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Silent Blades
this group of pirates was eventually wiped out by Captain Kenit and the Far Orbit, but took out a full squadron of Imperial starfighters and caused considerable damage to the Far Orbit before succumbing. The survivors eventually formed the Tarnished Blades. (FOP)

Silent Meditation
this was a relaxation technique practiced by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic. Most students learned the technique by the time they were five standard years old. (YDR)

Silent Voices, The
this was the term used by the Anzati race to describe the unusual auroral lights that were often seen in the skies of their homeworld of Anzat. Many Anzati claimed that the lights had voices, and could communicate with them in their minds. The Anzati did little to dispel these stories as myths of urban legends, since stories of the Silent Voices originated in the earliest recorded history of their race. The original Anzati believed that the Silent Voices were the disembodied spirits of their dead, and formed a vast collection known as the Sea of Memory. It was this Sea of Memory that later became associated with the idea of "soup". (RT)

Silent Water
a Mon Calamari cruiser commanded by Adar Tallon as the flagship of his Alliance fleet. (RC)

Silent, The
this mysterious group of veiled individuals began showing up in hospitals and medical facilities throughout the galaxy during the height of the Clone Wars. Their mission - which was communicated in writing and never spoken, thus the name of the group - was to assist doctors and surgeons in healing their patients simply by means of their presence. Members of The Silent always wore an identity-concealing osmotic veil when in the presence of the sick or injured, ostensibly to prevent transference of contagions. They never spoke, not even to each other, and took their meals in a private location. It was unknown how The Silent drew their strange power, but the evidence in their favor was startling. Those operating rooms and hospitals in which a member of The Silent was working experienced higher recovery rates than non-staffed facilities. Many believed that The Silent drew upon the Force, although the Jedi Order claimed no relation to The Silent. (MBS)

Silerian Stall
this starfighter maneuver requires a pilot to stall his ship's forward progress, causing pursuers to shoot past and in front of his ship. The pilot can then fire on them, rather than be fired upon by them. (XWWP)

this is the first planet in the Veron System, and it has a radical axial tilt. This causes wild and violent seasonal changes. The plants and animals found on the planet have developed distinct cycles that coincide with the seasons. Sileron had two moons. (PG1)

this drug, developed on the planet Tatooine, was used to kill nuisance creatures and pests that dug into hydroponics and destroyed the meager crops of moisture farmers. (MC63)

native to the planet Kamur, this family of creatures consumed rocks as part of their diet. (COG)

this species of aliens was made of living stone, and was distinguished by their craggy faces and wide mouths. They were humanoid in shape, but had a third arm protruding from the center of their chests. To other species, individuals were indistinguishable. The Silika had many deep-rooted traditions, including using the same initials for children in a specific family unit, which seemed inane but were nonetheless treated with the utmost respect. (SWJ1)

Silika Water
a highly-potent alcoholic distillation created by the Silika race. (SWJ1)

Silken Asteroid Field
this asteroid field was located in the Outer Rim Territories, on the boundary with Wild Space. (GB)

this unicorn was native to the Forest Moon of Endor. It often pretended to be a loving, caring creature, in an effort to gain the confidence of its victims. Then, Silky would rob them of their most valuable possessions. (ECAR)

this name was given to female Zabrak, and meant "warm breeze". (GCG)

Sillizar, Gurion
this man spent much of his life trying to exact revenge on Doctor Evazan. Evazan killed seven members of his family by first poisoning them, then operating on them. Gurion attempted to kill Evazan in his castle laboratory, on the planet Ando, with three other brothers, but they all perished while trying to gain access to the castle. Gurion nearly killed Evazan, but he was killed in a fall from the roof of Evazan's castle. (TME, SWDB)

this weak, orange star is the central body in the Sil'Lume System, which included the planet Tol Ado and the Sil'Lume Asteroid Belt. (JH)

