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Swimming Crab
this species of crustacean was native to the moon Yavin 4. (GG2)

Swimming People of Dellalt
this race of aquatic sauropteroids was native to the planet Dellalt. Known as Sauropteroids or simply Swimmers, the Swimming People inhabited the planet's lakes and oceans. They were large creatures, attaining lengths of ten to fifteen meters. They had small heads atop long, muscular necks. They had blowholes instead of nostrils on top of their heads for breathing, and their mouths were filled with pointed teeth that were used to catch fish and other food. These teeth were also useful in battle. They had paddle-like flippers for locomotion, and short, heavy tails for steering and stability. They communicated in a form of speech not unlike Standard, using their mouths to form words. Their eyes were protected by nictitating membranes. The colors of their hides ranged from light gray to green and black. The swimming People were very territorial, and developed a set of Laws to govern their lives. These Laws had provisions for the other races native to Dellalt, since the Swimming People regularly interacted with the human Dellaltians. (HSL)

this was the common name for the Dug b'hedda. (UANT)

this was another name for the Rughja style of music. (HT)

Swinging Screecher
this arboreal creature was native to the planet Kirtania. (SWJ1)

Swinif Organization
this bounty hunting organization was obscure at its height, during the last years of the Old Republic. (AIR)

this female name was common among the Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names. (GCG)

Swirl Prong
this herding mammal was native to the Forest Moon of Endor, although xenobiologists believed that it was probably bio-engineered off-planet and later introduced to Endor. (GQRG)

according to Skakoan legend, the Swirlbies were believed to have a certain mystical power that could be tapped, if an individual supplicant was worthy of their audience. (VIS)

Swirling Vortex
this cantina, located on the Vydat Stardock space station near Duro, was owned by Elav Feen, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GMR2)

this Mashi Horansi was an Alliance operative who was believed to have deserted his post and returned to Mutanda. A team of Alliance agents discovered that Sw'isi was still loyal to the Alliance, and had returned to Mutanda to gather additional support for the Alliance. The agent who tipped off Alliance Command was discovered to be an undercover Imperial spy who was searching for Sw'isi after the Horansi led several successful raids in the Killaniri System. (PG1)

an Alliance modular container group destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

one of the four continents discovered on Yavin 4 by Lile Gorsek and the Fernandin Scouting Operation. (GG2)

this was the native language of the Swokes Swokes race. (WOTC, GORW)

Swoken Spaceport
this was the primary spaceport found on the planet Makem Te. It was located in the city of Thousand Thousand. (GORW)

Swokes Swokes
native to the planet Makem Te, this pasty-skinned alien race was distinguished by its portly body and loose, pallid skin. The head of a Swokes Swokes was conical in shape, with a crown of horns on the brow and another set of horns at the point. The wide mouth of the Swokes Swokes was dominated by large, fang-like upper teeth, and sat below a small nose and two bulbous eyes. The nervous system of an individual Swokes Swokes was more similar to that of a flatworm than to most other humanoid races, and they had the ability to regenerate lost limbs if necessary. This gave them a certain bravado on the battlefield, where Swokes Swokes were known to be fanatical in their attacks. The Swokes Swokes were remarkable in their adaptations to their homeworld, although they were not technologically advanced. Their cities were delicate structures built from cast iron, giving them an underlying strength despite their appearance. Most Swokes Swokes transportation was in the form of domesticated schingas. One interesting aspect of the Swokes Swokes civilization was their use of gemstones to indicate power. Rather than displaying them on pieces of jewelry, most Swokes Swokes had gemstones implanted in their bodies near vital organs as a form of status symbol. (YJC1, WOTC, GORW)

this was the generic term used to describe any small repulsorcraft larger than a speederbike, which was highly maneuverable, and was often used as a racing vehicle. The swoop was basically an overpowered respulsorlift engine pod with handlebars. It has a pair of landing skids mounted on its bottom, and a control panel attached to the handlebars. Gangs often use swoops because of their speed and compact design. Han Solo once raced swoops for a living. The basic swoop offered no protection for the rider, and were capable of speeds in excess of 600 kilometers an hour. Some swoops were modified for military use after the success of speeder bikes at Endor. Note that The New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels claims that swoops had been in production across the galaxy for hundreds of thousands of years. (HSR, DFR, SWSB, EGV, SWI64, NEGV)

