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Singing Mountain
this settlement was the home of a witch clan by the same name, on Dathomir. The mountain was located near the Great Canyon, and its rocky slopes formed one of the bends in the Frenzied River. (CPL, GORW)

Singing Mountain Clan
this clan of Force-using witches was native to the planet Dathomir. This clan was one of the first to be raided by Brakiss and Tamith Kai, during their early "recruiting" for the Shadow Academy. As their name implied, the witches of the Singing Mountain Clan made their homes at the foot of the Singing Mountain, near the mouth of the Frenzied River. (DK, GORW)

Singing Plant
this plant, distinguished by its glistening leaves, was native to the equatorial regions of the planet Ansion. (APS)

Singing Savrip
this freighter was owned and operated by Hagk Baht, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (WOA6)

Single Trooper Aerial Platform
see STAP (X1)

Single Trooper Compact Assault Vehicle
this small, armored land machine was designed for use by Imperial stormtroopers. It was developed with enough defenses and firepower that a single stormtrooper could use it to control a large amount of space on undeveloped worlds which cuold offer little resistance. (MMY)

Single-celery Soda
this is a favored beverage of the Ugor race. (SH)

this highly-modified Imperial-class Star Destroyer was controlled by the Imperial agent known only as Blackhole, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. It armor plating was coated with a stygium-triprismatic polymer that made it virtually impossible to detect using standard sensor systems. It was armed with 60 turbolasers, 60 ion cannons, and 10 tractor beam projectors. (GMR5, RESB)

Singularity Mine
this Yuuzhan Vong weapon was essentially a miniature dovin basal - an organic black hole - contained in the shell of a normal explosive. When activated, the singularity mine exerted an incredibly strong, highly focused gravity field, sucking anything in close proximity into the black hole. (SBS, NJOSB)

Drom Guldi's aide, he was a nervous little man with faded blonde hair and faint wrinkles covering his skin. He is killed by a Wampa on Hoth, when the beast slipped inside their base unnoticed and attacked him in a storeroom. (DS)

this humanoid race is characterized by their huge cranis, which are ridged and convoluted as if their brains were directly under their skin. They have incredible mental abilities, and can process huge calculations in their heads. (CCG2)

this childhood disease sometimes struck young members of the Bitthaevrian race, and was almost always fatal. (AIR)

Sinjan Outpost
this was one of the Alliance's many bases, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ10)

Sink Crab
a life form native to the rocky islands of Bestine IV, these crustaceans use several swim bladders to help propel themselves through the water. (SWSB, EGP)

Sink Hole, The
this was the name given to a section of the Agrilat Swamp Circuit, one of the most popular swoop racing courses of the New Order. (SWGAL)

located in the Lawreys System, this frigid world barely supported life. Much of the oxygen on the planet was frozen on the planet's surface, making carbon-based life impossible. However, the planet was the homeworld of the Sinkar race. The Empire garrisoned the planet, although the exact reason for their presence on the planet was never discovered. (SWCP)

this species of helium-based slug creatures was native to the inhospitable world of Sinkar, and resembled huge, black amoebas. These huge creatures crawled across the surface of Sinkar, living on solar energies and minerals scraped from the ground. They were believed to live for an extremely long time, and many believed that their minds held many of the secrets of the universe. However, the Sinkar were also known as slow and ponderous thinkers, and obtaining even tiny bits of information from them could take years. (SWCP)

this young man, born two years after the Battle of Endor, was one of the many smugglers - known as Huxlings - who worked for Jerf Huxley. When Huxley tried to bully Mara Jade Skywalker into surrendering 500,000 credits from Talon Karrde, Sinker was ordered to take Mara's lightsaber. Mara used the Force to ignite the weapon in his hands, then move it about wildly while he tried to control it. This distraction allowed Mara's husband, Luke Skywalker, to arrive on the scene. After the Skywalkers gained control of the situation, Sinker was forced to turn the lightsaber back over to Mara. (SQ)

Sinking Stone
a Stellar Mag V mining vessel used on Jatee. (SN)

Sinn, Jahren
this man, a farmer from the planet Nez Peron, married Mirith Sinn. He was elected to speak for the farmers of his nation, in an effort to convince the planetary government to align with the New Republic. When Imperial forces demanded that Jahren provide them with supplies, he refused, and was executed for hindering their efforts. (CE, CE2)

