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one of the Corellian orphans rescued from Ylesia by Han Solo and Chewbacca, she was a young teenager. (RD)

Cathedral of Shade
this is the name given to the various temples and ruins used by the Kluuzot, deep in the Black Jungle of Krann. (TSK)

Cathedral of Winds
a tall, ethereal castle on Vortex, the Cathedral was made of thin crystal and built so that the rising hurricane winds would whistle through thousands of holes, creating a musical experience called the Concert of the Winds. It was nearly destroyed when Ackbar's sabotaged shuttle crashed into it, killing 358 Vors in the collapse. The New Republic helped the Vors rebuild it. (DA, COTF, EGP)

Cather Taan's Gun Shop
this establishment, located in Storrd Township on the planet Seregar, was known for its high-quality arms. (ND)

this Imperial Governor controlled Demnadi, but was unable to put a stop to the rebellious activity of the planet's underground. He called for assistance in quelling a riot, but only got Major Fenris Sarhl to respond. (HR)

this planet was the site of an Alliance Mission Group base during the Galactic Civil War. (GG9)

a Mon Calamari MC80a cruiser used by the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. It was once used to raid an Imperial shipping route in the Corporate Sector. (XW)

Cathor Fever
this disease was believed to have originated on Ithor. (GCG)

Cathor Hills
a region of Ithor in which the Bafforr trees grow in huge numbers, creating a sentient forest. Alima destroyed the forests in trying to get Momaw Nadon to reveal the secrets of Ithorian technology. (TME)

this Charon bio-construct was created from a large, cat-like creature which lived on the Charon homeworld. The original creature had strange armor-like skin, a feature which was transferred to the cathorn. In addition to its armor plating, the cathorn also had the spiked tail of an Ithorian barbed flyer grafted to its body. The barbed flyer was captured from a starship lost in Otherspace. Like most Charon constructs, the cathorn has incredible leaping ability. (OS)

Catier Walkway
this was a noted walkway found on the planet Coruscant during the early decades of the New Republic. It was a shopping gallery which was filled with all manner of shops and merchants. However, when the Yuuzhan Vong attacked and captured Coruscant, much of the Catier Walkway was destroyed or looted. (EL2)

Cato Neimoidia
this was the oldest and most exclusive of the primary Neimoidian purse-worlds. Much of its underground network of caverns and tunnels was set aside for securing the amassed treasure troves of the wealthy Neimoidians who lived on the planet. Towers and skyscrapers were erected on swaying bridges that connecting the buildings to the mouths of various caverns and caves, thereby ensuring that the Neimoidian inhabitants were never very far from their riches. After the onset of the Clone Wars, however, Cato Neimoidia became a stronghold of the Neimoidian elite. Weapons emplacements were added to much of the architecture, and legions of battle droids were stationed alongside the Neimoidian Home Defense Legions to ensure the safety of the planet's inhabitants. During the height of the Clone Wars, however, the forces of the Grand Army of the Republic were able to regain control of the planet, removing the Separatist Neimoidians from power. Note that The Art of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith indicates that Cato Neimoidia is the homeworld of the Neimoidians, not just a purse-world. (SWI71, ROF, AE3, SWDB)

this Imperial officer was the commander in charge of the Selnesh prison colony when Haslam and his team infiltrated the prison to rescue Gebnerret Vibrion. (TFE)

the planet near which the Ssi-ruuk had to perform an emergency re-orientation of the Shriwirr prior to entering the Bakura system. (TB)

this species of lime-green mushroom was grown on the planet Gandle Ott. Individual cattarash mushrooms grew to over a meter inheight, with a thin stalk and small cap. The natives of Gandle Ott used these mushrooms in a variety of ways, including the brewing of a fragrant tea. These mushrooms were so important to the culture and economy of Gandle Ott that an annual Mushroom Cutting festival was held each year. (DARK)

