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an unintelligent creature. (TME)

the eyes of this creature are considered a culinary delicacy by the Hutts. (BF)

Sling Racer
similar in many respects to podracers, these modified airspeeders used a variety of maneuvering vanes and jets to wind through a course, with repulsors used only to keep the vehicle off the ground. Also like podracers, these airspeeders often required their pilots to operate and control several individual jets and engines, leaving little time for concentration on the racecourse. (SPG)

Sling Racing
this sport burst onto the galactic scene after podracing was outlawed on many worlds. Using lightweight, modified airspeeders, racers were forced to navigate though mountains and canyons at incredible speeds. (SPG)

this sport was popular during the early decades of the New Republic. Played in an indoor arena, two teams used curved gloves throw a ball back and forth, in an effort to get close enough to the other team's goal to throw the ball in. (U)

Slip Pad
this plant lived in the swamps of Togoria, where it produced large, waxy leaves that lay on the surface of the water. These leaves were tough and durable, and the native Togorians often used them to travel across swamps without entering the water. (MIS8)

Slip-jaws Maneuver
named for the scissor-like mandibles of the slash-spider, this starfighter maneuver was used by the pilots of the Old Republic to draw off pursuit before shooting the enemy craft. Two pilots flew in patterns that were exactly opposite in pattern, splitting their pursuit into two groups. At the height of their arc, the two pilots then cut back sharply, until they were flying directly at one another. At the last second, the two ships jinked ever so slightly, passing belly-to-belly while firing on the enemy ships that were pursuing the other fighter. The surprised enemy ships usually could not maneuver out of the path of the oncoming blasts in time, and were destroyed. For most human pilots, this maneuver was almost impossible, since it subjected body to incredble G-forces and required split-second timing. However, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi perfected the maneuver during the height of the Clone Wars. (E3N)

Slippery Eel Casino
this upscale casino served as a front for the illicit activities of its owner, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (GCG)

Slippery Gelgelar Eel
despite its name, this was the best place to eat at Gelgelar Free Port. Run by the Ithorian Thulls, the Slippery Gelgelar Eel catered to every level of society. (PSPG)

this was the name of Mara Jade's V-1 astromech droid, used aboard the Jade's Fire. (VOF)

this thin sheet of metal has many uses. (CFG)

this company maunfactured small, personal-use landspeeders. (VOF)

Slique Brighteyes
this was one of the last surviving Gulmarids, during the early years of the New Republic. He hired Boba Fett to kill Mir Tork and Leonis Murthe', the two Imperial who destroyed the Gulmarid civilization, with just 100 credits and the implied notion that Fett needed to eliminate them in order to regain his reputation as the galaxy's best bounty hunter. Slique managed to survive on the planet Basteel just long enough for Fett to return with the heads of the two Imperials, before finally dying. (AOD)

this name was common among the Kobok race. (GORW)

this Trandoshan trained on his homeworld of Dosha to be a bounty hunter, and left to seek his fortune. Overly confident in his own abilities, Slisst was unprepared for the ferocity with which a cornered target could fight back. After being severely injured when his first bounty fought back and escaped, Slisst briefly considered retirement, but instead joined the Bounty Hunters Guild in order to gain access to their resources. He acquitted himself quite well under the Guild, but yearned to locate that first bounty and make him pay for the embarrassment he caused. (WOTC)

a primitive, reptilian race native to the deserts of Yavin 13, the Slith awere limbless carnivores noted for their large mouths, which were filled with spiked teeth. They moved about by "swimming" through the sand and over the rocks, but could also move laterally - a motion called side-slithering - with incredible speed. The Slith lived in a nomadic, patriarchal society, with small tribes of no more than 15 individuals moving across the desert in search of food and water. Each tribe seemed to have an alpha male, two breeding females, and a male "lieutenant", in addition to immature individuals. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Yavin 13 was devastated by the alien invaders, and the Slith civilization was all but exterminated. (GG2, LW, PH, GORW)

