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found on the Forest Moon of Endor, but native to the planet New Canistel, the senoti tree was held in near-sacred regard by the healers of the Ewok race. It was believed that the senoti was brought to Endor by a pair of Canistel AgriStar X-19 freighters which crashed into the moon. This theory was accepted by many, despite the fact that the few senoti trees that managed to take root on the Forest Moon did so in widely scattered locations. It required an alkaline soil in which to grow, and its watery sap had a number of medicinal values, including reduction of fevers and relief from pain. (GMR9)

this active sensor array, manufactured by Siep-Irol, was used in the Explorer submergible. (CFG)

the second of the three Jedi Force skills, the ability to Sense is how a Jedi recognizes the Force in the universe around him. This flow of the Force tells the Jedi information about their surroundings. (SWSB, IJ)

this form of lighting was known for its hypnotic, mood-altering patterns and colors. The technology was developed by Lytos Urtell, who created them expressly for the Glow Dome on Adarlon. (WSV)

this Ferroan was one of the leaders of the group which was coerced by Sekot to oppose the Magister, Jabitha, in an effort to test the true reasons Luke Skywalker and his Jedi Knights traveled to Zonama Sekot during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Senshi and his followers kidnapped Jabitha and Danni Quee and brought them to a rogue boras grove, drawing the Jedi to the grove for their final test. When Jacen questioned his motivations, Senshi revealed that he had lost most of his family in the many Crossings Zonama Sekot had done to avoid the rest of the galaxy. He refused to allow Jabitha to agree to helping the Jedi, an action which he believed would strip him once again of his friends and family. He was regarded as an individual who cared more for Zonama itself than Sekot, and had no desire to deal with outsiders. After Sekot had successfully tested the Jedi Knights to ensure that their mission was, indeed, a peaceful resolution to the conflict with the Yuuzhan Vong, the planetary sentience agreed to return to the galaxy and help the Jedi. Senshi was released from Sekot's control and accepted Sekot's decision, and eventually decided that the Jedi were worthy of his assistance. (FH3)

Sensis, Maxina
this eager, young xenoarchaeologist was attached to the New Republic's Daxis Outpost, where she was the Chief of Research. Before this posting, she had planned to work as a researcher for a Corporate Sector employer. However, when she saw the promotional holovid for the New Republic Scout Service, she was hooked. She was also a close friend and respected colleague of Korren Starchaser. So, when Starchaser and his scout team discovered The Gulch in the Serianan Asteroid Belt, he brought her in immediately to investigate. A native of the Parkis System, Maxina also had a vast knowledge of the history of galactic exploration. She hoped that further scout teams would venture to the Serianan asteroids, but had to wait until the New Republic supplied them. (SWJ8)

this small, insectile creature was actually a piece of Yuuzhan Vong technology, developed to serve as a remote listening device. When alerted to the presence of an intruder, the sensislug would exude a chemical as part of its normal respiration. This chemical caused most humanoid species to a deep sleep, rendering them unconscious for a short period of time. Upon awakening, humanoids experienced severe headaches, nausea, and irritation of the nasal membranes. (SBS, UF)

any of the various shipboard systems used to detect the presence of other ships or stellar bodies in the vicinity. There are many different kinds of sensors, including full-spectrum transceivers, electrophoto receptors, and hyperwave signal interceptors. (SCRE, SWSB)

Sensor Blind
unlike traditional countermeasures which try to conceal an object or interfere with sensor operation, sensor blinds attempt to disguise an object by emitting energy patterns to make it appear natural. (HAS)

Sensor Decoy
a remote probe-like device which is ejected from its parent ship and emits the same broadcast signals as the parent ship. The parent ship can then run silent, and any pursuit shis would pick up the sensor decoy and follow it. Sensor decoys are virtually impossible to determine. (SWSB)

Sensor Pallet
a starship's complete scanning system, the sensor pallet consists of all the sensory systems employed by a starship. (SS)

Sensor Shroud
this array of sensor jamming devices was developed as a form of cloaking system during the New Republic. It masked a ship's emissions while providing information about the ship's immediate location. (EVC)

