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Shang Lines
this shipping and transportation corporation served the Endocray Sector during the Galactic Civil War. (IA)

Shanga, Klyn
this man was once a simple farmer from the planet Renatasia III, who worked his land in the Mathilde nation-state during the final years of the Old Republic. Shanga was also a fighting man, having served as a warrior in the various interstate wars on Renatasia III. His face was covered with so many scars it appeared he had no original skin on his face. Shanga was forced to accept the role of a militia leader in the wake of the destruction of the Renatasia System at the hands of an Imperial task force. Although the Imperials had been led to the Renatasia System by the reports of Osuna Whett, it was Vuffi Raa whom the Renatasians believed was the cause of the attack. Shanga, like his follow countrymen, saw Vuffi Raa as the leader of the so-called archaeological expedition, and so they named him the Butcher of Renatasia. From among the survivors of the Imperial attack, Shanga gathered a rag-tag team of vigilantes who set off across the galaxy to kill Vuffi Raa. He was known by many titles in his rag-tag militia, including Fleet Admiral of the Renatasian Confederation. Shanga and his men nearly captured the droid and its new master, Lando Calrissian, on the Oseon System during the period of the Flamewind of Oseon, but Lando managed to escape before the Renatasians could prevent it. He briefly held Shanga prisoner before leaving him behind. Shanga's militia, which consisted of an equally rag-tag set of twenty-four starfighters linked to a powerful hyperdrive engine, was later hired by Rokur Gepta, who played Shanga's anger at Vuffi Raa against his own need for revenge against Lando. It was during this time that Shanga realized that Gepta's advisory, Osuna Whett, was the true Butcher of Renatasia. Rather than attacking Vuffi Raa at the StarCave of ThonBoka, Shanga and his men turned on Whett's vessel, causing it to crash into the Wennis and disintegrate. This freed Shanga and his men from their vendetta, and they limped back to Renatasia III to rebuilt their lives. (LCF, LCS)

Shang-Troy Thanabo
this ancient Jedi Master, an alien being who resembled a white-skinned Nautolan, was one of the first of the Jedi Masters to take an apprentice. In fact, Shang-Troy took to siblings - twin boys from Boranall - as his Padawans. He discovered the children when they were still in their mother's womb; their connection to the Force brought him across the galaxy to Boranall to find them. Master Thanabo helped the mother give birth, but was forced to pull the two boys apart to get them out of the womb. This seemed to scar one brother, making him different from the other. He took the twin boys to his training facility and raised them himself, teaching them everything he knew about the Force, and learning a few things from the twins along the way. The bonds between then grew strong, and when the boys were old enough, Shang-Troy took them out into the galaxy to fight against evil. However, when the younger brother earned the love of a beautiful woman, the older one grew jealous and angry. He tried to sneak into the girl's room and steal her love, but she recognized the birth-scar on the older brother. This forced a wedge into the brother's love for each other, a wedge that Master Thanabo could do nothing to prevent or resolve. In their anger, the boys started fighting, and Master Thanabo tried to intervene. Blinded by their anger, the twins cut down their teacher and killed him. Instead of stopping them, Mater Thanabo's death only added to their hatred of each other. Calling upon huge amounts of Force energy, the two brothers destroyed themselves, the girl, and the entire planet. The resulting explosion created a star in the heavens. The story of Master Thanabo and his two Padawans became legend within the Jedi Order, and served as the basis for two of the Order's most prominent rules: a Master could only take a single Padawan learner, and intense emotion must be controlled or an individual risked being consumed by the Dark Side of the Force. (T14)

this was the apex predator of the planet Ansion. The head of the shanh was dominated by its large teeth, while it moved about on six powerful legs. The teeth of the shanh were serrated and pointed backward, allowing the creature to grip its prey with incredible force. Shanhs often hunted in family groups, with the male making the initial attack while the females waited in ambush. (APS)

this was one of the most common names used by the Farghul people. (UANT)

this three-meter-tall, insectoid being was the owner of Shanko's Hive, on the planet Borgo Prime. Distinguished by this three pairs of arms, Shanko also tended bar. (SA)

Shanko's Hive
an establishment on Borgo Prime, it was a cone-shaped building sealed in its own atmosphere. It was colored grayish-green. (SA)

this man was one of many lieutenants serving Orman Tagge, during the years following the Battle of Yavin. Shanks originally took the position of liaison to the House of Tagge in an effort to further his career, but the continual failure of Orman to carry out his plans left Shanks without distinction. Unfortunately for Shanks, he was aboard the Tagge ship when they tried to abmush the Alliance at Junction. They had hoped to use the Omega Frost device to destroy the Alliance fleet, but Luke Skywalker was able to deactive the system and allow the Alliance ships to pass unharmed. They opened fire on the Tagge ship, destroying it in minutes. All hands aboard, including Orman Tagge and Shanks, were killed in the explosion. (MC25, MC33)

