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Chaos Door
this was the name given to the doorway to primary chamber of the Cave of Truth, located on Teya IV. (SWJ11)

Chaos Fighter
a generic term used to describe the small, maneuverable craft used by the Krath. (DLS)

Chaos Troops
term used to describe the Krath's team of suicide pilots. These troops have been warped by Satal Keto's teachings, and believe that their mission is to fly their starfighters into the opposing force's ships. They become, in effect, living missiles, as their ships crash into their opponents like firy human missiles. (DLS)

this Dathomiri Nightsister witch was stranded on the Forest Moon of Endor about 100 years before the Battle of Endor. Her flight from Dathomir caused a great deal of consternation from the other Nightsisters, who placed a death mark on her head. To avoid the death mark, Charal fled to the Moddell Sector of the galaxy, where she ended up on Endor. There, she fell in league with Terak the Marauder. Charal thought Terak was trying to find a way to rule the planet, and wanted to be part of it. She had long, black hair, and wore a tight-fitting set of armor. She also bore a magic ring that allowed her to change her shape at will. She preferred to assume the shape of a raven and scout the forests, but also appeared as a beautiful blond maiden in an effort to capture Cindel Towani. She overheard Cindel singing a song to Noa Briqualon, a song that her mother used to sing. Charal used the song to lure Cindel into her grasp, and took the child to Terak, in an effort to learn the secret of the crystal oscillator. She rides a great black stallion. When Terak ordered the Marauders to recapture the crystal oscillator taken from them by Cindel, he ordered Charal to assume her raven form. However, he also took her magic ring from her, preventing her from changing back into a human and escaping from his power. Unfortunately for Charal, the ring was destroyed - along with Terak - when Wicket destroyed the ring with a stone. Charal was stuck in raven form from then on. (BFE, ISU, GMR9, SWDB)

Charat Kraal
this Yuuzhan Vong pilot was distinguished by his very human-like appearance. His facial structure was not at all normal for a Yuuzhan Vong, and Kraal spent a great deal of his career overcoming this perceived deficiency. He pulled out all of his hair, and tattooed the skin of his pate with scars and patterns that drew a person's eye up and away from his forehead. He was forced to kill two fellow pilots, when they openly questioned his appearance. However, Kraal was one of the pilots dispatched to protect the Yuuzhan Vong base on Borleias, in the wake of the Battle of Coruscant. He and his partner, Penzak Kraal, met the initial wave of Republic ships, but Penzak was killed when the forces of Wedge Antilles fled Coruscant and took back Borleias as their base of operations. Kraal returned to the fleet, and began causing unrest aomng the pilots of Domain Cha, which took over the fight for Borleias. Charat was eventually brought before Czulkang Lah, who explained himself with no fear of death. He brought news of the Republic's base on Borleias, and earned the favor of Czulkang Lah with his forthrightness. Czulkang Lah promoted Charat Kraal to wing commander, serving the Warmaster's father as a special forces leader. Charat Kraal was assigned to lead the effort to capture Jaina Solo, after it was discovered that she might be the goddess Yun-Harla made incarnate. He nearly succeeded in capturing Jaina, or so he was led to believe. During the New Republic's evacuation of Borleias, Kraal and his wingmates chased Jaina's gravitiv signature into the surrounding asteroids, only to discover that they were chasing the Goddess missile. Charat Kraal perished when the missile struck his coralskipper and exploded. (EL1, EL2)

this man was an Imperial Lieutenant who served aboard the Star Destroyer Avenger during the period leading up to the Battle of Hoth. He was placed in charge of greeting the various bounty hunters who answered the call to locate Han Solo and Chewbacca, shortly after the Battle of Hoth. (T4)

this was an alien race. (MBS)

a plant whose roots are edible. Corellians enjoy the soggy vegetables, but they are about the only people who do. (DA)

Chardaan Shipyards
this zero-gravity starship construction site was employed by the Alliance for the construction of the A-Wing starfighter. Following the Battle of Endor, the shipyards were destroyed by Colonel Cronus. The orbital site produced nearly all varieties of Republic starfighters before it was attacked. The shipyards held their own against Cronus' fleet, taking out two Victory-class Star Destroyers and driving the fleet away. (DS, CCG11)

this refreshing beverage is best served cold. (SOL)

