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Star Chamber
this immense, crystalline structure was the source of power for the Infinite Gates created by the Kwa. Each Gate was guarded by its own Star Chamber, which protected the integrity of the Gate without constant maintenance. One of the largest Star Chambers was found on the planet Dathomir, guarding what appeared to be the master Gate. At its heart, the Star Chamber contained a spherical command module that provided the immense power it controlled. During the last decades of the Old Republic, the Witches of Dathomir discovered the Chamber and tried to get past it, in an effort to escape their captivity. Matriarch Zalem and her clan spent years learning everything they could about the star chamber, and nearly succeeded but for a fail-safe device built into the Chamber. It destroyed the Gate on the planet Ova, subsuming the entire planet and sucking in a nearby starship. The Star Chamber on Dathomir was guarded by a nest of Guardian worms. (SWIE)

Star Chamber Cafe
a section of the Lucky Despot Hotel, the Star Chamber Cafe is also owned by the Whiphid, Lady Valarian. It is a famous restaurant located in Mos Eisley, on Tatooine. (TME, TJP)

Star Child
this was the name used by the Ewoks to describe a legendary being who fell from the stars, landing on the Forest Moon of Endor to help the Ewoks successfully defeat the Duloks. (MDCAR)

Star Courier
this needle-shaped, 26.5-meter-long craft, developed by Republic Sienar Systems during the last decades of the Old Republic, served as the basis for the design of the Sith Infiltrator. (DSSB)

Star Cruiser
a heavy-duty Mon Calamari warship, they have lumpy pods on the hull housing armaments and command positions. (ROTJ)

Star Defender
a new class of warship developed during the New Republic, it first saw use in the early stages of the battle against the Yuuzhan Vong. (JE)

Star Destroyer
the huge, triangular-shaped warship at the forefront of the Imperial Navy, the Star Destroyer was actually first designed and developed during the last years of the Old Republic. There are four main classes of Star Destroyer: the original Victory-class ships, developed by Rendili StarDrive for the Old Republic; their successor, the Imperator-, Imperial-I and Imperial-II class ships, developed by Kuat Drive Yards for the Empire; the huge Super-I class and Super-II class command ships; and the largest class, the Eclipse-class Star Destroyers. Like all capital ships, they were given names based on phrases and adjectives which described their strength and capabilities, such as Devastator and Agonizer. Luke Skywalker believed that Emperor Palpatine chose names which would also serve as a subconscious reminder to their crews that the ships were essentially the methods by which he corrupted people's souls. Other variants of the Star Destroyer were produced for different mission profiles and governments. The Venator-class and Tector-class ships were produced during the height of the Clone Wars, after the Victory-class vessels proved too small to adequately participate against the droid forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The New Republic also produced several updated versions of the Star Destroyer, although vessels like the Republic-class and Nebula-class Star Destroyers were smaller than their Imperial cousins. (SW, ESB, DE1, HTTE, SWSB, DESB, SOA, X3)

Star Destroyer
this song, written and played by the band The Emperor's New Clothes, first appeared on the compilation Totally Patriotic. (GG9)

Star Dragon
see Duinuogwuin (GG4)

Star Dreadnaught
this was another term used to describe the Executor-class Star Destroyer. (IWST)

Star Dream
Captain Hoban's transport ship (TJP)

Star Dream
a Yevethan cargo hauler used to transport chromite from the "purged" world of New Brigia. (BTS)

Star Explorer
see Star Cab (GG8)

Star Forge
this mysterious space station was the subject of an intense search by the Old Republic and the Jedi Knights, during the height of the Great Sith War. The Star Forge itself was an immense construct that was built by the Rakata race in orbit around their primary star. The main body of the station was a spherical hull that contained its massive power generation systems. Three long vanes were attached to the sphere's perimeter, and housed personnel and manufacturing facilities. The Star Forge was developed to harness the power of the star for use in generating droids, warships, and weapons for the Rakata. Additionally, the entire station was imbued with the Dark Side of the Force. Although the exact nature of how this happened remains a mystery, the fact was that this inherent power gave the Star Forge a sort of life of its own. It was this intense life that drew Darth Malak and Darth Revan to the Unknown World during the height of the Sith War. They were able to manipulate the Rakata into a position where the Sith took control of the Star Forge, and used it to create huge numbers of Sith starfighters and other weaponry. To augment the power of the Star Forge, Darth Malak used captured Jedi Knights to provide living power for the station's core systems. After Darth Revan was captured by the Old Republic and his mind was wiped clean of his allegiance to the Sith, Revan was able to lead the Republic and the Jedi to the Unknown World and the Star Forge. After an intense battle, the Star Forge was destroyed and Darth Malak was defeated, cutting off a primary source of Sith materiel. (SWDB, KOTOR)