Shankti Drive Works
this company was headquartered in the city of D'larah, on the planet Demophon. They were among the forerunners in hyperdrive manufacturing and development, and created the hyperdrive motivators used on Imperial-class Star Destroyers. Note that The Far Orbit Project denotes this corporation as Shanki Drive Works. (SN, FOP)

Shannador's Revenge
this Invincible-class Dreadnaught was still in use by the Corporate Sector Authority, during the early years of the New Order. It intercepted a disguised Millennium Falcon when Han Solo and Chewbacca try to escape from Orron III, during their attempt to rescue Rekkon, Atuarre, Pakka, and Torm. The Shannador's Revenge managed to snare the Millennium Falcon with a tractor beam, a feat made easier by the fact that the smaller vessel was attached to a grain-hauling barge at the time. In order to escape, Solo turned the ship around and dumped the entire cargo of grain. The cloud of grain particles wreaked havoc with the tractor beam, allowing Han to disengage the Millennium Falcon from the barge and escape the tractor beam. The barge's hull, however, crashed into the Shannador's Revenge, causing huge amounts of damage. (HSE, CSA)

Shannessi, Jeph
this Imperial Colonel was in command of the forces controlling the planet of Minntaa, until a group of Alliance SpecForce agents assassinated him just outside his garrison base. His officers and troops were suddenly demoralized, and the Alliance was able to take control of the planet. (ROE)

a musical style developed on Manpha, it is centered by the music of the Growdi flute. (MTSE)

this Herglic phrase meant starport. (PGT)

this was the only city on the planet Manpha that had a spaceport. (MTSE)

Shantee, Phinea
this woman lived in Bestine, on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. (GQRG)

one of the Roche asteroids inhabited by the Verpine. It was the site of a research station that developed the B-Wing. (SFS)

the Alliance Corvette used to evacuate the Verpines working on the Shantipole Project with Admiral Ackbar. They were forced to evacuate when the project was compromised by a spy. (XW)

Shantipole Project
a joint venture commissioned by Admiral Ackbar and the Verpine colonies of Slayn & Korpil, the Shantipole Project was designed to create more effective starfighters to combat the growing Imperial war machine. The primary offspring of the Project was the B-Wing starfighter. It was nearly taken over by Captain Kolaff and the Empire during the development of the B-Wing Expanded, but Alliance agents working with Ackbar were able to drive Kolaff off. (SFS)

this Em'liy was distinguished in the history of the planet Shalyvane. (UANT)

Shapani Bypass
this short hyperspace route branched off the Rimma Trade Route and connected Tapani Sector to the rest of the galaxy. It was also known as the Bacta Bypass, since it was originally created to provide a means by which bacta - produced on Thyferra - could reach the Core faster. (PGT)

this Alliance agent was part of the team which was trapped between Imperial forces and the Assassin's Guild in the Tylerin Embankment, on Archais. Shaparo's ability to keep their damaged equipment operating allowed the Alliance team a chance to escape. (AIR)

Shape Throwing
this was the given to the process by which a non-corporeal deity creates a physical manifestation of itself. (CSWDW)

this was the term used to describe several different species of polymorphic, predatory creatures that were native to the planet Togoria. They were named for the fact that individual shapers could alter their appearance to blend in with their prey, allowing a shaper to attack from within a group of creatures and make off with its victim before it was discovered. (MIS8)

this caste of Yuuzhan Vong society was known for their ability to create living technologies from raw, organic materials. There were three tiers of Shapers: Initiates, Adepts, and Masters. Like most other Yuuzhan Vong castes, the Shapers had a patron diety, known as Yun'N'Shel. As an Adept grew in power and skill, they ritually scarred themselves in ways similar to that of Yuuzhan Vong warriors. However, the mutilations of the Shapers were purely functional. Chief among them was the removal of each natural hand, which were replaced with specially-grown hands equipped with various tools and blades for use in shaping new forms of bio-technology. The right hand was the most obviously different, having a cephalopod shape and eight fingers instead of five. Another distinguishing feature of a Shaper was the unusual headdress they wore, which seemed to writhe like a Medusa's head and was attuned to the Shaper's emotional state. Once the Yuuzhan Vong realized that the Jedi Knights were unusual enough to manipulate the Force - an entity that didn't exist in their galaxy but obviously could be used - several sects of Shapers were put to work on finding a way to exterminate the "Jedi problem." (DTR, EVC, SWI62, UF, UFCD)

this was the process in which the annealed seeds of the boras tree were shaped into new forms of boras. The process of shaping seed-disks into Sekotan starships mimicked this natural process. (RP)

