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Star Home

this was the name of the personal ship used by the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium. It was passed from queen mother to queen mother during the 4,000 years leading up to the Battle of Endor. Its design was based on the floorplan to the queen mother's castle, Per'Agthra, on Hapes. Note that the Hapes entries in Planet Hoppers indicate that the Star Home was based on the designs of the Fountain Palace. It was no match for the more modern capital ships, but it was truly unique and impressive in its own way. The basic design appeared to be a castle set upon a huge, five-pronged base formed from black basalt native to Hapes. As ungainly as it looked, Star Home was quite spaceworthy. It measured some 2,500 meters in diameter at the time of Prince Isolder's marriage to Teneniel Djo. The castle atop the ship contained living quarters, dining halls, meeting rooms, and a private hangar bay for the Queen Mother's personal transport ship. It was studded with towers that were capped with crystal domes that provided unlimited views of the stars. The interior of the castle appeared to have been cut from dark stone, and the decorations and adornments were all handcrafted on one of the Hapan worlds. Treasures of unspeakable wealth were proudly displayed in the halls and meeting rooms, having been collected during the 4,000-year existence of Star Home. The base of the castle was filled with Star Home's six Kerts-Bhrg power generators and engine systems. Like the five prong-like arms, the base was also constructed of basalt from Hapes. These basalt structures were very fragile in the vacuum of space, and were heavily protected by shield generators. Twenty-four sublight engines were required to move the ship through realspace; four Froond-class hyperdrive engines were slaved to a single motivator for hyperspacial travel. It was armed with twenty turbolasers, twenty laser cannons, and six tractor beams. Sixty Miy'til starfighters could also be carried in the docking bays, along with numerous shuttles and transports. The crew of the Star Home consisted of 500 engineers, ninety starfighter pilots, fifty officers, and 100 soldiers.
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