Star Galleon-class Frigate
built by the Kuat Drive Yards in an effort to help transport cargo and defend it at the same time, the Star Galleon is a 300-meter military cargo ship. It is capable of dropping its cargo section, which can fly on its own. It is fairly well-armed, boasting 10 turbolaser batteries and concussion missile launchers, and therefore does not require an escort. The interior of the ship is also equipped with anti-intrusion defenses. The cargo section is equipped with a small hyperdrive that can be activated by the main ship's navcom unit in case of emergency. The Star Galleon is manned by a crew of 150, with room for up to 300 troops. (DFR, ISB)

Star Hammer
this starship was owned by Joa Pqis, and was based out of Vobos. It was identified with New Republic Ship Registry number RN80-440330. (SOL)

Star Home
this was the name of the personal ship used by the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium. It was passed from queen mother to queen mother during the 4,000 years leading up to the Battle of Endor. Its design was based on the floorplan to the queen mother's castle, Per'Agthra, on Hapes. Note that the Hapes entries in Planet Hoppers indicate that the Star Home was based on the designs of the Fountain Palace. It was no match for the more modern capital ships, but it was truly unique and impressive in its own way. The basic design appeared to be a castle set upon a huge, five-pronged base formed from black basalt native to Hapes. As ungainly as it looked, Star Home was quite spaceworthy. It measured some 2,500 meters in diameter at the time of Prince Isolder's marriage to Teneniel Djo. The castle atop the ship contained living quarters, dining halls, meeting rooms, and a private hangar bay for the Queen Mother's personal transport ship. It was studded with towers that were capped with crystal domes that provided unlimited views of the stars. The interior of the castle appeared to have been cut from dark stone, and the decorations and adornments were all handcrafted on one of the Hapan worlds. Treasures of unspeakable wealth were proudly displayed in the halls and meeting rooms, having been collected during the 4,000-year existence of Star Home. The base of the castle was filled with Star Home's six Kerts-Bhrg power generators and engine systems. Like the five prong-like arms, the base was also constructed of basalt from Hapes. These basalt structures were very fragile in the vacuum of space, and were heavily protected by shield generators. Twenty-four sublight engines were required to move the ship through realspace; four Froond-class hyperdrive engines were slaved to a single motivator for hyperspacial travel. It was armed with twenty turbolasers, twenty laser cannons, and six tractor beams. Sixty Miy'til starfighters could also be carried in the docking bays, along with numerous shuttles and transports. The crew of the Star Home consisted of 500 engineers, ninety starfighter pilots, fifty officers, and 100 soldiers. (CPL, EGV, CTD, PH)

Star Hotel
found in the capital city of Somin City, on the planet Seltos, it was here that a group of New Republic diplomats stayed while conducting meetings with the new government of Seltos. The government had been set up after the populace overthrew the pro-Imperial rulership some years after the Battle of Endor. The Star has ten floors, with penthouse suites on the top-most floor. (TSK)

Star Jewel
Jabba the Hutt's personal starship, the Star Jewel is a spade-shaped Ubrikkian luxury yacht. Well-shielded and armed with six turbolasers, the Star Jewel is equipped with a Ubrikkian N2 ion engines supported by three T-c40 ion engines. The landing bay carried six Z-95 Headhunters and a pair of shuttles. (THG, EGV)