Sensor Star
this five-armed, aquatic mollusk was native to the planet F'tral. The five arms surrounded a central body section, which was studded with a number of sensory appendages. They live in groups of 20-30 individuals, using their collection of arms to herd small reptiles, fish, and insects. They seem to communicate via a series of subsonic tones which were inaudible to most humanoid races, but could be detected using specialized equipment. Scientists discovered that the "language" of the sensor stars included combinations of tones for concepts like "emergency," "storm," and "food." This allowed determined groups to actually use the sensor star as a primitive sensor system. (COG)

Sensor Stealth
another term for running a starship without generating any emissions, in order to escape detection. This requires the ship to run on main battery power, and is extremely power-consuming. If the main generators are not put back online soon, the ship will be adrift without life support. (SWSB)

Sensor Suite
another term for a sensor pallet, it denotes a starship's complete scanning system. (HSE)

this full-spectrum transceiver was used in many droids, primarily the R2 series. It includes electro-photoreceptors, dedicated energy receptors, and heat and motion sensors. The sensorscope interfaces directly with the Intellex IV internal computer, which processes the data received. (CCG4)

Sensory Plug-in
a device which allows a droid to interface with computers, sensors, and other data systems. (SME)

this was a casino coin game that was popualr during the early years of the New Order. (HSE)

this was a leather-like material used to create supple bindings and belts for exotic dancing outfits. (VD)

Sensyno Station
this famed unirail station was one of the many stops on the Vohai Unirail, on the planet Vohai. (SWJ15)

this was the capital city of the planet Belasco. (TDR)

Sentarr Laboratories
this small research facility was owned by Sentarr, Incorporated. They barely turned a profit on paper, and were continually subsidized by their parent company. In reality, Sentarr produced no real breakthroughs. It was merely a front for Sentarr's smuggling operations, which specialized the in the acquisition and sale of rare animal species on the black market. (SPG)

Sentepeth Findos
this Neomoidian was the acting Viceroy of the Trade Federation, in the wake of the death of Nute Gunray and Rune Hahko at Mustafar, in the wake of the Clone Wars. Not all Neimoidians chose to recognized his appointment to Viceroy, and many believed that he was nothing more than a flunky chosen by the Empire. With the establishment of the New Order, Findos was left with no choice but to sign a treaty that allowed the Trade Federation to be nationalized by the Galactic Empire. After signing the treaty and imploring Emperor Palpatine to remember the contributions of the Trade Federation to the Old Republic, Findos was escorted away by stormtroopers. (SWI84)

this is the nineteenth symbol in the Aurebesh script, and represents the Basic letter "s". (SWM)

Sentient Property Crime Bureau
this was a special division of the Phindar police force that was focused on the illegal seizure and resale of "personality-bearing artifacts", or droids. (YDR)

Sentient Tank
another name for a tank droid. (DE1)

huge beings used to guard the Emperor's palace on Byss, the Sentinels first appeared when the Emperor had hunted down and captured Ashka Boda. In essence, a Sentinel was a former human which had been augmented and enhanced through Sith alchemies, and many were created from tissue stock of other powerful humans. The Sentinels materialized on the battlefield and escorted the fallen Jedi Master to Coruscant. Since then, wild speculation has surrounded the unknown origins of the Sentinels. They are, in fact, clones which have been mutated by the Emperor's Dark Side Adepts. Odd chemicals and the Dark Side of the Force twist the poor beings into slaves that obey the Adepts until they are destroyed. (DE1, DESB, DSSB)

this was one of the many Interdictor-class cruisers that made up Grand Admiral Thrawn's fleet of warships, during the early years of the New Republic. It served as one of the many Interdictors used by Thrawn to draw Republic forces out of space just outside the Bilbringi System, during the events that led up to the Battle of Bilbringi. (TLC)

one of three Bakura-class destroyers deployed by Hortel Ossilege, in an effort to assist the New Republic in breaking the blockade of the Corellian System. It was one of four ships, along with the Intruder, Watchkeeper, and Defender, that were built specifically for the defense of the Bakura System, in the wake of the Battle of Bakura. After the decisive battle against the Sacorrian Triad, only the Sentinel and the Defender survived to return to their postings as part of Bakura's defense. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the Bakuran people were again invaded by the Ssi-Ruuk, although this time it was disguised as a peace offering from the P'w'eck. The Sentinel was refitted to accommodate the droid fighters of the P'w'eck, as part of a joint effort to "protect" the Bakuran System. (AS, CTD, FH2)

this Victory-class Star Destroyer was part of the Imperial fleet which patrolled the Wroona System during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. (PSG)

