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see Synthflesh (HSE)

this was a manufactured adhesive. (DN1)

a musical instrument, the synth-harmonica was an electronic device which was designed to be played by virtually any race of being. (HR, GUN)

as its name implies, this was a form of synthetic leather used to create imitation-leather clothing as well as to cover furniture. (TFNR)

this specially-designed fabric was developed for the Galactic Marines of the Grand Army of the Republic. It was draped across the front of a helmet or visor, and helped repel sand, snow, dust, and airborne fungus. (SWI84)

this was a form of synthetic milk, developed to provide calcium and other nutrients to beings who lived on planets which had no source of natural milk. (T)

this form of netting was used by miners and zero-g craftsmen, because it was durable and could conform to almost any shape. Miners used it as a way to hold lanterns atop their heads while working deep in mine shafts. (JH)

this incredibly strong material was used to create domes, which were used on inhospitable planets to form contained living areas. (BP)

this material was known for its strength and durability, and was often used to form security locks. (CCC)

this form of lab-created gemstone is often used in place of real sapphires. Wealthy people use synth-sapphs to discourage would-be thieves. (TBH)

this was a processed foodstuff that resembled steak in texture and taste. It was easily produced, and provided much the same nutrients as a real steak, but without the slaughter of herd animals that many not have existed on a given planet. (T)

a material used in construction, synth-steel was as strong as pure steel, but less costly. (E1A5)

this was a form of manufacturer gemstone, often created as an imitation of a more valuable stone. It could also be used to mimic raw stone, allowing for the construction of natural-seeming walls. (TCD, IWST)

Synthtech Medtech Corporation
this medical corporation produced a wide range of medical scanners and irradiation boxes for military and field use. (FOP, PSG)

a musical instrument that creates the sounds of other instruments using electronics. (ISU)

this was an electronic form of the standard viol, popular with youths during the last decades of the Old Republic. (HNN4)

a crystal hauled by Tem Chesko. (SWG3)

a tree native to the planet Ossel II, it is harvested by the Ossan for its beautiful wood. (GG4)

a flowering, carnivorous plant native to Kashyyyk, the syren grew on the floor of the dense jungle. The syren plant had two oval-shaped, yellow petals which grew atop a thick, blood-red stalk. In the center of the two petals was a mass of glossy, white fibers that exuded a wide variety of pheromones. These pheromones, in turn, attracted a wide variety of wildlife. When a creature touched the inner surface of a petal, the petals clamped shut over the prey, and the syren began to secrete digestive fluids to consume the prey. The Wookiees of Kashyyyk, as a test of bravery and maturity, sent groups of young Wookiees to the jungle floor to harvest the fibers. The stronger Wookiees held the petals open while others remove the fibers, which are used to form strong ropes. The average syren grew to a height of six to seven meters, and lived for just a single year. During Kashyyyk's winter season, the syren plants died out. Their brittle husks were ripped apart by seasonal winds, scattering the syren's seeds across the jungle floor. (HTF, TEP, GMR4)

this was a Trade Federation pleasure liner which plied the oceans of the planet Maramere, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. About six years after the Battle of Naboo, the Syren was ambushed by Sol Sixxa and his pirates. Lord Toat was killed, and Ruuk was thrown overboard before the Syren was scuttled and sent to the bottom of the ocean. It was later discovered by the Feeorin mercenary Nym and his crew, and scavenged for any information leading to the location of Sixxa. Nym managed to recover the head of the droid PL-37 before being attacked by a large sea creature. (CRBN)

this Alliance Intelligence agent scouted the planet Aargau for the Alliance, shortly after the Battle of Hoth. He was assisted by the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, although C-3PO provided Syril with more irrelevant data than usable information. (PH)

Syron Aalun
this was one of the three ruetsavii sent to chronicle and criticize the life of Ooryl Qrygg. (BW)

this male Fia was a Captain in the Galantos Guard during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It was Captain Syrtik, despite orders that came down from Councilor Jobath himself, who decided to lend assistance to the meager forces of the Galactic Alliance that had arrived at Galantos to restore communications. The Fia had been convinced that the Yuuzhan Vong would leave them alone, but the alien invaders were not about to leave an armed force active on their rear flanks. The Yuuzhan Vong attacked, and only the timely intervention of Leia Organa Solo and her family managed to alert the Fia to their danger. Syrtik, seeing that the Galactic Alliance's forces were outnumbered, provided the assistance of his own squadron, knowing that he might be courtmartialed for his actions. In the end, the Yuuzhan Vong were driven off, and the Fia managed to turn their disloyalty into feigned miscommunication. Captain Syrtik was regarded as a hero by the Fia population, which prevented any form of discipline, lest the people become outraged at the government. (FH1)

Syruss System
this star system was under Imperial control, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. An Alliance operation was launched at the space station which patrolled the system, shortly after the Battle of Yavin, in which the Alliance forces managed to defeat the Imperials and liberate the system. (GMR3)

this man served as the Captain of the Imperial Army squadrons which were assigned to the Dark Jedi Jerec and his command ship, the Vengeance, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (RAG)

this ancient weapons manufacturer produced a wide range of energy weapons during the years following the Great Sith War. (KOTOR2)

System Patrol Craft
fast, powerful sublight ships used by the Empire as customs inspection ships as well as search-and-rescue ships. (ISB, DFR)

