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Stark Hyperspace Wars

also known as the Stark Hyperspace Conflict, this series of bloody battles was waged by the Old Republic, with the help of the Jedi Knights, some thirteen years before the Battle of Naboo. This timing comes from the official Star Wars website. Star Wars: The Stark Hyperspace War indicates that the War took place just eight years before the Battle of Naboo. Historians trace the cause of the war to the actions of Iaco Stark, whose brash marketeering had undermined the efforts of the Trade Federation to strangle the Mid and Outer Rim Territories. In the midst of Stark's actions, the Trade Federation and the Xucphra cartel began hording supplies of bacta, causing a galaxy-wide shortage while hoping to reap huge profits. Self-styled General Ranulph Tarkin tried to destroy the Stark Commercial Combine by amassing a small warfleet from his supporters in the Old Republic military. He convinced Nute Gunray to tell him that Stark was meeting with representatives of the Old Republic and the Jedi Knights on Troiken, so Tarkin set out to confront him. However, Stark caught wind of Tarkin's plans. He unleashed a navigational computer virus on Tarkin's fleet; some ships flew into the hearts of stars or black holes, some were hopelessly lost, and just a few emerged from hyperspace near Troiken. During the battle, the forces of the Old Republic were devastated after the death of Jedi Master Tyvokka, who was leading them. Tyvokka's apprentice, Plo Koon, rose to the occasion, taking up the mantle of the fallen Master and rallying the Republic's troops for an unlikely and miraculous victory. Note that MedStar I: Battle Surgeons indicates that the Stark Hyperspace Wars took place 5,000 years before the Clone Wars.
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