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Shadow Squadron
this group of infiltration operatives was a part of the Alliance's Eclispe Team. (AIR)

Shadow Squadron
this was a squadron of Imperial TIE Fighters active during the early years of the Galactic Civil War and assigned to the first Death Star during the Battle of Yavin. (JKG)

Shadow Traproom
this archaeological discovery was found on the planet Liok. Two Obroan Institute explorers - Dreiss and Mokem - were killed during the initial excavations of the site. (TT)

Shadow V
this was a model of combat airspeeder produced by MandalMotors during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Shadow V was 6.5 meters in length, and required a pilot and gunner to operate. It was armed with a double laser cannon, and could carry up to ten kilograms of cargo and a single passenger. (SWRPG)

Shadow Warriors
this was another name applied to the ancient Taungs of the planet Coruscant. (SWI80)

Shadow Wing
this notorious pirate gang was commanded by Abin-Ral-Xufush during the height of the New Order, and terrorized the Perlemian Trade Route for many years afterward. The Shadow Wing was somewhat unusual in that its members actually used the loot that they stole, after dividing it up amongst the members based on rank and priority. In this way, the Shadow Wing acquired most of its starships, by stealing the corvettes and fighters they needed from passing convoyus, then refitting them to their own needs. When captured ships did not meet their needs, the Shadow Wing often employed shipjackers and other criminal agents to acquire the necessary ships. Note that this pirate gang is referred to as the Dark Wing in Pirates and Privateers. (WOTC, PP)

Shadow, The
this was another name for the Rainbow-Eyed Enemy described by The Message of the Yuuzhan Vong Shamed Ones. (FH2)

this was one of the most secret operations ever undertaken by the Alliance. It was a communiations network developed to encrypt messages to deep-cover Alliance agents in Imperial propaganda advertising on the HoloNet. This allowed the leaders of the Alliance to reach those agents and spies who had infiltrated the deepest confidences of the Empire, without raising suspicions. In order to maintain the integrity of the Shadowcast codes, Leia Organa suggested that they be hidden in the Alderaanian moss-painting, Killik Twilight. Although the moss-painting was lost shortly after the destruction of Alderaan, the Alliance - and later, the New Republic - continued to use Shadowcast to communicate with its agents. What the codes used by Shadowcast offered in security, they took away in speed. Each transmission had to be encrypted by hand, then dispatched over a ghost wave. This ghostwave attached itself to a commercial transmission, allowing it to be broadcast on the HoloNet. (TG)

this unusual piece of technology was developed to allow individuals to meet face-to-face without having their true identities discovered. The shadowcloak provided two forms of protection. First, it used speciallized scramblers to alter the user's voice beyond any recognition. Second, the covered the user with a field of blackness that completely masked their appearance. (CCW)

this Suwantek TL-1200 freighter was once owned by Derrend Montis, who used the ship as a personal transport. Montis had the ship outfitted with hidden combat capabilities, as a measure of protection when traveling in unknown parts of space. After Montis' death, the Shadowfire was sold to a shipping company which went bankrupt shortly afterward, before it was acquired by Popara the Hutt for use as part of the Skydove Freight fleet. The Shadowfire was armed with a pair of turret-mounted quad laser cannons, two ion cannons, two concussion missile launchers, and a tractor beam projector. It was designed to be operated by a single pilot, and could accommodate up to 150 metric tons of cargo and 100 passengers. (TF)

this was the popular name of Ikas-Adno's XR-10 speederbike. (WSV)

ShadoWing-4 Glider
this para-wing glider was produced for recreational use by Neor-Yatten, but found widespread usage among scouts and paramilitary groups as well. It was based on original Imperial military glider designs, and included many of the safety features developed to keep troopers alive during field activities. It was equipped with geomorphous wings and a medium-duty repulsor engine, which provided the ShadoWing-4 with a high flight ceiling and incredible maneuverability. (ROE)