Cattena Squadron
Brenn and Dellis Tantor shadowed this stormtrooper squadron for several months before they were made "honorary" members of the team. The original members bristled at this unorthodox appointment, and never fully accepted the brothers. However, after being dispatched to Kalaan to subdue a rebellious cell, the squadron's commanding officer and Dellis Tantor were killed in battle. Brenn Tantor was promoted to Lieutenant in the field, and given command of Cattena Squadron. (FC)

this was a race of feline humanoids, known for their hunting and fighting skills. Many beings believed that the Catumen were bred to be mercenaries and killers. (LTA1, MCA1)

Caucus Chambers
this building served as the headquarters for the Jabiim Congress. (SWI68)

this Jedi Master served as one of the many physicians who worked at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, during the height of the Clone Wars. (YDR)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was under the command of then-Captain Harsh, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GMR6)

Cauldron Nebula
a nebula of specific gases that were mined for use by the inhabitants of Eol Sha for a short time. Later, it served as the hiding place of Daala's following her run-in with the Doole's Kessel Navy. The nebula is the result of seven nearby stars all going supernova at about the same time. (JS, DA, SA)

Cauldron, The
this huge, natural crater served as the location for the largest of the gladiator pits used by the Rattataki warlords to stage their Blood Sports. Considered a place of neutral ground among the various tribes, the Cauldron became the site of the most prestigious of all gladiator events. It was here that Asajj Ventress defeated all her opoonents and won the attention of Count Dooku, shortly after the Battle of Geonosis. (SWDB)

Cauper System
this Tapani Sector star system was part of the holdings of House Melantha during the New Order. (LOE)

it was on this planet that Lieutenant Mavron obtained a copy of the TriNebulon datafeed and discovered the supposed appearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn in the negotiations between Moff Disra and Bosmihi. (VOF)

Causus, Haris
this man, a respected researcher and lecturer who held tenure at the Corulag Academy during the height of the New Order, eventually decided to defect to the Alliance. His extraction was nearly thwarted by Hadis Ato, but the Alliance agents sent to retrieve him managed to get Causus off-planet without a mishap. (CCW)

Cautionary Pulser
this was a small device that was built into the grip of a blaster. It monitored the weapon's power status and emitted a small discharge when the weapon was nearly drained of power. The wielder felt a tingling in his gunhand, generated by the pulser itself. (HSE)

this independent scout had met up with a few too many hostile alien races in his time. (GG8)

Cavaellin Creams
these spiced candies were thye basis for many gourmet desserts, during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

Cavalier Club
this nighclub was protected by Locara, during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

this gas giant was the sixth world in the Brentaal System. It was orbited by two moons. (CCW)

Cave City
located on the moon of Rennokk, this cave was originally discovered by Reidi Artom during her search of the Cularin System. She left Rennokk more or less untouched, not seeing any value in the molten surface of the moon. However, a group of explorers returned to Rennokk many decades later, and they found that the deeper levels of the cave housed the remnants of an ancient civilization. Only one member of the expedition survived, a Tarasin named Kum'Jushkin, who told stories of a great lava worm which devoured the exploration team soon after their discovery. No one has returned to Rennokk since then. (LFC)

Cave Crawler
this is another name for the keejin. (COG)

Cave of Memory
this was one of the forty-two caves and chambers set aside for religious devotion inside Inicus Mont, on the planet Mina. The Vashan bodhis who worked in this cave contemplated the god Anitkra the Egglayer and his designs for the Vashan people, by analyzing the holy forces of memory found within objects of art. (GMR9)

Cave of Sanctuary
this was one of the forty-two caves and chambers set aside for religious devotion inside Inicus Mont, on the planet Mina. It was in this cave that Vashan bodhis welcomed those beings who were denied peace and freedom in the secular world. (GMR9)

Cave of the Blade
this was one of the forty-two caves and chambers set aside for religious devotion inside Inicus Mont, on the planet Mina. The Vashan swordsbeings who protected their people traveled to this cave to pray with the bodhis who honored the traditions of combat. It was in the Cave of the Blade that the swords of fallen Vashan heroes were preserved. (GMR9)

