarek was taken away and conscripted as a repair technician. After a few months, Maarek was sufficiently knowledgeable about TIE fighters that he was allowed to take them for test runs after finishing repairs. On one such flight, near Farboon, he was the only fighter launched when Admiral Mordon's shuttle was intercepted by Alliance starfighters. Maarek came to his rescue, and was given a chance to become an Imperial pilot. He jumped at the chance, and went on to become one of the Empire's most fearsome TIE pilots. When Arden Lyn joined rogue Admiral Zaarin in an attempt to kidnap Emperor Palpatine, Maarek provided support to Darth Vader himself in preventing the coup. This earned him the attention of the Emperor, who recognized that Maarek had some sensitivity to the Force. He was later trained by the Prophets of the Dark Side, earning the rank of Tan, and in the wake of the Battle of Endor, he served with the 181st Imperial Fighter Group under Soontir Fel. (TIE, GMR5)

Stele, Marina
Kerek Stele's wife, and Maarek's mother. (TIE)

Stellar CommCour
this was the one of the galaxy's largest courier services, active during the early years of the New Republic. (SWJ7)

Stellar Damsel
this CR90 corvette was owned and operated by the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. It was often dispatched to carry vital information to the groups that could use it most wisely. During one such mission, the Stellar Damsel was ambushed by an Imperial Star Destroyer and barely escaped to hyperspace. Unfortunately, the ship's hyperdrive was also damaged, and the Stellar Damsel emerged from hyperspace within the Miro Asteroid Belt. Most of the crew was killed, although the ship's First Mate, Guro, managed to survive. They hid inside and unstable asteroid, and were eventually rescued by the crew of the Knight Errant. (WOA3)

Stellar Informant
this newsfeed was known for its tabloid-style reporting. (HR)

Stellar Mermaid
this ZD-8000 luxury starliner was known for its comfort, as well as the matching prices. Sarn Nightbringer tried to auction off a prototype set of Imperial body armor on this ship, in an attempt to raise money for her criminal organization. At the time, it was commanded by Captain Glaucus. (POC)

Stellar Princess
this starliner used to make the trip between Nar Shaddaa and Nar Hekka on a regular basis. The ancient ship had a navigational computer which couldn't handle the gravity wells produced by the Y'Toub System, and was forced to make the trip as sublight speeds. (THG)

Stellar Sentinel
one of several ships sent by the New Republic to accompany Garm Bel Iblis, Booster Terrik, and the Errant Venture to Yaga Minor, in an attempt to steal a copy of the Caamas Document. (VOF)

Stellar Web
this Interdictor-class warship was part of the fleet commanded by Imperial Captain Barr Moutil, in the service of Admiral Rogriss, during the early years of the New Republic. Rogriss volunteered the use of the ship to Han Solo and the New Republic fleet hunting Warlord Zsinj, since both men were working toward the same goal. They hoped that Zsinj would be surprised enough at the sight of an Imperial ship working with Solo - let alone an Interdictor cruiser - that they would be able to trap him at Vahaba and destroy him. The plan nearly succeeded, but Zsinj inflicted a great deal of damage to the Stellar Web, forcing it out of the battle enough to escape. (SOC)

Steller Mag V
a mining vessel manufactured by Arakyd, this huge ship measured 542 meters in length and was manned by a crew of 3 assisted by 19 droids and a gunner. The Mag V had no hyperdrive capabilities, as it was designed to be a deep-space mine repair and supply vessel. It was armed with a single turbolaser battery. (SN)

this man was a native of the planet Bryndar, and lived in the Banvhar Combine during the final years of the Old Republic. Stellskard agreed to help Flynn Kybo locate General Grievous, since many of his fellow farmers had lost their livelihoods because of the Separatist leader's activities. After much of his lands were destroyed by Grievous, Stellskard took up residence on Banvhar Station. (SWGG)

StelProbe V Droid
this planetary exploration droid was developed during the Galactic Civil War, and was equipped with a wide array sensory devices and computer systems. It resembles a large crustacean, and stands about a meter tall. (GMS)

this was one of the larger continents found on the planet Essowyn. (PG1)

this man was in command of the Balawai militia defending Pelek Baw, some six months after the Battle of Geonosis. After Jedi Master Mace Windu surprisingly won the Battle of Lorshan Pass and marched his Korunnai forces on Pelek Baw, Stempel was captured in the initial raids and held for questioning. It was believed that he maintained the codes to the droid control system buried under the city, since he was the Major in command of the complex, but he was simply a relay man for Lorz Geptun. Major Stempel simply carried out Geptun's orders, and didn't know the codes himself until Geptun relayed them for activation. (SHPT)

