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this was a slang term, often used in a derogatory fashion, to refer to a member of the Wookiee race. It was used most often during the height of the Clone Wars. (LFCW)

Carplin, Loom
Travia Chan's chief of staff during the Galactic Civil War, Carplin was a large, incredibly strong man known for his combat skills. He travelled from outpost to outpost, gathering data to feed back to Chan. He was assisted by the Wookiee, Busurra, who acted as his replacement when Carplin was away from the Generis base. (RASB)

Carrack-class cruisers
an Imperial capital ship, the Carrack-class cruiser was built by Damorian Manufacturing. At 350 meters in length, the Carrack-class is larger than a Lancer-class ship but smaller than a Dreadnaught. It is manned by a crew of 1,092, with room for up to 142 troops. It was built to counteract the effectiveness of the Corellian Corvette, for the Empire could not obtain many of those. The Carrack ships carry up to four TIE Fighters on a set of external racks. They are also the fastest Imperial capital ships, rated at 18 MGLT. However, it was lightly armored near its power generators, which posed a problem in battle. The Carrack-class cruiser boasts the following components: * 10 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries * 20 Ion Cannon Batteries * up to 5 tractor beam projectors * two warhead launchers * 160 SBD shields * 100 RU hull (TB, JS, HTTE, ISB, TIE)

this planet, located about 40 parsecs from Coruscant, was the planet on which Akanah first sensed Luke Skywalker. She was sent there as a child, when the Empire first invaded Lucazec, and was the only Fallanassi child sent there. (BTS)

this was the name used to describe the hjuman inhabitants of the planet Carratos. (BF4)

Carrdooine Chills
see Cardooine Chills (SWRPG)

Carrick, Zayne
this Jedi Padawan was studying the ways of the Force during the years following the Great Sith War, when he was accused of an unspeakable crime. Rather than face the justice of the Jedi Council, he fled Coruscant and tried to seek out a way to survive among the very criminals he had sworn to bring to justice. (SWI85)

Carrier-class Starship
a starship armed with 10 twin-laser cannons. (RC)

Carrion Fly
this odorous, black insect was one of many carnivorous species which were native to the jungles of Haruun Kal. As its name suggested, the carrion fly preferred to feed on dead flesh, rather than killing its own prey. (SHPT)

Carrion Sector
an area of the galaxy that was controlled by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. (RASB)

Carrion Spat
this was a deadly creature native to the planet Corellia. Resembling a two-legged reptile, the carrion spat was a swift-moving creature that could be broken for use as a mount, if an explorer was willing to take the time to tame the animal correctly. Once broken, a carrion spat was an invaluable companion, and its natural tendency to protect itself gave it a nasty edge when confronting another predator. The nose of the carrion spat was protected by a sharp beak, and its tail was a short knob of flesh covered by a multitude of thick, feather-like appendages. (SWI62, SWGAL)

this planet, located in the Unknown Regions, was discovered to have been the original homeworld of the Hemes Arbora race. (FH2)

Carrow, Hawk
Roark Garnet's co-pilot on the Dorion Discus and his close companion. Garnet rescued Hawk from the Imperial infirmary on New Bakstre, shortly after crashing on the planet. (RPG, SWJ1)

Carry Ship
this is the generic term used to describe any starship which transported a less-maneuverable ship into position. These ships found wide-spread use by mining operations, as they were used to move stylus ships into position over a target planet or moon. (VP)

one of the Imperial Navy's tacticians, Lieutenant Carsa served under Joak Drysso aboard the Lusankya during the Battle of Thyferra. Carsa was killed in the initial attacks when he monitor exploded in his face. (BW)

this man was a Captain in the Imperial armed forces, during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. He was also a supporter of Grand Moff Trachta, and was assigned by Trachta to alter the education and conditioning of a special detachment of stormtroopers. These troopers would be infiltrated into the detachment protecting Emperor Palpatine, as part of Trachta's plans to assassinate the Emperor. In order to test the loyalty and obedience of the troopers, Trachta proclaimed Carsan a traitor and ordered the troopers to execute him. Unable to counteract their conditioned loyalty, Carsan was shot repeatedly and killed. (SWEB)

a planet. (GFT)

this was one of the most common Gungan surnames, taking from the father's side of the family. These surnames were not dropped, even after marriage. To the Gungans, it meant "slow-moving river". (GCG)

this was one of the many corporations which had its headquarters in the Stratablock 7 building of Metellos' Moridebo District, during the height of the New Order. CarsinShare and its rival, Nonsu, were the primary buyers and sellers of business information. They also produced much of the material used to build and maintain the city of Ektra. On the less legitimate side of things, CarsinShare and Nonsu also staged death matches deep in the bowels of Ektra, pitting their champion gladiators against each other in bloody fights to the death. (CCW)