Slith Skael
this Sluissi served the Old Republic as the chief of the communications staff at the Intergalactic Communications Center on Praesitlyn, during the height of the Clone Wars. He served under Reija Momen, and was especially protective of her when Separatist forces stormed the center and took the staff hostage. He was outwardly a very calm cool individual, but he was passionate about his work and the attachments he made in life. (JT)

this instrument was considered part of the repertoire of a jizz band, during the last years of the New Order. (CCG9)

Slithering Destroyer
this was one of the names used by the New Republic to describe Tu-Scart, the Beater created by the Yuuzhan Vong to destroy structures that are in the path of the Yuuzhan Vong army. Note that the Balance Point claims that Tu-Scart is the Biter. (WOTC)

this sibilant language was the native tongue of the Slith race. (PH)

this Tusken Raider was the leader of his tribe when he decided to adopt Tahiri Veila. Sliven himself had been separated from his tribe several months earlier, after surviving a skirmish with a group of smugglers, and was taken in by Tahiri's parents, Tryst and Cassa. They tended to his wounds and restored him to health, despite the inherent cultural differences between humans and Tusken Raiders. While in their care, Sliven learned the Basic language, and became fond of Tahiri. The compassion of Tryst and Cassa made Sliven understand that their two peoples could live together, if only they were able to look beyond their ingrained fear and hatred of each other. To help rebuild his strength, and to help repay is debt, Sliven began to teach Tryst how to fight with a gaderffi. It was during one of their training sessions that Sliven's clan found him. They had been tracking him ever since the smuggler attack, and were surprised to find him in combat with a human. Believing him to be in trouble, the Tusken Raiders attacked and killed Tryst and Cassa with a swiftness that startled Sliven. Rather than abandoning Tahiri to the desert, Sliven demanded that she be taken into the tribe. However, he faced criticism from his tribe for the decision, especially from Vexa. He was forced to keep Tahiri's true parentage a complete secret from the girl, on penalty of death. Before leaving the farm behind, Sliven made a small pendant from a peice of mud, which he imprinted with the fingerprints of both Tryst and Cassa. The pendant he gave to Tahiri, although he could only tell her that the prints were from her parents. In order to learn the complete story of her parents, Tahiri would have to earn her place among the Tusken Raiders in a trial of adulthood. Sliven abided by the agreement, mainly because he loved the child and wanted her to grow up strong and free. Several years later, when Tionne came to Tatooine looking for Force-sensitive individuals, Sliven allowed Tahiri to travel to Yavin 4 in order to receive training as a Jedi. However, knowing that Tahiri would soon have to face her trial, Sliven made a deal with Tahiri. Tahiri had to return six months later and face the trials of a Tusken Raider youth. If Tahiri succeeded, then Tahiri would be allowed to learn of her true parentage. If she chose to remain on Yavin 4, she would be banished from the tribe forever. Sliven secretly hoped she would remain with the Jedi, although he admitted to himself that he didn't want to die. Tahiri surprised everyone, even Vexa, by returning to Tatooine and surviving her trial. Sliven gladly told her the truth about her parents, and was relieved when Tahiri felt no anger at him or the tribe for their deaths. He was also quietly heppy when Tahiri made her deicison to return to Yavin 4 and continue her training as a Jedi. As they parted, Sliven gave Tahiri a second pendant, this one with his own fingerprint, as a reminder of all three of her parents. Sliven passed away shortly after Tahiri returned at the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4. (P, KB, FH1)

this schooling fish was native to the planet Spira, and was the favored food of the Camray Eel. (SWJ1)