Star Lady
this highly-modified YT-1300 freighter was owned and operated by Fenig Nabon. Ghitsa Dogder used to kid Fenig that there was a Wookiee-sized bunk on the Star Lady in case Fenig ever got a chance to seduce Han Solo. Fen claimed the bunk was oversized to accommodate Ghitsa's expansive wardrobe. Fen's attention to details included security for the ship. She didnít kid herself about the resourcefulness of pirates or thieves, and installed an Incom 433 security system. Also, she placed in pin in the seam of the main hatch whenever she left the ship. If she returned to find the pin on the ground, she'd know that the ship had been breached. If the pin was moved about three inches, it was a code to indicate that someone wanted to talk to her in person, and was waiting aboard ship. (TFNR, GMR2)

Star Map
this ancient map was believed to have been created by the Rakata race, millennia before the Great Sith War, to provide instructions for locating the Star Forge. The map itself was actually made up of several smaller maps, which needed to be placed together in a certain way to form the overall Star Map. Like the Star Forge, the Star Map and its pieces were imbued with the Dark Side of the Force. The smaller maps were scattered across the galaxy to prevent anyone from locating the Star Forge, but clues eventually led to their discovery on Dantooine, Manaan, Kashyyyk, and Tatooine. The four pieces were located some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin by Bastila Shan and her fellow Jedi Knights, who were searching for the whereabouts of Darth Malak. (SWDB, KOTOR)

Star Map Room
this vast chamber was located in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. It contained a huge holographic map of the known galaxy, which was continually monitored by no less than twelve Jedi who looked for potential trouble areas that might require the Order's intervention. Smaller versions of the Star Map Room were maintained in each of the five spires of the Jedi Temple, for use in training and discussion. Those Jedi Knights who were traveling the galaxy on various missions always transmitted galactic data back to the Star Map Room, so that it's displays could be as up-to-date as possible (RF, PJSB)

Star Morning
this Koqus Starliner had a busy, eventful career under several other names before it was purchased by the Fallanassi who lived on the planet Teyr. It had previously been known as the Mandarin, the Pilgrim, and the Congene before being named the Star Morning. They bought the ship when they were preparing to flee the planet. Luke Skywalker, while searching for the Fallanassi with Akanah, discovered its history as well as its whereabouts. It had left the planet Motexx just before the Battle of Endor, bound for Gowdawl with a full load of cargo. It never reached Gowdawl, and was lost for a year before it showed up on Arat Fraca. From there, the ship landed on Darepp, and then visited several colony worlds before it returned to Motexx. Luke discovered it on Vulvarch when they were putting into Atzerri, but Akanah chose not to pursue it. The Star Morning, at that time, was involved in a complex rescue of several Fallanassi and other inhabitants of the Koornacht Cluster which were captured by the Yevetha. With a number of illusions generated by key Fallanassi, it appeared to the Yevetha that their captives were still in the holds of the Pride of Yevetha. In fact, the Star Morning had been able to recover all but the few who remained behind to perpetuate the illusions. Following the Battle of N'zoth, the Star Morning rendezoused with the Intrepid to collect Wailu and Akanah. The Fallanassi had agreed that it was time for them to disappear for awhile, in order to absorb their losses at the hands of the Yevetha and re-evaluate their place in the galaxy. (SOL, TT)

Star Mother
a Bdas deity. (SOL)

Star of Alderaan
a medal presented by the Alliance for exemplary service to the Alliance, it was designed to commemorate the contributions of Bail Organa and the people of Alderaan. (XW)

Star of Empire
one of the luxury starliners owned by Haj Shipping Lines. It was an ovoid ship nearly 2,000 meters in length, and was laser-painted a brilliant blue. Forty portholes ran along each side, denoting staterooms. (RD, GOF10)

Star of Iskin
this was one of the many tramp freighters which traveled to Coruscant during the Clone Wars, looking for easy credits by transporting refugees and terrified citizens away from the capital planet. Finis Valorum boarded the ship some sixteen months into the Clone Wars, after visiting with Senator Bail Organa and imploring him to fight against the machinations of Chancellor Palpatine. Just after liftoff, the Star of Iskin exploded, killing Valorum and all others aboard. (RDE)

Star of the Tion
this modified YT-1300 was owned by the Alliance cell that worked on the planet Lianna. (ML)

Star Palace
this luxury liner was attacked by Imperial forces, which were led to believe the ship harbored Alliance supports. The entire casino deck was opened to the vacuum of space, and the ship's Captain and a prominent Corellian family were taken into custody. They were never heard from again. (RESB)

