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this New Republic Senator held Han Solo to blame for firing the shots which started the riots on Bothawui, shortly after the revelation of the Caamas Document, even though there was no supporting evidence. (SOP)

Riij Winward claimed to be travelling from Tramanos to Shibric when he was captured by Captain Niriz while on the Hopskip. (TFE)

this Defender-class assault carrier was part of the New Republic's Fifth Battle Group, and participated in the initial blockade of the planet Doornik-319 during the Yevethan Purge. (SOL)

Shield Bicapsular Directrix
abbreviated SBD, this was a measure of a starship shielding system's rate of recharge. (XW)

Shield Generator
a power source used to create and maintain a deflector shield. They are often ground-based implements which use a focusing dish to project the shield around a ship, a building, or parts of a planet. (ROTJ)

Shield Hover
a maneuver which tests the shield integrity of a starship, the shield hover involves maintaining a starship's weight off the ground with nothing but its shields. The ship is first lifted by its repulsors, then the shields are activated. The landing gear is retracted, and the repulsors are then slowly cut off. If the shields hold, the ship then hovers above the ground. Good pilots are ready, in case the shields fail, to engage the repulsors and catch the ship before it crashes back to the ground. In some cases, either the forward or aft shield will go, while the other remains intact. This can cause the ship to bounce and flip over onto its topside, causing greater collateral damage. (AC)

Shield Projector
a shipboard component which generates and projects a defensive shield around a starship. They can be small (such as the Chempat projectors used on X- and Y-Wings) or large (such as the Serridge SEAL system). They create deflector shields which roughly follow the contour of the ship. (SW, SCRE)

Shield, The
this group of freelance "security specialists" was also a collection of Alliance operatives, active during the Galactic Civil War. They started out protecting corporate couriers during intra-system travel, then expanded to act as executive bodyguards. Eventually, The Shield got into espionage and security work. Much of their work was done to protect supporters and members of the Alliance, provided that their resonable prices were paid. (CRO)

a huge, umbrella-shaped craft used to shield spacecraft from the heat of Nkllon's sun. It was one of the first creations of the Republic Engineering Corporation. The design specifications were originally formed by Lando Calrissian. It is basically a curved, 800-meter dish on top, with a 400-meter long cylinder extending from the bottom. The underside of the dish is packed with various cooling systems, while the cylinder contains the main drive. The shieldships proved to be hard to pilot, because of their unique configuration and the rigors of keeping the large ships in place to protect smaller craft. Also, due to the harsh conditions in which they operation, shieldships require constant maintenance of their shields and cooling systems. Lando originally purchased twelve shieldships, allowing him to make three trips from the shieldship depot on Qat Chrystac to Nkllon per day. This allowed plenty of downtime for the repairs necessary to keep the ships running well. After the destruction of Nomad City by Grand Admiral Thrawn, no other shieldships have been built. (HTTE, EGV)

Shieldship 9
this was the designation of the shieldship assigned to escort the Millennium Falcon and Luke's X-wing to Nomad City, during the New Republic's attempt to enlist the aid of Lando Calrissian in the fight against Grand Admiral Thrawn. (HTTE)

this was a pseudonym used by a smuggler who had a great deal of experience with droids. Shieljar was based on Duroon. (SWJ13)

this was the ancient term used to describe the Form V lightsaber fighting style. Note that the Wizards of the Coast website indicates that the Shien style of fighting was unique, with a Jedi holding their lightsaber horizontally. The tip of the blade was pointed at the opponent, and was swung in a quick arc as the Jedi punched their sword-hand at their opponent. (SWI68, WOTC)

Shiendi Lomu
this was the name of a noted Woostoid individual. (UANT)

Shif, Lufta
this woman, a native of the planet Naboo, served Queen Amidala as the minister of education. (IG1)

Shifa System
this Tapani Sector star system was part of the holdings of House Calipsa during the New Order. (LOE)

this Outer Rim Territories world is home to a population of humans. (TTSB)

any type of deflector shield which helps deflect solid material, rather than energy. They are used to deflect small meteorites. (SWN)

