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this planet was the capital of Sanbra Sector, and was located in the De'elta System. (GG12)

Sanbra Sector
this area of the galaxy was under Imperial control during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (AIR)

this game of skill and luck was popular on the agricultural world of Chrona during the early years of the New Republic. (SWJ12)

this diminutive being was one of the first Imperial Inquisitors, serving Emperor Palpatine during the months following the Clone Wars. Much of his small body was hidden underneath a heavy cloak, although his triple-jointed fingers were often seen when he was accessing a computer terminal. When he spoke, Sancor revealed a mouth full of small, sharp teeth. Sancor was dispatched to Polis Massa after Inquisitor Malorum discovered a connection between the Jedi Order and the asteroid base. An expert of records security, Sancor was sent to Polis Massa to dig through the base's medical records, in an effort to locate anomalies that would provide proof of Padme's Amidala's presence on the asteroid following the formation of the Empire. When he discovered that Maneeli Tuun and Obi-Wan Kenobi were on Polis Massa, disguised as medical and personnel, he tried to apprehend them. During the fight, however, Obi-Wan managed to use the Force to push Sancor off a platform. The Inquisitor fell to his death, landing on a cart covered with medical instruments. (LJ2)

Sancretti Arms and Munitions, Interstellar
this Rodian weapons manufacturer produced a number of cryogenic weapons. (FOP)

codename of one of the Alliance's oldest safe world colonies, the name was used even before the official declaration of rebellion. The planet was then a refuge for persecuted religious pacifists; they agreed to join the Alliance so lang as they did not have to take up arms. The planet is home to a huge variety of fish and seaweed. (RASB)

this was the Ferroan name for the planet Mobus, used after the mobile planet Zonama Sekot took up residence in orbit around Mobus. (FH3)

Sanctuary Moon
this was another name for the Forest Moon of Endor, used by the Old Republic after setting the enrtire moon aside as a nature reserve. Scientists of the Old Republic hoped that the designation would keep tourists and corporate interests from interfering with the natural development of its sentient species. (ROTJ, IWST)

Sanctuary Pipeline
this extension of the Silvestri Trace hyperspace lane was formed by the Empire, so that it could bring supplies and workers to the Forest Moon of Endor, during the construction of the second Death Star. Because travel through the Inner Zuma region of the galaxy was dangerous, the Sanctuary Pipeline was built using non-mass S-thread boosters in hyperspace all along the Pipeline, which provided continual information on the next point along the path. Maintenance crews were hired to clear the realspace path of the Pipeline of debris, ensuring that there were no unknown mass shadows being projected into hyperspace. The Sanctuary Pipeline required near-continual maintenance and upkeep, but allowed the Empire to regularly supply the crews working on the second Death Star. After the Battle of Endor, the Sanctuary Pipeline fell into disrepair, as natural disasters and the theft of the S-thread boosters left large portions of it unnavigable. (GMR9)

Sanctum Arcti
located in the city of Calius Saj Leeloo, this was one of the most famous of all structures ever erected on the planet Berchest. It miraculously survived an intense earthquake which shook the city, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

Sanctum Sanctorum
this was the name given to the modified A4 Juggernaut located at the heart of the Bhishana Bhaga, which served as the primary workshop and laboratory of Min Erethen. It was adapted to have a droid crew, with a pilot droid handling movement if the vehicle ever had to leave the ship.Six ASP-series labor droids did the manual labor aboard the craft, which was protected by polarized energy shielding. (WOA18)

Sand Art
this was a form of artwork developed by the Bith people. (RAG)

Sand Bar, The
this was the only local tavern in the outpost location known as The Puddle. (HAS)

Sand Bat
this creature, native to Tatooine, produced a poisonous venom used by Tusken Raiders to tip their gaderffi sticks. (MC17)

Sand Bear
this large predator was native to the planet Kallistas, and was known to hunt down and devour humans. (GG10)

Sand Beetle
this was a species of scavenging insect that was native to the deserts of Tatooine. (SWI74)

Sand Bunny
a small mammal native to the planet Nam Chorios. (POT)

