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Sat'skars Kabar'Ba
this Coynite greeting translated into Basic as "Swords together, joined in battle." This greeting was used when meeting an adversary, and was essentially a challenge to battle. (PG3)

Sat'skars Kabar'Rattar
this Coynite greeting translated into Basic as "Swords together, blunted in friendship." (PG3)

this was the third day of the Tapani local calendar's week. (PGT)

Saturation Bombing
this technique of orbital or aerial attack uses a dense carpet of bombs to cover a large area with destructive force. Several runs by the attacking ships continue to pelt the target with bombs, effectively saturating the target with explosions. This technique is often used when a target is believed to be hiding underground, as the successive bombing runs often set up seismic distrubances and reduce the geological structure of the surrounding land. (MA)

a stylish fabric used in men's clothing. (LCM)

Sau, Nardo
this xenoarchaeologist was one of the new breed which sprang up during the early years of the New Order. Unlike historians such as his chief rival, Angrail Ryhl, Sau was in the business to sell his discoveries to the highest bidder. Sau developed ties to several major corporations, and obtained a great deal of corporate sponsorship, something he used to get past the Imperial bureaucracy to obtain licenses before Ryhl could. Most of Sau's largest customers were on the planet Coruscant, and were private citizens or corporations with Imperial ties. (HR)

this female Pan-preneur was Director of Marketing for Trigdale Metallurgy until the corporation downsized following the Battle of Endor. She had been one of the few aliens to have established business relationships with the Empire, and was allowed to mingle within Imperial society. However, this did not save the division from being cut off by Trigdale. She took control of the defunct division and used her own money to build it back up in her own image. Moving the division's headquarters to Valgauth, she established Syndicate One as a weapons manufacturing facility. She used many of the business relationships she had developed over the years to gain suppliers and outlets, and formed Executive Results as a front for the weapons the Syndicate produced. (SWJ8)

Saul Moegantz
this diminutive humanoid being was a passenger aboard the Aurorient Express, during its last voyage some six years before the Battle of Naboo. A tan-skinned being with black hair going gray at the temples, Saul was unaware that his cargo - supposedly medicinal-grade survapierre, had been switched with a cargo of Fastlach-class defense droids. At the time, Clode Rhoden owed Saul a fairly substantial debt from poor gambling, a fact that allowed the alien the chance to transport the illegal survapierre without fear of repercussion. However, when Madam Rhoden was targetted for execution by her own husband, Saul offered to join forces with her to strike back at Clode. Madam Rhoden reluctantly agreed, seeing that a partnership with Moegantz was the lesser of several evils, including her own death. They planned to sue Clode for divorce, on the grounds that he tried to have her killed, then take all of Clode's wealth and split it between them. (TAE)

this beast, of which there are several species, is native to the planet Eiattu. Many species are hunted for sport, while others have been domesticated. (XWWP)

Saurian Hornet
an extremely quick-tempered insect. (SE)

a race of reptilian humanoids from the planet Durkteel, characterized by their long, tooth-filled snouts and their large, sunken eyes. Many xenobiologists believed that the Saurin race was a subspecies of the Trandoshan race, differentiated by their human-like hands. (CCG2, IWST)

