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this planet was the primary world of the Stenness System. (DSSB)

Stenness Hyperspace Terminal
this was the name of the vast space station which was created near the hyperspace jump gate in the Stenness Systems, some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. It was also known as the Stenness Node. (TOJC)

Stenness Lizard Pie
an awful-tasting meal served at the Stenness spaceport. (TOJ)

Stenness Node
this name was used interchangeable to describe both the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal and the Stenness System. (TOJC, GMR1)

Stenness Raider
one of Finhead Stonebone's E-2 ore stealers. (EGV)

Stenness System
the Stenness System was actually a collection of seven mining worlds in three primary star systems, encompassing about 25 humanoid races. Due to the demand for the ores mined on the various planets, it was given its own hyperspace jump gate very early on. According to Dark Empire, the systems were discovered about 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. However, Tales of the Jedi indicates that it as an already-established system, with its own hyperspace jump gate. The mines gave out long ago, but the wealth they provided was still generating interest and good lifestyles for the planets' inhabitants. The system's inhabitants, often refered to as 'Nessies, were highly addicted to spice. (TOJ, DE1)

Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian, and Chewbacca sought the bounty hunter Bossk on this planet, sometime after the Battle of Hoth. The planet had once been the site of an Alliance base, during the early days of the Galactic Civil War, but it was eventually overrun by Imperial forces. The Imperial occupation earned the hatred of the Stenax race, which launched the Stenax Massacres some ten months after the Battle of Endor to try and strike back at their oppressors. However, the civilian casualties were exceptionally high, and the New Republic military was forced to put an end to the Stenaxes' invasions. Ultimately, monitoring posts were erected in orbit around Stenos to keep track of the activities of the Stenax. (MC70, GMR1)

this Chiss, whose full name was Kres'ten'tarthi, served as Voss Parck's righthand man at the Hand of Thrawn compound on Nirauan during the Galactic Civil War. He was also the leader of Thrawn's personal household phalanx, and was one of the few Chiss who felt that Thrawn was a born leader who was working in his race's best interests, and shouldn't have been exiled. He heeded Thrawn's message, to wait ten years after the report of his death before he would return to lead them to power once again. Stent bided his time, until Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker arrived on the planet to investigate the Hand of Thrawn. After the facility was nearly destroyed, Stent continued to serve the Nuruodo phalanx, and was on duty when the Skywalkers returned to Nirauan three years later, at the request of Voss Parck. (VOF, SQ, GMR7)

this large gas giant was the eighth planet of the Coruscant System. It was orbitted by twenty-three natural moons. (PH)

this man, an expert on security systems, was part of the underground movement led by Cilia Dil on the planet Junction 5, some 23 years before the Battle of Geonosis. Stephin was the group's primary contact with rebel forces on Delaluna, who provided him with the plans to the building in which the Ministry of Offense and Defense was supposedly safeguarding the plans for the Annihilator weapon. (LOJ)

this name, which meant "long-legged", was common among Gungan males. (GCG)

this was the plural form of the Adnerem word steris. (AE)

this chemical, found in most starships of the New Republic, and used to clean the air systems of airborne germs and contaminants. (SBS)

this was the name used to describe the dwelling of an Adnerem steri. Each was divided into a public area and private quarters. (SWJ11)

this was a form of close friendship established between two Adnerem. It was a platonic relationship, but one in which both partners regarded themselves as a single entity. (AE)

developed during the early years of the New Republic, this purplish laser was used to sterilize anything it touched. Cleaning droids were often equipped with sterilight fixtures, allowing them to quickly clean a surface. (AFA)

this was the basic socio-economic family unit of the Adnerem race. (AE)

this was the Adnerem name for the members of a given steri. (SWJ11)

developed during the era of the New Republic, this was a super-clean form of steel used in the creation of medical implements. It maintained a level of sterility with minimal cleaning, virtually eliminating any chance of spreading disease or bacteria. (SBS)

a Cilpari deity. (XWRS)

Stevez, Mart
this man was a decorated member of the Atrisian Royal Corps before the Empire destroyed his family while he was on a training mission. The Imperial Ubiqtorate claimed that Stevez' father had become "politically unstable," and needed to be removed. Since that time, he defected to the Alliance and became a respected member of the Special Forces team. He was eventually promoted to Major and given command of Task Force Shen, where he led them in a wide range of successful missions. (ROE)

this was the title given to those Galidyn who ruled the eight cities they established on Fyodos. (AE)

this was a nutritious, though bad-tasting, food cooked on the planet Corellia. Children hated the taste of stewfruit, despite the benefits derived from eating it. (EL2)