Shigormallan, Mishowan
a native of the planet Yelsain, Shigormallan joined the crew of a cargo hauler as a teenager. When the planetary government began taxing shipments in order to support the Empire, his commanders opted not to pay them. He found himself constantly under the scrutiny of Imperial Customs agents and the Imperial Security Bureau, He met a group of Alliance field agents during one of his detention periods, and decided to join the Alliance. He completed training in the Special Forces division, and was given a place in the Pathfinders regiment. He was hoped to get a position with the Wilderness Fighters, but attacked his new position with zeal despite the setback. He was quickly promoted from Trooper to Lieutenant, and accepted a position in Task Force Shen. He replaced a popular officer who was killed in action, and his brash, abrasive style didn't immediately mesh with the rest of the team. However, his skills proved he was more than worthy of the job, and he excelled in leading the Patfinder platoon under the command of Major Mart Stevez. (ROE)

this was the ancient term used to describe the Form I lightsaber fighting style. (SWI68)

this was the name of the ancient language of the Shi'ido. Incorporating a wide range of vocalizations, the Shi'idese language was believed to have no written form. (UANT)

this Aqualish served as an aide to Po Nudo, during the height of the Clone Wars. (VD3)

native to the planet Lao-mon, the Shi'dio - or Sh'shuun, in their native language - were a rare race of shapeshifting aliens. The Shi'ido had the uncanny ability to fog the minds of those around them, allowing them time to alter their appearance and make those around them seeing their new form as the true form. These two traits allowed the Shi'ido to co-exist with nearly any other race as if they were members of it. They could appear to be almost any species, and cloud the minds of those around them to reduce suspicions. Unlike other polymorphic species, the Shi'ido's natural endoskeleton limited their ability to shape-shift to humanoid forms only. Because of their unusual abilities, the Shi'ido were thought of as disreputable spies and assassins, roles for which they were sought after by the Empire and large, criminal organizations. In general, however, they were a non-aggressive species which could live to be 500 years old or more. (ISU, GOF4, SWJ12, AE)

this was one of the "marks of combat" defined by the Jedi Knights for lightsaber combat. Shiim was the use of the edge of a lightsaber blade to inflict a wound on the opponent's body. Many Jedi Masters considered shiim to be an inferior form of mark, since it suggested a Jedi's indecision in battle and the superiority of one's opponent. (SWI62)

this mysterious being owned Shiin's Library in Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. She only met her patrons after they passed the test of her droid gatekeeper, and different visitors reported her race as Cerean, Mon Calamari, and even Twi'lek. The truly erudite visitors to the library cared little for her appearance, although many wondered whether Shiin was a shape-shifter or simply several different beings all claiming to be Shiin. (GMR7)

Shiin's Library
this library was located in the city of Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, during the era of the New Order. The library was privately maintained, although the benefactor(s) of the library were just as mysterious as its owner, Shiin. Inside the walls of Shiin's Library was an impressive collection of records and information Shiin had amassed over the years, and the library was only opened to those beings who were truly scholars in search of data. Access to the library was maintained by a droid gatewatcher that grumpily asked each visitor a series of questions to verify their educational background and reasons for access. Once past the gatewatcher, visitors were greeted by Shiin herself, or at least a being who claimed to be Shiin. She collected a small fee from each visitor, then led them to a computer access terminal rfom which they could gather information. Hidden within the databanks of Shiin's Library were the B'omarr Registry and the Quilan Pyradex, just to name a few of the obscure and unusual documents Shiin had collected. Other information was regularly culled from corporate and governmental networks, and Shiin sometimes offered her services as slicer to her clientele. (GMR7)

this was a vulgar term, used to indicate another being who you despised. (TAE)

this lush, jungle-covered planet was located in the Unknown Regions, and was the homeworld of the Shikitari race. (SWDB)

this immense race of barely-sentient, insectoid beings was native to the planet Shikitari. Like most insects, the Shikitari had a multi-staged lifecycle. Shikitari larvae mature inside eggs which were protected by a poisonous gel. As pupae, Shikitari emerge from their eggs and fuse to one another, forming a single being from many smaller individuals. Individual Shikitari grow specialized body parts to become eyes, mouths, feelers, and the entire organism evolved to mimic its guardian or parent. Thus, Shikitari that were raised by humanoids were humanoid in appearance. When the various pupae of a Shikitari individual matured, which took only two standard days, they exuded a chitinous material that formed an immense chrysalis. During this time, individual Shikitari pupae metamorphosed into flutterscouts, which craked open the chrysalis and flew away. (SWDB)

