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Cosmic Lord
this was another name for the Yuuzhan Vong deity Yun-Yuuzhan. (SBS)

Cosmic Overdrive
this was a slang term used to describe a starship's fastest possible sublight speed. (PZZ1)

Cosmic Wheel
a cornerstone of the religion of the Cosmic Balance, the Wheel is always turning, attempting to re-establish the galactic balance. (TB)

Cosmic Wisdom, The
a mystical reference used by Wuher. (TME)

an intergalactic paging service provider. (SOL)

Cosmohaul Shipping
this cargo transportation company was beset by a number of pirate attacks, many of which seemed to have Imperial backing. The pirates turned out to be Xalto Sneerzick and his crew. A group of freelance mercenaries assisted Cosmohaul and the New Republic in halting Sneerzick's raids. (SWJ9)

this was the nickname used by Leia Organa-Solo to describe one of her images analysts. Assigned to her by Nanaod Engh, the Costumer was in charge of creating Leia's makeup and clothing. (TT)

a Sullustan transport ship, it was assigned to carry diplomats to a rendezvous with Alliance diplomats prior to the Battle of Yavin. (XW)

this pudgy, male Twi'lek worked as an infochant on the planet Naalol, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. In addition to being one of the only Twi'leks on the planet, Cotan was distinguished by his grayish-pink skin. (GMR5, WOA36)

a common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "tower". (GCG)

this planet is a hot, dry, desert world. From space, Cotellier has a deep red color. It is orbited by an emerald green moon which has three rings of ice and rock encircling it. There is very little standing water on the planet, and dust storms frequently ravage the surface. The only industry on the planet is the mining of Nova crystals. (GMH)

this Ishi Tib served as the quartermaster aboard Urias Xhaxin's pirate ship, the Free Lance. (PP)

this Imperial Lieutenant was assigned to the garrison in the city of Hullis, on the planet Halmad. He was known as a poor sabacc player, and was also a belligerent drinker. He was one of the Imperials captured by Wraith Squadron at Ola's, during their attempt to steal TIE Interceptors for use by the Hawk-bats. (IF)

see Cofferdam (PP)

an ancient Yuuzhan Vong weapon, the coufee was a large, double-edged knife. Developed in the earliest days of the Yuuzhan Vong warrior class, it was a crude but nonetheless effective weapon. After the hostilities between the Yuuzhan Vong and the Galactic Alliance were resolved, and the Yuuzhan Vong were allowed to live on the planet Zonama Sekot, they found that coufees and many other bio-engineered weapons simply reverted to their animal forms and fled into the forests. This was one way in which Sekot forced the Yuuzhan Vong to give up their lust for war and embrace a more enlightened existence. (VP, UF)

Coufee Eel
this was one of the many unusual lifeforms that evolved on Coruscant, in the wake of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Named for their resemblance to a coufee blade, these eels became one of the favorite prey of the hawk-bat population that survived the devastation of the planet. (DN1)

this planet was located in the Anoat Sector of the galaxy. It was situated between the worlds of Gerrenthum and Nothoiin, and was considered the governmental seat of the Nothoiin race. Nothoiin Colony representatives chose to meet on Council - which earned the planet its name - to avoid any implied favoritism among factions. (WOA33)

Council Chamber
this the name given to the circular room located atop the Jedi Council Spire, part of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. It had windows along all its walls, providing a complete 360-degree view of the cityscape below. (PJSB)

Council of 127
this was the primary political body of the Jenet race, and was made up of 127 councilors who work with a Premiere to make decisions. Members of the council were not elected, but the exact selection process was not known. Jenets could tell if an individual serves on the Council by their name. (GG4)

Council of Alwari Elders
this was the name of the governing body formed when the Situng Borokii and Hovsgol Januul clans united, shortly before the Clone Wars. The two Alwari overclans joined after meeting with the Jedi Knights to discuss a treaty between the Alwari and the Unity of Community, a treaty which allowed Ansion to remain a member of the Old Republic. (APS)

Council of Chieftains
this was the planetary governing body formed by the Eklaad to mediate disputes and plan for future actions. After the Empire established a presence on Sirpar, the Council of Chieftains was disbanded. (AE)

Council of Confederated Provinces
this was the name given to the unified government established on the planet Roon, following the death of Governor Koong and the departure of Imperial forces from the planet, several years before the Battle of Yavin. Representatives from each of Roon's provinces met in the remains of the Tawntoom Citadel to negotiate and legislate on Roon's affairs. (WOTC, GORW)