Systems Army
this was one of the primary divisions of the Grand Army of the Republic. There were ten Systems Armies at the height of the Clone Wars, each commanded by a High Jedi General or Jedi Council member, and each consisting of two Sector Armies. At the height of the Clone Wars, there were some 294,912 troopers in each Systems Army. (SWI84)

Systems Army Alpha
this was one of the ten major divisions of the Grand Army of the Republic. It was under the command of Jedi Master Mace Windu during the Clone Wars. (SWI84)

Systems Control
a Star Destroyer crew which is in control of the ship's computer systems. (DFR)

Systems Infiltration Manager
this small computer module was designed by the programmer Malik for the Empire. It was, at heart, a high-powered problem solver, with programming that gave it the ability to get inside a starship's basic programming and take it apart. Eventually the SIM, as it was called, would take complete control of the starship. Disguised as the Systems Integration Manager, the module was allowed onto the Star of Empire to be tested as a navigation system. Malik got the module installed, and began running the programs to evacuate the ship's passengers and crew. However, at the last moment, Malik refused to enter the necessary codes to free the SIM program to take complete control of the ship. The program tortured him by locking him and room and modifying the environment. The SIM program was able to control life support as well as the droid population of the ship, and sent out several bands of maintenance droids to kill off any of the passengers and crew that remained aboard. In the meatime, the SIM program had found another ally in the yougn boy, Zak Arranda. Zak believed that the SIM program was trying to help, and unwittingly entered the necessary codes. SIM came to life and took control of the Star of Empire. The survivors managed to escape from SIM and the ship by merely waiting the program out and taking a big chance when the opportunity came. Hoole managed to reach the Shroud and Dash Rendar recovered the Outrider, and then shot a pair of proton torpedoes into the engines of the Star of Empire. They then sent a message to the Alliance, giving them the location of the ship. SIM, however, managed to download itself into the computer banks of a nearby space station, and waiting until it could insinuate itself into another starship. (GOF10)

Systems Integration Manager
this false cover was supposed to be a device hailed as the next generation in shipboard computers by the Empire. The primary difference between a droid or a navigational computer and the SIM (as it was referred to) was that the SIM could actually decide for itself where to go and how to get there. However, SIM was not what it seemed to be. In fact, the real name for the computer was Systems Infiltration Manager, and it was designed to take control of an enemy ship after being inserted into its computer core. (GOF10)

Sythluss Leethe
this Sluissi owned and operated the modified YT-1300 freighter known as The Maker. In order to prevent the ship from being stolen, Leethe installed a wide range of security and anti-theft systems aboard the ship. Leethe was a black market droid manufacturer, and often traveled in his ship under the false identification of the One Shot. Unfortunately for Leethe, T'Charek Haathi and her Alliance shipjacking team managed to get by The Maker's systems and steal the ship. (SWJ13)

this name was common among Sullustan males, and meant "industrious". (GCG)

Syub Snunb
a Sullustan, Syub Snunb served as part of the Sullustan Home Guard, protecting his planet from pirates and other invasions. When the leaders of Sullust decided to seceed from the Empire, they appointed Syub to be the commander to lead the Alliance's fleet to the Sullust System, prior to the Battle of Endor. He was chosen to command the escort frigate Antares Six, which he did with pride until being promoted to the command of the Resolve in the newly-commissioned Fifth Battle Group. (DE1, DESB, BTS)

Syv Bullnumull
this female Sullustan was a noted pilot on her homeworld of Sullust, but she was offered a desk job with SoroSuub when she applied for a full-time career. After a year of pushing pencils, she left her job and stowed away on a transport ship to pursue her dreams of being a pilot. Work as an independent pilot was hard to come by during the early years of the New Order, as most Imperial-backed corporations were looking for human pilots. After she was hired to work aboard the smuggling vessel known as the Rabid Nek Dog, Syv found herself the leader of the smugglers when a mutiny removed her previous captain. As a smuggler, Syv found the blockade running to be very exciting, but hated the business end of it all. She left this to her officers, and concentrated on the fun parts of the job. (GORW)

this moon, located on the border between Hutt space and Imperial-controlled space, was subjugated by Imperial forces shortly before the Battle of Hoth. Many of the moon's residents were smugglers, who lived and worked at a shadowport located in its largest crater. They believed that the shadowport's location had been given to the Empire by Basz Maliyu. The shadowport had been run by Rance, but he perished in the attack. (SWJ13)

this was the chief port city of the planet Lavisar. (IF)

this albino Wookiee was a partner of Memcha-Badawzi, working on the planet Neftali as the second-in-command of the Cordel Cove starport. Syychi was a former slave who was born on Vizcarra and never saw the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. Syychi was used on several Imperial projects, and was constantly moved from remote camps to the Vizcarra prison. During transport back to Vizcarra, Syychi found herself sharing a cell with Memcha. The Twi'lek inspired Syychi to rise above her captors, and the pair incited a slave revolt and overpowered their Imperial captors. Memcha and Syychi then fled to Neftali at the bidding of Memcha's father, Abdi-Badawzi, and took up the manegement of the Cordel Cove operations. (BSS)

this was the shortened name of a noted Chiss individual. (UANT)

this species of tree was native to the fourth moon of Yavin. (GG2)

this was a name that was common among the Sanyassan race. (UANT)

this form-fitting material was used to create body gloves and leotards for dancers, during the height of the New Order. (VD)

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