first encountered on the planet Arbra, this immense, avian predator was noted for it unusual body structure. Resembling a huge crab, the slivilith's body was wide and flat, with a pair of reptilian wings sprouting from its shoulders. The underside of the slivilith was dotted with thick tentacles, which it used in place of arms. The wings of this creature were blue across the top, and creamy-white below. The rest of the body was greenish-blue, with the belly being the same white as the underside of the wings. Most of the galaxy considered the slivilith a myth, a belief that was emphasized by the holo-series The Voyages of the VSD Protector. Supporting this belief was the fact that only four sightings of living sliviliths have been recorded since the era of the Freedon Nadd Uprisings. Xenobiologists agreed that the slivilith was not a creature that could have evolved on its own, however. Many believed that the ancient Arkanians created them, while other held that the Sith Lords were responsible. In reality, it was later discovered, the slivilith was one of the Yuuzhan Vong's earliest attempts to create a living ship that could travel faster than light, for use in obtaining information on nearby galaxies. The slivilith project was eventually abandoned, but not before many were released into the void. The Hoojibs managed to learn than the slivilith on Arbra had traveled through space for many years before landing on Arbra. This information, when re-analyzed many years later, pointed out the startling fact that the Yuuzhan Vong had been experimenting with inter-galactic travel for more than 4,000 years. (WOTC, ANT, SWDB, MC55)

this New Republic Naval officer was the Commander of the 32nd Cruiser Squadron. He scoffed at the Kalindean DeepSpace Fleet, despite the fact that they held their own against Imperial and Corporate Sector forces. (TSK)

this Barabel was part of the team assembled by Crutag the Taloron Hunter, during his attempt to recover the bounties on a group of Alliance agents. She and her husband joined Crutag's gang some three years before the Battle of Yavin. Slizzik and Slimego were intent on taking the rebels dead or alive, although Crutag wanted them alive to obtain a larger bounty. Slizzik was eventually captured by the Alliance agents and stranded on Trinta with Slimego. (DOE)

this planet was the homeworld of the Sljee race. (CSA)

this low, slab-shaped alien race was native to the planet Sljee. Their bodies were surrounded with a number of prehensile tentacles, and olfactory antennae projected from its upper surface. These aliens used their antennae to smell out other lifeforms, since they had no true eyes. As a race, the Sljee had trouble interacting with to the multitude of alien lifeforms in the galaxy, and humans particularly confounded their sense of smell. Sljee moved about on a collection of short, stumpy legs. Most other races were unfamiliar with the Sljee, and often mistook them for some bizarre form of alien creature. (HSR, CSA, AE, WOTC)

this was the native language of the Sljee race. (WOTC)

Sloane, Baruche
this Corporate Sector Authority Fleet Commander was in control of the starships which tried to wrestle the Kalinda System from the hands of the pro-Imperial forces and New Republic forces already in the system. Sloane led the battle group from the command ship Enforce. A tall, stern man with gray eyes and a grim expression, Sloane's loyalty to the CSA was unwavering. He commanded respect, and didn't appreciate failure. (TSK)

Sloat, Warren
this man served as a Judicial Official for the Old Republic, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Sloat presided over the trial of Ker-Zakk and Egome Fass, on the planet Coruscant, but was forced to call an extended recess when both aliens began fighting with each other. (HNN4)

a lush plant native to Belsavis. It bears a sturdy fruit, which allows it to be packaged by droids, instead of humanoids. (COJ)

this was one of the more common surnames used by the Duros people. Like all such names, Sloke was used only for official business, to indicate one individual from another when in the presense of non-Duros. The meaning of this name was unknown. (GCG)

this was once of the many names given to Duros females. The meaning of this name was lost over time. (GCG)

this was a race of diminutive, tadpole-shaped aliens. They lacked true limbs, using a group of extendable pseudopods to move about and grasp objects. As a race, Sloogarians were known to be pathetic liars, twisting the truth in order to gain an advantage. (T16)

