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Sentinel-class Landing Craft

this Sienar Fleet Systems' design was derived from the Lambda-class shuttle, retaining the Lambda's triple-wing design. As with the Lambda, the Sentinel's two lower wings folded during landing. The Sentinel differed from the Lambda in terms of cargo space and weapons. There were eight retractable laser cannons mounted on the hull, two concussion missile launchers, a retractable ion cannon, and a pair of retractable repeating blaster cannons mounted beneath the cockpit. This weapons system of retractable mounts meant the Sentinel-class was sleek and aerodynamic when swift transport is needed, but it could handle its own in a fight. The Sentinel also had enhanced armor plating for defense. The 20-meter-long central section of the Sentinel was widened and elongated to allow for the transport of up to 54 soldiers and six speeder bikes. If all seats were removed, the ship could accommodate up to thirty-six speeder bikes, twelve combat assault vehicles, or 180 metric tons of cargo. The Sentinel-class shuttle was equipped with a Class 1 hyperdrive for speed, and it could attain speeds of 1,000 kilometers per hour in atmosphere with its HD7 engine array. The Sentinel-class was introduced after the Battle of Yavin, but never became widely used in the Imperial fleet. Following the Battle of Endor, SFS allowed Cygnus SpaceWorks to build their own version of the Sentinel, and the craft became available to private, pro-Imperial concerns. In this way, it also found its way into New Republic fleets via front companies.
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