Council of Elders
see Clan Council (TF)

Council of Elders
the group of leaders of an Ewok tribe. (ROTJ)

Council of Elders
this was the name of the ruling body that governed the day-to-day activities of the planet Alderaan. It was the Council of Elders that decided to store all of Alderaan's weapons aboard the starship Another Chance. (GA)

Council of First Knowledge
this Council of the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic was charged with advising the Jedi on matters which required the oldest of the ancient Jedi lore. The Council worked from the northwest towers of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (IWE1, PJSB)

Council of Gordek
this four-member council was established by the Orfites to rule the various tribal sahhs. Each member was chosen by popular vote, and those elected to the Council served for life or until the Council decided that a new vote would be held. The choice of four representatives was rooted in Orfite history, and represented the four moons of Kidron as well as the four lungs each Orfite used to breathe. The Council was also charged with maintaining the secret of the ores located on the two largest moons of Kidron, Primor and Segual. (AE, PG3)

Council of Ithorian Elders
this body was formed in the wake of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, in an effort to ensure that the dishomed Ithorians of the galaxy had a voice in the Galactic Alliance Senate. (DN1)

Council of Matrons
this was the name given to the body of female Gamorreans which controlled the clans of the planet Gamorr. Each clan had its own Council, which made the decisions about war. (EGA)

Council of Ministers
this was the primary advisory body of Galacian politics, supporting the monarchy but wielding little actual power. (MOC)

Council of Reconciliation
this Council of the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic was charged with seeking out peaceful resolutions to the conflicts which raged across the galaxy during the last decades of the Old Republic. Like the Council of First Knowledge, the Council of Reconciliation worked in one the southeast towers of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. (IWE1, PJSB)

Council of Security and Intelligence
this New Republic Senatorial group's identity was so secret and hidden that rumors of its existence were often viewed as invalid or bold-faced lies. They met in a shielded room deep below Imperial Palace, and were in control of the use of Alpha Blue. (SOL)

Council of Separatists
this was the term used to describe the leaders of the various galactic guilds and unions that sided with Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, during the Clone Wars. Leaders from the Techno Union, the Commerce Guild, the Trade Federation and the InterGalactic Banking Clan all held positions on the Council, although they ultimately had to answer to Dooku himself. The entire Council of Separatists was gathered together by General Grievous near the end of the Clone Wars, ostensibly to protect them from harm at the hands of the Republic. However, it was all part of Chancellor Palpatine's plot to assume control of the galaxy. After secreting the Council away on Mustafar, Palpatine ordered Anakin Skywalker to travel to Mustafar and eliminate them. With the extermination of the Council of Separatists, Palpatine was able to declare to the Senate that the Clone Wars were over. This allowed Palpatine to assume complete control of the galaxy. (LEV, IS3)

Council of Sisters
a convention of the ruling women of the Singing Mountain clan on Dathomir. A council is convened in times of need, to decide the position of the clan on specific matters and to decide which paths to take. (SA)

Council of Ten
this division of the Tapani Sector's Great Council actually had thirty-five members. It was made up of an inner circle of the wisest of the Great Council's representatives, and was charged with handling the foreign policies, financial policies and internal security of the sector. (PGT)

Council of Tenants
this was the term used to describe the administrators of the various sections of StarForge Station. (SOG)

Council of the Wise
this M'shinni governing body controls the world on which it was formed. Many such councils exist on the various M'shinni agriworlds. The Council is made up of the eldest members of each Rootline. (GG12)

Council Tower
this was the primary governmental building found on the planet Skye. The native S'kytri made offworlders travel across an open-air causeway in order to reach the Council Tower, forcing them to walk a great distance while suspended many decameters in the air. Entrance to the Tower was best accomplished by winged species, and the S'kytri hoped to discourage offworlders from visiting Skye by using the causeway. (GMR1)

Counter Puncher
this pirate ship was a converted Imperial Customs frigate. It crew defected, led by Tor Skylow, during the Imperial occupation of the Minos Cluster. Skylow allowed any staunchly Imperial crewmen to be jettisoned in escape pods, but the ship was hers. She and her new crew took the ship to Yelsain for modifications, in order to remove any Imperial designation or inference from the ship's outline. The Counter Puncher measured 35 meters in length, and Skylow's crew consisted of 6 officers and 6 gunners. It was armed with six heavy laser cannons. (GG6)

