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Stone Grotto
this posh, expensive restaurant was located in the city of Drev'starn, on Bothawui. It had a strict dress code, and reservations were required weeks in advance of a meal. (SPG)

Stone Heart
this YT-1300 freighter made regular runs in Elrood Sector during the height of the New Order. It was captured by Imperial customs patrols when it was disocvered that her captain had made illegal weapons upgrades without obtaining the proper permits. (OE)

Stone Mite
believed to have been bio-engineered by Arkania scientists, stone mites first appeared in the Expansion Region shortly before the Clone Wars. They were designed to consume virtually any material, and quickly became the ultimate scavenger on the worlds where they were released. Stone mites were originally thought to have been created to attack and destroy buildings and other non-organic systems, but these creatures could also subsist on the blood and flesh of living creatures. Individual stone mites were hermaphroditic, and were literally born with a clutch of eggs impregnated in their abdomens. This allowed them to breed prolifically, and even orbital bombardment of planets which had been infested by stone mites were often insufficient to kill off an entire population. A group of three stone mites could actually join together and forma symbiotic triont. The Arkanians, despite disavowing and knowledge of the stone mite's development, were instrumental in helping the New Republic devise ways to eradicate a colony on an infested world. The only effective method of dealing with stone mites was to spray the colony with an oxidizing foam, which served to rust them to death. In the wake of the Battle of Endor, many pro-Imperial terrorist groups used stone mites to attack and destroy worlds which embraced the New Republic. (WOTC, VD2)

Stone Mite
this biologically engineered creature was first created during the Clone Wars as the perfect scavenger. No larger than a human hand, a stone mite produced an intenrnal acid which could eat through most known materials. This acid was usually exuded during feeding, to help break down solid matter into a drinkable fluid. In the aftermath of the Clone Wars, entire colonies of stone mites were discovered living in asteroid belts, having escaped from their creators. The stone mite resembled a four-legged scorpion, but lacked the forward claws and the stinging barb. (LTA2)

Stone Mite
this creature, native to Orleon, lived on a steady diet of rock, metal, and most other substances. They were considered the bane of many spacers, since a swarm of stone mites could eat through a starship's hull in next to no time. (MC28)

Stone Needle
located at one end of Beggar's Canyon on Tatooine, the Stone Needle is a natural rock formation that rises out of one fork in the canyon. It makes that particular fork nearly impassable, although the local youth feel that, when racing through the canyon, bypassing the Needle adds up to 5 seconds to your race time. The only two pilots ever to "thread the Needle" were Biggs Darklighter and Luke Skywalker. (SWR)

Stone Ray
see Ral (SPG)

a flying creature native to Yavin 4. (BTS)

Stoneclaw, Arn
this man was a chorba farmer by trade, and was married to Emmi Stoneclaw. They lived on the planet Vernet with their adopted daughter Mair Koda and their own sons, Kristoff and Yuri. (SWJ15)

Stoneclaw, Emmi
this woman was married to Arn Stoneclaw. They lived on the planet Vernet with their adopted daughter Mair Koda and their own sons, Kristoff anf Yuri. (SWJ15)

Stoneclaw, Kristoff
this older son of Arn and Emmi Stoneclaw, Kristoff was conscripted into the Imperial armed forces when the Empire took control of his homeworld of Vernet. Much to the dismay of his younger brother, Yuri, Kristoff welcomed the Empire and embraced the New Order. When Yuri and their adopted sister, Mair Koda, tried top break Kristoff out of Imperial service, he calmly explained his choice to stay before trying to hold them at gunpoint and turn them in as traitors to the Empire. Mair managed to rescue Yuri before Kristoff could shoot him. (SWJ15)

Stoneclaw, Yuri
this fifteen-year-old boy was was the younger son of Arn and Emmi Stoneclaw. Yuri loved his older brother, Kristoff, and was saddened when Kristoff was conscripted by the Empire. He begged his adopted sister, Mair Koda, to help him rescue Kristoff, only to learn that Kristoff had embraced the Empire. When Kristoff threatened to shoot him for betraying the Empire, Mair rescued Yuri and took him away from Vernet. She took Yuri under her wing, and employed him as a crewman aboard the Blue Boy. (SWJ15)

this was the term used to describe those wealthy individuals who lived in The Stones section of the city of Iritsa, on Chazwa. (ND)