Sand Burrower
this immense worm inhabited the sands of the desert world of Blenjeel. Although blind, the sand burrower was able to use vibrations to track its prey across the desert. The average sand burrower was large enough to swallow a human in one bite. (JKA)

Sand Cat
this small, feline creature was native to the planet Sullust. (MBS)

Sand Crab Nebula
a galactic nebula that resembles a sand crab. (AS)

Sand Dragon
this was another name for the tailring, which was native to the planet Socorro. (BSS)

Sand Drain
developed on Tatooine and used on desert planets throughout the galaxy, these specialized drainage systems draw away sand from streets and buildings. Like water drains, sand drains help remove unwanted sand which drifted around the cities on desert planets. (E1A8)

Sand Drill
a tool used to dig holes in the sands of Tatooine, it employs a forceful vacuum to blow out extracted sand. (COJ)

Sand Flea
a small creature found in the deserts of many planets, including Nam Chorios, sand fleas often live on the bodies of nerfs. Large specimens of sand fleas make good pets. (POT, GOF1)

Sand Hood
this specialized cloak was used on Tatooine to help desert travelers keep sand and grit out of their noses and mouths. (TG)

Sand Leech
a small, blood-sucking creature found on some desert worlds. (RA2)

Sand Lice
this species of insect, native to the planet Beheboth, took over most of the environment after the planet's water supply dried up. (LTA3, MC66)

Sand Lice
this small, parasitic insect was native to the planet Tatooine, and was known for its ability to resist most drugs and physical forms of destruction. (MC23)

Sand Lichen
this hardy lichen survived on the planet Tatooine by growing just below the surface of the sand, where it could collect dew and store it without fighting evaporation. (LJ1)

Sand Lightning
encountered on Tatooine, this form of lightning was created when airborne sand built up enough static electrocity to give itself a charge. The lightning, which cascaded in sheets, occurred when the sand clouds passed over oppositely-charged areas of dunes. (TG)

Sand Lizard
the flesh of this creature was considered a delicacy by most beings. (LTA2)

Sand Louse
a small, parasite native to Tatooine. (JTH)

Sand Panther
a large, predatory feline native to Corellia, the sand panther had specialized claws that could exude a poison when they cut into flesh. The fur of the sand panther, which was dense yet soft, was prized by hunters, even though it was illegal to kill the creatures. This fur helped mask the sand panther's stalking activities, as it muffled wind and yielded to surrounding obstacles. (TJP, ANT)

Sand Skiff
this open speeder was developed by Ubrikkian Industries to serve as a cargo transport, but many buyers liked the fact that it was designed to accommodate weapons. This adaptability made the Sand Skiff appeal to a wide range of customers. At nine meters in length, it was essentially a stripped-down version of the Bantha II skiff, and had a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour. (LAWS)

Sand Skimmer
a one-person repulsorlift disk, the sand skimmer also has a rear-mounted sail to catch the wind. (DCAR)

Sand Sloth
a huge, fur-covered beast of burden native to the planet Annoo. (DCAR)

Sand Snake
this furred snake was native to the planet Geonosis. (BF1)

Sand Tick
this large insect, about the size of a human fist, was native to a number of planets. These creatures lacked true eyes and ears, and relied on their ability to sense vibrations in order to interpret their environment. These insects fed on the blood of mammalian species, burrowing into the thick fur of beasts such as the bantha and feeding for several months before killing the host. An individual tick can survive without blood for up to a year, curling into a ball to await the presence of a new host. Despite their hunger for blood, the most dangerous aspect of a sand tick is its ability to carry and transmit diseases. When the sand tick bites, it injects a small amount of numbing saliva, which can also carry viral and bacterial infections. (WOTC)

Sand Well
found on the planet Socorro, these vast sinkholes formed in the volcanic-ash deserts of the Doaba Badlands. A large concentration of them was found in the Adsila Rifts, where they dot the landscape and often open up unexpectedly on unprepared travelers. Their existence was first documented by Kirr Cyrs. (BSS)