Cave of the Elders
this was the name used to describe the unusual, miniature version of the StarCave that was contained within the boundaries of the ThonBoka. Measuring twenty kilometers in diameter, the Cave of the Elders was created by the native Oswaft from the atomic elements and molecules they consumed. Unlike the rest of the ThonBoka, the Cave of the Elders was a solid structure, composed entirely of crystalline refuse the Oswaft exuded as part of their normal metabolism. During the early years of the New Order, Lando Calrissian discovered that the crystals of the Cave were among the purest forms of the galaxy's most valuabel gemstones, making the Cave ostensibly worth billions of credits. The Elders of the Oswaft used the Cave as their primary meeting place. (LCS)

Cave of the Image
this was one of the forty-two caves and chambers set aside for religious devotion inside Inicus Mont, on the planet Mina. It was in this cave that the Vashan bodhis preserved the most precious and sacred artifacts, protecting them from thieves. (GMR9)

Cave of Truth
this was the site of an ancient Jedi testing ground, part of the Teyan Praxeum located on Teya IV. Within the Cave, potential Jedi faced their most dangerous foe in a struggle between the Light and Dark Sides of the Force. Those Jedi padawans who triumphed over their foes emerged as full-fledged Jedi Knights. (SWJ11)

Cave Worm
this was a species of worm which was native to the planet Wayland. (GMR10)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

Caveel, Spinda
this rogue scientist was known for his unusual experiments. He was best known for stealing the ideas of others and modifying them for his own use. He set up a base on the planet Murninkam, far from prying eyes. Shortly after the Battle of Endor, Caveel stole the droid AOI-C - also known as Doc - from Massad Thrumble. He hoped to use the droid's abilities to create an army of warrior-droids in order to subdue his enemies and gather control of the criminal underworld. However, his plans were thwarted when Guri - at the request of Trumble - immobilized the Pike sisters and rescued Doc. Thrumble didn't give up, and developed a new plan that involved the Pike Sisters capturing Doc and Guri's head, then using the parts to build a better automata. They tracked Guri back to Hurd's Moon, but were caught in the cross-fire between Savan's forces, Alliance forces, and Thrumble's improved defenses. The Pike sisters backed out of the deal, but Caveel threatened to kill them. As he tried to shoot them, the Pike sisters drew their weapons faster. Caveel was shot and killed. (SEE)

this man-sized amphibian made its home in the caves that were found beneath the surface of the planet Lamaredd. A cavehopper resembled a bizarre cross between a toad and a crocodile, with the body resembling that of a huge toad and the head being dominated by a toothy maw. After the Outer Rim Oreworks corporation began mining Lamaredd, cavehoppers took to living in the mines, where they became a danger to the miners. The advent of automated mining on Lamaredd meant that no beings were hurt or killed by the cavehoppers, but the reptiles continued to take up residence in the mines. (GMR7)

Cavellian Cream
known as "the little food that could," Cavellian Creams were known to provide a quick burst of energy to those who consumed them. (SWGAL)

this was a form of tobacco that was made by the Wookiees of Kashyyyk from dried wroshyr leaves. (AIR)

this creature is native to the planet Glottal. Its eggs are eaten by the Glottalphibs. (TNR)

Cavern Beast
this unusual creature evolved on Coruscant, after the Yuuzhan Vong began to reform the planet into a simulation of their long-lost homeworld of Yuuzhan'tar. It grew in the deepest parts of the changing cityscape, where there was the largest concentration of non-Yuuzhan Vong beings still living on the planet. In many respects, the cavern beast was a huge form of worm or snake that used a telepathic lure to draw beings into its huge mouth. The mouth was virtually indistinguishable from a lichen-covered orifice, and the projected image of a being in trouble was implanted into the mind of any being who walked near the beast's lair. Once a being was far enough inside the cavern beast, it was herded by parastaltic contractions into specialized stomachs for holding. The beings who were herded into the cavern beast's many stomachs were not immediately digested, but allowed to live and congregate. The cavern beast was able to provide food for its captives by excreting a fatty substance into stalactite-like formations, which were edible and nutritious. In return, the cavern beast obtained nutrients and elements from the wastes of its captives. The collective body heat of its captives even helped the cavern beast maintain its internal temperature. When increased food intake was needed, the cavern beast used its strange form of parastalsis to herd a being into a digestive chamber, where it was quickly assimmilated into the cavern beast's system. (T)

