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Space Pirates of Iridium
this group of Old Republic bandits raided spice haulers using power gems, scouring the Atrivis Sector for more and more plunder. They were finally stopped by the Jedi Knights, who dispatched Kit Fisto and a team of Jedi to bring about an end to their predations. (CSW, OWS)

Space Pirates of the Galaxy
this holo-series was popular during the early years of the New Order. (MDCAR)

Space Poker
this is a card game popular among pilots and other military individuals. The deck of card is covered with different spacial bodies, such as planets and moons. Each round is marked by the use of propulsions and turbos to try and improve a players hand. The primary goal is to get the best combination of spacial objects among the cards in your hand. A full planetary system is one of the best hands. (SA1, SA2)

Space Rangers
this was the name assigned to agents of the Intergalactic Law Agency. (MDCAR)

Space Rescue Corps
this branch of the Old Republic military was charged with maintaining the safety of space travellers everywhere. Even after the rise of Emperor Palpatine and the Imperial Navy, the Space Rescue Corps was allowed to provide rescue services to registered starship owners. The SRC painted their rescue vessels with a striking red and black pattern for easy recognition. (FOP)

Space Singer
this is the term used to describe those Shashay who act not only as musical performers, but as starship navigators. The term was first created when a Shashay starship was forced to land on Kashyyyk after experiencing a malfunction. The Wookiees helped the Shashay crew repair their ship, but the only thing the Shashay had to offer as repayment was an evening of song. In an alternate usage, Shashay navigators are called space singers. The song of the Shashay is a complicated combination of trills and riffs, and the mental acumen required to memorize and perform the song lent itself to the ability to manipulate navigational coordinates. The Alliance employed the Shashay as navigators during the Galactic Civil War. (TA)

Space Skeet
a target-shooting activity which uses low-power laser rifles to shoot specialized targets launched into space. The shooter shoots from behind a transparisteel barrier, while the target is launched into space. When the laser beam strikes the target, it explodes in a bright flash, indicating a hit. (RM)

Space Slug
a pink, snake-like creature capable of living in the vacuum of space, space slugs sustain themselves by digesting the minerals in asteroids. Much of the slug's body is smooth and pliable, but the rearmost portion of the slug is covered with root-like tendrils that burrow into the rock of the asteroid and serve as the primary method of obtaining nutrients. It is known that they are a silicon-based organism, much like the mynock. Space slugs, also like mynocks, reproduce via fission into two new organisms. Many scientists claim that space slugs eat mynocks for sustenance, although larger slugs have been found with colonies of mynocks living inside them. The average space slugs attains a length of around 100 meters living in the weightlessness of hard vacuum. For this reason, there have been plenty of verified reports of huge slugs reaching lengths of 900 meters. Space slug flesh, being inorganic, has many technological uses. Their skin is also used, in a ground-up form, as a commercial abrasive. It was rumored, during the last decades of the Old Republic, that miners and smugglers in the asteroid belt of the Cularin System actually trained space slugs to act as guardians of their bases. Other rumors claim that certain slugs were tame enough to allow smugglers to land their ships in their mouths to escape capture. Although these rumors were never substantiated, many starship captains went out of their way to avoid space slugs in the Cularin System. (ESB, SWSB, ISU, LFC)

Space Snipe
this Alliance defensive tactic was developed as a way to fight against Imperial blockade and control of a planet. Squadrons of starfighters were deployed in key hiding places throughout a planetary system, waiting to ambush attacking forces with surprise attacks. If properly planned and supplied, the space snipe can cut off an invading force, rendering it unable to continue and eventually freeing the system. (SWJ2)

Space Tape
this adhesive has a multitude of uses. Like duct tape, it has a strong substrate and dense, tactile glue. (POT)

Space Warper
a starship built by Novaldex. (MMY)

Space Worrt
believed to have evolved from normal worrt stock that was accidentally transported to the asteroids between Antar and New Plymto, this species of worrt could grow to incredible sizes. First encountered by a pair of Rodian pilots, the space worrt was quite adept at camouflaging itself to blend into its surroundings. Weesh, one of the two Rodians, stumbled upon a space worrt without even seeing it, and was quickly consumed by the creature. This first space worrt was larger than a Wookiee, and resembled its smaller cousin in nearly every detail except size. Space worrts adapted to survive on virtually any form of matter, including the silicon matter found in mynocks. (WOTC)

this boxy, Damorian Manufacturing freighter design was produced during the years leading up to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DN2)

another name for a lighter. (HSL)

