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Lowbacca's younger sister, she was a free spirit who didn't want to conform to her family's idea of normal. Although she didn't resent her brother's ability with the Force, she chafed at the idea of simply working in the local factories on Kashyyyk. In open defiance of her family's wishes, she shaved her fur in intricate patterns in order to make herself different. She hoped that her parents would realize her desires for an adventurous life. Sirra wanted to spend her life among the stars, much like her uncle Chewbacca. She shared this dream with her best friend, Raabakyysh. Sirra was shaken by the disappearance of Raaba, who was never found after the young Wookiee tried to prove her adulthood by venturing into the lower jungles without Sirra. Shortly afterward, Sirra decided that it was time to prove her own adulthood. Lowie returned to Kashyyyk to accompany her, but their plans were cut short by the Shadow Academy's raid on the Wookiee factories. The Imperials succeeded in gaining essential computer and starship components used by the New Republic, but Lowie and Sirra had their own success. They battled the Nightsister Vonnda Ra in the depths of Kashyyyk's jungles, and both Sirra and Vonnda Ra fell into the clutches of a syren plant. With the help of Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka, Lowie managed to rescue his sister before the plant captured her. Vonnda Ra was eaten by the plant, but not before Sirra managed to obtain some of the tough, silky fibers from the plant's interior. Thus, she had proved her bravery to Lowie and her parents, and was recognized as an adult for her bravery. As the struggle with the Diversity Alliance intensified, Sirrakuk was captured and held on Ryloth with Lusa, Lowbacca, and several other non-human friends of Jaina and Jacen Solo. They were eventually freed.
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