Sloom, Regec
this smuggler was hiding from the Empire on Gelgelar when he first met Cev Malanx. They formed a quick friendship, and became smuggling partners. They plied the Outer Rim - based out of Betha II - until it became unpopular to do so, then fled for the Core Worlds after helping the New Republic locate Meres Ulcane. (SWJ8)

this was a common name among members of the Dug race. (UANT)

a fruit used to make wrinkle cream. (COJ)

an obnoxious Rylothian vermin. (JTH)

a bad-smelling bird native to Corellia. (TFE)

this species of foul-smelling beast was native to the marshlands of Kidron. They were solitary scavengers which marked out their territories and defended them from others of their kind. They consumed just about anything, from garbage to carrion to industrial wastes, and fed ravenously when hungry. In general, though, slorks are harmless to other species.Because of their diet, slorks possess an intensely noxious scent, making them exempt from the food chain because no other predator could stand to get close to them. Slorks use their noses to sense their environment by "breathing" vibrations, and a slork with an injured nose was essentially blind to their environment. (COG)

this is a type of slovenly creature which, although large in size, is fairly low on the evolutionary scale. (TBH)

Slosin, Mox
this man served Emperor Palpatine as one of his High Inquisitors, terrorizing the Lesser Plooriod Cluster during the height of the New Order. Slosin was known as one of the Empire's most sadistic and cruel individuals, rivalling High Inquisitor Tremayne in sheer reputation. Slosin spent much of his time searching out Alliance cells in the Lesser Plooriod Cluster, traveling in his Trenchant-class cruiser Ironhand, and controlling the Cluster from his palace on Urce. (AIR)

this musical instrument was played by waving it in the air. (SWI67)

this slow-growing moss was native to the jungles of Kashyyyk, where it hung from the branches of wroshyr trees in great sheets. (DN1)

this alien was a former slicer who worked as a computer expert, during the early years of the New Republic. (GUN)

Slow Almost Menacing Smirk, The
this was the term used by Palleus Chuff to describe one of the many facial expressions used by Jedi Master Yoda. Chuff was a noted actor whose portrayal of Yoda in Jedi! made him famous across the galaxy. (YDR)

Slow Dancing Star
this song, written and played by Annadale Fayde, first appeared on the compilation Darkness on the Land. It was rated scarlet by the Imperial Board of Culture. (GG9)

this Hutlarian was among the mercenaries and bounty hunters assembled by Beilert Valance to attack and destroy the Anglebay Station on Telos-4, in an act of revenge that the former Imperial stormtrooper carried out shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Slssk was a former gladiator who had survived many battles on Loovria before winning his freedom and becoming a mercenary. He later signed on with Valance, and served as the first mate aboard the Kill Switch for many years. (SWMW)

a slow-moving insect. (COJ)

this treacherous alien served King Gokus as a general in the armed forces of the planet Alzar, during the early years of the New Order. Unknown to Gokus, it was General Sludd who convinced Prince Plooz to stow away on a freighter to the planet Sooma. (MDCAR)

this was the spoken language of the Sludir, consisting of harsh-sounding vocalizations. No written form of the language existed, and any visual description of concepts was accomplished with base-six mathematics or intricate images. (UANT)

Sludge Panther
this feline predator was native to Talus, and was named for the fact that its primary hunting grounds were near swamps and other fetid locations. (GQRG)

this term originated in the Corporate Sector, and referred to sensationalist journalism and the gathering of news on just about any controversial or inane subject. Much of it revolved around the exploits of holovid stars and sports figures, but also reported on women who claimed to be carrying Emperor Palaptine's children and on the fact the Darth Vader was still alive, just hiding out until he could return to reinstate the Empire. Much of it was blatantly false information meant to stir up more controversy, but the masses bought their newsfeeds with gusto. (SOA)

a centaurian race native to the planet Sluudren, the Sludirs are a violent, military race with a history of warfare and combat. They have six short, muscular legs supporting a heavy body. Their upper torso has two arms, and their long skulls are marked by a large, tooth-filled mouth. Their skin is naturally thick and dense, providing them a natural armor that they take great pride in. They evolved a primitive, tribal society based on a complex feudal system containing several rigid castes. Each caste has its own codes and rituals, but primary among all of them is the honor of battle. To the Sludir, combat is the surest test of individual power. No Sludir has ever fled from battle. They also have an intense desire to further their families, and the securing of an heir is extremely important. However, the Sludirs' immense strength and unusual appearance made them prime targets for slavers and mercenaries. The Empire did nothing to assist the Sludir, declaring them a legitimate slave race. Thus, many Sludir found off Sluudren were either slaves or criminals until the Battle of Endor. With the demise of the Empire, the Sludir retook control of Sluudren and established a loose form of government made up from crimelords of varying degrees. Many Sludir who returned to their homeworld were dismayed to find this new government, and soon left the planet once again for a better life. (GG12, UANT)