Shar Dakhan
this ancient Sith magician was one of Naga Sadow's supporters. He was one of the primary planners and organizers of Sadow's naval fleet, which was created to attack the Old Republic and expand the Sith Empire. (FOSE)

Shar Shar
this bloated Zeetsa served as an assistant to regent G'Mai Duris, during the height of the Clone Wars. (HIV)

Shar, Ayla
a native of the planet Korbin, this woman worked as a miner and resource coordinator for Vulca Minerals before joining the Alliance. She provided the Alliance with a wealth of information on industrial sabotage and resource management, and was instrumental in the hijacking of many Imperial ore haulers. Ayla also served, for a time, as a foster agent. (AIR)

this woman was the main desk manager at the Regal Bothan Hotel during the height of the Galactic Civil War. She was also an Imperial Intelligence agent who had spent most of her career bringing down rebellious cells throughout the Core Worlds. She was assigned to the Regal Bothan after a debacle on Kuat. (SESB)

native to the planet Orax, this was a species of intelligent, crystalline lifeform. Their physiology was based on silicon rather than carbon, and they grew to sizes of 40 centimeters in length. They appeared to be simply crystals, but the molecular makeup of their forms resembled a complex form of circuitry which developed its own form of electromagnetic energy, and gave them the ability to think, sense, and interact. The average Shard has a long lifecycle, with the oldest clusters being several thousand years of age. After making contact with early settlers on Orax, the Shards and their human neighbors discovered a way to "disconnect" a Shard from the planet and place it inside a droid body, thereby giving it mobility and enhanced sensory input. These Shards traveled to the corners of the galaxy, attempting to gather information and then return to Orax. During the New Order, Orax was raided for crystals, and many clusters of intelligent life were destroyed, believed to be simply stones. The suriving Shards eventually aligned themselves with the Alliance, and those with droid bodies became some of the Alliance's best spies. (AE)

this was the nickname given to the clone trooper commander who was assigned to Jedi Master Darrus Jeht, during the height of the Clone Wars. (LFCW)

Shard of Alderaan
this computer slicing program was known to be capable of defeating the security measures of almost any Imperial scandoc. It was created by the Alliance agent known as "Never Die," but was stolen by pirates who worked for Begas Tok. Tok then arranged to auction off the computer program to the highest bidder. He set up an elaborate auction aboard the luxury sail barge Dune Princess, and invited representatives of the Alliance and the Empire, as well as independent interests. Unfortunately for Tok, the sail barge was beset by a sandstorm, and in the resulting confusion, Tok lost the datapad containing the program. It's exact whereabouts were never discovered. (LAA)

this woman was a member of the Rabid Mynocks when she met Chop Harlison. They fell in love and got married, produced a daughter named Jardra. Unfortunately, Sharda was killed when the Spiders attacked Mynock territory. (SWJ6)

Sharden, Eida
this woman was a wealthy entrepreneur native to the planet Exocron. She was a long-time friend of Captain Horzao Darr, although he didn't know that she was also a member of the western pirates who loathed the Devisors and wanted technology returned to the people. When Darr suggested to Kaiya Adrimetrum that Eida could help free the crew of the FarStar, she agreed, but only if Adrimetrum would provide her with enough technical information to allow her to create modern hyperdrives and computer systems. (KO)

Shardona, Plin
this young woman was an Alliance field procurement working for the Sandwind Team after the Battle of Hoth. (SSR)

this smuggler worked in the Corporate Sector, where she met and fell in love with Doc, the former Klaus Vandangante. They were married, and had a daughter, Jessa. Shardra did not live to see her daughter grow up, however, as she was suddenly killed in a fuel dump explosion. (CSA)

this man, the husband of Lodos, was one of the first colonists to settle the Elrood System many thousands of years ago. (PG3)

this was the first of Elrood's two moons. It was named for Sharene, the husband of one of Elrood's first colonists. (PG3)

this Imperial Moff survived the aftermath of the Battle of Endor, managing to maintain control of I-sector in the process. (POT)

