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this was the name given to the native language of the Selonian race. (ANT)

Selonian Coneship
any of the hand-built Selonian transport ships, these coneships look like flattened cones. The wide end contains the ship's engines, while the small end contains the cockpit and viewports. The entire ship lands point upward, so that the ship's pilots must face upward on liftoff, rather than foreward as on most horizontal craft. The average coneship measures 20.5 meters in length, and has only enough room for a pilot and two passengers. The New Republic was forced to enact travellers' advisories in the Corellian system whenever a coneship was in flight, due to their unpredictable nature. (AS, CTD)

Selonian Enclave
the name given to the Selonian embassy building in Coronet, on Corellia. The Selonian Enclave was the sight of the first Human League attack on the Selonians in Coronet, following an attack on a Selonian neighborhood in Bela Vistal. (AC)

Selonian Fire
this Victory-class Star Destroyer was part of the fleet dispatched under the command of Admiral Ackbar to liberate the planet Ciutric from Prince-Admiral Krennel. Using the Thrawn Pincer to surprise Krennel's fleet, Ackbar had the Selonian Fire and a sister ship, the Corusca Fire, remain on the far side of the Ciutric System until called for. When Krennel activated the gravity well projectors on the Binder, Ackbar ordered the two Victory-class ships to microjump forward. The gravity shadow from the Binder pulled them out of hyperspace behind Krennel's fleet, allowing them to pummel Krennel's ships which were also trapped in place by the Interdictor cruiser. (IR)

Selonian Glaive
this heavy weapon was developed by the Selonian race, and was the primary weapon used in combat. The shaft of the glaive was formed from heavy wood. At one end of the glaive was an obsidian blade, while the other end sported a collection of obsidian hooks and barbs. Each glaive was created by an individual Selonian female, who proved herself worthy of wielding it by locating the materials herself. (CCW)

this planet is the thrid of three world which orbit the star Ropagi. Its orbit is quite a distance from Ropagi and the inner planets, Elpur and Ropagi II. It is a frigid ball of rock. (TSK)

Seltaya-class Fast Courier
this courier ship was developed by Hoersh-Kessel during the last years of the Old Republic. (YDR)

a member of Glott's bounty hunters. (ROC)

this was a form of Hutt Caravel produced by Ubrikkian Industries during the last years of the Old Republic. Measuring thirty meters in length, the Seltiss-1 could accommodate up to sixty-five passengers and 150 metric tons of cargo. Its crew compliment included a pilot and co-pilot, as well as up to three gunners. The Seltiss-1 was armed with four turret-mounted turbolaser cannons, a tractor beam projector, and a concussion missile launcher. (TF)

this modest caravel design was popular with up-and-coming Hutt figures who were only a few centuries old and have not established themselves as prominent figures. It was a large, space-going barge with a large, overhead sail and a prominent bow. (EGV)

this was a city located on the planet Naboo. Dren Melne was a native of this city. (SFT)

this planet is located in the Seltos Syste, and is known for its production of food, lumber, and precious ores. It is a mountainous world covered in dense forests. It orbits its primary star once every 459 days, which last about 20 standard hours. (RPG, GG12, TSK)

Seltos Planetary Soldiers
this group of law enforcement agents was created when the populace of Seltos overthrew the pro-Imperial government some years after the Battle of Endor. The new government, strongly aligned with the New Republic, established the SPS to help control former Imperial leaders and other dissidents. (TSK)

Seltrayne, Melenna
this young woman grew up an a street urchin on Ord Mantell, and was recruited into the Alliance when she failed in an attempt to pick Koris Haslam's wallet. She became a loyal member of his unit, answering only to Haslam before accepting the orders of the Alliance commanders. She was a pretty, slightly-built woman with blue eyes and blonde hair, and she often used her beauty to draw her targets off their guard. (SWJ10)

one of the Black Sun criminals working with Grobber during the reign of Zekka Thyne over Black Sun's Corellian interests. (TFE)

this YT-1300 transport was owned and operated by Twin Suns Transport Service. It was piloted by Aeron Azzameen during the Galactic Civil War, until it came uder fire from Viraxo pirates. Aeron's brother Ace was forced to destroy th Selu to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Viraxo. (XWA)