this immense beast was found on the planet Alashan. Roughly humanoid in shape, the Sentinel stood well over two meters in height, and had crustacean-like armor plating protecting its body. When it was attacked by agents of both the Alliance and the Empire, the Sentinel showed a remarkable resilience to energy weapons and physical damage, surviving even when it was caught beneath several tons of rubble in an explosion. The Sentinel could also be summoned instantly to another part of the city, and had the ability to alter its size to fit its environment. Luke Skywalker later discovered that the Sentinel creature was a beast of pure energy, created by the ancient inhabitants of Alashan to protect their underground city. When the controls panels which maintained the underground city were destroyed, the Sentinel creature lost much of its power, as its connection to the planet's own energy was broken. Luke then dispatched the Sentinel with a stab of his lightsaber. (MCI6, MCI7)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Sentinel 100
this device allowed stock brokers and individual investors to monitor galactic stock markets, provided they were within the device's range to access and download information. (GFT)

Sentinel Beetle
this small insect was engineered by the Yuuzhan Vong. They were bred in huge numbers, and were created to beat their wings furiously when an intruder was encountered. The wing-song created sounded like an alarm, and alerted the Yuuzhan Vong to the intruder's presence. (DTO)

Sentinel IV
this heavy blaster pistol was produced by the Caelli-Merced Syndicate. (BSS)

Sentinel Squadron
this stormtrooper squadron was part of the forces dispatched to Tatooine to protect Prefect Talmont, shortly after the Battel of Yavin. (MEAS)

Sentinel-class Landing Craft
this Sienar Fleet Systems' design was derived from the Lambda-class shuttle, retaining the Lambda's triple-wing design. As with the Lambda, the Sentinel's two lower wings folded during landing. The Sentinel differed from the Lambda in terms of cargo space and weapons. There were eight retractable laser cannons mounted on the hull, two concussion missile launchers, a retractable ion cannon, and a pair of retractable repeating blaster cannons mounted beneath the cockpit. This weapons system of retractable mounts meant the Sentinel-class was sleek and aerodynamic when swift transport is needed, but it could handle its own in a fight. The Sentinel also had enhanced armor plating for defense. The 20-meter-long central section of the Sentinel was widened and elongated to allow for the transport of up to 54 soldiers and six speeder bikes. If all seats were removed, the ship could accommodate up to thirty-six speeder bikes, twelve combat assault vehicles, or 180 metric tons of cargo. The Sentinel-class shuttle was equipped with a Class 1 hyperdrive for speed, and it could attain speeds of 1,000 kilometers per hour in atmosphere with its HD7 engine array. The Sentinel-class was introduced after the Battle of Yavin, but never became widely used in the Imperial fleet. Following the Battle of Endor, SFS allowed Cygnus SpaceWorks to build their own version of the Sentinel, and the craft became available to private, pro-Imperial concerns. In this way, it also found its way into New Republic fleets via front companies. (EG V, SWSE, CCG9, MTSE, NEGV)

Sentinel-class Military Cruiser
this class of warships was developed during the early years of the New Order, as a larger ship capable of leading raids on enemy positions without taking a pounding. (WOA34)

Sentry Gun
this was the term used to describe a class of small, automated turrets that were armed with blaster or laser cannons, and which could be programmed to fire on nearby targets. The original sentry guns were developed for use by the Empire, primarily for defending prisons, garrisons, and other important facilities. (NEGW)

Senvi, Nico
this man was one of Tatooine's more skilled swoop racers, during the era of the Great Sith War. Motta the Hutt wanted to hire Nico as a professional racer, but was only willing to pay him a small salary. A wandering Jedi Knight was able to negotiate on Nico's behalf, and managed to secure a higher salary. (KOTOR)

known as Sen for short, this huge Oswaft was the senior Elder in the Oswaft society when Lando Calrissian first met Lehesu, during the early years of the New Order. Sen measured just over 1,000 meters in width, making him the largest Oswaft in the ThonBoka. During the Imperial blockade of the ThonBoka, he played sabacc with Lando as Lando outlined a plan to break the blockade. Being somewhat more forward-thinking than his counterparts, Sen agreed with Lando's plan to fight back without violence, and helped break the blockade in the end. Sen then asked Lehesu to become one of the rulers of the Oswaft society, fearing that his conservative nature almost cost them their lives. The apostrophe in his name represented twelve other syllables in his name, which he was too modest to use. During the defense of the ThonBoka, Sen was among a group of Oswaft who were caught by the first blast from the Wennis, which fired some of the deadly bio-engineered weapon that had been developed by Rokur Gepta. Sen and his comrades were killed in the blast. (LCS)