Swoop Sled
this form of repulsorsled is extremely fast and maneuverable, and is armed with a single laser cannon. (SWJ9)

a form of swoop racing, a swoopchase involved negotiating a swoop through an obstacle course. The course consisted of five or more gravity obstacles which pushed or pulled the swoop away from the course. Often, the obstacles involved dangerous consequences for the racers. It was generally accepted that swoopchasing originated on the planet Omman, the brainchild of bored farmers. Over the decades, as the sport became more and more popular, races became sanctioned and league formed to govern the sport. Three of the most prominent courses were located on Socorro, Redcap, and Najiba, and any rider to win all three in succession was guaranteed a place in history. A fourth course on par with these was developed on Neftali. Minor racecourses, used in qualifying heats, were located on Omman, Tatooine, and Garos IV. (BSS)

see Nebulon-S Swoop Racer (DFRSB)

this form of modified speederbike was used on many backwater planets as a hired transport. A driver could be hired to drive one to four individuals and their belongings to a close-by location. (CCW)

Swo-O'Rim Circuit
this was one of the most popular, professional swoop racing circuits active during the last years of the Old Republic. (HNN5)

a Ripoblus assault shuttle operative during the Sepan Civil War. (TIE)

Sword of Honor
this was the quasi-religious symbol of the Kentra and their social structure. In reality, the Sword of Honor was the ancient lightsaber of Michael Tandre. It was said that, when the Sword of Honor was restored to working order, the second age of the Kentra would begin, "with new allies…" (SWJ2)

Sword of the Jedi
this was the name used by Luke Skywalker to describe Jaina Solo, when it was announced that she had attained the level of Jedi Knight. In Master Skywalker's words, Jaina was to be "…a burning brand to your enemies, a brilliant fire to your friends." She found that this appellation was more work to maintain than she believed, as the war against the Yuuzhan Vong wore her down and distanced her from her friends and family. (Y, DW)

Sword, Plow, and Spirit
this was the name given to the set of religious beliefs taught to the Kentra by Michael Tandre. The sword represents warfare, the plow represented agriculture, and the spirit represented moral integrity. (SWJ2)

Swori Mdimu
this Etti was the Captain of the Tinmolok, when the freighter was captured by Han Solo, shortly after the Battle of Duro. Although initially reluctant to do so, Captain Mdimu eventually revealed that the Tinmolok was transporting amphistaffs to the Peace Brigade. Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo, allowed Mdimu and his crew to escape the ship in escape pods, before the ship and its cargo were confiscated. (EVR)

this Trogodile was one of the many gladiators who tried to win their freedom from the arenas of Rattatak, during the final years of the Old Republic. (CWSB)

SX-14 Field Hover-Ute
manufactured by Mobquet, this squat vehicle was a utility vehicle designed to haul cargoes in virtually any environment. Known as a Hover-Ute, the SX-14 had a blunt nose that was formed around a pilot's console, and a flat bed that could accommodate a variety of cargoes. (IWST)

this Corporate Sector Authority patrol skimmmer was a small, two-person, light combat craft. It measured 4.7 meters in length, and was armed with a single laser cannon. (CSA)

Sy Myrth
this planet was the homeworld Sy Myrthian race. The planet, at the advice of its Senator, Toonbuck Toora, seceded from the Old Republic shortly after Ando announced its own secession, shortly befor ethe onset of the Clone Wars. (SWDB, HNN4)

Sy Myrthian
this roughly humanoid species was native to the planet Sy Myrth. The average Sy Myrthian was covered with thick fur, and had a stocky build. (HNN4)