Sthenic Field
this was a specialized force field, created for use in certain medical applications. (MBS)

this HoloNet technology uses dedicated hyperspace pathways (known as simutunnels) to transmit information instantaneously to extremely remote locations. The galaxy is criss-crossed with a matrix of s-threads, allowing HoloNet terminals to link up and receive realtime updates. (ISB, CFG)

this tough, dense alloy was used in the creation of survival gear, during the height of the New Order. (VD)

this planet, which is home to the Xi'Dec species of insectoids, has a constantly-changing climate due to its orbit and axial tilt. It is also wracked by geological reformation quite often. The specialized Xi'Dec are supported by a limited technology, but the tourist trade to the planet is healthy. (GG4)

Stickle Tree
native to the planet Dagobah, the stickle tree produced a bitter fruit that was nevertheless nutritious. (IWST)

Jaina Solo was given this nickname after she joined Rogue Squadron during the evacuation of Dubrillion. It referred to two things: her lightsaber, and the control stick which used to pilot her X-Wing. (DTO)

Sticks, The
this was a phrase which was used on the Core Worlds to describe any planets located beyond the Colonies. (SWJ7)

this is a form of adhesive which comes in wide rolls. It was used primarily by athletes who rode hoverboards or skimboards, in order to keep their feet firmly attached to the board. (GOF1)

this is the Xi'Dec term for the Xi'Alpha sex. (GG4)

this planet was the homeworld of the Stieg-Fan race. (FFT)

this peaceful race of beings was native to the planet Stieg. (FFT)

Stiels, Brin
this man was a Lieutenant in the New Republic armed forces, and was stationed on Cadinth two years after the Battle of Endor. He was on lookout patrol when Imperial forces invaded the planet, and his outpost was overrun. (SWG2)

Stigrit Krax
this Troob was the wife of the Troob leader, General Krax, and accompanied him to the negotiations with Counselor Harthan. She served as a somewhat-impartial translator for Harthan, since Chief Nimondro refused to speak Basic. When C-3PO intervened to translate, Stigrit managed to win the droid away from Harthan in a sabacc match. She hoped to keep the droid from undermining her own plans for the negotiations, chiefly gaining a position of power for the Troobs. In the confusion that followed, Jake Harthan tried to gain control of Mount Yeroc for himself, and held Stigrit Krax as a hostage. The Hobors managed to kill Jake, but not before he injured Stigrit with a blaster bolt. She survived, and agreed to work with her husband to hammer out a true peace for the Troobs and Hobors. (DRPC)

the twenty-seventh and highest of the Tunroth Hunter ranks, it is believed that no Hunters of this rank have ever existed. (GG12)

Stijhl, Arik
this man served the Alliance as a Colonel in the Special Operations division, and was the commanding officer of the Alliance's drop point at Gelgelar Free Port during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was a veteran of the military of the Old Republic, but never saw any action. Instead, he proed himself adept at getting supplies to troops quickly and efficiently. He declined the opportunity to remain in the Imperial military, retiring from active duty until he began to realize what Emperor Palpatine was doing to the galaxy. Despite his skills in supply and ordnance, he couldn't adjust to the impromptu actions of T'Charek Haathi, who was also stationed on Gelgelar. His feelings toward her bordered on hatred, and only got worse when a Doom Slayer droid exploded in his warehouse, after it had been disabled while attacking Haathi's crew. He ordered her to replace the supplies which were lost. (SWJ14)

a gray-colored lichen which grows in large, platter-shaped clumps. (SE)

Stilch Gas
this was a poisonous gas that rendered most beings who breathed it unconscious for a short period of time. (GCG)

a procine creature. (SE)

Stiletto Security Droid
developed for the Empire by Arakyd during the early years of the New Order, this tall, cylindrical droid was designed to guard remote outposts. It contained a unique biorecognition package that could identify the biomagnetic signature of virtually any race or species. Data was provided to the Stiletto droid from interrogation sessions, and had to be hardcoded into the droid's computer memory ROM. The Stiletto series was equipped with a small repulsorlift propulsion system, and was armed with a pair of blaster cannons. These systems allowed the Stiletto to use its tracking routines to hunt down an escaped prisoner or specific target. The tracking and targetting routines of the Stiletto were quite accurate, and escapees had to rely on luck to get away. Because of their age, many Stilettoes were still in use during the New Republic's early years. (TBSB, FTD)