Sludir Soap
this mushy substance was created by the Sludir to patch their natural, armor-like skin. (GG12)

Slug Beast
a large, brown creature native to the lower levels of the Kashyyyk forest ecosystem. Resembling little more than a large patch of slime, the slug beast hangs itself over tree branches and waits for its prey to stumble onto it. It then reacts by heaving its bulk upward, capturing its prey by wrapping itself around it. It then exudes digestive juices into the cavity it creates, dissolving its prey and then absorbing the nutrients. (DK)

Slug Named Grendel, The
a book written by Rogar Farnoster, about the doomed mission of the starship Darkfire to hunt down the legendary space slug Grendel. (SWSB)

Slug Rifle
this out-dated weapon fired a metal projectile at its target. (HSL)

this female Gorph was the Queen of her people during the early years of the New Order. She was continually hoping that her son, Vork, would find a princess, but eventually tired of his procrastination. Queen Slugga captured the young Ewok Latara, hoping that Latara would marry her son. (ECAR)

Sluggins, Gad
this man was part of the team dispatched to Corellia to capture or kill the Jedi Master Eelysa and any other Jedi they found. Slug, as he was known to his comrades, was a member of the Peace Brigade who worked for Roxi Barl during the mission. They ran into Han and Leia Organa Solo at the medical facility that was treating Eelysa, and were forced to flee or be shot by the Solos. (REC)

Sluggo the Hutt
this was the psuedonym used by the founder of the jizz band Hutt. He was obviously not a Hutt. (GMS)

this was a smuggler's nickname for Nal Hutta. (SWJ7)

this foul creature is native to the plabet Ruten. It resembles a rat in its initial appearance, but is completely hairless and has a long, slimy body. The slug-rat has four legs that move it quickly along, and its toothy bite is almost always rabid. They breed quickly, and have thwarted every attempt at extermination by the Ruten natives. The average length of a slug-rat is about one meter. (TSK)

Slug-shooter Carbine
this was an older version of the slugthrower. (HSL)

a small tool that can be used as a weapon. (DFR)

Sluis Control
the transportation monitoring center at the Sluis Van Shipyards. (HTTE)

Sluis Sector
area of New Republic control containing Sluis Van, Bpfassh, Dagobah, and the Praesitlyn communications station. (HTTE)

Sluis Van
this was the primary planet in the Sluis sector. The native Sluissi lived in habitation spheres that were placed at or near the surface of the planet, allowing them the abiity to access the planet's resources. (HTTE, SWJ15)

Sluis Van Central
this space station, orbiting Sluis Van, was loyal to the New Republic. The primary duty of the space station was the protection of the Sluissi and the Sluis Van Shipyards. (HTTE, DFR)

Sluis Van Congregate
this was the name of the governing body of the planet Sluis Van. (SWJ2)

Sluis Van Outer Starfighter Base
this was the New Republic's primary starfighter base, located in orbit around Sluis Van during the early years of the New Republic. (DARK)

Sluis Van Shipyards
this orbital shipyard is controlled by the Sluissi. In a stationary orbit around Sluis Van, the shipyard is a long, multi-segmented station with a wide central tunnel. Each of sixteen modules contains starship repair facilities, along with living accommodations and shops. (HTTE, HTTEC)

this was the native language of the Sluissi people. (GMR10)

native to the planet Sluis Van, these creatures are humanoid from the waist up, but have snake-like tails below the waist. The Sluissi have long been supporters of the Republic, and have shared their technology freely with other member planets. They are known as a plodding, methodical race which has an easy-going attitude and never seems to get excited. (HTTE, DFRSB)