Star Quest
this Suwantek TL-1800 light freighter was owned by Tere Metallo. This ship had been never been modified from its stock arrangement, as Metallo was not a mechanic. The Star Quest arrived on Garos IV, and provided a link to information required by Magir Paca and the rebels who were fighting against the Imperial control of the planet, shortly after the Battle of Endor. (SWJ6, SWJ7)

Star Rally
this was the name of a series of races in which starship captains had to travel from one world to another, completing a circuit of several planets. One of the best-known races was the Dahvil-Fodro Hyperspace Promenade. (ND, CRO)

Star Reamer
this Damorian medium transport ship was part of the fleet maintained by CorDuro Shipping, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Its mission was described as the transport of bacta to various bacta parlors across the galaxy. CorDuro had other plans for the bacta however, having made a deal with the Yuuzhan Vong to turn over the shipment to the aliens for analysis. The Star Reamer was intercepted by Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon, who had been working from information provided to Tesar Sebatyne and Izal Waz, by their Master, Eelysa. (REC)

Star Room
see Star Map Room (YDR)

Star Runner
this was the name of Kea Moll's star cruiser. (DCAR)

Star Saber
an experimental attack ship developed just before the Great Sith War for use by the Old Republic and the Jedi Knights. Designated the XC-01 by Republic Fleet Systems, it was a long, needle-shaped ship with wide wings and twin tailfins. (DLS, PJSB)

Star Sea Flower
this aging, though heavily modified YT-1150 transport was owned and operated by Charza Kwinn during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Priapulin used it to transport various Jedi Knights across the galaxy whenever anonymity was needed. Charza maintained it in order to maintain an environment which catered to his own needs, so much of the ship was filled with water. In the waters, Charza's extended family lived and worked. Whenever a Jedi was traveling with him, though, Charza maintained several rooms aboard the ship which could be modified to the Jedi's particular environmental needs. (RP)

Star Seeder
this Kuat Drive Yards colonization ship was well-known for its durability and capacity. At 250 meters in length and with 3,000 cubic meters of cargo space, the Star Seeder could easily transport up to 800 colonists with little problem. It required a command crew of 26, with 143 crewers or more depending on the size of the expedition. Itsw deep-bellied cargo section is compartmentalized, allowing the colonists the ability to transport plants, animals, droids, building materials, and other necessities in separate areas adapted to each type of cargo. A small hangar bay contained enough space for a small shuttle, several speeders, and other ground equipment. The ship was shielded, and armed with six turbolaser batteries and a tractor beam projector. It was hyperspace as well as atmosphere capable. (GG8)

Star Shuttle
developed by the Corellian Engineering Corporation during the last decades of the Old Republic, this lozenge-shaped craft was designed to transport large groups of beings safely and luxuriously. The Star Shuttle was popular with the Senators and diplomats of the Old Republic, and was one specially outfitted for use by the Supreme Chancellor. The hull of the craft was shaped like a long hill or mound, with a flat base and a rounded upper section. The engine systems were borrowed from the Republic Cruiser, having the distinguishing triangular configuration. At eighty meters in length, the Star Shuttle had space for up to 200 passengers and 900 metric tons of cargo. These ships were heavily armored, and as diplomatic craft, were unarmed. (WOTC)

Star Slinger
this prototype swoop was developed on Shesharile 5 by Chop Harlison. It combined the chassis of a Mobquet Nebulon-Q racer with the repulsor coils of an Aratech 64-Y Swift 3, and used a combination of Tibanna gas and stabliziers in eleveated concentrations to provide added speed and cooling. The Star Slinger was armed with a blaster cannon that was controlled with the targetting systems of a Merr-Sonn PLX-2 missile launcher. (SWJ6)

Star Stalker
this was the name of the starship owned by the Rodian bounty hunter hired by Ranon Djelkh to transport a mole serpent to Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. Djelkh hoped to use the wormin an attempt to assassinate Jabba the Hutt, but the bounty hunter was caught in a sandwhirl upon arrival. The ship crashed into the surface of Tatooine, blocking the entrance to a cave used as a shelter by a group of Sandpeople. The mole serpent escaped, and killed many of the Sandpeople and their banthas when they tried to escape. The ship was badly damaged, but was eventually removed from the cave by a group of smugglers who had befriended A-Zulmun. (SOT)