Sil'Lume Asteroid Belt
orbiting the star Sil'Lume, this huge asteroid field was considered fairly easy to navigate. This was because, despite a million planetoids and billions of smaller chunks of rock in the belt, there was a great deal of space between them all. The Sil'Lume Belt was incredbily wide, taking up millions of square kilometers of orbital real estate. Nearly 900,000 of the asteroids had been catalogued by their owners, and each was assigned a number and a name. The number corresponded to the order in which it was catalogued, and the name was that of the asteroid's first owner. Thus, 24 Tredway was the twenty-fourth asteroid catalogued in the Belt, and was originally owned by the Tredway family. Most of the asteroids in the Sil'Lume Belt were owned by miners and prospectors, until the Empire took control of the Belt and began taking taxes and other tariffs from the independent owners. (JH)

Silly Rabbit
this constellation of stars, which contained the Coachelle System, was located in the Mid Rim. It was visible from the Oseon System. (LCF, GMR4)

Silman Eel
an aquatic creature native to Yavin 4. (EVC)

it was rumored that Grand Admiral Peccati Syn renamed his flagship from Fi to Silooth, although New Republic records never indicated that this was true. (OWS)

this normally docile creature, no larger than a womp rat, was altered by the ancient Sith alchemists to become a huge, ferocious predator. Its eight legs were strengthened and given huge talons, and its skin was altered to become covered with chitinous, armor plates. Its huge jaws gnashed as it moved, biting and consuming anything in its path. Although these creatures had excellent night-vision, the average silooth could only see things within ten meters of its location. Once it located prey, however, the silooth attacked furiously, and could actually spit acid in a wide spray in an effort to bring down its prey. This acid is stored within the creature in two separate sacs, and was inert until mixed and expelled. (DSSB)

this burrowing creature lived in huge colonies beneath the surface of the planet Nelvaan. They preferred to establish their colonies within the root system of large trees, which offered them easy access to nutrients as well as protection. However, siltcrawlers were the favored prey of the horax, which used the large horns on its snout to unroot trees and expose the colony. A single horax could consume an entire siltcrawler colony in a single meal. (SWDB)

this was a common name among Quarren females. It meant "quiet". (GCG)

Siluria III
this planet was subjugated by the Empire, until Kaiya Adrimetrum rallied the inhabitants against the Imperial forces and deposed the local Governor, Quannith. (DARK, GG9)

Silurian Rodents
filthy rodents who live in dank cave connected by tunnels. (GG9)

this immense, claw-handed, Force-sensitive alien made a name for himself on a remote world, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo, as a gladiator. He fought only those beings who could use the Force against him, earning his credits by killing others with the assistance of the Force. In order to ensure his own victories, Silus fought in an arena that was surrounded by a nullifier field that rendered most energy weapons useless. The disturbance in the Force caused by Silus' activities attracted the attention of Darth Sidious, who felt that Silus was a possible threat to his plans. Sidious dispatched his young apprentice, Darth Maul, to eliminate Silus, although the message he sent with Darth Maul indicated that Silus could become an apprentice if he could eliminate Darth Maul. Fearing for his own life, Darth Maul used the Force to overload the nullifier field, then proceeded to execute Silus with several slashes of his double-bladed lightsaber. Darth Sidious was more than pleased, as Darth Maul's actions proved that he was capable of taking on more important missions. (T24)

an Alliance shuttle group destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Silver Antz
this was the most advanced species of antz that were native to the planet Kubindi, having achieved a primitive level of sentience without intervention from the Kubaz. These bipedal creatures were a warlike race that protected its territory with simple clubs and axes. It was believed that the population of Silver Antz on Kubindi numbered in the tens of thousands. Entire armies of Silver Antz moved through the forests within their territory, harvesting fungus, roots, and other insects for sustenance. (MIS6)

Silver Arch Hotel and Casino
one of the Outer Rim's most popular resort locations. (GG9)

Silver Bolt
Erisson Flask's starship. (RC, TM)

Silver Bull
this Imperial container transport was assigned to the SpecWar manufacturing facility. (TIE)

Silver Claw
this was the name of Gchalla's personal starship. (PSPG)

Silver Cratsch
this modified YT-2400 starship was owned by Bix Arden-Govia. (GORW)

Silver Egg
this was the name of Nandreeson's personal starship. (TNR)

Silver Falcon
this was the general name for V'Jar Technologies' V'Jar be' Mun De' B'Den rotorcraft. (GSE)