Charendohl Exports, Limited
this corporation specialized in the procurement and sale of unusual weapons from remote planets. (GFT)

a planet whose distant sun provides only enough light to keep it alive, causing the planet to appear constantly darkened. (RASB)

a senior Starfighter Command officer on the Independence during Keyan Farlander's training. (XW)

this man was the leader of Charger's Irregulars. He and the group wandered the Outer Rim looking for beings who needed to hire a group of mercenaries on short notice. Charger himself was a tightly-wound spring on the battlefield, shouting orders and running between battle sites. During negotiations with potential employers, however, he was soft-spoken and polite. (PSG)

the Nharwaak CR90 Corvette group which attempted to stop the Habeen from selling hyperdrive technology to Admiral Zaarin and the Empire. The corvettes were captured by the Empire. (TIE)

Charger's Irregulars
this mercenary group was led by a man named Charger, and worked in the Outer Rim Territories during the height of the New Order. (PSG)

Charging Wampa
this was one of the many stances used in the teras kasi martial artform. (DMSH)

this was one of the many bio-engineered creatures that were developed for sale as pets during the height of the New Order. (SWGAL)

this Imperial Victory-class Star Destroyer was deployed to the Minos Cluster during the Galactic Civil War. It was the largest ship in the Imperial fleet there, but was sorely lacking in armament. Only a few dozen turbolasers and 68 concussion missile tubes were operable at any given time, and the ship itself was constantly undergoing repairs to its aging hyperdrive. The Chariot was supported by an escort carrier, an Imperial transport ship, and a pair of customs vessels. (GG6)

Uulsho's LAVr QH-7 repulsorlift command speeder. (DFR, ISB)

a large, heavily-armored Mobquet landspeeder. It is often used by political figures who fear assassination. It is nearly as large as a B-Wing fighter. (POT)

Chariot Light Assault Vehicle (CLAV)
an Imperial landspeeder modified for military use, it can carry up to three crew members. It is well-armored, which makes it slower than an ordinary landspeeder. (HTTE, SWSB)

this planet was located just off the main Trition Trade Route from Kolatill, in the Kathol Sector of the galaxy. The planet's economy was based on manufacturing and information technology. The natives of Charis staged several violent uprisings in protest against Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne, but Sarne was brutal in putting and end to them. Mosy of the planet's major cities were bombed out, reducing the population by fifteen percent. (DARK)

Charis Fleet
this was the name of the Imperial fleet which patrolled Kathol Sector, under the command of Moff Kentor Sarne. It was made up of two Lancer-class frigates, two Strike-class cruisers, four CR90 corvettes, a pair of escort carriers modified to transport TIE Fighters, and a variety of support ships. Four years after the Battle of Endor, the Charis Fleet was commanded by Pertaal Logris. (DARK)

this is a species of fat-bodied avian native to the jungles of Kashyyyk. (TT)

Charm Signing
developed on the planet Coruscant, charm signing is a communication method that uses hand signals. Confined to the wealthier families and, later, those with close ties to the Imperial bureaucracy, charm singing involved a series of hand motions to convey a message. In the aftermath of the Battle of Endor, charm signing was used almost exclusively by supporters of the New Order. Many of the New Republic's supporters feared that it would simply become another way for beings to miscommunicate with each other. (SOC)

site of a vast University dedicated to the study of the galaxy's history. Arhul Hextraphon did some research there into Yoda's background for his work, Official History of the Rebellion, Volume One. After meeting with Yoda on Dagobah, Hextraphon wiped out all records of Yoda's existence from the University's computer in order to preserve his anonymity and keep the hope for the Alliance alive. (SWSB)

this predatory reptile is native to the planet Maridun, and is the only creature feared by the Amanin race. The charnoq is known for its climbing and leaping abilities. (GG12)

this terrestrial world was the second planet of the Hoth's Brand System, located in the Teraab Sector of the Colonies Region of the galaxy. It was orbited by two moons. (SWMW)