Sauro, Sano
a native of the planet Telos, Sano Sauro was a friend of the Chun family. He was distinguished by his black eyes and stern gaze, and represented the Chuns as a legal counsel and prosecutor during the inquest into the events surrounding the death of Bruck Chun in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He was ruthless in his questioning of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bant, and twisted their words to meet his needs. However, in the end, Obi-Wan was aquitted of any wrongdoing in Bruck's death. Sauro later moved his residence to the refueling world of Eeropha, where he swiftly gained enough power to be voted the planet's Senator to the Old Republic. He discovered the brilliant mind of Granta Omega, and sponsored his education at the All Sciences Research Academy on Yerphonia. As the Old Republic began to crumble from within, Senator Sauro began to gather more and more power to himself. When Granta Omega was implicated in several attempts to kill Jedi Knights - most notably, Obi-Wan Kenobi - Senator Sauro openly refused to cooperate with the investigation, despite his ties to Omega. Later, after Bog Divinian was elected Senator from Nuralee, they began stirring up anti-Jedi sentiments in the Senate, as part of a larger plan devised by Granta Omega to discredit the Jedi and cut off their Senate support. He invoked several subcommitte bylaws - some of which he had amended himself - to convene a panel of Senators with little or no love of the Jedi, much to the chagrin of Bail Organa and Mace Windu. Obi-Wan later discovered the scope of the plans being hatched by Granta Omega, when he set out to stop the theft of vertex crystals from the All Planet Relief Fund dedication. After capturing Valadon and Roper Slam, Obi-Wan realized that much of the activity the Jedi had uncovered was a ruse, meant to throw them off the true path. In reality, the group was planning to assassinate Chancellor Palpatine, then discredit the Jedi Order for failing to protect his life. Then, with the Senate is chaos, Bog Divinian would step forward and nominate Sano Sauro to succeed Palpatine, thereby allowing Granta Omega to secretly assume control of the galaxy. The plan was ultimately foiled, when Granta and Jenna Zan Arbor were forced to flee Coruscant under the pursuit of the Jedi. When Bog Divinian's proposal to eliminate Senate funding for the Jedi Order came to a vote shortly afterward, Senator Sauro was among the majority of Senators who voted against it. It was later learned that Senator Sauro had been offered the position of Deputy Chancellor by Palpatine himself. Palpatine explained to Anakin Skywalker that, by luring Sauro with power, Palaptine had made an ally out of an enemy. Because of this, Palpatine was able to monitor Sauro's every move. (JAD, JQ4, JQ5, JQ9)

this was a species of huge, lumbering reptile that moved about on four legs, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they were crushing everything in their paths. (MBS)

see Swimming People of Dellalt. (HSL)

an alien race native to the planet Essowyn, the Saurton were thin-bodied, bipedal reptiles with golden scales and long snouts filled with sharp teeth. They were warm-blooded creatures whose advanced immune systems helped them avoid a wide range of diseases and infections. They had evolved enough to realize that their planet was continually bombarded with asteroids, and built their cities underground to protect them from impacts. As a society, they were perfectionists, with no tolerance for failure. Workers who failed to do their jobs were beaten or executed by their co-workers and managers. (PG1)

this yellow star was the primary body in the Saurton System. (PG1)

this was a race of stout, crab-like beings which was native to the planet Leritor. The average Sauvax was amphibious, and moved about on six spindly legs. The arms of a Sauvax ended in heavy claws, and their entire body was covered with chitinous armor. This natural armor was flexible enough to allow a wide range of movement for the Sauvax's limbs and neck. Each hand-claw ended in five fingers: two large pincers and three opposable digits for finer manipulation. Despite their fearsome appearance, the average Sauvax was not warlike in nature, preferring to resolve disputes through discussion and negotiation. (GMR10, UANT)

this was the native language of the Sauvax people, made up from a simple set of vocalizations. (GMR10, UANT)

the short name for a surface assault vehicle. Juggernauts, mobile command bases, and compact assault vehicles (CAVs) are all forms of SAVs. SAVs, in turn, are categorizes as ground assault vehicles (GAVs). (SWJ9)

Savage Pleasure
Mael Sidras was assassinated by Imperial forces while vacationing aboard this luxury liner. The action also killed scores of other passengers, including all but two members of the Khzrry familyof Xi'Dec. (CRO)

Savage Squadron
this was one of the two fighter squadrons created from pilots who were on Dubrillion when the planet was attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong. It was made up of Ugly-style starships piloted by non-military personnel, but they impressed Rogue Squadron with their tenacious will to survive. The Rogue Squadron pilots had referred to them as Salvage Squadron, but quickly dropped that moniker when the pilots proved their skills. They supported the Republic's defense of Dantooine from Yuuzhan Vong invasion, but took heavy losses in the fighting. (DTO, NJOSB)

this Falleen female was Xizor's niece, who survived the devastation on her homeworld and rose to power shortly after Xizor's death. Savan hoped to re-establish the glory of Black Sun, in the wake of Xizor's death. She used prosthetics to outwit her foes, making herself into the antiques dealer Azool as well as one of the remaining vigos of Black Sun. She instigated a civil war among the rest of Xizor's lieutenants shortly after his death, hoping to eliminate them without much effort. She used a meeting with Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa as bait, and staged an attack that she blamed on Vekker, Sprax, and Clezo. She tracked Guri to Hurd's Moon, hoping to obtain the services of the human replica droid for herself. Once she amde contact with Guri, Savan used a hidden code phrase to activate specialized programming Xizor had installed in Guri's brain. The droid, however, had been reprogrammed by Doctor Thrumble, and pretended to accede to Savan's command. Instead, Guri whirled and kocked Savan unconscious with a single punch. Savan was imprisoned and eventually brought to trial. (SEE)

