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Coming of the New Star
this was one of the many references to the rogue planet Zonama Sekot, used by an obscure culture deep in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. (FH2)

Comkin Five
this planet was known for its production of candies and medicines. The two industries were inextricably tied to each other. The world was controlled by the Warlord Zsinj during the early years of the New Republic, and was targetted for action by Han Solo's task force hunting the warlord. (SOC)

Comlaser Link
a form of communications which requires visual contact between the sending device and the remote location. (AS)

similar in size and shape to a comlink, this device uses bursts of light to send a signal. Flashes and coloration can be used in a sort of code to signal another individual far away. The comlight is somewhat more effective than a comlink in situations where slience and stealth are necessary, but only in those situations where a bright light wouldn't be noticed. (IG1)

a small, cylindrical device that is spoken into. The user's voice is then transmitted to a certain destination (which can be programmed in) or to a broadcast address. They also function as receivers, allowing the user to hear the reply. (SW, HTTE)

Command Control Voice
a vocal pattern, usually of a master or primary supervisor, which is programmed into a droid's receptors. This vocal pattern can be used to send special control instructions to the droid. (SWR)

Command Performance
this Rendili-Surron Starlight freighter was owned by Ahric Korownosek. He used to transport his acting troupe, the NovaCluster Players, to their many engagements. The cargo sections had been modified to accommodate the troupe's costumes and props, and the library was stocked with all sorts of holodramas. (SS)

Commander 1119
this was the callsign of the clone commander known as Appo. (IS3)

Commander 1138
this was the callsign of the clone commander known as Bacara. (IS3)

Commander 2224
this was the callsign of the clone commander known as Cody. (SWDB)

Commander 4477
this was the designation of the clone commander known as Thire. (IS3)

Commander 8826
this was the callsign of the clone commander known as Neyo. (SWDB)

Commander of Staves
this was one of the common cards in a standard sabacc deck, worth twelve points. Lando Calrissian often assumed that this card represented himself, when he was using a sabacc deck to tell a fortune. (LCM)

Commander, The
this was Garm Bel Iblis' alias in his own anti-Empire group, used during the years following the Battle of Endor. (DFR)

Commander's Glider
this was the name given to the hyperdrive-equipped shuttle that was carried aboard every Chiss warship, as a diplomatic ship assigned to the senior-ranking officer aboard the warship. (SQ)

Commando Team 22
the team of Noghri commandos sent by Grand Admiral Thrawn to intercept Princess Leia on Kashyyyk, following the failure of the first two attempts to capture Princess Leia. She was trying to hide from Thrawn by mingling with the Wookiees, but the Noghri tracked her to Kashyyyk and attacked. Chewbacca's friend Salporin was killed in the attack, but so were all but one of the Noghri. Khabarakh was the sole survivor, and the uselessness of the attack turned him from the life of a commando to that of a New Republic sympathizer. (HTTE)

Commando Team 4
the team of Noghri commandos sent by Grand Admiral Thrawn to intercept Princess Leia on Bpfassh, following Thrawn's attack there. They tried to trick Han and Leia into a mockup of the Millennium Falcon, but were routed when Han realized that the ship was a fake. (HTTE)

Commando Team 8
the team of Noghri commandos sent by Grand Admiral Thrawn to intercept Princess Leia on Bimmisaari, during the New Republic's first set of diplomatic talks there. The Bimms were bribed to keep their presence a secret, but the Noghri were destroyed when Luke and Leia realized what was happening. (HTTE)

Commando Team One
this group of New Republic infiltration agents was led by Kapp Dendo during the period following the Battle of Endor. (XWMR)