Sand Wine
this form of wine was created on the planet Tatooine. (SWRPG2)

this woman was one of the leaders of a smuggler gang, along with Lemo, which operated on the planet Arcan IV during the height of the Galactic Civil War. They hoped to steal the Dancing Goddess and the Minstrel, in order to help fund their operations. (LTA4, MC79)

this was the Yuuzhan Vong name for a slashrat. (DTO)

this digging herbivore was considered a nuisance on the planet Tatooine, where it dug its way into hydroponic gardens and destroyed crops. (MC63)

this small device was used on many worlds where vermin were prevalent in outlying areas. The sand-buzzer was originally developed on Tatooine to ward off scurriers and other creatures. It created an electronic field that affected the creature's innate senses, driving them away from the area. (SWI61)

a unique form of artwork found on Tatooine. (ISB)

a huge, lumbering contraption that moved about on four tracks, the sandcrawler was used as both a transport and a warehouse by the Jawas. They were originally Corellia Engineering Mining Digger Crawlers, ore haulers brought to Tatooine during the first attempts to extract ores and valubale minerals from the planet. Tatooine, however, had a limited natural ores which had strange, magnetic characteristics, and so the haulers were abandoned after the destruction of the space station Tatoo III. The various Jawa clans assumed ownership and used them to traverse the deserts. A Jawa sandcrawler was refitted to house nearly 100 clan members, as well as to accommodate a large cargo hold and processing station. The operation of a sandcrawler was nearly impossible for a non-Jawa, as many of the onboard systems had been modified to suit the Jaws' needs. The primary advantage to using these slow machines was the protection they afforded a Jawa clan in the open desert. The inside of a sandcrawler was relatively cool, and the armor plating protected the Jawas from Sandpeople and smaller krayt dragons. (SW, TME, GG7, EGV, RESB, SOT)

this Imperial Moff was one of the eight which survived to meet with Grand Admiral Pellaeon on Bastion, some ten years after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. When Pellaeon tried to propose a negotiated peace treaty with the New Republic, Sander felt that he might retain control of his own sectors, but would lose some planets to the Republic. (SOP)

a creature that "swims" in sand. (CS)

a small, annoying insect found out various dry worlds, like Tatooine or Socorro. (SWN, SWJ2)

this was a form of sandstorm which swept the surface of the planet Bimmiel. (DTO)

this form of glass, created from the silicates found in the sands of Tatooine's deserts, was used in the creation of unusual works of art. The best specimens of sand-glass were created during intense storms, when heat lightning fused the natural sand into strange shapes. A similar effect could be created using a blaster set to maximum power, but these works were much smaller and often resembled lumps of melted glass. (TG)

a wild, thorny grass native to the planet Ylesia. It grows along the coastline, and helps keep the dunes intact. (RD)

a small desert creature raised by the Tusken Raiders on Tatooine, the sand-grub will gnaw through anything, including flesh. (TJP)

this Tatooinian bird is hunted for its tasty flesh. (GG7)

this young girl was all of fifteen when she went to work for Orman on Lianna. She had grown up in the streets, and believed that working for Orman would help her make a name for herself. (ML)

Sandi Maba
this Aqualish female and her family were forced to flee Coruscant, when the planetary government decided to seced from the Old Republic. Maba and her family were supporters of the Republic, and fled to Alderaan as refugees rather than return to Ando. Sandi Maba was one of the many Aqualish who chose to remainon Alderaan, instead of returning to Ando. (HNN4)

a small arthropod native to the planet Tatooine, the sandjigger survives by eating the native razor moss. (ISU)

a small creature found on Tatooine. Jabba used them as food, favoring their kidneys. (TME, TJP)

the proctective facial shield worn by the Jawas. It helps them avoid the harsh Tatooine environment, and also keeps their facial identity a secret. (HSE)

this small animal was kept as a pet on the planet Lianna. (ML)

a timid creature native to Tatooine. (SWJ11)

this young Venan male was the son of Baron Kindoro and his wife, Omnino, the Baroness of Vena. Sando attained the rank of Baron when his father died while on business, although his mohter served as Regent until he was old enough to take his father's palce. He agreed to accompany his mother to Coruscant during her negotiations to join the Old Republic, but his ship was lost in the Bright Jewel System near Ord Mantell. Omnino requested that Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi locate Sando after a rescue team failed to respond to hails. The two Jedi were able to locate the ship, but found the crew of both craft had been brutally killed by two escaped Mantellian savrips. Baron Sando was among the dead, his neck broken. The Jedi learned that the savrips had been captured and enslaved by Taxer Sundown, who had provided them to Baron Sando for breeding purposes. Baroness Omnino later revealed that the flesh of the savrips were considered a delicacy by her people, despite the fact that the savrips were intelligent. Sando had to destroy the female, and the male attacked the crews to avenge her death. Sando perished while fighting against the savrips. (LSOM, WOTC)

