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this planet was beset by stone mites, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. The infestation was caught early, preventing any serious damage to the urban areas of the planet. (OWS, HNN5)

Sermerian Bio-League
this group, funded by the planetary government of Sermeria during the last decades opf the Old Republic, was repsonsible for addressing and eliminating an biological or chemical threat to the planet or its environment. (HNN4)

Sermerian First House
located in the capital city of Addolis, on the planet Sermeria, this building served as the seat of the planetary government. (HNN4)

Sern Prime
this planet, the capital world of the Sern Sector of the galaxy, was a member of the Old Republic during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWI75, SWDB)

this planet, the third in the Julevian System, was the most populated planet in its Outer Rim sector. This made it the first major strike along the Yuuzhan Vong's Vector Prime. It had two moons: a huge moon, nearly one-fifth the size of Sernipdal itself; and Dobido, which only measured twenty kilometers in diameter. The Yuuzhan Vong placed a dovin basal in the center of Sernpidal City and used it to draw Dobido into an ever-closer orbit. Eventually, Dobido crashed into Sernpidal, destroying both worlds. The impact stripped away huge portions of Sernpidal's surface, completely burned away its atmosphere, and created a belt of large planetoids in its orbit. However, this did not diminish the usefulness of the planet to the Yuuzhan Vong. They brought in a swarm of snail-like creatures to refine the larger chunks into usable materials, and set about constructing a huge warship from the rubble. The Yuuzhan Vong referred to this construction as a shipwomb. This shipwomb was later destroyed by the forces of the New Republic, who had been acting on intelligence gathered by Kyp Durron. However, Durron knew that the Republic would not willingly destroy a life-bearing ship, so he lied to them and told them that the shipwomb was a kind of superweapon. Heis words brought back memories of the two Death Stars, and the Republic agreed to destroy it. Kyp's actions drove a spike into his relationship with Jaina Solo, who had begun to think of Kyp as something of a friend and mentor. (VP, DTR, EVR, NJOSB)

Sernpidal City
the capital of the planet Sernpidal, this city was the impact site of the moon Dobido, when the Yuuzhan Vong sought to destroy the planet. The mayor of the city, a wisened old man, discovered the location of a dovin basal placed in the city to draw Dobido into position to strike sernpidal. He was helped by Han and Anakin Solo. When he realized that there was nothing they could do to stop Dobido's impending strike, the mayor took a thermal detonator and destroyed the creature, giving his life to provide extra time to evacuate his people. (VP)

this was the name used to describe the human inhabitants of the planet Sernpidal. (NJOSB)

Seron's Castle
this was the name of the pirate base established by Gornt Seron on the planet Korbin. It was hidden in the cliffs of the mountains that ring the planet's equatorial region, near Pleasant City. (WBC)

Serooin's Gear
this equipment store, located on the planet Betha II in the planet's primary starport, was run by a Squib named Arrejis Mellaha. (SWJ8)

Serore, Sonal
this Imperially-suported artisan and poet was native to the planet Naboo. It was Serore who dubbed the Alliance's former base in the Naboo System as the Rebellion Remnants. (SWGAL)

a reptilian species native to the planet Serphidi, the Serps were a humanoid race. The males of the species were characterized by their red scales and their toothy maws, which were filled with row of needle-sharp teeth. A heavy ridge of bony scales ran along the crown of their skulls, protecting their eyes. Females were more subtly colored, with orange scales. Where the male face was flat, the female Serps had a pronounced snout, and lacked the eyebrow ridges of the males. Many centuries before the New Order, the Serps were a highly-evolved race, and had developed superior technologies. However, the advances of this technology led to a series of civil wars in which various tribes fought against each other for control of technology. Eventually, a peace accord was signed among the tribes, and leadership was given to a single King. Violence was relegated to jousting and other contests which proved an individual's combat skills, until King S'Shah took control and began using certain forbidden forms of technology to turn the jousting contests into death matches, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. (MC64)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Serpent Masters
this was the name given to the warriors who served as the paramilitary forces of Tyrann, on the planet Ophideraan, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.Their name came from the fact that they rode flying serpents, which they controlled with ultrasonic signals generated from a medallion worn around their necks. (CSW, SWDB)