Tapper Quelev's alias when he and Talon Kaarde tried to infiltrate the Morodin safari business of Gamgalon while on Tropis-on-Varont. (EGC)

Seoul 5
this ancient world was once the homeworld of the Seoulian race. It was believed that much of the planet had been destroyed by a biochemical weapon during a war many millennia before the Galactic Civil War. However, the Empire discovered the planet and established a base there, during the years leading up to the Battle of Endor. The base was eventually discovered by Han Solo, who obtained the coordinates of Seoul 5 while gambling with a former Imperial scout. (MC84)

this form of large hieroglyphs was used by the Seoulians, the ancient inhabitants of the planet Seoul 5. (MC84)

this ancient race of beings lived on the planet Seoul 5, many millennia before the Galactic Civil War. They were believed to have used highly-specialized crystals to harness their mental energies, which were channeled to an underground location and used to power every device on the planet. The Empire employed Doctor Xathan and Fem Nu-Ar to locate Seoul 5, hoping to acquire this mental technology for its own uses. However, the key crystal had been taken years earlier, during the initial scouting survey, by an Imperial officer who had since retired. He lost the crystal to Han Solo while gambling, and Solo traveled to Seoul 5 to see what it could do. He replaced the crystal, setting off a chain reaction which unleashed thousands of years of stored energy that ripped the control center to pieces. (MC84)

this was the Snivvian word for "yes." (HNN5)

Sep Elopon
see Sep Elopor (GORW)

Sep Elopor
this ringed gas giant was the seventh planet in the Calamari System. Some thirty-two moons were known to orbit the planet. Note that The Unifying Force indicates that Sep Elopor was the outermost planet in the Calamari System, although Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds lists two ice-covered worlds in further orbits. (UF, GORW)

this was Leia Organa-Solo's personal security droid. She nicknamed it Sleepy. (SOL)

this humorous-looking droid was one of the New Republic's most effective anti-terrorist weapons. Known as a "Sleepy" unit, these humanoid automatons were manufactured by Ulban Arms to serve as a personal security droid. The S-EP1 combined the best facets of the Warden 10-24 and the Hound-W2 SPD, and was equipped with an Arjan IV logic computer and a database filled with battle tactics, criminal profiles, and emergency and medical routines. The S-EP1 wasn't armed with blaster weapons, but instead had a stun-gas canister installed in its torso to incapacite a target and was sold with a stun staff. Their eccentric appearance belied the S-EP1's ability to use deadly force, if necessary, to stop a criminal. (EGD.)

Sepan 8
the planet, located in the Sepan System, on which Ripoblus and Dimok politicians met to discuss a joint offensive against the Empire. (TIE)

Sepan Civil War
a protracted internal battle between the Dimoks and the Ripoblus, the Sepan Civil War first broke out some five years before the Clone Wars. Despite the efforts of the Jedi Knights Empatajayos Brand, Bultar Swan, and Chellemi Chuovvick, the two sides were unable to make any sort of lasting peace. The civil war dragged on for many years, throughout most of the era of the New Order. Following the Imperial victory at Hoth, the Empire began expanding its control over these sorts of warring systems. The Empire intervened in the civil war, with the Dimoks opposing them while the Ripoblus tended to wlecome their presence. However, growing Imperial domination forced both sides to drop their gripes with the other and band together against the Empire. Both sides were defeated, and the civil war was ended. (TIE, HNN4)

Sepan System
the planetary system which is home to the Dimoks and Ripoblus. (TIE)