ShadoWing-6 Glider
this was the two-man version of Neor-Yatten's ShadoWing-4 glider. (GG2)

this was the name given to the deepest, densest part of the forest floor on the planet Kashyyyk, by the ancient Wookiees. It was believed that Rothrrrawr lost the blade to Bacca's Ceremonial Blade while fighting a creature - which later became known as the Great Beast - in the Shadowlands. (KOTOR)

this was the common name used to describe the race of beings that inhabited the planet Nivek. The Shadowmen were a race of rail-thin, insectile humanoids who resembled walking skeletons. They evolved unique adaptations to living in the near-total darkness of Nivek's environment, and had incredibly sensitive night-vision. As a people, the Shadowmen were known as skilled hunters and trackers. During the height of the Clone Wars, the Shadowmen sided with the Separatists, and allowed a weapons facility to be erected on the surface of Nivek. (CWA1)

this was the term used to describe any communications network used to bypass the HoloNet, after Emperor Palpatine instituted the New Order. The Empire quickly assumed control of the HoloNet, limiting access to it by independent news agencies and using it to disseminate propaganda on how the Empire was better than the Old Republic and its reliance on the Jedi Order. Shadownets sprang up on many worlds and across many sectors within months of the HoloNet's remissioning, as a grass-roots method of sharing the truth about the Empire. (LJ1)

this was a form of spice that was created during the height of the New Order. It was popular among smugglers. (SWGAL)

this was the term used to describe any starport that catered to the less-reputable spacers of the galaxy, and provided services without requiring official licensing or notification. (FOP)

this strong, flexible thread had a number of uses in weapons and armor. It was incredibly durable and had a high tensile strength, and was often braided to form the bowstrings on bolt-throwers. When woven into fabric, shadowsilk actually absorbed ambient light and sound. This fabric was used by Ayelixe/Krongbing in the creation of Shadowsuits for the Alliance. (ROE, AEG)

this Imperial Lord led the Imperial resistance on the planet Mindor, before being defeated by Luke Skywalker and the armies of the New Republic. (ECH)

this unusual stone was the powerful opposite of the Sunstar. The Shadowstone was controlled by the Tulgah witch Morag for many years, until it was stolen by the Ewok shaman Logray and combined with the Sunstar. The two stones provided enough energy for Logray to defeat Morag and maintain the freedom of the Ewoks. Logray then hid the Shadowstone and the Sunstar, keeping them separate and working to ensure that no other Ewoks tried to control their powers. (ECAR)

this unusual Ta-Ree magic allowed the wielder to "send" a physical blow at an opponent, without actually coming into contact with the opponent. The force of the blow would be equivalent to an actual punch thrown by the wielder, but allowed the wielder to remain at a distance from their opponent. (E)

this was the specialized form of lightweight, armored bodysuit produced by Ayelixe/Krongbing for use by the Alliance's Infiltrators. The shadowsuit provided a variety of passive stealth and anti-sensor benefits, mainly derived from the use of specialized fabrics such as shadowsilk. (ROE, AEG)

this was the name of the elite stormtrooper unit which specialized in undercover, special-forces type operations. Also known as Storm Commandos, these forces were initially trained by Crix Madine, before he defected to the Alliance. The shadowtroopers, however, were considered very useful by the Emperor himself, and remained as a part of the military structure. Like Alliance SpecForce troops, the Shadowtroopers were used to infiltrate secure areas and break open stalemated situations. Shadowtroopers remained part of the Imperial military for many years following the Battle of Endor. (ROE, JK2)

