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a huge, lumbering contraption that moved about on four tracks, the sandcrawler was used as both a transport and a warehouse by the Jawas. They were originally Corellia Engineering Mining Digger Crawlers, ore haulers brought to Tatooine during the first attempts to extract ores and valubale minerals from the planet. Tatooine, however, had a limited natural ores which had strange, magnetic characteristics, and so the haulers were abandoned after the destruction of the space station Tatoo III. The various Jawa clans assumed ownership and used them to traverse the deserts. A Jawa sandcrawler was refitted to house nearly 100 clan members, as well as to accommodate a large cargo hold and processing station. The operation of a sandcrawler was nearly impossible for a non-Jawa, as many of the onboard systems had been modified to suit the Jaws' needs. The primary advantage to using these slow machines was the protection they afforded a Jawa clan in the open desert. The inside of a sandcrawler was relatively cool, and the armor plating protected the Jawas from Sandpeople and smaller krayt dragons.
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