an Imperial assault transport operative during the Galactic Civil War. It was protecting station NL-1 during Thrawn's visit. (TIE)

this Mobquet combat airspeeder was an ugly, ungainly craft which handled like a crippled bantha. Much of the craft's handling problems came from the wart-like weapons turret that supported the double laser cannon that served as the ship's only weapon. The turret was taken from the P-34 prototype, and was quite powerful despite its effects on the craft's mobility. The Shark measured five meters in length, and required a pilot and gunner to operate. It could carry very little else, with only enough space to handle ten kilograms of cargo. The Shark had a flight ceiling of 300 meters, and could attain speeds of 1,000 kilometers an hour. (GSE)

this small fighter, designed by the Mon Calamari for use by Commander Merai's forces during the Clone Wars, was hidden within the hold of Merai's command ship. During the Battle of Kamino, the command ship was forced to crash-land in the oceans of Kamino. Merai himself took the Shark into battle beneath the waves, hoping to destroy the cloning facilities and eliminate the Old Republic's source of clone troopers. While the Shark could function equally well in water, atmosphere, or open space, it took a tremendous amount of power to change from one environment to another. This meant that it had to be launched into the right location for combat, and could not chase down a craft which could move between water and air. The Shark resembled a flat, lozenge-shaped craft, with a small tail fin at the rear, giving it the appearance of a flat-bodied shark. When Merai's forces could not defeat the Jedi defending Kamino, Commander Merai flew the Shark into the midst of the hyperspace rings used by the Jedi starfighters, and activated the self-destruct mechanism. The ship exploded, destroying many of the hyperspace rings and killing Merai, but the resulting confusion allowed Merai's forces to flee into hyperspace. (RDK)

this Gree craftsman created the device which became known as the Sharka'k Noor. It was the premier device in his collection, but he died on Asation before passing on its use to an apprentice. (SWJ14)

Sharka'k Noor
this ancient Gree device was created by Sharka'k, who died before he could pass on its operation to an apprentice. The device was formed from three short cylinders connected by short arms. The outer cylinders were shorter than the central cylinder, and had fingertip-shaped depressions at their tops. The central cylinder was marked by glyphs, and had a display panel. It emitted a deep, bass tone as it was used. Sharka'k designed the Noor to manipulate geological activity of the world on which it was used. It could create new volcanoes, cause earthquakes, and affect changes to the planet's core. It was originally designed as a planetary engineering tool, and Sharka'k guarded its secrets so that it couldn't be used as a weapon. Unfortunately, Sharka'k died before passing on any knowledge of the Noor's operation, and the was stored in the Gree archives for many millennia. It ws later stolen by Doctor Ils Ee, who inadvertently set off a series of volcanic eruptions on Tujiamoor with it. Doctor Ee's whereabouts, and those of the Noor, remain a mystery. (SWJ14)

a group of Alliance YT-1300s destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this smuggler and his gang were one of the first groups to begin smuggling goods to the natives of the planet Ralltiir, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (SWJ3)

this white-haired young woman worked as the sensor and computer technician on Constancia's Outpost 8 defense facility, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Like most such workers, Sharlee spent a local year on the asteroid before being relieved for ground-side work, and much of the year was spent in solitude. To ensure her safety while working on Outpost 8, Sharlee wore a suit of augmented battle armor that gave her the appearance of an ornate battle droid. It was Sharlee who rescued Luke Skywalker and Gamine from their starship, when Imperial forces tried to destroy them. She later showed her skills with a blaster when she accompanied Han Solo on a mission to distract the Imperial forces over Constancia, while Luke and Gamine traveled to the surface. (LAT1)

Sharlissian Trade Corridor
this hyperspace trade route was open during the last decades of the Old Republic, and allowed Coreward planets to do business with planets such as Kabal. In the wake of the Battle of Naboo, the Sharlissian Trade Corridor remained one of the most heavily-taxed trade routes, making it cost-prohibitive for most shipping companies to makes runs. This led to food riots on planets like Kabal. (HNN4)

this was a species of specially-designed, bio-engineered creature that was found on the planet Corellia. (GQRG)

this intelligent, attractive woman served Santhe/Sienar Technologies as a receptionist at the corporation's Lianna headquarters. She is very good at sifting out the riff-raff from the real businessbeings, and is tough as a Wookiee when it comes to keeping them out. (ML)

this was Alliance starfighter pilot slang for a TIE/fc fighter. (SWJ10)

Sharp Elbow
this was the name of an Imperial starfighter maneuver in which a ship banked hard to the right, banked again immediately to the left, then again to the right, in order to evade pursuit. (SWED)

