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Convergence Plaza
this was the central collection of governmental buildings found in the city of Downport, on the planet Kelada. The leaders of Kelada were Imperial supporters during the Galactic Civil War, and many of the governmental buildings served as Imperial offices as well. (GCG)

Convocation of Adepts
this was the body of leaders who governed the Chalactan Adepts. It was the Convocation of Adepts who decided which individuals obtained the Greater Mark of Illumination and joined the Adepts. (SHPT)

this was the Huttese word for "who." (GMR5)

this kitchen droid was programmed to cook a number of meals for a variety of races and cultures. It was stationed aboard the AA-9 freighter used by Anakin Skywalker and Padme' Amidala to return to Naboo, during the months leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. (OWS)

this tall, avian predator evolved on the low-gravity world of Ganeid II. Standing nearly two meters tall, the cooha had a long spiked finger on each wing and a set of slashing teeth set in its beak for tearing flesh. (TBSB)

Cool Shot
one of the Millennium Falcon's false registrations. (RPG)

one of Luke Skywalker's aunts, she never wanted to have a good time. (COJ)

Cooling Station
this was the name of a series of automated drink dispensers, used in many bars and cantinas across the galaxy. These machines were loaded with a variety of alcoholic beverages and mixers, and were programmed to create in infinite variety of concoctions. (WSV)

this tree, native to the planet Gamorr, was known for its dense canopy of branches and leaves. (DW)

this chemical was used to maintain the temperature of buildings which were constructed in desert environments. Coolth was pumped throughout the building's walls in a huge grid of thin pipes. As the cold coolth passed through the grid, it kept the interior walls of the building cool, while blocking the exterior heat from entering. (IWE1)

this form of bio-engineered spore was created by the Yuuzhan Vong. It was released to certain individuals within the New Republic, prior to the Vong's initial invasion into the known galaxy. In all but one case, the victim who took in the coomb spore died within days. Only Mara Jade Skywalker was able to resist the effects of the coomb spore, primarily through the concentrated use of the Force. Her survival was a source of frustration for the Yuuzhan Vong, especially its creator, Nom Anor, as it meant that the Jedi Knights were a much stronger foe than they had realized. A modified version of the coomb spore was planned for use, known as the bo'tous. (VP, HT)

Coomb Spore
developed by Nom Anor and the Yuuzhan Vong, this virus breaks down the victim's molecular structure and causes a quick, horrible death. However, it was not communicable. Nom Anor had planned to use it on the humans of the galaxy, but could not develop a way to make the virus self-replicating, becoming more of a disease than a poisonous virus. The spores themselves were the favored food of the shlecho newt. Mara Jade had been infected with the spores, as Nom Anor tried to fathom the strength of the Jedi Knights. She survived for several months, using the Force to keep the disease at bay. (VP)

this dry, frigid world is the fourth planet in the Garnib System. It had a single, small moon. (PG1)

Coona tee-tocky malia
this Huttese phrase translated roughly into Basic as "What took you so long?" (E1A14)

Coona tee-tocky malia?
this Huttese question translated into Basic as "What took you so long?" (GMR5)

Co-op Council
this was the primary governmental body formed by the natives of the planet Vernet. Its primary mission was to ensure the fair and equal treatment of the chorba farmers. The Council was also charged with setting prices for chorba. (SWJ15)

Cooperative Council of Independent Planetary Governments
formed in the aftermath of the Diversity Alliance, this New Republic initiative was created from representatives from every species and every world known to the Republic. Its charter was based on the agreement that every member would work together for the good of all species and the detriment of none. (TEP)

Cooper's Swoopers
this swoop gang was founded by Cooper Dray on the planet Bescane. (SWJ9)

Coordinated Bombing-Landing
this Imperial TIE Bomber flight tactic was developed by Captain Tomax Bren. (SWJ15)

Coordinated Galactic Time
based on the current time on Coruscant, this is the basis for all timestamps throughout the galaxy. (IJ)

Coorimbus IV
this gas giant, the primary world in the Coorimbus System of Tapani Sector, was part of the holdings of House Calipsa during the New Order. None of the other Tapani Sector Houses was aware of the fact that Calipsa controlled Coorimbus IV, because it was located on the outer periphery of the sector and well away from the sector's hyperspace routes.House Calipsa maintained the secret because Coorimbus IV was an excellent source of corusca gems, which brought great wealth to House Calipsa. (LOE)