Stonefield, Eron
this strikingly beautiful, red-haired woman was an unseasoned bounty hunter who took up the trade during the height of the New Order. An expert in several forms of martial arts, Stonefield was among the small group of hunters that were hired by Eugene Talmont to locate Han Solo, in the wake of the Battle of Yavin, so that Talmont could use the prestige of capturing Solo to gain a better posting than Tatooine. Despite growing up during the early years of the New Order, Stonefield didn't always agree with the Emperor and his edicts. It was Stonefield who managed to infiltrate one of the outer buildings of Jabba's palace, just before locating the Millennium Falcon. However, Jabba's thugs had arrived first, and Solo was in custody. Rather than return empty-handed, Stonefield kidnapped Grubba the Hutt and held the young alien as a hostage, hoping to exchange the young Hutt for Solo. (MIS5)

Stonehill Industries
makers of asteroid ships. (HTTE)

Stones, The
this section of the city of Iritsa, on Chazwa, was the home to the wealthier inhabitants of the city. Its buildings were permanent, windowless structures of gray and red stone, and were in sharp contrast to the ramshackle construction of The Clog. (ND)

this species of mollusk was native to the lakes of Dellalt. (HSL)

the immature form of the Vaathkree, Stonesingers resemble large pebbles. They are often mistaken for stones by off-worlders, so Stonesinger colonies are often guarded by mature Vaathkree. Each Stonesinger takes twenty years to mature, and each Stonesinger must choose their permanent form before aging. The Stonesinger then concentrates on the final form and continues to grow until it can no longer manipulate its shape. (TTSB)

this is the capital city of the planet Almania, and was a Je'Har stronghold and the seat of their government. Wondrous buildings filled the city, but all were destroyed when Dolph launched his initial attack. His droids, with their hidden detonators, exploded within many of the Je'Har buildings, laying waste to many structures and killing all but the leaders of the city. (TNR)

Stonn, Li
Luke Skywalker used this alias during his travels with Akanah and their search for the Fallanassi. (SOL)

this was the Huttese word for "fool," or any foolish being. (GMR5)

Stop Comm Order
this order was issued by the Old Republic's Central Posting Service whenever a criminal or organization was removed from the current list of wanted beings. A Stop Comm Order was usually issued once a criminal was apprehended, but could be issued indefinitely as part of a wider police operation. (JQ8)

Stopa, Kroddok
this Obroan Institute scientist and explorer was named the expedition chief when the New Republic required information on the planet Brath Qella. Stopa had been working with Josala Krenn on Babali when the orders came through, and they were brought to Brath Qella by the ferret ship IX-26. They lacked decent cold-weather exploration gear, and requested a backup be sent. They then set to work trying to uncover possible evidence of a Qella settlement beneath the glaciers covering the planet, but were killed when their camp was destroyed in an avalanche. Their bodies were recovered by the crew of the Penga Rift. (SOL)

Stopa-Krenn Glacier
located on the planet Brath Qella - also known as Maltha Obex - this huge ice flow was the site of an avalanche that killed Kroddok Stopa and Josala Krenn. They had arrived on the planet to search out evidence of the Qella civilization, but were buried under ice and snow in the avalanche. The glacier was renamed in their honor by the Alpha Team from the Obroan Institute. (TT)

this incredibly strong netting was used at starports and landing fields, where it could be deployed to catch a crash-landing starship. Stop-Nets were designed to stretch, but not break, under intense pressure and strain, such as that encountered when an out-of-control starship left a runway and threatened a populated area. (HSR)

this man trained at the Imperial Academy on Carida, and was a model student until graduation. Stor was given command of his cadet company, and forgot to keep an eye on the Cliffside walkway. The entire front rank of cadets walked off the cliff before Stor realized that he had mistimed the turn. He was dishonorably discharged from Imperial service. (SFE)

this beautiful world was loyal to the Empire, even in the wake of the Battle of Endor. The natives believed that they were put on the planet to make it beautiful, and worked tirelessly to sculpt and shape the landscape into wondrous gardens and forests. The planet's landscaping and natural beauty made it a tourist attraction. (WS)

