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Sith Battlelords

according to information that appeared on the Cularin System's HoloNet nodes during the height of the Clone Wars, the Sith Battlelords were created by Darth Rivan on Almas, thousands of years earlier. Darth Rivan supposedly created the battlelords to oversee the training of Sith warriors, and to instill fear in his enemies. These impartial beings brooked no insubordination, not from the warriors themselves and not from their superior officers. Each battlelord was psychically connected to the warriors and officers under their command, and could use the Dark Side of the Force to demand compliance in one or all of their charges. Rumors held that the battlelords were first created and tested on Almas because of its remote location. In an arcane ritual, a battlelord candidate was laid out on an altar and cut open. The blood was allowed to flow from their body, while a Sith Lord uttered incantations and their subordinate troops marched through the pool of blood. In this way, if the candidate survived the rest of the process, the troops were bound to the battlelord. In order to ensure complete loyalty, the magic involved in the creation of a battlelord gave him or her the ability to transfer any pain they felt to one of their troops. This not only ensured that the troops didn't try to kill their battlelord, but it also ensured that they fought with all their energy to protect the battlelord during combat. Although Darth Rivan managed to perfect the entire creation process, he was betrayed by his apprentice before he could create more than a few battlelords.
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