Star Station 12
Abal Karda took control of the Port-Esta Queen and had the captain drop him off at this outpost, during his flight from justice. (EOE)

Star Streak
the New Republic team dispatched to Tuulab to ferret out Mahk'khar arrived in the Triitus System on the pretense of locating this Corporate Sector bulk transport. (SWJ6)

Star Tours
this intergalactic travel agency, which specialized in unique intersystem cruises, was considered the leader in galactic sightseeing during the height of the New Order. (ST)

Star Trader
this was the name of the modified Ghtroc freighter acquired by Lirina Casti, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. Lieutenant Casti was ordered to take the ship and, along with a team of Alliance agents, ambush the Imperial prison ship Caged Animal near Lish V. The plan was to rescue a group of captured Alliance operatives, but Moff Ramier had substituted zero-G stormtroopers for the prisoners. Casti and her team were forced to crashland on Lish V. (FBS)

Star Traveler
this ship was owned and operated by Renna Strego. Strego volunteered the ship to assist in the defense of Nar Shaddaa, during the Imperial attack commanded by Admiral Greelanx. The Star Traveler was dispatched to assist in taking out the initial picket line of Greelanx's formation. (THG)

Star Tunnel
this was one of the more unusual, interstellar phenomena that occurred in several nebulae across the galaxy. A star tunnel was formed from a set of stars that rotated around a powerful energy source. They stars were drawn to the gravity of the energy source, which spewed its energy outward in a column. The stars then circulated around this column of energy, creating the physical "tunnel." Because these phenomena occurred across light-years of space, they often drew in gases from nearby nebulae, and could even siphon off the atmosphere of neighboring planets, creating the visual "tunnel" by spinning multi-colored gases around the column of energy. They were extremely difficult to fly through, as the concentrated energies of the star tunnel's core and its constituent stars caused devastating problems to many starship systems. Compounding these problems, gravitic changes caused intense variations in shear and orientation, which could literally tear a starship apart. (LJ2)

Star Wagon
this was a common term used on many backwater worlds to describe a starship. (DN1)

Star Winds
this dancing lounge was located aboard the Queen of Empire. (RD)

Star Wing
this was the Basic name used by a Duinuogwuin Star Dragon who encountered a team of Alliance agents in Elrood Sector, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Star Wing's true name was virtually unpronounceable by most humanoid species. Star Wing had been living near the Kuras System, hiding from the Imperial forces which patrolled the sector by staying on the far side of The Drift. He was an explorer, and cared little for the "petty politics" of the galaxy at large. However, he recognized when they impacted his explorations, so he hid behind The Drift. Star Wing tried to cross The Drift, but found he didn't have the stamina to make it. Star Wing was slowly starving to death from lack of oxygen when he encountered the Alliance team, which was searching for the planet Alluuvia and the captured Gray Griffins. The Alliance team rigged up a docking port, and provided Star Wing with several minutes of breathing pure oxygen from their stores. The grateful Star Dragon later helped the Alliance team break through the forces of the Scourge pirates, in order to repay his debt. A blast of superheated gas from his stomach knocked out the Impasse, allowing the Alliance ships to leave safely. (OE)

Star, The
this was one of the face cards that was found in a standard sabacc deck. It could be valued at positive or negative seventeen. (LCF)

this prototype Imperial warship was being built on Foundry during the months surrounding the Battle of Yavin, until it was stolen by Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. A strike cruiser by design, the Staraker was distinguished by its box-shaped engine section. The perimeter of the engine section was lined with sublight drives, which surrounded the main hyperdrive. The main cockpit was pointed and sleek, and was angled down slightly from the spine of the ship, giving the Staraker an insectile appearance. The Staraker was badly damaged over the planet Alashan, when Luke and Leia were dispatched to the remote world to investigate the loss of an archaeological team. The planet itself fired an energy beam which disabled the Staraker, bringing the ship down. Most of the ship was damaged beyond repair in the crash-landing, before the craft was buried beneath tons of lava. (MCI5)

produced by Imperial Munitions, the StarAnvil heavy blaster rifle was developed to cause large amounts of damage. However, this ability drained the weapon's power packs quickly, making the StarAnvil a weapon of fear more than firepower. Many weapons experts considered this weapon in the same vein as the BlasTech Longblasters, although the StarAnvil was considered much more accurate and powerful. The original StarAnvil production plant on Cuthbern was quickly annexed by the Empire because of its high quality. (GUN, AEG)

this starship design was developed and modified by the D'farian race. (VOF)

a children's hologame. (GOF7)