Coorr, Ronet
this diminutive man represented his homeworld of Iseno in the Galactic Senate of the Old Republic, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. He served on the Loyalist Committee during the months leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. (HNN5, SWDB)

this Sith devotee was behind the conspiracy to destroy the Peragus II mining operations, during the years following the Mandalorian Wars and the defeat of Darth Malak, nearly 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. He adopted the guise of a common miner in order to infiltrate the facility, although he was known for his contacts with the black market. (KOTOR2)

this was one of the most common Gungan surnames, taking from the father's side of the family. These surnames were not dropped, even after marriage. This name referred to a predator found in the watery core of the planet Naboo. (GCG)

this violent predator was one of several species that lived in the core waters of the planet Naboo. (GCG)

Cophrigin 5
during the height of Emperor Palpatine's Jedi Purge, the famed Dark Woman managed to hide on this mild, jungle-covered planet. Her location was discovered by a Sacorrian smuggler and relayed to the Emperor himself, who dispatched Darth Vader to execute her. (T1)

Copper Coast
this area of the planet Sriluur was the site of the planet's Imperial garrison during the Galactic Civil War. It was located on the Meirm Sea, and was named for the incredbily high concentration of copper in the sands and the surrounding ocean. Unlike the bleached-white sands that are found in every other seaside location on the planet, the Copper Coast has a ruddy color that comes from the natural copper. However, the high concentration of copper and other minerals in the sands and water is picked up in the early morning mists that blanket the coast, coating everything in sight - including the port of Meirm City - in a somewhat caustic fog. (SSR, SWJ6)

Copper League
this was one of the many wegsphere leagues which played in matches during the height of the New Order. (TBSB)

Copycat Pod
designed by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, this device was used as an electronic countermeasure by many starship pilots. When deployed on a smaller ship, the copycat pod sent out transponder signals identical to those of the parent vessel. An attacking Customs or police ship would follow the Copycat Pod's signal, hoping to board an offending vessel, only to discover that the real ship had escaped. (GFT)

this race of small felines is native to the jungles of the planet Gargolyn IV. They guarded their villages against invasion, and were aided in their defense by a huge creature that had been captured by an ancient Cor shaman. The beast once roamed the jungle and ravaged Cor settlements until the shaman bound the creature to the land itself. In reality, the Cor shaman was adept in the use of the light side of the Force, and future generations of Cor had enough sensitivity with the Force to keep the shaman's work vital. The beast was contained as long as the Cor didn't move from their villages, but when Karflo Corporation sought to move them out in order to build a new manufacturing plant, the beast was unleashed. It destroyed everything Karflo tried to do, until Karflo relented and allowed the Cors to return to their villages. (GMS)

Cor I System
this Tapani Sector star system was part of the holdings of House Barnaba during the New Order. (LOE)

Cor II System
this Tapani Sector star system was part of the holdings of House Barnaba during the New Order. (LOE)

Cor III System
this Tapani Sector star system was part of the holdings of House Barnaba during the New Order. (LOE)

Cor Lane
this was the name of the hyperspace route which connected the Cor star systems of Tapani Sector. (LOE)

Cora shells
Han Solo used cora shells to serve pudding to Princess Leia, while en route to Dathomir. (CPL)

a Corellian transport ship captured during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Coral Castle
this undersea castle, formed from generations of coral, was located on the Forest Moon of Endor. The Ewoks believed that the Coral Castle was the home of King Albo. (ECAR)

Coral City
this was one of the many floating cities erected in the oceans of the planet Mon Calamari. For many decades, Coral City was the planetary capital. It was here, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, that many New Republic Senators and leaders made their homes after Coruscant was captured. (SWSB, UF, GORW)

Coral Depths City
another floating city on Calamari, it was one of the attack points for three squadrons of TIE fighters in Daala's attack during the second battle of Calamari. (DA)

Coral Fin
this transport ship was piloted by the Priapulin Jedi Knight Charza Kwinn, during the evacuation of Montitia during the Extroin Minor Skirmishes. (GMR8)