Storini Crystal Deceiver
this creature was dreamed up by Garik Loran and Kell Tainer, in an effort to get back at Eurrsk Thri'ag for his many pranks and practical jokes. Kell doctored up an encyclopedia entry for the Storini Glass Prowler, then let a prowler loose in Eurrsk's rooms. According to Kell's entry, the deceiver is virtually identical to the Storini Glass Prowler, except that it is far less common and far more dangerous. Found on the planet Storinal, the crystal deceiver's jaws secrete a poison that is quite dangerous to mammalian creatures. Its favorite prey are the creatures which eat the glass prowler, so the crystal deceiver mimics the prowlers actions in order to lure the hunters to it. As the hunters try to eat what they believe is a prowler, the deceiver attacks with its poisonous jaws. Crystal deceivers are extermely dangerous to mammals, because once a deceiver has the scent of a mammal, it retains it virtually forever, and continues to track the mammal down and hunt it. Large, healthy mammals such as humans often don't feel the effects of the deceiver's poison. (WS)

Storini Glass Prowler
this crystalline arthropod walked on two legs, and used its other two legs to grasp its prey. It is native to the planet Storinal, and is harmless to most creatures. Males of the species are extremely competitive, and will fight to the death over just about anything. (WS, SOC)

this mercenary ATR-6 transport was owned a mercenary group which tried to bring down Twin Suns Transport Services and the Azzameen family. (XWA)

this was the name of Prince Isolder's custom-modified Miy'til fighter, designed by Isolder himself. The creation of Storm cost Isolder nearly a half-million credits, but the ship can stand alone against some of the galaxy's best starfighters. Many of Isolder's designs later found their ways into future versions of the Miy'til fighter. Like the Miy'til basic design, the seven-meter-long ship has a number of miniaturized components that reduce weight and overall size. Storm was also equipped with a prototype R2-Series 5 astromech droid presented to him by Princess Leia Organa during her initial negotiations with the Hapans. Storm has four banks of Nordoxicon 38 anticoncussion-field generators, and a sensor and communications scrambler similar to the A-Wing. A set of triple-linked laser cannons sits at the nose of the fighter, and an ion cannon studs the tip of each wing. A mini-concussion missile launcher is slung beneath the wing, and twin thermal-detonator bombing tubes on the wings carry eight bombs each. The ship is propelled by four Incom 6X4 fusial thrust engines connected to a Tykannin Class-4 power converter. Each engine is linked to a large Cygnus turbo generator, and the entire engine package allows the Storm to reach speeds one-third faster than the A-Wing. (CPL, EGV)

this gas giant was the fifth and outermost planet of the Naboo System. It had 32 natural satellites, two of which were settled. The third moon was set up as a penal colony by the human inhabitants of the planet Naboo, while the tenth moon was the site of a TaggeCo mining operation. (SON)

Storm Banquet
this was the name given to the feast which was held each spring on the planet Kariek. The rains that accompanied the change in season forced the Eickarie and the Lakra underground. Vast chambers were set aside for the banquet, which was held in honor of the change in season and the promise of new crops and herds. (FB)

Storm Beast
this was a vicious creature that was once native to the planet Malachor V, but was twisted by the energy of the Dark Side of the Force when the Sith established a base of power on the planet, in the wake of the Jedi Civil War. (KOTOR2)

Storm Cannon
this was the name given to any mobile weapons platform used for anti-starfighter defenses. (SWJ2)