Sharp Spiral
this was the name of the Cutlass-9 starfighter owned by Jedi Master Saesee Tiin. The ship was a gift from a grateful diplomat from the planet Duro, and had been heavily modified by Master Tiin over time. With its augmented drive systems, the Sharp Spiral had a Class 1 hyperdrive, and was capable of speeds near 8,000 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. (NEGC, PJSB, NEGV)

Sharpshooter V
BlasTech's modified blaster carbine, this weapon has been fitted with a multi-spectrum targetting sight. This addition, when coupled with the Sharpshooter's tightly-coherent energy bolt, makes the weapon deadly accurate over a long range. The combination of these two advances drains an incredible amount of power from the weapon, however. (ISB)

Sharptooth Collector
this specialized repulsor-equipped sled was developed on Naos III as a way for fishermen to transport their catch to the nearest city for processing. The Naos sharptooth was considered a delicacy in many parts of the galaxy, but it had to be harvested and flash-frozen as soon afterward to maintain the best taste and texture. The sharptooth fishermen couldn't wait until the harvesting was done to offload their catch, so they employed drivers to operate the collectors on regular runs. (LEV)

many fabulous legends held that the Sharu were an unbelievably old, superhumanoid race which inhabited the Rafa System, but which mysteriously disappeared ages ago. They were a technologically-advanced race, as evidenced by the wonderful buildings and monuments they built throughout the system. They left a treasure trove of artifacts behind, many of them left to their descendents, the Toka. One of them was the Mindharp, which was rumored to be a way that the Toka could recall the Sharu from their hiding it the Toka were in dire straits. The Sharu were described as "superhumanoids" by scholars, and are believed to have lived in an incredibly long period of advanced evolution, possibly billions of years. When the first humans came to the Rafa System, they befriended the Sharu. When the Sharu were forced to disappear, some bind with the humans was broken. Those humans, the ancestors of the Toka, were unable to recover from this breaking of contact. All of this was disproved when Lando Calrissian and Mohs found the Mindharp on Rafa V. It was then revealed that the Sharu, fearing some threat to their civilization, decided to hide their knowledge and intellect until it was safe to re-emerge. They built huge structures which resembled living spaces but where really vast computer banks of stored knowledge. They devised a grand scheme in which their race could survive, but it required them to be rendered ignorant, and their knowledge stored in the computer banks. They developed the life-crystals as a device which would continually sap the intellect and knowledge from all subsequent generations, maintaining the disguise of the simple-minded Toka. A single member of each generation would be allowed access to the ancient knowledge. This High Singer would keep the hidden Sharu alive by teaching various chants and rituals to the Toka. The Singer's duty was to await the coming of the Bearer and the Emissary, or pass on his knowledge to the next generation. In order to unlock the captive Sharu intelligence, the ancients created the Mindharp, which they hid in the Great Pyramid on Rafa V, and the Key of the Overpeople, which they sent out of the Rafa System. When the threat to the Sharu had passed, the Bearer would arrive in the Rafa System with the Emissary, bearing the Key. He would then use the Key in the Great Lock, entering the pyramid and finding the Mindharp. He would then use the Mindharp to release the Sharu. The Toka Mohs was just about to pass on his duties as High Singer when Lando Calrissian entered the Rafa System. Lando and his droid, Vuffi Raa, were set up by Duttes Mer and Rokur Gepta as the Bearer and the Emissary, respectively. Together, Lando, Mohs, and Vuffi Raa retrieved the Mindharp, only to have it stolen by Duttes Mer, who believed it could control the minds of others. He activated it, thus beginning a system-wide reshaping of the land. Mer was absorbed by the Mindharp as it started activating the Sharu computer banks. The Rafa System continued to undergo massive geological and physical changes, in preparation for the return of the Sharu. (LCM)

Sharu Key
this was another name for the Mindharp that was built by the ancient Sharu. (LCM)

Sharu Trammic
this was a sub-dialect of the Old High Trammic language, adapted for use by the Sharu that lived on Rafa V. (GMR5)

this young Selkath female and her roommates were part of a group of several Selkath youths who were tricked into joining the Sith on the planet Manaan, during the height of the Great Sith War. It was Shaelas who feared that they had been captured by the Sith, and he asked the Jedi Knights to investigate. The Jedi discovered that Shasa and the other Selkath had been falsely lured to the Sith base as part of a plot to infiltrate the Selkath people. In the end, Shasa was freed and the Sith treachery was exposed. (KOTOR)