Coral Ohah
this strong-muscled individual was one of the directors of Sleeft Docking Bay Maintenance in Mos Eisley, on Tatooine. He was responsible for several illicit activities undertaking by Sleeft, including the theft of top-notch droid parts from Notsub Shipping. When the Bith Angor Farn mistakenly took the freighter containing the parts, he tried to escape from Ohah and ransom the parts for a huge sum. However, Farn never got off Tatooine. He tried to hide out in the Dim-U monastery, but Ohah received some help from Alliance agents in extricating Farn and recovering the parts. (GG7)

Coral Pike
this form of pike, developed from a single strand of coral, was used as a ceremonial weapon by the Mon Calamari. (FH1)

Coral Vanda
a subocean luxury casino operated on Pantolomin, the Coral Vanda was known for its eight impressive casinos. Captain Hoffner ran the vessel during the early years of the New Republic, until Han Solo and Lando Calrissian tried to locate him. Niles Ferrier got to the ship first, and spirited Hoffner away. The ship, manufactured by the Pantolomin Shipwrights, had four upper casinos (the Kossi Room, the Tralla Room, the Deston Room, and the Brint Room, all named for Pantolomin's major land masses), an extensive passenger section, and four lower casinos (the Ventel Room, the Rugot Room, the Saffkin Room, and the Hassi Room). The walls of the Coral Vanda were lined with scarlet greel wood, and most of its gaming tables were inset with sanriv gemstones. Transparisteel viewports were everywhere, affording unobstructed views of the ocean. There were sixteen luxury suites and four "adventure rooms" that allowed the user to recreate exotic locations. The Coral Vanda could accommodate up to 600 passengers. (DFR, DFRSB, EGV)

this was the term used by the Yuuzhan Vong to describe any personal, yorik-coral starship used by their leaders. (T)

this beautiful stone, renowned for its sculptability, was found on the planet Hargeeva. (SWJ8)

this form of Yuuzhan Vong starfighter was created from yorik coral in much the same way as a worldship, only on a much smaller scale. They performed a number of missions, including fighter cover for the worldships as well as maintaining the placement of the membranous organic sails used to propel them. Measuring about thirteen meters in length, on average, the coralskippers were armed with volcano missiles, which it seemed to spit out of its hull. Individual coralskippers could refuel and rearm themselves by "eating" rocks. The pilots of coralskippers were linked directly to their craft by another form of ooglith cloaker, one engineered to resist vacuum and provide life support to the pilot. Individual coralskippers were originally created to act on the instructions of a yammosk, which could coordinate the attack patterns of a multitude of ships while monitorin the ebb and flow of a battle. However, when the New Republic began destroying yammosks as the first course of action in an engagement with the Yuuzhan Vong, coralskippers were gradually given over to living pilots. In this manner, a pilot could fly in concert with a yammosk controller, or independently if needed, allowing the Yuuzhan Vong to remain active in a firefight for longer periods of time. (VP, UF)

Coraltree Basal
this unusual, coral-like plant was the baseline stock used to create slave seeds. (T)

this industrialized world was located along the edge of the Core Worlds, and was a target of Separatist activities during the early stages of the Clone Wars. (SWRPG2)

an alien race living in the Koornacht Cluster, the Corasgh that lived there were exterminated during the Yevethan Great Purge. The Corasgh live in nests. (BTS, SOL)

Corask Slen'da
this Bothan was, at one time, head of the Obroan Institute's archaeological facility on Rafa V, where he was in charge of investigating the Sharu and the life-crystals. He was arrested by Myle Jandler for the assassination of several Sharu leaders who were friendly to the government of the Centrality, and was forced to work as a life-crystal harvester. He was rescued by a team of freelance mercenaries higher by the Obroan Institute, and then threatened the team with a lightsaber. Slen'da claimed to be a Jedi Knight was on Rafa V to destroy the life-crystal orchards before they could consume the life energies of innocent beings. (GMR5)

Corazon, Rigis
this aspiring businessman purchased Cryseium Incorporated from Huegu Eib after the Empire rose to power. He grew the company into one of the leading food producers for the planet Demophon. This helped Rigis make a few enemies, and one of those enemies succeeded in murdering him in an attempt to rid Tyed Kant of Gryseium Incorporated. (SN)