Serpent Nine
this was Barriss Offee's codename, used during her mission to Felucia at the height of the Clone Wars. (ROF)

Serpent Rain
this intense, dramatic play was written by Thalos Lorin, and chronicled the life of a woman who became one of the Empire's bloodiest bounty hunters. (GG10)

Serpentine Crusher
this was one of the names used by the New Republic to describe Tu-Scart, the Beater created by the Yuuzhan Vong to destroy structures that are in the path of the Yuuzhan Vong army. Note that the Balance Point claims that Tu-Scart is the Biter. (WOTC)

Serpentine Walk
this was the name given to the golden paving which surrounded the Azure Walk of Anaxes' Grand Piazza. It was named for the golden serpentine stone used to line its pathway. (CCW)

Serpent's Kiss
this was one of the many Yuuzhan Vong warships which was called to the planet Coruscant - remade into a new version of the planet Yuuzhan'tar - just before the alien invaders launched their all-out attack on the Galactic Alliance's stronghold on Mon Calamari. (UF)

Serpent's Smile
this old ship was one of the Victory-class Star Destroyers serving under the Warlord Zsinj, during the early years of the New Republic. When Han Solo and the Mon Remonda tried to capture Zsinj at Vahaba, he sent the Serpent's Smile and the Red Gauntlet to attack the Stellar Web. Solo responded by attached the Skyhook and Crynyd to the defense of the Stellar Web, and their firepower easily destroyed the aging ship. (SOC)

Serper, Wyron
this Alliance undercover agent was a sensor specialist, and once infiltrated the Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger in order to rendezvous with potential defectors. He served at Hoth's Echo Base as a sensor and communications expert, using his knowledge of Imperial starship sensor images to filter out possible Imperial starships from the Hoth asteroids. Unfortunately, Captain Serper and his team were killed during the Battle of Hoth, after Imperial forces managed to breach the main base. Serper ordered his team to evacuate, but a squad of snowtroopers trapped them in the command center, killing them all on sight. (CCG3, SWI74)

the fourth planet in the Belial System, it is the homeworld of the Serp race. (MC64)

during the last decades of the Old Republic, the planet Serpine was known for its immense gambling palaces. (RP)

this woman was a corporate pilot for Nebula Consumables. She was strikingly beautiful, and most men considered her even more attractive in her Nebual uniform. She held independent spacers and smugglers in low regard, and often went out of her way to attract them and then use them to her own ends. (PSG)

this gas giant was a near-star located in the Elrood Sector. It was the eighth planet in the Derilyn System, and was orbited by five natural satellites. Its mass was growing even during the height of the Galactic Civil War, and would soon be dense enough to induce fusion. (PG3)

Serres Sarrano
this noted podracing event took place on Sullust, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (GMR10)

Serrian Salt
a strong spice. (RPG)

manufacturers of large-scale shield generators for capital ships. (SCRE)

this gang of thugs lived on Nar Shaddaa, during the years following the Mandalorian Wars. They were often found harrassing the beings who were stranded in the Refugee Sector of the moon. (KOTOR2)

Serrol Gathip
this Duros was one of the leaders of the Duro Shipwrights Guild, during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. Gathip met with Thel Erelen on Duro Delta Twelve, in order to discuss the possible support the Guild could provide to the Alliance. He and his comrades were nearly captured by Sedret Fain and his goons, but a team of Alliance agents defeated the Imperials. Gathip, who had been neutral up until that point, agreed to throw the Guild's support to the Alliance. (RESB)

Serth, Valance
this man suddenly found himself in possession of the protocol droid C-3TC, several months before the Battle of Yavin. In the following weeks, Valance was the target of several attacks by agents of Black Sun, who began pursuing him across the galaxy. Valance believed that the agents were searching for the droid, and when his ship was shot down over a jungle-covered planet, Valance hoped to escape from Black Sun and lose C-3TC for good. (SWGAL)