Charny, Kiel
this man was one of Lord Hoth's Generals during the early struggles of the Battle of Ruusan. Despite overwhelming odds, Lord Charny and his men won several battles. Prior to Ruusan, Charny barely survived a breif affair with Githany, who had turned to the Dark Side of the Force. Only the timely intervention of Valenthyne Farfalla saved Charny's life. It was Lord Charny who brought the youth known as Tomcat into battle, believing that Torr Snapit had bequeathed his lightsaber to the boy. Little did Charny know that Tomcat had stolen the weapon and allowed Snapit to die. Nevertheless, they were forced into battle shortly afterward, but they met a force of Sith warriors which was not led by a single Dark Lord. Charny grew worried about this, seeing a new change in tactics from the Sith. After being bombed and attacked, Charny's forces would have been eliminated if Farfalla hadn't arrived. However, Githany had survived the battle, and faced Charny with her lightwhip. She badly wounded Charny, and would have taken his life if Tomcat hadn't intervened. Unfortunately for Charny, Tomcat had already turned to the Dark Side of the Force, and the youth took Charny's own lightsaber and decapitated him. (JVS)

a race of arachnids that originated in a star system which was being consumed by a black hole within the realm known as Otherspace. This proximity to a black hole, coupled with the destruction wrought by the hole gave rise to the Cult of Death. The cult was a small, yet dangerous entity until the Charon developed the sublight drive. After that, the leaders of the cult began spreading their beliefs, and were able to destroy life on their homeworld as well as nearby worlds. The destruction of all life - and eventually their own - will bring the Charon in touch with the Void, which they believe is the natural progression of all beings. Under the direction of Ber'asco, who believed himself to be the Final Prophet, the Charon wiped out all life in Otherspace, but still could not become one with the Void. When the Alliance transport Celestial was deposited into Otherspace, the Charon realized that the abundance of life in realspace stood between them and the Void. Their initial attempt at entering realspace, with the help of Bane Nothos and Grand Moff Ravik, failed when Alliance agents attempted to rescue the crew of the Celestial and escaped back into realspace. Individual Charon had four arms and four legs, with an upright humanoid torso located in front of a heavy abdomen which produced a weblike substance. (OS, GG4, UANT)

this was the native language of the Charon race. (RESB)

Charon Battle Armor
this strange body protection system was devised by the Charon bioscientists. It is composed of the same organic stone used to create the starship Desolate, and is powerful and deadly. It can be molded to fit a specific individual, and can be formed into clubs and knives which protrude from the basic armor. Often, a plasma cannon is added to augment the defensive capabilities of the armor. The biosensing technology built into the armor gives it the ability to acquire targets which are obscured by the environment. (OS, OS2)

Charon Bioscientist
this is one of the three basic Charon subspecies. These arachnoids are smaller than their counterparts, the warriors, and have slower reaction. However, they are much more agile than warriors. They are differentiated from the warriors by the brightly-colored cilia that cover their forelegs. The bioscientists have perfected a method for creating biological constructs which lack free will and vitality of other lifeforms. (OS)

Charon Starfighter
this small starship resembles a clump of rock maneuvering through space. The Charon designed these warships from the same biotechnology which created the Desolate. These starfighters have a bulbous main section, with a pair of thick, rounded wings extended outward. They are not capable of entering hyperspace. They are armed with a tri-laser pulse cannon, and have minimal shielding. (OS)

Charon Warrior
this is one of the three Charon subspecies, along with the bioscientists and the Leader, Ber'asco. They are much more like spiders than the others, with eigth legs which can be used as arms or legs. They often travel in an upright position, and their dark exoskeletons allow them to move with stealth in darkened areas. It is the warrior class that has fervently joined the death cult, killing millions of beings on the thousands of worlds in Otherspace. (OS)

this man worked as a security officer at the Chancellor Palpatine Spaceport on Coruscant, during the height of the Clone Wars. He was a loyal supporter of the Jedi Order, and wished desparately for the Jedi to involve him in one of their missions. He got his chance some thirty months after the Battle of Geonosis, when he was asked by Jedi Master Maks Leem to allow the Gran and her party - which included Jai Maruk, Whie Malreaux, and Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy - to move through the Chancellor Palpatine Spaceport without being detained. Master Leem calmly explained that it was the Force that made sure Charpp was the officer in their line, so that they could move swiftly through the spaceport with their R2 unit, which was the disguise being used by Yoda. Charpp was more than happy to assist. (YDR)