Silver Flow
the name given to the period of Alderaanian spring when the millions of glimmerfish eggs hatch. The abundance of tiny silver fish flooded the waterways, creating a flashing, silver flow. The Silver Flow was held as a planet-wide holiday on Alderaan, signifying the wonderful rebirth of life each spring. (ISU)

Silver Foil
this thin cable is a common connector found on swoops. (CFG)

Silver Forest of Dreams
located on the planet Kubindi, this forest was filled with giant trees which produced huge, 20-meter-wide leaves. When the leaves fell in autumn, they floated to the ground like giant rafts. Much of the forest was considered the territory of the native ghost spydrs, and any being walking through the forest had to be constantly aware of webs and trip-wires. The forest was named for silver wood of the trees, many of which stood more than a kilometer in height; and mists that shrouded the forests and limited visiblity. When viewed from above, the Silver Forest of Dreams appeared to be a field of huge shards of cut glass that were covered with the soft mists. There were rumors and stories of the Silver Forest of Dreams being a place where the Dark Side of the Force was concentrated. (RF, MIS6)

Silver Fur
this was the codename of the Alliance's chief undercover agent on Bespin's Cloud City, during the period between the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor. An aging Bothan, Silver Fur was one of the agents charged with helping refugees of the Empire's occupation of Cloud City to the safeworld of Kaliska. Silver Fur was killed when Jodo Kast opened fire on the Alliance agents, hitting the Bothan square in the chest with a small missile. (GMR3)

Silver Koanwood
this exotic tree is found on very few worlds. A stand of them is maintained in the Lonatran Gardens. (SWJ8)

Silver One
this was Loh'khar's nickname for Platt Okeefe. (SWJ6)

Silver Sea
found on the planet Chandrila, this body of water was located near Mon Mothma's childhood home. Her mother was the governor of a port city along its coast, and she later redecorated her rooms on Coruscant to inspire her memories of the place. (KT)

Silver Speeder
a sleek racing landspeeder owned by Boba Fett, it was equipped with cutting lasers, harpoons, and a chainsaw shredder. (DCAR)

Silver Star
a luxury liner operative during the Galactic Civil War. (RPG)

Silver Station
this YsreTech Mining Outpost Station was located in a hidden position within the Doldur Sector. Located near the Dragonflower Nebula, it was originally known as Machenry Station, and was established to mine the nebula of gases. It measured 400 meters in length, and is comprised of a central tube surrounded by interconnected cylinders. After Una Poot and her second husband renamed it to Silver Station, it became a secret base of operations for Alliance activity occurring in the Doldur Sector. (SWJ6)

Silver Unifir
this is the official title given to the brotherhood of the Pedducian Warlords. (POT)

Silver Zephyr
this starship was based out of Nar Shaddaa, during the years following the Jedi Civil War. (KOTOR2)

Silver-backed Fish
a species of fish native to the moon Yavin 8. They are consumed by adult Melodies. (LW)

this was the Yuuzhan Vong's name for Corran Horn. (DTR)

Silverblade Squadron
this Alliance X-Wing squadron was based out of outpost DVL-181, on the planet Aracara. (HAS)

Silver-class Engine
see Type 7 Hyperdrive (RP)

Silver-class Starship
this class of starship used Type 7 hyperdrives, which were specially designed for it by Haor Chall. (RP)

this was the nickname given to H-9PO. (SWJ11)

this tree, native to the planet Cularin, was noted for its tightly-grained wood. This wood was used to carve all manner of objects, including unique blaster handles. (LFCW)

this was another name for the C'Oon Bel of Goroth Prime. (GSE)

Silver-nape Beetle
this flying insect, named for the silver color at the base of its head, was native to the planet Dagobah. Silver-nape beetles often burrowed into gnarltrees to make their homes. (IWST)

this was one of the most exquisite metals that could be created from pure silver. It was often used in the formation of dessert trays and tea sets. (DN1)

this was the name used by Han Solo to describe the primary droid which served the masters of the Nova Prince. It resembled a beefed-up version of the basic Treadwell platform, with a large dome in place of the manipulator arms. (LTA2)