Sertim, Darci
this woman, along with her twin sister Marci and older sister Gayle, controlled an independent group of mercenaries during the height of the Galactic Civil War. They were hired by Vost Tyne as "civilian security consultants" at the hyperbaride plant on Marca. The twins are given the position of leadership when Gayle was killed, but were told her death was at the hands of the Alliance. Neither sister was aware of the true nature of Gayle's death, and remained loyal to Tyne and the Empire until a group of Alliance agents crash-landed on the planet and discovered computer records of Tyne's involvement with Gayle's death. Darci and Marci immediately decided to help the Alliance agents, and it was Darci who suggested the enlistment of the Sekct in overthrowing Tyne. However, she was later captured by Tyne and held as a hostage against the Alliance team. (POM)

Sertim, Gayle
this woman, along with her younger sisters Marci and Darci, ran a group of mercenaries which provided security services. They were hired by Arviz Linden to protect the hyperbaride plant on Marca, and Gayle became enamored of Linden. Their relationship was discovered by Vost Tyne, who had executed Linden in order to take control of the plant. In an effort to ensure loyalty, Tyne sent Gayle off-planet on business, but had her shuttle rigged with a remote-detonated Thermex charge. Tyne told Marci and Darci that their sister was killed by Alliance agents, effectively turning them against the Alliance. Computer records of Gayle's death were later discovered by Alliance agents, who turned the information over to Darci and Marci. (POM)

Sertim, Marci
this woman, along with her twin sister Darci and older sister Gayle, controlled an independent group of mercenaries during the height of the Galactic Civil War. They were hired by Vost Tyne as "civilian security consultants" at the hyperbaride plant on Marca. The twins are given the position of leadership when Gayle was killed, but were told her death was at the hands of the Alliance. Neither sister was aware of the true nature of Gayle's death, and remained loyal to Tyne and the Empire until a group of Alliance agents crash-landed on the planet and discovered computer records of Tyne's involvement with Gayle's death. Darci and Marci immediately decided to help the Alliance agents. However, their plans were quickly discovered by Tyne, who captured the sisters and imprisoned Marci. She was later freed by the Alliance agents, and set the plant's hyperbatteries to overload and destroy the plant. (POM)

a model of Ubrikkian repulsorlift/ion engine used in their Talon I combat cloud car. (EGV)

Servenidain Securities, Limited
this specialty manufacturer produced several encryption devices for the civilian marketplace. (GFT)

Service Scout
this was the term used to describe any galactic scout or explorer who worked directly for the New Republic Scout Service. Unlike corporate scouts or independent scouts, the service scout reported directly to, and was paid by, the New Republic. They receive training from the New Republic military, and those scouts which prefer to remain soldiers are often given the chance to become a Scout Soldier. (GG8)

Service Special Energy Projector
this was a top-secret, extremely high-powered blaster weapon developed during the early years of the New Order. It was small enough to be easily concealed, but it had the power output of a small starship laser cannon. It was compared in power to one of a quad-laser batteries four cannons. (LCF)

this tool used a collection of tiny servomotors to drive a cutting blade, allowing the user to make accurate cuts in tight or hard-to-reach spaces. The cutting blade itself was a replaceable laser-cutting disc, which spun around in place. This eliminated the need for a sawing motion in order to create a cut. (LJ2)

this was a small power tool used to tighten or loosen bolts, screws, and fastners. (SW)

a defunct droid manufacturer, Serv-O-Droid built several models of droids to help with menial tasks, including the JV-Z1 series of domestic droids. They also manufactured the CZ series of communications droids. The corporation had several marketing slogans, such as "Serv-O-Droid -- modular automatons for a less-than-modular galaxy", "Serv-O-Droid -- A lot of droid. Not a lot of credits", and "Serv-O-Droid -- Shouldn't your droid be serving you?" They were one of the original non-voting contributing sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority, but went out of business shortly after signing the CSA charter. The name Serv-O-Droid remained active, however, being used by a minor manufacturing concern on Elshandruu Pica. (DESB, CCG, CSA, WOTC, PH)

a starship mechanic's tool, similar to a pair of pliers. They employ a servo-mechanism to produce greater gripping force. (HSE)

the mechnical grips used as hands by many droids. (HSL)

this was a type of bipedal labor droid which found widespread use during the Old Republic. (E1A4)

the small device which moves a droid's appendages. (SW, COTF)

