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Sinn, Mirith

this strikingly beautiful, red-haired woman was the leader of the New Republic's forces in the sector of space controlled by the Imperial garrison on Phaeda. Her base of operations was on Phaeda itself. A one-time native of the planer Nez Peron, she was married to Jahren Sinn when Imperial forces decided to stop at his farm for supplies. They tried to take what they wanted from Jahren, but he refused. The Imperial troops shot him dead on the spot, and Mirith escaped only because the troops were too busy stealing supplies to notice. She dedicated her life to the destruction of the Empire, joining the Alliance just before the Battle of Endor, and rising quickly to the rank of Commander. However, her skills were more in Intelligence and counter-insurgence rather than battle tactics. When Tem Merkon told her about the existence of Kir Kanos, she decided to bring the former Imperial into her organization. She was met with resistance from Massimo, who challenged her to a duel. When Colonel Shev discovered location of her stronghold on Phaeda, she tried to rally her troops but instead sent part of her force too far. She ignored the warnings of her second-in-command, Sish Sadeet, and nearly lost the battle. Kir Kanos took control of the fight, quickly dispatching Shev's stormtroopers. She offered to get him off-planet on the Millennium Falcon, for she was a friend of Han Solo. Kanos declined, and Sinn set about moving her forces to Collo Fauale. She also donned a cloak and tried to draw Imperial forces away from Kanos' escape, hoping to use Merkon's treacherous double-cross to her advantage. She was captured in Kanos' place, but was severely tortured by General Wessel's forces and Carnor Jax himself. After Jax let her go, she followed Kanos to Yinchorr where she and Sish Sadeet eliminated Blim before he could kill Kanos. They then tried to take Jax alive, but Kanos killed him in combat. When Sish Sadeet tried to kill Kanos for not keeping Jax alive, Kanos also killed Sadeet in defense. He then left Yinchorr to plan his next move. Mirith, angered by the loss of Jax and Sadeet, vowed to hunt down and destroy Kanos. She employed the services of Grappa the Hutt, in an effort to locate and eliminate Kanos. While inhis employ, she discovered that Grappa held the real Feena D'Asta captive. Mirith's fiance had done business with Feena's father. She tried to free D'Asta, and was assisted in her rescue by a cloaked assassin. However, Mirith was confronted by Grappa himself, who had learned from Massimo that she was secretly trying to break Grappa's piracy ring which had been plaguing New Republic ships. Grappa had both Mirith and Massimo turned over to the Zanibar for betraying his trust. She was rescued from certain death by Kir Kanos, and they left Massimo to die a traitor's death. They then fled the Zanibar camp, and Sinn was rescued by Kennede's son. She later rescued Kanos from Grappa the Hutt, when she imprisoned Grappa and recovered the real Feena D'Asta. Mirith then contacted the Baron D'Asta and returned his daughter, then helped Kanos eliminate Xandel Carivus. She tried to convince the Baron to side with the New Republic, but he chose to lead his sector of space by himself. They did remain friends, however. She met with a similar failure when she tried to convince Kir Kanos to stay with her. He chose to leave, knowing in his heart that he would always be an Imperial while she was loyal to the Republic.
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