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Chako Chako
this was a common name among the Swokes Swokes race. (GORW)

this bright green, fern-like plant was native to the planet Erysthes. The plant's large, reddish roots were dried and ground up to make an illegal substance that was often smuggled for a large profit. It was used for smoking or chewing, much like tobacco. In this dried form, chak-root was so dark in color that it was almost black, and it gave off a noxious smoke when improperly cured. When chewed, chak-root caused a chemical reaction that turned the saliva a deep red color. (SWR, HSR, HSL, CSA, GF)

Chakta Sai Kae
this is an Old Corellian toast. (VOF)

this city was battled for by Imperial troops and Alliance forces shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (MB)

this man served as one of the gunners aboard the Wild Kaarde, during the Caamas Incident and the search for Jorj Car'das. (VOF)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the prefix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "hidden" or "shadow", and could be combined with one or more suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

Chal Haan
this Neimoidian leader wrote the tome Encyclical on Historical Greatness, in the wake of the Battle of Naboo. (EGA)

this planet was located along the outer edge of the Expansion Region, and was the homeworld of the Chalactan species. Note that the galaxy map inside Star Wars Insider, issue 65, places Chalatca in the Mid Rim, along the border with the Outer Rim, just outside Hutt Space. (IG1, IWE1, SWI65)

this species of near-humans is native to the planet Chalacta. They are noted as a spiritual race, who value the benefits of meditation and prayer. (IG1)

Chalactan Adepts
this was the name used to describe the spiritual leaders of the Chalactan people. Their religious was sometimes described as philosophico-mystical, an elegant blend of mental strength based on religious beliefs. (SHPT)

Chalactan Enlightenment
this was the base religion of the Chalactan people. Its chief tenet read simply, "As Without, so Within", a constant reminder that the natural laws which governed the planets and stars also controlled the life of an Enlightened individual. (SHPT)

a marginally habitable, volcanic planet with two colonies and a way station. Leia and Rillao go when they start searching for Hethrir, as the planet has been known to be a major stopping point on many slave trading routes. (CS)

this YT-1300 transport made a regular run between Pallaxides and Celanon during the height of the New Order. On one of these runs, the crew fell victims to the spores used by Hoogra-D'En in his bombs. One of the spore bombs was set off by a bumbling Rodian, killing the pilot of the Chalcedony and others aboard. The pilot managed to get the ship to Celanon, but expired before he could land it. The ship crashed, killing those aboard who were not already dead from the spores. (ND)

this man was a vagrant who befriended Anakin Solo during his search for Daeshara'cor. A heavyset man, Chalco had a knack for remembering things he had seen, and he was instrumental in locating Daeshara'cor. Chalco took an immediate liking to Anakin Solo, and the two became friends during their search for the Twi'leki Jedi. They were captured by her on Garos IV, but managed to overpower her and return her to Master Skywalker. In the wake of the Battle of Garqi, Chalco agreed to work with Mirax Terrik Horn to transport bafforr trees to other planets, in an effort to ensure their survival after it was discovered that their pollen was deadly to vonduun crab armor. (DTR)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

this is an Ithorian vegetable often used as accompanyment in many dishes. (IJ)

this emotionally ravaged young woman, born Liane Trevval, was a Korun, native to the planet Karuun Kal. During the height of the Clone Wars, she joined the Upland Liberation Front in an effort to free her people from the control of the Balawai. Unfortunately, Chalk was stung by a fever wasp shortly after her comrade Lesh, and began to suffer from the wasp fever. She allowed herself to be injected with thanatizine by Mace Windu, in an effort to arrest the development of the wasp larvae while she and Besh could be transported to a medical facility. Unfortunately, both Chalk and Besh were brutally murdered by Terrel Nakay, who used a dull knife to cut them until they nearly bled to death. Only the arrival of Kar Vastor saved their lives. Vastor himself executed Terrel, then used his connection to the Force to draw out the fever wasps in an attempt to heal their injuries. Only Chalk was healthy enough to survive, and she played a key role in Master Windu's plans to liberate the Korunnai and take control of Pelek Baw. Unfortunately, Chalk was shot in the chest during the initial stages of the taking of Pelek Baw, and died shortly afterward from the injury. Master Windu, upon returning to Coruscant after the ending of the Summertime War, posthumously nominated her for a commission in the Army of the Republic, thereby rendering her eligible for the Medal of Valor for her part in ending the war. Master Windu also ensured that the name Liane Trevval was noted in the Senate's records of outstanding soldiers of the Clone Wars. (SHPT)

this yellow-colored substance was a strong poison developed by the Twi'leks of Ryloth. (VD)

