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this ancient race of insect-like humanoids was native to the planet Korriban, and was isolated from the rest of the Old Republic for many millennia. The history of the Sith race can be trced back to a point some 100,000 years before the onset of the Galactic Civil War. As a race, they were characterized by dark, red skin, cranial horns, and long bony chins. There were several subspecies of Sith, each with its own place in their society. Some were slaves, other were warriors, and the highest caste of all were the magicians. Because they lived in a remote sector of the ancient galaxy, the Sith were unknown to the rest of the galaxy until a group of Jedi outcasts discovered their existence. These so-called Dark Jedi were banished from the Old Republic and the Jedi order for their desire to learn more about the Dark Side of the Force, and chose to flee across the galaxy rather than be persecuted. Going well beyond the Republic's borders, the Dark Jedi were drawn to Korriban. The Sith who were native to the plabet regarded the Dark Jedi as gods. The Force-sensitive Sith magicians proved to have control over the Dark Side of the Force, and the outcast Jedi took many of their tomes and teachings for further study. Over the millennia, the two groups intermingled, until very little pure Sith blood remained. As a race, the Sith developed a rigid hierarchy of magicians and warriors, with the leadership of the brotherhood falling to the current Dark Lord of the Sith. The Sith wrote expansive volumes on the control and use of the Dark Side, and described incredible manifestations of power. Later, they were able to created amulets and weaponry that could assist the user in controlling the Dark Side. These devices amplified the Dark Side, making the user incredibly powerful. Much of the Sith lore was hidden on various worlds when the ancient Jedi Knights first sought to eradicate the Sith. Some was stored on Korriban, some on the moon of Yavin 4. The last remained true-blooded Sith were wiped out by Exar Kun during the Great Sith War, when he stole their life energy in an effort to defend his fortress on Yavin 4 against the forces of the Old Republic.
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