Carson, Farley
this New Republic Navy Commodore was attached to the Fourth Battle Group, in command of the Star Destroyer Yakez. Etahn A'baht considered him as one of his only friends during the Black Fleet Crisis. A'baht called him the nickname "Stony." During the Battle of N'zoth, Carson and the Yakez were caught between two Yevethan T-type warships. The Yakez's bow shields were breached, and subsequent fire from the Yevethan ships ignited the Yakez's weapons hold. The ship was broken in two by the explosion, and all hands were lost. (TT)

this rare, black form of spice is mined on Sevarcos. When consumed, it induces a feeling of euphoria and heightened abilities. When the effects wear off, the user experiences lethargy and listlessness. The spice also has a toxic effect on the user's metabolism, and withdrawal often results in death because the body can't react fast enough to the change. The Healer's Guild learned that carsunum spice could control and prevent the spread of hive viruses. (SWJ2, TPS)

Carsunum Chariot
this huge wind rider was the personal craft of Lady Trevael, one of the three prominent spice lords who controlled the spice trade on the planet Sevarcos during the height of the New Order. (SWJ2)

this Adumari nation was one of the largest and strongest at the time when the New Republic encountered the planet. The perator of the nation, Pekaelic ke Teldan, felt that he could speak for the entire planet during negotiations with the Republic and with the remnants of the Empire, a belief which was endorsed by Tomer Darpen. However, this eventually led to a planetary civil war between Cartann and the Yedagonian Confederacy, a brief struggle which was won by the Yedagons with the help of Wedge Antilles and his pilots. In the wake of the battle, the perator abdicated his throne to his son, who vowed to help Adumar create a fair and representative world government. (SOA)

Cartann Bladedrome
one of the two fighter bases located near the city of Cartann, on the planet Adumar. (SOA)

Cartann City
the capital city of the Cartann nation, located on the planet Adumar. The surface of the city is the home of the nobility, while there exists an entirely separate city below-ground. In man-made caverns, vast manufacturing corporations create everything from bombs and blastswords to food and clothing, while the workers who toil away in the factories live in turumme warrens. (SOA)

Cartann Ground Championships
an annual event staged by the perator of Cartann, the Ground Championships pit the best blastswordsmen against each other in duels to the death. The champion is the duelist who survives the final match. (SOA)

Cartann Guard
this is the security force which protected the perator of Cartann. (SOA)

this planet served as a secondary source of clone troopers, during the height of the Clone Wars. The cloning facilities on Cartao were known for several innovations they made on the original cloning technology of the Kaminoans, many of which were used in the development of Spaarti cylinders. Cartao itself was considered one of the largest trade centers of the Prackla Sector of the galaxy, and tried its best to remain neutral during the Clone Wars. (SWDB, SWI68)

Cartao Expeditionary Army
this was the designation of the armed forces which were led by Tok Ashel, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. The Mission of the Cartao Expeditionary Army was to take control of the planet Cartao, then subdue the leaders of Spaarti Creations without damaging their manufacturing facilities. The hope was that the fluid-technology of the Cranscoc could be retooled to produce D-90 series battle droids. (SWI69)

this mad Devaronian male took control of the planet Malrev shortly after the Battle of Endor. Cartariun was part of a technical team dispatched to Malrev to begin construction of an Imperial outpost on the orders of Emperor Palpatine himself. Palpatine had discovered the Sith temple in the forests of the planet, and wanted to use the temple to augment his own powers. The base was abandoned after the Battle of Endor, but Cartariun remained behind and began studying the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. He eventually learned how to control the minds of the Irrukiine, and trained them in elaborate wargames driven only by the power of his mind. When Rogue Squadron landed on Malrev in search of the Starfaring, Cartariun managed to capture Wedge Antilles, but only until the Rogues began battling the Irrukiine. While Cartariun was distracted with the battle, Wedge slipped away and rejoined his squadron. However, the Sullustan Dllr Nep was drawn to Cartariun's power, which he both saw and heard as beautiful music. Many of the Rogues felt Cartariun's power is some way, although most experienced a heightened set of emotions. Cartariun captured Dllr and used him has a conduit for the power of the Dark Side. Dllr resisted, but was shot and killed by the power-hungry Bothan, Girov Dza'tey. Dza'tey, and expert in the martial art of Jeswandi, then struggled with Cartariun until the Devaronian was kiled by his own Dark Side powers. (XWRR, HXW)

