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Scouring, The

this was the Basic name of the Se'Lenti, which was the term used by the Gorothites to describe the ecological and environmental destruction wrought on the planet Goroth Prime during the Aqualish-Corellian War. The offworlders, who each paid handsomely to the P'Dar'Ken for limited and conflicting mining rights, had grown fed up with the manipulations of the Rel'Kan, J'Kek D'rith Kalama. Since neither side could control the planet, they decided that no one would control it. They sent waves of asteroids on a collisionn course with Goroth Prime, and the resulting impacts wreaked incredible amounts of damage. It was estimated that nearly five billion Gorothites died in the resulting cataclysm, with barely two million survivors going underground to escape the destruction. Because of this event, hyperbarides which had been locked into the crust of the planet were vaporized, becoming part of the atmosphere and altering the Gorothite physiology over many generations to accept its presence. The resutling atmospheric conditions had one unique side-effect: repulsorlift engines failed to work on Goroth Prime.
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