Spacecaster-class Shuttle
an outdated form of orbital shuttle, the Spacecaster was a hyperspace-capable craft designed for short excursions between planets. (VP, NJOSB)

this was the official publication of the New Republic Scout Service. It documented the goals and ideals of the Service to prospective and new members. (GG8)

Spacelane Bureau
a branch of the Old Republic Navy, the Spacelane Bureau patrolled the ancient jump beacons used to demark hyperspace travel routes, ensuring their accuracy the safety of their routes. (TOJC)

Spaceman's Rest
this bar was located in Teguta Lusat, on the planet Rafa IV, during the early years of the New Order. Lando Calrissian entered the Spaceman's Rest in search of a sabacc game, while trying to gather information on the Treasure of Rafa. (LCM)

this division of the Alliance's Special Forces group was typically ship-based personnel which speciallized in combat which took place aboard a starship. They were considered the 1st Regiment of the SpecForces of the Alliance. (ROE)

any facility which provides starship landing, repair, and modification facilities. The Imperial Space Ministry defined five levels of spaceport classification: Landing Field - any flat, level area with the barest minimum of services. There is no flight tower to control starship traffic. Limited Service Starport - a step up from a landing field, limited service starports have some form of control tower, limited storage space, and only the basic services. Standard Class Spaceport - this facility has a full-staffed control tower, and offers all the basic services plus restocking facilities and a small shipyard. Stellar Class Spaceport - these facilities can handle most of the common starship designs, and provides landing and docking facilities for them. A number of shipyards are available for repairs, and a fully-staffed Customs office is on-site. Imperial Class Spaceport - luxurious and modern, this facility offers a wide range of landing and docking facilities, as well as maintenance areas and storage facilities. Any and all amenities required by a starship's passengers and crew area readily at hand. Customs facilities are top-notch, and security is extremely tight. (GG6)

Spaceport Bar
a well-known chain of Outer Rim hotels and bars. (GG9)

Spaceport Express
this Mos Eisley messaging service was formed by Monom Gantrum, with help from Norun Gep. Gantrum worked a deal on the side with Lady Valarian, which allowed her to scan his manifests for interesting cargo in return for other favors. Its primary office was located on Spacers Row. (GG7, IWST)

Spaceport Gusher
this was the name of the massive water-pumping station that supplied the Abregado-rae Spaceport with water. It was located between the modern spaceport and the Old Patch. (CCW)

Spaceport Hotel
this was generally considered one of the nicest hotels in Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine. (SWTJ)

Spaceport Region
this section of Celanon City was dominated by the vast starport which served the planet Celanon. The central spaceport control tower measured 140 stories in height. (PG1)

Spaceport Row
a street filled with bars and restaurants serving the various traders, shippers, and smugglers that come to Plawal and Belsavis. (COJ)

Spaceport Security Authority
this was the generic term used to describe the security forces which guarded the largest spaceports in the galaxy. They were most prominent at Imperial-class spaceports. (IR)

Spaceport Speeders
this used landspeeder lot was located in Mos Eisley, just off Outer Curved Street, on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. It was owned by Unut Poll, and operated by Wioslea during this time. It was here that Luke Skywalker sold his old speeder to pay for passage to Alderaan aboard the Millennium Falcon. (GG7, TME, IWST)

slang term for a starship pilot. (SW)

Spacer Quarter
this section of Alderaan's capital city of Aldera was dedicated to providing offworlders with the services they required. Bars and taverns, hotels and inns, gambling houses and specialty shops could all be found there. (CCW)

Spacer's Bar
this was one of the Outer Rim's most accessible chains of restaurants and hotels. (GG9)

Spacer's Berth
this warehouse-district cantina was a favorite meeting place of Snitchly Gritch, during the last years of the Old Republic. (GCG)

Spacer's Bistro
a bar and grill location on Byss. (DE2)

Spacer's Chest
this was the generic term used to describe any form of chest or locker in which a starship pilot kept their personal belongings. (SWJ4)

Spacer's Garage
a starship repair facility on Nar Shaddaa. (DE1)

Spacers' Hill
this low mountain, found on Aduba-3, was the site of a cemetary used to bury natives and their companions who traveled the galaxy. (MC7)

Spacer's Information Manual
this Imperial document was required reading for any being who operated a starship during the New Order. Produced by the Imperial Bureau of Regulations, it outlined the necessary documents required for any spacer, as well as providing information on any possible scenario under which a starship may be boarded. However, many Imperial Customs agents relied more on first-hand knowledge of particular spacers and situations in boarding situations. (PSPG, SWJ9)