Commandoes of the Confederacy
this was the name of the military force that was created from the militias of those credit-poor star systems that chose to support Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. Rather than supplying manufacturing or financial support to the Separatists - like the Commerce Guild or the Techno Union - these star systems sent their military forces to fight back against the stagnation of the Old Republic. (SWMW)

this colorful, flowering plant is used in decorative gardens. (TT)

this planet, located near the Corellian System and sitting on the outer edge of the Core Worlds, was a trading outpost and spaceport. Han tells Luke that he traded his chivalry for a 10-carat chrysopaz and three bottle of brandy there. According to Star Wars: Rebellion, Commenor is located in the Corellian Sector. (SWN, REB, WS)

Commenor Holocom
this communications installation and repair business was based on the planet Commenor during the early years of the New Republic. (IR)

Commerce Concourse
this was the primary business facility located in Hreas Port City, on Lenthalis. Shortly before the Battle of Hoth, a series of riots broke out between rival gangs, around the Commerce Concourse. (SWJ14)

Commerce Guild
this was one of the largest shipping conglomerates given a trade franchise during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Commerce Guild was established to obtain raw materials and ensure that they were made available to the entire galaxy, but at prices which were established and maintained by the Guild. Membership in the Guild was taken quite seriously, and smaller corporations who chose not to join were harassed and bullied into bankruptcy or membership. The Commerce Guild was also one of the loudest supporters of the Trade Federation, following on the Federation's coattails whenever legislation involving trade was mentioned in galactic politics. When the Federation was defeated at the Battle of Naboo, the Commerce Guild's leadership saw its chance to step in and fill the power void. Through overt manipulation of the Republic and covert activities - such as the niobarium pollution of Vorian Four - the Commerce Guild solidified its position of power shortly before the Clone Wars. In order to protect its investments, the Commerce Guild borrowed from the Trade Federation's ideals and developed its own droid army. It then threw its support to Count Dooku and the Separatists, but chose not to become openly involved in the growing conflict with the Old Republic. (COD, APS, AOTCN, VD2, SWDB)

Commerce Way
this was the name of an avenue on Coruscant, after the New Republic re-established the planet as the central world of the Republic. (JE)

this was one of the many corporations that made up the Corporate Sector Authority, during the height of the New Order. (OWS)

Commission for the Preservation of the New Order
formed by the Emperor Palpatine at the beginning of his reign, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR, for short) was created to provide the galxay's idealistic youths a vehicle for removing the chaos of the Old Republic's death. Palpatine quickly saw the advantages of the youth movement during the height of the Clone Wars, when the group was first formed as the Commission for the Protection of the Republic. Palpatine began subtly twisting it to his own use, as a vehicle for instilling the basic tenets of the New Order into everyday galactic life. (ISB, SWI70)

Commission for the Protection of the Republic
known as COMPOR, this was the affiliation of teenagers who believed that the Old Republic should remain in control of the galaxy. COMPOR was formed during the early stages of the Clone Wars, and gained power as the Separatists fought harder with each battle. The group was one of the first to establish pro-human membership rules and discriminate against other races, although their motivations were based on the make-up of the Separatist leadership. COMPOR members saw that Muuns, Gossams, Neimoidians, and Geonosians were at the forefront of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, so these races became the object of their vehemence. When Chancellor Palpatine named himself Emperor, COMPOR followed close behind in its support, becoming COMPNOR, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order. (SWI70, LEV)

Committee Against Non-Sentient Abuse
this group, formed during the last decades of the Old Republic, protested against the use of non-sentient beings in activities that did not require them. Shortly before the Clone Wars, they found an unlikely ally in the Biological Atheletes Union, during their protest against droid-based nuna-ball matches, (HNN5)

Committee for Interinstitutional Assistance
this branch of the University of Rudrig was established during the final years of the Old Republic to expand the university's campuses beyond Rudrig, in an effort to bring higher education to other parts of the Tion Hegemony. Their efforts to expand continued into the era of the New Order, although many pro-Imperial planetary governments tried to halt their efforts. (HSL)