Separatist Union
this was one of the most active subgroups of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, during the height of the Clone Wars. The Separatist Union was a mobile operation, allowing it to avoid detection while it gathered information from the battlefronts of the Clone Wars. Much of this information was disseminated via the CIS Shadowfeed, and occasionally was sliced into the Old Republic's HoloNet. (SWI76)

this was the term used to describe those beings who believed that the Old Republic no longer functioned for the good of the galaxy, and advocated the secession of worlds from the Republic, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Led by Count Dooku, the Separatists were officially known as the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Together, Dooku and the Separatists drove a wedge into the already-crumbling Republic. Thousands of star systems allied themselves with Dooku and the Separatists, who promised completely free trade to any group, corporation, or government which agreed to support them. Funding was secretly provided by the Commerce Guild and the InterGalactic Banking Clan, and war materiel was provided by the Trade Federation. Although the Clone Wars seemed to go in favor of the Separatist forces for many months, the Grand Army of the Republic finally managed to begin scoring victories. Droid factories were destroyed, cutting off the seemingly endless supply of battle droids that had been protecting the Separatists. In order to protect the various leaders of the Council of Separatists, Dooku ordered his half-alien/half-droid commander General Grievous to secret the leaders away on remote planets like Utapau and Mustafar. The deaths of Count Dooku during the First Battle of Coruscant and General Grievous on Utapau left the Separatists without a true leader. When Chancellor Palpatine revealed himself to be Darth Sidious, he ordered his new apprentice - Anakin Skywalker - to travel to Mustafar and eliminate the Separatist leaders. Skywalker's vicious slaughter put an end to the Separatist threat, but only sealed the fate of the galaxy as Palpatine named himself Emperor. In the speech in which Palpatine declared himself Emperor and formed the Galactic Empire, he claimed that the Separatist threat had been originally formed as a traitorous union between the Jedi Order and a handful of seditious Senators. (HNN4, AOTCN, VD2, IS3, SWI84)

Sepen, Vega
this Corellian woman, distinguished by her reddish hair and green eyes, served as the first officer aboard the No Luck Required during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. When she was fifteen, her parents had been killed in a reactor meltdown on the planet Eriadu, and Vega had stowed away on a smuggler's ship in order to escape the life of an orphan. She earned her passage after defeating the ship's first mate in a vibrodagger battle, and spend many years learning the ropes as a smuggler. She even worked for a brief time aboard the Free Lance for Urias Xhaxin, before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion began. After the Free Lance was nearly destroyed, Xhaxin turned his crew loose, and Vega decided that she had better do everything she could to save her galaxy. She volunteered for the military, but couldn't handle the attitude adjustment she was forced to make. Thus, she decided to join Search and Rescue, and ended up with Uldir's crew. As a member of the Search and Rescue Corp, she was known for her gruff demeanor, but was nevertheless loyal to her crewmates. (GMR10, EOV, SWI62)

this humanoid race was native to the planet Thustra. Outwardly, the Sephi were similar in appearance to human stock, but had a thick spiral of hair-like material that grew from the crown of the skulls. This spiral was a source of personal pride for individual Sephi, who placed gemstones and other adornments into the spiral as it grew. The ears of a Sephi were large and close to the head, with tall points and drooping lobes. The chin was similar in many respects to the spiral on top of their heads, growing into a thick point as a Sephi aged. The Sephi were a long-lived species, with elder individuals living for more than 200 years. (J5)

this slang term was used during the Clone Wars to indicate a person who was part of the Separatist movement. (SHPT)

this was the name used by the Selonians to describe individual units within a den. All offspring sired by the same fertile male were considered part of the sept. (AE)

this immense human was a member of Marl Semtin's special forces stormtrooper battalion. Septaas accompanied Sixtus Quin to Ryloth, where they were involved in virtual combat with Rogue Squadron by Cazne'Olan. The Imperials defeated the Rogues, but the simulation resulted in a no-contest when Cazne'Olan wiped out all combatants in a firestorm. Upon returning to Tatooine, Septaas defected to the New Republic when Sixtus Quin exposed Semtin's treachery. (XWBT)

a seven-tentacled seas creature native to Z'trop, the septapus is a herbivorous creature with five glowing eyes. They are timid in nature, contrary to the fact that Han Solo claims to have been attacked by one in the past. (MMY)

Septevorres System
this star system, located in the Outer Rim, had three stars at its center. (GG9)

an insect native to the planet Eriadu. (CCG)

a wondrous fabric used to make expensive robes. (DH)

Sepulchral Ruby
this ancient artifact was first noted in the histories of the planet Utapau some 57,000 years before the Clone Wars, although its original meaning was lost over time. Modern Utapauns maintained iconic images of the Sepulchral Ruby, as an homage to their ancient ancestors. (X3)