Sando Aqua Monster
this huge creature was native to the deep oceans of the planet Naboo. It was an aquatic mammal which essentially resembled a fish, although it was feline in stature and moved on its hind legs. It had a long tail, and its blocky head was dominated by a wide maw filled with serrated teeth. They ware indiscriminant feeders, and had no natural enemies in the seas of Naboo. The largest specimens have been measured at 160 meters in length, but this was an estimate based mainly on remains. It was believed that the males, which were generally larger than the females, could attain lengths of up to 200 meters. The actual lifecycle of the sando was a mystery, as they were dangerous, although reclusive, predators. To most natives of the planet Naboo, the sando aqua monster was more of a myth than an actual creature, mainly because they had never been observed in the wild and reports of their washed-up corpses were rare and incredible. There have been reports of sando aqua monsters breaching the surface of the water to attack their prey, and have been known feed on fambaas and falumpasets as well as aquatic prey. (SW1, IG1, GMR2, WSW)

Sandov's Dance Palace
this popular dance hall was located on Streysel Island, during the height of the New Order. (WOTC)

an opaline stone found in the last chamber of a krayt dragon's gizzard, these stones are also called dragon pearls. The krayt dragon ingests stones of various sizes and materials for use in its gizzard to crush food for easy digestion. When the stones get too small, they are expelled. The resulting pearls have been smoothed and polished to a brilliant finish, and have various values depending on their color and size. (TME, TJP)

a race of nomadic desert mutants on Tatooine who roam the Jundland Wastes, the Sandpeople were often called Tusken Raiders. This name came from the humans who survived their first attack on a human settlement, which occured at Fort Tusken. Sandpeople were believed to have descended from the Ghorfas, but there was no hard evidence to link the two. Their origins - either native to Tatooine or transplanted - had been lost even to the Sandpeople themselves, although there were legends of a time when Tatooine was covered with grasslands. These legends held that the Builders - a group of Rakatan explorers - arrived on Tatooine and tried to enslave the ancient Sandpeople, who had discovered space travel and angered the Builders. They fought back and won their freedom, but the Rakatans burned the grasslands in retaliation, leaving Tatooine a desert wasteland. This story also claims that the root of the Sandpeoples' intense hatred of other beings derived from their war with the Builders, although written history points to a more recent event. Some 400 years before the attack on Fort Tusken, the desert bandit Alkhara slaughtered a group of Sandpeople who had befriended him. This was generally considered the source of the Sandpeoples' anger and mistrust. The Sandpeople dressed in heavy cloth robes, and had covered their heads with strips of cloth that held a breath mask and eye protection on their faces. Only an individual's mate was allowed to see them with their coverings removed. They learned how to train the banthas native to Tatooine as mounts, and a marauding group of Sandpeople would always ride them single file, to hide their numbers. Each individual worked with the same bantha for life. When a mount was killed or dies, the rider was left to wander the desert alone. If the bantha's spirit deemed it so, the rider would be befriended by another bantha. Otherwise, the rider would die in the sands. On the other hand, if a rider was killed or dies, its bantha was turned out into the desert. Although the Sandpeople were aggressive and violent by nature, they had deep-seated traditions that were tightly coupled to their everyday lives. Young individuals were required to prove their adulthood in various physical activities, the hardest of which was the manhood ritual of hunting down a krayt dragon. Because the Sandpeople had no written language, the most revered member of a clan or tribe was the storyteller. He knew the life-story of every member of his clan, and also knew the clan's history. The storyteller was required to memorize the histories word-for-word, eliminating any chance for misinterpretation or distortion. Apprentice storytellers often ware more hard-pressed to prove themselves than warriors, for a single mistake in reciting the histories meant instant death. As violent as their nature was, Sandpeople stayed as far from the moisture farmers as the farmers did them. There were occasional attacks on the more outlying settlements. A few scientists claimed that Sandpeople had human origins, but the autopsies done on what few dead that were left behind revealed cyborg eyes and other non-human characteristics. In battle, Sandpeople have been rumored to spit streams of blood at their victims, but this was attributed to superstitious moisture farmers. (SWN, SWSB, TME, ISU, VD2, SWDB, SOT, KOTOR)