Countermeasures Package
a set of starship evasion materials that help a ship avoid pursuit. Han had some new ones installed in the Millennium Falcon before letting Leia take it to Endor to meet Khabarakh. (DFR)

this Imperial Carrack-class warship was part of Zsinj's third fleet, during the early years of the New Republic. The ship was destroyed by the security forces of the planet Vispil, whose governmental leaders refused to keep taking the bribes Zsinj paid them for use of the facilities on the planet. (SOC)

this was one of the Thranta-class warships slaved to the Another Chance to protect it from being taken by hostile forces. Like its companions, the Fidelity and Valiant, it would accompany the Another Chance as it jumped through hyperspace to avoid detection. One of the Thranta-class ships would enter realspace before the Another Chance to engage any resistance, the second would accompany it for protection, and the third would help draw off pursuit. (BW)

this Skipray Blastboat was owned by the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4. Luke Skywalker and Jacen Solo flew it to Belkadan after the initial thrust of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion was thwarted at Helska, and discovered that the planet had been turned into a breeding ground for the Vong's biological constructs. (DTO)

Courage of Sullust
this Gallofree Shipyards Medium Transport was operated by the New Republic, and was used to ferry the Rogue Squadron X-Wings from Coruscant to Ryloth during the Krytos crisis. The Rogues hoped to negotiate with the Twi'leks for quantities of kor ryll, for use in treating the victims of the Krytos virus. The Courage of Sullust was filled with ryll for the return trip, with Rogue Squadron providing escort. (KT)

this was one of the multitude of Imperial-class Star Destroyers which made up the Imperial Navy fleet, destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this vessel was the flagship of the Old Republic task force that tried to expel the Separatists from the Ywllandr System, during the final stages of the Clone Wars. Jedi Master Plo Koon was placed in command of the mission. (E3N)

this modified YT-1300 freighter was originally purchased for use by pirates, and was later part of a planetary defense force. The Courageous made no pretensions about being a cargo ship: it was designed to be an offensive force. The front half of the ship was completely removed and replaced with the front sections of a Corellian gunship. A pair of heavy turbolasers, once installed on a Nebulon-B frigate, were installed to give the ship an awesome punch; upgraded power converters were also installed to supply the weapons with power. A turret-mounted double laser cannon completed the armaments. Overall, the Courageous measured 29 meters in length, and required a crew of two officers and two gunners. In its modified configuration, the Courageous could transport just two metric tons of cargo and two passengers. (GMR2)

this New Republic cruiser was stationed at Durren, in the early years of the New Republic. Along with the Fireater, it was dispatched to Cybloc XII to investigate the spread of the Death Seed plague there. (POT)

this was an alien race whose gelatinous form was contained in a protective exoskeleton. This exoskeleton must be manufactured, as the Courataine could not naturally generate one. They breathed a very thin atmosphere on their home world, and had to carry a special processor built into their exoskeleton suits in order to survive off-planet. (HSR)

this gaseous substance is used as an engine coolant. When mixed with ves, the combination created a gas which can disperse a blaster bolt on contact. (CFG, GFT)

Courier Communications
this corporation produced a wide range of communications scanners and other devices for use by scouts and paramilitary personnel. (ROE)

this planet, the fourth in the Khuiumin System, was the home of the Survivors pirate fleet. It is a dry world settled in the early years of the Old Republic. It is sometimes called simply Khuiumin 4. It has two moons. (IJ)

Court Gazette
a Senatorial journal produced during the Old Republic on Coruscant, it kept up with the day-to-day business of the Senate, as well as any gossip surrounding it. (COJ)

Court of Disputes
located in the base section of the Jedi Temple on the planet Coruscant, this large chamber served as meeting place were the Jedi Knights and other individuals could meet to resolve matters. Unlike the Council of Reconciliation, the Court of Disputes was used to discuss matters of individual importance, not issues spanning cultures or entire worlds. Because of this distinction, the Court of Disputes was the primary places in which citizens of the Old Republic could seek an audience with a Jedi Master. (PJSB)

Court of the Fountain
Mos Eisley's highest-class restaurant, it was a sprawling palace made fom stone and stucco, a leftover from better days. Jabba the Hutt owned the restaurant during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (TME, IWST)