Starbirth Lounge
this tavern was located on the Nessem Shipyards orbital platform, and provided food, drink, and entertainment to the Nessemite workers there. (WOA12)

a beautiful, flowering plant native to the rift valleys on Belsavis. (COJ)

Starboard Broadside Club
this was the main tavern located aboard Omze's Incredible Traveling Starport, and was named in part for its Wookiee bartender, Broadside. It was also named for the fact that it was located on the starboard side of the converted cruiser, and Omze'kehr Kahr often turned his ship so that the windows of the club displayed the splendors of the solar system in which it was currently operating. This gave the patrons of the club a fantastic view of the sun and its planets. (PSPG)

this woman held the rank of Major in the Cularin Militia, during the height of the Clone Wars. Because of her wholesome beauty, Major Starbolt appeared on a series of recruitment posters throughout the Cularin System. (LFCW)

Starbound Misfit
this modified YT-1930 transport was purchased for Lynnori by Talandro Starlyte, as proof of his devotion to her. Starlyte had the ship refitted by Scizzic, and paid for all modifications. The ship was armed with a pair of turret-mounted heavy laser cannons and a concussion missile launcher. (WSV)

Starboys, The
this musical group was one of the most popular attractions of their time. (POT)

Starbreaker 12
this ancient starship was owned and operated by Jori and Gav Daragon. They used it to explore and define new hyperspace routes some 5,000 years before the Battle of Endor. It was a large, strange ship that was constantly in need of repair. After Gav was taken under the wing of Naga Sadow, the Starbreaker 12 was taken by Ssk Kahorr. Unfortunately, Ssk Kahorr was out on a joyride when Naga Sadow's fleet was massing for its battle with the Old Republic. Sadow destroyed the Starbreaker 12, killing Ssk Kahorr and his alien crew. (GAS, FOSE)

StarBurn 4
this Suwantek Systems hyperdrive was known for its reliable performance and minimal maintenance. It was used on the TL-1800 transport. (SS)

Starburn, Lan
this man was a corrections officer who worked at the Oovo IV prison facility during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. He was known among the prisoner population as a corrupt and crooked individual, and many of those he wronged eventually exposed him to crimelords such as Gardulla the Hutt. It was Gardulla who issued a bounty for his capture, a bounty that was claimed with Jango Fett infiltrated Oovo IV to "rescue" Bendix Fust. (BH)

this Outer Rim band was more mainstream than Red Shift Limit, but didn't have as wide a range. They were disapproved of by the New Order, but stayed away from blatantly political messages in their music. (GG9)

this pirate ship was part of the two-ship fleet controlled by Bruce Mercy. The Starburst was crewed by Durquist and Moprh. (TSK)

Starburst Plant
a flower on dark green stalks, with bright yellow petals that seem to twinkle as they open and close. (CPL)

Starbuster Plot
the name given to the Sacorrian Triad's plan to use the Corellian planetary repuslors in concert with the huge hyperspace respulsor found inside Centerpoint Station to destroy a series of stars until the New Republic submitted to their demands. The Triad wanted to control the Corellian System, and went to great lengths to achieve their goals. They set up and/or financed rebellions on all five Corellian worlds, including Thrackan Sal-Solo and the Human League. The Triad managed to destroyed two stars before things started to go wrong. The first was that Thrackan Sal-Solo took credit for the plot, and nearly got his hands on the Drallian respulor. The second was the timely intervention of the Bakuran fleet, coupled with the incredible talents of the Solo children. The fleet defeated the Sacorrian fleet which was trying to defend Centerpoint, while Anakin Solo used his blossoming ability with the Force to fire the Drallian repulsor and deflect the third shot from Centerpoint. Once the Sacorrian fleet was defeated and the weapon controlled, the Triad surrendered. (AS, SC)