Corazon, Sabel Axis
Rigis Corazon's daughter, she took over the Gryseium corporation when her father retired. She launched a furtive plan to undermine the competition on Tyed Kant, in order for Gryseium Incorporated to become a monolpolistic producer of food for Demophon and the surrounding systems. This plan, codenamed Mynock, was foiled by a group of Alliance operatives who were in the Demophon System just before the system's star exploded. (SN)

this New Republic battle cruiser was part of the primary fleet stationed at Durren. When Seti Ashgad instigated pirate attacks on Ampliquen during his attempt to gain control of the galaxy with Dzym, the Caelus and the Corbantis were dispatched to Ampliquen. Both ships were infected with the Death Seed plague by Ashgad's agents, and once the crews were killed the ships were disposed on on distant planets. The Corbantis was scuttled on Damonite Yors B, but seventeen crewmembers managed to stay alive by huddling near the reactor core. Despite the radiation sickness they were exposed to, the emissions from the damaged power core probably killed off the Death Seed plague and allowed them to survive until Han Solo and Lando Calrissian rescued them. (POT)

Corbit, Jacen
this man was in charge of the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations during the height of the New Order. He was ordered by Moff Landric to hunt down the thief known as the Tombat. Corbit brought in Zanza Gata to get the job done. (SWJ8)

this desolate Outer Rim planet was the site of an experimental mining colony, established in the years following the death of Emperor Palpatine's clones at Byss. Attempts had been made to colonize the world for several thousand years, but all had failed. The weather on Corbos is extreme, and the ore-processing facility had to be established in low orbit in order to keep it from being destroyed by storms. This meant that the ores produced on Corbos generated very little profit for the miners. In what is known as the Black Rain season, the planet is drenched in a heavy, acidic rain that prohibits any outdoor work. It was here that the miners discovered a species of incredibly huge, Force-sensitive creatures that wiped out the entire population of 793 colonists and required several of the new Jedi Knights to defeat. Tionne discovered that the creature was responsible for many of the destroyed colonies. The planet is orbited by two moons. (JAL)

Corconnan, Jhorag
this man was known to his associates on the planet Tasariq as a purchasing agent working for a Corulag-based gem dealer. In reality, he was an Alliance Intelligence operative who was trying to organize a rebel cell on the planet. He worked constantly with the accounting droid A2-ZP, which was programmed as a security droid to protect Jhorag. (SWJ15)

Cord-class Starfighter
this starfighter was developed for the Old Republic, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. (BF2)

this woman served as one of Senator Padme' Amidala's handmaidens, some ten years after the Battle of Naboo. She was part of the retinue chosen by Captain Panaka and his nephew, Typho, when Senator Amidala was to travel to Coruscant for the vote on the Military Creation Act. Corde' traveled aboard Padme's diplomatic starship, arriving on Coruscant with little announcement while Padme' arrived in a support ship. Unfortunately, Padme' had been targeted for assassination by Jango Fett and Zam Wesell. They had rigged the landing Senator's platform to explode, and Corde' was killed in the blast. She died knowing that Padme' was safe, and that her duty to Naboo had been fulfilled. (OWS, AOTC)

Cordel Cove
this was the name of the primary spaceport and city on the planet Neftali. It was located beneath Orane Mountain, on the thin strip of land which separated the Beija Seas and connected the Jhunia snow plains to the Yiulimar Fjords. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, the starport was owned by Abdi-Badawzi and operated by his daughter, Memcha-Badawzi. Memcha maintained a squadron of Whiphid guards for security purposes, led by Grenal. Cordel Cove was located near a volcanic flow which created uderground grottoes filled with hot springs, which attracted a large number of tourists. It was also the site of an annual swoopchasing race which was considered part of a galactic "triple crown" group of courses. (BSS)

Cordel Cove Winter Carnival
this annual event took place on the planet Neftali, and celebrated the beauty of the icy world. Swoopchasing, ice races, ice sculptures, and various sports highlighted the event, which was the largest such festival in the sector. (BSS)

this planet was controlled by the Empire, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (RESB)

this grass was native to the planet Kabal. It was distinguished by its durable, sinewy stalks, which could be used as rope. (GMR1)

this medicine is often administered via a patch applied to the skin. It is prescribed for patients of Zithrom's Disease, to help hold off the degenerative effects of the disease. (TFE)

Cordioline Trehansicol
this chemical is used to combat infestations of insects such as metalmites. It is sold under the brand name CorTrehan. It must be laid out in such a way that the insects can move around it, but encounter it wherever they feed. The most often used pattern is a series of curlicues leading to a central food source. It has a thick, sweet-sour smell, and takes almost two weeks to effectively kill off a metalmite brood. (VOF)