Court of the Royal Residence
this was the name given to the perator's palace in the city of Cartann, on the planet Adumar. (SOA)

this was one of the cruisers blockading the ThonBoka, in order to keep the Oswaft from entering Imperial space. The Courteous was the closest ship to the mouth of the nebula, and was almost always on alert. Lando Calrissian made his final stop there while masquerading as a simple trader, selling cigars and ice cream to the beleaguered crewers before making a run for the nebula. The Courteous was forced to fire on the Millennium Falcon as it blasted away, and appeared to have destroyed the freighter. Lando, However, had had Vuffi Raa rig up an exploding canister that was ejected just as the Falcon made a microjump unto the ThonBoka. The Courteous was later destroyed when it and the other cruisers nearest the mouth of the nebula tried to kill Bhoggihalysahonues and her supporters. The Oswaft "shouted" at the Imperials to negotiate, and the microwave energy released by the Oswaft penetrated the Courteous's thin shielding and destryoed it. (LCS)

this was a variant of the game of dejarik, which was based entirely on skill and strategy. (YDR)

this Em'liy god was known as the Mischievous One. (GMR1)

this Duros male served the Old Republic, and later the Alliance, as a Navy officer. During the Galactic Civil War, Cov was promoted to Admiral. He took his flagship, the Resolve, on a personal mission back to Duro, to locate the Kadlo Talisman. He hired a group of freelancers to travel to Bburru Station and recover it, where he believed it had been looted by criminals. He explained to the team that Kadlo was an ancestor of his, and his family wanted to ensure that the treasure didn't fall into the wrong hands. His efforts were nearly thwarted when his crew mutineed, having been bought out by the unscrupulous DurAble corporation. However, with the help of the freelancers, Admiral Cov was able to retrieve the Talisman and quell his rowdy crew. (CCW)

this pilot, a native of Tun Wala on Arda-2, was injured in a military exercise just before Luke Skywalker arrived on Arda-2 to investigate the misuse of T-6 diodems. His position in the fleet was taken by Zon Zorad. (CSWEA)

Cova Burmooze
this Gungan served as the commissioner of the bongo racing circuit that gained popularity on Naboo, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Cova was forced to suspend the racing licenses of Neb Neb Goodrow and Spleed Nukkels, after they were observed crashing into the bongo of Zak "Squidfella" Quiglee during the Otoh Gunga Challenge. All evidence pointed to them being in collusion, forcing Squidfella out of the race in order to make it easier for one of them to win. The decision was later overturned after Squidfella was brought in for questioning. (GMR4)

a plant used in Ithorian salads. (GA)

this Nothoiin refugeee fled Imperial persecution during the height of the Galactic Civil War by hiring Solomahal to transport him to a remote location in the Greater Javin region of the galaxy. (WOA33)

a race of lupine sentients, Covallon evolved form swift quadrepedal plains predators. They are an empathic race, able to sense the emotions of other beings around them. While they prefer to move about on all fours, Covallon can walk upright, and their front paws are equipped with fingers capable of fine manipulation. They have a large mane of fur behind their bony heads, and their skulls are topped with a single curved horn. Their bodies are covered with striped fur. (CRO)

Covell, Freja
this man served as an Imperial Army General, attached to the Chimaera's crew, during Grand Admiral Thrawn's reign of terror. A native of the planet Corulag, Covell trained under General Veers, and was a battlegroup leader in the attack on the Alliance's Echo Base on Hoth. He knew that the Army was the part of the Imperial war machine that did all the dirty work, while the Navy stayed in their starships and ordered everyone around. When his walker was destroyed, he rallied a group of snowtroopers and attacked the main base. Captain Pellaeon promoted him to General and attached him to the Chimaera after the Battle of Endor, and Covell was placed in charge of many of the fleet's ground offensives, including the attack on Myrkr. Covell's patience with the Navy became more strained after Thrawn re-appeared, since the ground forces were often dispatched on clean-up missions, or forced to wait for orders from the Navy. When Joruus C'baoth needed to have ground forces in his assault on Wayland, C'baoth took control of Covell's mind with the Force. This worked well, until they reached Wayland and encountered a ysalamir null-Force bubble. The loss of the Force ripped away Covell's mind when the link was broken, and Covell was killed. (HTTE, DFR, TLC, DFRSB)