Shil Tervo
this being served as the Project Engineer during the development of the Lantillian GX1 Short Hauler. (HNN4)

this surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy. (GCG)

Shild, Sarn
this former Moff controlled the Hutt space arund Nal Hutta during the early years of the New Order. A tall, sallow man with ascetic looks, Shild wore no jewelry except for a black krayt dragon pearl in one earlobe, mirroring his jet-black hair and black uniform. He received several unsolicited "political contributions" and other gifts from the Hutts, and he, in turn, left the Hutts alone to do business as they pleased. He honored this agreement until a group of rebels, smuggled onto the planet Rampa II, destroyed an Imperial outpost there. Shild then issued orders to cut off any and all smuggling in his sector, and bring the Hutts to their knees. Jabb and Jiliac sent Han Solo to bribe the Moff, but he refused to be swayed. He ordered Admiral Greelanx to attack Nar Shaddaa and wipe out the smugglers' moon, but the assault failed for several reasons. Shild retired to his estate on Teth, only to learn that his beautiful aide - cunningly played by Bria Tharen - had left him. Rather than face the wrath of the Emperor, Shild committed suicide. (THG, RD)

this planet was the homeworld of the Togruta race. (VD2)

this slaver and his crew were known to have treated their slaves quite well, including using stun batons rather than blasters to keep slaves in line. (GUN)

this dark, seedy cantina, owned by the Morganian Tan Shilley, is located in the heart of Gralleenya city, on Questal. It was the favored locale for illegal meetings and transactions, although it was considered neutral ground between law and order. The owner paid good, hard credits to both sides to keep it that way. (GCQ)

this woman was one of the many underlings who worked for the crimelord Vex, on the planet Cularin, during the last years of the Old Republic. Shilly was often part of the convoy that was dispatched to make regular deliveries for Vex, piloting a speeder and serving as one of the main contacts for the exchange. Shilly was killed during an exchange that turned out to be a trap that had been set by Riboga's agents. She and Guster escaped from the initial ambush, but Riboga's men chased them down and destroyed their speeder. Shilly died in the explosion when the speeder's engines blew up. (LFCW)

this bloated Hutt crimelord was a vigo for the Black Sun organization during the decaded leading up to the Battle of Naboo. It was Shiltu to managed to acquire the entire organization of Tarnese Lyanne, although many questioned the ethics of his actions. Tarnese Bleyd had hoped to exact a measure of revenge on Shiltu, to assuage the humiliation the Clan Tarnese had to endure. Unfortunately for Bleyd, Shiltu died some eight years before the Battle of Geonosis from a massive cellular hemorrhage. (MBS)

Shim-bay Crispa
this meal was a specialty of the chefs of the planet Brentaal. (SWJ13)

Shimer Londalin
this Ruurian won the decaped-plus race in the "Mobquet Presents: Fastest Land Beings" racing series, just prior to the onset of the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

this planet, located in the Outer Rim Territories, was the homeworld of the Pacithhip race. It was a remote world, but was located close enough to a major trade route to attract business. (AE)

this was the native language of the Pacithhip race, a language of snorts, trumpets, and intricate vocalizations. The written form of Shimiese used a collection of pictograms to convey words and figures of speech. (UANT)

this frozen world was the site of an Alliance labor camp. (SWJ1)

native to the planet G'rho, these reptiles were named for the way their shiny scales caught and reflected light. (TBSB)

a stylish fabric originally used for women's clothing, shimmersilk was used to create wonderful cloaks and robes for nobility across the galaxy. (HSE, WOTC)

this was a common name among the Ryn. (UANT)