Cordoni, Hella
this cautious woman was a Chandrilan noble during the period leading up to the Battle of Naboo. She objected to her son Pellum's love affair with Remi Kellen of Corellia, but was unable to prevent their marriage. (SON)

Cordoni, Pellum
this young man was the son of Lady Hella Cordoni of Chandrila. Much to his mother's dismay, Pellum fell in love with Remi Kellen of Corellia. The pair was captured by a group of thugs during a vacation on Naboo, shortly after Pellum discovered the site of an ancient starport in the swamps of the planet. Pellum and Remi were eventually rescued by a team of freelance officers shortly after the Battle of Naboo. (SON)

this drug was used in the operating room to "jump-start" a being's vital systems, in the event that surgery brought a being close to death. (MBS)

CorDuro Shipping
this interplanetary transportation corporation was contracted by the New Republic's Senate Select Committee for Refugees to deliver supplies to the refugee domes on the planet Duro, during the Yuuzhan Vong's invasion of the galaxy. Their headquarters were located on Duggan Station. It was later discovered that they were diverting shipments to the orbital cities instead of delivering them to the refugees, as part of a plan formed by the Duros High House which allowed the Vong to have the planet Duro in return for the freedom of one orbital city. CorDuro had been working to divert supplies to Bburru, and had been bribed by the Peace Brigade to sway the voting in the Duros High House. CorDuro had hoped to obtain advance warning of a Yuuzhan Vong attack on Duro from the Peace Brigade, which would allow them to escape the battle with one of the planet's orbital cities intact. As the plans moved forward, CorDuro moved from conspirator to collaborator, and agreed to help ship any captured refugees to Yuuzhan Vong detention camps. (BP)

Core Bank
see Bank of the Core (JQ9)

Core Bomb
this was a unique form of explosive, developed and used during the last decades of the Old Republic. In order to produce the most intense blast, core bombs employed a mixture of magnopium and ferrocongregate. Core bombs were so powerful that they required a high-power detonation device. In order to make the detonator small enough to hold in a being's hand, it had to be fashioned from chromium. Thus, chromium detonators were easily recognized as being paired with a core bomb. (TAE)

Core Classic
this was a term, used during the height of the Old Republic, to define the architectural style of the Core Worlds. (COD)

Core Construction
this Coruscant-based construction firm was actually a front for Black Sun. Although they produced quality buildings, Core Constructions often underbid the competition to win the contract, then had a series of cost overruns that simply fed credits into Black Sun's coffers. (SESB)

Core Courier Service
a delivery service which promised on-time delivery to the various worlds of the Core, during the early days of the New Republic. (TFE, SWJ7)

Core Drive
this musical style was popular among the youths of the galaxy, during the height of the New Order. (GMR6)

Core Foodstuffs
primary food producers for the Core Worlds, they maintain a vast network of serf-like holdings to supply the huge quantities of food required by the Core's populace. (DESB)

Core Galaxy Systems
this corporation was one of the original shipwrights of the Old Republic, along with Alderaan Royal Engineers and Rendili StarDrive. 500 years before the Battle of Yavin, CGS was bought out by Kuat Drive Yards. The name Core Galaxy Systems was retired. (EGV)

Core Gladiator Walker League
this was the governing body that controlled all sanctioned gladiator walker contests held in the Core Worlds, during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

Core News Digest
this newsnet reported on the various business and industrial aspects of the Core Worlds, during the height of the New Order. (SWJ14)

Core Post
this is the official name used by scouts and explorers to denote the center of galactic government and, therefore, the official recognition of all claims. By default, Core Post was located on Coruscant, in Imperial City. (GG8)

Core Ship
this was the term given to the Lucrehulk-class cores of the Trade Federation's freighters. After the Trade Federation was defeated at the Battle of Naboo, it was ordered to eliminate a large portion of its war fleet. Coupled with the obvious flaw relying on a central Droid Control Ship forced the Federation to tinker with the design of the basic LH-3210 freighter. Appearing to disassemble large numbers of ships, the hoop-shaped freighters used by the Federation were actually modified so that the central sphere could detach. Since this sphere was the primary living area for the Neimoidians, a detachable core ship allowed them to move to and from a planet's surface with relative ease. It also allowed them to escape any damage which might have been caused in the circular arms of a freighter. (VD2, X2, NEGV)