Cavern Spider
this was a generic term used to describe several species of cave-swelling spiders that were native to the planet Dathomir, such as the gaping spider. (GQRG)

this horn, often made from krrin-oak, produced deep, bass tones that many considered oily in their resonance. (E3N)

Cavern's Delight
this was one of the many attractions found at Aucellis Park, on the moon of Keriba VI, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Riders sit in speciallized hovercars that move them through a series of subterranean caverns. It was also one of the fastest and most thrilling rides in the park. Unknown to its riders, the Cavern's Delight was also the entrance to the Imperial reconditioning facility found beneath Aucellis Park. (WOA27)

Caverns of Drall
this was the stylized name used to describe the network of tunnels and caverns that were found beneath the surface of the planet Drall. Most of these caves were used a living quarters for Drall workers, while others were set aside for growing fungus and other plantlife necessary to the Drall diet. Deep beneath the surface, near the Boiling Sea, was the location of the planetary repulsor of Drall. (CCW)

Caves of Corips
this natural wonder was a huge series of underground caverns and tunnels. Grand Moff Tarkin once likened the interior of the first Death Star to these caves. (DSTC)

Caves of Eleuabad
located in the porous rock below the surface of Naboo, this watery system of caves was notorious for its population of sando aqua monsters. It was located just outside the city of Theed. (IWE1)

Caves of Ilum
see Crystal Cave (LJ2)

Caves of Masposhani
Beldorion was placed deep in these underground caverns without light, during his Jedi training. The exercise was designed to force young students to rely on the Force, rather than sight, in order to find their way out. (POT)

Caves of Ss'laath
this natural network of underground caverns and tunnels was located on the planet Lwhekk. (EGP)

Cavis Bault
this enigmatic Galandan was noted for the bright tattooes which covered his skin. During the height of the New Order, Cavis bault fled his homeworld for J't'p'tan, where he assumed the role of a devote H'kig. Many claimed that Bault's sudden conversion was a ruse to help him hide from a crimelord to whom he owed a debt, although Bault seemed to be a loyal follower of H'kig's beliefs. (WOTC)

this was the name of a noted Selonian individual. (UANT)

Cavrilhu Pirates
this group of marauders wreaked havoc in the Amorris system during the early years of the New Republic. They were led by Captain Zothip, who manages their operations from the Void Cutter. They maintained several bases in the area, including a base deep in the Kauron asteroid belt. This base was compromised and abandoned about ten years after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn, when Luke Skywalker went in search of the clones being used by Zothip. (DFR, DFRSB, SOP)

Cavv, Cryle
this man was in his late forties at the time of the Battle of Hoth. Known as an accomplished thief, Cavv supposedly studied the use of the Force under the Jedi Master Yoda. He was also a member of the Alliance, and a personal friend of Airen Cracken, having served under Cracken during the early years of the Galactic Civil War as a member of Cracken's Crew. A native of Ryvellia, Cryle and his team returned to the planet shortly after it was destroyed by the Empire. Cavv lost most of his family, except for his nephew, Sienn Sconn. It was Cavv, drawing from Yoda's teachings, who spent a great deal of time with Sconn. Cavv's lessons to Sconn included keeping Sconn's thoughts on the present and the job at hand, rather than dreaming about the future. Cracken later called on Cavv to help extract Rivoche Tarkin from Imperial-held space, with the assistance of Quillin Arkell. Later, Cracken hired Cryle and Sienn as the first members of the New Republic Special Acquisitions Unit, and asked them to steal the Super-class Star Destroyer Guardian. Cryle jumped at the chance, and managed to convince the crew of the huge ship to mutiny against Admiral Drommel and surrender to the Republic. General Cracken once said of Cryle, "For someone who talks so much, it's amazing how little gets said." (SWJ5, SWJ9, SWJ12, SWJ15)