Sluissi Wanderlust
this transport ship was pressed into passenger duty shortly before the Clone Wars, carrying refugees from Separatist worlds to Naboo. It was supposed to land at Kwilaan Starport, but was prevented from doing so immediately by a protest staged by local miners. The Sluissi Wanderlust was eventually cleared to land at Theed. (HNN5)

Slum Rat
this rodent, a relative of the womprat, was native to the planet Tatooine. (GQRG)

this furry mammal, which stood about a half-meter in height, was purchased as a pet by those beings who needed more security. However, these creatures were banned as pets in many Core sectors when it was learned that they attacked their owners as often as they attacked intruders. (SWJ10)

Slurd-u pas pas min
this Snivvian phrase meant "I did not mean any insult." (HNN5)

Slurp Pouch
this was a form of refreshment that was popular with the children of Cularin, during the last years of the Old Republic. Slurp pouches were also popular with parents, since the beverage inside could not be spilled. Children sucked on the spout of the pouch, drawing the beverage from inside. (LFCW)

Slurry Sea
this was the nickname used by the natives of the Moridebo District, on the planet Metellos, to describe the Ciuray Sea. (CCW)

Slusani Interstellar Pharmacologies
this medical corporation produced a variety of bandaging and sterilization products of Sluissi design, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (FOP, GFT)

this was the term used by the Gamorreans to describe the spring season on their homeworld of Gamorr. It was named because the climate was usually rainy and dismal, and runoffs of melting snow turn the ground into muddy quagmires. It was during Slushtime that most of the fungi and mold grown on the planet begin to grow, taking hold in the damp ground and dank hollows. Most Gamorrean offspring are born during this season, and most Gamorrean weddings take place at the midpoint of slushtime. The end of slushtime, denoted by the gradual drying out of the mudflats, signals the beginning of wartime, and sparks the raiding of other villages. (SWJ14)

Sluuce Canyon
this relatively straight canyon was located just west of Mos Eisley, and provided travelers with easy access from the higher land of the Jundland Wastes. (IWST)

this rocky, Outer Rim world is the home planet of the Sludir race. (GG12)

Sly Moore
this bald, female being was Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's aide, during the last years of the Old Republic. A native of the planet Umbara, Sly Moore was rumored to have engineered the removal of Sei Taria from public office, thereby ensuring that she was named as Palpatine's aide. This was never proven, however, but that did not dispel other rumors about her possible hidden agenda. In reality, Sly Moore worked behind the scenes to ensure that Palpatine's plans were carried out, often making anonymous calls to Senators and groups to play on their emotions and loyalties. After the onset of the Clone Wars, Sly Moore was given a standing order from Chancellor Palpatine: no matter what his schedule, Palpatine could always be interrupted for a meeting with Anakin Skywalker. (SWI53, SWDB, JT, SOJ)

this Rodian bounty hunter nearly captured Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors aboard the Star of Empire, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. Slyder approached Governor Dol Donar II with the information on Jan's location and Kyle defection, and accompanied the Donars when they took off after Jan, Kyle, and the Truly Sorry. Before leaving the Star of Empire, Slyder managed to capture the droid A-Cee, and hoped that its memory banks would contain valuable information to sell to the Empire. When they activated the droid, however, it took notice of Nathan Donar's Imperial uniform and self-destructed. Slyder and the Donars were killed in the blast. (SFE)

an alien race. (COJ)

Slyter, Talon
a native of the planet Draethos, this man was a noted expert in the martial art of teras kasi, during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. (HNN5)