Sinn, Mirith
this strikingly beautiful, red-haired woman was the leader of the New Republic's forces in the sector of space controlled by the Imperial garrison on Phaeda. Her base of operations was on Phaeda itself. A one-time native of the planer Nez Peron, she was married to Jahren Sinn when Imperial forces decided to stop at his farm for supplies. They tried to take what they wanted from Jahren, but he refused. The Imperial troops shot him dead on the spot, and Mirith escaped only because the troops were too busy stealing supplies to notice. She dedicated her life to the destruction of the Empire, joining the Alliance just before the Battle of Endor, and rising quickly to the rank of Commander. However, her skills were more in Intelligence and counter-insurgence rather than battle tactics. When Tem Merkon told her about the existence of Kir Kanos, she decided to bring the former Imperial into her organization. She was met with resistance from Massimo, who challenged her to a duel. When Colonel Shev discovered location of her stronghold on Phaeda, she tried to rally her troops but instead sent part of her force too far. She ignored the warnings of her second-in-command, Sish Sadeet, and nearly lost the battle. Kir Kanos took control of the fight, quickly dispatching Shev's stormtroopers. She offered to get him off-planet on the Millennium Falcon, for she was a friend of Han Solo. Kanos declined, and Sinn set about moving her forces to Collo Fauale. She also donned a cloak and tried to draw Imperial forces away from Kanos' escape, hoping to use Merkon's treacherous double-cross to her advantage. She was captured in Kanos' place, but was severely tortured by General Wessel's forces and Carnor Jax himself. After Jax let her go, she followed Kanos to Yinchorr where she and Sish Sadeet eliminated Blim before he could kill Kanos. They then tried to take Jax alive, but Kanos killed him in combat. When Sish Sadeet tried to kill Kanos for not keeping Jax alive, Kanos also killed Sadeet in defense. He then left Yinchorr to plan his next move. Mirith, angered by the loss of Jax and Sadeet, vowed to hunt down and destroy Kanos. She employed the services of Grappa the Hutt, in an effort to locate and eliminate Kanos. While inhis employ, she discovered that Grappa held the real Feena D'Asta captive. Mirith's fiance had done business with Feena's father. She tried to free D'Asta, and was assisted in her rescue by a cloaked assassin. However, Mirith was confronted by Grappa himself, who had learned from Massimo that she was secretly trying to break Grappa's piracy ring which had been plaguing New Republic ships. Grappa had both Mirith and Massimo turned over to the Zanibar for betraying his trust. She was rescued from certain death by Kir Kanos, and they left Massimo to die a traitor's death. They then fled the Zanibar camp, and Sinn was rescued by Kennede's son. She later rescued Kanos from Grappa the Hutt, when she imprisoned Grappa and recovered the real Feena D'Asta. Mirith then contacted the Baron D'Asta and returned his daughter, then helped Kanos eliminate Xandel Carivus. She tried to convince the Baron to side with the New Republic, but he chose to lead his sector of space by himself. They did remain friends, however. She met with a similar failure when she tried to convince Kir Kanos to stay with her. He chose to leave, knowing in his heart that he would always be an Imperial while she was loyal to the Republic. (CE, CE2)

this was a common Psadan name. (UANT)

native to the planet Ithor, this highly intelligent predator had unusual teeth. The outer covering of the teeth was shed like skin, and each tooth maintained several layers at one time. (TBSB)

this industrial world was located in the Raioballo Sector of the galaxy. (GMR7)

Sintalta, Derembus
this man served the Alliance for many years, after years of distinguished service to the Old Republic. He continually refused to be promoted to a desk job, in order to remain working as a field agent. Shortly before the Battle of Hoth, Sintalta held the rank of Commander, and served in Midnight Squadron, the heavy weapons division of Eclipse Team. (AIR)

this drug, developed during the last years of the Old Republic, was believed to counteract the affects of alcohol in the systems of many humanoid races. With the correct dosage, a being could imbibe in large quantities of alcohol without suffering any of the long-lasting effects on the brain. (MJH)

Sinthia Pulchatt
this Kibnon spice merchant worked as a liaison between her own boss and Jabba the Hutt. She worked in Mos Eisley. (GG7)

a planet which was subjugated by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War, General Sulamar claimed to be in command of the Imperial forces that route the planet's defenses. (DS)

this was a common name given to Twi'lek females, and meant "darkness" in the Twi'leki language. (GCG)

this white-skinned Twi'lek female serverd as Darnada's personal bodyguard, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. She was distinguished by the scar which ran across her left eye, and wore the traditional lekku wrappings of a dancer. It was Sinya who claimed that Darth Maul was nothing but a common assassin, when the Sith Lord arrived on Darnada's space station to eliminate any being who had been in contact with Hath Monchar. However, she soon learned that Maul was much more, and was killed when Maul eliminated every being on the space station. (DM)

this species of tree towered above the jungles of its native planet, Joralla. (PG1)

a common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "poet". (GCG)