Cavv, Rannah
this young woman was Cryle Cavv's daughter. She and her mother, Tascin, were killed when the Empire attacked Ryvellia, shortly before the Battle of Hoth. (SWJ12)

Cavv, Tascin
this woman was Cryle Cavv's wife. She and their daughter Rannah were killed when the Empire attacked Ryvellia, shortly before the Battle of Hoth. (SWJ12)

this name was commonly given to Quarren males, and meant "articulate". (GCG)

CAVw PK-10
see CAVw PX-10. (HR)

CAVw PX-10
Nen-Carvon's compact assault vehicle (CAV), the PX-10 was built for the Empire to help extend its domination without spreading its manpower too thin. With the PX-10, a single stormtrooper can operate with the firepower of an entire squad. Like the HAVw A5 heavy ground assault vehicle, the PX-10 doesn't have repulsorlifts to move it about. Instead, it relies on two heavy-duty treads driven by five pairs of wheels. The PX-10 is designed to give a single trooper enough firepower to control a large territory. The primary rule of combat for this trooper is to stay within the vehicle; it's that powerful. (DFR, ISB)

this Quarren was an expert in the science of water purification, and was a member of the team assembled by the New Republic to help restore the natural environment of the planet Duro. The work took place at the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, so the New Republic had brokeered a deal with the Duros High House in which refugees were allowed to live on the surface in contained domes. The refugees, in return for their lodgings, were assigned specific tasks to help the assembled scientists in their work. Cawa was continually at odds with Sidris Kolb, as the meteorologist's cloud-seeding program brought acid rain and other particulates back into the water supply, inadvertently sabotaging Cawa's own work. (BP)

Cayble, Tolamyn
this Imperial Security agent patrolled the Elrood Sector during the height of the New Order. He was responsible for the capture of Shondra Del, shortly after the Battle of Yavin, an action which was capable because Cayble had obtained information from his vast network of informants and spies. However, he often relied too heavily on the information he received, and was often misled by false information provided by the Friends of Paran. After Del escaped from the Arena of Games on Derilyn, Cayble spent every effort trying to recapture her and bring down the resistance in Elrood Sector. (OE)

Cayr, Telsij
this blond-haired woman served as a Y-Wing pilot in the Aggressor Wing, under the command of Colonel Horton Salm, during the initial strikes by the New Republic against the planet of Brentaal. She was shot down by Soontir Fel while trying to herd off the transport ships evacuating Imperials from the planet, but she was rescued and treated. However, her gunner, Kin Kian, was killed in the crash. Cayr suffered the partial loss of her left leg, and needed her left eye replaced with a cybernetic implant, but she vowed to return to her duties as a pilot. When she learned that Fel had joined the New Republic, she was initially upset, but she soon realized that anybody who joined the Republic was a comrade. She told Fel personally that she would fly with him, if given the chance. (XWES, XWMR)

Cay's Dream
this starship was owned by Ulic Qel-Droma several years after the Great Sith War. Named for the brother he killed while under the spell of the Dark Side energies of the Sith, Cay's Dream took Ulic back to Yavin 4 to view the devastation there. (TSW)

Caz Ocean
this is one of the two major bodies of water found on Lazerian IV. (TSK)

a common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "fortress" or "castle". (GCG)

this Twi'lek was one of the leaders of the Olan clan. A corpulent male, he was a contemporary of Nawara Ven and Koh'shak, but wasn't quite as obese as Koh'shak. He despised what his relative Firith Olan had become, but was not above forcing Wedge Antilles to battle Sixtus Quin and Septaas for information on Firith's whereabouts during the search for Eidolon Base. However, Cazne'olan showed that he believed crime didn't pay - either for Firith or the Empire - by staging the battle in a virtual world, in which all parties were consumed in a firestorm. (XWBT, KT)

a series of maintenance droids. (CCC)

this astromech droid accompanied Flynn Kybo during his search for General Grievous, during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWGG)

an old, battered, cylindrical droid which Jabba the Hutt used to store his will, just before he died. He was hidden in a secret room that only Jabba and his father, Zorba, knew about. (ZHR)

a native of Esseles, this independent spacer witnessed a Hutt crimelord assassinating a rival by telling an explosive-filled EG-6 power droid to walk off a catwalk, just as the rival passed below. (FTD)