S'Ten Gali Ak'Ar
this Gorothite was the leader of the Gor'Jen'Ar, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Most members of the Gor'Jen'Ar had never seen his face, and many suspected that Ak'Ar was simply an alias used to hide his true identity. She would have preferred to be a fighter, but she realized that her true worth to the Gorothites was in her tactical and psychological expertise. (GSE)

this was the name given to the race of sentient beings native to the planet Stenos. A number of Stenax fought with the Alliance during the final battles of the Galactic Civil War. The average Stenax stood more than two meters tall, and was easily distinguished by their deep burgundy scales and large, leathery wings. Bony spikes and sharp claws studded their shoulders, hands, and feet. Many Stenaxes regularly lived more than two centuries, with several individuals living for at least 270 years. For many centuries, the Stenax believed that they were cursed to remain on Stenos, after a series of earthquakes destroyed the ancient temple they had erected to the god Vol. Legend held that, until a statue of Vol was recovered from beneath the earth, the curse against the Stenax held. Rik Duel, acting on orders from Alliance Colonel Kindar, tried to locate the statue of Vol in order to gain the respect and loyalty of the Stenax people. He tried to sell the statue for a profit, and barely escaped with his life. After that, the Stenax seemed to keep primarily to themselves, provided that the offworlders stayed away from their territory and out of their cultural affairs. Much of this was a cover for several undercover operations they undertook to size up both the Alliance and the Empire as potential enemies. (LTA6, MC70, MC71, GMR1)

the natives of this planet worshipped the Vol, millennia before the Battle of Yavin. Note that this is probably a mistake, and actually referred to the planet Stenos. (LTA4, MC79)

this was the native language of the Stenax race. (GMR1)

Stenax Massacres
this was the name used by historians to describe the brief period of galactic history some ten months after the Battle of Endor, when Stenaxes across the galaxy rose up in an attempt to eliminate Imperial outposts across the galaxy. The basis for the Stenax hatred of the Empire was the Imperial occupation of Stenos many years earlier, during which the Stenax kept to themselves while secretly sizing up the Empire as an enemy. Without any knowledge of the ongoing Galactic Civil War, the Stenaxes planned their attacks quite precisely, although the battles fought during the massacres quickly spilled over into civilian areas. The primary attacks occurred on Kadril, Arda-2, Sooma, Alzar, and Tandankin, although reports came in from across the Gordian Reach as well. The New Republic was finally able to put a stop to the massacres on Tharkos, but not before many intelligent races were utterly wiped out. The death toll from the Stenax Massacres numbered in the millions, and forced the New Republic to establish monitoring posts in orbit around Stenos to prevent further actions by the Stenax. (GMR1)

Stend IV
this Outer Rim world, the fourth planet in the Stend System, was settled by a colony of Gran during the era of the Old Republic. (WOA2)

Stend VI
this Outer Rim planet was considered one of the dullest planets in the galaxy, having virtually nothing remarkable about it. This inherent bordeom gave rise to some of the galaxy's most notorious swoop gangs, inclduing the Skulls (until they relocated to the Hook Nebula.) The average day on Stend VI lasted about 23 standard hours, and its year encompassed 230 local days. (GG9, WSV)

this is one of the Sacheen-class escort ships that remained in Pakkpekatt's reduced fleet at Gmir Askilon, after the Teljkon vagabond had jumped into hyperspace. The New Republic had ordered the rest of the fleet to rejoin their battle groups or report to drydock for repairs. (SOL)

this Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster was defeated in combat by Yo'Gand, at the end of the Cremlevian War. Despite his defeat, Steng was remembered by the Yuuzhan Vong for many generations, for he proved himself to be a ruthless warrior who had died with honor. (GMR8)

Steng's Talons
named for the ancient Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster Steng, these sharp spikes were engineered from sguaru bones that had been sheathed with yorik coral. Up to ten of these spikes were inserted into a warrior's torso during a dangerous augmentation procedure, once a warrior had distinguished himself in combat. These spikes could be extended by a muscular contraction during hand-to-hand combat, goring an opponent in a surprise attack. (GMR8)

Steniplis Sector
this was one of the many sectors of the galaxy recognized by the Empire. (AIR)

Stenir, Kevzod
this man served the Old Republic as a Fourth Assistant Attorney General in the Judiciary branch, during the years leading up the Clone Wars. He was placed in charge of investigating the claims of former Republic corporations which were based on worlds which seceded from the Republic to join Count Dooku and the Separatists. Many of these corporations found themselves overrun by the Trade Federation or the Commerce Guild, but could not count on Republic intervention because the planet they were based on was no longer part of the Republic. (HNN5)

this planet was the homeworld of the Stennes and the Stennes Shifter species. It was continually sought out by other species and attacked from space, in an effort to destroy the Stennes Shifters. (SWJ12)

this is a race of near-human beings native to the planet Stennaros. Many believe that the race of Stennes Shifters was a genetic descendant of the Stennes. (SWJ12)

Stennes Node
located in the Inner Rim, this was a collection of densely-clustered star systems which contained many mineral- and ore-rich worlds. Note that this may be the same location as the Stenness System. (PJSB)

Stennes Shifter
this race of near-humans has the ability to blend into any crowd. They resemble short, pale-skinned humans with sunken eye sockets and no hair. Scientists believe that the Stennes Shifter is a genetic variant of the Stennes race, which first appeared some 5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. They were discovered by the ancient Jedi Knights, for the Stennes Shifters had a strange kind of Force sensitivity which allowed them to obtain energy from the living Force. The Shifters can even "steal" the living energy from a nearby being, earning them the nickname Force-eaters. Unlike other species which can change their appearance, the Stennes Shifters are the only species who truly used their abilities to the disadvantage of other races. They are xenophobic in nature, partly because of their own inborn prejudices and partly from millennia of persecution by other races. Their homeworld of Stennaros has been bombarded several times since their appearance, in efforts to wipe them out. Unlike other species which can alter their physical appearance, the Stennes Shifters use telepathic manipulation to chage their shape. (CCG, SWJ12)

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