Shimper Ale
this was the cover name of a small rebel cell working on the planet Obulette, in Tapani Sector, at the height of the Galactic Civil War. Most of its members were enthusiastic amateur warrioers from House Mecetti, but they were extermely careful in their activities. (LOE)

a member of Domain Jamaane, this Yuuzhan Vong was the Supreme Overlord during the initial invasion of the known galaxy. It was Lord Shimrra's vision that led the Yuuzhan Vong to leave their own galaxy and seek out the New Republic. He believed that he was given a vision from the gods, of an unclean galaxy which needed to be cleansed. Yuuzhan Vong priests agreed that his vision was true, and approved the generation-spanning mission to cross the galaxies. Shimrra was an enormous individual, and spent a great deal of his time secreted in a vast chamber aboard an unspecific worldship, surrounded by all the trappings of the Yuuzhan Vong elite. An immense hau polyp dais supported his weight, and rare paaloc incense burned in his chamber. Shimrra was distinguished among the Yuuzhan Vong by the fact that he was born with a twin sibling, a rare event that was supposedly pre-ordained by the gods whenever a strong leader was needed. As lore required, Overlord Shimrra killed his twin brother, thereby allowing him to grow powerful and worshipped as the favorite of the gods. Shimrra developed his base of power by killing Quoreal, the former Overlord, claiming that the gods had chosen him as the new Overlord. Shimrra did much to cover his tracks, and he continually claimed that his power came from the gods. In reality, he developed much of his power through subtle manipulation of the Yuuzhan Vong religion and the cortexes of knowledge they maintained. As the battle to control the galaxy raged on, Shimrra began to panic as early victories gave way to a grudging stalemate, then turned to defeats. He continued to manipulate religion to secure his position, but many of his subordinates began to question his authority, primarily Nen Yim and the Shapers. When it was discovered that Shimrra had killed Ekh'm Val to cover up the existence of the plaent Zonama Sekot, Shimrra's position began to crumble. His fear of the planet, which seemed to tie the Yuuzhan Vong to the galaxy, became more and more public knowledge, despite his efforts to cover it up. After many months of watching his forces lose ground to the flesgling Galactic Alliance, Shimrra had tired of the growing opposition to his rule, as well as to the unusual problems that kept the dhuryam on Coruscant from functioning properly. Using his people's desire to please their gods as a base, Shimrra told the Yuuzhan Vong that their lack of faith in his leadership was actually a lack of faith in their gods, who had appointed Shimrra in the first place. He then went on to say that the problems on Coruscant and the mounting defeats in battle were caused by the gods' desire to show the Yuuzhan Vong that they had failed to maintain the proper levels of devotion. The situation, he explained, was based in the generations-long migration from their original galaxy, during which time a lack of wars and combat made the Yuuzhan Vong forget about their gods and focus on their own glorification. As if to prove himself, Shimrra created the Slayers, a mingling of warrior and priest to develop a Yuuzhan Vong version of the Jedi Knights. He surrounded himself with Slayer guards, and retreated into The Citadel. Secretly, Shimrra believed that the gods had abandoned the Yuuzhan Vong bcause they were angry at being cast aside, and jealous that Shimrra had gained so much power over them. He seemed to have his beliefs confirmed when Zonama Sekot arrived in orbit near Coruscant, as he raged to Nom Anor that it was the gods who brought the living planet from the brink of disaster to harrass the Yuuzhan Vong. It was an act of war, he claimed, against the beings who had decided they no longer needed the gods. By destroying Zonama Sekot, Shimrra believed he could destroy the gods themselves, thereby gaining absolute power over the Yuuzhan Vong. To accomplish this goal, Shimrra held the dying ship that had returned from Caluula in orbit around Coruscant, then dispatched it to land on Zonama Sekot. Shimrra reasoned that the Alpha Red virus would affect Zonama Sekot much the same way it had affected the Yuuzhan Vong. Ensconced in the Moonbeam Throne, Shimrra commanded the World Brain that controlled Coruscant to begin destroying the planet's surface. Couched in commands that made it seem as if such destruction was necessary to save the planet, Shimrra's words were directed toward a less-noble goal, for Shimrra simply wanted to destroy the planet and make it unusable to either side of the war. This plan was thwarted when Jacen Solo arrived on Coruscant with his sister Jaina and their uncle, Luke Skywalker. The trio infiltrated the Citadel after Jacen gained control of the World Brian's mind, but Shimrra dispatched fifteen of his best Slayers to attack them. The three Jedi held their, in part because the World Brain was tossing the Citadel around like a ball. Shimrra remained in his throne until it appeared Luke as exhausted from the battle. Descending the throne and unfurling the Scepter of Power, Shimrra easily overpowered Luke and wrapped him in the amphistaff's coils. Shimrra then drew a lightsaber from his cloak, laughing as he revealed that the weapon had once belonged to Anakin Solo. As Shimrra prepared to kill Luke with the weapon, Luke allowed the Scepter of Power to stab him in the side, momentarily distracting the Supreme Overlord. With this small chance, Luke gained possession of his own lightsaber, as well as Anakin's. In one swift motion, Luke drove both weapons into Shimrra's neck, then drew them apart to decapitate the Supreme Overlord. It was only after Shimrra's death that the forces of the Galactic Alliance came to realize that Shimrra was not actually in control of the Yuuzhan Vong throughout the invasion. Shimrra, it seemed, had been merely the puppet of his familiar, the Shamed One known as Onimi. It was Onimi who had managed to re-establish a connection with the Force, giving him powers that the other Yuuzhan Vong could never have. His position as a Shamed One had given Onimi the opportunity to take control of Shimrra's mind, using the Supreme Overlord to do his bidding. With the death of Onimi at the hands of Jacen Solo, the true Overlord was indeed killed. (HT, EVC, EVR, SBS, FP, UF)