Committee of Seven for Garosian Unification
known as COSGU, this group of underground leaders formed shortly after the Empire took control of the planet Garos IV. Formed by Carl Barzon and Magir Paca, the seven-member group coordinated the resistance during the last years of the Galactic Civil War and until Garos IV was liberated. Among its initial membership were the elder Desto Mayda and Camron Gelorik. (SWJ1, SWJ5)

Committee to Reinstate Justice
this was the name given to the political movement that rose up in the wake of the arrests of Eritha, Alani, and Balog. It was established to ensure that the list of Absolute supporters was properly handled, as well as to ensure that the election of a new planetary governor was performed legally and fairly. (CTV)

Commodities Exchange Cathedral
located in the city of New Escrow, on the planet Aargau, this was the headquarters of the Intergalactic Banking Clan during the last years of the Old Republic. (HNN5)

Common Bantha
this was the largest, and most common subspecies of bantha found on the planet Tatooine. See Bantha for more information. (WSW)

Common Charter
this document lays out the basic tenets and operational guidelines of the New Republic. A number of articles lay out the general statutes. Article Five describes the right of the Chief of State to declare a state of war against a known enemy. Leia Organa-Solo invoked this Article during the Black Fleet Crisis, forestalling the vote of recall against her during the Third Electoral and declaring war on the Yevetha. Article Nineteen indicates that any planet without a native population cannot be controlled by the Republic. Anyone can settle the planet without political affiliation. (TT)

Common Room of Honoghr
see Grand Dukha (DFR)

Common Tauntaun
also known as the giant tauntaun, this was the most prevalent subspecies of tauntaun native to the planet Tatooine. (WSW)

Common Thranta
this was the only species of thranta to survive the destruction of the planet Alderaan. The reason for this was that it had been exported to the gas giant of Bespin, which was one of the few worlds where the common thranta actually survived away from Alderaan. A steel-gray creature with dappled dorsal pattern and a creamy-white underbelly, the common thranta had triangular wings and a hevay, four-lobed tail for stability. Because of its origins and current location, this thranta is sometimes called the Alderaan thranta or the Bespon thranta. It was the smallest of the four major subspecies of thranta, capable of carrying just a rider and passenger. (WSW)

Commonality, The
this political alliance of nine sectors and their planets, including the worlds of the Vorzyd System, worked toward a common set of goals and needs during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Commonality was ruled from the planet Columex, which provided access to the nine sectors via the perlemian Trade Route. (RHD, GORW)

Commons, The
this wide, grass-filled park marked the very center of the city of Ussa, on the planet Bellassa. During the last years of the Old Republic, The Commons was a beautiful place where the citizens of Ussa could meet and contemplate the possibilities for a peaceful existence. However, when the Empire took control of Bellassa during the months following the end of the Clone Wars, much of the greenery was pulled up and eliminated to make way for a garrison and governmental office space. (LJ1)

Communal Pool
this is the name of the monthly gathering of the Ergesh elders. The Communal Pool worked to establish the basic laws by which the Ergesh lived. (AE)

Communications Cable
this form of cable carried voice and data between two locations. Considered a precursor to the holonet transmissions of the modern era, comm cables were a point-to-point communications media. In order to talk to another person, one had to have a comm cable between their locations. An individual location might have had hundreds of comm cables running to other locations. (SOA)

Communications Circle
this section of the primary city on Kegan was dedicated to maintaining the communications network of the planet. It led into the Study Circle. (FFT)

Communicator mini-Droid
known as a CmD, this small device is essentially a droid brain enclosed in a case with a detachable keyboard. They are used primarily as interface devices to other computers and droids, but they can also transmit and receive data from remote locations. With some programming, a CmD can be employed as a lock picker. All communication with the CmD is through the keyboard or a frequency-matched comlink, since the device has no audiomembrane or voice module. (TA)