Savant Missile
developed by MerrSonn, the savant missile is known as a "surprise attack" weapon. They appear to be dumb bombs to their targets, used only to establish line-of-sight and not dangerous. When a pilot moves to avoid the seemingly dumb bomb, the savant's internal computer system kicks in after a short delay. The computer then re-establishes its target lock and slams into the target from behind, well before the pilot can react to the new threat. (TTSB)

Savareen Brandy
this brandy is created with arcane procedures, and is well worth the time and expense. (GG9)

Savareen Brandy Stinger
an alcoholic drink favored by Tribune Challer, Ysanne Isard's agent put a lethal dose of poison in one for him. Challer was killed almost instantly by the poison. (XWMR)

Savareen Dancer
this moderately-prices cruiser liner took passengers on a tour of the Outer Rim Territories. (GG9)

this male Ubese was the leader and war-master of the Vorsazg clan, and ruled the Southern Wastes of Uba IV during the early years of the New Order. Disgusted with the yrak pootzck Ubese who fled to Ubertica, Savax gathered up a huge force and set out to destroy Ubertica. Savax's forces nearly succeeded in wiping out the Ubese population on Ubertica, but their bombardment was halted by the appearance of an Imperial fleet. The fleet destroyed Savax and his fleet in short order, but not before much of Ubertica was destroyed. (SESB)

Save the Stohl
this public relations campaign was started after Shantee Ree's attack stohl bit an overzealous admirer during an autograph session. The fan grabbed her arm, and the stohl - Needla - responded as she was trained. The media immediately portrayed the attack stohls as vicious, and hunters began killing them for no reason. Shantee responded quickly, first explaining Needla's reaction, then launching the "Save the Stohl" campaign to halt the slaughter of the creatures. (COG)

Save, Whimper
this dark-haired woman was a frequent patron of the Outlander Club, during the time of the Battle of Geonosis. She stood out somewhat from other patrons in that she wore a hood, covering up most of her upper body. (OWS, SWI75)

Saveen, Jog
this woman was a Jedi Knight who succumbed to the Dark Side of the Force when she began using the Force for evil deeds. (DSSB)

Savich, Moranda
before this woman worked as a courier for Talon Karrde, she was a freelance pick-pocket and information broker. She became wrapped up in the Alliance when she lifted the plans to the first Death Star from the courier who was in the Continuum Void tapcafe waiting for Garm Bel Iblis. Once she figured out that the datacards were Imperial property, she tried to get rid of them. Later, she and Bel Iblis were able to recover the plans, with the help of Hal Horn. Horn had been chasing Moranda to arrest her, but ended up helping them all escape the presence of Ysanne Isard, who had come to recover the plans. Following the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn, she was protected on her runs by the Noghri Plakhmirakh. They met Luke Skywalker on Cejansij, when he helped break up an attack directed at them. She later re-appeared on Bothawui, when Wedge Antilles and Corran Horn were trying to see if anyone was going to attack the Drev'starn shield generator. She managed to re-steal their wallets, after a pair of Bothans lifted them. They worked together to narrow down the list of possible suspects until Wedge and Corran were recalled to Rogue Squadron, to accompany Garm Bel Iblis on the raid on Yaga Minor. Working alone from that point, Moranda proved to be quite a thorn in the sides of Klif and Drend Navett, nearly stopping them from successfully taking out the generator with her subtle yet terrorist-like attacks. Once she finally discovered their identities, she broke into the Exoticalia Pet Emporium and ransacked the shop. Moranda then called the Bothan police force to investigate. She followed this up by starting a small fire in the shop, which essentially broke their cover. They were forced to kill the Bothans, but still managed to take out Drev'starn's shields. (SOP, VOF, TFNR)