Siolo Ur Manka
this Twi'lke Jedi Master left Corusant for the Jentares System more than seventy years before the Battle of Naboo, in an effort to separate himself from the rest of the galaxy and meditate on the Force. During the time he spent at the Jedi Temple, he was considered among the best Jedi warriors of the time. However, just before leaving for Jentares, Siolo Ur Manka renounced his lightsaber and set out to contemplate a purer technique. Darth Sidious ordered his apprentice, Darth Maul, to assassinate Siolo Ur Manka, but the Twi'lek managed to disarm Darth Maul with little more than a wooden stick. It was rumored that this defeat caused Maul to develop his two-bladed lightsaber, since the single-bladed weapon he had used against Siolo Ur Manka had been ineffective. Rather than creating a single weapon, though, Maul welded two lightsabers together at the base, creating a weapon with the element of surprise. Maul returned to the Jentares System shortly afterward, to complete his mission. When Siolo Ur Manka again bested Maul in combat, the Sith apprentice activated the second blade and killed the Twi'lek. Darth Sidious was impressed with Maul's skills and his creation of the two-bladed lightsaber. (T10)

this Twi'lek was one of the most famous Jedi Knights from the planet Ryloth. (WOTC)

Siolu Sporipri
this being was the Mayor of the city of Lagabee, on the planet Ord Tiddell, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

Sione, Marcus
this youth was regarded as one of the most talented freelance tech specialists on the planet Kuat, during the height of the New Order. Just thirteen years old at the time of the Battle of Yavin, Marcus was known as "The Wizard" among his peers. For this reason, the Empire tried to have him abducted and imprisoned, but to no avail. Marcus always seemed to have an escape route, and many believed that he must have been sensitive to the Force. His primary adversary, Lucius Rothingham, made a career out of trying to capture Marcus. (CCW)

Sionian Skup
a race of bio-engineered humanoids of human stock. They have small, close-set eyes, thin, brittle hair, and cheese-colored skin. They are known throughout the galaxy as master thieves. (TME)

see Scientific Information Packet (SWI77, RAR)

the Imperial shuttle used to take Kirtan Loor from Borleias back to Imperial Center. (XWN)

Siphoning Balloon
this form of gas-collection system was used by Tibanna tappers and other thieves to illegally acquire spin-sealed Tibanna gas and other processes atmospherics. Each balloon was equipped with a small but powerful pump, which could extract the gas from a processing facility. Individual balloons could be tethered together from a distance, allowing the thieves to obtain the gas without being noticed. This was especially true on cloud-covered gas giants like Bespin, where atmospheric conditions often led to minimal visibility. (DN2)

this gas giant was the sixth and outermost planet of the Sriluur System, located in the Outer Rim Territories. It was orbited by eighteen moons. (GORW)

a large, red alien C-3PO and Kalarba's baron meet on Hosk. He has a square, noseless face with a wide, toothless mouth. (DRO)

Sir Mac
this Bith was a frequent patron of the Outlander Club, during the years surrounding the Battle of Geonosis. (OWS)

this was a common name among the Sarkan race. (UANT)

this planet was overrun with winged xendrites, after a small population of the avians was brought in to control the insect population. (COG)

Siren III
this modified Aavman Extravagance 11-S space yacht was owned and operated by Leger DeMain. Much of the ship's original infrastructure was gutted and rebuilt to accommodate the traveling revue, with the entire bow dedicated to a large stage. The original 24 staterooms were converted to dressing rooms and living quarters for the members of DeMain's troupe. The middle engine was removed and replaced with a mocked-up cargo hold, and a small shuttle hidden among the escape pods for emergency escapes. (CRO)

Sires Vant
this Devaronian male was known as a criminal and loanshark during the early years of the New Republic. He was a member of Valis Lorn's organization, and controlled much of the underworld money-lending on the planet Andasala. (GG11)

this Noghri was one of the group which accompanied Corran Horn and Jacen Solo to Garqi, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Sirhka later assisted in helping Ganner Rhysode recover from the facial wounds he suffered in battle with Krag Val. (DTR)

this smuggler felt that a C4LR ligitation droid might be useful as an astromech replacement, given the C4LR'a flawless memory. Siri worried, however, that the C4LR would suddenly remember that it was once programmed for use by the Empire, and call in the nearest Imperial patrol to arrest the smuggler and recover the droid. (FTD)

this gas giant was the fourth, and outermost, planet in the Cirius System. It was orbited by seventeen moons. (WOTC)

this huge, reptilian predator was native to the planet N'zoth. These beasts had four three-taloned legs, a pair of clawed arms, and a spiked tail. Their mouths were filled with dagger-like teeth, and were considered to be as brutal as the Yevetha. The Yevetha themselves revered the siringana with a kind of holy awe, seeing the creature as the perfect killing machine. (EGP, CCW)

this Rodian word as used to describe the best hunter of a clan. The si'rin'na was chosen from among the rin'na of a given clan, and the term literally meant "chief protector." (SPG)