a pleasant-smelling flower found on Kuan. (TIE)

this man served as one of the traffic control controllers at the Soco-Jarael Spaceport, on Socorro, during the years surrounding the Battle of Endor. (GMR2)

this man was the Imperial Moff in command of Spirva Sector, during the height of the New Order. (SWJ12)

Shinda Center
located on Procopia's Estalle Island, this was the largest shopping mall found in the Expanse of Tapani Sector at the height of the New Order. It measured almost two full kilometers in length, and had seven levels at its largest point. (LOE)

Shindra Lady
this was the name of Jinjur Tomas' starship, an MRX-BR Pacifier she purchased shortly after the Battle of Hoth. She loved the ship, even though it was completely stock, considering it "her baby." (LOE)

Shindra System
this Tapani Sector star system was part of the holdings of House Melantha during the New Order. (LOE)

Shindra's Veil
this area of nebular gas was located in Tapani Sector. (TSIA)

Shine Astara
this upscale restaurant was located in the city of Daplona, on Ciutric. The word "Shine" was pronounced "sheen," with an Imperial accent. (IR)

this unusual form of lighting was created by the members of the Colony. The shell of the shine-ball was formed from the sticky wax that the insectoid beings exuded, allowing them to be stuck on the ceiling or the walls. Once the Colony's existence became known beyond the Unknown Regions, other worlds began purchasing the inexpensive shine-balls for use in lighting passageways and tunnels. Most shine-balls were large, jewel-like spheres of a bright blue material. (DN1)

this R2 astromech unit served as Myn Donos' co-pilot as a member of Wraith Squadron. (WS)

Shinev, Thuv
this man served as a New Republic Senator, representing the Tion Hegemony during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. After the fall of Coruscant, Senator Shinev began arguing in support of the Jedi Knights, calling out those Senators who had called for their surrender after the Jedi were instrumental in defeating the Yuuzhan Vong at the Battle of Ebaq. (HT, FH1)

Shinkai Abyss
an underwater chasm measuring 5,000 kilometers in length, the Shinkai Abyss was found in the oceans of Spira, cutting across much of the eastern hemisphere of the planet. Its walls are encrusted with crystals. (SWJ1)

this woman was a native of the planet Ennth. She was among the first to greet Zekk, when the youth returned to his homeworld in the midst of its worst devastation. She was married to the leader Rastur, and they all worked relentlessly to evacuate Another Hopetown and its environs during the earthquakes and fires. She had been a friend of Zekk's when he was a child, although she was four years older than he was. When the last of the evacuees was aboard a transport, she took a break and returned to her home to retrieve the plans she and Rastur had for rebuilding their home. She was caught in a sudden earthquake, and was killed when the old homestead collapsed on top of her. (SHA)

this was one of the most common female names among the Corellians. (GMR9)

this planet was located in Kathol Sector, between Tanquilla Beach and Ivatch. It was largely uninhabited, although the Empire established a supply and patrol base on the planet during the last years of the New Order. (DARK)