Slyther Bushforb
this Nuknog was living in the CoCo District of Coruscant during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Slyther was a private investigator who had learned to keep his nose out business that wasn't specifically his or his client's. He was also a frequent patron of Dex's Diner. (HNN4, SWDB)

this term was used to describe any beings who illegally sold prescription drugs or narcotics for a disbarred physician. (HNN4)

this Squib was a major crimelord who worked from a base on Korad during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He considered himself the "High Exalted Ruler of Korad,Ža position few doubted because no one wanted to live on the junk-covered planet. He traveled about the planet on the Peeve, a pleasure craft created from a salvaged Imperial AT-AT walker. (OE)

this Hutlarian served as Valance's first mate. When the mercenary band attacked Telos-4, it was Slzzk who discovered Don-Wan Kihotay and learned of Luke Skywalker's part in the destruction of the first Death Star. Believing him to be on the planet Aduba-3, Valance and his team set out to destroy Skywalker. After a brief firefight with the Rabbit's Foot in orbit around Aduba-3, Slzzk and the crew traveled to the planet's surface to search the downed ship for Alliance survivors. After Jimm the Starkiller Kid and Jaxxon arranged a stampede of banthas which killed most of Valance's ment, Slzzk was shot by Amaiza. (MC16)

this was a common name given to male Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names. (GCG)

a Hutt gangster, Smada used the planet D'vouran as his base. The small gang wars that erupted on the planet allowed him to take control and rise to power. Smada maintained a group of Gank Killers as bodyguards and enforcers, and once tried to recruit Mammon Hoole into his schemes. He hoped to use the Shi'ido as an assassin, and would do almost anything to acquire Hoole's services. The Shi'ido refused, and Smada then captured Tash and Zak Arranda in an effort to get Hoole's agreement. Still Hoole refused, although he did try to rescue the children. In a struggle near the Heart of D'vouran, Hoole managed to recover the children, while Smada fell into the pit and was consumed by the planet. (GOF1)

Sma'Da, Drawmas
this immense human was known for his ability to predict the outcome of the battles waged during the Galactic Civil War. Through his self-proclaimed Invisible and Ineluctable Casino, he offered the galaxy's richest beings to wager on the outcome of the multitude of confrontations between the Alliance and the Empire. No battle was too small for Sma'Da, who became quite accurate in determining the odds for each side of the battle. He was too good, in the eyes of Emperor Palpatine, who put out a substantial bounty for Sma'Da's capture. In order to avoid being taken, Sma'Da remained in his own home, and only ventured out to the establishment of Salla C'airam, where weapons were not allowed. This didn't deter Zuckuss and 4-LOM, who installed a small power source in the droid's head which took the place of its primary motivator. This meant that the droid would be unable to move once it was removed, but it meant that Zuckuss would be able to get a working blaster inside C'airam's bar. The plan worked to perfection, as Sma'Da was completely unaware of his imminent capture. Zuckuss managed to capture Sma'Da, and obtained a second motivator for 4-Lom from C'airam, before turning in the man for the bounty. After being released from custody, Sma'Da accepted a bet from Manaroo. The wager was based on whether Dengar would survive the mission he and Boba Fett undertook, to discover the plans of Kuat of Kuat. Sma'Da had little faith in Dengar, and took the bet. In the end, Dengar survived, and Sma'Da was forced to pay them a handsome return on Manaroo's original bet. (HM)

Smak telia
this was the Huttese word for "snack." (GMR5)

this man, a native of the planet Aargau, served as a Captain for Bank of Aargau Security, Limited, during the height of the New Order. He eventually replaced Captain Ryyts, although his new subordinates failed to find a way to respect him. He was continually making excuses for his own actions and miseducation, covering up by asking his officers to brief him on "the latest technology." (PH)

S'man, H.
an Alliance Commander working on the Independence, he was almost seven feet tall and weighed almost 300 pounds. His size helped him gain a measure of control over the young starfighter pilot recruits that made their way to the Independence, such as Keyan Farlander. (XW)

this wilderness planet was the home of Black Sun's operations, during the era of the New Republic followed the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. (CE2)

Smart Blanket
a blanket which has special sensors and circuits which allow it to monitor the user's body temperature and the surrounding conditions to adjust the blanket's ability to heat and protect the user. (CS)

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