Savielk Trey'dra
this Bothan was the leader of the Bothan Council, and the de facto ruler of the Bothan people, at the height of the New Order. Savielk owned a rare copy of The Way by Golm Fervse'dra, and modeled his life and his philosophies after the ancient Bothan Way. (SPG)

Savill, Vaskel
this rougishly handsome young man was a high-ranking lord within House Melantha at the height of the New Order. He was generally considered the mastermind behind House Melantha's plan to destroy the Imperial torpedo sphere which was stationed near Tallaan shortly before the Battle of Endor. He proposed that plan to Annora Calandra and House Melantha during a Vor-cal hunt, using the event as a cover for their meetings. Vaskel's cocky, self-assured confidence helped push the idea through to its implementation. Shortly after the Vor-cal held on Vilhon, Savill hired Lord Sef Falken to assassinate Calandra, and then hired Lord Barleos to execute High Lord Bal Jaset on Procopia. Both attempts were thwarted by a team of Alliance agents hired by House Cadriaan to discover Savill's plans, and Savill's political career was ruined. Ultimately, the torpedo sphere was destroyed, but it resulted in the almost complete subjugation of Tapani Sector by the Empire. (LOE)

Saving the Universe (again)
this song, written and played by the band Deeply Religious, first appeared on the compilation Deeply Religious. It was banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. (GG9)

this herb was discovered by Klorr Vilia about ten years before the Battle of Yavin. Vilia was looking to create an herb that would appeal to a wide variety of species and pallettes. What he created was a large, tree-like plant with leaves which, when consumed, produce the illusion of rapture. Vilia became the first victim of the plant's effects when he used it to prove to Zorneth that he had created the wide-appeal herb he had set out to create. Vilia was suddenly locked in a blissful state, and Zorneth was struck with the realization that savorium, in the wrong hands, could be used as a devastating weapon. The users of the drug, known as Smilers, are locked in a perpetual state of bliss, and often require protection. Zorneth created the Caretaker virus to covertly use droids to protect them. (DRO)

this gas giant was the fifth and outermost planet in the Bacrana System, and was orbited by six moons. (FBS)

this hulking race of humanoids, native to Ord Mantell, was strongly muscled and massively built. To much of the galaxy, savrips were simply predatory creatures. A savrip was often portrayed as one of the creatures in a dejarik game. However, savrips are fully sentient. They were forced into the wilderness when the Old Republic first colonized Ord Mantell, and they chose to maintain a low profile in order to retain their civilization. However, their combative nature and unusual language led to a deeper sense of the savrips' unintelligence, and many were hunted or exported. Thus, very few savrips remain on Ord Mantell. The average savrip individual can live to be over 500 years in age, provided that it survived that long. (CCG, ANT)

this was the name given to the guttural language of the Savrip species. (ANT)

this was the first Imperial Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser, assigned to patrol the Mid Rim during the height of the New Order. The Savrip was also one of the first Vindicator-class ships that was not later converted to an Immobilizer 418 Interdictor-class cruiser. The Savrip was later captured by the Alliance and renamed the Molator. (SOG)

Savrip Clan
this was one of the many "clans" formed by the Jedi Council to facilitate the training of young individuals, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Like other such groups, the Savrip Clan was made up of children of varying species between the ages of four and eight standard years. They trained in these groups until they were thirteen years old, at which time they were either chosen by a Jedi Master as a Padawan learner or given other duties outside the Jedi Order. (PJSB)

this was one of the many Eickarie clans that made up the Hu-shi-crive tribe on the planet Kariek, during the height of the New Republic. (FB)

this being was a noted fashion designer, who produced wondrous pantsuits and casual attire during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

Savvam Lake
like most bodies of water on the planet Coruscant, Savvam Lake was an artificial lake built for the enjoyment of those living near it. Constructed for the pleasure of the rich and famous, Savvam Lake was lined with trees and flowers which had been genetically bred for their year-round blooms and wondrous fragrances. Also like other bodies of water, Savvam Lake was constructed more than 200 stories above the actual surface of Coruscant, atop the interlocking roofs of several buildings. (APS)

Savvlock's School of Big Business
this well-hidden, though widely publicized, educational institution prepared underhanded businessmen with the know-how to operate in the various underworld activities of the modern galaxy. (WSV)

an alias used by Ponda Baba. (SWR, OWS)