C'baoth, Jorus
a Jedi Master lost with the Outbound Flight team, Jorus was born on the planet Bortras. He graduated from Mirnic University, and attended the Jedi Training center on Kamparas before coming under the tutelage of an unknown Jedi Master. After a total of four years of training, Jorus was eleveted to the rank of Jedi Knight. Twelve years later, he became a Jedi Master. He served the Old Republic in a number of ways, most notably as a negotiator and mediator for many of the galaxy's racial conflicts. When Palpatine readied himself to usurp the galactic throne, he had Jorus cloned shortly before the launch of the Outbound Flight Project. Jorus and the other five Jedi Masters on the Project were killed when their ship was attacked by Thrawn, at the order of Palpatine himself. A clone was eventually created, but it was one of Palpatine's first attempts to bring a clone to maturity faster than a full year. Thus, C'baoth's clone was unstable. It did, however, retain its use of the Force, and Palpatine trained it in the use of the Dark Side of the Force. (HTTE, DFR)

C'baoth, Joruus
this insane Dark Jedi was actually Jorus C'baoth's unstable clone, grown by Emperor Palpatine too fast in an attempt to obtain a new Dark Jedi Master. Joruus was unstable enough to have killed the last Dark Jedi on an unspecified planet. He later kiled the Guardian, the individual assigned by Palpatine to guard the Mount Tantiss installation on Wayland. A cruel and unstable man, Joruus C'baoth routinely slaughtered the inhabitants of - as well as visitors to - Wayland in order to secure his position. Joruus was pulled into Imperial service by Grand Admiral Thrawn, who sought C'baoth's help in coordinating the battle actions of huge number of clones which were being grown to serve the new Empire. However, Joruus had his own mad delusions of ruling the Empire, and was often at odds with Thrawn's plans. Joruus was partially successful in his quest to alter and shape the minds of the clones they were creating, and used his skills at coordinating their efforts to launch a surprise attack on Ukio. With Joruus linking the minds of the gunners, Thrawn deceived the Ukians into believing he had a weapon that could penetrate their planetary shields. In reality, Joruus used his abilities with the Force to command the crew of a cloaking ship to fire at a precise point, making it appear that the shield had been breached. Other missions called for Joruus to control the actions of multiple gunners or starship navigators, so that the Imperial forces operated in much greater unity than normally possible. Throughout the time, Thrawn led Joruus along by promising to provide Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo, as well as Leia's unborn children, to Joruus as subjects. Joruus demanded that the Jedi be brought to him, to serve as the beginning of his own Jedi Order. The Jedi continued to elude Thrawn, which drove Joruus deeper into his own insanity. Eventually, Joruus set out to take control of the Empire for himself. It was during this time that Thrawn suggested that a clone of Joruus be taken and grown at a more normal pace, in an effort to obtain a Dark Jedi Master who was not insane. Joruus, meanwhile, took control of the starship Draklor and sped to Wayland, hoping to gain access to the treasures stored there. Joruss also used the Force to alter the mind of General Covell, hoping to warp the General into a puppet at his beck and call. However, Thrawn had anticipated such a move, and had a colony of ysalamiri hidden within Mount Tantiss. Once inside the mountain, Joruus discovered that he had been cut off from the Force, which killed Covell and left Joruus a prisoner in the very facility he hoped to control. The New Republic, meanwhile, had discovered the location of Wayland, and a small task force was dispatched to destroy it. Joruus was delighted to learn that Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade had been part of the group, and he set out to capture them and twist them to his own plans. When Luke refused to join him, Joruus revealed his own little secret - a clone of Luke that had been created from the cells of the hand he lost fighting Darth Vader on Cloud City. A titanic battle ensued, with both Luke and Mara trying to defeat the Skywalker clone. Mara eventually killed the clone, which ironically fufilled the destiny set before her by Emperor Palpatine years ago. After trying to bring the mountain down on top of them in his anger, Joruus was killed by Mara Jade when she confronted him. Mara was blinded by the falling rock, but Luke was in a position that he could see C'baoth. Using the Force, he guided Mara into position, then she used her lightsaber to pierce C'baoth through the chest. (HTTE, DFR, TLC, TTSB)