Shadren V
this planet was the site of an Imperial base which was destroyed by the Alliance shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (GG10)

this enigmatic woman worked as a bartender at the Oasis, located within the Bantha Traxx establishment on Lianna. Her background was unknown to almost everyone but herself, and she covered her true identity with a mask she called a N'Noch. A physically attractive woman, Sha'Dria was also a good listener and had a wealth of wisdom, just a few of the reasons she was such a good bartender. She could also handle herself in a fight, and actually destroyed Haelon Tice's hand when he got too friendly with her one night. (WSV)

this pant produced a fragrant clove at its base. The clove, once it was de-thorned and peeled, could be crushed to add an exotic flavor to many dishes. (HNN5)

this male Selkath approached the Jedi Knights who were on Manaan, during the Great Sith War, to investigate the disappearance of several Selkath youths. Shaelas feared that they had been captured by the Sith, a fear that was proven correct. However, the Jedi also discovered that Shasa and the other Selkath had been falsely lured to the Sith base as part of a plot to infiltrate the Selkath people. In the end, Shasa was freed and the Sith treachery was exposed. (KOTOR)

Shaelo Cliffs
the Empire had a base located within these cliffs during the Galactic Civil War. The cliffs are located on the planet Harix. (CSWEA)

this was the name given to those priests of the Ni'Shaw-Dak Ministry who worked around the planet V'shar, preaching the teachings of Ni'Shaw in individual ministries. (AIR)

Shafr Center
this was one of the most prestigious schools of xenoarchaeology during the height of the New Order. (GMR9)

Shaft, The
this was the name of the longest corridor located on the Jubilee Wheel space station. (HT)

this is Huttese slang for "slave." (IS1)

this term, used in the Elrood Sector, was an affectionate nickname for a Wookiee. (PG3)

Shag Fern
this species of quick-growing fern was native to the planet Kashyyyk. (HT)

Shagrad Loset
this Gotal worked with the Gotal Foreign Affairs Commune during the last years of the Old Republic, and publically denounced the involvement of the Jedi Knights in the rescue of Nathanjo Nirrelz. (HNN5)

Shah, Eyal
this red-haired man was a native of Corellia, but lived on the planet Dantooine shortly after the Battle of Yavin. He tried to capture Tash Arranda when she entered the Jedi ruins on the planet, but was stopped by the Shi'ido Hoole. He claimed to be a member of the Alliance base which was supposedly abandoned prior to the Battle of Yavin, but was fully manned when Eyal led them to the base. He hoped they could restore the base's dilaptidated freighter to working order. Eyal also told them that the Alliance had abandoned them on the planet. It was later revealed that Eyal and his "rebels" were part of an experimental cloning process that created clones in just over two weeks, rather than the year it normally took, using the rapid cloning technique. The Empire used the legends of the Jedi ruins to keep the native Dantari away from the lab, which was built beneath the ruins. Several versions of Eyal had been created. (GOF11)

this man served the Alliance as a sensor operator at the base on the planet Arbra, in the months following the Battle of Hoth. (LTA5, MC58)

Shahverdian, Rafe
this man was Denno Yanglan's only true friend, during Yanglan's service to the Empire on the planet Bakura. When Yanglan defected to the Alliance, Shahverdian joined him. (TBSB)

this Twi'lek clan ran the Kala'uun Starport on Ryloth during the early years of the New Republic. They were also the providers of the Twi'leki dancers sold to Durga the Hutt, through negotiations with Ghitsa Dogder. (KT, TFNR)

this was the Eickarie word for "ready". (SQ)

this was one of the many Eickarie clans that made up the Si-shae-ral tribe on the planet Kariek, during the height of the New Republic. (FB)

this Barabel hunter and tactician organized her fellow Barabels against the atrocities committed by Planetary Safaris against her people. The safari corporation petitioned the Empire to eradicate the "savages," despite the fact that the Barabel were obviously sentient. When Captain Alater and sector governor Paro Lanto exposed Planetary Safaris' deception and admitted Barab I into the Empire, Shaka-ka commissioned and built the city and starport at Alater-ka. (GG4)

Shaka-ka Memorial
this memorial, erected in honor of the Barabel visionary Shaka-ka, was built in the city of Alater-Ka. However, when the Yuuzhan Vong attacked Barab I, the Memorial was destroyed. (FH1)