SilverWing Squadron
designated 20/181, this was one of two starfighter squadrons commanded by Vel Terno and assigned to protect space station 2LC/Blue during the Galactic Civil War. (FOP)

this tree grows in the forests of the planet Kubindi. The silverwood is named for its highly reflective bark. The bark is not mirror-like in its reflectivity, but it does seem to glow with reflected light. (SWJ10)

Silvestri Trace
this remote branch of the Rimma Trade Route connected the Rimma to the Inner and Outer Zuma regions of the galaxy. However, the connection was tenuous at best, and even the Empire's formation of the Sanctuary Pipeline did little to ensure safe passage to planets such as Endor. (GMR9)

Silvu Donte
this Advozse was a member of the powerful Zorzsin family, and represented his homeworld of Riflor to the Galactic Senate, during the last years of the Old Republic. (GMR4)

Silvuit Corporation
this subcontaractor of Sienar Fleet Systems was used in the design of the Lambda-class shuttle. They emerged from obscurity after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn to produce the Svelte-class shuttle and the Vibre-class cruiser. (JASB, SOG)

see Systems Infiltration Manager (GOF10)

Sim, Balthazar
this noted smuggler and mercenary was known for his ability to cover up his tracks. During the height of the New Order, Sim was hired by the Imperial financers of Aucellis Park to clean up the mess which occurred when a shipment of the drug known as "pleaz-mo" was stolen and planted in the food and beverages of a dinner party. Unfortunately for both parties, Sim was caught on a security tape, and found himself pursued by his old rival, Evin Telbre. Several years earlier, Sim was implicated in the death of one of Telbre's friends on Coruscant, as part of his activities to cover up a conspiracy. Sim evaded capture, although Telbre continued to follow his activities. When Sim stole a crystalline corsage from a victim, he failed to realize that the corsage contained a tracking device which was designed to locate its original owner. Telbre learned of the theft, and used the corsage's transmissions to locate Sim while he was en route to Keriba VI. A group of agents, assisting Telbre, located Sim and his commander, Hoogi Grym, beneath the Cavern's Delight ride at Aucellis Park, sparking a wild chase through the attraction and the Imperial facility beneath it. Grym used lies and deceit to enable a hasty escape, leaving Sim behind to be captured. In order to gain a measure of revenge, Sim agreed to tell Telbre and his associates about the true nature of Aucellis Park. (WOA27)

this specialty manufacturer produced several models of personal shielding systems, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GFT)

this was the name of the first settlement established on the abandoned world of Simpla-12, after the planet had been strip-mined by the Old Republic. No other settlement had ever been established, and Sim-First simply spread out from its center and eventually covered a great deal of the planet. (EVE)

Simik System
this area of the galaxy was controlled by the Empire during the height of the alactic Civil War. (AIR)

Simito, Siro
this charismatic man was born into the Vallaido pirate clan, and spent much of his childhood manning turbolasers on pirate vessels. When he was forced to kill four of Gorbu Dalo's henchmen during a boarding exercise, he began to rethink his involvement with the pirate group. He retired from active duty, and was soon employed by Pann Tefilous as a starship racer. He excelled as a racer, and remained neutral as the Galactic Civil War spread through the Outer Rim Territories. He was forced to change his stance when Yearo Seville and his gang allied themselves with the Empire and used Imperial warships to destroy the Vallaido fleet. Simito allied himself with the Alliance and offered his services as a courier. His skills as a racer, and his fast ship - the Axe - allowed him to take sidetrips during a race, in order to make his drops and still finish at the top of the leaderboard. (CRO)

Simiyiar-class Light Freighter
produced by the Mon Calamari shipyards, this 26.3-meter freighter was built to transport up to 150 metric tons of cargo and eight passengers, with just a single pilot controlling the ship's functions. (AIR)

this woman was one of the many Jedi Masters who served as Generals in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. She and her Padawan, Noirah Na, accompanied Jedi Master Kai Hudorra to Toola, to secure the Republic's position on the planet. However, when the command to execute Order 66 was given, Master Simms sacrificed her life so that the other Jedi could escape. (RIU)