Charr Ontee
this race of genetically engineered beings was originally created by the Kathol as a servant species. The first Charr Ontee were developed as farmers many millennia before the Galactic Civil War, but were treated as colleagues by the ancient Kathol. The occurrence of the Rift Disaster nearly exterminated the Charr Ontee, and those that survived tried to help DarkStryder protect the Kathol life-energies in the Lifewell. When the Charr Ontee told DarkStryder that it needed to re-awaken the Precursors, DarkStryder banished them. The Charr Ontee became sworn enemies of DarkStryder, living as far from its fortress on Kathol as they could. Although they developed their own civilization over the millennia, the Charr Ontee suffered from genetic degeneration. Despite this, the Charr Ontee became adept in th euse of the Ta-Ree energy, which earned them a position of power over the other species created by the Kathol. The average Charr Ontee was arachnoid in shape, with two pairs of legs amd two pairs of arms. Like spiders, the Charr Ontee possessed spinnerets which exuded a sticky webbing. In many respects, the Charr Ontee resembled the Charon race. When the crew of the FarStar arrived on Kathol to defeat Imperial Moff Sarne and DarkStryder, the Charr Ontee willingly lent their assistance. (E)

this was the basic Chiss sidearm, similar to a blaster and with several levels of power settings. They tended to leave a more intense burn mark than a standard blaster. (VOF)

this particle-discharge weapon was developed by the Chiss. Outwardly, it resembled a basic blaster rifle, but it emitted a maser-guided beam of particles that caused kinetic and thermal damage to a living being. (GMR5)

this was the traditional Chiss blaster pistol. (DJ)

Charros IV
this planet was the homeworld of the Xi Charrians, and served as the base of operations for the Xi Char order. Charros IV was a arid, rocky world that was dominated by snow-capped mountains and huge, deep lakes. (X1, LEV)

Char'Shen Larcuna
this Alliance soldier lost his arm when a stormtrooper hit him in the shoulder with a force pike. The discharge from the weapon destroyed nerves and other tissue, rendering the arm useless. (NEGW)

this abundant Adumari grain is the primary ingredient in their basic alcohols. It can be fermented into a hard liquor or an ale. (SOA)

Charter, The
this was the document that laid down the basic laws adopted by the Outbound Flight Colony, those beings who survived the destruction of the Outbound Flight Project and their descendants. (SQ)

a highly technological world, part of the Hapan System. (CPL)

Charubah Armaments Guild
this was a small weapons manufacturer that was based on the planet Charubah during the height of the New Order. It was rumored that the guild was building a rifle-sized version of the Hapan gun of command, although it was never proven. (GMR1)

Charubah Industries
this Hapan corporation produced a variety of weapons, including the Gun of Command. (SWJ15)

this was one of the many Strike-class cruisers that made up the front lines of the Imperial Naval fleet. (XVT)

Charza Kwinn
this male Priapulin was the starship captain of the Star Sea Flower, and was often employed by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic whenver they needed to be transported in relative anonymity. The Jedi considered him one of the best pilots in the galaxy, praise he never failed to earn, especially after his exploits during the Montitian Extraction. Charza was entrusted by Thracia Cho Leem to carry Vergere to Zonama Sekot. A year later, Charza carried Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to the same planet, in an effort to discover her whereabouts. Charza flew his ship against the force dispatched by Wilhuff Tarkin, who wanted to take control of Zonama Sekot and present it to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Charza and his food-kin and helpers barely escaped, and managed to return to Coruscant. However, as Palpatine grew in power and the New Order was established as the galactic government, Charza found himself getting less and less work from the Jedi. Following the Jedi Purge, Charza was forced into working as a smuggler in order to make ends meet. (RP, GMR8)

this hulking man owned and operated a bar on the planet Dolis 3, which was the favored hangout of Banner Sumptor and his Imperial friends during New Republic. (U)

Chasdy, Baydo
known simply as "Bay" to his friends, this man was known to be a gambler, con man, swindler, and cheat, not to mention grifter and liar. He readily admitted that he was all these and more, and spent his life looking for new ways to gamble and new women to hit on. He turned himself into a semi-respectable businessman when he purchased the HyperDive Cantina, located in Calamari's Wildwater City, but he rarely was seen at the establishment. He left the day-to-operations to Lliegis'Nevz, his Kian'thar bartender. Unknown to most everyone, Chasdy was also an Alliance Special Operations foster agent, and his regular absence from the HyperDive was due mainly to the rescue and placement of orphaned field agents. He used his personal ship, the Chaser, to move them around. (WSV)