Sy Snootles
a Pa'lowick singer with a long snout and skinny legs, Sy Snootles was known as one of the best jizz-wailers in the galaxy when she was employed by Evar Orbus. She disliked Orbus' brusque style, but knew that he was an excellent singer and musician. When Orbus was killed on Tatooine just prior to the Battle of Yavin, she suggested to her band-mates that they continue as a trio. She helped rename the Kitonak Snit, giving him the name Droopy McCool, and allowed Max Rebo to become the leader of the band. However, when Max agreed to play for Jabba the Hutt in return for all the food he could eat, she became angry. After arriving at Jabba's palace, Sy was approached by a number of parties to act as a spy against Jabba. She agreed to work for Lady Valarian, but was continually fed false information by Bib Fortuna. When Jabba was killed near the Sarlacc pit, Sy and the band jumped off the sail barge before it was destroyed, and fled into the desert. Following the death of Jabba and the disappearance of Droopy, Sy and Max decided to play for Lady Valarian as the Max Rebo Duo. Their partnership didn't last long, as Sy struck out on her own. However, her career quickly floundered, and she was reduced to touring backwater planets under a number of aliases. Working as Lips Teenek, she was approached by Quilsen and offered her first taste of phetaril spice. She quickly became addicted, and spent much of the rest of her life in a drug-induced stupor. (ROTJ, TJP, CCG9, SWI67)

this Charon was one of the many members of the splinter group known as the Cult of Light. (UANT)

this young, female Jazbinan was the daughter of Lord Prepredenko. She was also a member of the Alliance-supporting rebel cell on the planet Jazbina. She and her followers had hoped to convince her father to switch his allegiance to the Alliance, but he refused. Syayna was forced to go underground. When Luke Skywalker arrived on Jazbina on a diplomatic mission, Prepredenko tricked him into "rescuing" Syayna from a group of kidnappers. In reality, Prepredenko used Luke to discover the location of Syayna's rebel cell and arrest its members. Syayna was placed under house arrest and shackled in her rooms at the palace. Syayna pretended to want Luke dead as badly as Prepredenko, and he released her long enough for her to kill Luke. However, Syayna set the blaster to stun and knocked Luke out, then told her father that she would bring Luke's body up to the audience chamber. Instead, she spirited Luke away from the palace and brought him to her cell's hideout. However, they were discovered by Jal Te Gniev and Darth Vader at the same time. Syayna refused to turn over Luke, and in the face of a warehouse full of Jazbinan rebels, Vader elected to leave the planet. She and Raol then decided to dedicate their lives to each other. (VQ)

this was one of the many smalltime crimelords who operated from a base on the planet Brentaal, during the height of the New Order. He spent a good deal of credits and resources oin an attempt to control the underworld activities at the Votrad Independent Downport. (WOTC)

this was a noted creator of gowns and eveningwear for female beings throughout the galaxy, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (VD2)

a shape-shifting mind-witch encountered by Luke Skywalker and Han Solo just after the Battle of Yavin. She attached herself to Luke, claiming to want his protection from Imperial forces. In an effort to win Luke's confidence, she made herself resemble Tanith Shire, who was still in Luke's thoughts. When she was finally able to draw Luke into her lair and control him, she reverted back to her true form: an ugly old hag. Luke was able to fight through her spell, and tried to escape. S'ybll then projected an image of Darth Vader to battle Luke, but he saw through the illusion and broke her spell. She then tried to use telekinetic powers to physically destroy Luke, but expended all her energies and died before she could rejuvenate herself. (CSW)

Sycophant Jolly
one of the many aliases of the Hoopster's Prank. (SOP)

this ancient witch was a native of the planet Necropolis, who claimed she could bring the dead back to life. When the ancient natives of Necropolis believed she was a fake, they killed her own son and demanded that she bring him back to life as proof. Sycorax died of a broken heart, but not before she leveled a curse on the planet's inhabitants. The Curse of Sycorax states that, should the natives of Necropolis ever ignore their dead, the dead would rise up and take control of the planet. Sycorax and her son were supposedly buried in the Crypt of the Ancients. It was later revealed that her corpse was nothing more than rotting bones, and that she had no power to reach beyond the grave. (GOF2)