this Sullustan pilot worked with the smuggler Jarril, and was Jarril's primary business partner. Seluss once managed to steal the plans to the Millennium Falcon, but he was discovered by Han Solo and forced to return them. He disappeared during the bombing of the Senate Assembly Chamber, and was nowhere to be found when Jarril returned from discussing the Smuggler's Run with Han Solo. Thus, he wasn't aboard the Spicy Lady when it was hijacked by Dolph's agents. Jarril was killed, but Seluss returned to the Run continue Jarril's inquiry into the strange happenings within the Run. He faked his hatred toward Solo to cover his tracks and arrange a meeting with Solo in the Run. He was able to tell Han about the old Imperial equipment being transported through the Run, helping Solo break the mystery of the Run and undermine the efforts of Nandreeson. (TNR)

this name was common among Sullustan males, and referred to a serpent that was found in Sullustan caves. The appearance of this serpent was considered a good omen among Sullustan miners. (GCG)

this serpent was found in the tunnels and caves of the planet Sullust. Its sudden appearance was considered a good omen to Sullustan miners, since it indicated that the area was relatively safe to enter and exist in. (GCG)

this planet, orbited by a single moon, was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong during their invasion of the galaxy. A hot world, Selvaris orbited Centis Major and Renaant, the twin suns of the Tantara system, which continually bathed the planet in oppressive heat and humidity. The aquamarine oceans of Selvaris teemed with life, providing shellfish and fish for food. Its forests and jungles were also bountiful, providing many forms of fruits and vegetables. After the Battle of Coruscant, Selvaris was converted into a prison world, with a number of camps scattered across its landmasses. It was here that the prisoners captured during the Galactic Alliance's Operation Trinity at Bilbringi were taken for incarceration, until they could be sacrificed in a massive ceremony meant to solidify the Yuuzhan Vong's supremacy in the galaxy. It was from Selvaris that Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo, rescued the Jenet soldier Thorsh, who carried an important collection of mathematics codes in his head. (UF)

this woman was wanted by the Sith for a series of crimes, during the years leading up to the Great Sith War. She was killed in her apartment in the Lower City of Taris by a bounty hunter, who had been hired by Zax the Hutt. (KOTOR)

Semag System
Grand Admiral Thrawn tried to capture Admiral Zaarin in this system, in which the Empire developed its first, working cloaking device. (TIE)

this water-covered planet was the homeworld of the Vurk race. Much of the surface of Sembla was in a constant state of change, as active volcanoes regularly deposited new lava formations to alter the livable landmass. (SWDB)

a Bakuran Naval Captain, he served under Hortel Ossilege in the siege of Centerpoint Station. (SC)

Semqi Pefis
Vocis Kenit was assigned to this Victory-class Star Destroyer shortly after his graduation from the Imperial Academy on Lianna and his promotion to Junior Lieutenant. (FOP)

this surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy. (GCG)

Semtin, Marl
this Imperial Captain was distinguished by the metallic cyborg implants which covered his eyes and ears. A man who was frustrated by the Imperial bureaucracy's slow pace, he often worked with the criminal underground to obtain what he needed. Semtin lost his eyes after a deal with the criminal underground went sour. The staunch Imperial was forced to accept Trandoshan eyes are replacements when a raid on BioTech Industries' base on Ambria - at his direction - failed to produce a human pair. He was in command of the Victory-class Star Destroyer Harrow shortly after the Battle of Endor, and was one of the few Imperial officers who knew of the location of the Eidolon. He had researched the disappearance of the ship, and eventually discovered the truth. He threatened to blackmail Sate Pestage, and the vizier offered him a portion of the cache as payment for keeping the secret. Semtin maintained a small detachment of officers on Tatooine in hopes of securing the Eidolon Base cache for himself, and managed to capture Firith Olan before the Twi'lek could discover Eidolon Base himself. He brought the alien back to Ryloth, in an attempt to draw off Rogue Squadron's interest in Eidolon Base. He later brought out a group of elite special forces under the command of Sixtus Quin, in order to eliminate the Rogues. Once Semtin's treachery in using Olan to further his own plans for domination were discovered by Sixtus' men, they hunted Semtin down at Eidolon Base. Sixtus executed Semtin as soon as he was captured. (XWBT, HXW)

an Imperial assault transport group dispatched to Venzeiia 2 Prime. (TIE)

this was a common component used to create the names given to Cerean males. In general, male Cereans given an individual name, which is added to the names of their father and grandfather. Complete male names are arranged based on harmony and cadence, but the literal meanings are arranged to ensure proper descriptions. The name Sen indicated a judge or justiciar, or the quality of justice. (GCG)