Sirl, Marten
this man was the father of a twelve-year-old girl who received a cybernetic replacement for her injured arm, thanks mainly to the work of Jondrell Inx. Sirl remained indebted to the pirate, and helped Inx evade capture by the bounty hunters dispatched by Prefect Rinn. (GG10)

Sirlahn Alsek
this was the name of a noted Sluissi individual. (UANT)

a Quarren Commander serving under Admiral Ackbar on Home One, Sirlul was Ackbar's personal assistant. (WG, KT)

see Isolde. (T5)

one of six Kathol Republic Marauder-class corvettes sent to rescue the Bravado III from attack, shortly after the FarStar offered assistance. The 195-meter vessel was armed with eight double turbolaser cannons and three tractor beam projectors. (KO)

this arid world, located in the Arkanis Sector, had a gravity which was 1.25 times heavier than standard, and was used by the Empire as an Army training post. It was the homeworld of the Eklaad race, and had an ecosystem that was filled with hardy flora and fauna. The Empire chose Sirpar for its varied terrain and environments, established eight distinct training centers. The heavy gravity made the Imperial trainees that much stronger, earning Sirpar a prominent place in Imperial circles. (SWJ2, SWMW)

Sirpar Hills
this was the name of the hillside country that surrounded the Anaxes Citadel, on the planet Anaxes. Most of the Sirpar Hills were covered with the estates of families whose members had provided generations of officers to the naval defense of the galaxy, both during the Old Republic and the New Order. In order to preserve the natural beauty of the landscape, motorized vehicles were forbidden within the borders of the Sirpar Hills. Most residents maintained stables of keffi, which they rode between Sirpar Station and their homes. (CCW)

Sirpar Station
this was the name given to the guardpost which protected the entrance to the Sirpar Hills, on the planet Anaxes. It was here that residents exchanged their landspeeders and groundcars for keffis, since motoroized vehicles of any kind were forbidden in Sirpar Hills. (CCW)

manufactured by the Azure Motorworks corporation, this quiet, low-emission speeder was developed with environmental requirements of Sirpar Hills and Pols Anaxes in mind. (CCW)

manufacturers of shipboard shield projectors. (SCRE)

Lowbacca's younger sister, she was a free spirit who didn't want to conform to her family's idea of normal. Although she didn't resent her brother's ability with the Force, she chafed at the idea of simply working in the local factories on Kashyyyk. In open defiance of her family's wishes, she shaved her fur in intricate patterns in order to make herself different. She hoped that her parents would realize her desires for an adventurous life. Sirra wanted to spend her life among the stars, much like her uncle Chewbacca. She shared this dream with her best friend, Raabakyysh. Sirra was shaken by the disappearance of Raaba, who was never found after the young Wookiee tried to prove her adulthood by venturing into the lower jungles without Sirra. Shortly afterward, Sirra decided that it was time to prove her own adulthood. Lowie returned to Kashyyyk to accompany her, but their plans were cut short by the Shadow Academy's raid on the Wookiee factories. The Imperials succeeded in gaining essential computer and starship components used by the New Republic, but Lowie and Sirra had their own success. They battled the Nightsister Vonnda Ra in the depths of Kashyyyk's jungles, and both Sirra and Vonnda Ra fell into the clutches of a syren plant. With the help of Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka, Lowie managed to rescue his sister before the plant captured her. Vonnda Ra was eaten by the plant, but not before Sirra managed to obtain some of the tough, silky fibers from the plant's interior. Thus, she had proved her bravery to Lowie and her parents, and was recognized as an adult for her bravery. As the struggle with the Diversity Alliance intensified, Sirrakuk was captured and held on Ryloth with Lusa, Lowbacca, and several other non-human friends of Jaina and Jacen Solo. They were eventually freed. (DK, TEP)

Sirrik Olyeg
this female Chagrian earned the respect of Hugo Bartyn as a boat captain on the planet Lamaredd, many centuries before the Galactic Civil War. After toiling for nearly two decades as an underpaid laborer, she finally earned the right to pilot her own ship. However, she was not blind to the fact that Bartyn was a pro-human bigot who only kept his alien workforce on-hand because they were invaluable assets. Olyeg quietly began to foment unrest among the other non-human ship captains, and was instrumental in staging several work stoppages that attracted the attention of Bartyn. It was Olyeg who demanded a meeting with Bartyn, and he was forced to agree to her terms in order to maintain his business. Among the concessions were the ceding of Jotsen's Island to the Union and the opening of large portions of The Ring to non-human inhabitants. Because of her work, Olyeg was named the first chairbeing of the Sailor's Union. However, Bartyn never forgave her for putting him into a bargaining position, and eventually ordered her assassination. (GMR7)

this man was one of the Jedi Masters assigned to the task force which was dispatched to liberate the planet Jabiim from Separatist force, during the height of the Clone Wars. Master Sirrus and his Padawan, Aubrie, were kept near the front lines to help ensure the health and safety of the Republic's forces. (RBJ)