Storm Commandos
this was a group of Imperial soldiers trained to speciallize in guerilla warfare. They were generally referred to as Shadowtroopers, and were initially trained by Crix Madine. Despite the fact that Madine himself defected to the Alliance, the Empire maintained the Storm Commandos because of the niche they filled in the overall Imperial war machine. Storm Commandos were distinguished by their black armor, which was modeled after that of a standard scout trooper. Up to forty Storm Commandos worked as a single unit, divided into four groups per team: standard commandos; assault troops trained for vehicle combat and artillery; soldiers who were experts at sabotage, demolitions and stealth; and a tech team devoted to keeping gear functioning or jury-rigging makeshift supplies. (GG9, ROE, SWDB)

Storm Fleet
this was the name used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems to describe the secretly- developed fleet of heavily-armored warships they brought to bear against the Old Republic, just months after the Battle of Geonosis. The appearance of the Storm Fleet - its ships were disguised as common freighters to allow them to travel easily across the galaxy - was developed by Kuat Drive Yards and served to reinforce the theory that the Separatists had been building up for war long before the Battle of Geonosis. The Storm Fleet was used to subjugate neutral worlds through sheer destructive capability, allowing the Separatists to take whatever resources or facilities they needed to continue the Clone Wars. The Storm Fleet was ultimately destroyed by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, with the help from their clone trooper pilots. (SS1, LEV)

Storm Guard
this was the primary weather watch operated on Cloud City. It is located in Kerros' Tower. (GG2)

Storm IV
one of Bespin Motor's military model cloud cars, the seven-meter-long Storm IV was a twin-pod car with handling and propulsion characteristics similar to a B-Wing fighter. They were driven by a Quadex Kyromaster ion engine, modified to fit between the small pods. Each pod could hold a single passenger. The Storm IV could reach a maximum cruising speed of 1,500 kilometers per hours, with a flight ceiling of 250 kilometers. They were also armed with two fire-linked blaster cannons, one on the outboard side of each pod. (SWSB, NEGV, JT)

Storm Killer
this heavily-armed YT-1300 freighter has been extensively modified beyond its stock condition. The cockpit has been moved from the right side and nestled in between the forward mandibles. The lower gun is a turret-mounted Tomral heavy laser cannon, while the upper gun is an Incom W-34t turbolaser. This impressive weaponry is supported by a Hi-fex proton torpedo launcher and a pair of restractable Taim & Bak Kd-3 light blaster cannons. It is a well-armed transport ship, with enhanced shields and lateral controls for in-flight combat. The weapons draw power from the ion drives, and the additional capacitors and machinery required for them takes up much of the passenger space on the vessel. The Storm Killer was therefore only useful for transporting very valuable cargoes. (SWJ9)

Storm Lord
according to reports written by Professor Namdot during the early years of the New Order, the Storm Lord was an evil being who had taken up residence in the forgotten Jedi Temple on Mustafar. The Storm Lord had the ability to generate intense bursts of Force Lightning, which he used to attack any beings who managed to locate in infiltrate the temple grounds. (SWGAL)

Storm Skimmer
manufactured by Uulshos, the Storm Skimmer patrol sled was an old repulsorlift scout craft used during the early years of the Empire. They were mothballed when the various speederbikes were developed, but were returned to service following the Battle of Endor. Each 4.6-meter sled is designed to be a fast transport craft for one or two stormtroopers. One trooper sat in front, the other in back, and could quickly arrive at the front lines of a battle. Each trooper operated a heavy repeating blaster mounted near his cockpit. It was never designed to be a full-combat vehicle, but rather a deterrent. (DE1, DESB)

Storm Squadron
this was a division of the Alliance's Special Forces group known as Eclipse Team. (AIR)

Storm Unit
a group of Imperial commandos intercepted by Keyan Farlander near Turkana. (XW)

Storm Unit
this team of Alliance soldiers was the primary part of a strike force which rescued a group of Echo Base prisoners from Imperial captivity, shortly before the Battle of Endor. (XWA)

Storm Unit
the Imperial assault transports used by the Storm Unit commandos at Zaarin's beam-weapon research station. (TIE)

Storm, Havet
this bold young man was one of the many students who were trained at Luke Skywalker's Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4, during the early years of the New Republic. Unfortunately, Havet was the first of his fellow students to recognize that Desann was growing stronger with the Dark Side of the Force, and stood up to the Chistori. Havet's brave move turned foolish when Desaan murdered him in cold blood before fleeing Yavin 4. (WOTC)