Seqours, Bon
this tall, dashing man was a frequent patron of the Farrimmer Café. He was an imposing man, standing well over two meters in height and wearing a well-polished blaster at his hip. He was known to be a friend to members of the Alliance, remaining neutral himself but doing what he could help the cause. He once pulled off an incredible heist, stealing a wealth of valuable coins and relics from a crimelord by the name of Randar Dowellin. Unfortunately for Bon, the crimelord had laced many of the pieces with a chemical tracer, and sent out a team of bounty hunters to recover the relics and Bon's body - dead or alive. Luckily for Bon, he discovered that the chemical tracer could be neutralized by liberal use of Harmon Kizzlebrew, which he drank whenever he was out in public. (SWJ11)

this was one of the largest moons that orbited the planet Kidron. Like its sister, Primor, Segual's make-up was loaded with valuable ores and minerals. The Orfites of Kidron kept this fact a well-guarded secret. (PG3)

Sequencer Charge
this portable mine can be placed on the ground or near doors. Acitvated by time-delay or promixity sensors, the sequencer charge has much more destructive capability that a thermal detonator or IM mine. (DF2)

this man was a scientist who worked for Karflo Corporation, and he was a contemporary of Trem DeSelvaine. They were also intense rivals, and both had been warned by Karflo executives to tone down their struggles to outdo each other. While DeSelvaine was discovering everything he could about the Polydroxol people, Sera developed a toxin which Administrator Renerdat approved for use in killing the Polydroxol on their homeworld of Sevetta. It was rumored that Polly, the Polydroxol individual DeSelvaine studied, killed Sera and everyone aboard their research station during its attempt to escape. (SWJ12)

this given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this was one of the most common female names among the Corellians. (GMR9)

this was the name of a series of landspeeders produced by SoroSuub Corporation during the last decades of the Old Republic. Measuring 4.5 meters in length, the Seraph could accommodate a pilot and a single passenger, with up to ten kilograms of cargo. It was best known for its speed and solid handling, factors that made it an excellent choice for the Naboo Flash speeder. (SON, NEGV)

Seraphan Industries
this corporation active during the height of the New Order, until Illyan Webble was lost on Kalkovak. (UYV)

a temperate planet, Serat was the homeworld of the Seratians. (COG)

this alien race was native to the planet Serat. (COG)

this component of a repulsorlift engine is used to aqdjust the suspension properties of a landspeeder. (CFG)

this Twi'lek was the original owner of the Firerider. He was regarded as a respectable and reputable businessbeing, providing transport services to local and Imperial officials, which helped cover his more clandestine role as spice smuggler. After making his fortune, Serdo retired, and sold the Firerider to Fizzi's Slightly Used Ships on Trevi IV. (SS)

Sere Lure
this Sluissi engineer was a member of Hydrospeare Corporation's Design Team Beta during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. As chief systems engineer, she had contacts on Sluis Van which allowed her to actually use certain facilities on the planet for Imperial research projects. She was nearly captured by Alliance operatives at the Hydrospeare laboratories on Golh, but barely escaped with her life. (AIR)

this jungle planet was located in the Outer Rim. During the last decades of the Old Republic, several corporations established mining operations on the planet. (ND)

Serendina Wriggler
this small creature is a favorite fingerfood of many Hutts. (THG)

then-Admiral Thrawn tried to trap Admiral Zaarin near this planet by leaking false fleet movements involving it. (TIE)

Serenity Table
this was a large table that was developed for use in conference rooms. It's shape was meant to convey a sense of unity to everyone around it. (DN1)

a planet. (HNN4)

this Tof Prince was the leader of the invasion force sent to take control of the planet Saijo, some months after the Battle of Endor. It was Sereno who allied the Tofs with Lumiya, especially after she flattered him with long-winded reasons about why she abandoned the Nagai in her pursuit of the destruction of the Alliance of Free Planets. Prince Sereno was distinguished from most other Tofs by his coifured, white-powdered hair. Sereno was eventually captured and held for questioning. (MC107)

Sergar, Voria
this young girl was abandoned by her slave master on the planet Lok, during the height of the New Order. She was rescued by Isnal Roran and nursed back to health by the members of an Alliance cell on Lok. Thus, it seemed only natural for her to join the Alliance when she was healthy. She became a skilled slicer and computer technician, and she quickly gained ranks among her peers. Unfortunately, she was killed during a mission that took her back to Lok, when she was unable to dodge a missile launched at her vessel by an Imperial patrol craft. One entire quadrant of space within the Karthakk System was named Voria's Ember, in her honor. (SWGAL)

this was the name of the northeastern desert found on the planet Escabar. (COG)

this Gallofree medium transport was used by the Alliance to transport bacta during the Galactic Civil War. (XWA)