Community Heap
this was the name given to the collected pile of scavenged materials maintained by individual Jenet clans. (EGA)

this Ubrikkian gravsled measured 3.5 meters in length. It was the basic commuter vehicle used by the Corporate Sector Authority, because it was cheap and reliable. It had room for a pilot and one passenger, and the cockpit was protected by a windscreen. It could also accommodate up to 250 kilograms of cargo. The Commuter found a niche on many backwater worlds, since it was considered stylish for a gravsled despite its cheap price. (CSA, AEG)

this form of urban transportation involves the use of repulsor-cars riding through transport tubes connected in a network that allows travel between many locations throughout a city. (ML)

this datapad was manufactured by MicroData. It was equipped with a Galactic Univeral Translator and Holistic Data Transfer software, and could hold up to five million DSUs worth of information. Like most datapads, the Companion2000 was also equipped with a recorder rod input port, a rechargeable power supply, a touch-pad display screen, and a computer interface port. (EGW)

Compare Storerooms
this was a mnemonic game favored by name protocol droids. (SOC)

Compart Corporation
this Bothan corporation was based on Kothlis, and was considered the industry in the mass-production of droid circuitry and components. Among the specialized technology produced by Compart was the delicate circuitry used to manufacture photoreceptors, as well as tiny servomechanics for use in the formation of finers and other fine manipulators. (SPG)

Compass Dance
this was a form of dance, developed on the planet Mirial, that honored the four points of the compass. (MJH)

this was the name given to the being who was in control of The Exchange, a vast criminal empire that flourished during the centuries leading up to the Great Sith War. (SWDB)

this Imperial Interdictor-class cruiser was one of the first of its kind to be captured by the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. After studying the ship's systems, the Compellor was destroyed. (XVT)

Compensator Computer
a device which allows a starship's communications systems to build new circuits in case normal circuits are destroyed. It has been seen that they are useful to non-technical ship owners, but the more experienced technicians think their ability is overstated. (DFR)

this was the military branch of COMPNOR, created to provide Emperor Palpatine with a loyal group of armed forces in the event that stormtroopers were unavailable. The formation of the CompForce branch came in the wake of the Clone Wars, when many former graduates of the SAGroups of the Commission for the Preservation of the Republic announced their support for the Empire. The actions of CompForce agents was monitored and directed by COMPNOR's Select Committee. (ISB, SWI84)

Complete History of Corvis Minor, The
a multicard set of literature that, due to the nondescript history of Corvis Minor, is rarely read; the box was used by the Imperials to hide a blaster in every residential floor of the Imperial palace. (TLC)

an upscale casino game. (RM)

see Commission for the Preservation of the New Order. (ISB)

see Commission for the Protection of the Republic. (SWI70)

Compound Flex-5
this was the brand name of Merr-Sonn Munitions' detonite gel, which was impregnated into plastic adhesive tape to form detonite tape. (ROE)

an Imperial frigate operative during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Computer Combat Predictor
this starship weapons system, developed by Imperial engineers in the decade after the death of Admiral Thrawn, was designed to assist a cloaked starship. At its most advanced design, a cloaking device hid a starship from outside view, but also left the starship blind as to its surroundings. Thus, if it was discovered while cloaked, a starship was unable to safely maneuver, let alone anticipate an attack. The Predictor was developed to assist in predicting the attack of incoming starfighters, interfacing with the weapons systems to fire autoamtically in a set pattern. Supreme Commander Pellaeon tested the initial version of the Predictor ten years after Thrawn's death, and found the system still lacking any true accuracy. (SOP)

Computer Mating Service
this Bith establishment (known as CMS) is responsible for the matching of the DNA of prosective mates, in order to generate a series of child-patterns (CPs) projecting the outcome of their union. This allows the Bith mates to create the best possible children for their continued existence. (GG4)

Computer Probe
any device built to gain access to a computer system and probe it for information. Blue Max was built as a computer probe, in the hopes that he could penetrate the Corporate Sector Authority's databanks on Orron III and retrieve information on the missing people. (HSE)