Sen Udo-Mal
this Cerean was a noted Jedi Master and consular of the Old Republic. (SWRPG)

this was one of the most common female names among the Corellians. (GMR9)

this thin, meter-long organic spike was developed by the Yuuzhan Vong as a defense mechanism. Senalaks were grown in much the same was as grass or reeds, thriving in sandy soil. The roots of the senalak were also covered with thorns, and ravenously dug themselves into the soil. The blue tip of a senalak shaft contained a strand of thorn-studded cord, which was ejected and whipped about whenever an enemy presence disturbed the shaft. The thorny cord would then catch in the clothing or skin of the enemy, trapping it as the cord retracted back into the shaft. (SBS, UF)

this ocean-covered world was one of the moons orbiting the planet Rutan, and was once a colony world established by the Rutanians. Note that Jedi Apprentice: The Shattered Peace also describes Senali as a planet with four moons. The planet's four moons create intense tidal variation, creating swift currents in the oceans. In a violent and catastrophic civil war, Senali won its independence in a stunning upset. However, the war left both worlds devastated. The government of Rutan agreed to recognize Senali as a unique world, and both agreed to work together for peace. In an effort to continue the peace, it was agreed that the first-born child of each generation of the ruling houses on both worlds would travel to the other world once they reached the age of seven. They would remain on the other planet for nine years, learning about the other society. During this time, the children were allowed to receive visitors from, and occasionally visit, their homeworld, so that they never forgot their heritage. At the age of sixteen, the youths were allowed to return home in preparation for taking over as ruler of their homeworld. Another member of the royal family moved to the other world until the next generation was born. This arrangement worked well for many years, until the Rutanians sold information on the Senali to the Yuuzhan Vong. The alien invaders utterly devastated Senali, wiping out the civilization and much of the planet's surface before turning their attack to eliminate the Rutanians as well. (SP, FH1)

this was the name adopted by those Rutanians who colonized the moon of Senali and then won their independence in a bloody civil war. Although they were descended from Rutanian stock, they had a silvery coloration to their skin from tiny scales which had evolved over the generations. Senali also wore their hair shorter than the Rutanians. As a society, the Senali tried to do away with titles and the trappings of office, in an effort to ensure that every member of society wsa equal. Where their ancestors the Rutanians preferred to hunt and kill for sport, the Senali chose to hunt only to obtain food. Any food which was left over from a hunt was distributed to other families, so that no part of a kill was wasted. About twelve years before the Battle of Naboo, the Senali people became divided when Prince Leed of Rutan decided to remain on Senali. One faction argued that he should be allowed to do as he wished, since it was legally his decision. The other faction wanted him to return to Rutan, thereby ensuring the relative peace between the Rutanians and the Senalis. In the end, Leed was given the chance to remain on Senali, and the leaders of the two planets re-established the peace. This arrangement worked well for many years, until the Rutanians sold information on the Senali to the Yuuzhan Vong. The alien invaders utterly devastated Senali, wiping out the civilization and much of the planet's surface before turning their attack to eliminate the Rutanians as well. (SP, FH1)

Senate Action Subcommittee
this was the name used to describe the small, speciallized groups of Old Republic politicians that were appointed to perform a specific task. These action subcommittees were funded by the Galactic Senate, and were assigned to any number of necessities. During the Clone Wars, several action subcommittees were created to address various aspects of the war. However, like much of the Senate's proceedings, the work of the action subcommittees was often bogged down in political wrangling, meaning that nothing ever got done in a timely fashion. This was never more evident than when Senator Onaconda Farr was forced to step down as the leader of the Corellian Trade Spine Defense subcommittee, after the planet Duro was captured by the Separatists. Many reporters believed that Chancellor Palpatine would dissolve all current action subcommittees, in favor of a more centrallized war office. (SWI75)

Senate Arena
this was another term used to describe the Grand Convocation Chamber of the Senate Rotunda, used because it was often the site of heated debates that bordered on becoming all-out brawls. (E3N)