Sawrtin, Thi
this smuggler captain plied the Essien Run during the early years of the New Order. He was summarily executed after trying to bribe Captain Gresia Vleen, after the Tory's Catcher intercepted his vessel. (AIR)

this Lutrillian was considered by many to be the "Boss of Port Town," during the height of the New Order. An unassuming individual, Sawthawne had his hands in much of the smuggling and slavery that took place along the Ison Corridor. Although his nickname seemed to place him on Cloud City, Sawthawne actually worked from a hidden base in Tibannopolis. He launched many raids against the tibanna mining activities overseen by Lando Calrissian, until the Baron-Administrator of Cloud City hired a group of mercenaries to put an end to the raids. (GORW)

Saw-toothed Grank
this species of large, predatory feline was native to the planet Naboo. The grank's jaws were filled with huge, serrated teeth which it used to capture and tear at its favorite prey, the shiro. The meat of the grank was considered a delicacy by the Gungans, and its hard toenails were machined for use in the engines of bongo submarines. In the wild, granks were solitary predators that hunted with acute senses of hearing and touch. The latter sense was obtained by the hairs that ran along the creature's sides, which could detect vibrations in the air and ground. A few specimens of saw-toothed grank were exported from Naboo as pets or guardbeasts, but these usually became too feral to manage and were set loose. These wild granks quickly dominated their ecosystem, and often preyed upon sentient beings before being destroyed. (GF, WSW, WOTC)

primary planet in the Sayblohn system, it is the homeworld of the Okfili race. (RPG)

this Doctor worked at the New Republic's Meridian Sector medical facility on Nim Drovis, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Saychel was Major Showolter's primary contact on the planet, and the two were old friends from time they had spent on Coruscant during the early years of the New Republic. Saychel's team was in charge of learning everything they could from the Yuuzhan Vong priestess Elan, after the priestess was captured near Exodo II. (HT)

this ancient manuscript was written by the scribes of Uueg Tching, who sought to write down his parables, analogies, and military instructions. The document was kept in the Atrisian Imperial Historical Library on Kitel Phard for 3,000 years before it was removed to be copied. The copies were distrubuted to all living members of the Tching royalty some 1,500 years before the fall of the Old Republic. Later, at the height of the New Order, Emperor Palpatine demanded that the original manuscript be brought to Coruscant, where it disappeared into his private collection. Following the Battle of Endor, the exact location of the manuscript was unknown. (SWJ14)

this was one of the most common female names among the Corellians. (GMR9)

this name was common among the Feeorin race. (UANT)

Sayla Voth
this was the name of a noted Zabrak individual. (UANT)

Sayn Ta
this female Kaminoan was one of the Master Cloners who were assigned to the development of clone troopers for the Army of the Republic. In the wake of the Battle of Geonosis, Sayn Ta and her assistant were tasked with enhancing the already excellent combat skills of the clone troopers. When the troopers suddenly started dying from an internal nano-virus, Sayn Ta was called upon by Aayla Secura and Kit Fisto to investigate the problem. It was discovered that her assistant had been bribed by the Separatists to infect the clones, as revenge for toiling under Sayn Ta without receiving any of the accolades. The assistant used the virus to killed Sayn Ta, hoping that an antidote would not be created. The assistant then threatened to inject the virus into Aayla Secura, but he accidentally injected himself. The assistant also died, but the virus was used to create an antidote and vaccinate the clones. (T14)

this race of humanoids lived in some of the deepest parts of the Kkowir Forest on Kashyyyk, where they kept to themselves but defended their territory with vicious attacks on any intruders. The Kerritamba tribe of Wookiees, which lived near the Mysess Glade, believed that the Sayormi were vengeful ghosts who roamed the forest in search of blood. The Sayormi were an unusually ancient race that worshipped a pantheon of dead gods, and they were known to have tamed at least some of Kashyyyk's most dangerous animal life. The borders of their territory were marked with the corpses of their enemies, and several Wookiee bodies in various states of decomposition were among the markers. (SWGAL)

this being served as a Captain in the New Republic military, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Captain Saz was eventually placed in command of the Blackmoon Squadron of E-Wings, following the Battle of Ebaq. (UF)