Shasa Ale
an ale favored by the natives of Ado Sector. (FOP)

Shasa Tiel
this female Ishi Tib was an accountant for SoroSuub until she was blackmailed into working for Jabba the Hutt. She served as an assistant to Mosep, but hated her job and secretly longed to escape from Jabba. (CCG7)

this was the term used to describe an individual member of the Order of Shasa. (PH)

Shasfath Cluster
an area of the galaxy located near the Inner Rim and the Expansion Region. (SWJ5)

this race of avians descended from birds on the planet Crytal Nest. They are humanoid in basic appearance, with colorful plumage and vestigial wings. Their wings are no longer used for flying, but will allow the Shashay to glide across a short distance. They are a graceful race, but are also given to quick tempers. The Shashay communicate with a wondrously-rich series of trills and riffs, and those Shashay which have left the planet are known as space singers. Because of their ability to manipulate the various musical arrangements required of their songs, the Shashay have developed large brains, and have the innate ability to calculate galactic navigational coordinates. This ability also garnered them the nickname space singers. (TA)

this was a Laerdocian swear-word. (SOP)

this is a curse used by the natives of Emberlene. (SOP)

Shasstariss Whisperers Corporation
this family-run business was contracted by the Empire to developed specialized, military encryption codes for Imperial computer systems. Among the codes developed by Shasstatiss was the encrypt codes that protected the control nodes for Imperial-class Star Destroyers. (GMR10)

native to the Uba System, this large beast was domesticated by the Ubese people, who used its hide to create a durable leather. (VD)

Shatoon Monastery
a religious retreat on the planet Onderon. (EE)

an old Jedi Master who, at the Assembly on Deneba, spoke out on the way the Dark Side and the Sith teachings behave. (DLS)

this was a race of bipedal reptilians native to the planet Trascor. These aliens were similar in size to tall humans, but were exceptionally strong. Their wide, flat heads were supported by a snake-like neck, and dominated by four bulbous eyes. This physiology allowed the Shatras to see in a 720-degree area. There were five distinct races of Shatras, including the Y'tras and the Hy'tras. (AE, AIR)

Shatter Gun
developed by the Verpine, this weapon was a delicate pistol that fired magnetically-accelerated particles or pellets of alloy. The shotgun effect was devastating, but the shatter gun was prone to breakdown or explosion if improperly handled or dropped. (GFT, RCHC, DN2)

Shatter Missile
this was a type of projectile weapon developed by the ancient Mandalorians. Upon impacting a target, a shatter missile fragmented into hundreds of smaller pieces, causing huge amounts of collateral damage. (SWI80)

Shattered Rock, The
this was the name given to one of the Alliance's asteroid bases, scouted by Mils Gessak and built with the help of Arago Tanca. (HAS)

this term was used to describe the locations at which even the hardest material could be struck, resulting in its breaking into pieces. Most commonly associated with Corusca gems, shatterpoints are notoriously difficult to locate, and the judgement of how much force to exert on a shatterpoint is an art only a few beings ever learn. Too little force applied to a shatterpoint results in a degradation of the crystalline matrix, which caused the gem to fall apart later. Too much force, and the entire gem shatters instantly. A precisely-gauged blow resulted in the shearing of the gem along a certain plane, resulting in a beautiful facet. (SHPT)

this planet is a largely uninhabited world found in the Kathol Outback between the Uukaablis and Nah'Malis Systems. Its surface is dominated by rugged moutain ranges which are continually strafed by intense electrical storms. This combination means that travellers between Uukaablis and Danoor rarely, if ever, stop here. This was quite all right with a pair of Duinuogwuin star dragons who decided to reproduce there. They created a home for themselves some 60 years before the Battle of Endor, but were quite reclusive in their ways. They would accept visitors they believe they can trust, since they didn't want the rest of the Outback to know they were there. (KO)

Shaum Hii
a oceanic planet located in the Tragan Cluster, Shaum Hii was the homeworld of the Kian'thar race. It was known for its loud, raucous derlac "cattle markets." (HTTE, GG12)

this nocturnal Nabooan predator uses its claws to cut up its prey into small pieces, since its mouth is quite small. The blood of the shaupat contains an alkyl poison which is deadly to some other carnivores, helping the shaupat avoid being eaten. The bite of a shaupat is also quite painful, as their saliva has a mildly poisonous element in it as well. The Gungans have discovered that the shaupat blood can be distilled and used as a bleach-like stain remover. (GF)

this was a species of carnivorous marsupial native to the canopy of the jungles found on the planet Naboo. Shaupauts hung from branches by their prehensile tails, waiting for small creatures to fly or wander by. The sharps claws and long fingers of the shaupaut made grasping and capturing easier. (WSW)

this was the Noghri command for silence. (DFR)

this was the name of a distinguished Vor individual. (UANT)

this is a swear word used by the farmers of Pakrik Minor. (VOF)

this young woman sold a working lightsaber to the proprietors of Exotic Items, located aboard the Ithorian herdship Bazaar. She claimed it was her own lightsaber, although she was unable to communicate with the Force. (GA)