Chase, Lowen
this New Republic starfighter pilot was captured in Kathol Sector by the forces of Moff Sarne, some two years after the Battle of Endor. Chase was a natural leader and was highly qualified as a pilot and tactician. He was imprisoned at Q'Maere, and managed to thwart all efforts at interrogation. Doctor Kraay's efforts to draw out information left Lowen in a near-schizophrenic state, and Lowen developed paranoid and egomaniacal personalities. During his imprisonment, Lowen fell in love with Corla Unser, but both agreed to hold off on forming a lasting relationship until they escaped. Their chance came when the crew of the FarStar put into Q'Maere to restock its food stores. It was Lowen who led the crew to Keleman Ciro's cell, and then helped foment a prison riot which allowed the prisoners and the FarStar's crew to escape from Doctor Kraay. He joined the crew of the FarStar, initially proving to be a leader to the prisoners rescued from Q'Maere. However, his "treatments" while at Q'Maere soon caught up with him, and he became more and more paranoid. He argued constantly with Captain Adrimetrum, and Chase's mental instability grew deeper. When Captain Adrimetrum promoted Scoryn ahead of Chase, his mind snapped and he ordered a full mutiny of the crew and prisoners. The mutiny was successful, but Chase was eventually captured and forced to stand down. Captain Adrimetrum remanded him to the ship's medical facilities in an effort to rehabilitate his mind. (KR)

this gorset was a pet of Denel Moonrunner. (SWJ13)

this was the name of Baydo Chasdy's modified YT-1300 transport ship. Bay had the ready section removed in order to mount huge triple-engine power plant, then added a pair of curved plates to the upper hull of the ship, giving an organic appearance. The cockpit of the Chaser was mounted between the forward mandibles, and was round in shape. The ship was armed with a pair of turret-mounted laser cannons and a heavy quad-laser cannon. (WSV)

located within Exovar's Emporium, on the planet Neftali, this relaxation chamber was known as a "home away from home" for bounty hunters. (WSV)

this version of the Incom T-65 X-Wing fighter was produced during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, and was used by police forces as a pursuit craft. (DN1)

Chasin City
this was one of the largest cities found on the planet Commenor. It was best-known for tis restaurants, which offered the diner an incredible variety of cooking styles and dinig atmospheres. (HNN5)

Chassu, Venthan
this Corellian artist was known for his Selonian nudes, which portrayed their sleek, muscular forms while hiding their faces in a representation of their desire for privacy. He was also the artist responsible for Palpatine Triumphant. (TFE)

Chateau Malreaux
this immense fortress was residence and seat of power for the Malreaux family of Vjun. The Chateau was located atop a bluff overlooking the Bay of Tears. After Whie Malreaux was taken in by the Jedi Order, the Chateau was virtually forgotten by his mother, Whirry, who went insane and wandered the halls without purpose or intention. When Count Dooku discovered the fortress during the height of the Clone Wars, he claimed it for his base of operations on the planet. In a twisted sense of irony, he allowed Whirry to wander the halls, ostensibly serving as his maid. (YDR)

Chateuse VII
this planet's population was fragmented into several warring factions. It applied to the fledgling New Republic for help in resolving the on-going disputes, and Leia Organa was dispatched on a fact-finding mission to the planet. (GMH)

Chatham House
Bail Organa's residence in Imperial City, while he lived on Coruscant. (XW)

Chatos Academy
little is known of this ancient organization, whose name was coaxed from crumbling history disks found during the height of the Old Republic. Many historians and scholars believed that the Chatos was one of the original incarnations of the Jedi Order, although no evidence was ever found to support this claim. (PJSB)

a smuggler acquaintence of Oso Nim's, Chatty had a false eye that was yellowing with age. (COJ)

a clan of extremely violent Rodians, they became the dominant clan when Navik the Red rose to power. The Chattza nearly eliminated the Tetsus clan, which fled twice to escape it. (TME)

Chattza Bay
this inlet of the Ioliu Sea was located on the coast of Iskaayuma, on the planet Rodia. (SPG)

Chattza Enclave
this was the primary holdings of the Chattza clan of Rodians, and was the core of the city of Iskaayuma. (SPG)