Sydon Vehicle Works
this small starship manufacturer created the MRX-BR scout ship. (GG6)

Sygor Startech Industries
this powerful corporation was discovered to be the originator of the Event Horizon starfighter engine design. (LAA)

this Yuuzhan Vong warrior held the rank of Subaltern during the occupation of the planet Selvaris, some four years after the Yuuzhan Vong began their invasion of the galaxy. S'yito was unusual among the warriors stationed on Selvaris in that he could speak and understand the Basic language, a skill that made him the primary liaison between the Yuuzhan Vong and the prisoners of war who were incarcerated on Selvaris. (UF)

this man was the Imperial Governor of Celanon during the height of the New Order. He also served as an executive on the board of the Nalroni Merchant Council. (PG1, ND)

Sykes, Gavyn
this man was a Lieutenant in the Naboo Royal Security Force at the time of the Trade Federation's blockade of the Naboo System. Gavyn was a noted pilot and infiltrator, having spent his youth flying local transports and playing in the hidden tunnels of Theed. He performed a number of dangerous reconnaissance and attack missions for the Naboo, leading up to and including the Battle of Naboo and the destruction of the Federation's Droid Control Ship. (OWS, BFN)

this was a model of hyperdrive ring developed by TransGalMeg Industries. It was created specifically for the Aethersprite-class interceptor, and provided the equivalent of a Class 1 hyperdrive system to the small ship. (X2)

this was a model of hyperdrive ring developed by TransGalMeg Industries. It was created specifically for the Eta-2 Actis interceptor, and provided the equivalent of a Class 1 hyperdrive system to the small ship. (X3)

Sylo, Griggen
this man and his family, including his wife Tashna and seven children, was the ninth generation of farmers to work on a large farm in a remote area of the planet Dantooine, during the decades leading up to the Clone Wars. After the advent of the New Order, the Sylo family abandoned their farms and fled to an unknown world. (SWDB)

Sylo, Paxi
this young boy was the latest member in a long line of farmers who had worked a large farm in a remote area of the planet Dantooine. Paxi was the youngest of the seven children of Griggen and Tashna Sylo, and spent most of his time daydreaming about the Jedi Knights and drawing pictures of faraway places. His world changed when he was nine years old, when Paxi witnessed Mace Windu's amazing, single-handed defeat of a seismic tank during the height of the Clone Wars. After the battle, Paxi provided Mace with a drink of water before the Jedi set off again. In the following years, the Sylo farm was eventuall abandoned, and Paxi was lost in history. However, a renegade holovid that appeared during the height of the New Order - depicting Mace Windu's defeat of the seismic tank - was attributed to Paxi, on the basis that its artistic style matched some of his older drawings. (OWS, SWDB)

Sylo, Tashna
this woman was Griggen Sylo's wife, and the mother of Paxi Sylo. (SWDB)

this Aquala Aqualish owned Sylond's Speeder Rentals in Quantill City, on Ando. He was a good friend of Koral-tae. (SWJ11)

Sylond's Speeder Rentals
owned by the Aquala Aqualish Sylond, this Quantill City business rented a variety of repulsorlift vehicles to tourists and natives. (SWJ11)