Senate Assembly Chamber
this huge, multi-tiered auditorium was located near the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. It was crowned by a beautiful stained-glass ceiling. The New Republic used this building to convene the full Senate body on a regular basis. Much of the seating was left over from the days of Emperor Palpatine, and did not quite accommdate many alien species. It was in this building, during a full Senate meeting, that Dolph triggered the detonation devices that were hidden in many of the Senators' personal droids. The resulting combination of explosions destroyed a great deal of the Chamber, and killed a large number of Senators. The initial blasts did a fair amount of damage, but the stained glass of the ceiling was never meant to withstand such a blast. The support structure and most of the glass rained down on the beings convened there, inflicting many lacerations and cuts, many of which were fatal. (TNR)

Senate Assembly Chamber
this huge, oblate building dominated the center of Galactic City on Coruscant during the Old Republic. The structure measured two full kilometers in diameter. Within its walls, the Senate debated on every aspect of galactic politics. 1,024 repulsor-equipped platforms were arranged around the chamber walls, allowing a delegation to move into the center of the chamber and address the entire chamber. It was rumored that some of the platforms were given speedier repulsor engines, thereby allowing the delegates they carried to reach the Chancellor's podium faster than other platforms. Radiating out behind the bay of each repulsor platform was a long chamber which provided each Senator with an environment that suited their natural worlds. The Chancellor, the Vice Chariman, and their immediate staff presided over the Senate chamber in a centrally-located spire which was topped with an open array of seats and stood 30 meters tall. In order to ensure that everything was done according to procedure, Senate cam droids floated throughout the chamber, recording speeches and monitoring votes while providing real-time coverage of all debates. These droids also piped audio to a central computer, which could send translated audio streams to the other delegates. (IG1, IWE1, COD)

Senate Budgetary Committee
once part of the Imperial Senate, they were responsible for authorizing the dispensing of credits to various groups within the Old Republic and, later, the Empire. This committee was disbanded along with the entire Senate, by Emperor Palpatine. (ISB)

Senate Bureau of Intelligence
this was the primary investigative force assigned to the Old Republic's Galactic Senate. The SBI as under the command of Armand Isard during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Isard was hand-picked by Chancellor Palpatine to reform the SBI, after the secession of many planets from the Republic and the growing terrorist attacks of the Separatists. (HNN5)

Senate Cam Droid
this was the generic term used to describe the small, repulsor-equipped droids which monitored the Senate proceedings of the Old Republic. Built to be unobtrusive, these droids had audio and video pickups which allowed them to provide real-time coverage of the Seante's proceedings. The coverage was also recorded for future reference. Audio was fed to a central conputer, which could then provide translated audio to the other Senators. A small number of these droids were assigned to individual Senators, while the majority were allowed to move about the chamber and record the debates. (SW1, IG1)

Senate Committee on New World Discovery and Exploration
this Old Republic Senate committee was charged with funding and furthering the exploration of the known galaxy, beyond all known borders. (PG3)

Senate District
this area of Imperial City on Coruscant was centered around the old Senate Rotunda, and contained much of the surrounding cityscape. Standing in stark contrast to its opulence, however, was the abandoned factory area known as The Works. (RP, LEV)

Senate Emergency Response
this body was formed by the Galactic Senate on Coruscant, in case of a catastrophic event that destroyed much of the galaxy's governmental structure. It was used only once in recorded history, in the wake of the First Battle of Coruscant, when Chancellor Palpatine assume the role of Emperor. The Senate Emergency Response team was forced to declare martial law on Coruscant after Palpatine claimed that the Jedi Order had tried to assassinate him, as part of a far-reaching plot to take control of the galaxy. Among their first actions was to surround the Jedi Temple and ensure that the so-called Jedi Rebellion didn't spread beyond its walls. (E3N)