Imperial slang for a battalion's captain, second-in-command to the battalion's major. SB1 is responsible for the unit's intel. (ISB)

this was one of two GAT-12h Skipray blastboats assigned to the small fleet used by Captain Vocis Kenit during his search for the Far Orbit. (FOP)

Imperial slang for a battalion's logistics officer. (ISB)

this was a series of security breach droids. It was an espionage droid created from an R2 shell. (SOP)

this was a series of computer-slicing droids produced by Illicit Electronics during the Galactic Civil War. Resembling a standard R2 unit, this droid could enter virtually any computer system solely upon its appearance. Underneath the basic R-series shell was a sophisticated package of espionage software and encryption/decryption gear which allowed he SB-20 to access and collect all manner of sensitive data. (FOP, GFT)

Imperial slang for a battalion's medical officer. (ISB)

this was one of two GAT-12h Skipray blastboats assigned to the small fleet used by Captain Vocis Kenit during his search for the Far Orbit. (FOP)

Imperial slang for a battalion's technical officer. (ISB)

Imperial slang for a battalion's headquarters officer. This designation has no counterpart at the company level; SB5 is responsible for coordinating the battalion's support, security, and order. (ISB)

a shutterbug droid designed to take pictures. Lando Calrissian had one at the Hologram Fun World theme park. They have cameras built into their chests, and their eyes act as strobe flashes. (QE)

this was a common name used by the H'nemthean race. (UANT)

this blaster pistol was produced by Elmainin Armaments during the height of the New Order. It was considered by many to be an ineffective knock-off of other, better-made weapons. Its housing was fragile, and its focusing crystals were substandard and poorly tuned to the weapon's power capabilities. (GFT, AEG)

Imperial slang for a company's lieutenant, the second in command. (ISB)

Imperial slang for a company's logistics officer. (ISB)

Imperial slang for a company's medical officer. (ISB)

Imperial slang for a company's technical officer. (ISB)

this model of Taim & Bak heavy blaster cannon was used on the Explorer submergible. (CFG)

this blaster pistol was produced by Imperial Munitions from plans provided by SoroSuub, and was noted for the unusual design of its internal mechanisms. The SC-4's power packs and handle were given unique codes that could be tracked by Imperial computer systems. This allowed law enforcement officers to quickly locate any being who used an SC-4 in committing a crime. Using specially-coded transmissions, Imperial officers could also detonate the power pack of an SC-4 from a remote location, rendering the weapon - and, quite often, the user - badly damaged. (IA, GUN)

this was the model number of a pair of stun cuffs developed by Locris Syndicated Securities. Like other such devices, the SC-401 automatically adjusted its cuffs to the size of the being in custody, and continued to tighten if the being tried to struggle out of the cuffs. The cuffs could only be removed by entering a seven-digit code into the keypad. (EGW, AEG)

this was a security droid which was manumitted and given its independence. (MB)

a derisive term used by the Gamorreans. (SWJ14)

Scald Vine
these unusual vines exuded a form of corrosive acid as a defense mechanism. When a creature or being brushed against the vine itself, the dripping acid burned through fur, flesh, and cloth, causing intense pain. (SWEMO)

Scale Dust
this was a mild poison created by Amira Nasrabi, from natural materials collected from the sea life of Vaynai's shallow oceans. It caused wild hallucinations in those beings who inhaled it. (GMR8)

Scale-10 Battery
a small battery used in emergency kits. (COJ)

Scale-20 Battery
a medium-sized battery used to power portable bases. (COJ)

Scale-5 Syrup
a sugary syrup. (COJ)

Scale-50 Battery
a large battery, capable of powering older models of TIE Fighters. (COJ)

this is the generic name given to a wide range of shiny, scaled fish native to the oceans of Naboo. (IG1)

Scalp Tick
this parasitic insect was named for the way it latched onto the scalp of a humanoid being. (HSL)

Scalpel Grass
this form of grass was bio-engineered by the Yuuzhan Vong to have thick, sturdy blades. Each individual blade of scalpel grass had razor-sharp edges, and grew to the height of a Yuuzhan Vong knee. Because of its sturdy blades, scalpel grass could cut into exposed flesh with realtive easy, making it the perfect plant for growing outside slave compunds and prison camps. (UF)

this experimental weapon design was developed by the Trade Federation and Merr-Sonn Munitions several years before the Battle of Naboo. The Scalp-Hunter was slow to production, especially after a cargo of the weapons were stolen by Nym and his crew. The Scalp-Hunter was fully automatic, with a collapsible stock and a cortosis alloy barrel. It was produced during a time when mercenaries and other criminal organizations were wary of fighting against the Jedi Knights. (T7, NEGW)