Chattza Protectors
this was the primary security force which patrolled the city of Iskaayuma, on the planet Rodia. The Home Fleet was an extension of the Chattza Protectors. (SPG)

this was a luxurious yarn used to create soft, lustrous sweaters during the last decades of the Old Republic. (TAE)

ChaumScanner 5
this was a model of poison detection unit developed by zZip. It could be used to detect the presence of dangerous substances in food or water. (CRO)

a drink with a euphoric taste. It was often served hot, but could be used as a dressing or additive to sauces. (DESB, KR, HNN5)

this beverage, usually served hot, was consumed on the planet Beheboth. (LTA3, MC66)

this barren ball of rock, orbited by a pair of moons, was the tenth and outermost planet in the Dathomir System. (GORW)

Cha-Val Sha-Vak
very little was known of this bounty hunter, who worked almost exclusively for Sibarra the Hutt. Sha-Vak kept his (or her) identity a secret by always wearing a full-face mask. Sha-Vak was hired by Sibarra to take care of the dirty work for Ace Entertainment Corporation, much to the chagrin of Dunan Par'Ell. Par'Ell and Sha-Vak were continually at odds with each other. (WSV)

this Huttese word was used to describe a racing event. (E1A14)

an unusual alien race native to the planet Wen'he'dinae, the Cha'wen'he resemble large, wingless birds. The simiarity ends there, for they have three sinuous necks supporting three small heads. Two heads face forward, while the thrid faces the rear. All of the creature's main sensory ograns are located in these heads. The heads can be retracted into the body, allowing the Cha'wen'he to protect them in adverse conditions. Their hides are covered in overlapping rows of scale which can be raised to allow the underlying skin to cool. They are highly intelligent, capable of solving complex puzzles and situations. However, the average Cha'wen'he is nervous and excitable, a trait evolved from their constant vigilance against their homeworld's various predators. They live in flocks, and have the rare ability to assume a species memory. The mother has the ability to pass on skills and memories to its offspring, and these skills can awaken naturally over time. (GG12)

this plant, native to the world of Ansion, was a predatory species which presented a danger to any warm-blooded species on the planet. The lightweight stalk of the chawix was propelled along the ground by the constant winds which swept across Ansion, and groups of chawix appeared to be simply entwined branches. However, when a chawix detected a warm-blooded creature, it untangled itself from the mass and altered its form to be propelled toward the prey. Instead of bouncing off the prey, the chawix would extend doznes of thorns from its stem, using them to dig into the prey and exude a toxin poison. This poison liquified the body of its prey, and the chawix simply sucked up the resulting miasma. (APS)

this Imperial noble Lady was a member of the Imperial Correctional Facilities Ministry. She was a special projects consultant, and worked with Ilm Vaz-Weplinn on the design and construction of the Stars' End facility. She negotiated with the Corporate Sector Authority to franchise Stars' End for Imperial use, and worked to finialize details on the stasis booths and the overall Stars' End blueprints. (CSA)

Chay Praysh
this Drach'nam ran a slaver consortium from a base on Torpris, during the early years of the New Republic. He was known for his intense hatred of women, especially humans, and kept those that he captured in the slimepits of his base on Torpris. He preferred to be called by the title "First Greatness," something that rankled his competitors. His subordinates were also known as Greatnesses, with ordinals identifying their position within Praysh's organization. The slimepits housed thousands of krizar pupae, which Praysh grew and nurtured for use in guarding his fortress. The women were forced to monitor the growth of the pupae and remove those which were ready to hatch. Any form of disobediance was met with several lashings of a neuronic whip, the weapon of choice for Praysh's Drach'nam guards. When Mara Jade came to Torpris in an effort to rescue Sansia Bardrin, Praysh had her enslaved like any other human female. The Togorian female H'sishi claimed that Mara was a Uoti Corporate spy, and managed to gain an audience with Praysh. In the midst of the discussion, H'sishi managed to return Mara's lightsaber to her, and Mara quickly eliminated Praysh's guards. Praysh himself managed to escape the brief struggle. However, the luxury yacht Winning Gamble - which Sansia had been flying when she was captured - contained detailed information on the defenses of Praysh' palace. This information was turned over to Luke Skywalker and the New Republic, which raided the fortress and rescued the slaves. Praysh himself was imprisoned for his crimes. (TFNR)

this alien was one of the many Jedi Knights who gathered on Ruusan to fight against Lord Kaan and the Brotherhood of Darkness. A friend and supporter of Lord Hoth, Lord Chayka was killed in one of the early struggles against the Sith. (JVS)