Senate Guard
this was the order of stoic, blue-armored guards who protected the members of the Old Republic Senate. Their armor was distinctive, and was often considered to be one of the design cues used by the Imperial Royal Guards. Interestingly enough, the design for the Senate Guards' armor was based on the armor of the ancient Neo-Crusaders of Mandalore. Small groups of Senate Guards wer deployed across Coruscant to ensure the safety of the various members of the Galactic Senate. Their jurisdiction was not limited to Coruscant, however, as the Senate Guards often accompanied Senators to conferences and special sessions throughout the galaxy. Thus, the selection criteria for the Senate Guard was exceptionally stringent, in order to locate truly non-partisan guards who served the Repbulic itself. A select unit of the Senate Guard, charged with protecting Senator Palpatine after he was name the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, was distinguished from the Senate Guard by their red armor. Known as the Red Guard, these guards eventually became the Imperial Royal Guards. During the height of the New Order, the Senate Guard was rendered irrelevant when Emperor Palpatine dissolved the Galactic Senate. (IG1, SWI80, SWDB)

Senate Hall
this was the original Senatorial building established on the planet Coruscant, to serve as the base of operations for the Galactic Senate. It was later replaced by the Senate Rotunda, also known as the Galactic Senate Chamber. (CCW)

Senate Hall
this was the name of the building which housed the New Republic Senate, during the earliest years of the New Republic. It was built upon the foundation of the old Galactic Senate Rotunda, which had suffered damaged during the Imperial occupation of Coruscant. The Senate Hall was used for many years until it suffered major damage in an attack by Dolph. In its place, and upon the Rotunda foundation which took very little damage, was built the Grand Convocation Chamber. (SOP, T)

Senate Hill
located in Imperial City, on Coruscant, Senate Hill was formed by a series of small, unimposing monuments to the justice and glory of Old Republic. When Palpatine rebuilt much of Imperial City, he left Senate Hill alone, preferring to dwarf its significance with the sheer size of the Imperial Palace. (XWN)

Senate Hospital
see Senate Medcenter (LEV)

Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee
this branch of the Galactic Senate was charged with ensuring that funds provided to the Grand Army of the Republic were put to proper use, during the height of the Clone Wars. The committee opposed any non-military usage of clone troopers, and had tried to block the use of clone commandos and probe droids on Coruscant itself. Chancellor Palpatine eventually overruled their decision, citing that Separatist spies might already be working on the planet. This decision allowed Mace Windu to assemble a team of investigators to search The Works for evidence of Darth Sidious' existence. (LEV)

Senate Interspecies Advisory Committee
this group, sponsored by the Galactic Senate several decades before the Clone Wars, was formed to monitor the growing racial tensions between members of various alien and human races. The panel consisted of governmental experts as well as Jedi Knights, in an effort to understand how different races interacted with each other, and how to avoid unnecessary conflict. (DFR)

Senate Investigating Commission on Crime Syndication, Dissemination, and Proliferation in the Core and Mid-Rim Systems
this committee was formed within the Galactic Senate, several decades before the Battle of Geonosis, to investigate the ways in which criminal organizations were formed, grew, and expanded throughout the Core Worlds and the Mid Rim. Many Senators from other regions of the galaxy demanded that the committee expand its scope, since much of the galaxy's crime was moving away from the Core to avoid the notice of the Republic and the Jedi Order. (SOJ)

Senate Justice Council
this body, formed from the ranks of the New Republic Senate, was charged with ensuring that the Republic acted legally in its endeavors. (JE)

Senate Medcenter
this hospital facility was located in the Senate District of Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic, and was set aside to handle the varied needs of the Galactic Senate and its members. (LEV)

Senate Office Building
this annex of the Senate Rotunda provided offices and working spaces for the Senators of the Old Republic and their aides, allowing them to accomplish work items and communicate with their constituents in between sessions of the Senate. (VD3, E3N)

Senate Planetary Intelligence Network
known as SPIN, this is a secret organization created by the Alliance after the death of Emperor Palpatine to uncover pockets of Imperial resistance in the galaxy. It was based on Yavin 4, until Trioculus razed the moon in his effort to locate the Lost City of the Jedi. SPIN was relocated from Yavin 4 to a location on Mount Yoda, on Dagobah, before Mon Mothman disbanded it in favor of other important missions. (GDV, MMY, EGC)

Senate Plaza
this was the name used to describe the open-air walkway that surrounded the Senate Rotunda on the planet Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (LEV)

Senate Podium
see Chancellor's Podium (E3N)

Senate Relief Fund
this huge relief fund was established by the Galactic Senate of the Old Republic, to fund the recovery efforts that were performed on members worlds which suffered natural disasters or were ravaged by war. (JQ8)