Shiny Boys
this was the term used by rank-and-file clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic to describe clone commandos, in reference to the burnished silver coloration of their Katarn armor. Of course, the term was never used in the presence of a commando. (OWS, SWI84)

Shiny Switch Rule
this was a common rule of thumb used by starship pilots, when they were faced with having to fly another starship, especially one that has been modified. These modifications usually altered the standard start-up sequences, and most pilots ame to discover that simply pushing the shiniest switch - which was usually the one that was installed last - often got the ship started. (JT)

this was the name given by Luke Skywalker to the unusual, mechano-organic starship he and Leia Organa encountered, shortly prior to the Battle of Hoth. They had been trying to escape an Imperial warship while running supplies to a remote Alliance base, and tried to flee into hyperspace with a damaged drive system. When they reverted to realspace, they found themselves in the starless gulf between galaxies. It was here that Ship first appeared to them. Resembling an immense, green blob of matter, Ship was the only surviving member of an ancient race that had been destroyed in a conflict eons before the Galactic Civil War. Over the millennia, the mind of the survivor had melded with the computer and the ship itself, creating the entity Luke described as simply "Ship." It then spent its time traveling between the galaxies, hoping to flee the reality of its own galaxy and the loss of its companions. Ship initially felt that Luke and Leia were invaders, and tried to eject them into the vacuum of space. However, their compassion and love for each other made Ship close itself up and try to return them to their own galaxy. They were attacked by the Imperial warship which had pursued Luke and Leia, and Ship had to release anti-matter pods to destroy the Imperials and save itself. Ship then released Luke and Leia to continue their mission, while fleeing back into the void to escape the reality of the Galactic Civil War. (MC38)

this was the only name given to the huge, organic starship which captured Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, sometime after the Battle of Yavin. In their own galaxy, there were many of these ships, operated by humanoids who eventually exterminated themselves in a series of vicious wars. After a plague bomb was used to wipe them all out, a single survivor fled in his starship and ended up in the Star Wars galaxy. Its surviving pilot ordered the organic computer to capture them, and played games with them until it realized that there was still love and caring in the universe. It agreed to free them, but was first intercepted by an Imperial Star Destroyer. Ship unleashed a flurry of anti-matter bombs on the Imperials, and then set Luke and Leia free. Ship and its pilot set out to locate another galaxy which didn't remind them of their past. (LTA2)

Ship Shop G-S7
this starship repair facility was located on Genesia's G-S7 orbital station, and was owned and oeprated by Plu Makor during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. (FBS)

Shipbuilders and Astrmoechs Guild
formed during the early years of the New Republic, this guild designed many of the starships and navigational system used by the Imperial Remnant. (HCE)

this was the name of Drooim-Durtha Systems' subspace tracking device. Its developed was contracted out to Neb Ufentes, and was unique in that it was so small. The smaller size meant that it had a shorter operational lifespan before it needed recharging, but Ufentes helped prolong its life by designing it to send out bursts of particles at preset intervals rather than continuously. The interval can be programmed in, but a faster interval decreases its operational span. Ufentes had developed a prototype that would last up to eight days, but it was stolen by the crimelord Mahk'khar. In the heist, Mahk'khar killed Ufentes. (SWJ8)

Ship's Exchange
this was the name given to the shipboard "general store" that was often found on large military vessels. At the Ship's Exchange, crewers could find amenities such as ice cream and cigars, but only if they were made available by the regular supply ships. (LCS)

Ship's Operating License
this Imperial document was one of a number of documents required from any spacer who plied the spacelanes during the New Order. The procedures for obtaining the certification were documented in the Spacer's Information Manual. Known as an SOL, this document identified the starship and its owner as being cleared to operate in interstellar space. (SWJ9)

this was the Yuuzhan Vong name for the "breeding ground" they used to create their living warships. Because of the size of their warships, individual shipwombs were often created from the destroyed hulks of planets. (DTR)