Stormcaller, Andrephan
this native of Entralla joined the military at the age of fifteen, lying about his age in order to joint the Old Republic's armed forces. Never far from the military, Stormcaller was a member of the Delephran militia, and participated in the destruction of the pirate groups in the Vexta Belt. Stormcaller and Airen Cracken were generally credited with the formation of the Alliance's Special Forces division, and Stormcaller was instrumental in the development of the Infiltrator units. He later served as a colonel in the New Republic and was the leader of the Red Alpha unit, until the Republic declined to assist his homeworld liberate itself from the Pentastar Alignment. He resigned his military position and formed the Red Moons, an elite mercenary group which constantly thwarted the Alignment's movements. He recruited many of his former Republic soldiers to join the Red Moons, and they quickly formed a force that began to harass the Alignment. (SWJ3, SWJ8, TFE, AIR)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was attacked by pirates near Jjannex II. Dren Jamer discovered the location of the pirate ship just before it attacked, allowing the commander to prepare for the attack and drive the pirates off. (TBSB)

an Imperial-I class Star Destroyer, the Stormhawk was part of Grand Admiral Thrawn's fleet during the early years of the New Republic. The Stormhawk was one of the Star Destroyers that Thrawn used to attack Bpfassh, as one of his first moves against the New Republic. Later, the Stormhawk was deployed to the planet Saarn, in an effort to destroy an old Alliance base there. (HTTE)

this was one of the many Victory-class Star Destroyers which were still active, as part of the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

this modified Corellian Engineering Corporation CR-90 corvette served as the flagship of the Black Hammer pirates. (CCW)

this unusual sport was popular among the Nautolan people of Glee Anselm, and involved moving through the planet's oceans during the intense hurricanes and storms that ravaged its surface. During these storms, ocean currents reached incredible speeds, and Nautolans challenged each other to remain within the currents for as long as possible. (TCD)

these white-armored Imperial troopers were the footsoldiers of the Emperor's war machine. Considered separate from both the Imperial Army and the Imperial Navy, they were extremely loyal to the Empire but are also extremely expendable. The stormtrooper evolved from the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic, which were first utilized during the Clone Wars. Although there were many rumors about stormtroopers being clones of Jango Fett, in general the average stormtrooper appeared to be a normal human male who fit within a certain physical and mental profile. In reality, several different sources of clones were used to create stormtroopers, especially when the Empire ramped up its military forces when Emperor Palpatine began consolidating his power. Eventually, baseline human were conscripted or allowed to join the ranks of the stormtroopers. They wear an 18-piece suit of white armor covering a two-piece, temperature-control body suit. The armor houses an energy source and various implements, and snaps together around the trooper. The helmet contains a polarized visor and communication gear. The utility belt worn at the waist had compartments for a grappling line, spare batteries, and survival gear. The image of the white-clad soldiers was one of the primary ways the Empire instilled fear in its subjects, but the bright white armor was not suited for many environments, as the Empire learned at the Battle of Endor. So, in the years following the death of the Emperor, Imperial factions began camouflaging their armor to blend in with their surroundings. Stormtroopers train for one of a number of different mission profiles, based on the environment in which they will operate. Basic training allows stormtroopers to operate in temperate or controlled interior environments, but there are several specialized types of stormtroopers: Cold Assault Troops wear specially-modified armor so that they can operate in harsh, frozen environments; Zero-G Troops, also known as spacetroopers, wear highly-refitted, vacuum-resistant armor for use in deep space; Scout troops are assigned to garrison posts, employing speeder bikes and other swift craft to patrol surrounding areas; Aquatic Assault troopers, also known as seatroopers, are equipped to operate in marine or other underwater arenas; Desert Assault troopers, also known as sandtroopers, were trained to do battle in the harsh conditions of a desert; Radtroopers were specially-trained to perform operations in areas with high concentrations of radioactivity. Shadowtroopers, also known as the Storm Commandoes, were among the most elite special forces troops in the Imperial military. The one exception to the standard stormtrooper is the Dark Trooper, which was a mechanized weapons platform. (SW, SWSB, ISB, DF, TSC, TME, COTF, BW, ROE, CHRN, RESB, SWI76, NEGW, SWI82)