Core Star Liners
one of the more prominent passenger transportation providers which plied the spacelanes of the Core Worlds during the Galactic Civil War. (SESB)

Core Systems
the Core Systems are those star systems located near the physical center of the known galaxy. Planets such as Coruscant make up this center of the galaxy, as defined by both the Republic and the Empire and the region which surrounded the Deep Core. Many historians and xenoarchaeologists believe that all human life in the galaxy evolved from a homeworld somewhere in the Core Systems - also known as the Core Worlds - although the exact location has never been found. (SW, DE1, SWJ7)

Core to Rim Shipping
this transport corporation was active during the height of the New Order. (FBS)

Core World Arms
an ancient weapons and personal protection systems manufacturer. (TOJC)

Core Worlds
another name for the Core Systems, this area of the galaxy borders the Deep Core and contains some of the wealthiest and most populated worlds of the galaxy. Many historians and xenoarchaeologists believe that all human life in the galaxy evolved from a homeworld somewhere in the Core Worlds. Historians of the New Republic dismissed this as pro-Imperial propaganda, because the exact location of the birthplace of humanity was never found (EGP, SWJ7, GORW)

Core Worlds Critics Association
this was the most influential body of media critics, active in the Core Worlds section of the galaxy during the last decades of the Old Republic. (HNN4)

Core Worlds Engineering
this large corporation produced some of the most luxurious skyhooks used on Coruscant. (SESB)

Core Worlds Security Act
this law, instituted during the early stages of the Clone Wars, heightened the security of those planets which were considered part of the Core Worlds of the galaxy. It reassigned certain military and security assets of the Old Republic to the protection of planets such as Coruscant, to ensure that they were safe from Separatist terrorism. Opponents of the law, many from outside the Core, argued that it was enacted to appease business and financial supporters in the Core, and left their worlds undefended against the Separatists. (SWI73)

Core Worlds Travel Clearance
this document was required for starship captains during the height of the New Order, and provided documentation which indicated their permission to conduct spacefaring business in the Core. (PSPG)

Core Worlds Visa
this set of scandocs provided a wealth of information about an individual and their need to travel within the Core Worlds, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (HNN5)

Core, Edge, and Disc
this was one of Lando Calrissian's mystical references. (LCF)

this was an explosive weapon created from a core of solid reactant. (UYV)

this company was a subsidiary of Millennium Entertainments. (CSA)

Coreguard Security Services
this operation provided security services to many corporations on the planet Corulag, during the height of the New Order. Most of its employees were simply bounty hunters, but the CSS tried to maintain a legitimate front. (SWJ12)

Corek, Bel
this Alliance starfigher pilot was a Captain the military, and served as the commanding officer of the Silverblade Squadron of X-Wings, based out of outpost DVL-181 on Aracara. He had graduated from the Imperial Academy, and never found dogfights boring. He was able to blend is youthful exuberance with combat experience, teaching his squadron to be confident, not cocky. (HAS)

primary star in the Corellian System. (AC)

this was an often misused name for the planet Corellia. (RMOM)

homeworld of Han Solo and Garm Bel Iblis, Corellia is located in the Corellian System, in the Corellian Sector of the galaxy, somewhere near the Core Worlds. It was once a democracy (in the days of Berethon e Solo), and reverted temporarily to a monarchy when Korol Solo tried to raise himself to kingship. Following his hanging, Corellia returned to being a republic (about 250 years before Han was born). Since then, it has become an introverted world, keeping mainly to intself and not getting involved with outside politics. During the height of the Clone Wars, Corellia was ostensibly aligned with the Old Republic, although many historians note that Corellia was actually opposed to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The planet has a temperate ecology, with many large oceans. (SW, DFR, CPL, AC, SHPT)

Corellia Engineering
this Corellian corporation mined ores and minerals from a variety of planets and systems near the Corellian Sector, during the Old Republic. Corellia Engineering was perhaps best-known for tis attempts to mine ores from Tatooine, which proved to have very few natural resources worths mining. (RESB)

Corellia Mining Corporation
according to the Arms and Equipment Guide, this Old Republic corporation developed and manufactured the Mining Digger Crawler, otherwise known as a sandcrawler. (AEG)

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