Spacer's Lounge
a cantina located in Imperial City, on Coruscant, during the early decades of the New Republic. (HT)

Spacer's Luck
this was one of the many gambling halls located in the Spacer Quarter of Aldera, on the planet Alderaan. (CCW)

Spacer's Rest
a cantina located near the main starport serving the planet Wroona. (PSG)

Spacers Row
this was one of the main thoroughfares found in the city of Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine. It was named for the businesses that lined it, which catered to the needs of traveling starship crews. It met up with the Outer Curved Street at the Ubrikkian Trade Tower. (IWST)

Spacer's Street
one of the main thoroughfares in the capital city of Cilpar, located near Mos Tommro Spaceport. (SOP)

this word evolved on Coruscant, as a description of the tallest buildings found on the planet, if not in the galaxy. (UF)

this was the term used to describe specially-trained stormtroopers used for zero-G battles in outer space. They were trained as deadly commandos, second in stature to only the Imperial Royal Guard. Their specially-modified body armor acted as protection, propulsion, and weapons system. They were rightly referred to as walking tanks. (COTF, ISB)

this was one of the binary stars at the center of the Aldo Spachian System. (SL)

this species of tree was native to the planet Achillea, and was used in the creation of luxurious furniture items. (PGT)

a form of execution in which the victim is cast into the vacuum of deep space without any protection. (HSL)

this Hutt ganglord ran his business from the Aikhibba System. (DESB)

this clone trooper was part of the platoon dispatched to Pengalan IV, during the early stages of the Clone Wars, to eliminate a Separatist missile facility on the planet. He was given the nickname Mapper by Joram Kithe, who was stranded on the planet with the platoon's survivors after the Separatist sprang a trap. The nickname, given to help Joram communicate with the troopers, was based on the fact that the clone trooper carried the platoon's remaining equipment, including a shovel. Spade and his comrade, Hash, were killed shortly afterward, during the platoon's attempt to reach the actual missile production facility beneath the surface of Tur Lorkin. It was later revealed to Joram that Spade and his platoon-mates were actually enhanced clones, having been given additional self-reliance and initiative during their development. These enhanced troops were dispatched with observers like Joram, in order to ensure the production of clone troopers was continued. (SWI65)

Spade Forest
this was one of the many forests which covered the surface of the planet Null. Lorian Nod agreed to meet Obi-Wan Kenobi and his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, in the Spade Forest, after Nod agreed to work with the Jedi to discover the motives of Count Dooku on the planet. (LOJ)

Spade Ray
this unusual fish, once native to the Yuuzhan Vong homeworld of Yuuzhan'tar, was shaped like a wide shovel or spade. After many generations of bio-engineering, spade rays were developed that could serve as living shovels. (T)

Spade-headed Smooka
this long-bodied, flying rodent was native to the planet Dagobah. They were named for their wide, flat head. The mouth of the smooka spread across its entire face, and was filled with sharp teeth used to chisel out holes in the trees. These holes were used for nesting purposes. Smookas didn't actually fly, but used stiff skin flaps to allow them to glide from branch to branch. (WSW)

this Imperial Navy Captain was in command of a Dreadnaught that was assigned to patrol near M'haeli. (ROC)

Spagga Core, Incorporated
this mining operation produced a number of rare and speciality gems used in lasers during the height of the New Order. It was rumored that they had secured the mining rights to an unspecified planet in the Minos Cluster, in hopes of mining corusca gems in its atmosphere. Spagga hoped to be able to cut into the market share of Damarind Corporation. (SWJ10)

this Outlaw Tech was the leader of a group of unemployed Imperial engineers who developed the Hornet Interceptor for the Tenloss Syndicate. (JASB)

this man was one of the original techs who helped build the Tanquilla Beach space station. It was Spang who procured and installed all of the station's weaponry. Spang was also a trusted friend of Bequesh, and was often under the old man's protection. During the early years of the New Republic, Spang and his daughter, Fia, operated a starship repair facility aboard Tanquilla Beach. (DARK)

Spangled Veil Nebula
this gaseous formation is located near Exodo II and the gas clouds of Odos, in the Meridian Sector. (POT)

this was the nickname of Luskin Exovar's E3 companion droid. Those who knew Exovar the best could not recall a time when Spanner wasn't with him. Spanner was sensitive to the plight of droids, especially during the height of the New Order, and wasn't afraid to use its heavy lifters to take out a measure of revenge against anti-droid beings. Spanner rarely spoke aloud, and then usually only to Exovar. (WSV)

see Alpha-02 (SWI80, GORW)