Shawda Ubb
this alien race, native to the planet Manpha, resembles a pot-bellied amphibian. They have green skin that covers their bulbous body, which is supported by spindly arms and legs. Their small heads are dominated by heavy brow-ridges, and a thin row of knobs runs from their foreheads down their necks. When cornered or attacked, Shawda Ubb can spit a paralyzing poison at their enemies. (CCG9)

Shawgrim, Ral
a native of the planet Zalso, this Alliance technician was discovered to be a traitor selling information to the Empire. Born aboard the Panorama while his parents were on vacation, Ral joined the Alliance after his parents were killed by Imperial troops on Zalso, and proved to be a valiant warrior. He was hospitalized twice during the battle for Jendar. He was supposed to deliver plans of the X-Wing starfighter to Moff Brinkan, but failed to do so. Brinkan later put a bounty on his head, but Shawgrim was never captured by Imperial forces. He reappeared shortly afterward, wanted by the New Republic for the theft of the X-Wing plans. (SWJ4)

this planet's dense catacombs were littered with traps, set by the ancient Shawkenese to deter graverobbing and pillaging. It was on Shawken that Luke Skywalker and Plif were invited to attend a meeting with the planet's leaders, shortly after the Battle of Endor, to discuss Shawken's position on the new galactic government. Up until this time, Shawken had been under Imperial control. Santor, the planetary leader, explained that the Imperials simply packed up and left when they learned of Emperor Palpatine's death, and Shawken simply forgot about them. A number of excavations were left open when the Imperial left, however, providing unusual scavenging opportunities. (MC87)

Shawken Spur
this was one of many ancient hyperspace pathways that connected Coruscant to the rest of the galaxy. This particular route connected Coruscant with the planet Shawken. (CCW)

this was the name used by the human natives of the planet Shawken. They were known for their ability to harness energy into seemingly inert objects, creating batteries and power cells from everyday things. Ancient Shawkenese were known as philosophers and scientists, but they also followed a nihilistic view of the universe. Ancient Shawken scientists devised ways to bringing about the destruction of the universe and a new sort of "big bang" which would rebuild a better galaxy. To this end, they devised monstrous technologies that could destroy solar systems and galaxies by creating a self-sustaining chain reaction of collisions and explosions. Luckily for the rest of the galaxy, the secrets of using this technology died with the ancient Shawkens. The technology was almost activated by Rik Duel and his gang of thieves, while they were accompanying Luke Skywalker on a diplomatic mission. Only the heroic efforts of Kiro stopped the device and saved the galaxy. (MC87)

Shawnkyr Nuruodo
this female Chiss was a member of the Syndic Mitth'raw'nuruodo who served under Jagged Fel in the Chiss Navy. Two years younger than Jag, she accompanied him on a mission to scout those planets already captured by the Yuuzhan Vong from the Unknown Regions Coreward, shortly after the Battle of Coruscant, to find any shred of information on the Yuuzhan Vong. After meeting up with Jaina Solo on Hapes, Shawnkyr failed to see what Colonel Fel saw in the younger woman. Shawnkyr was openly disdainful of Jaina's skills and ability to lead, despite the impressive results she achieved against the Yuuzhan Vong. When Jagged joined the Twin Suns Squadron, Shawnkyr was given command of the Chiss Vanguard Squadron which was assigned to the New Republic remnant on Borleias. Just after the Second Battle of Coruscant, Shawnkyr bristled at the prospect of being re-missioned, believing that their mission was simply to evaluate the galactic situation and return to Csilla. Jag explained that any damage they could do to the Yuuzhan Vong while on Borleias would only help the Chiss, and would provide deeper intelligence on the alien invaders. Shawnkyr agreed to remain on Borleias and transmit any information they gathered via holotransmission to Csilla, provided that Jag agreed to return to Csilla immediately if she were to die in combat. Together, they worked with the New Republic military, after Jag realized that they would have to fight alongside the Republic in order to gather detailed intelligence to send back to Csilla. Shawnkyr bristled at the idea of fighting for the Republic, but understood the necessity of good data. After the Battle of Ebaq, however, Shawnkyr decided that there was enough information on the Yuuzhan Vong, and was given leave by Jag to return to Csilla. (DJ, EL1, EL2, FH1, GMR7)