Sirta Kum
this Ho'Din physician was once an assistant to Doctor T'jaleq Kith'Araquia. (SWJ1)

this was the nickname used by the ARC trooper designated CT-36/732, during the height of the Clone Wars. During the height of the Clone Wars, trooper CT-36/732 was the first of his kind to face a JK-series security droid in combat, although it was in a demonstration at the T'Chuk Arena on Coruscant. Sirty was soundly defeated by the droid, known as JK-13, which captured him after a mere twenty seconds of effort. Sirty suffered little physical damage, although his nervous system was overloaded, causing an irregular heart beat for several hours. His experiences earned him the notice of the ARC trooper known as Nate, who was forming a group to accompany Obi-Wan Kenobi and Kit Fisto to Ord Cestus to investigate the production of the JK-series droids. Nate recognized the knowledge Sirty might have, and requested his presence on the team. Sirty helped Kit Fisto and Nate train the commandos of the Desert Wind terrorist group, and was among the survivors who managed to escape their lair when Asajj Ventress sent a group of infiltration droids to destroy them. When Nate's body was not recovered, they feared that Nate had been killed, or had broken the Code and betrayed them all in the first place. (TCD)

Sirul Rosk
this was the name of a noted Shistavanen individual. (UANT)

Sisar Run
this hyperspace trade route was controlled by Sprax and Black Sun during the Galactic Civil War. The Run cut through the heart of the Periphery, linking Tharin Sector with Hutt Space. It ran along the borders of Hutt space, a situation which led to animosity between the vigos Sprax and Durga. It started at Nwarcol Point, where it connected with the Salin Corridor, then traveled through Sriluur to Terman Station before terminating at Sespe. (SSR)

Sisar Runners
this group of resistance fighters sprang up during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Led by the male Hutt known as Embra, the Sisar Runners harrassed the alien invaders from a number of secret locations along the Sisar Run. (UF)

Sisar Terminal
another name for Nwarcol Point. (SSR)

Sise Fromm
a member of the Ret, or Annoo-dat Blue race, Sise Fromm was a powerful crime boss from the planet Annoo during the early years of the New Order. He controlled most of the planet by fear, having sent the Trigon One weapons satellite into orbit around the planet. He wanted Thall Joben and his friends killed for angering him, and so he employed Boba Fett to kill them in the speeder races on Boonta. Fromm, covering all his bases, also planted a bomb on Joben's speeder. When Fett tried to kill Joben during the races, he activated a magnet in order to draw Joben nearer. However, the magnet dislodged Fromm's bomb, and Fett was nearly destroyed. In his anger, Fett captured Sise Fromm and his entire gang, and turned them over to Jabba the Hutt. (DCAR, DM111)

this was one of the more common, albeit archaic, names used by Trandoshan hunters. Like most Trandoshan names, it was reserved for males, but could be adopted by those rare females who became hunters. In the Trandoshan language, the name meant "swims through fire", and referred to an ancient Trandoshan test of courage and endurance. (GCG)

Sish Sadeet
this green-skinned Trandoshan was a member of the New Republic's forces, and was assigned as Mirith Sinn's second-in-command on the planet Phaeda. He had fled Trandosha by stowing away on an Imperial transport, but was left to die on Mokk IX when he was discovered. There, he met up with Mirith Sinn, who nursed him back to health and convinced him to join the New Republic. A suspicious creature, Sadeet thought it very unwise for Sinn to bring Kir Kanos into their group. However, he accepted her orders. This did not stop him from disliking Kanos, especially when the human scoffed at the defenses Sadeet had established to protect their hideout. In the end, Sadeet learned that the real traitor to their operation was Tem Merkon, and after the New Republic had freed Phaeda from Imperial control, he accompanied Mirith Sinn to Yinchorr. She hoped to find Kanos again, and Sadeet hoped to regain an ally. They arrived just in time to eliminate Blim, who was trying to shoot Kanos. Kanos then killed Jax in battle. Sadeet and Sinn had hoped to take Jax alive, in order to extract information about the Empire from him. When Kanos killed him, Sadeet grew angry and tried to attack Kanos. The former Imperial Guard anticipated Sadeet's attack, and speared the Trandoshan with a jab of his double-bladed sword. Sadeet died next to Jax, and Mirith vowed to kill Kanos for the unnecessary death. (CE, HCE)

this was one of the many Eickarie tribes native to the planet Kariek, during the height of the New Republic. The Si-shae-ral was one of the strongest and most influential tribes, having produced some of the more prominent leaders in Eickarie history. Just before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Ha-ran was revealed to be a Prince of the tribe, nominally the leader of his people. (FB)