this incredibly huge ship was grown by the Yuuzhan Vong to serve as the "birthplace" of a new generation of ships. Larger than the Death Star, the shipwomb was formed from the same yorik coral as other Yuuzhan Vong ships, and was surrounded by a collection of thick protuberences that flared out from the central hull like the arms of a spiral galaxy. Because all Yuuzhan Vong ships were living creatures, they eventually grew old and died. For this reason, the shipwomb was a vitally important part of any long-distance war fleet, such as the one that invaded the known galaxy. The Yuuzhan Vong destroyed the planet Sernpidal in order to "feed" the shipwomb and the "offspring" ships that it would produce, then set up an operation in which several young shipwombs were grown in the remnants of the planet. The first worldship to begin dying was the Baanu Miir, and the Yuuzhan Vong realized that a living shipwomb would allow them to continue their fight against the New Republic. However, Kyp Durron learned of the growing shipwomb, hidden within the remnants of the planet Sernpidal, and convinced Jaina Solo and Rogue Squadron to attack it. He claimed it was a superweapon in order to gain their support, and the combined forces of the Rogues, Kyp's Dozen, and the Ralroos managed to destroy the shipwomb. (EVR)

Shipwrights Union
this union was formed during the early years of the New Republic, to ensure that starshipwrights of all skill levels received adequate compensation for their work. Their primary motivation for forming the Union and enforcing its codes was the emergence of droid labor in the construction and repair of starships, especially at the Kuat Drive Yards. (CCW)

Shipyard Lab 6671-X42
this droid starship research facility was jointly funded by the Corellian Engineering Corporation and Loronar Corporation. It was known as the Nerfworks by the employees of the facility, who explained that they were too smelly to be visited by corporate executives. The Lab produced a dozen or so droid-controlled ships, including the YQ-400 Monitor and the Ycaqt Cargo Ship, but only a few of these designs were actually manufactured. (GMR10)

Shiran Vallendri
this was a noted member of Chagrian history. (UANT)

this was the ancient Naboo goddess of the moon. (VD3)

Shire, Josen
this man and his daughter, Tanith, were imprisoned by the Serpent Masters of Ophideraan when their starship crashed into the desert world, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (SWDB)

Shire, Tanith
this young woman worked as a supply tug operator at the Fondor shipyards for many years during the height of the New Order, until she and her father, Josen, were enslaved by the Serpnet Masters of Ophideraan. They had been forced to crash-land their own ship on Ophideraan several years before the Battle of Yavin. They were captured and put to work in the Great Well as slaves of the Serpent Masters, who eventually learned of her former career. Tanith was allowed to leave Ophideraan for brief periods, provided that she returned with a loaded supply ship from Fondor. She would then crash the ships onto Ophideraan for salvaging, before returning to Fondor with stories of system malfunctions. She was rescued from Fondor by Luke Skywalker when he stole the plans to the Super-class Star Destroyer Executor. They fled the shipyards together, and returned to Ophideraan, the only homeworld she knew. Both were quickly placed in the slave levels of the Great Well. After a time, they defeated the Serpent Masters and freed her people. She fell in love with Luke, but decided not to leave her people when he returned to Yavin 4. (CSW, SWDB)

this was a common name given to Twi'lek females, and meant "singer" in the Twi'leki language. (GCG)

this Twi'leki female worked as Lady Valarian's chief lieutenant during the early years of the New Republic. Valarian trusted her with every aspect of her operations, and groomed Shiri'ani to take over for her when she died. A cunning woman with a shrewd sense of business - both criminal and legitimate - Shiri'ani was a former slave who had been transported to Tatooine by Bib Fortuna. Upon her arrival, she learned that Jabba the Hutt had been killed and Bib Fortuna was missing, so she fled into the streets of Mos Eisley. She was later discovered by Valarian, who believed she might know the location of Jabba's treasure hoards. Valarian later put her to work as a dancer at the Lucky Despot, but quickly discovered Shiri'ani's business skills. Valarian began to groom her as a successor by giving her the opportunity to develop the operations of the Lucky Star hotel and casino. All the while, however, she held a deep need for revenge against Bib Fortuna. Despite her loyalty to Lady Valarian, much of Shiri'ani's focus was on locating her fellow Twi'lek and facing him. When Firith Olan appeared at the Lucky Star, Shiri'ani was immediately drawn to him. She agreed to help him in his operations, hoping that he could locate Fortuna for her. Shiri'ani was completely unaware that it was Fortuna's brain that was functioning in Olan's body. When Firith Olan showed her the brain walker in which he had placed Fortuna's brain, Shiri'ani was only too glad to help torment it, unaware that she was being duped. (SOT)