Shaki, Kisa
this woman worked for Jabba the Hutt as a manager at the Swift Hutt Spacer's Service Depot, during the height of the New Order. When Jabba was killed just prior to the Battle of Endor, Shaki murdered her pit boss and assumed control of the Service Depot, then began plotting a way to take control of Jabba's criminal empire. Shaki gathered many of Jabba's former mercenaries and guards, and formed a militaristic organization of her own. Her main competition came from Qes Dollis, and the two spent most of their resources pummeling each other's forces, and neither was able to take advantage of Jabba's death. (RESB)

this was a common name given to Twi'lek females, and meant "lightning" in the Twi'leki language. (GCG)

this Lethan Twi'lek was the female companion of Graxol Kelvyyn. (SWK, YJC6)

an Alliance Lambda-class shuttle captured during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this bounty hunter was one of the few who accepted the challenge of capturing Bornan Thul, after the Alderaanian stole a datadisk from Nolaa Tarkona. She nearly outwitted Boba Fett by capturing Thul's ship and boarding it, but Thul had set it to self-destruct if he were captured, and Shakra died in the explosion. Shakra was a frilled, reptiloid. (TEP)

Shakri Lia
this sword was the symbol of the King of the Kentra people. The name "Shakri Lia" translated to "honor bound" in the Kentra language. (SWJ2)

Shakwa Rehakas
this was the name of a noted Thakwaash individual. (UANT)

this was another form of the Mandalorian word sha. (OWS)

Shal Koom
this was one of the many Neti individuals who hailed from the planet Myrkr. (UANT)

Shal Tor
this Yuuzhan Vong consul was escalated shortly after the aliens began their invasion of the New Republic, only to have his body reject the implants which signified his new position. As a result, Shal Tor was forced out of his position and relegated to the ranks of the Shamed Ones. (UF)

Shal, Bryn
this man was the head scientist assigned to Project Wayfarer, during the Expansionist Period of the Old Republic. (PG3)

this Hutt maintained a group of pirates attached to the Invids. Shala and much of his team were nearly killed in a attack on a spice shipment coming out of Kessel, when New Republic warships intercepted them. One of his freighters was sucked into the Maw before Leonia Tavria could arrive with the Invidious and drive off the Republic's forces. When Corran Horn began scaring the residents of Vlarnya with his "avenging Jedi" persona, Shala simply took it as a challenge and began to have his pirates perform more and more heinous crimes, in an effort to draw out the Jedi. Shala also had his demolitions expert, Rach'talik, create a trap for him. However, Shala overestimated the Twi'lek's loyalty. Rach'talik built a trap that would kill both Shala and the Jedi. When Corran attempted to remove the deadHutt switch Shala was holding, the only thing he did was scare the Hutt into dropping it. Rach'talik's laser-flechette armaments went off perfectly, reducing Shala to a puddle of laser-blasted flesh. Corran managed to escape with the help of the Force. (IJ)

this was one of the many Twi'leki clans which were native to the planet Ryloth. In the Twi'leki language, the clan's name meant "crying" or "tearful". (GCG)

this planet, which suffered large amounts of damage during the height of the New Order when it was bombarded by Grand Admiral Il-Raz's flagship Emperor's Disciple, opened negotiations with the New Republic some 13 years after the Battle of Endor. (TBH, SWI66)

a type of tree native to the planet Belsavis, shalaman wood was often used in furniture and in stair railings. (COJ)

this is the name used by the natives of the planet Shalam. (TBH)

Shaldania Parade
this huge procession of floats, bands, and military regiments was known throughout the galaxy as the first true event of Fete Week on Coruscant. (SWJ8)

this woman was one of Rukil's younger apprentices, living in the Undercity of Taris during the era of the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

this family of Sedrians is one of the few that lived off-planet from Sedri. They were employed by the Empire to maintain the Imperial aquaria on Kailor V. (GG4)

this slender woman was one of the leaders of the Typha-Dor resistance, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Along with her husband, Mezdec, Shalini rallied people from throughout the Uziel System for her crusade against the invasion plans of the Vanqors. Although she was saddened when a traitor was discovered in their midst, Shalini was even more dishearted to learn that the traitor was actually Mezdec. Luckily for the Typha-Dor people, the data regarding the Vanqor invasion plans was contained on a datadisk that was in Shalini's control. She turned the disc over to Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, in the hopes that they could get to Typha-Dor and transmit the information back to the Old Republic. (JQ7)