Senate Rotunda
this was the name of the squat, round building used to house the Galactic Senate, during the last millennium of the Old Republic. Large enough to hold 1,024 delegates, their entourages, and living quarters for Senators and their assistants, the Rotunda plunged deep into the cityscape of Coruscant. Each Senator had a repulsor-equipped dais that allowed them to approach the Supreme Chancellor from their own offices. The docking station for each dais could generate a privacy screen, which allowed the Senators to discuss matters with their advisors. Neighboring privacy screens could be overlapped if two or more Senators wanted to converse. The Chancellor, as befitting his position, presided over the Senate from a tall spire located in the exact center of the Rotunda. The building's architect boasted that the Rotunda was indestructible, and that any weapon that could destroy it would crack Coruscant in half. During the Clone Wars, Chancellor Palpatine disabled the privacy screens, ostensibly to allow for more open dialogue on the war. In reality, this allowed his security hovercams to move about among the Senators, recording conversations that might be considered rebellious. The Rotunda endured the early stages of the Gaalctic Civil War, but suffered damaged when the Empire retook the planet five years after the Battle of Endor. It suffered more damage when the New Republic reclaimed Coruscant, but its internal structure remained intact. The Grand Convocation Chamber of the New Republic was built upon its remains, providing a stable base. (SW1, IWE1, T, VD3)

Senate Security Committee
this subteam of the Galactic Senate was focused on the safety and security of those beings who were serving as Senators during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWI81)

Senate Select Committee for Refugees
known as SELCORE, this New Republic Senate-approved committee was formed to address the problem of the incredible number of refugees who were forced to flee their homeworlds in the face of the Yuuzhna Vong invasion. The committee held the Conclave on the Plight of the Refugees in order to gain the agreement of planets to house, feed, and protect the refugees. Their ultimate goal was to establish species-specific enclaves for the peoples of the Tingel Arm and the Corporate Sector, matching compatible species in order to help maximize space. While the committee ran itself well enough, stretching every credit and every resource to its utmost degreee to keep beings fed and housed, the continual advance of the Yuuzhan Vong kept the number of new refugees growing at an alarming rate. Unexpected help came in the form of humanitarian aide from the Hapes Consortium, which gave SELCORE much needed supplies and resources. What they lacked, however, were enough safeworlds on which to transplant the refugees. This situation was compounded by the fact that the Senators of the New Republic continued to argue about which planets to defend and which to abandon, and Senators from many well-defended worlds did not want their already strained resources to be diluted to accommodate refugees. After Viqi Shesh was exposed as a traitor and the Yuuzhan Vong captured Coruscant, SELCORE was more or less disbanded as the government splintered and fled into the Outer Rim. (HT, JE, NJOSB)

Senate-class Transport
this was one of the most luxurious transport ships developed during the last years of the Old Republic. (RP)

Senator Cowardheart
this was the term used by the Phindian Captain of the Pride of Honor, when he confronted the New Republic Senators who had commandeered the warship to escape the Battle of Coruscant. He publically denounced the Senators' use of military ships for personal survival, demanding to know how they had the audacity to save their own lives while thousands remained trapped on Coruscant during the Yuuzhan Vong reshaping of the planet. (DW)

Senator Curdleguts
this was the term used by the Phindian Captain of the Pride of Honor, when he confronted the New Republic Senators who had commandeered the warship to escape the Battle of Coruscant. He publically denounced the Senators' use of military ships for personal survival, demanding to know how they had the audacity to save their own lives while thousands remained trapped on Coruscant during the Yuuzhan Vong reshaping of the planet. (DW)

Senator Decamp
this was the term used by the Phindian Captain of the Pride of Honor, when he confronted the New Republic Senators who had commandeered the warship to escape the Battle of Coruscant. He publically denounced the Senators' use of military ships for personal survival, demanding to know how they had the audacity to save their own lives while thousands remained trapped on Coruscant during the Yuuzhan Vong reshaping of the planet. (DW)

Senator Flyaway
this was the term used by the Phindian Captain of the Pride of Honor, when he confronted the New Republic Senators who had commandeered the warship to escape the Battle of Coruscant. He publically denounced the Senators' use of military ships for personal survival, demanding to know how they had the audacity to save their own lives while thousands remained trapped on Coruscant during the Yuuzhan Vong reshaping of the planet. (DW)