the red dwarf star which is the primary sun for the planet Sisk, it was once a large orange star that underwent a partial atomic collapse. This caused the normally lush planet of Sisk to cool, reducing it to a barren, cold world. (GG4)

a planet which is home to the Sic-six race, it is the primary planet orbiting the star Sisk. It was a lush, warm world until the star Sisk suffered a partial atomic collpase. The planet was then rapidly cooled, and most of its natural flora and fauna died out. (GG4)

this planet, located in the Outer Rim Territories, was the site of a Separatist research facility during the height of the Clone Wars. (RT)

this Samuac graduated from the Galactic Outdoor Survival School before joining the Alliance as a scout and tracker. His wilderness skills eventually earned him a promotion to the rank of Major, shortly before the Battle of Hoth. He later served the Alliance at the Suolriep Sector headquarters on his homeworld of New Kisge, serving as an instructor and field agent. (AIR)

this Mon Calamari starship pilot and former oceanographer was enslaved by an Imperial officer named Farvakine and forced to work on the planet Tatooine during the height of the New Order. In order to avoid dying from dehydration, Sissalik - known to his friends as "Slick" - killed his master by slowly adding a poison created from chubas to his personal water supply, and set out on his own. His escape from Tatooine led him to Ando, where he slowly recovered from the variety of health problems he suffered in Tatooine's dry climate. He eventually took a job working on the Nanda's Luck, despite the obstacles he faced as a Mon Calamarian. He proved to be a hard-working, loyal addition to the crew, attributes which bore themselves out when the Pirate Queen of Ando herself, Pyash Yopayomba, attacked the Nanda's Luck. She offered the vessel's Captain, Bipopa Bogzider, a chance to have the vessel repair in exchange for his surrender. Captain Bippi grudgingly surrendered, at which point Yopayomba cut off his head. She forced Sissalik to go to work for her as the new Captain of the Nanda's Luck, growling that nobody who worked for her ever surrendered, no matter what the situation. Sissalik once again found himself an indentured servant, as well as the unwitting accomplice in a grand scheme. Yopayomba had been led to believe that the Imperial governor of Ando would pay her handsomely for starting a civil war between the Aquala and the Quara, a war which the Empire could use to fully subjugate the Aqualish. Her plans failed, though, when Sissalik reprogrammed the autopilot on the Nanda's Luck, ramming the ship into Pyash's own flagship, the Majestic. All hands on board, including Sissalik himself, were killed in the explosion. (PH)

Sisseri Deo
this golden-skinned Firrerreo youth was one of the many students of the Force who were training at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the height of the Clone Wars. He was one of the many students who participated in the Apprentice Tournament, and was known for the way he mixed lightsaber combat with other types of martial arts. Sisseri made it to the third round of the tournament, but was defeated by Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy. Scout, as she preferred to be called, distracted Sisseri's initial lightsaber attack by throwing a cup of muja juice in his face, then launching into him with a melee attack. They rolled across the floor for several minutes before Scout managed to get Sisseri in a choke-hold, then pinned his arm with a painful nerve pinch. Writhing in pain, Sisseri was forced to yield. (YDR)

a group of Trandoshans, the Sissk were the primary builders of the Stouker concussion rifle. All such weapons are hand-built. (DF)

this ball of frozen rock was the seventh and outermost planet of the Chandrila System. It was orbited by a single moon. (CCW)

Sistek, Nogo
this Corellian scout and information dealer worked from a base on the planet Darlyn Boda during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was known for his encyclopedic knowledge of the hideaways and boltholes found in the Greater Javin area of the galaxy, and was often approached by beings who needed a place to hide to escape from the law. He willingly took their credits and gave them excellent information, but he made no guarantees that he wouldn't sell information on their whereabouts after six months had passed. It was believed that Sistek provided information on the locations of both Salmakk and Clabburn the Younger for Figg Excavations. When a group of freelance agents began sniffing for clues on the reappearance of Salmakk and Clabburn, Sistek provided only minimal information before he was murdered by FiggEx goons. As he died, he gave the agents the name of Barseth Gynes as his contact at FiggEx. (WOA34)

Sisters of the Crimson Mark
founded by the Aquar known as Vilhona, this band of female Aquar dedicated themselves to disrupting the operations of Nexcore Mining Corporation on the planet Velusia. Vilhona herself had been summarily fired and dumped into the lowest levels of Mount Hollow when it was discovered that NMC had tried to monopolize the mining of Velusia's seas, and Vilhona knew too much to keep her around. The Sisters rose up, opposing NMC's abuse of the Aquar people and its control of Velusia. Most of their crimes were small, but over time they began to cause real trouble for NMC. (CCW)