Shall Screel
this name was attributed to a known Shi'ido individual, but it remained unclear whether or not it was the Shi'ido's given name. (UANT)

this was one of the most common female names among the Corellians. (GMR9)

this given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this female Barabel once accused Han Solo of cheating at sabacc on Barab One, shortly after Han had been discharged from the Imperial Navy. He had won fair and square, but Shallamar was angry. Her female Devaronian partner fled the encounter, so Shallamar attacked by herself. Han tried to draw his blaster, but the sight hung up in his holster. The fight was quickly ended when Chewbacca picked up Shallamar and flung her across the room. Han and Chewie fled into the night. After the encounter, Han filed off the blaster's sight for easier drawing. He met up with Shallamar again on Cloud City, for the huge sabacc tournament there. She had to be physically restrained from injuring Solo, because she still held a grugde against him. The casino security on Cloud City proved that Han was free of skifters and other sabacc cheating devices, and Shallamar was sent on her way. (THG, RD)

Shallence, Ellisa
this Baroness-Administrator of Cloud City was in charge of the outpost when Lobot was arrested for theft. She made the young rogue a deal: spend a lifetime in prison, or serve Cloud City as a cyborg computer interface. Lobot chose to serve the City. (GG2, EGC)

Shallow March
this planet was the site of the Shallow March Supply Post, maintained by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. (CRO)

Shallow March Supply Post
this Imperial supply center was located in the farthest reaches of the Outer Rim Territories, but provided a vital link to remote garrisons and fleets. (CRO)

this planet was the site of an abandoned Imperial garrison which was used as a base by Pendarran's Revenge. The base was located on the western side of Ganton Mountain. (WBC)

this female Kian'thar, the mother of Kreet'ah, once tried to take control of Alexi Garyn's fortress on the planet Ralltiir, during the last years of the Old Republic. The descendant of one of Shaum Hii's most successful criminal families, Shal'mak was a businesslike individual who took her work as a crimelord very seriously. The wife of a derlac herder, Shal'mak was also one of Black Sun's most dangerous agents on Ralltiir. (CCW)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

this man started his own cantina in the city of Mos Eisley, on Tatooine, during the period leading up the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Supported by a criminal network, Shalo hoped to take away a good portion of Chalmun's business. Shalo got his start in the criminal underworld working for Durga the Hutt as a hired gun, and eventually worked his way up the criminal chain. Shortly after the Battle of Duro, Shalo double-crossed Han Solo by trying to capture Jacen Solo for the bounty on his head, placed there by the Yuuzhan Vong. When Talon Karrde and Shada D'ukal showed up to support Han, Shalo backed off, claiming that he wouldn't actually turn Jacen in. He said that he would have simply extorted protection money from Han. (EVR)

this was one of the most famous Draethos individuals to hail from the planet Thosa. (UANT)

this was the name of the great ibbot ridden by the Drall Wingrider Elamm. The name "Sha'lott" came from the Drallish word for "graywing". (CCW)

Shalthan Leeru
this was the name of a distinguished Morseerian individual. (UANT)

this was a common name among the Temolak race. (UANT)

this planet was the homeworld of the Em'liy race. It was also believed to be Shira Brie's homeworld. It was later revealed that Shira was lying about this, as part of the cover provided to her by Darth Vader. She infiltrated the Alliance in the city of Chinshassa, which had been devastated by a civil war between the wilderness barbarians and the city-dwelling humans. (MC60, UANT)

this was a common name among the Duinuogwuin who had been encountered in the galaxy. (GORW)

a small, flying rodent native to the planet Ithor, these creatures have the ability to mimic the voices and sounds of other creatures. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, these creatures were very popular on certain Imperial worlds, especially Lianna, and the smuggling of shamaroks became a lucrative business. (SWJ3, DTR)