Computer Spike
any device used to covertly gain access to information stored in a mainframe computer. They are programmed to gain access to data and then continually modify themselves to avoid detection. The problem with this is that the spike degrades in efficiency as it works, until it has completely rewritten itself and it is completely useless. Each spike, therefore, can only be used once. (CFG)

this Outer Rim planet was the site of one of Talon Karrde's many communications relay stations, during the years leading up to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It was located in the area of the Outer Rim known to smugglers as the Dead Zone. (SQ)

one of the crewmen serving Captain Hajj aboard the Star of Empire, Comran was killed after the Systems Integration Manager program took control of the ship. As Hajj and his crew were climbing a gangway to reach the communications room, someone dropped a repulsor engine down the shaft. It struck Comran and carried him to his death at the bottom of the shatf. (GOF10)

this was the brand name of MicroThrust's advanced sensor scrambling device. (ROE)

a section of the Empire which deals with communications. A Com-Scan center is located in each Star Destroyer and all large Imperial warships, to facilitate the sharing of information during battle situations. (ESB)

this device was used to integrate and control the various communication and sensor systems of a given operation. A com-scan could be contained to a single vehicle, such as a ground-based military command speeder, or large enough to handle the systems of an entire planet. A com-scan unit was designed to continually monitor all its incoming system data, processing it and alerting organic personnel to and perceived danger or threat. (ESB, EGW)

ComTech Eavesdropper
a communications jamming pack developed by MicroThrust. The Alliance's Infiltrator units often modified these devices to broadcast a general presence of trouble in the area, without giving away a concrete position. (TTSB)

Comtech Series IV
this compact speaker system, used in the formation of stormtrooper helmets for the Empire, was equipped with a three-phase filter system that produced clear sound. (VD)

a member of the rebel underground in Il Avali, on Druckenwell, Comus was proficient at creating false identification for other members. He created Ids for Tinian I'att and Twilit Hearth to use when they got Tinian off Druckenwell following the deaths of Tinian's grandparents. (TFE)

Con Queecon
the phrase used by the Ranat race to describe themselves, it translates to "The Conquerors." (GG4)

Con Varra
see Con'varra (UANT)

a planet in the Teke Ro system, it has a lush, tropical environment. Due to its lack of axial tilt, the environment is pretty much the same over the entire surface. The atmosphere has a high concentration of ammonia, and any oxygen is found locked in the bedrock. Often, the only water found on the planet is collected and stored by the native plantlife. The planet's primary sentient lifeform, the Arcona, survive in small comunities which harvest the plant pods for their water. The Glove of Darth Vader describes Cona as having ammonia-filled jungles, which are home to star dragons. (SCRE, GG4, GDV)

Conar, Miech
this Imperial Navy Captain was in command of the New Star when the frigate was hijacked by the crew of the Far Orbit, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (FOP)

Concealer-class Prison Ship
designed and manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems, this 50-meter transport ship was developed for the movement of prisoners from one location to another. It required a crew of three, along with four gunners, to operate, and could transport up to 10 guards and sixty prisoners at a time. The cargo hold of the Concealer-class could accommodate up to 25 metric tons of cargo, and the ship was armed with four turret-mounted laser cannons. (FBS)

Concert of the Winds
when the hurricane season comes to the planet Vortex, the winds whistle through the Cathedral of Winds' many holes and spires, creating this unique musical experience. The winged Vors often fly around the spires, helping to create the music by opening and closing different sets of holes. The music which was created was never the same twice, making the experience that much more memorable. (DA)

a small musical device. (POT)

this group of Ssi-ruuk held the spiritual power on their homeworld of Lwhekk. According to records, the Conclave had power equal to that of the Elders' Council in influencing the decisions of the Shreeftut. (TBSB, FH2)