this model of landspeeder was produced by the Caelli-Merced Syndicate on Socorro. It measured nine meters in length, and could transport a pilot and up to three passengers. The speeder was named for an unusual noise the repulsor engines make when they get sand stuck inside their housings. Caelli-Merced placed additional filters around the intakes to prevent the noise. (BSS)

this was one of the most powerful families who lived on theplanet Dantooine, during the centuries leading up to the Great Sith War. The Sandral family was the bitter rival of the Matale family, and many of the long-standing disputes stemmed from land ownership. The Matale Fields were separated from the Sandral Fields by a small patch of land known as The Grove, which held a certain mystery for the Jedi Knights who lived on Dantooine during that time. (KOTOR)

Sandral Estate
this was primary living quarters of Casus Sandral, and was the historical family residence of his family. The family owned the Sandral Fields, on the planet Dantooine, during the generations leading up to the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

Sandral Fields
see Sandral Grounds (KOTOR)

Sandral Grounds
this was the name of a large, open plain found on the planet Dantooine. The Sandral Fields, located south of the Matale Fields, were known to the Jedi Knights of ancient times as the location of the Crystal Cave. The plains were named for Casus Sandral's family. (KOTOR)

Sandral, Casus
this amateur archaeologist spent much of his career on the planet Dantooine, some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. It was believed that he found one of the first links to the existence of the Rakata on Dantooine, although he never made the connection himself. Unfortunately, during one of his investigations to the Rakatan ruins, Casus was attacked and killed by a pack of kath hounds. His body was discovered by one of the Jedi Knights who served at the enclave on Dantooine, and returned to his father, Nurik. (KOTOR)

Sandral, Nurik
this man was the leader of the Sandral family, living on the planet Dantooine during the era of the Great Sith War. Nurik was greatly saddened when his son, Casus, was killed by kath hounds during an archaeolgical expedition to the Rakatan ruins found on the planet. To add insult to injury, Nurik discovered that his daughter, Rahasia, was in love with Shen Matale, and they had been secretly meeting together in spite of the family feud. Nurik had Shen taken captive, but the Jedi Knights intervened and freed Shen. Nurik was forced to admit the kidnapping, and he and Ahlan formed a tenuous truce after learning of their children's love for one another. (KOTOR)

Sandral, Rahasia
this young woman was the daughter of Nurik Sandral, and was living at the family estate on Dantooine during the era of the Great Sith War. Despite her father's wishes, Rahasia had fallen in love with Shen Matale, the son of Nurik's rival, Ahlan Matale. When Nurik discovered that they had been secretly meeting together, he had Shen taken captive. Shortly afterward, the Jedi Knights intervened and freed Shen, after Ahlan asked for help in freeing Shen. Nurik was forced to admit the kidnapping, and he and Ahlan formed a tenuous truce after learning of their children's love for one another. (KOTOR)

this was a scavenging vermin native to the planet Tatooine. (BF4)

a small rodent-like scavenger found on Adony Station. (CSWDW)

this was a species of small, desert creature native to Aduba-3. (MC8)

this thin, grassy reed grew in the deserts of the planet Ord Cestus. It was often dried and used to weave durable baskets. (TCD)

this was one of the many hotels which sprang up in the city of Anchorhead, on Tatooine, after the success of the Sidi Driss Inn. (TG)