Shamd City
this is one of two major cities on the eastern continent of Kirima, and is the site of a major staroport. (TSK)

Shamed Ones
this was the name used by the Yuuzhan Vong to describe those warriors who suddenly were unable to withstand the intense scarring and ritual deformation of their species. Other Yuuzhan Vong were Shamed from birth, simply unable to withstand the impants and scarring. The Yuuzhan Vong believed that their gods had deemed an individual unworthy of continued favor, and changed their bodies. The ritual scarring became infected, and implants failed to take root. While these Yuuzhan Vong usually failed in their missions, they were considered too valuable to sacrifice to the gods. They were reduced in caste, relegated to the Shamed Ones, and forced to be humble and utile to their masters. The Shamed Ones believed that the generation-spanning mission to conquer the New Republic was ordained to be their salvation, for Yun-Shuno would redeem the Shamed Ones once the unclean galaxy was cleansed of heretics. Their beliefs were given a measure of credence when Vua Rapuung was revealed to have been infected by Mezhan Kwaad. The Shamed Ones now had evidence that a member of their caste could redeem him- or herself, because his disease was not god-given but merely a natural occurance. They also began wondering if their lower-class standing was not ordained by the gods, but imposed upon them by the higher castes. Also, Vua Rapuung's experiences with Anakin Solo gave the Shamed Ones hope for redemption, and the belief that the Jedi Knights were their hoped-for saviors spread quickly after Yuuzhan Vong were defeated on Yavin 4. (BP, EVC, EVR)

Sha-mees craa shes-ayi
this Eickarie phrase was used to praise the valor of one's comrades in battle. (FB)

this small-time spacer hired Tesslar to steal speeders for his personal smuggling ring. (GG10)

this large, predatory sauropod was native to the planet Roon, and was the only threat to the wild banthas which lived there. (EGP)

Admiral Zaarin's modifed Nebulon-B2 frigate, it was his command ship during the Galactic Civil War. He used it to transport the various TIE prototypes he was developing. It was attacked numerous times by Alliance starfighters, but always managed to survive and perpetuate the TIE Fighter growth pattern. He used it to launch his attack on Emperor Palpatine at Coruscant. (TIE)

this Herglic term was originally used to describe a Herglic's pod aunt, or any sibling of its parents. After Herglics began traveling in the galaxy, it also was used to indicate any ship on which a Herglic have never ridden. (PGT)

this surname was common among the Sullustan race, and meant "gold" in the Sullustan language. (GCG)

Shan Sien
this was a noted Gossam individual, distinguished in the history of the planet Castell. (UANT)

Shan, Bastila
a native of the planet Talravin, this Jedi Knight was known for her strength with the Force, and was one of the Jedi dispatched to help liberate the planet Taris from the Sith some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. She had been taken from her family at a young age, and she harbored some anger toward the Jedi for this, even after she fully embraced their teachings. Bastila was very young when it was discovered that she had immense skill in the techniques of battle meditation, and the development of this skill placed Bastila on the front lines against the Sith hordes. While outwardly she appeared overconfident, Bastila was all too aware of her situation and that of the Jedi. She devoted her life to the defeat of the Sith empire, hoping that along the way she would also prove herself as a Jedi Knight. It was rumored that her ability to control a battle with only her connection to the Force was discussed privately among the Sith, who feared her abilities might halt their advances. Her strong skills also worried the Jedi Council, which urged her to proceed with caution rather than on impulse alone. After the capture of Darth Revan and his subsequent forced return to the Light Side of the Force, Bastila was part of the team that was dispatched to Taris aboard the Endar Spire. After escaping Taris, Bastila and her band returned to Dantooine, where she was paired with Revan on a mission to locate Darth Malak and the Star Forge. They were captured, along with Carth Onasi, by Malak and held aboard the Leviathan, and it was during their escape that Revan learned of the truth behind his return to the Jedi. Bastila attacked Malak in order to allow the others to escape, and was again captured by the Sith. Malak tortured her, driving her to embrace the Dark Side of the Force. She nearly stopped Carth and Revan on the Unknown World of the Rakata, but they were able to drive her off. Later, at the Star Forge, Bastila confronted her former friends, but was unable to defeat them in combat. The Jedi among them managed to turn her away from the Dark Side. She returned to the Jedi Code, and helped the Jedi defeat Darth Malak and control the Star Forge. Bastila Shan was voiced by Jennifer Hale for the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. (SWI67, KOTOR, SWDB)