Scaly Tauntaun
this unusual variation on the standard tauntaun evolved on Hoth as a hairless species, despite the obvious advantages of a layer of fur. Unlike its surface-dwelling cousins, though, the scaly tauntaun lived in small herds well below the surface, where they sought out geothermal vents and bubbling hot springs. They seemed to be able to follow the slightly sulfur atmosphere produced by the springs and upwellings, burrowing tunnels where necessary to reach a new cave. These traits made the scaly tauntaun a target of scientific investigation for two reasons: research didn't have to be done in the bitter cold of Hoth's surface, and scaly tauntauns provided an example of a highly-efficient energy processor. They used very little heat in their daily activities, trapping as much as possible within their bodies. This may have allowed them to keep their underground lairs warmer than usual. Scaly tauntauns were extremely skittish creatures, and bolted for the safety of their lairs whenever a wampa appeared. (WOTC)

this red-haired youth tried to steal Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, while Luke was on the planet to help it become a member of the New Republic. When Imperial forces retook the planet, Scamp made his move. Luke caught him in the act, however, and Scamp agreed to help Luke look for Raggold's killer in exchange for Luke's protection from looters. Shortly afterward, Scamp revealed to Luke that he only stole things to keep his father from beating him. Scamp then took Luke to meet with Braxas. (MC89)

Scan grid
this was the generic term used to describe any device used to measure the properties of metals. Darth Vader used one of these devices to torture Han Solo on Cloud City, sometime after the Battle of Hoth. (ESBN)

Scandium Team
this group of Alliance operatives was led by Dutra Zeneta, and Harovan Toth but was soundly defeated at the Wellte-ir Massacre and later disbanded when only six of its original twenty-eight members survived. It was formed in the early days of the Alliance, and was based in Tharin Sector. However, their influence was felt throughout the galaxy. (SWJ10, SWJ11)

the official form of communication between Imperial Intelligence agents, a scandoc is intelligible upon receipt. Immediately following its receipt, a scandoc is coded to begin mutating some time later. The mutations begin with a few message packets out of every thousand. If the document is reproduced, further mutations occur until the document is no longer understandable. (ISB)

this food preparation unit is found in many starship galleys. (OS)

this was ostensibly the capital city of the planet Recopia. One of many city-states that existed on the planet's high plateaus, Scapio gained prominence simply because the Thoren Spaceport was located within its boundaries. It was made up from islands that formed a long chain, each of which was linked by bridges that spanned the acid seas. (CCW)

Scar of Remembrance
this red facepaint was used by the rulers of Naboo's human population in times of crisis. The paint was applied to the lower lip in a thick line, and signifies the intense struggles the Naboo faces in the war-filled era preceding the Great Time of Peace. Queen Amidala wore the Scar of Remembrance during the Trade Federation's blockade of her planet. (IG1)

this Trade Federation starship participated in the Battle of Naboo. (OWS, SFT)

Scarab Droid
a small, beetle-shaped droid developed for Emperor Palpatine by Sienar Intelligence Systems, a scarab droid could infiltrate most places like a normal insect. The Scarab was produced in order to avoid any legal hassle involved with hiring trained assassins to eliminate Palpatine's enemies. These palm-sized, arachnoid automatons could be programmed to seek out specific targets and deliver a venomous bite. There were some eighteen distinct versions of the Scarab Droid produced, with spines, claws, and shredders serving as the primary weapon on each version. (DE2, EGD)

Scarab Mark VI
this sixth version of Scarab Droid produced by Sienar Intelligence Systems, the Mark VI posted the best kill-ratio among all eighteen versions of the Scarab. These droids had a pair of hard injection fangs mounted on their heads, which could delivery a wide range of poisons. (EGD)

Scarab-class Fighter
this flat-bodied starfighter design was produced for use by the Trade Federation during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. The design featured two outrigger-like wings, each connected to the fuselage by a pair of heavy struts. (STF, JSF)

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