Stormtrooper One
SoroSuub's basic blaster rifle model, it is used by the Empire to arm its stormtroopers. It was a clone of the BlasTech E-11. (RPG, CSA)

Stormtrooper Two
this was SoroSuub's second-generation blaster rifle, designed for use by Imperial stormtroopers. (GG9)

Stormtrooper X
this was the monicker of a rogue Imperial stormtrooper who took up a life of crime after defecting from Imperial service. He gathered to himself a band of mercenaries and outlaws, each of which was as deadly a shot and as mean as he was. They worked for many crimelords as hired guns and smugglers, until Narbuj Desilijic Preor put out a bounty on his head. Narbuj accused Stormtrooper X of stealing a cache of spice and credits, but Stormtrooper X disappeared from sight. He was known to have traveled in a modified N-1 fighter named Rogue Imperial 5, and had a red 'X' painted across the front of his stormtrooper helmet. (GMR6)

Stormview Lounge
located on Darknon Station, this rundown tavern was the main source of food and beverages for visitors. It was named for the views it gave visitors of the Itani Nebula, although by the time of the Battle of Yavin most of the transparisteel windows had been boarded up. (PSPG)

this Victory-class Star Destroyer was under the command of Captain Jarroth during the Galactic Civil War. It was stationed in the Virgillian System, and performed a number of surgical strikes aimed at routing suspected Alliance support cells. (TBSB)

Storrd Township
this was one of the larger settlements established on the planet Seregar. It grew steadily while the planet was a thriving mining location, but began to run down as the major corporations pulled out. (ND)

this planet is the homeworld of the giant stone eels. (DRO)

Story Pebbles
this was the name given to the special stones used by Ewok shamans to cast forth and tell the fortunes of individuals. (ECAR)

Story Platform
a table-like device which displays the words and pictures for a number of children's stories. (DA)

these small chains were created by the Twi'lek race. Each link in the chain provided details on a specific part of a larger story. The entire story could be told and retold by following the links in the story-chain. (VF)

this was the pseudonym adopted by Rivo Xarran during the time he hid from Boba Fett on the planet Ladarra. He was loved by the children of New Hope Settlement because he constantly told them stories about the greater galaxy. (TFNR)

Stouker Concussion Rifle
this weapon was developed to fire compressed bullets of ionized air, which exploded in shock waves at their target. They were originally created for use by Imperial forces, but many Stoukers were modified by hand by the Sissk band of Trandoshans, from standard Stouker concussion chambers added to existing rifle parts, in order to accommodate the Trandoshan hand. (DF, JKA)

this planet was on the list of candidates for exploration by the Obroan Institute, and was nominated by Kroddok Stopa. However, Stopa could generate enough interest, grants or funding to launch an expedition. (SOL)

Stowaway, The
an underground casino in Imperial City on Coruscant. (CPL)

this was the survey report filed by Trask, and detailed information on the planet Trinta. (DOE)

Strabin Sector
this area of the galaxy was terrorized by the Exelis Hunters gang, until the Ubese bounty hunter Arcuse captured them. (AIR)

this ancient game, played on a holographic playing table, relied heavily on strategy and tactics. Each side had twelve tokens, and it required an intellectual mind to complete the game. Thus, years of practice and an excellent memory were required to master it. Those who achieved a high rate of proficiency and success were awarded the title of Adept. (MJH)

Strag Sector Match Championship
this was the largest single strag tournament in the galaxy, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (MJH)

this was a common name among the Cathar race. (UANT)

Straight Street
this was one of the largest thoroughfares located in the spaceport city of Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine. It crossed in front of the Ubrikkian Trade Tower, intersecting with the Outer Curved Street and Spacers Row. (IWST)