Chall Bekan
this male Morseerian had strong ties to the Imperial government on Tatooine. He was assigned to keep tabs on the operations of Jabba the Hutt, and to alert the Imperials of any suspected Alliance activity. He maintained a network of alien agents to provide him with pertinent information. (CCG6)

Challabae Admits-No-Equal Aerial Eruptive Manufacturing Concern
this Adumari corporation ran a missile and torpedo manufacturing plant in the city of Cartann. Their name is based on the honor system of the Adumari, and proves to their buyers that no one makes a better product. They were especially skilled in the production of proton torpedoes, which made them popular with the New Republic when negotiations on Adumar's future started. Their facility was located hundreds of feet below the surface of the city, and resembled cave-like warrens of rectangular rooms connected by tunnels. The rooms each had a specific task to complete, and the deeper into the warren one went, the closer to the final product one got. At the farthest end of the complex were testing sites. Many of its workers lived in nearby turumme warrens which had been abandoned. This kept them out of the "normal" lifestyle of those Adumari that lived in the city. (SOA)

Challat Eater
this was a species of swarming, predatory insect native to the planet Troiken. Their name derived from the Xexto word for "flesh." Because of their shape and the way in which a swarm attacked, challat eaters were often referred to as "flying knives." (IG1, SHW, RHD)

a sinuous form of dance. (TA)

an Alliance Nebulon-B frigate operative during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this man was the planetary governor of Agamar, during the period leading up to the Battle of Naboo. He claimed to have no knowledge of the actions of Captain Sorran and the Velumina, after the attack on Naboo's TFP-9 space station. Challep reiterated his innocence, even when presented with documents indicating Agamar's attempts to purchase N-1 fighters directly from Naboo. (SFT)

this Imperial held the rank of Tribune, and was a member of the Imperial Ruling Council which sprang up in the wake of Emperor Palpatine's death at Endor. He was a gaunt, bald man with a long goatee beard and a silver skull-cap. The skull-cap covered a jewel-like implant on his forehead. He was eventually installed as the leader of the Ruling Council, following the loss of Sate Pestage at Ciutric. However, his tenure was cut short by Ysanne Isard, who corrupted one of his concubines and had her deliver a fatal dose of poison in a drink. Challer died quickly, without any idea of what happened. (XWMR)

Leia Organa was sent on a diplomatic mission to this planet, as one of her first duties while serving as Alderaan's representative to the Imperial Senate. For its own part, Challon remained neutral during the Galactic Civil War, despite the efforts of Leia Organa to sway Gvoernor Tchai to the side of the Alliance. (MCI3)

the beige-and-gray Wookiee who owned the Mos Eisley Cantina during the height of the New Order, Chalmun bought the cantina from the Vriichon Brothers with gambling profits made from swindling visitors to Ord Mantell. A former street thug, Chalmun was distinguished by the scar which ran from his left shoulder across the left side of his chest. Many beings mistook him for the bouncer when he actually made an appearance at the Cantina, and he made it a point to only socialize with the regular patrons. He hired Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes following the disaster at Valarian's wedding reception. (TME, SOT, IWST)

Chalmun's Cantina
this was another name for the Mos Eisley Cantina. (SWDB)

Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina
see Mos Eisley Cantina (IWST)

this was the name of a Krevaaki individul, distinguished in the history of the planet Krevas. (UANT)

Cham Eklou
this was the name of a noted Woostoid individual. (UANT)

this Wookiee bounty hunter was part of Kashyyyk "honor clan," and worked to free those Wookiees who had been enslaved by the Empire. After the Battle of Endor, Chambamakk spent the rest of his career hunting down those beings who were responsible for the suffering of the Wookiees during the New Order. (HR)

Chamber of Antiquities
located two levels below the main floor of the ancient Great Library of the Jedi, on the planet Ossus, this facility preserved paper documents from the earliest days of the Jedi Knights. Also protected within the walls of the Chamber was a wealth of Sith artifacts, including at least one Sith holocron. (PJSB)

Chamber of Dark Visions
a room on Scardia that Kadann uses as a meditation chamber. He also uses it as an audience hall whenever he delivers a new prophecy. (LCJ)