Spar Sector
along with the Moddell and Ablajeck Sectors of the galaxy, this sector made up the Inner Zuma region. (GMR9)

this ancient bee was native to the original Yuuzhan Vong homeworld of Yuuzhan'tar. It was the baseline from which thud bugs and blast bugs were bio-engineered. Unadulterated sparkbees were also maintained, since they produced a form of honey which was nutritious. (T)

a term used to describe the sugary pop music which was popular during the early years of the New Republic. (POT)

a New Republic Navy crewman serving under Harona on the starship Glorious. (BTS)

this was a small form of incendiary device which was often used at parties to light candles. These devices came in single-use versions as well as models which could be reused many times before their fuel sources ran dry. (PH)

this maroon and white R5 astromech droid was assigned to the X-Wing starfighter used by Jaina Solo during the evacuation of Dubrillion. After Jaina became a full member of Rogue Squadron, Sparky served as her counterpart until the defense of Kalarba. During the struggle to protect Hosk Station, Jaina's X-Wing was destroyed. She managed to fire her ejection seat and get clear of the explosion, but Sparky was destroyed in the blast. (DTO, BP)

Spart, Keevy
this young Corellian man was aboard the Tinta Palette when Corran Horn fled from Corellia, during his search for Mirax Terrik. Keevy dreamed of becoming a starfighter pilot, but the demilitarization following the deaths of Grand Admiral Thrawn and the reborn Emperor Palpatine left him with little hope of realizing that dream. (IJ)

this megonite miner was secretly hoarding the moss with Calus Bing, in an effort to create their own fortune. They were forced to detonate the moss in an effort to escape the Imperial forces on Phelarion, some years after the Battle of Yavin. (CSWEA)

Spasso, Garvan
this untrustworthy, low-life trader made a living smuggling holotapes and exotic spices between Kalab and Glova, during the early years of the New Republic. (POC)

a substance carried on most small starships. It was a ceramic material that was "grown" from a silicate-based organism which multiplied in the presence of certain chemicals. It was used to fill and seal small hull dmage. (COJ, SWJ4)

Spathen, Framjem
a post-Clone Wars holo-feature star, he had surgically-implanted muscles added to his physique. (COJ)

Spatter Pit
this was the name given to the slight depression in which Yuuzhan Vong slaves were tortured and interrogated before being offered up as sacrifices to the gods. (SBS)

a game of chance played in many Imperial casinos. (SWJ1)

Spawn Nebula
Meres Ulcane attempted to flee to this nebula, after being discovered on Betha II by agents of the New Republic. Via hyperspace, the nebula is only a half-hour from the planet Betha II. It was here, located in the shadow of the nebula, that the Kaarenth Dissension hoarded a fleet of starships for use against the New Republic. A spherical space station was maintained to keep the fleet in constant readiness.A team of New Republic agents managed to locate Ulcane and track him to the nebula, where they were able to destroy the repair station and much of the fleet it supported. (SWJ8)

Spawn Ship
this was the Basic name for the Yuuzhan Vong Sh'rip Sh'pa. This ship was basically a grand cruiser which had been outfitted with a secondary module that contained dovin basals. This configuration allowed the main ship to take a great deal of fire, while the module simply absorbed it. (HT, NJOSB)

Spawning Caverns
located on the planet Kuras III, this series of caves was favored by the Aganof species as a place to reproduce. (PG3)

Spawning Day
this holiday was celebrated by Bingo Mehndra. (T6)

this is the Yevethan name for the planet N'zoth. (CTD)

Spax, Ben
no one knew this young man's background, and many believed he found the Alliance all on his own. Spax joined the ranks of the starfighter pilots in the Alliance, although he was recruited for Intelligence work by Airen Cracken. (GMK)

a series of insectoid maintenance droids. (TLC)

this model of so-called "spider droid" has highly-flexible appendages that allow it to navigate inside power cores and engine blocks to affect repairs where no human could reach. (DSTC)

SPD-series Droid
these security droids were common among security and law enforcement agencies. Known as scanning patrol droids, they were box-like automata that roll on treads, similar to the MSE-6 droid. The SPD-series also has a number of retractable appendages that it uses to search out security breaches. One of the best-known examples was the Hound-W2. (TTSB, SWJ14, EGD)

this was the term used to describe the leader of a Yapi tribe. The Speaker was the wisest warrior of his clan. (E)

this was the Trandoshan term for the Senator who represented Trandosha to the Old Republic Senate. (HNN4)

a group of Alliance YT-1300s destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Spear V
this is the designation of a mid-grade computer spike manufactured by MicroThrust. It is more efficient that the Piercer IV, but not as good as a Lancer spike. (CFG)

this underwater city, located on the planet Naboo, was the ancient stronghold of Boss Rogoe, some 3,000 years before the Battle of Naboo. It was destroyed shortly after Boss Rogoe launched an assault on the city of Otoh Sancture, in an effort to eliminate Boss Gallo. Despite the destruction of Otoh Sancture, Boss Gallo survived and launched a counter-assault on Boss Rogoe. After defeating Rogoe and destroying much of Spearhead, Boss Gallo began to unite the Gungan people into a unified society. From the ashes and rubble of Spearhead, Boss Gallo built the original portions of the city known as Otoh Gunga. (GB)