Shiritoku Spur
this remote, little-used hyperspace travel route connected planets in Wild Space - such as Bakura - to the rest of the galaxy. (GORW)

Shiritoku Way
see Shiritoku Spur (GORW)

this man was a Minister with the Ralltiiri Secretariat at the time when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. It was Shirka who refused to allowed Leia Organa-Solo and refugees from Gyndine land on Ralltiir, shortly after Gyndine fell to the Yuuzhan Vong. (JE)

this Dilonexan woman was a second cousin to Bernie, a customs inspector who worked at the Dilonexa XXIII spaceport during the early years of the New Order. (LCF)

this woman was a famous entertainer, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. She was hired to perform at the delegation held on Kabray station, shortly before the Battle of Endor. During this time, she went by the monicker, The Chanteuse of the Stars. (MC77)

Shirmar Base
this was a staging area and processing center built by the Ugnuaghts on Drudonna. It allowed them to easy access to Velser's Ring. (GG2)

this was a species of slow-moving, turtle-like reptiles native to the planet Naboo. The flesh of the shiro was used by the Gungans in a tasty stew. The hard shell of the shiro was deeply ridged and spined, and seeds and spores from swamp plants sometimes became lodged within the ridges. In this way, tooke trap plants often grew from the backs of the shiro, becoming the symbiotic entity known as the shiro-trap. (GF, WSW)

this symbiotic pair of creatures, native to the planet Naboo, is really a tooke-trap plant which has grown onto the top part of the shiro. The relationship allows the shiro to be camouflaged by the tooke trap plant, so predators won't notice it; the tooke trap plant, on the other hand, is protected from being uprooted and eaten by clodhoppers and other Naboo herbivores. (GF)

this burly man was the leader of the swoop gang known as the Blood Razors. He always carried a length of metal pipe, and had a special sheath for it mounted on his swoop. He had a tough exterior, but his motivations were always to keep the gang armed and provide for the dishomed of Biivren. (PSG)

Shirshir Desert
this temperate desert was located on the planet Nishr. (ROE)

one of the communications officers that worked for Booster Terrik aboard the Errant Venture. (SOP)

Shisha Oil
this viscous fluid was used in desert climates, where temperatures plummeted during the evening. The shisha oil was heated during the day by the burning suns of the planet, and then pumped through pipes which were built into the walls of a desert dwelling. The heat from the shisha oil was transferred to the building material in the wall, heating it up and radiating heat into the dwelling. (IWE1)

Shisha Oil-pipe
this device was created to allow beings to literally "smoke" shisha oil as a sedative. (NEGC)

Shissan, Antyard-Wo
this Jedi Knight was killed on Atzerri, during a mission to free Nathanjo Nirrelz from a band of Roshu Sune terrorists. (HNN5)

this was the name given to the native language of the Shistavanen, consisting of barks and growls. (ANT, UANT)

a race of wolf-like bipeds whose eyes glow red, the Shistavanen were native to the Uvena system, and are veiled in mystery throughout the galaxy. They are hunters by nature, and are known for their abilities as bounty hunters and scouts. However, they were also isolationist as a species, and tended to discourage interaction with other species. The Empire enlisted the aid of the Shistavanen many times, in an effort to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy. (SW, SCRE, AE)

Shiu-Shiu Race Systems
this corporation manufactured racing-quality wheeled propulsion systems for use in automated devices like droids and load shifters. (DWK)

Shiva IV
Princess Leia battled an Imperial warlord on this planet, sometime after the Battle of Hoth. (MC53)

Shiwal Sector
during the Galactic Civil War, Alliance operations in this area of the galaxy were believed to have been infiltrated by the Gand Findsman Lu'daal-ud. (AIR)

Shlecho Newt
this creature was native to the Yuuzhan Vong's home galaxy. They preferred to eat coomb spores, a fact that allowed the Yuuzhan Vong to use them to detect the presence of the spores in a victim. They have a brownish-green coloration in their normal state, but turn bright crimson when they detect the presence of coomb spores. (VP)

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