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Stars' End

this was the Corporate Sector Authority's penal colony, located on Mytus VII and at the edge of Authority space in the Tingel Arm. The facility was comprised of a number of protective domes dotting the planetoid's surface, which were connected by tubes and covered walkways rather than tunnels. The domes had various functions, including living quarters, barracks, and weapons emplacements. At the center of the complex was a tower which housed the colony's offices. This tower was made from a single piece of molecularly-bonded armor. The entire facility was powered a capital-ship-class generator buried beneath the surface. This generator produced enough energy to power the shielding systems that protected the entire tower and the surrounding facility. It also supplied energy to an anticoncussion field that protected the tower from impacts. Despite the cost involved in these design points, they made the tower exceptionally durable and all but impenetrable to outside forces. A dome at the top of the tower gave the workers inside a spectacular view of the stars. Hidden within this tower was a facility in which the Authority kept dissidents and rebels in suspended animation. When Han Solo infiltrated the facility to rescue Chewbacca and the other prisoners during the early years of the New Order, he had Blue Max install an overload spiral in its secondary defense program, as a hedge against anything that might go wrong during the rescue attempt. When Viceprex Hirken discovered them and tried to detain them, Han was able to disable Hirken's belt control, but that caused the station's power to be rerouted, which intensified the overload spiral. This led to a massive explosion which, when contained by the station's defensive shields and its single-piece construction, was directed downward and into the planet, launching the facility's central tower into a parabolic flight path. With the help of Atuarre and Pakka, Han was able to rescue the prisoners and get them away from the tower. The tower, now essentially a rocket, lacked sufficient velocity to escape the planetoid's gravitiational field, and returned to crash into the ground. The entire tower was destroyed, along with much of the colony. Hirken was murdered in the tower by his wife, and the Security Police that were in the tower died on impact. The initial disaster, coupled with the resulting secondary explosions when the tower crashed back to earth, left Stars' End a worthless outpost.
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