Shawpee Gang
this gang of mild-mannered hoodlums patrolled the street of Mos Eisley during the last years of the New Order. (CCG9)

one of the many Hutt colony worlds, Shawti was also a breeding world for many of their slave races. Clan Desilijic bred Klatooinan slaves on this world. (CCG9)

Shaxrigge, Rex
this heavily-marketed Core celebrity was under investigation for stealing corporate secrets. Authorities in the Corporate Sector trails him, believing that he would woo female executives and get them to reveal their corporate secrets. The last woman he tried to swindle was actually Dagmar Vozda, who was working undercover on Etti IV. However, Shaxrigge nearly got away from her and almost killed her, but for the timely intervention of Fiolla. She was on vacation from school at the time, and happened to recognize him. When he pulled a vibroknife on Vozda, Fiolla stepped in and thwarted his escape. Shaxrigge was arrested on the spot. (CSA)

a native of Targonn, Shay led a series of attacks on the dictator Craw. The Targonnians he led were known as Revoltists, and tried to overthrow Craw's despotical reign. He failed to overthrow Craw, but did manage to rescue the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO from Craw's clutches. The droids were reunited with Master Zorneth, who eventually toppled Craw's empire. (DRO)

this was one of the many names given to female Bothans. In the Bothan language, it meant "sweet" or "dear." (GCG, WOTC)

Shayl Le'tah
this female Bothan was a Jedi Knight who was known for her skills as an investigator. (GMR3)

home planet of the Sessehshallah, it was mined extensively for its fossil hydrocarbon-based fuels. The Alliance helped to free the planet from Imperial control. (RPG)

this Snivvian word represented the number 6. (HNN5)

Shayne Gerarre
this Cerean male, an employee of the Spirited Spirits shop in the city of Hedrett, was a native of the planet Cularin. Shayne was known to the general populace of Hedrett and Gadrin as the creator of the Double-Dip Outer Rim Rumdrop, the specialty drink that made Spirited Spirits famous. He was later discovered to have been one of the original members of the underground resistance that sprang up on Cularin, after the Metatheran Cartel began taking control of the planet's trade. (EOS)

Shaywa, Mapes
this man was a non-descript individual with a secret life. Working from a base on Mexeluine, Mapes could assume any number of roles, depending on the mission he was given. He was outwardly an agent of FiggEx Security, but in reality he was the police force's Chief officer. Mapes was also a key member of FiggEx Security's so-called "black ops" force, responsible for carrying out the dirty work that needed to be done in order to Figg Excavations to succeed. He often assumed the alias of Barseth Gynes, and it was in this role that he hired Nogo Sistek to locate the noted pirates Salmakk and Clabburn. As soon as the pirates were hired, Mapes worked diligently to ensure that any ties between the pirates and FiggEx were eliminated, providing FiggEx with a way to legally break away from the Mining Guild. (WOA34)

this older Swimmer bull was living in the Dellaltian lake near J'uoch's mining camp, during the early years of the New Order. Shazeen was also Kasarax's uncle. Shazeen was the Top Bull on the lake, but grew tired of the continual challenges to his authority. When he decided to abandon the lake and travel north, Kasarax decided to take control of the lake. This meant that, when he returned to the lake, Shazeen had to submit to Kasarax's usurious practices. Shazeen spent his time trying to find a way to break Kasarax's hold on the lake, and saw his chance when Han Solo bargained for transport. Solo had lost the Millennium Falcon to J'uoch's people, and needed to recover it. During their negotiations, Shazeen thought Hasti Troujow was actually her sister, Lanni, since Hasti was dressed in the same clothes Lanni had worn a few months earlier. This spurred Han's group on, since it gave them another clue as to where Lanni might have been going just before she was killed. Kasarax demanded 40 driit each to transport the group across the lake, which enraged Shazeen. Shazeen offered to transport them for nothing, in an effort to get Kasarax angry. It worked, and a challenge race ensued. The race quickly degraded into physical combat, in which Shazeen overcame the younger Kasarax and forced him to submit. This ended Kasarax's control of the lake. Shazeen then ensured that Han and his companions were safely transported across the lake. (HSL)

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