this was the first and only light freighter in the Starcat-class of ships. It was designed and custom-built by Salem Victory and Dapp Slous, with help from a group of outlaw techs on Nar Shaddaa. Their goal - achieved with a high level of success - was to create a heavily-armed freighter without sacrificing cargo space. The Starcat was the result, armed with a pair of concussion missile launchers and three turret-mounted double laser cannons, while retaining 65 metric tons of cargo space and the ability to transport the pilot, co-pilot, and up to six passengers. (SWJ13)

Starcat-class Freighter
designed and developed by Salem Victory and Dapp Solus, this class of freighter was created with one goal in mind: a heavily-armed freighter which didn't sacrfiice cargo space for additional protection. The Starcat, the first and only ship in the series, measured 32.8 meters in length, and was armed with a pair of concussion missile launchers and three turret-mounted, double laser cannons. (SWJ13)

this was the Basic translation of the Oswaft term ThonBoka, which was used to describe their interstellar home. (LCS)

Starchaser Mk. III
this was an exceptionally fast sublight drive unit, produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation during the early years of the New Republic. (GMR4)

Starchaser, Darren
this brash young man was the son of Korren Starchaser, and followed in his father's footsteps to become a starfighter pilot for the New Republic. (SWJ6)

Starchaser, Korren
this New Republic Captain was a scout, and was part of the team that stumbled onto the Gulch. Captain Starchaser also wrote a series of articles for reading by new recruits into the Scout Service. Captain Starchaser commanded the Jedi Dreamer during his tenure with the New Republic. Prior to serving as a scout, Starchaser was a noted starfighter pilot with a knack for space travel. He was noted for his non-belief in the Force, and was quoted as saying Luke Skywalker was "a truly fine pilot," but lacked any special skills or powers. (SWJ6, SWJ8)

this man served the Empire as a Colonel in the Imperial Army, serving under General Veers during the Battle of Hoth. Starck led a group of AT-AT walkers from his own vessel, codenamed Blizzard 4. He hoped to lead the main attack on the Alliance's Echo Base, and tried to beat the rest of his detachment to the Clabburn Range by cutting through the Kerane Valley. However, the other three AT-ATs under his command fell into crevasses, and Starck was forced to wind his way north to regroup with Veers. During the battle itself, the Blizzard 4 walker was sabotaged by Luke Skywalker, who used his lightsaber to open a hole in its belly. He then threw a grenade into the walker, which promptly exploded. Starck and all aboard were killed in the the resulting destruction of Blizzard 4. (IWST)

Starco, Moploogy
this was one of the humorous names Garik Loran used for Lara Notsil, after she was mistaken for Edallia Monotheer by an old man on Coruscant. (SOC)

Starcrash Brigade
an elite Imperial assault team working for the Emperor prior to the Battle of Endor. They were charged with the detonation of a biological weapon on Firrerre, and the destruction of the Firrerreo race. (CS)

this SoroSuub yacht, a Luxury Cruiser 200, was owned and operated by Captain Heedon during the Galactic Civil War as the only ship in his cruise-liner business. The ship was refitted and decorated to resemble a fantastically beautiful bird. Many of the ship's amenities were unfinished, because Heedon's fortunes dwindled under the Empire's oppression. (SWJ10)

a Bosph gemstone which is rumored to have mystical properties. (SWJ5)

a musical composition played by Miracle Meriko, Stardance was one of the most popular songs in the galaxy during the year leading up to the Clone Wars. (TME, HNN5)

the codename of the Alliance team operating on Nar Shaddaa, just before the Galactic Civil War. (TME)

this was the alias used by Lando Calrissian for this luxury yacht, the Lady Luck, when he agreed to help get a Jedi strike team "captured" in order to get them closer to the voxyn queen on Myrkr. Posing as Fitzgibbon Lane, Lando claimed to be the captain and owner of the Stardream, and willingly turned the Jedi over to Duman Yaght and the Yuuzhan Vong. (SBS)

this cruise ship was originally commissioned as the Asymptotic Approach to Divinity, was was refitted for use as a luxury liner. During an exotic cruise to witness the nova of Ariarch-17, the ship's crew failed to anticipate the shockwave coming from the dying star. The shockwave hit the Stardust and caused catastrophic damage to its artificial gravity system, which resulted in a large number of injuries and a few deaths among the passengers. In the lawsuits and litigation that followed, the cruise company was forced to sell of many of it assets, and the Stardust was sold to Kut-Rate Kruises and renamed the Reasonable Doubt. (YDR)