Coven, Sig
this man was a self-proclaimed "independent fortune seeker and scout." During the height of the Galactic Civil War, Coven believed that he had discovered the location of the Kragg's Fist within the VV-99-7JE-2N71 star system. The ship was rumored to hold the riches of the Nijune Treasure Fleet. He sold the information to Jonas Durns, and later joined the expedition to locate it. However, when they were unable to break the coded entry system - based on the fact that Hez Kragg had spelled the word "Fury" with an I instead of a Y, in accordance with his homeworld's native language - they set off a series of automated defenses. The Kragg's Fury plunged itself into the orange-yellow star of the system, but not before the explorers escaped with a huge gemstone as proof of their finding. (SWJ7)

this city was located on the western continent of the planet Bothawui. (SPG)

Cover Flight
this New Republic E-Wing squadron was an escort wing of fighters assisting the 24th Bombardment Squadron during the Battle of ILC-905. (T)

Covert Activities Cadre
this was the name of a group of special forces agents employed by House Melantha to execute highly-sensitive actions against other Tapani Sector Houses. (TSIA)

Covert Shroud Maneuver
this escape tactic was developed by starship operators who wanted to avoid being caught in a tractor beam. The basic idea was for the fleeing starship to eject a cloud of reflective particles that actually reflected the tractor beam in various directions. This allowed the starship to break free of the beam and escape. Often, this resulted in a loop snarl in the tractor beam system, which shut the targeting system down completely. An interesting variant on the covert shroud maneuver was a last-ditch escape or an infiltration plan. It employed a smaller ship hidden inside a larger one, obscuring the true mission of the smaller vessel. When the larger ship became caught by a tractor beam, the crew set the larger ship to auto-destruct, creating a cluster of reflective pieces that confused the tractor beam targetting system. This allowed the crew to escape in the smaller ship. This manevuer was popular during the New Order because it was virtually impossible to counteract. Grand Admiral Thrawn once assigned Lieutenant Rejili Mithel the objective of discovering a way to break it, after Mithel nearly recaptured Luke Skywalker's X-Wing. (TLC)

this Outer Rim planet was settled by a colonization expedition many years before the rise of the Empire. The planet was not the most idyllic world, but the colonists were hardy and persevered to create a world of their own. When the New Order began making inroads into the Outer Rim, they decided that Coveway needed its own garrison. The local commander wiped out an entire village of settlers in order to ensure the security of the base. (TTSB)

Covey, The
this asteroid field was located between the ninth and tenth planets in the Coruscant System. (PH)

this was a nickname given to the human inhabitants of New Cov. (DFR)

Covis, Spane
a member of the Alliance team working on Nar Shaddaa just before the Battle of Yavin, Covis was a member of the Special Forces. He was a sentry on guard when the Imperials, on a tip from Greedo and Spurch Goa, invaded the Alliance warehouse. The early warning provided by Covis allowed the Alliance to defeat the first wave of Imperials and escape before the Imperials brought in their Death Engine. (TME)

Cov-Prim, Alexis
this woman was a star of several Imperial holovids, and was famous during the height of the New Order. She had extravagant tastes, and in order to fund them she worked with the bounty hunter Malthorn to obtain credits any way they could. Among their schemes was Alexis' marriage to five wealthy men between the time of the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Hoth. Each man died shortly after the weddings. Alexis was named the sole beneficiary in each man's will, thereby providing her with a steady stream of credits. It was later discovered that Malthorn killed the new grooms, making their deaths look as natural as possible. When she learned of the auction of the Shard of Alderaan by Begas Tok, Alexis and Malthorn traveled to Tatooine in an effort to locate husband number six. Her treachery was later exposed by Sella Marik. (LAA)

Cowall, Tetran
this man was Garik Loran's chief rival, during their years as actors for various companies working for the Empire. Both were rivals at everything, from movie roles to pilot training. They were both holofeature stars, but Cowall's popularity dwindled as he grew older and more homely. Cowall, eventually, joined Imperial service as a pilot, although his skills were not very good. It was to Tetran Cowall that Ton Phanan's small fortune would have gone upon his death, if Loran hadn't had his facial scars surgically removed. He found employment with Warlord Zsinj, who placed Cowall in command of a squadron made from TIE Interceptors piloted by six humans and six droid starfighters known as TIE Raptors. The droids allowed the human pilots to perform above their skills by offloading certain duties, which provided the outward appearance that Cowall's squadron was the 181st Fighter Group. After Zsinj was defeated at Selaggis Six, it was revealed that Cowall had been impersonating Baron Soontir Fell, in an effort to draw Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron into a more personal fight. In the aftermath of the Battle of Selaggis, Cowall revealed the depeption to Wedge. (IF, SOC)