Stilijan, Trenar
this man was the childhood sweetheart of Keriin Haslip. He was an adventurous man, and joined the army shortly after they were married. Unfortunately, Trenar died in battle on a far-flung world during the last years of the Old Republic. (SWJ5)

Stillman, Mayr
this Imperial officer supervised the medical facility at the garrison on Bakura, during the last years of the New Order. It was discovered that Stillman planted a subspace transmitter aboard the Wayfaring Stranger, allowing an Imperial patrol ship to know its hyperspace vector and destination. Stillman had been trying to capture Denno Yanglan, whom he believed to be a defector from Imperial service. Despite the successful ambush of the Wayfaring Stranger, Stillman was captured onboard by a team of Alliance agents who had finished their tour of duty on Bakura, and Yanglan returned to his home on Cridark II. (TBSB)

this unusual amphibian was found on swampy planets throughout the galaxy. Its body shape resembled a large hand which walked on its fingers, and measured about fifteen centimeters in height. Each of the stiltwalkers legs were tipped with a sharp claw, which is used to grip the ground. It used a sticky tongue to grab hold of the small insects is fed on. Xenobiologists believe that male and female stiltwalkers evolved from unique species, since the females breathe water and have thick tentacles instead of legs. However, analysis revealed that all stiltwalkers evolved from the same genetic source. They communicate via high-pitched chirps, which allow males to sound an alarm whenever the females of their group were threatened. (COG)

Stim shot
a pneumatic dispensor which administers a stimulant, these are found in all medkits. (ESBR)

Stim Tea
a strong, steeped beverage that has the side effect of raising a person's alertness, much like coffeine. (DS)

Stima Ardella
this female Trandoshan was the leader of the Black Hammer pirates, based on the planet Galantos during the early years of the New Republic. Her thin body was covered with wiry muscle, and her scales ranged in color from gray to black. She and her pirates prowled the Widek Bypass in their flagship, the Smokeswimmer, and spent their downtime terrorizing the Fia population on Galantos. (CCW)

this was a strong form of caf, brewed to provide an instat burst of energy. (EVR)

one of the Habeen cargo ferry groups used to transport hyperdrives to Admiral Zaarin on the Shamus. (TIE)

this was a term used during the early years of the New Republic to describe a being who was addicted to stimulants and other such drugs. (EOV, GMR8)

drugs that stimulate the body and keep the user awake. (HTTE)

this MC80a cruiser was used by the Alliance to recover the contents of the Xi cargo ships. This is a reference to Stimpson J. Cat, one of the protagonists in Nickelodeon's Ren & Stimpy cartoon. (XW)

this frozen concoction must be carefully consumed, for it is served at intensely cold temperatures. If spilled, it can cause serious damage to unprotected skin. (CSWEA)

this gas giant was the seventh planet in the Dathomir System. It was orbited by twenty moons. (GORW)

this was the name of the black-furred Velusian fursnake kept as a pet by the bounty hunter Khlor. (CCW)

Sting Ball
this type of energized ball was developed for training military personnel, and was later adopted by Jedi Knights. The sting ball produced a stinging shock when it impacted with its target. Thus it could be thrown at an individual in any number of exercises. Most military training facilities used sting balls to teach agility and speed. The Jedi also used them as part of a centering exercise, where apprentices were taught to maintain their composure while teachers were assaulting them with sting balls. (DN1)

this was a term used to describe a small, five-charge holdout blaster that was popular during the early years of the New Order. This type of weapon was easily concealed in a wasitband or cummerbun, making it popular with socialites and con artists. Lando Calrissian used one during his early gambling days, despite the fact that stingbeams were - and continue to be - illegal in many systems. (LCM, GMR5)

this species of dangerous plant was native to the deserts of Kamar. (HSR)

this unusual insect was native to the planet Aruza. It had a segmented body made up of three triangular sections. The front two sections had three pairs of legs each, while the larger rear section had an upturned stinger. (UF)

this blaster-like weapon was developed by the Iskalonian people as a way to protect themselves from the many predators that inhabited the oceans of Iskalon. It was more powerful than a standard blaster, but its range underwater was severely limited. (MC74)

an ancient, swift-attack starfighter. (DLS)