Simms, Merrick
this young starfighter pilot served the Alliance at Dantooine, in the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. A disciplined and controlled pilot, he successfully led Alliance forces in a victory against the Empire about a year before the destruction of the first Death Star. This victory earned him the rank of Captain. (RA)

this Ingoian created Guri from the plans stolen from the Alliance's Project Decoy. A noted leader in the field of automatons, Simonelle used the nine million credits he received for Guri to create a replica droid of himself, in order to avoid Xizor's plans to ensure Guri's uniqueness. Simonelle's planning paid off, for Xizor later sent Guri to dispatch him. She effectively killed the replica droid, and Simonelle fled to an hiding. (SSE, SESB)

this man served as helmsman on the bridge crew of the Errant Venture, during the raid on the Imperial Ubiqtorate base at Yaga Minor. Led by Garm Bel Iblis, the raid was designed to obtain a copy of the Caamas Document. (VOF)

a desert region located on the forest moon of Endor, it is the home of the phlogs. (ECAR)

a remote planet, Simpla-12 was considered one of the most notoriously criminal planets in the galaxy. The planet had been strip-mined of its natural resources and abandoned by the Old Republic, and eventually became a haven for outcasts and smugglers. Over time, a thriving black market community evolved. Simpla-12 orbited a weak sun, and it was continually shrouded by dense cloud cover. (DH, EVE)

Simple Home
these buildings were used by the Zanazi of the Cosmic Balance religion as places where a Child of the Bowl could live and work in their faith. Led by Home Mothers and Fathers, every member of a Simple Home had specific duties to perform, but they were denied the simplest of pleasures. Each member of the Home had to regularly deny themselves of some necessity in order to cleanse their spirits. Thus, the Simple Homes of Bakura stood in opposition to - and in balance with - the more luxurious accommodations of the Zanazi and the Child of the Feather from each family. (TBSB, GORW)

Simpson, Mason
this noted mathemetician was a professor at the Salis D'arr Academy. In the aftermath of the Battle of Bakura, Simpson was consulted by the New Republic to investigate the Ssi-ruuk's mathematics. Simpson and his team discovered that the Ssi-ruuk once used a system based on the number twelve, ostensibly because they had a total of twelve digits on their hands and feet. However, Simpson's team learned that the Ssi-ruuvi computers were base-10. Simpson concluded that the Ssi-ruuk simply got lazy, and simply adopted technology from the greater galaxy. (TBSB)

Simran Hit-trap
this device is used to screen visitors to a building or room. It is used to detect the presence of weapons and explosives. (MJEH)

Sims, Tigor
this man was a member of the Alliance's intelligence agency during the years following the Battle of Yavin. He suddenly disappeared while en route to the command base aboard Home One, during a mission to recover datafiles on the reconstruction efforts being taken by the Imperial military to rebuilt itself after the destruction of the first Death Star. His ship crashlanded on Granus IV, and a team was sent to recover the datafiles. (RESB)

this is military slang for the software which gets loaded into a flight simulator. It defines the mission, the opponent's strength and configuration, and the the artificial intelligence necessary to similate the opponent's actions. (XWES)

this was a brand of specialized form of wallscreen, which could be programmed to display a wide range of backdrops for a room. Simula-Screens were popular in casinos and rstaurants during the height of the New Order, allowing the owners to change their décor quickly and regularly, in order to maintain interest with their customers. (MC20)

this was a specialized form of ammunition that was created for the training of the clone troopers produced on Kamino for the Grand Army of the Republic. Combat instructors were forced to recognize that they had just a few years to get the clones ready for combat, and took advantage of technology whenever possible. Simunition was essentially pretend ammunition, so it wouldn't permanently harm any individual it hit. However, it delivered a nasty hurt when it struck, so that a clone knew when it was hit. By using simunition, combat instructors trained the clones to shoot their weapons instinctively, rather than by relying on targeting technology. (RCHC)

this ancient Sith Lord was one of the most powerful of his era. He trained the Sith magician Naga Sadow while in his prime. However, he was defeated in battle by Marka Ragnos and fated to die. Simus had other plans, and used the Dark Side magic of the Sith to preserve himself. His head was encased in a specialized, crystalline container, and he existed this way for another century before Ragnos died. When Ludo Kressh and Sadow began fighting over the rulership of the Sith Empire, it was Simus who urged Kreshh to consider the possibility that Jori and Gav Daragon were truly hyperspace mappers, and not advanced scouts for the Old Republic. When Kressh refused, Simus gave his support to his former student, Naga Sadow. This trust proved to be short-lived, for Sadow had Simus killed as part of the deception surrounding his plans to become the Dark Lord of the Sith. (GAS)