Spearhead Droid
this was a form of droid starfighter developed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, during the height of the Clone Wars. The spearhead droid was designed as a sort of kamikaze fighter, used to penetrate a planet's orbital defenses and reach the surface, where the fighter plunged into buildings and other strategic locations. These droids proved successful in many campaigns, including the opening stages of the First Battle of Coruscant. (LEV)

traditionally, the best hunter among the Whiphids on Toola is named the Spearmaster. The Spearmaster is, by default, the leader of the nomadic tribes of Whiphid. (GG4)

this was the shortened name used by the Alliance's Special Forces division. Among the various disciplines of the SpecForce soldier were SpaceOps Troops, Pathfinders, Urban Combat Specialists, Wilderness Fighters, Technicians, Infiltrators, and Heavy Weapons Specialists. At any given time during the Galactic Civil War, there were ten or more SpecForce divisions scattered across the galaxy. The primary division was the Command Division, which was attached to the Alliance's High Command and governed the overall activity of the SpecForces in action. (ROE)

SpecForce Officers Training Manual
this was the Alliance's collection of information used to educate and train potential officers of the Special Forces division. It included doctrines and operational information for leading and conducting warfare. (ROE)

Special Bakuran Troops
this branch of the Bakuran armed forces was trained for special operations. (FH2)

Special Delivery
this was one of the many historical holovids that were produced during the era of the New Republic, chronicling the exploits of the heroes of the Galactic Civil War. This particular holovid told the story of the rescue of Leia Organa by Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, and the subsequent delivery of Princess Leia and the information stored in R2-D2 to the Alliance's base on Yavin 4. (DN1)

Special Enforcement Officers
these law enforcement agents were culled from the best of the Sector Rangers, and given more wide-spread authority and detention powers. Because of their widespread jurisdictions, SEOs often commanded task forces which focused on specific types of crimes, such as kidnappings, counter-espionage, and anti-terrorist operations. (GG11, GMR8)

Special Insertion Team
this was the name given to the elite group of stormtroopers and Imperial soldiers who could secretly infiltrate any installation and disable it. These teams were well trained and highly skilled in all forms of combat, and were sent in to eliminate resistance in very hostile situations. They were often on missions for months at a time, establishing themselves before beginning their assault. (SLS)

Special Navy Forces
this joint effort between the Empire's Ubiqtorate and its Navy was developed with several missions in mind. First, the Navy hoped to train dangerous soldiers to act as advance forces to use when landing on a new planet. The Navy hoped to be able to eliminate the need for Army ground assault forces. The Ubiqtorate hoped to create a group of mobile intelligence operatives with specialized skills and training, who could be assigned virtually any mission on a moment's notice. Known as SpecNav, these forces were trained at the D8-Red base in the Ringali Nebula, but never saw action. Following the Battle of Endor, any troopers stationed on D8-Red were quickly reassigned posts elsewhere to help bolster the fragmenting Empire. (FOP)

Special Operations Brigade
this was the branch of the Grand Army of the Republic that was formed from clone commandos, ARC Troopers, and clone commaners, and which operated separately from the main army. Developed by Jedi Master Iri Camas and commanded by Jedi Master Alrigan Zey, the so-called SO BDE consisted of 50,000 men arranged into ten battalions. Each battalion was divided into ten commando groups, which were led by Jedi Knight Bardan Jusik. Each commando group was made up of five companies, which were further divided into five troops of twenty men. Each troop was independent of the others, and initially consisted of four clone commandos who had been trained together since birth. (SWI84)

Special Operative 1312
this was the codename for Pentix Graphyt, under the Imperial Delta Emergency Code that protected Project Orrad. (SWJ5)

found in the deserts of Tatooine, this form of sandstone was often carved by the wind into giant pinnacles. (TG)

SpecNav Forces
see Special Navy Forces. (FOP)

this planet was under Imperial control during the Galactic Civil War. (SESB)

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