a race of small, fur-covered humanoids native to Circarpous V. They are thought to be distant relatives of the Mimbanites. They live in the abandoned Thrella Wells. They are slim humanoids with downy grey fur. Their eyes are sunk deep into their skulls. They wear rudimentary clothing, and have a limited ability to create weapons. Their level of technology is low, but they seem to have some experience with the surface-dwelling races. They seem to have a simple leadership scheme in which three members of the society make the decisions. (SME)

this shellfish, native to the planet Calamari, produced a shell that was nearly impervious to energy weapons. The Mon Calamari Knights wove cowill shells together with carbon-fiber to create shields. (SWDB)

Cowl Crucible
this nebulous area of space was located along the edge of the Lahara Sector, where it bordered with Oricho Sector. The gaseous region was dense with radiation, making any travel through the Cowl Crucible risky and dangerous. (HNN5)

a small but ferocious creature often used to guard buildings. (BTS)

this red-haired man served the Empire as a Naval officer, holding the rank of Admiral during the height of the New Order and commanding the Star Destroyer Mathayus. When Emperor Palpatine assigned Coy and the Mathayus to Darth Vader during his mission to Dargulli, Coy questioned the use of a Star Destroyer to hunt down a single criminal. Vader, already angry at having to undertake the mission to hunt down the supposed Jedi on Dargulli, nearly strangled Coy with the Force. When a distress signal came from an Alliance base near Yorn Skot, Vader allowed Admiral Coy to take his ship and intercept the rebels. Unfortunately for Coy, the Alliance had laid a trap for the Imperials. The ship which was intercepted by the Mathayus was a decoy, laden with explosives that were set to go off should the ship's hull be breached. Coy dispatched First Officer Atali to take control of any beings inside the Alliance ship, but he inadvertently set off the explosives. Atali and his team were killed, and the Mathayus was badly damaged. Unknown to the crew, the entire sidetrip had been arranged by Captain Dezsetes, as part of Grand Moff Trachta's plans to take over the galaxy. Vader, however, managed to survive the explosion. When Coy could not stand up to Vader's demands, he was shot and killed by Dezsetes in order to eliminate any possible linkage back to Trachta. (SWI62, SWEB)

this planet is the primary planet in the Coyn System, located in the Elrood Sector. It is located at the crossroads of the Elrood-Derilyn Trade Route and the Coyn Run. Coyn is the homeworld of the fierce, warrior race known as the Coynites, who hold honor and ritual above all else. The average day on Coyn lasts 20 standard hours, and its year lasts 380 local days. This temperate world is blanketed with forests, marshes, and plains broken by beautiful mountain ranges. (PG3)

Coyn Run
a shipping route that runs through the Coyn planetary system. (PG3)

Coyn Shipyards
this small starshipwright was based on the planet Coyn, and supplied Elrood Sector with a variety of custom-made ships. (PG3)

this orange star, located in Elrood Sector, was the primary body in the Coyn System. Its name literally meant "the light of land of conflict and blood." (PG3)

the fierce, warrior race which was native to the planet Coyn, the Coynites stand nearly three meters tall. Their bodies are covered with fine fur, which ranged in color from white or gold to brown and black. Their heads were crowned by a mane of longer hair, and the length of the mane indicated the individual's social status. Coynites are natural warriors, and almost always wear some form of battle armor and weapon. Xenobiologists have guessed that the average Coynite could live to be 250 standards years old, but most males died in combat by the time they were 55. They hold to a rigid system of ritual and honor codes known as the En'Tra'Sol, that governed not only battle but politics. Offworlders have been killed for not adhering to this code. The Coynites respected and admired the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic, since the Jedi Code was similar to the En'Tra'Sol in many respects. One code is known as the Cradle Law. (PG3, SWJ2, SWJ3, AE)

this weapon was a form of ceremonial polearm used by Coynites in combat. (OE)

this was the primary naval fleet which patrolled and protected the Coyn System, during the height of the New Order. Its name literally meant "Coyn sky blade," and it ensured that every ship traveling in the system had authorization to do so. (PG3)