Cartel Building
this was the name given to the Metatheran Cartel's primary headquarters on Cularin, located in the city of Gadrin during the final years of the Old Republic. During the Clone Wars, when Cularin finally threw off the oppression of the Cartel and the Thaereian Militia, the Cartel Building was burned to the ground. The event coincided with the founding of the so-called Wookiee Liberation Front. (LFCW)

an Alliance security officer killed on Talasea when the Rogue Squadron base there was infiltrated by stormtroopers. (XWN)

this ancient city, located on the planet Benja-Rihn, was little more than a wasteland during the last decades of the Old Republic. It attracted attention when the Temple of Tet-Ami was discovered among its ruins. In its prime, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Geonosis, Carthas was a wondrous city. It was beset by a swarm of savage beasts, but was saved from destruction by the mysterious Tet-Ami. (T13)

Carto Asteroid Belt
this asteroid belted was "mined" by Drek Drednar, who instructed his pirates to tow asteroids out of the belt and into major pace lanes. The asteroids created gravity shadows in hyperspace, so travelling ships would have to revert to realspace in their vicinity. The pirates would then attack the hapless ships. (SWJ5)

see Essic Daroom (PH)

this Twi'lek restauranteer owned the Kavsrach restaurant on Corsucant during the height of the New Republic. (IJ)

Carvin, Paltr
this Imperial General was a member of the Imperial Ruling Council which sprang up in the wake of Emperor Palpatine's death at Endor. The council itself was ostensibly led by Ysanne Isard, especially after she engineered the destruction of Sate Pestage. He refused to believe Isard when she claimed Pestage was a traitor who had been working with the New Republic to obtain control of Imperial worlds. His concerns were overruled by other members of the council, who voted to remove Pestage. Once Pestage was removed from Coruscant and imprisoned on Ciutric, Carvin was installed as the leader of the Imperial council. A gray-haired man with hawk-like features, Carvin was distinguished by his all-black eyes. His tenure as the leader of the Council was short-lived however, as Isard made her play for control of the Empire shortly after Sate Pestage was executed on Ciutric by Delak Krennel. Isard had Carvin imprisoned at the Lusankya facility, where he languished until his death. (XWMR)

Carving the Republic: The Real Story of Count Dooku
this book, written by Andevor Javin, was one of the five most popular pieces of literature during the year leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

this moon orbits a fluorescent blue-and-white gas giant in the Carz System, an unimportant system most often referred to by its galactic coordinates. The smuggling baron Yosger maintained a base on the moon, hidden deep within the rocky crust of the world. The natural ores helped hide the base from sensor scans. (GMH)

Carzyn, Tanner
one of the many gunners who served aboard the FarStar, Tanner joined the crew after roaming the Minos Cluster for much of his life. He claimed that his family had been enslaved by the Empire, and that he was joined the New Republic to exact revenge against Moff Kentor Sarne. However, Carzyn was strongly in support of the former Empire, and was actually a weapons technician for Sarne's forces on Kal'Shebbol. When Sarne fled the planet in the face of a New Republic, Carzyn and his troops were left behind. He joined the crew of the FarStar in order to rejoin Sarne and destroy the ship and its crew. He was arrested shortly after the FarStar entered the Kathol Rift. (DARK, KO, KR)

this female name was common among the Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names. (GCG)

this was one of the most common female names given to human children across the galaxy. (GCG)

this plant is native to the planet Ebra, and grows in thick layers atop rocky ground. (GG12)

this great, natural cavern found within the rocky mountains of the planet Stronghold was used by Alliance personnel as a hiding place in case of attack. The main chamber was hidden behind a beautiful waterfall, and a large pool of water dominated the center of the chamber. A small shaft in the ceiling allowed some light to penetrate the chamber; the light created a colorful display when it reflected and refracted from the crystals in the chamber walls. (OS2)