Seselin Medicinal Electronics
this medical technology manufacturer was operative during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

this Mon Calamari served as Admiral Ackbar's representative to the New Republic's General Council during the early years of the New Republic. Sesfan had joined the Alliance just six months prior to the Battle of Endor, and served as Ackbar's sensor officer during the battle. Ackbar was impressed with his abilities, and retained his services after the establishment of the New Republic. He suffered from Mon Calamari Nerveshock, which he somehow contracted as an adult. The disease seemed to be in remission during much of his career, a fact that allowed him to continue as Ackbar's aide. It was Sesfan who questioned the fact that Luke Skywalker seemed to have established a credit line for Talon Karrde, after Karrde and the fledgling Smuggler's Alliance began providing information on the actions of Grand Admiral Thrawn to the Republic. (TLC, TTSB)

this oceanic world, the primary planet in the Sesid System, is the homeworld of the Draedan race. (GG12)

this star was the central body in the Sespe System. (SSR)

this hot, volcanic planetoid was the innermost planet in the Kothlis System. Sessa was being torn asunder by the proximity of Koth-lar's intense gravity. (SPG)

known as the Sesseh', these aliens resemble giant river otters. They have limited technology, and were no match for the Empire, which took over their homeworld of Shaymore and irresponsibly mined off most of its fossil hydrocarbon fuels. The Sesseh' asked the Alliance to help them remove the Imperial yolk, which was accomplished quickly. (RPG)

Sesseranda Ocean
this body of water was located on the planet Kothlis. (SPG)

Sessian Armaments
this small weapons manufacturer produced a variety of personal-use weapons during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GFT)

this was the only unconnected continent on the planet Mutanda. (PG1)

Sesstian Hesser
this being was implicated by the Galactic Wildlife Liberation Front in the illegal breeding of several endangered species, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. (BH)

this city is located near Lianna, on the planet Lianna. (ML)

this was one of four inhabited continents found on the planet Garnib. (PG1)

Aurin Leith posed as an innocent traveller, bound for Sestooine, as part of Lieutenant Haslam's plan to infiltrate the Imperial prison on Selnesh and rescue Gebnerret Vibrion. (TFE)

Sestra 49
this Khommite, the 49th clone of Sestra, was distinguished in the history of the planet Khomm. (UANT)

this planet was a banking world that rose to some prominence during the height of the New Order. Airen Cracken once encountered Yarr Gatonne on the planet. (WBC)

this planet was the capital world of the Seswenna Sector of the galaxy for many millennia, although it was eventually surpassed by Eriadu in terms of income and manufacturing. Because of this, during the era of the New Order, many leaders in the Seswenna Sector considered moving the sector capital to Eriadu. (GORW)

Seswenna Hall
this elaborate building, located in Eriadui City, the capital of the planet Eriadu, was known as an architectural marvel. It was essentially a huge dome which crowned one of the highest mounts in the city, and was tiled with a wondrous mosaic. (COD)

Seswenna Sector
Grand Moff Tarkin ruled here for awhile, and it was here that he developed the Tarkin Doctrine of "rule by fear." The Seswenna Sector included the planet Eriadu. (ISB)

Seswenna Sector Bank
this was the largest financial insitution of the Seswenna Sector of the galaxy, and was based on the planet Eriadu. (COD)

Seswennan Nightcloak
this Carrack-class cruiser was one of the ships which participated in the Battle of Fleyars IV. Her captain was fatally wounded during the subjugation of the planet, and Akal Zed was forced to assume command and led the Imperial forces to victory. (PG3)

Seswenna-Sluis Conflict
this was one of the many battles which occurred during the early stages of the Clone Wars. The Sluis Sector had sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, while Seswenna Sector remained loyal to the Old Republic. A peace delegation dispatched by the Republic to Praesitlyn to discuss a cease-fire, but it was destroyed before it could arrive. The Separatists claimed that the ship was destroyed by friendly fire, not by Separatist forces. (SWI69)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

Setag, Illia
this man served as the Chairman of Cybot Galactica, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