a generic term that describes any electronic or computer board. (TFE)

a large, orange alien working for Finhead Stonebone, he looks like a fat, round blob with four tentacles instead of arms and legs. C'borp was the chief gunner on the Starjacker. (TOJ)

this hybrid protocol droid was created by T'nun Bdu from a Merendata head and a Cybot Galactica body. Although equipped with an AA-1 Verbobrain and a TranLang III communications module, the interaction of the Merendata and Cybot Galactica components results in a herky-jerky motion. Despite this, CBX-9 is a sturdy, agile, and efficient droid used by Bdu as his primary interface to the galaxy. It is rumored that CBX-9 - which has a female personality - has a great deal of influence in Bdu's decisions. (JASB)

this was the callsign of the clone commanders known as Gree. (VD3)

this was the designation of the clone commander known as Fox. (E3)

see RC-1136 (RCHC)

see Commander 1138 (VD3)

see Commander 2224 (VD3)

this was the designation of the clone commander known as Bly. Note that Star Wars Insider magazine, issue 84, indicates that Bly's designation was CT-80/88-2199. (E3)

this older Corellian Engineering Corporation frigate was, in many respects, the predecessor to the Corellian Gunship. The ship was lightly armed, but the CC-7700 was not meant to be a battle ship. Instead, it was designed to be a platform for a gravity well projector, with a mission profile similar to the Imperial Interdictor cruiser. (REB)

this Corellian Engineering Corporation warship was based on the earlier successes of the CC-7700 series, although the CC-9600 frigate was more compact and more heavily armed. The CC-9600 was designed for direct combat, with upgraded weaponry and shielding, and enough cargo and passenger space to transport two full regiments of troops. (REB)

Ccalras Corporation
this was a minor corporation based in the Outer Rim, during the height of the New Order. Ccalras was known for its violent and ruthless business methods, and was actually a front for some of Jabbe the Hutt's illegal businesses. (MEAS)

see Centrally Controlled Independent Replicant Technology (POT)

C-class Protocol Officer
this was the highest possible designation of a protocol officer, whether a droid or a living being, used by the Old Republic. (OWS)

this MC40a was part of the Alliance's fleet, during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

an anti-radar defense unit built by Forbes. It removes a ship from another ship's radar scans, making it invisible. (MMY)

an Imperial-manufactured gas which kills the Trichoid larva if administered before the larva hatch. (TB)

this autopilot droid brain, produced by Go-Corp during the height of the New Order, was linked to a wrist unit worn by the owner. The droid brain was installed on the owner's starship, and accepted commands from the wrist unit. This allowed the owner to activate their ship's pre-flight sequences prior to boarding. Many enterprising smugglers altered the droid brain to have combat skills, allowing them to remotely defend their ships. (GFT)

this harvester argirobot was manufactured by the Corporate Sector Authority. Roughly the size of an Imperial AT-AT walker, the CD-2 harvester moved about on four huge wheels, and was equipped with a trio of soil-tilling arms, a set of rolling hrvester blades, and an external storage hopper. Despite its name, the CD-2 could perform a variety of agricultural operations, including soil preparation and planting, and could help a farmer maximize his yield with a sophisticated programming package. (CSA, EGD)

this Alliance human-cyborg relations droid was paired with R2-RD during their assignment to Commander Dauntarist aboard a newly-manufactured HT-2200 freighter. (SWJ5)

this was a model of tri-arc hyperdrive system developed by Longe Voltrans, and which was used on the Republic Cruiser built by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. (SWDB)

this large, green, monocular construction droid helped rescue Smiley, after it had been infected with Master Zorneth's caretaker virus. (DRO)

this was the communications hotline maintained by the CoCo District's constabulary police force, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Any being with information on a crime could dial up this number to reach an officer. (HNN5)

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