Sistra Mountain
a mountain found on Yavin 8, Sistra has an almost religious connotation for the Melodies. (LW)

this was a noted demagogue from the early years of the Old Republic. (VD2)

this ancient race of insect-like humanoids was native to the planet Korriban, and was isolated from the rest of the Old Republic for many millennia. The history of the Sith race can be trced back to a point some 100,000 years before the onset of the Galactic Civil War. As a race, they were characterized by dark, red skin, cranial horns, and long bony chins. There were several subspecies of Sith, each with its own place in their society. Some were slaves, other were warriors, and the highest caste of all were the magicians. Because they lived in a remote sector of the ancient galaxy, the Sith were unknown to the rest of the galaxy until a group of Jedi outcasts discovered their existence. These so-called Dark Jedi were banished from the Old Republic and the Jedi order for their desire to learn more about the Dark Side of the Force, and chose to flee across the galaxy rather than be persecuted. Going well beyond the Republic's borders, the Dark Jedi were drawn to Korriban. The Sith who were native to the plabet regarded the Dark Jedi as gods. The Force-sensitive Sith magicians proved to have control over the Dark Side of the Force, and the outcast Jedi took many of their tomes and teachings for further study. Over the millennia, the two groups intermingled, until very little pure Sith blood remained. As a race, the Sith developed a rigid hierarchy of magicians and warriors, with the leadership of the brotherhood falling to the current Dark Lord of the Sith. The Sith wrote expansive volumes on the control and use of the Dark Side, and described incredible manifestations of power. Later, they were able to created amulets and weaponry that could assist the user in controlling the Dark Side. These devices amplified the Dark Side, making the user incredibly powerful. Much of the Sith lore was hidden on various worlds when the ancient Jedi Knights first sought to eradicate the Sith. Some was stored on Korriban, some on the moon of Yavin 4. The last remained true-blooded Sith were wiped out by Exar Kun during the Great Sith War, when he stole their life energy in an effort to defend his fortress on Yavin 4 against the forces of the Old Republic. (SW, DA, FNU, DLS, TSW, GAS, FOSE, NEGW, SWDB)

this ancient brotherhood of Jedi Knights split from the ranks of the "lightsiders" when access to the ancient Sith lore was forbidden. The Jedi Council feared that the knowledge of harnessing the Dark Side of the Force would be twisted and used to perform many evil acts. The so-called Dark Jedi fled the Republic and established themselves on Korriban, where they learned a great deal about the Dark Side of the Force from the natives, who called themselves the Sith. The two groups shared information and interbred, until the term Sith became synonymous with the Dark Side of the Force. The ancient Sith brotherhood was believed to have been defeated during the Great Sith War, many millennia before the Galactic Civil War. However, adherents to their teachings continued to grow and prosper beyond the control of either the Jedi Order or the Old Republic. The modern Sith brotherhood was founded some 2,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, by a rogue Jedi Knight who yearned to learn more of the Dark Side of the Force. Together with about 50 followers, this rogue fled the Old Republic and established his own Sith order. With galactic domination on their agenda, these new Sith Lords quickly became distrustful of each other and abusive of their dark side powers. In a short time, they had nearly wiped themselves out again. One Sith Lord remained, a man by the name of Darth Bane. He swore that the Sith would never again vanish from the galaxy, but also made certain that they never grew beyond their means. He established a rigid code by which there could only be a single Sith Lord and a single Sith apprentice. When the Lord finally expired, or was murdered in his sleep, his current apprentice was promoted and allowed to take his own student. Darth Bane's Rule of Two offended many other Sith Lords, but these splinter groups invariably wiped themselves out before becoming a threat to his power. The pairing of Master and Apprentice continued for many centuries until Darth Plagueis rose to power. Plagueis was one of the most powerful Sith Masters, and was believed to have found a way to control the midi-chlorians. It was said that he could manipulate them into creating life. However, after learning of this power, Plagueis's own apprentice, Darth Sidious, chose to kill his Master and take his rightful place as Sith Lord. Sidious then took Darth Maul as his apprentice, and hoped to take control of the galaxy by bringing the Old Republic down from the inside. The slow build-up of Sith power had begun to occlude the Light Side, and the Jedi Order was unaware of the growing threat of the Sith. When Darth Maul was destroyed by Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Battle of Naboo, Sidious' plans were briefly thwarted. However, he found the charismatic former Jedi, Count Dooku, to be a worthy replacement. Just a few years later, Sidious revealed to the galaxy that he was also Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, and it a series of deft maneuvers, he destroyed the Jedi Order and established Darth Vader as his new apprentice. Vader, whose former identity as Anakin Skywalker placed him in the center of a Jedi prophecy as the Chosen One, should have destroyed Sidious and taken his place as Sith Master. However, in fulfillment of the prophecy, Vader chose to return to the Light Side of the Force before killing Sidious. Following the deaths of Vader and Palpatine at the Battle of Endor, and with the destruction of Palpatine's clones on Byss, the order of the Sith was exterminated. This, coupled with the fact that the Jedi Order had been destroyed years before, finally brought the Force back into balance, as the final act of the Jedi prophecy. Interestingly enough, it was the Sith who realized that the Force was more than just light and dark, and that a complete understanding of the Force could not be achieved without embracing both aspects as a single entity. Although their ultimate use of the Force was evil, the Sith were perhaps closer to a true union with the Force than the Jedi Order of the time. (SW, SW1, TPM, DSSB, LEV, SWDB)