Setel Yast
this was the name of a noted individual from the Nautolan race. (UANT)

this man, a native of the planet Hapes, was one of the pilots recruited by Jaina Solo to fly reconnaissance missions against Yuuzhan Vong coralskippers, in order to gather gravitic data on the aline invaders' starships. Jaina hoped that the data would allow her to create yorik coral implants to fool a yammosk into believing that one Yuuzhan Vong starship was actually another ship. Unknown to Seth, his ship contained a piece of yorik coral that projected a gravitic signature similar to that of the Trickster, and Jaina was using Seth's ship as bait to see if the Yuuzhan Vong would track him or not. (DJ)

this portly man served as the chief of security at Omman's primary starport, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ3)

Seth, Jeng
this truly psychopathic individual forms the Skulls swoop gang while growing up in the lawless back alleys of Stend VI. (GG9)

this Guardian-class droid was the central character in the holo-drama Revella's Journey: A Story of a Girl and Her Droid. (GFT)

Setla Lamp
this was a form ot tall lamp, developed by the Kaminoan people. Essentially a cylindrical illuminator drawing power from a charge plate in its base, the setla lamp provides apparently sourceless light to a room. (VD2)

Setolio System
this Tapani Sector star system was part of the holdings of House Calipsa during the New Order. It was seized from House Pelagia after House Mecetti virtually wiped Pelagia out of existence. (LOE)

this planet was once the site of Weytin's Colony. The colony suffered from persecution and exile while there, and began searching for a new planet during the New Order. (GG2)

Sette, Urlor
this huge, well-muscled, bearded man was imprisoned at the Lusankya facility before Corran Horn was sent there. He was assigned to the mines, and supported Jan Dodonna's unofficial leadership of the prisoners. It was Urlor who brought Horn before Dodonna, when Corran was sent to the mines. Later, after Corran escaped, Ysanne Isard's clone used Urlor to provoke Rogue Squadron into a fight. She had Sette implanted with a specialized device which dumping a huge amount of neurotoxin into his bloodstream whenever Corran said his name. She then placed Sette aboard the Home One, just after the Battle of Bilbringi. Isard's clone had discovered plans for a post-battle celebration, and had Sette seek out Corran. Sette then epxlained that he had a message for Corran, but couldn't remember his own name. In this way, Isard guaranteed that Corran would be the one to "kill" Sette. In the end, when Corran said his name, Sette was viciously killed by the neurotoxin and died in Corran's arms. Iella Wessiri and Wedge Antilles traced the components used to build the injection system back to Commenor, but they were simply following evidence planted by Isard's clone. They managed to arrive ahead of the clone's schedule, rescuing several other survivors of the Lusankya and gathering a great deal of data on the clone's plans. (KT, IR)

Settlement 23
this was one of the many basic cities located on the planet Quadrant Seven. Many of the planet's largest merchants were found in Settlement 23. (SOJ)

Settlement 5
this was one of the many basic cities located on the planet Quadrant Seven. Like other such cities, Settlement 5 was little more than a collection of businesses and homes that was centered on a crossroards, with the city laid out in an orderly grid. (SOJ)

Settlement Pact
this was the agreement, signed by the settlers who traveled to Leritor and the native Sauvax, which gave the settlers certain rights to land on the planet. The settlers were not allowed to have any presence - either people, buildings, or vehicles - within 100 kilometers of any shoreline. The Sauvax also had the option to contact the settlers for the purposes of trade, but in general the Pact was meant to keep the two peoples safely separated. (GMR10)

Settlement Thirty-Two
one of the many domed cities erected on the surface of the palnet Duro, this synthplas dome served to house refugees who were fleeing the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. The dome, like other such refugee cities, was located beneath one of Duro's twenty orbital stations, protected by the planetary shield that contained the station. Thirty-two was constantly at odds with Gateway, as each dome tried to obtain the other's supplies in an escalating struggle to feed its inhabitants. The dome's integrity was destroyed when the Vong infiltrated a mutating insect straing into the settlement, which evolved quickly into a flying bug which had an acidic saliva. The bugs attacked the synthplas dome, melting holes in it. The New Republic barely got the refugees out of the dome before it was holed. (BP)