Strak Tower
located in Corint City's Overtown district, on the planet Pirik, Strak Tower was the center of the planet's governmental administration. (SWJ4, SWJ10)

this man was a member of the Alliance, and held the rank of Commander within the Intelligence division. (DOE)

this was one of the largest cities found on the planet Loovria. (HNN5)

Strange, Jan
this woman was one of Imperial Intelligence's most valuable agents, although no one was ever sure where she had come from. She didn't graduate from the Imperial Academy, nor was she ever involved with COMPNOR. Nevertheless, she proved herself to be an excellent agent who could interrogate any being and discover the location of rebellious cells. In reality, though, Strange was actually the Alliance agent Jan Ors, who had been honored with the Nebula Award at least once for her work as Jan Strange. She used her interrogations as a way to pass information to the Alliance, having arranged for the rebel to be captured and brought to her. (CRO, WOTC)

Stranger Squadron
one of the TIE Defender squadrons dispatched by Colonel Vessery to recover Rogue Squadron above Corvis Minor Five. (IR)

Strangle Vine
see Halkra (SPG)

this carnivorous vine was native to the Forest Moon of Endor. In its immature stage, the stranglethorn was an unassuming little plant, and was often cultivated by mistake by the Ewoks. As it grew, the stranglethorn developed a central stalk and a pair of toothed mandibles, which it used to grab and eat its prey. (ECAR)

this Bothan name was given to newborn males. Translated into Basic, it meant "scholarly" or "educated." (GCG, WOTC)

this was one of the many Imperial escort carriers during the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

Stratablock 7
located next to the Moridebo District, on the planet Metellos, Stratablock 7 was one of the many surface communities that sprang up to handle the rampant overcrowding experienced on the planet. However, Stratablock 7 only admitted the wealthiest of the "groundpounders", and was home to both the CarsinShare and Nonsu corporations. (CCW)

this alien race was first discovered by Duros explorers. (GMR2)

Strathmore, Eriann
a model Imperial citizen during the New Order, Lady Strathmore despised the weak and the non-human. She was also somewhat addicted to gambling, and spent a good deal of her life trying to get into the Sabre Club. (WSV)

this inept man was part of the rebel underground which opposed the Imperial subjugation of Edan II. (IAG)

Stratis Games
this collection of quasi-athletic events was regularly held on Hallrin IV. It included the Multi-Sentient Unarmed Combat Rounds, a regulated form of inter-species combat. (TTSB)

this large, armed airspeeder was developed by the Empire for use in navigating troops to the surface of a planet, where harsh or inhospitable conditions prevented the use of simpler dropships. Strato-hoppers proved too cost-prohibitive to maintain, however, and were eventually dropped in favor of cheaper dropships. (PZZ2)

this was one of the original cloud cars produced by Incom Industries, based on the repulsorlift technologies discovered during the construction of Cloud City. (GG2)

one of the most affordable hotels on Cloud City. (ISU)

this was one of the many species of vermin which existed in the cityscape of Coruscant. When they were first born, stratts resembled cute balls of fur. However, they grew rapidly to become two-meter-long, muscular creatures which were covered with jet-black fur. Originally brought to Coruscant by illicit pet dealers trying to make a quick credit, stratts were abandoned when they outgrew their cute stage. These released stratts found a niche in the undercity of Coruscant, hunting at night when their black fur gave them the most cover. (CCW)