Cascade of Rrynorrorun
this incredibly tall waterfall was located on the planet Kashyyyk. Many Wookiees considered its endless flow of water to be soothing. (AFA)

Cascardi Mountains
these snow-covered peaks were located on the planet Duneeden. (DH)

Case Seven
one of several battle plans laid out by Traest Kre'fey and Gilead Pellaeon for the defense of the planet Ithor against Yuuzhan Vong attack. This plan ultimately was implemented, based on the attack pattern of the Vong. (DTR)

this was a term used by the Grand Army of the Republic to describe any casualty-evacuation mission. (SWI84)

Casfield 6
this droid-managed world was the site of a six-ship collision. The droids were using simple droid languages to talk to incoming starships, and were passing landing codes to them this way. However, this droid language caused the ships' computers to malfunction, and all control was lost. Among the ships destroyed in the collision was a starship owned by the Offen race, which had just recently begun to experiment with space travel. Their 6,000-year-old Queen was aboard the ship when it was destroyed, and she was killed. (TNR)

Casin Mak
this was a common name among the Svivreni race. (GORW)

Casino Kuari
the more up-scale casino located on the Lido Deck of the Kuari Princess, the Casino Kuari is modelled after the Naweenen Fate Rooms found on Ord Mantell. (RM)

Casino Line, The
this was one of the primary passenger conveyor tubes that moved people about the city of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5. It bisected the Westrex district of the city, linking all the major casinos and hotels to the Port Line, which provided access to Efavan Port. (GORW)

Casino Royale
one of the major casinos operated by the Empire on Vorzyd 5. The Royale was originally established under the direction of the Greyshade family, and was funded by the Old Republic under a deal that was brokered by Simon Greyshade. The entire complex encompassed more than several square kilometers at the center of Efavan, and was composed of gambling halls, restaurants, and various gaming stadiums. It was here that Luke Skywalker was able to hit three consecutive targets playing Cosmic Chance. (CSWEA, GORW)

this Alliance Major was the primary liaison for agents arriving in Tapani Sector during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (LOE)

Caslo, Booldrum
this computer genius - known as a neep - was Gerney Caslo's cousin, and owned one of the largest museums on the planet Nam Chorios. He was a heavy-set man with a strange set of sight-amplification equipment bolted to his head. (POT)

Caslo, Gerney
a settler on the planet Nam Chorios, Gerney was one of the largest water sellers in the Hweg Shul area. He had a knack for getting the old, rusted water pumps - abandonded the by Oldtimers - to gush with water, which allowed the Newcomers to survive in the rocky wastes outside the city. He was also one of Seti Ashgad's strongest supporters, before he learned what Ashgad's true intentions were. When Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa-Solo revealed the treachery of Ashgad, Caslo refused to believe. Rather than hear more of the accusations, he threw a belt of grenades into a Theran gun tower. He was shot and killed in the attempt, but the grenades destroyed the weaponry. (POT)

Casna Aure
this gas giant was the ninth planet in the Kamino System. It was orbited by twenty-eight moons. (GORW)

Casna Besh
this gas giant was the tenth planet in the Kamino System. It was orbited by forty-three moons. (GORW)

nickname of the BlasTech CSPL-12 projectile launcher. (ISB)

an aide to Grand Moff Tarkin on the first Death Star. He was the aide who announced that Dantooine no longer held an active Alliance base. (SWN)

this planet, the primary world in orbit around Cassander's Star, was discovered by the survey droids dispatched into the Outer Rim by Cassander Tadrin, a century before the onset of the Clone Wars. Cassander had been searching for a suitable world to colonize, after growing tired of life in the Core. He spent his huge fortune to arrange for transport to Cassander, bringing with him tens of thousands of loyal employees and their families. Cassander eventually became the capital of the so-called Cassandran Worlds. Decades later, after the Empire split the Cassandran Worlds apart, Cassander became the capital of the Cassander Sector. (GORW)

Cassander House
this mansion, located in the city of Pesktda on Garqi, served as the planetary governor's residence. (GORW)

Cassander Sector
this was one of the three sectors that were carved from the Cassandran Worlds, after the formation of the Empire. Its capital was the planet Cassander. (GORW)