Simus Minor
this star was the central body of the Simus Minor System, located in the Outer Rim Territories beyond the Tion Hegemony. (WOA32)

Simus Minor Belt
this asteroid belt marked the outer edge of the Simus Minor System, orbiting Simus Minor beyond the path of Muskree. (WOA32)

Simus Minor I
this barren, rocky world was the innermost planet of the Simus Minor System. (WOA32)

Simus Minor II
this planet was the second world of the Simus Minor System. (WOA32)

a point-to-point hyperspace connection, these pathways - in conjunction with S-threads - were used to connect the various star systems linked via the HoloNet. (ISB)

Sin Shai
this was a noted member of the Nagai race. (UANT)

Sin Suub
this Sullustan was one of the chairbeings of SoroSuub Corporation, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. (AIR)

this ball of searing rock was the innermost planet of the Bacrana System. (FBS)

Sinan Mat
this Yuuzhan Vong warrior was part of the group which was dispatched to Yavin 4 to capture the students at the Jedi praxeum. A Field Commander in the military, Sinan Mat was able to discover Anakin Skywalker's whereabouts, after the young Jedi escaped from the training complex. However, Anakin's control of the Force allowed him to call down a swarm of piranha-beetles on Sinan Mat, who was unable to repel the attack. The beetles tore the flesh from his bones, and Sinan Mat was eaten alive. (EVC)

this was the name given to the gullet-stones which were coughed up by Vashan bodhis, as part of an unusual religious ceremony that took place at Inicus Mont, on the moon of Mina, every mid-winter. The bodhis of Mina coughed up the polished stones from their six antestomachs, spraying them around the base of Inicus Mont. Vashan pilgrims then rushed to acquire the sin-bullets, an event that often led to fighting. However, it was believed that any Vashan who consumed a sin-bullet and crushed it in their true stomach would be absolved of any sins they had made during the previous year. Thus, the pilgrimage to Mina was a highly religious and spiritual event for the Vashan people. (GMR9)

General Crix Masst was assassinated by Morteos on this planet. (WBC)

Sinewy Ana Blue
this smuggler plied the trade from a base in the Smuggler's Run. She earned her nickname from the blue replacement tooth she wore. She is an old acquaintence of Han Solo, having dealt a number of sabacc matches in which Solo won a great deal of credits. She always thought he was lucky, but couldn't ever link up with him. Eventually, as the Empire crumbled and the Hutts lost control of the Run, Ana went to work for the Glottalphib crimelord Nandreeson. She worked with Zeen Afit, Kid DXo'la, and the Wookiee Wynni, and was secretly in love with the rogue Davis. She met up with Solo once again when he came to the Run to investigate Jarril's death. Like her colleagues, she pretended to befriend Solo in an effort to bring him to Nandreeson. However, her conscience got the best of her, and she helped Han rescue Lando Calrissian from Nandreeson. Her life took a rough turn, though, when stolen droids - meant to be on Coruscant as part of Dolph's plans - exploded all over the Run. Ana was injured, but Davis was killed in the explosion. (TNR)

Sing, Advisors, Sing!
this was one of the trivial, pro-Imperial dramas produced by Ahric Korownosek and the NovaCluster Players, during the height of the New Order. (SS)

Sing, Necil
this dark-skinned woman, distinguished by the jeweled veil she wore across her face, was a regular patron of Coruscant's Outlander Club during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. (SWI75)

this unusual tree grows on the planet Di'wor. When it pollinates, the tree gives off a strange song as an attractant. The annual pollination atrracts tourists from around the galaxy. The tree itself produces a tasty fruit. (SOP)

Singing Lamp
this was a form of functional art which was created by the Jumerian race. (AFA)

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