Stratus, Alto
this Jabiimite led the faction of his people that decided to side with the Separatists during the height of the Clone Wars. His parents were killed when the Lythian Pirates ravaged much of Jabiim, and Stratus never forgot that neither the Republic nor the Jedi Knights traveled to Jabiim to eliminate the pirates. Years later, Stratus still harbored a deep-seated resentment toward the Republic, which only intensified with the outbreak of the Clone Wars. Citing the Republic's inability to reach peaceful resolution to the hostilities, Stratus demanded that Jabiim secede from the Republic and thrown off it's oppressive yoke. He further blamed the Republic as well as the Jedi Knights for not assisting Jabiim during the outbreak of Brainrot Plague and the separate invasions of Trandoshans and the Lythian Pirates. His speeches, in which he declared that Jabiim would fight to the death to defend its freedom, and would "send the Jedi home in body bags", became popular on many Separatist-held worlds in the Outer Rim Territories. During the Battle of Jabiim, Stratus and his rebels nearly won through the front lines of the Jedi-led clone troopers, killing more than 9,000 Republic forces before he was nearly defeated by a group of Jedi Padawans whose Masters had been killed in battle. He chose to regroup the Jabiimite forces and launch an all-out attack at Cobalt Station. He believed that his chances for success were excellent, especially after Count Dooku dispatched a squadron of enhanced assassin droids to augment Stratus' forces. However, he didn't count on the strength of will of the Jedi Padawans who had survived the battle. His forces struggled with the young Jedi for several days before both sides were wiped out. In the final act of the battle, Aubrie cornered Stratus with a pair of lightsabers. Stratus refused to die, and pulled out a blaster to shoot the young Jedi in the chest. As she died, however, Aubrie fell forward and drove her lightsabers into his chest. Stratus also died on the battlefield. (SWI68, SWI69, RBJ)

this was a nickname used to describe the Wookiee Jedi Knight, Lowbacca, during his tenure as a pilot in the New Republic Navy's Twin Suns Squadron. (SBS, Y)

Streaked Velker
similar in many respects to the true velkers of Bespin, the streaked velker was nevertheless much smaller than its cousin. Measuring just twenty meters across its wings, streaked velkers were named for the striated pattern of colors which adorned their hides. Scientists believed that the stripes and patterns were a rudimentary form of camouflage, meant to hide the streaked velker among the clouds of the gas giant planets they inhabited. Unlike the velkers of Bespin, streaked velkers were solidatry predators who jealously guarded their hunting territories. (WOTC)

this Tynnan represented his homeworld of Tynna to the Galactic Senate, during the final years of the Old Republic. He was also one of the many Senators who signed the Petition of the Two Thousand. In the wake of the Clone Wars and the establishment of the New Order, Senator Streamdrinker was among the sixty-three Senators who were arrested for allegedly supporting the so-called Jedi Rebellion. (SWI84)

Streeg, Newen
this Imperial Governor was in control of the territory surrounding the Sisar Run during the last years of the New Order. Unlike most other ranking Imperial officials, Streeg never attended the Imperial Academy and had minimal ties to the Navy. His mother was killed when he was thirteen, and had already accepted the New Order as a perfect government. He knew that his mother had been killed by pirates, and blamed her death on the chaos that sprang out of the last days of the Old Republic. He traveled his territory only irregularly, as he suffered from spacesickness. He was sworn to removing the criminal element along the Sisar Run, but had no idea how widespread Sprax's empire actually, nor how well it was connected. In fact, Streeg purchased nearly all his starship replacement parts - and many new starships - from one of Sprax's own organizations. (SSR)

a gas prospector at Bespin, he was getting on in years when Luke Skywalker first mets him at Tibannopolis. He could use The Force to detect when Bespin will erupt large amounts of gases. He agrees to study the Force with Luke on Yavin 4, and was nearly consumed by the spirit of Exar Kun. Kun tried to use Streen to kill Luke, but the combined power of the other students destroyed Kun's spirit forever. When the Leviathan of Corbos was unearthed, he traveled to the planet with Kyp Durron, Dorsk 82, and Kirana Ti to defat the creature. Streen later put his powers to use in an attempt to decipher the Books of Massassi, and eventually became a Master himself when Luke went off in search of his mother with Akanah. Streen continued to serve as a Jedi Master during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, but chose to remain behind the battlelines as a teacher. He traveled with the youngest of the Jedi trainees aboard the Errant Venture until a temporary base was established at the Maw Installation. Streen was ultimately one of the handful of Jedi Knights to survive the conflict with the Yuuzhan Vong, choosing to travel to Dathomir with Kirana Ti and Damaya to help establish a Jedi training facility on the planet. (JS, COTF, BTS, JAL, UF)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

Streen Squadron
this was a group of scout troopers dispatched by the Empire to overtake the New Republic base on Saarn, shortly after the re-appearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn. (SWJ6)

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