Cassander's Star
this star, located in the Outer Rim Territories, was discovered by the survey droids of Cassander Tadrin, about a century before the onset of the Clone Wars. It became the central body of the Cassandran Worlds. (GORW)

Cassandra Sunrise
this alcoholic beverage was similar to a Tatooine Sunburn, only much more potent. (GG9)

this was the term used to describe the human settlers and their descendents who lived on the planet Cassander. (GORW)

Cassandran Brandy
this was one of the finest brandies created in the galaxy. Produced on Cassander, it was created with arcane procedures, but its taste made it well-worth the effort and expense. (GG9, GORW)

Cassandran Choholl
another of the renowned Cassandran spirits, it was better even than Cassandran Brandy. Cassandran choholl was created from the fruits and leaves of the hafa vine, which was native to the planet Garqi. (GG9, SWJ7, GORW)

Cassandran Sectors
this was another name for the Cassandran Worlds, but was used during the era of the New Order after the Cassandran star systems were split into the Cassander, Tadrin, and Tendrannan Sectors. (GORW)

Cassandran Worlds
this was a group of three star clusters that were located in the Outer Rim Territories. The star systems contained within this group produced some of the galaxy's most tasty and powerful liquors. The group of stars was named for Cassander Tadrin, who discovered the world known simply as Cassander, which was located at the heart of the Cassandran Worlds. Over time, more than one hundred star systems were added to the Cassandran Worlds. When the New Order was established throughout the galaxy, the Cassandran Worlds were split apart into three sectors: Cassander Sector, Tadrin Sector, and Tendrannan Sector. (GORW, GG9)

Cassilis Electronic Defenses
this small manufacturer produced a variety of personal security devices during the New Order. (GFT)

this was one of the many Rellarin tribes native to Rellnas Minor. (SOP)

Casta Farnib
a famous member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. (RPG)

Castaan Armory
this small armory produced a number of specialized protective suits, designed to fit the specific physiology of different alienr races. (GUN)

this planet was the homeworld of the Gossam race. The planet was, at one point, essentially owned by the Commerce Guild, which purchased huge tracts of land and facilities in return for the indentured labor of the Gossam people. The planet was eventually repurchased by Shu Mai, but she kept taxes high in order to maintain strict control of her people. During the height of the Clone Wars, however, the forces of the Grand Army of the Republic were able to regain control of the planet, removing the Separatists from power. (SWDB, ROF)

Caster's Net
this was one of the five traditional Geonosian weapons that made up the petranaki array. A difficult weapon to use, the caster's net was essentially a fine-mesh webbing that was formed into a large circle. Fine threads of electricity-conducting material were woven into the webbing, and were activated by a dead-man switch held by the wielder. A trailing rope allowed the user to draw the net tighter around the target, providing more contact for the electrical threads. The stunning shock that was delivered when the dead-man switch was dropped often resulted in an opponent being instantly immobilized. However, throwing the caster's net required a great deal of practice and skill, so it was often overlooked by most Geonosian warriors. (GORW)

Casti, Lirisa
this Alliance agent worked with a team of soldiers to sabotage Lant Mining Corporation's activities on Demar, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Lirisa herself was targeted for capture by Imperial forces led by Cass Maston, but was eventually rescued. A former employee of LMC, Lirina was a shuttle pilot until her showboating during regular runs earned her too many demerits. Shortly after being fired, she acquired a Ghtroc freighter which she named the Star Trader, and which she fixed up for her missions with the Alliance. She held the rank of Lieutenant at the time of the Battle of Yavin. (FBS)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this Hapan mercenary wore a suit of protective armor made by Corondexx. (GUN)

Casting Hawk
native to the planet Rallitiir, this avian predator was found throughout the planet's ecosystem. A capable hunter with a large capacity for learning, casting hawks were often trained by Ralltiiri nobles to serve as exotic pets. Casting hawks were named for their unusual hunting style. They broke off branches of the liquid thoron trees where they made their nests, using the viscous sap to ensnare their prey. (CCW)

Castle Bocce
a luxurious hotel found on Tatooine, this edifice predated much of Tatooine's current human sttlements. During the later years of the Old Republic, it was lovingly restored to its original beauty, and is now a major tourist attraction. It features a casino, high-class cuisine and accommodations, and ten multi-species immersion pools. (RPG)