Chamber of Order
this was one of the two main branches of the government established under the Pentastar Alignment Treaty. Order combined the former Imperial Select Committee, the Ubiqtorate, and COMPNOR into a single body. To these functions were added the Politerate, the Protectorate, Judgment, and Insurrection bodies. Ultimately, Moff Ardus Kaine held the deciding vote in any discussion or law held by the Chamber of Order, and he could veto any action the Chamber may put forth. (SWJ3)

Chamber, The
this secret organization was made up from some of Tapani Sector's most prominent business and political leaders,and was dedicated to ensuring that the Freeworlds Region seceded from the Sector. This would allow members of The Chamber to be in positions of leadership within the new sector. (LOE)

this man was a member of the Royal Naboo Security Forces during the Battle of Naboo. He was one of the leaders of the underground resistance which sprang up when the Federation began invading Naboo, and developed several key strategies for analyzing battle droid weaknesses. (CCG15)

this little-known planet is located in the Mid Rim Territories. It was the headquarters of Bansche Tech. (SWJ6)

Chameleon Creature
this race of spider-like humanoids has gray, leathery skin that can change color. The chameleon creatures can alter their bodily coloration to match almost flawlessly into their surroundings, making them hard to detect. Czethros employed a group of them to recover the space mines discovered by Han Solo during the 93rd Blockade Runners Derby, but many of them were killed before securing the mines. (ROM)

Chameleon Droid
this was the name given to the retooled Spelunker probe droids used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems to covertly lay mines and explosives during sabotage missions. Resembling four-legged spiders with cylindrical bodies, the chameleon droids was named for the sophisticated holographic array that could be generated around it, rendering the droid virtually invisible to most beings. This was not a cloaking device, but rather a way to project imagery that matched the chameleon droid's surroundings, making it appear that the droid wasn't actually there. Inside the cylindrical body as a small repulsorlift engine, used to help increase the droid's agility and speed by removing some weight from the legs. A turret-mounted laser cannon helped the chameleon droid defend itself if its presence was exposed. (SWDB)

a Jedi Master who was teaching just prior to the Great Sith War, Chamma was a full Jedi Knight when he first encountered the Dark Side of the Force. He and several other Jedi were investigating a distress signal from an Old Republic ship which had crashed on Athiss. When they arrived, they encountered a creature spawned from the Dark Side. In battle, Chamma found himself greatly overpowered by the Dark Side being, and felt that the Force had abandoned him when he suddenly used his anger to defeat the beings. He fled to H'ratth and went into hiding, until the Miralukan Jedi Noab Hulis found him. Hulis explained that Chamma's other companions were all killed by the Dark Side being, and that Chamma himself was cut off from the Force by the being's strength. Chamma realized that the Force had not deserted him, but that he had abandoned the Force by hiding on H'ratth. Chamma agreed to return to his training, and eventually achieved the rank of Jedi Master. He maintained his residence on H'ratth, but turned it into a Jedi training complex. There, Chamma trained Andur Sunrider, until Andur's skills required more experience. Chamma dispatched Andur to train with Master Thon on Ambria. (TOJ)

this aquatic planet, the primary world in the Chagri System, was the homeworld of the Chagrian race. (SWDB, ANT)

Champalan Embassy
this was the primary embassy building maintained by the government of Champala, on the planet Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was located near the Skysitter Restaurant. (IWE2)

this Bothan Assault Cruiser was part of the New Republic fleet dispatched to protect Kalarba, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It was commanded by Brevet Admiral Glie'oleg Kru, but the ship was holed while defending Hosk Station. It exploded in a blinding flash, and nearly took out several member of Rogue Squadron, including Jaina Solo. (BP)

Champion Squadron
one of General Salm's Y-Wing bomber squadrons serving the New Republic. Champion Squadron was part of Defender Wing. Shortly before the wedding of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade, Champion Squadron was defeated in a game of slingball by a team made up of Mara, Leia Organa-Solo, Tionne, Mirax Terrik Horn, Winter, and Iella Wessiri. The members of Champion Squadron later claimed they were beaten by a team made up of swoop riders. (XWN, U)

chief Chadra-Fan surgeon at the Chadra-Fan Hospital on Chad. (QE)