an ancient Cathar Jedi, Sylvar was apprenticed to Vodo Siosk-Baas shortly before the Great Sirth War. She was in love with Crado, whom she had married for life. She was despised by Exar Kun, one of her fellow students. In a training exercise with their lightsabers, Kun tried to goad her into making mistakes. He eventually pushed Sylvar over the edge, and she clawed him across the right cheek. He nearly killed her, especially when she accused him of not being a true Jedi. During the early times of the Sith War, Sylvar pursued her lover to the Stenness System, where Crado and Oss Willum were trying to kill Master Thon. She chose to fight Crado, and considered him lost to her forever. Sylvar remained loyal to the Jedi throughout the conflict, despite the fact that they allowed Ulic Qel-Droma to live after his alliance with Exar Kun killed Crado and nearly destroyed the Jedi Knights. During the Exis Convocation ten years later, Sylvar's voice was strongest in denouncing the Jedi's lack of action against Ulic. In an effort to divert her energies, Tott Doneeta took her to Ryloth with him, during his attempt to heal the rift between the Doneeta and R'lyek clans. Sylvar, skirting with the Dark Side of the Force in her hatred of Ulic, roused the Doneeta clan into a killing frenzy and nearly brought them into a war with the R'lyek. Tott avoided the conflict, and was forced to return Sylvar to Cathar. There, she met with Kharr and went on a blood hunt to try and regain her focus. Unfortunately, she slaughtered an entire colony of kiltiks before realizing that she was falling deeper into the Dark Side. When she learned that Vima Sunrider had traveled to Rhen Var to train under Ulic, Sylvar returned to Exis Station to offer her assistance to Nomi in an effort to locate Vima. However, Nomi had already left, so Sylvar hired Hoggon to take her to Rhen Var, where she hoped to kill Ulic once and for all. She confronted him, and when Ulic refused to kill her in battle, Sylvar found she didn't have the heart to kill him either. She powered her lightsaber off, but was unprepared for Hoggon's appearance. The little man shot Ulic in the back, believing that he had killed the greatest traitor to the Jedi order. Sylvar nearly killed Hoggon for his insolence, but let him escape. (DLS, TSW, EGC, TOJR)

this young Cerean woman was the daughter of Ki-Adi-Mundi and his honor-wife, Mawin. Like many teenagers, Sylvn was troubled by her loyalty to her family and her desire to fit in with her friends. She often sided with her friends, who were demanding the import of technology, rather than with her father. However, as her boyfriend Maj-Odo-Nomor was implicated in the death of another youth at t pro-tech rally, she was thrust into an existence she couldn't condone. When Maj started showing affection to Twin, rather than Sylvn, her resolve to listen closer to her father's words deeped. Meanwhile, to protect his "investment," Ephant Mon took Maj, Twin, and Sylvn to Tatooine for safe keeping. They stowed away on a transport ship, but were sharing the ship with divvik pupae. The pupae hatched into adults, threatening them all until Ki arrived to rescue them. The Chevin used Sylvn's presence as a lure to guide Ki. (PTR)

this was the name of a free-spirited wife from Cerean mythology. (GCG)

this was a common name among Cerean females. Unlike their male counterparts, Cerean females use a single name unless they became a bond-wife. In this case, a female will take on their husband's grandfather's name for official matters. The name Sylvn referred to a free-spirited wife in Cerean mythology. (GCG)

Symatrum League
this protest group was one of the more peaceable members of the Coalition of Automaton Rights Activists. Led by Bethelia Halvala, the Symatrum League staged non-violent picket lines outside the offices and plants of droid manufacturers. (FTD)

this language was originally used thousands of years before the formation of the Old Republic. It eventually died out some 30,000 years before the Clone Wars, but remained an obscure source of research for linguists for millennia. (MBS)

this broad-fronded fungus grew in the forests of the planet Kothlis, and was often found in the upper branches of the gankto tree. This fungus survived via an odd form of photosynthesis, as well as by stealing nutrients from its host plant. Symbiospore gave off a moldt fragrance which permeated the surrounding forests. (SPG)

this beast, native to Serat, was the only known predator of the tymp. A healthy population of symers kept the population of the scavenging tymps to a minimum. Unfortunately for the Seratians, they believed that the organs and appendages of the symer contained mystical powers, and killed the predators just to obtain them. The destruction of the symer population allowed the tymps to reproduce at a prodigious rate, which eventually threatened to eliminate the supplies of roti consumed by the Seratians. (COG)

Symmetric Cloud-Vee Formation
an attack posture used by small starfighters. (HTTE)