Cozzell Corporation
this was a small armorer, active during the early years of the New Republic. (GUN)

this incredibly powerful, miniature hologram projection unit was developed by Corellidyne Visuals. The CP-3.3 was incapable of recording information, and because of its small size could only hold the information for a single appearance. This required that the user already have a three-dimensional representation stored somewhere for retrieval. The CP-3.3 was incorporated into the CQ-3.9X image disguiser, along with the CX-3.1 holographic recorder. (EGW)

this tall, thin, humanoid droid was placed in the Pasarian Memorial Atmospheric Reclamation Complex Project facility in the Bluenek Section of Coruscant by the Imperial Intelligence division. Ostensibly the greeter for any being interested in the ways in which Coruscant's atmosphere was kept clean, CPD-113 scanned for those being who lacked clearance to enter Bluenek's other facilities, where Imperial Intelligence maintained a base of operations. CPD-113 was also part of the droid staff which was under the direct command of Emperor Palpatine, and answered to his orders alone. This meant that, should the Emperor have ever wanted to eliminate the population of Coruscant by shutting off the atmosphere scrubbing system, CPD-113 would have directed the other droids to act accordingly. (EL2)

produced by Bacnor Armaments, this personal protection device resembled a lightsaber in form. Inside was an ammo canister filled with pellets. When activated, the CPD-12 first emitted a stream of plasma energy that dissolved the casing on the ammo canister. The resulting combination of plasma and pellets could be sprayed in a cone-shaped beam five meters long and three meters across, allowing a victim to stop a group of attackers. (GFT)

this personal, holographic image disguiser was produced by Corellidyne Holographics. It employed a CX-3.1 recorder to obtain a complete, three-dimensional image of what the user wanted to look like. The recorder stored the information and fed it to a CP-3.3 miniature projection unit for display. The CQ-3.9X was small enough to fit in a belt-buckle sized package, and allowed the user to move about in public with the appearance of another being. The size and shape of the disguise was not limited, but had to be at least the size of the user. A larger appearance could be discovered if the user was not careful to avoid walking "through" objects. (EGW)

this model of hand-held blaster cannon was produced by Golan Arms during the last decades of the Old Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars. They were known for their adaptability and upgradability, which allowed the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic to employ the CR-1 in a variety of battlefronts. Decades laters, several shipments of CR-1 weapons were stolen from a depot in the Ac'fren Spur during the fighting, and many of these weapons ended up in the hands of the Alliance. The thick-barreled CR-1 was noted for the way it fired multiple blaster bolts with each shot, making it a formidable anti-personnel weapon at close range. (LAWS, SWDB)

this model of blaster was used by the Naboo Security Guards in the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. Produced by Corellian Arms, it was a small, compact weapon. (IG1, SON)

this was a Corellian Engineering Corporation troop transport ship that was modified for use by the Old Republic during the early stages of the Clone Wars. Based on the design of the larger Republic Cruiser, the CR20 measured 60 meters in length, and had a deep-bellied hull. The ship's crew compliment included a pilot, co-pilot, communications officer, and three engineers. To protect itself, the CR20 was armed with a pair of double turbolaser cannons. As refitted for the Grand Army of the Republic, the CR20 could accommodate up to forty clone troopers, twelve speederbikes, and any necessary supplies. The mission profile of the CR20 was for the planetside deployment of small forces, where an Acclamator-class transport was simply too impractical. (SWDB, SWI84)

this was the model number of Merr-Sonn's flame projector rifle, which was a larger version of the C-22 flame carbine. The designs for the CR-24 were licensed to Czerka, who produced an identical weapon known as the CZ-24 Flamemaster. (EGW, AEG)

this Corellian Engineering Corporation transport ship was produced during the last decades of the Old Republic. Surplus CR25's were purchased by the Republic as drop ships that carried clone troopers into battle during the height of the Clone Wars. Larger than the CR20, the CR25 was favored by the clone commandos and the Galactic Marines because it had defendable airlocks that allowed for zero-gravity maneuvers. It also had more cargo space, allowing for up to eight LAAT/i gunships to be added to the ship's cargo. (SWI84)

this was the designation of Merr-Sonn's largest flame-producing weapon, known to many weapons experts as a flame cannon. The CR-28 was designed to be mounted atop a tripod or on a vehicle, and was marketed for military use. The designs for the CR-28 were licensed to Czerka, which produced a version of the weapon known as the CZ-28 Flamestrike. (AEG)

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