Chan, Evan
this man served the Old Republic as an environmental hydrographer, investigating the environmental impacts of damage or sabotage to a planet's water system during the height of the Clone Wars. Despite his role, though, Evan was one of the many beings who hated to fly between the stars, as the jump to hyperspace made him "spiritually uncomfortable." Because of this, he kept a small flask of SomnaSkol Red - what he called "liquid courage" - in his pocket. Evan happened to be in the male refresher at the Chancellor Palpatine Spaceport when Jedi Master Yoda entered, disguised as an R2 unit, during his mission to Vjun. Evan was surprised to see the R2 unit enter a stall and start chirping, followed by a security droid that was trying to figure out why an R2 unit was in the refresher. When Yoda used the Force to get rid of the security droid, Evan was forced to take a large pull from his flask to calm his nerves before boarding his flight. (YDR)

Chan, Travia
Travia Chan was the commander-in-chief of the Atrivis Resistance Group. She suffered from a childhood illness that kept her in a repulsorlift chair, but her sharp mind and iron will transcended the handicap. She was one of the founders of the Fest Resistance Group, and aided in the combination of Fest and Mantooine resistance groups to create the ARG. She was known among the Imperials as the "Icewoman." A native of Generis, and a New Republic supporter, she and her people were evacuated from the planet by Pash Cracken and General Kryll when Thrawn attacked the Republic's communications base on the planet, some five year after the Battle of Endor. (RASB, TLC)

Chan, Wenton
this Alliance starpilot was originally from Corulag. Lieutenant Chan was killed in the Battle of Yavin. (CCG)

this man was a member of the Garosian underground resistance, during the early years of the New Republic. A former student at the Imperial Academy, the former Lieutenant Chanceller was served the Imperial Navy aboard the Judicator when he decided that he had had enough of the Empire's totalitarian rule. When the Judicator arrived at Jandara III, he was forced to take part in the destruction of a small town. In the rubble, he discovered the unconscious body of Alex Winger, who was six years old at the time. After rescuing her, Chance returned to the Judicator and found himself on Garos IV. He had come to hate the Empire and what it stood for, and deserted his post as soon as he could, and later joined the undergroun resistance. He was an expert with a variety of weapons, especially Imperial weapons, which made him a valuable member of the resistance. To his surprise, he was reunited with Alex Winger, now the adopted daughter of the Imperia governor. (SWJ1, SWJ3, SWJ4, SWJ5)

this was one of the non-standard face cards that sometimes appeared in a sabacc deck, especially if the deck was used for telling a being's fortune. (CCC)

Chance Castle
this entertainment facility on Nar Shaddaa hired some of the galaxy's best magicians and illusionists. It was here that a young Han Solo first met Xaverri. The Chance Castle was also the destination of Bria Lavval - a.k.a. Bria Tharen - who was nearly captured by Boba Fett on the Queen of Empire. (THG, RD)

Chance Cube
this six-sided die is used by gamblers to randomly decide the outcome of a wager. The randomness of the cube is variable, as many gamblers will weigh one side heavier than the others to influence the outcome. By coloring the sides in two, three, or six unique colors, the odds of a specific outcome can be increased or decreased. (SW1)

Chance Palp
see Chancellor Palpatine Spaceport (YDR)

this Imperial officer was the man who pulled young Alex Winger from the rubble of her village on Jandara III. After defecting from Imperial service, Chanceller was known on Garos IV as simply Chance. (SWJ5)

Chancellery Walkway
located in the Jrade Plaza section of Coruscant's Galactic City during the last decades of the Old Republic, the Walkway connected the Plaza with the rest of the Jrade District. Along its low walls were monuments and memorials to many of the Old Republic's most famous and influential Supreme Chancellors. (SWI73)

Chancellor Palpatine Commercial Nexus
this was the name of Coruscant's primary commercial spaceport center, erected during the height of the Clone Wars, in honor of Chancellor Palpatine's dedication to keeping the Old Republic together. It was connected to the Chancellor Palpatine Spaceport, creating an entire complex that dwarfed most other spaceports on the planet. (YDR)

Chancellor Palpatine Spaceport
this immense, civilian spaceport was erected on the planet Coruscant during the height of the Clone Wars, in honor of Chancellor Palpatine's dedication to keeping the Old Republic together. It was connected to the Chancellor Palpatine Commercial Nexus, creating an entire complex that dwarfed most other spaceports on the planet. (YDR)