Stardust Plan
this was the codename of the New Republic's plan to locate the cloaked asteroids deposited in orbit around Coruscant by Grand Admiral Thrawn, some five years after the Battle of Endor. It involved first dispersing dust from a cargo ship's hold into space, then irradiating the dust with negative ions to help track the hidden asteroids. It managed to locate an asteroid on its first attempt, but was deemed to be too slow to be efficient. (TLC)

this smuggling ship was owned by Nera Dantels, during the height of the New Order. It was a large, rounded ship that appeared almost organic in shape. (SWED)

Starfarer Diner
a restaurant located on Nar Hekka. (THG)

Starfarer's Club
this upscale bar and entertainment club was located near the spaceport in Quantill City, on the planet Ando, during the height of the Clone Wars. (WOTC)

this Mon Calamari cruiser was supposed lost over the planet Malrev, when a latent bug in its navigational software began randomly tranposing the galactic coordinates it was fed. The ship had been carrying a group of Bothan tourists. Rogue Squadron was dispatched to locate the Starfaring, but discovered that the ship was deliberately sabotaged and forced down on Malrev. (XWRR)

Starfeld Industries
manufacturers of a variety of starships, including the Z-10 Seeker. (SS, SWJ5)

this was a coin game often found in casinos and bars during the early years of the Empire. It consisted of two curved banks of monitors and controls surrounding two playing stations. A large holotank was positioned in between, in which a starfield was displayed for each player. The players then used simulated starfighters to combat each other to the death in a deepspace battle. (HSE, HSR)

Starfighter Command
a Star Destroyer's crew responsible for the launching of TIE fighters and shuttles. (DFR)

Starfighter Command
the branch of the New Republic responsible for maintaining and coordinating the activities of the Navy's starfighters and their pilots. (TLC)

Starfighters of the Galaxy
this publicationm produced on a regular basis during the last century of the Old Republic, documented the newest models of space-going vessels being produced in the galaxy. (BF1)

this was the codename of the Alliance agent who was supposed to meet Derek "Hobbie" Klivian and Biggs Darklighter after they arranged for a group of officers to defect from Imperial service aboard the Rand Ecliptic. (GG3)

this was Kid DXo'ln's small freighter. He hired Han Solo - freshly discharged from the Imperial Navy - and Chewbacca to help him crew the ship. (THG)

this luxury yacht was owned by Soontir Fel and his wife, Syal Antilles, during their years spent on the planet Csilla. (FH2)

Starflare, Wynssa
this was the stage name of the actress Syal Antilles. She was one of Fusion Holodrama's most popular stars. It was rumored that a billion men had their hearts broken when she married Soontir Fel. (HXW, MBF)

this series of holovid adventures were among the most popular ever produced in the Larrin Sector. The show was most popular during the last three years of Imperial occupation of the sector, until the Imperial discovered that the episodic show was actually providing coded messages to the Alliance field agents dispersed throughout the sector. The show's star, J'fe Din, and her production took great pains to ensure that the average viewer was unaware of the show's hidden messages. Many believe that the airing of Starflash helped hasten the downfall of the Empire in the sector, bringing its defeat a year or more earlier than expected. The show was followed by Imperial Truth, a form of docudrama which showed viewers the truth behind the Empire's most evil operations. (HR)

this term was sometimes used to describe the Imperial Navy. (SWR)

StarFlight Lounge
this bar was located in the primary spaceport on the planet Bonadan. (FTD)

once native to the planet Ithor, the golden-yellow flowers of this plant were the favored food of stump lizards. These beautiful flowers were diurnal, closing their petals at night. As the sun rose, however, the petals opened in a brilliant display of yellow color. (DK, T)

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