Castle Lands
this area of Alderaan's plains was at one time the home of the ancient Killik race, which referred to them as Oroboro. They built large, complex cities out of the natural elements around them. The Killik were believed to have died out some twenty thousand years before the Galactic Civil War, but their wonderful spitcrete castles remained after them. The Alderaanians held the Castle Lands in awe, and discovered eighteen unique groupings of structures that seemed to indicate eighteen periods of expansion in killik history. The artists of Alderaan flocked to the Castle Lands to experience the natural beauty of the Killik buildings, although one artist took his inspiration too far. He painted a section of the Castle Lands with bright, chaotic patterns, but his work was quickly condemned by the many Alderaanians who revered the Killik structures. (ISU, DN1)

Castle S'Shah
this was the name of King S'Shah's fortress on Serphidi, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (MC64)

Castle, The
this huge, rocky tor was located on the planet Dorvalla, in the Videnda Sector, and was part of the holdings of the Lommite Limited mining corporation shortly before the Battle of Naboo. The Castle was the site of one of LL's largest mines, and was distinguished by the towers of stone which dominated its western and southern faces. The Castle was destroyed by InterGalactic Ores shortly before the Battle of Naboo, in its continuing effort to drive LL out of business. IGO managed to acquire the access codes to the guidance droids on LL's ore shuttles, and caused two of them to crash into The Castle, setting off a chain of devastating explosions. (DMS)

Cat Miin
this Gossam served as Shu Mai's primary aide, during the height of the Clone Wars. (VD3)

Cataclysm Prism 4
this was one of the worst holofilms of the Old Republic, produced in the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

Catacomb of Evidents
this was the largest of the crypts that were maintained on the planet Sullust, and was filled with the tombs of the planet's most influential leaders. (DN2)

Catalog of Intelligent Life in the Galaxy
this reference work was commissioned by Darth Vader, and was written in two editions by Obo Rin. (GG4)

this is a small, timid creature. (POT)

a compact device which uses a lever arm and pulleys to cock the arm in place and let it go when disengaged. The arm has a basket, into which can be loaded rocks or bombs, which are then hurled against an enemy. (BFE)

Catarlo Sector
this area of the galaxy, which contained the planet Cadomai Prime, was located in the Outer Rim Territories near the Corporate Sector. (GG12)

Catastrophe Corps
this agency was formed by the government of the planet Riflor, to respond to the multitude of natural disasters that regularly caused damage to Advozsec civilization. The members of the Catastrophe Corps were known for their fanatic, almost religious dedication to their jobs. Although ostensibly independent of any governmental body, the Catastrophe Corps often acted on the directions of other leaders. A few times in Riflor's history, the Catastrophe Corps actually assumed control of Riflor themselves, although many Advozsec described such actions as necessary ways to control the population during exceptionally hard calamity seasons. (GMR4)

see Toughcatch (DTO)

this was the codename used by Uldir Lochett and his crew to describe themselves whenever they were operating in the field. Lochett himself was designated Catchhawk One. (EOV, GMR9)

Catching the Wind
this phrase, used on the planet Sevarcos, was used to describe the euphoric sensation experienced when an offworlder first takes a breath of the spice-laden air of the open desert. (SWJ2)

Catchment Arc
this was a vital piece of the Ssi-ruuvi entechment technology. The catchment arc was a piece of circuitry which could be attuned to the internal magnetization of the subject under entechment. When a magnetic field was passed through the subject, it activated a magentic solution in the subject's nervous system and forced the subject's life-energy to jump across the catchment arc and into a storage battery. (TB, TBSB)

this Paqwe was the last crewmember of the Mother's Valkyrie to abandon the ship on Coruscant and flee back to Paqwepori, following the disgrace of the ship at the hands of Nil Spaar. Cathacatin was a licensed breeder-keeper of toko birds. (TT)

the home planet of the Cathar race, Cathar was dominated by vast, rolling plains and dense forests. The plains were the home of a species of gigantic insects, while the trees were carved into cities by the native Cathar/ (DLS, PJSB)

a sentient race of feline humanoids, the Cathar were native to the planet with the same name. The males had full manes and two long, pointed teeth which extend down from their upper jaw. The females also had a flowing mane, but lacked the male's fangs. (DLS)

this was the native language of the Cathar race. (PJSB)

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