Chancellor's Podium
this was the central spire that was located within the Senate Rotunda, during the last decades of the Old Republic. While the Rotunda's outer rim was covered with the Senatorial pods, the Chancellor's Podium emerged from underneath the Rotunda and rose into the very center of the Rotunda. From this position, every Senator could see the Chancellor's personage in the podium, and the Chancellor could address any discussion from the Senators. Attached to the front of the Podium was the Great Seal of the Old Republic. (E3N)

Chancellor's Service Medal
this award was named for Chancellor Palpatine, and was awarded to those clone troopers who performed above and beyond the call of duty during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWI84)

this planet was the capital world of the Cronese Mandate, although many beings referred to as the Jewel of the Tion. (ML, GORW)

this was a snack food popular on the planet Kelada. (SWJ6)

Chandilan Tendermeat
this was the term used by many upscale restaurants to indicate that a dish was made from the meat of a squall. The term was developed to help eliminate any reference to the fact that squalls were also kept by billions of beings as pets. (WOTC)

Chandler's Royale
one of the most exclusive restaurants in Tapani Sector, the Royale was located on Estalle Island, on Procopia. (LOE)

Chando Beast
this was a beast of burden that was native to the planet Endregaad. Chandos appeared to be stout, dinosaur-like creatures that stood about three meters tall at the shoulder. They were herbivorous, and were known more for their stubbornness than for their usefulness. (TF)

Chandra Hobat
this Ithorian, a resident of the moon Dayark, was elected by the peoples of the Kathol Republic to serve as president of the Republic. She was elected shortly before Moff Sarne fled Kal'Shebbol, and was later re-elected to the position. She ruled with a easy hand, her policies centered on maontaining the agricultural and social status of the Republic in the Kathol Outback. Hobat was quietly supporting the New Republic, which angered her chief rival, Sho'ban Do, who felt she was dooming the Republic. When Uta T'cha and Sal Olbeg provided information to the crew of the FarStar about Sho'bn Do's treacherous plot to create an army of droids, she was able to defeat his faction and return the Republic to order. She also freed the crew of the FarStar to leave the Republic. (KO)

Chandran Disaster
this event was a huge earthquake that destroyed much of the Chadra-Fan civilization about ten years before the Battle of Yavin. (MTS)

Chandril Tech
this corporation manufactured droid communications packages. (DWK)

the homeworld of Mon Mothma and Dev Sibwarra, Chandrila is a forested world broken by grassy plains and urban centers. A naturally beautiful world, Chandrila has two continents surrounded by vast oceans. Located in the Bormea Sector of the Core Systems, it was originally settled during the early years of the Old Republic. Much of its economy was driven by agriculture, an industry which allowed the native Chandrilans to maintain their planet's natural environments. one of the few worlds that openly opposed Palpatine's New Order. When Mon Mothma defected from the New Order and formed the Alliance, there was no immediate retaliation on Chandrila, although tariffs and taxes grew over the years until the inhabitants began anticipating it. While this was not outwardly a problem, many beings in the galaxy came to resent the Chandrilan's "luck" after the destruction of the planet Alderaan. Even the normally passive Alderaanians who survived the destruction of the homeworld hated the Chandrialans more than any other Core World population, simply because they were spared the warth of the Empire. The birthrate among the native human population was lower than that of the rest of the galaxy, and so children were considered very special to them. According to Rebellion, Chandrila is located in Sesswenna Sector. (DA, SWSB, TB, SWJ3, REB, RSG, HR, CCW)

this New Republic CR90 Corvette was part of the force sent to liberate the planet Ciutric from the control of Prince-Admiral Krennel. It supported the flagship Emancipator, along with several other Corvettes and a trio of Nebulon-B frigates. (IR)

this star was the central body of the Chandrila System, located in the Bormea Sector. (CCW)

Chandrila Defense Fleet
this was the primary defensive naval fleet that protected the planet Chandrila during the last decades of the Old Republic. Until the onset of the Clone Wars, the CDF was commanded by Admiral Hiram Drayson. However, after the passage of Emergency Amendment 121b, Drayson was replaced by Kohl Seerdon as Emperor Palpatine began to consolidate his base of power. (SWI71)

Chandrila Moon
Leia Organa Solo used this Marketta-class shuttle to travel to Bastion during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. She hoped to meet with Gilead Pellaeon and convince the Imperial that the Vong posed as much of a threat to them as to the New Republic. It was escorted to Bastion by the Victory-class Star Destroyer Protector. (DTR)

this was the term used to describe the human inhabitants of the planet Chandrila. (CCW)