Serial Torpedo
a form of missile used by the Alliance during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. (MC16)

Serianan Asteroid Belt
this incredibly large belt of debris is located within the Serianan System of the Outer Rim Territories. It is situated between the first planet, Serias, and the outer three worlds, but constitutes more than half the star system's overall size. Scouts from the New Republic, led by Korren Starchaser, discovered that the asteroids were most likely the result of several planetary collisions, rather than randomly collected space debris. Many of the asteroids are marked with huge glyphs and runes. Located within the belt is a huge asteroid that contains the formation known as the Gulch. (SWJ8)

this planet, the first in the Serianan System of the Outer Rim, is the only habitable planet in the system. In between Serias and the three outermost worlds is an enormous asteroid belt which takes up more than half the star system. Sensor readings provided by Korren Starchaser and his team of scouts indicate the the asteroid belt was formed as a result of several planetary collisions. Within the belt of asteroids was a huge planetoid that contained the Gulch. (SWJ8)

Series 4 E-Wing
this was the fourth-generation model of the E-Wing starfighter, developed for use by the New Republic Navy during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (SBS)

Series 4 E-Wing
introduced after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Series 4 E-Wing utilized more stable blaster gas and a dedicated power generation system for the weapons to overcome the problems experienced with the original E-Wing fighters. These E-Wings could also use R2 astromech droids. (NEGV)

Series 401 Hyperdrive Motivator
a top-of-the-line starship component produced during the early years of the New Republic. (BTS)

Series III
this blaster pistol was manufactured by the Caelli-Merced Syndicate. It was only available for sale on Socorro, or through the black market. (BSS)

Series IV Picket Ship
this large starship was manufactured by Cindev during the last years of the Old Republic. (HXW)

Serifa Altunen
this Akranian woman was once a Jedi Master, serving the Jedi Order during the last decades of the Old Republic. However, when the Clone Wars broke out, Altunen abandoned the Order, claiming that the Jedi were supposed to be servants of the people, not the Galactic Senate nor the Grand Army of the Republic. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were dispatched to Arkania to bring her back to Coruscant, some thirty months after the Battle of Geonosis. Altunen had returned to her homeworld in protest, and was recommending to the government of Arkania to declare itself a neutral party in the war. The two Jedi were unable to convince her to return, and Altunen remained on Arkania. (YDR)

this near-human woman was a mystery to everyone, even the Hutts who employed her. Jabba and his underlings gave her the name "Serimerl," a term which denoted her allegiance to the Hutts. Jabba placed her at the head of one of his dummy organizations, and Serimerl quickly proved to be a loyal worker. Upon Jabba's death, she was unable to take a large part of the Hutt's empire. However, she commanded a great deal of loyalty, and she decided to make life hard for the Alliance and the fledgling New Republic, in an effort to avenge Jabba's death at the hands of Leia Organa. She and her followers assassinated many high-ranking officials of the New Republic, creating an undercurrent of mistrust and discontent among many member worlds. (GG11)

Serinas, Bal
this gray-skinned woman was one of the Dark Jedi who rose to power during the early years of the New Republic. (SWRPG)

Serinus, Bal
this woman was a former Jedi Knight who became a devotee of the Dark Side of the Force when her fears overcame her patience. She was quick to draw her lightsaber in an effort to solve problems, and did so out of fear of being killed herself. She angered a Hutt crimelord by accidentally killing his accountant, and she became indignant that she killed the man out of ignorance. She set out to kill the Hutt and his bounty hunters for "inconveniencing" her. She was later captured before she could kill the Hutt, but escaped and wiped out the Hutt and his entire court, taking only one prisoner: her jailor. She tried to sell the alien to another Hutt, but was forced to outdo the actions of Set Harth to win the Hutt's attention. She fought the other Dark Side adept to a draw, and both were imprisoned by the Hutt. (DSSB)

this apparently human woman, distinguished by the violet veil she always wore over her lower face, was one of the primary dealers of starships found on Tansarii Point Station, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. (SWGAL)

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