Conclave on the Plight of the Refugees
this summit, held in the Government House of Ord Mantell, was convened by the New Republic to discuss ways in which the refugees fleeing the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy could be properly housed, fed, and relocated. (HT)

Concord Dawn
this semi-arid world was Jango Fett's home planet. It was also believed to have been Jaster Mereel's home planet. (EGC, JFOS)

Concordance of Fealty
this ancient Jedi pact was formed between to fellow Knights. It was invoked whenever two Knights were forced to exchange lightsabers while on a mission. This act alone spoke to the deep respect and trust that could form between them. However, the Concordance was completed whenever the two Knights returned the lightsabers to their rightful owners. During this time, each Knight promised their undying friendship and loyalty to each other. (ETM)

Concordat of Peace
this peace treaty was signed by Keral Longknife and Aron Peacebringer, uniting the human and T'Syriel populations of Shiva IV sometime before the Battle of Hoth. (MC53)

Concourse, The
this was the name of the main plaza of Darknon Station. It originally was several levels deep, but much of it was abandoned by the time of the Galactic Civil War. In its heyday, The Concourse was filled with lush gardens, and opened onto a variety of shops and businesses. (PSPG)

Concussion Bow
an ancient projectile weapon that uses a small concussion charge to impel a small, arrow-like projectile at a target. The stock of the weapon is rifle-shaped, and is used like a rifle. (DE2)

Concussion Charge
this was the generic term used to describe any explosive device which used intense, compressed sound waves to cause large amounts of damage. (MC41)

Concussion Missile
a detonation device which, although not as powerful as a proton torpedo, is much faster. They employ an armor-piercing tip mounted on a compact energy pack. This tip allows the missile to penetrate a ship's hull, while also serving to ignite the weapon's energy pack. Upon striking a target, an atom smasher is activated near the energy pack, imploding the atoms and generating a huge amount of energy and heat. This first melts the target, then explodes it. (ROTJ, SWSB, DFR, SCRE)

Concussion Shielding
another name for particle shielding. (CPL)

Concussion Sphere
an ancient form of projectile weapon, these bombs were the early counterparts of concussion missiles. (TOJC)

this Imperial Victory-class Star Destroyer was destroyed shortly before the Battle of Endor, when the Azzameen family assaulted a Viraxo Industries platform and rescued Antan Azzameen. The ship was destroyed during the Azzameen's escape from the platform. (XWA)

Condensor Unit
a neurotronic circuit device which radiates large amounts of heat from a small input source. They are standard in most survival kits, where they are used for cooking and heating. (SW)

this man, a native of the planet Zoraster, was captured by a group of slavers led by krayn, shortly after the Battle of Naboo. He and a number of other slaves were pressed into guard duty aboard Krayn's starship, and were present when Krayn decided to ambush the Colicoid transports led by Anf Dec. When he learned that Obi-Wan Kenobi had infiltrated the slavers' ship, Condi and his fellow slaves threw down their weapons and agreed to help the Jedi. Unfortunately, Obi-Wan's ship was only a G-class shuttle borrowed from the Colicoids, just big enough himself and Anakin Skywalker. Condi agreed to ignore the Jedi's presence, and vowed to help his people escape. (JQ)

this MC40a was part of the Alliance's fleet, during the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

this starfighter pilot served under Esege Tuketu as a K-wing bomber pilot. He was one of the many K-wing pilots who refused to attack Yevethan warships during the blockade of Doornik-319. He and the others believed that the pleas from Yevethan prisoners were, in fact, real. Unfortunately for the Republic, the pleas were perjured under the direction of Tal Fraan, and served to deter the Fifth Battle Group from destroying Yevethan ships. (SOL)

this was the codename of the Alliance's drop point, located in the M132L4 System, during the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ14)

Condor Dragon
another name for the mantigrue, a dragon-like creature native to the Forest Moon of Endor. (ISU)

Conductor X-112
this chemical compound was developed to act as a conductor inside a starship's ionization chamber. (JAD)

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