Symon Tube
this was one of the key components in the MX9 blaster rifle. It required regular filing to ensure that it was smooth, since normal usage inevitably caused scratches during recoil. (LFCW)

this chemical was originally developed as a contact painkiller, which could be rubbed on aching muscles to soothe and relax them. Many bounty hunters discovered that concentrated symoxin could be used to render a target unconscious, and often filled small darts with it. (EGW)

this form of virtual reality simulation was popular during the last decades of the Clone Wars. The simulation allowed patrons to visit any number of remote, exotic, or popular planets without actually leaving their homeworld. The simulations contained a wide spectrum of "reality", depending on how much an individual was willing to pay for the experience. (JQ9)

a tough, synthetic fabric used to make tents. (SE)

Syn, Peccati
this Imperial Navy officer was one of the last twelve Grand Admirals. Syn grew up as a devote follower of the Sacred Way, until the Empire subjugated his homeworld and made the religion illegal. Syn decided to fill the spiritual void left in his heart by taking the New Order and its doctrines as his own ideals. He later found a new sort of religion within the Church of the Dark Side, a group which had been sanctioned by Sate Pestage. While outwardly loyal to the New Order, Syn became increasingly more dedicated to the Church of the Dark Side, and even had the Prophetess Merilli at his side when he established his holdings at Kashyyyk. He was defeated by Admiral Ackbar during the liberation of Kashyyyk when his flagship, Fi, was destroyed. (ECH, SWI66)

developed during the last years of the Old Republic, syncloth was used to create towels and athletic clothing. It was known for its absorbent properties, and could absorb large quantities of water before feeling wet. (MBS)

this corporation produced reflective body gloves that helped the wearer survive a blaster shot. (GG10)

this planet served as the Imperial capital world of Thrasybule Sector. (ND)

Syndaar Military Academy
this military prep school was the most prestigious of the Imperial-sponsored academies in Thrasybule Sector. (ND)

Syndaar Military Prep School
see Syndaar Military Academy. (ND)

this is a title of respect used on many planets throughout the galaxy. (EGC, VOF)

this was the title given to the four Chiss individuals who controlled the four ruling houses, and represented the Houses in the government on Csilla. (GMR5)

Syndic Mitth'raw'nuruodo
this was the Chiss family from which Grand Admiral Thrawn emerged during the height of the New Order. In the wake of Thrawn's death and the destruction of the Empire, the Chiss chose to ignore the fact that Syndic Mitth'raw'nuruodo even existed. However, the hiss acknowledged that House Nuruodo remained in command of the military. (DJ)

this large, criminal organization took control of the planet Phindar some years before the Battle of Naboo. They kept the general populace poor and needy, so that hundred would line up for a single loaf of bread, rather than worry about rebelling against the Syndicat. The Syndicat went so far as to blockade the planet Phindar, to maintain its hold on the Phindians. It was led by the Phindian Baftu and his assistant, Terra, when Guerra and Paxxi Derida tried to enlist the help of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi in freeing Phindar form the Syndicat. The Syndicat went so far as to remove the memories of anyone suspected of acting against it, then set them free on another world as punishment. Sometimes, memory-wiped Phindians were let loose on Phindar itself, although far from their homes. This process was known as "renewal." The Syndicat began supporting Prince Beju of Gala, in his bid to win the general elections there, in the hopes of taking control of the planet Gala as well. This would allow them to extend their influence and increase their profits. However, their plans were exposed by the Derida brothers with the help of the Jedi, and the Syndicat was destroyed when Baftu was captured by the Phindian resistance. (HP)