Sandro the Hook
this acquaintance of Captain Bortrek worked from a base in Celanon City. Bortrek hoped to sell his load of precious cargo, along with the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, to Sandro. (POT)

a hard stone created over the eons by densely-packed desert sand. Jabba the Hutt's palace was built from sandrock, which was covered with ditanium shielding. (MTS)

Sands in Winter
this was the autobiographical novel written by the Talz, Muftak. (EGA)

this deadly, stinging insect was native to the planet Tatooine. (BF4)

this was a specialized attachment to a starship's landing gear, which allowed it to land on a sandy or dusty surface and settle into the sand without sinking. (HSR)

this was the name, used on many desert planets, for a small repulsorlift vehicle which could transport a single person and minimal cargo. In many instances, the sandskimmer was nothing but an oblong board with one or two tiny repulsor engines attached. Other versions were as large as landspeeders. (TJP, E1A5, MC66)

Sandskimmer, Falynn
this woman, a native of Tatooine, was one of the first members of Wraith Squadron. As a pilot from Tatooine, she was continually being compared to Luke Skywalker, a comparison she chafed at badly. She joined the Alliance in order to prove herself, but remained behind Luke's shadow. This led to what her commanding officers described as a "chronic insolence" and an inability to keep her mouth shut. Despite already being an ace pilot, she was constantly passed over for promotion and demoted after her outbursts, and came under the notice Wedge Antilles during the formation of the Wraiths. She made the cut, partly because of her ability to fly Y-Wings as well as X-Wings, but mostly because of her piloting skills. She was also the squadron's acquisitions agent. Falynn was killed in the battle that destroyed the Implacable over Ession. (WS)

a reptile native to the deserts of Tatooine. (ISU)

this was the generic term used to describe an repulsor-equipped vehicle used on desert or otherwise arid worlds. The T-47 was an excellent example of how a speeder could be modified for use as a swampspeeder, with advanced filtration systems to keep out sand, augmented engine cooling systems, and specialized long-range radar to scan for sandstorms. (NEGV)

Sandstorm Flightknife
one of the many Yedagonian fighter squadrons which supported Wedge Antilles and the Running Crimson Flightknife during the war against the forces of the Cartann nation, on Adumar. One of their pilots rescued Tycho Celchu, after he was shot down in battle. (SOA)

Sandstorm Shipping Concern
this shipping and transport agency was run by Qes Dollis, out of his offices in Mos Eisley, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Sandstorm Shipping was owned by Jabba the Hutt during this time. (RESB)

Sandstorm Team
this group of desert fighters and Infiltrators was part of the Alliance's Scandium Team, and was originally formed by the Ebranite sisters Rith, Nyik, and Tor'ara Tar'ak. (SWJ11)

a sport originated on Tatooine in which the participant rides behind a sandskimmer on a small repuslordisk. The disk is attached to their feet, and they surf over the dunes. The origin of the sport is traced back to the Fixer, who taught it to Luke Skywalker. Fixer was nearly consumed by the Sarlacc in a sandsurfing accident. (MTS, EGC)

this small Naboo-based vehicle manufactured produced the Skyflipper transport craft. (NEGC)

this was the name used to describe Imperial stormtroopers who were trained to operate in arid, desert environments. They were also known as Desert Assault Troopers. The standard stormtrooper armor was enhanced with special temperature regulators, and the body glove was designed to allow for efficient perspiration. (ISB, SWDB)

this was the name of a cargo vehicle used on the planet Ord Cestus during the last decades of the Old Republic. (TCD)

this stinging insect was native to the deserts of Ord Cestus. (TCD)

a ballet which Yarna d'al' Gargan used to perform for Jabba the Hutt, when the crimelord couldn't sleep. (TJP)

a desert storm on Tatooine, sandwhirls appear at first to be lesser storms than sandstorms. However, despite moving slower, sandwhirls had internal wind speeds which could be ten times faster than those experienced in a sandstorm. (SW, SOT)

Sandwind Team
this cell of Alliance support worked in the Periphery, along the Sisar Run, during the period between the Battles of Hoth and Endor. They had established a base in the Lesser Cueva Expanse on Sriluuur, and were known in the sector for their well-placed intelligence agents and high rate of mission success. (SSR)

a burrowing, desert creature. (TME)

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