Chaz, Travis
this burly, aging man was the barkeeper of The Pit, located within the Elrood Starport, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Many believed he was a former Jedi Knight, while others thought him to be a former Old Republic Senator, but in reality he was just a bartender who had a wide-reaching network of informants. (PG3)

this species of stocky, reptilian humanoids had been conquered and enslaved by the Yuuzhan Vong centuries before the Battle of Yavin. Over the intervening years, the Chazrach were genetically culled for use as slaves. They were intensely loyal, and several Chazrach had earned social elevation to the warrior caste for their bravery in combat. Quite often, the Yuuzhan Vong sent in swarms of Chazrach as the first wave of a ground assault, as they did during the Battle of Dantooine. This allowed the Yuuzhan Vong to monitor the tactics of the enemy forces, thereby saving the strength of the Yuuzhan Vong warriors in the succeeding waves. Many members of the New Republic simply referred to these creatures as reptoids. (DTR, WOA13, NJOSB)

this was the name of the primary planet in the Chazwa System, which orbited a white dawrf star. Located in the Orus sector, Chazwa was chosen by Grand Admiral Thrawn as a false source of the clones he used to man his warships. Thrawn hoped to thrown off the New Republic's pursuit of the clones, forcing them to draw more resource away from the war. (TLC)

this H'drachi was a noted holo-drama director, known for his moving films during the last years of the Old Republic. It was believed that Ch'been, who was very spiritual even for a H'drachi, had been tapped by Kailio Entertainment to director a holo-drama based on the life of Ludi Billane. (WOTC)

Che copah
this was the Huttese word for "price." (GMR5)

this was a term used to describe anything which was poorly made or manufactured, used during the height of the New Order. (MC47)

another kind of skifter used to alter sabacc cards, the cheater was a small, 4-centimeter disk which could be hidden in a shirt-sleeve. It could be used to alter a card's value, or lock it in place. (LCM)

one of Zorba the Hutt's audit droids on Cloud City. (QE)

Chedak Communications
although Chedak was best known for its shipboard subspace radios, it also produced personal comlinks and holoprojectors for a wide range of applications. Chedak made a fortune by selling communications equipment to the entertainment industry, but floundered when the New Order was instituted and the Empire clamped down on the media. Rather than accept defeat, Chedak's leadership branched out into the field of news reporting, covering the front lines of battlefields during the early years of the New Republic. (SCRE, EGW, NEGW)

this man served the Alliance as a Captain in the naval forces. Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, Captain Chedaki accompanied Leia Organa to the Shiva System, to investigate an increase in Imperial traffic in the sector. Their shuttle was damaged when a micromine entered the hangar bay and exploded against it, fused the controls and causing large amounts of damage. Chedaki was killed in the initial explosion. (MC53)

this New Republic pilot was washed out of several squadrons before becoming a candidate for Wraith Squadron. Unfortunately, Chedgar felt that he was the victim of a conspiracy to keep him from flying again, and he didn't make the cut for the Wraiths. (WS)

this Huttese verb translated roughly into Basic as "it would be." (E1A14)

a common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "war" or "warrior". (GCG)

Chee Mobok
this Twi'lek textile merchant joined the Free Trader Association of Naboo shortly before the Battle of Naboo took place. Chee joined the group with the assumption that Naboo was the most peaceful place to start up a business, unaware of the machinations of the Trade Federation and Senator Palpatine. He spoke very little Basic, and relied on his contacts being able to speak some level of Twi'lek in order to do business. When he was stranded on Naboo during the Federation's blockade of the Naboo System, and later helped a faction of the Naboo Underground during the liberation of Naboo. (SON)

this was a common Ayrou name. (UANT)

a pack animal that lives in the oceans of Varn. They have been known to collectively attack the larger lossors to obtain food. (HSR)

this planet was ruled by Dohl during the Galactic Civil War. (CSWDW)

this Mrssti was a Proctor as well as the Academy Head of the Mrlsst Center for Linguistic Studies during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

Cheengan daga
this Jawa phrase translated loosely into Basic as "Watch what you're doing, you fool." (T10)

this Huttese verb translated into Basic as "to cheat." (GMR5)

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