Syndicate One
this organization was formed from the marketing division of Trigdale Metallurgy. Following the Battle of Endor, Trigdale cut off several of its subordinate divisions. Saujutta-Ok-Topii, the Director of Marketing at the time, recognized the potential strengths of her division, and took much of her own personal savings to form Syndicate One on Valgauth. The new corporation became known as a weapons manufacturing and distribution business. (SWJ8)

this cold, ice-covered planet is located on the outer fringe of its system, and was devoid of natural life. However, a small outpost sprang up under protective domes and in underground cities. The outpost quickly grew into a bustling transfer station, mainly because of its proximity to the Duros Space Run, and was eventually garrisoned by the Empire. (GMH)

this samll corporation produced several pieces of technology for use in kitchens and food preparation. (GFT)

this was a manufactured form of fleece, used to create warm jackets and vests. (UF)

this was a synthetic form of fur that was used in the manufacture of clothing and furniture during the New Republic. (DN1)

Syngia Moon
this world was known as a vacation paradise. (DR)

an artificial stone used as a building material. (TME)

Syni IV
the Alliance once tried to seize the Imperial garrison on this planet. The Alliance commanding officer kept his troops outside weapons range which flying sorties over the garrison. Unfortunately for the Alliance, the team which was supposed to jam Imperial communications failed to complete their tasks. The Imperial commander called for reinforcements, and an Imperial-class Star Destroyer bombarded the Alliance forces into submisson. (SWJ12)

this was a common Psadan name. (UANT)

Synnt-ovations, Incorporated
this specialty weapons manufacturer was best known for its Credit Case Surprise device. (GFT)

Synoptic Teacher
developed and produced by Consolidated Learning Systems, this device allowed the user to rapidly obtain new information by transferring data directly to the brain at the subconscious level. Perfectly safe, the Synoptic Teacher could be used while you slept, implanting language courses, astrogation techniques, and other pieces of knowledge into your brain for quick retrieval. (GFT)

this medicinal lubricant was used to keep clamps and other tools pliable and clean, as it provided both a barrier from moisture and germ-killing abilities. (MJH)

a building material (COTF)

Syn's Shadow
this modified yacht was the personal ship of Nariss Siv Loqesh, who often traveled under the alias of Andov Syn. The Syn's Shadow was armed with a pair of laser cannons. (SWG6)

a fabric used for bedclothes. (LCM)

a building material made from natural rock. The rock is crushed and mixed into a slurry with chemical dissolvants. It is then cast or sprayed onto the frame of a building to harden. The resulting synstone covering is much stronger and more resistant than natural stone. (SE)

this was a type of synthetic ale that was produced on many backwater worlds during the height of the New Order. (SWG6)

this voice synthesizer was developed by SoroSuub, and allowed beings who lacked adequate vocal cords to converse in a normal manner. The Synthax-7 was implanted in the throat, so that the user appeared to be talking without assistance. (WSV)

this was the generic term used to describe any synthetic crystal, from those used in manufacturing and jewelry to the crystals used in the lightsabers of the Sith. (VD3)

manufactured by Loronar Corporation after the formation of the New Republic, synthdroids were mechanical constructs which had sculpted synthflesh grown over their metal armatures. They had minimal internal computing power, since their actions were centrally controlled via the use of CCIR technology. Loronar supplied a number of synthdroids to Seti Ashgad and Dzym during their attempt to take control of the galaxy, for synthdroids proved to be excellent workers. Even when the Death Seed plague was consuming the synthflesh, the droid armature kept right on working. However, the synthdroids' central processor was destroyed by Leia Organa-Solo during her escape from Ashgad's Hweg Shul fortress, and they were unable to stop her. (POT)

this small medical manufacturer produced a variety of sprayable plasto-cast dispensers. (FOP, GFT)

this strong, lightweight cord is found in many survival packs. Originally produced by Degan Explorations, syntherope provided climbers with a high-friction, corded material that gave excellent gripping power over its small surface area. (RASB, AEG)

the company which manufactures AA-1 VerboBrains. (SWSB, IG1)

this was a synthetic building material which resembled natural wood. It was used in a variety of furniture applications during the early decades of the New Republic. (EOV, GMR8)

this was the name given to a synthetic skin that was used to cover and bind wounds until the natural skin can heal. It was a quasi-living material, grown for a specific purpose. (HSR, DFR, POT, MBS)

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