Chandrilan Cometary Games
this collection of sporting events took place on the planet Chandrila as well in the surrounding star system. During the height of the New Order, the Cometary Games were one of the few sponsors which held legal sun jammer races. (GFT)

Chandrilan Daily Messenger
this daily newsfeed reported on the latest news of the planet Chandrila. (GFT)

Chandrilan Herb Tea
brewed from leaves grown on the planet Chandrila, this tea was known for its soothing properties. (GFT)

Chandrilan House
this was the primary governing body which controlled the planet Chandrila during the early years of the New Republic. (CCW)

this was one of the terms used to describe the human natives of the planet Chandrila. (SWJ15)

Chandrillan Academy of Sciences
this educational institution was located on Chandrila. (AIR)

Chandrillian Freedom Medal
this medal was awarded by the people of the planet Chandrila to those natives who served the pursuit of freedom above all other necessities. Mon Mothma received a Freedom Medal, awarded before the Battle of Endor. (VD)

based on the planet Chandrila, this corporation produced a variety of handheld sensor devices during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

a member of Elscol Loro's resistance movement on Cilpar. (XWRS)

Change Zone
this section of the atmosphere of the planet Bespin was named for the sudden changes in pressure and turbulance that ships experienced when passing through it. Quite often, travel through the Change Zone was smoother than other parts of the atmosphere. (DN2)

Change, The
this was the generic term used to describe the three-month period in which an X'Ting individual experienced a change in sexual phase. During this time, the X'Ting experienced a wide range of changes, both physiological and emotional, and often they were rendered senseless by the potency of these changes. The wealthier individuals could reduce the pain by ingesting viptiel. (TCD)

this was the Yuuzhan Vong term for reincarnation. (DTR)

Changing Ceremony
a coming-of-age ceremony for the Melodies of Yavin 8. When a Melodie reaches the age of twenty, they return to a special pool on the moon where they remain until they change to adults. The process can take weeks, during which time the Melodie is susceptible to any form of attack. The transformation involves the growing of gills and a tail, turning the Melodie from a land-based creature to a water-breather. (LW)

this uncommon ore was incredibly dense, and was used as the primary component in the creation of phobium. (LOE)

Channe Dar
the Alliance Intelligence officer who discovered an espionage droid in operation on Gaulus. (RASB)

an Imperial shuttle used during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Channel 1
this HoloNet frequency can only be opened by three bodies of the New Republic: the Ruling Council, the President, and the Fleet High Command. The channel is used to announce important messages to all HoloNet nodes, and preempts any other holographic transmissions. Nil Spaar once infiltrated Channel 1 as part of his plot to overthrow the New Republic. (BTS)

Channel 11
this HoloNet frequency is used by the New Republic Senate. (BTS)

Channel 8.64
this was the secure communications channel that was reserved by the Old Republic for use by starfighter pilots, during the height of the Clone Wars. Channel 8.64 was a discreet, scrambled, and encrypted frequency that was supposed to be safe from interception by Separatist forces. (JT)

Channel 81
this HoloNet frequency is the diplomatic channel, used to send out information on governmental proceedings to various embassies throughout the galaxy. It was used by Nil Spaar, during the Black Fleet Crisis, to transmit illegal announcements of his struggle with Leia Organa-Solo. Spaar twisted the truth and presented it in such a way that much of the Senate began to question Leia's abilities to control the Republis. (BTS, TT)

Channel, The
this was the name of a specialized obstacle used in swoopchasing. The Channel was a full-enclosed portion of the race course, and was filled with a maze of turns, sharp inclines, and sudden drops which a rider had to negotiate. Once inside the Channel, a rider was forced to find his way out. There were many possible paths through the Channel, but the easier ones were often booby-trapped. (BSS)

Channik Who Built a Starfighter and Flew to Ryloth
this was the name of a Jenet who was famous in the history of the planet Garban. (UANT)

Chanteuse of the Stars
this was Shirley's stage name, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (MC77)

this den of Selonians allied itself with the Hunchuzuc Republicanists during the Corellian Crisis. (SC)

according to Naboo mythology, this deity wreaked havoc upon the world until it was confined behind six impenetrable gates. Later, the power generator within the Theed Palace was protected by six energy gates, in reference to the myth of Chaos. (IWE1)

according to many religions, Chaos was the force that worked to upset the natural order of the galaxy. It was often placed in opposition to the Force, which bound the galaxy together. (LCM, WOTC)

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