Senator Scramblefree
this was the term used by the Phindian Captain of the Pride of Honor, when he confronted the New Republic Senators who had commandeered the warship to escape the Battle of Coruscant. He publically denounced the Senators' use of military ships for personal survival, demanding to know how they had the audacity to save their own lives while thousands remained trapped on Coruscant during the Yuuzhan Vong reshaping of the planet. (DW)

Senator Sneakaway
this was the term used by the Phindian Captain of the Pride of Honor, when he confronted the New Republic Senators who had commandeered the warship to escape the Battle of Coruscant. He publically denounced the Senators' use of military ships for personal survival, demanding to know how they had the audacity to save their own lives while thousands remained trapped on Coruscant during the Yuuzhan Vong reshaping of the planet. (DW)

Senatorial Accounts Presidium
based on Coruscant, this governmental body oversaw the various ways in which the Senators of the Galactic Senate spent credits, from funding campaigns and comittees to travel and other expenses. (IWE2)

Senatorial Apartments
this building was second only to 500 Republica in terms of luxury accommodations for the beings that made up the Galactic Senate, during the last decades of the Old Republic. The key difference between the two buildings was that the Senatorial Apartments was privately owned and operated. (E3N)

Senatorial Communications Center
this was the central communications hub, based on the planet Coruscant during the last years of the Old Republic, that linked the Galactic Senate to the far-flung member worlds of the Republic. The SCC was staffed around the clock, in case important information arrived. (JT)

Senatorial Debauchery Improv Troupe
this was one of the most popular groups of improvisational comedians and actors, active during the height of the New Order. (WOTC)

Senatorial Guard
this was another name for the Alderaanian Guard, which was dispatched by Bail Organa to protect diplomats from Alderaan during the height of the New Order. They evolved from the ranks of the Alderaan Guard. (JKG, BW)

Senatorial News Agency
based in Galactic City, on the planet Coruscant, this news agency provided complete coverage of the preceedings in the Galactic Senate during the last decades of the Old Republic. (IWE2)

Sencil Corporation
a droid manufactured based on Churba, it was nationalized by the Empire in an effort to control Mid-Rim droid markets. (SWJ6)

Sencker, Lindu
an Imperial scientist, Dr. Sencker was approached by Geothray Camber. Camber prodived Sencker with the scandocs and specifications to the hyperspace orbiting scanner, which he hoped Sencker's team could build. Sencker's team was able to successfully implement the complex technology put forth by Camber. (ISB)

Sendarl Electronics
this Esselian manufacturer was an industrial giant in Darpa Sector during the New Order. When the fringe rebel group known as the Faceless began attacking Imperial outposts and claiming that the Empire was decidedly pro-Human, Sendarl's mainly alien workforce went on strike. The company's plants were virtually shut down, and operated only with droid labor until Kanno Sebak negotiated an end to the strike. (SWJ9)

Sender of Battle
see Dra'jhok (GMR1)

this Twi'lek served as Tirgee Benyalle's bodyguard, during the early years of the New Republic. Despite his allegiance to Benyalle, Sendir took a large bribe to allow Imperial Admiral Kermen's forces to infiltrate her organization in preparation for Kermen's hostile takeover of Kaal. When Kermen gave the word, Sendir stabbed Benyalle in the back with a knife. He was quickly detained by agents of the New Republic and held for imprisonment. (SWJ7)

this Imperial General in the Intelligence Bureau's Destabilization Branch was a do-nothing officer on Prince Xizor's payroll. Sendo reported pertinent information to Black Sun for a regular fee. (SE)

this Imperial Security Bureau agent recommended that Tamaron Rill's daughter would be the perfect bounty hunter to locate Tamaron himself, who was wanted in connection with "rebellious activities." (GG10)

Seneria, Jullisa
this girl was the daughter of Yasil Seneria. While playing, she inadvertently slipped off a ledge, but managed to grab a piece of wood and hold on. Her screams were overheard by her father and a roving lepusa. Before her father could reach her, the lepusa fashioned a rope from a length of vine and dangled it down to her. After she grabbed hold, the lepusa pulled her up and out of harm's way. Then, the creature disappeared. (COG)

