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this Tusken Raider was the leader of his tribe when he decided to adopt Tahiri Veila. Sliven himself had been separated from his tribe several months earlier, after surviving a skirmish with a group of smugglers, and was taken in by Tahiri's parents, Tryst and Cassa. They tended to his wounds and restored him to health, despite the inherent cultural differences between humans and Tusken Raiders. While in their care, Sliven learned the Basic language, and became fond of Tahiri. The compassion of Tryst and Cassa made Sliven understand that their two peoples could live together, if only they were able to look beyond their ingrained fear and hatred of each other. To help rebuild his strength, and to help repay is debt, Sliven began to teach Tryst how to fight with a gaderffi. It was during one of their training sessions that Sliven's clan found him. They had been tracking him ever since the smuggler attack, and were surprised to find him in combat with a human. Believing him to be in trouble, the Tusken Raiders attacked and killed Tryst and Cassa with a swiftness that startled Sliven. Rather than abandoning Tahiri to the desert, Sliven demanded that she be taken into the tribe. However, he faced criticism from his tribe for the decision, especially from Vexa. He was forced to keep Tahiri's true parentage a complete secret from the girl, on penalty of death. Before leaving the farm behind, Sliven made a small pendant from a peice of mud, which he imprinted with the fingerprints of both Tryst and Cassa. The pendant he gave to Tahiri, although he could only tell her that the prints were from her parents. In order to learn the complete story of her parents, Tahiri would have to earn her place among the Tusken Raiders in a trial of adulthood. Sliven abided by the agreement, mainly because he loved the child and wanted her to grow up strong and free. Several years later, when Tionne came to Tatooine looking for Force-sensitive individuals, Sliven allowed Tahiri to travel to Yavin 4 in order to receive training as a Jedi. However, knowing that Tahiri would soon have to face her trial, Sliven made a deal with Tahiri. Tahiri had to return six months later and face the trials of a Tusken Raider youth. If Tahiri succeeded, then Tahiri would be allowed to learn of her true parentage. If she chose to remain on Yavin 4, she would be banished from the tribe forever. Sliven secretly hoped she would remain with the Jedi, although he admitted to himself that he didn't want to die. Tahiri surprised everyone, even Vexa, by returning to Tatooine and surviving her trial. Sliven gladly told her the truth about her parents, and was relieved when Tahiri felt no anger at him or the tribe for their deaths. He was also quietly heppy when Tahiri made her deicison to return to Yavin 4 and continue her training as a Jedi. As they parted, Sliven gave Tahiri a second pendant, this one with his own fingerprint, as a reminder of all three of her parents. Sliven passed away shortly after Tahiri returned at the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4.
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