Guri's modified Surronian Conqueror starship, the Stinger's sleek shape was famous throughout the galaxy. It was formerly owned by Prince Xizor himself, and then entrusted to Guri after he purchased her. She needed a ship that proved her position in Xizor's organization, and this was it. The Stinger was modified to have increased power output, allowing it to achieve speeds up to 1,150 kilometers an hour in atmosphere. Maneuverability was enhanced by giving the pilot control of each of its eight exhaust nozzles. Emergency braking jets added the ability to stop quickly, allowing pursuit to speed ahead and into target range. An H2-1 hyperdrive system gives it long-range punch. Weaponry consists of two forward-mounted ion cannons and a top-mounted laser cannon. (SE, EGV)

Stinger Eel
a dangerous eel-like fish found on Clak'Dor VII. (TCC)

Stinger Fish
this was a species of jellyfish-like creature native to the shallow seas of Sedri. (BGS)

Stinger Lizard
a rare, green and red reptile found on the moon Yavin 4. (L)

Stinger Moth
this species of venomous moth was native to Ronika. (FOSE)

Stinger Velocity 200
this version of the standard Velocity speeder was adapted for use as a racing machine by the Mandellian Corporation, for use in the BlastBoat 2000 race event. It was capable of attaining speeds up to 400 kilometers an hour, and had a flight ceiling of four meters. The Stinger was also armed with ten Minlet concussion missiles. (SWJ4)

this species of annoying insect was characterized by the way it incessantly buzzed around other creatures. (SOP)

this insect was known to travel in huge swarms. (SBS)

native to the craters of the planet Tasariq, these reptiles were used by the ancient Tasari to help guard their temples. While sting-snakes are generally timid, they will attack if startled or provoked. Sting-snakes lash out with their tails, which contain a stinger that will discharge a small electric shock when it makes contact with exposed flesh. (SWJ15)

this species of nocturnal, carnivorous creature was native to Kamar. They were also a source of food for the Kamarians, who roasted them before eating them. (HSR)

this was the term used to describe the pheromone-rich sweat created by a dead slashrat. (DTO)

Stink Beetle
this bio-engineered insect was created by the Yuuzhan Vong as a defense mechanism. When unleashed into a building or other structure, stink beetles flew around in maddening patterns until they splattered themselves all over the walls and ceilings. This smashing of bodies released a noxious odor that rendered most humanoid races unable to breathe, forcing them out of the structure and into the waiting Yuuzhan Vong forces. (UF)

Stink Capsule
this chemical-release system was used by farmers of all types to help ward off vermin and pests. The stink capsule could be filled with any number of chemical agents, which would produce enough olfactory irritants to drive off even the most determined pests. (TG)

Stink Fish
native to the seas of Ruan, this fish had little value as a foodstuff. Instead, the Salliche Agricultural Corporation harvested them and ground them up for use as a fertilizer additive. (JE)

this sea creature is native to the planet Sedri. When aroused or angered, the stinkfish can eject a cloud of poisonous gas. (BGS)

this was a creature which lived by eating garbage. (HT)

this plant produced a small melon which had noxious-smelling flesh. (COD)

developed by pharmaceutical companies during the New Republic, stinksalts were used to rouse an unconscious being into consciousness. Their pungent odor assaulted the nasal passages of most humanoids, bringing them back to a wakeful state quickly. (SBS)

Stinna Draesinge Sha
a teacher at the Magrody Institute, sha was taught by Nasdra Magrody himself. She became an expert in the field of droid programming, teaching at the Institute until she retired. Her research led her to the wreckage of the Ssi-ruuk battle droids and entechment equipment, and she worked with the machinery in an effort to discover how the aliens wre able to capture a person's life energy. She had not been able to duplicate the entechment techniques when she retired. Her retirment was short-lived, for she was assassinated, presumably by Phlygas Grynne, just before Han and Leia Solo went to Ithor to attend a herd meet. (COJ)

this was the Mandalorian verb for 'to sleep'. (KOTOR)

a tree-dwelling rodent native to Yavin 4, it had protruding eyes and long jaws filled with sharp teeth. The stintaril moves on six legs. They often move in packs, devouring everything in their paths. Among the favorite food of the stintaril is the woolamander. Note that The Wildlife of Star Wars indicates that this creature is called a sintaril, and that it only has four legs. The stintaril was constantly hunger, having an extremely high metabolism, and any individual which failed to locate food could die of hunger in just a few hours. The long, knobby tail of the stintaril was completely hairless, and ended in a three-pronged "hand." (GG2, HTF, ISU, WSW)