Senerio, Yasil
this man was a farm manager on the planet Freliq during the Galactic Civil War. He was one of the strongest supporters of the idea that the lepusa were intelligent, especially after he witnessed a lepusa's problem-solving and tool-using skills when it rescued his daughter from a ledge. (COG)

Senesca, Zev
Zev grew up on Kestic Station, near Bestne. He and his parents were sympathetic to the Alliance, and worked to supply the Alliance with arms. When the Empire located the station and discovered their gun-running scheme, the Star Destroyer Merciless was sent to destroy the station. Zev, who had also supported the Alliance, was able to escape the destruction. However, he blamed the Alliance for the deaths of his parents, and set out on his own to become a free trader. After a few months of reflection, Zev realized that he had actually been responsible for the destruction of Kestic Station, after he learned that the leak of information had occurred when he had told a "friend" about the gun-running he was doing. So, he returned to fray and rejoined the Alliance soon after. He singlehandedly held off three TIE fighters during the Alliance's evacuation of the Alis Point base. He later served at the Alliance's Echo Base on Hoth, and was part of the Rogue Squadron of snowpseeder pilots, serving as Rogue Two under Luke Skywalker. It was Zev who found Han Solo and Commander Skywalker after they had been stuck outside all night, following a wampa attack that nearly claimed Skywalker's life. Unfortunately for the Alliance, Zev was killed shortly afterward, during the Battle of Hoth. (ESB, SWSB, MTS, GG3)

this was the Tarasin word for any dream that was intepreted by a Mother to be a true vision of the future. The occurrence of a se'neth was a rare event, and signaled great events. During the Clone Wars, Mother Dariana experienced a se'neth in which she saw the tide of the war sweeping over Cularin, then the oppression of the Empire. Her vision also showed her a way that the Tarasin could survive, but only if they worked together. (LFCW)

Senex Sector
an area of the galaxy found in the Outer Rim Territories, it had been ruled by a number of familial houses since it was first settled. It was located near the Juvex Sector and the Ninth Quadrant, and was connected to the rest of the galaxy by the Rimma Trade Route. During the Old Republic, Senex Sector was an independent entity that maintained its autonomous stance with the agreement of the Republic. The open acceptance of slavery by the many Houses that controlled the Senex Sector, especially Houses Vandron and Elegin, was what prevented the Republic from accepting Senex Sector as a full member of the Republic. (COJ, COD)

Senex System
site of an Imperial Training Center during the Galactic Civil War. Alliance pilot Dev, during one of his training missions, ended up in the system and destroyed the fleet stationed there. (XW)

Senin Vant
this Utai served as an Air Commodore in the Utapau Skyforce during the height of the Clone Wars. (X3)

Senior Clone Commander
this was the rank given to those clone commanders who worked side-by-side with a Jedi General to command an Army Legion, during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWI84)

Senior Jedi General
this was the rank given to those Jedi Masters who were given command of a Sector Army, during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWI84)

Senko Systems
manufacturers of starship weapons components, including the Tru-Lok 5000 laser cannon. (HTSB)

this Imperial Admiral patrolled Airam Sector during the Galactic Civil War. He was in command of the Super-class Star Destroyer Vengeance. (XVT)

this was the first planet in the Kessel System, and was a smoldering, boiling rock. Note that the Wizards of the Coast Planet Hoppers feature names this planet Salvo. (JASB, PH)

this deadly poison was often used to coat the end of darts and arrows. Jodo Kast was one of the most well-known individuals to use it, although it was discovered that Jango Fett used Sennari to kill Zam Wesell decades earlier. (TM, NEGW)

this planet was located near Kothlis. (FTD)

Sennes Mountains
this mountain range was located on the planet Rhinnal, just north of the city of Rhire and bounded by the Zirfan Glacier. (CCW)

Sennex Pirates
this group of space pirates, active during the last decades of the Old Republic, was known to have trafficked slaves of many different races. It was believed that the Sennex Pirates purchased Aurra Sing from the Dark Woman, after the young humanoid failed to adapt to Jedi training. (ASNG)

this given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

Senni Vek
this Twi'lek worked as a messenger for the Genoharadan Assassin Guild, during the era of the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

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