Settov Hammer
a strong alcoholic beverage. (ML)

this was a small vehicle used by the city-dwelling natives of the planet Ansion. (APS)

this clone commando was a member of Niner's squad, during the Battle of Geonosis. Unfortunately, Sev was among the many clones who were killed in the fighting on Geonosis. (RCHC)

this was the nickname used by the clone commando designated RC-1207 during the early years of the Clone Wars. Sev was known for his grim sense of humor, and the other members of the original Delta Squad often said that his cloning vat must have been spiked with something to produce him. (LAWS)

this man, a member of the crew of the Jynni's Virtue, was killed on the planet Korriban by unknown forces, after the ship was forced to crash-land on the planet, near the Valley of Golg. Shortly afterward, Sev's reanimated body returned to attack the ship's surviving crew, having been turned into a thing known as a Korriban Zombie. (PH)

Sev Tok
this planet, which maintained an Imperial allegience following the Battle of Endor, was the site of Xalto Sneerzick's death. (SWJ9)

Seva Ke
this was the name of a noted Kaminoan scientist. (UANT)

Sevan Domna
this being served as one of Jabba the Hutt's most loyal and dedicated majordomos, several decades prior to the Battle of Yavin. Sevan Domna died when he broke up an assassination attempt on Jabba's life, giving his own life so that Jabba could live on. (VD)

this planet was the second which orbits the star Lumea, and was most famous for its production of two kinds of spice: the common, white andris and the rare, black carsunum. During the New Order, the Empire established a penal colony on the planet, supplementing their production of spice while maintaining an air of seclusion to Sevarcos. Much of the planet was ruled by the so-called Spice Lords of Sevarcos, a group made up from the leaders of the various criminal empires based on the planet. Sevarcos was dry, arid world covered with sandy deserts. (SWJ2, SWJ12)

Sevarcos Dispute
this argument, which occurred more than thirty years before the Clone Wars, was successfully mediated by the Jedi Knight Count Dooku. (HNN4)

the human inhabitants of Sevarcos, the Sevari were believed to have been descended from the colonists of the Sevari Cabal who first settled the planet. Over the centuries, the Sevari developed a rigidly-cast social structure that shunned modern technology. (SWJ2)

Sevari Cabal
the colonists aboard this Old Republic colony ship were believed to be the ship which originally settled the planet Sevarcos. (SWJ2)

Sevari Flashpistol
a small, holdout weapon, the Sevari flashpistol was named for the fact that it was the preferred weapon of the Sevari. Native to the planet Sevarcos, the Sevari had no interest in advanced technology, and used gunpowders and small bullets in place of blasters. (SWJ2, KT)

Sevari Sidestep
this was the smuggler term for the safest way to gain access to the planet Sevarcos, without being captured. It required a pilot to exit hyperspace as close to the Sevarcos System's asteroid belt as possible, thereby avoiding immediate attention. Then, after disabling the ship's gravity-mass overrides, the spacer had to cruise at top speed into near-orbit to the largest planetoid between their position and Sevarcos. The ship's shields had to be angled correctly, so that small debris deflected "naturally" off the spacer's ship. This part of the maneuver helped the ship hide from regular patrols. To reach Sevarcos, the spacer then hopped from asteroid to asteroid until they were close enough to make a direct run for the planet. (SWJ2)

Sevari Sidestep
this term, which was part of the jargon known as deal-slang, was based on the name used to describe a starship maneuver. In the art of the deal, though, it implied the use of finesse and guile to elude the long arm of the law. (SWJ4)

this is the Gree term used to describe any Gree who serves as an intermediary between Gree guild masters and non-Gree clients. They translate their clients' needs to the guild masters, and also provide general escort and translation services to visitors to the Gree Enclave. The caste of sevarks developed recently, as the Imperial expansion of the galaxy led to greater traffic through the Gree Enclave. Their services are often quite expensive, but they are the only providers of this service. (SWJ8)

Seven Flames Base
this Alliance base was located near Karra. (SWJ1)

Seven Skies of Sumarin
this was the name of an unusual atmospheric event that occurred on the planet Sumarin. (MJH)

Seven Stars, The
this was a religious reference used by at least one human culture in the galaxy. (MC100)

Seventh Belt
this was the name of the seventh and outermost asteroid belt located in the Oseon System. (LCF)

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