Shan, Deena
this young woman joined the Alliance shortly after the Battle of Yavin, choosing a life of possible adventure over motherhood or a boring job. She was based on Etti IV, working aboard the Kalla's Stanchion as a supplies and requisitions agent. She had hoped to meet Han Solo, but was frustrated by his growing attraction to Leia Organa. She found herself flying aboard the Millennium Falcon when the Kalla's Stanchion was attacked by Imperial forces, and Han was forced to transport Leia to a meeting on Aguarl III. Their first jump into hyperspace went as planned, taking them to a remote corner of the galaxy. However, a distress call forced them to break off the rest of the jump. They found the remains of a ship that crashed on an uncharted planet, but the crew had been consumed by the native wildlife. Han and Chewbacca almost met the same fate, but Leia and Deena managed to reach them in time to blast them free. It was in the quiet time following the battle that Deena realized she had joined the Alliance for the wrong reasons. Instead of searching for her own future, Deena resolved to work harder at ensuring a better future for the rest of the galaxy. She was part of the "command crew" that was assigned to pose as Imperial officers aboard the Nuna's Twins during the Alliance's attempt to infiltrate the labor colony on Kalist VI. Shan pretended to be a science officer, assigned to the Nuna's Twins to investigate fuel consumption at various Imperial outposts. Her backstory, as well as her good looks, caught the attention of Imperial Captain Roshuir, who agreed to work with her to locate the Alliance forces that abmushed the Nuna's Twins. (SWEAT, SWEWW)

Shan, Helena
this woman was Bastila Shan's mother. During the height of the Great Sith War, Helena found herself stranded on Tatooine, during her search for daughter. Bastila and a group of other Jedi traveled to Tatooine to verify her story, and Bastila was surprised to find that Helena was actually her mother. They got into a huge argument over Bastila's loyalty to the Jedi Order, and Bastila turned her back on Helena. However, she realized that her mother was her only surviving family member, and returned to patch things up. Helena then revealed that Bastila's father had hidden a holocron in the desert, and allowed Bastila to recover it. (KOTOR)

Shan, Zavol
this was one of the many tourists who traveled to the planet Manaan during the height of the New Order, only to discover that the "luxury resort" was actually a polluted environment which was being destroyed by industrialization. (PH)

a female Mistryl guard working for Mara Jade. She was killed when Tol Sivron took the Death Star prototype from the Maw Installation and attacked Kessel. A shot from the station's superlaser caught her ship and destroyed it. (COTF)

Shand Essil
this was a noted individual from Koorivan history. (UANT)

this young Twi'leki female sought passage off Ryloth, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Her clan objected to her departure, and imprisoned her to keep her from leaving Ryloth. Mal'aa and a young Twi'lek named Halno'an helped a team of mercenaries infiltrate the Dira clan warrens and liberate Shan'dira. (PSPG)

this metropolitan area was located on the planet Lirra. (SWJ12)

Shandor Squadron
this Alliance starfighter squadron assisted a team of Onderonian rebels in destroying the Empire's Jyrenne Base, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (SWJ10)

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