this was the ancient language of the extinct Sith race, and was spoken mainly on the planet Korriban. (EGP)

this was the name used to describe any creature which had been altered by Sith rituals and magicks into something hideous and terrifying. These creatures were bred from naturally-evolved stock, but were heavily tainted by the Dark Side of the Force. (TOJC)

Sith Abattar
this unusual amulet was discovered on the planet Dathomir during the era of the New Republic. The center of the amulet was surrounded by six triangular wedges made from an unknown metal, and the entire abattar hung from a thin, silver chain. When worn around the neck, the abattar felt exceptionally heavy for its size, but it gave the wearer the ability to communicate in any language. Over a short period of time, however, the wearer became weak and unable to remove the abattar. If the device was not taken from the user's neck, there was a good chance they would die. Records showed that the abattar was among the many Sith artifacts that were aboard the Jedi training vessel Chu'unthor when it crashed onto Dathomir. (GORW)

Sith Academy
this was the name given to the training facility established by the Sith on the planet Korriban, during the build-up to the Great Sith War. The facility continued to operate during the war, producing multitudes of soldiers and warriors imbued with the Dark Side of the Force. (KOTOR)

Sith Archives
this hidden storehouse of knowledge was the repository of all information known to the Sith. It was formed shortly after Darth Bane established the Sith brotherhood. (JDM)

Sith Arts Academy
this training facility was established by the Dark Jedi who controlled the planet Thule. (GORW)

Sith Assassin Pistol
this ancient blaster weapon was developed by the Sith as a tool for dispatching an opponent without revealing one's true identity until absolutely necessary. The power output of the pistol can be regulated to cause a quick or lingering death, depending on the desire of the Sith using it. These weapons were common during the era of the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

Sith Assault Gun
this was a specially-created blaster carbine that was imbued with the Dark Side of the Force by the ancient Sith, during the decades leading up to the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

Sith Battle Cruiser
this immense, 215-meter-long warship was developed by the ancient Sith Empire to serve as the flagship of its naval fleets. Each Battle Cruiser was armed with six blaster cannons and three concussion missile launchers, and required a crew of 25 officers and gunners to operate. It could transport up tp 850 troopers and 5,000 metric tons of cargo, and was equipped with a Class-4 hyperdrive. (DSSB)

Sith Battlelords
according to information that appeared on the Cularin System's HoloNet nodes during the height of the Clone Wars, the Sith Battlelords were created by Darth Rivan on Almas, thousands of years earlier. Darth Rivan supposedly created the battlelords to oversee the training of Sith warriors, and to instill fear in his enemies. These impartial beings brooked no insubordination, not from the warriors themselves and not from their superior officers. Each battlelord was psychically connected to the warriors and officers under their command, and could use the Dark Side of the Force to demand compliance in one or all of their charges. Rumors held that the battlelords were first created and tested on Almas because of its remote location. In an arcane ritual, a battlelord candidate was laid out on an altar and cut open. The blood was allowed to flow from their body, while a Sith Lord uttered incantations and their subordinate troops marched through the pool of blood. In this way, if the candidate survived the rest of the process, the troops were bound to the battlelord. In order to ensure complete loyalty, the magic involved in the creation of a battlelord gave him or her the ability to transfer any pain they felt to one of their troops. This not only ensured that the troops didn't try to kill their battlelord, but it also ensured that they fought with all their energy to protect the battlelord during combat. Although Darth Rivan managed to perfect the entire creation process, he was betrayed by his apprentice before he could create more than a few battlelords. (LFCW)

Sith Elite Warbot
these combat droids were developed by the ancient Sith to serve as part of their ground-based armies. Individual Elite warbots were used for both training and active combat, with stun blaster and stun batons used on training versions. Full combat versions were armed with a blaster pistol mounted on each arm, and carried a Sith sword as a melee weapon. The armor of the Elite warbot was alchemically treated, giving it additional protection in combat. Unfortunately, they were very expensive to produce, and never found widespread use in the army. Like most other ancient Sith droids, most of the Elite warbots disappeared after the Great Hyperspace War. (GMR5)

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