Stinwise, Rudig
this man was a native of Demophon, and was working in the factories there at the time of the Clone Wars. He was one of the large population who were apathetic to the imminent explosion of the Demophon System's star, also known as Demophon, claiming that "he had other things to worry about" before the star exploded. (HNN4)

this Imperial Major worked for the Procurement Bureau during the height of the New Order. He was placed in command of a detail searching for doonium and other raw materials for the Imperial war machine. Stipling and his crew never got a chance to report back from their mission to Yen-2, however, as Bel Att and Limna Yith were also dispatched to restore Black Sun's control of the colony. Bel Att captured Stipling and his team and locked them in their shuttle. The hitmen then launched the shuttle into the Verde Asteroid Field on an autopilot setting which took it straight through the belt. The shuttle was destroyed in the asteroids, killing all aboard. (SSR)

this was an alias used by Starter, during his attempt to deliver secret information to the Alliance base on Renforra. Stitar was the captain of the scout ship Seeker Cub, which was actually Starter's beat-up X-Wing. (SWJ4)

this large predator was native to the upland jungles of the planet Haruun Kal. (SHPT)

Stock Light Freighter
any small cargo ship, such as the Corellian YT-1300. Their small size has relegated them to lesser duty, since the advent of the larger bulk cruisers. (SW, SWSB)

Stock Lights
it was in this bar that Cavv Cryle convinces his nephew, Sienn Sconn, to steal the Super-class Star Destroyer Guardian for the Alliance. (SWJ15)

Stofo Lupinoid
an alien Luke Skywalker finds in the Mos Eisley cantina. Might this be a reference to the Shistavenan Wolfman? (SWR)

this desert world was located in a far-flung corner of the Outer Rim Territories. Its remote location and lack of greenery meant that most beings ignored the planet, making it the perfect haven for small bands of criminals who needed to escape Imperial notice. BoShek was among the first to choose Stoga as a refuge, but his anonymity was broken when he met up with Rasha Bex. (SWEOR)

this creature's fur is considered valuable, and only royalty and high-ranking officials can afford to use it in their clothing. (POT)

this race of nomads was native to the planet Manress. (EGW)

Stokhli Spray Sticks
this weapon was developed by the Stokhli nomads as a way to capture prey. They were short tubes that shot a spraynet mist to ensnare the prey while also shooting shockstun juice at the prey, they are used primarily by big-game hunters. The Noghri Commandos working for the Empire have also adopted them for capturing their targets. Each of the sticks has a thumb-switch for activation, as well as controls to modify the spray pressure and profile. (HTTE, EGW)

Stokk, Jord
this man, a native of the planet Coruscant, was a known gambler who bet a fortune in credits on the podraces that were popular during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. He was arrested and sent to the Oovo IV prison facility after being implicated in several credit-making schemes. One of these schemes - the intentional crippling of a podracer to ensure a certain local racer was able to win - earned him a bounty on his head from the Galactic Podracing Circuit Underwriters' Union. He believed that he was safe in prison, until Jango Fett arrived on Oovo IV to "rescue" Bendix Fust. During this mission, Jango managed to claim the bounty on Stokk. (BH)

this was the capital city of the planet Leria Kerlsil. The city was opened to refugees during the Separatist crisis that rocked the Old Republic, just before the Clone Wars, but only for males with a net worth of 750,000 credits or more. (HNN5)

this was one of the larger settlements located on the moon of Skalokor. Stomorr was also one of the largest trading centers found on the moon. (GMR10)

this was a slang term for an Imperial AT-AT walker. (SWJ4)

Stone Claws
this was the name used by the native of Lok to describe the conical pillars that were erected in circles arouns ancient shrines found on the planet. Each of these shrines were circular depressions carved out of the ground, and eight or more stone claws ringed the outside. Xenoarchaeologists were unsure if the stone claws were meant for protection, or were used as markers of celestial events. (SWGAL)

Stone Eel
an eel-like creature, found on the planet Storthus, that is made of animated stone. (DRO)

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