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Conduit Worm
this slug-like creature was named for the fact that it lived in the conduits used for routing electrical wire and optical fiber. An individual conduit worm lacked a true head, tail, or body core, instead being composed of component structures spread out along the wiring of their environment. The eyes of the conduit worm were held above the body on two stalks, and the worm lived by eating the metal and silicon in the cabling inside the conduits. Smaller beads of fiber stored energy like capacitors, while other beads created resistors to inhibit electrical flow to sensitive body parts. (HNN5, VD2)

Condular's Grand Astrocartographic Institute
this renowned school produced some of the galaxy's most talented galactic cartographers. (WOTC)

this medicinal drug is a strong anesthetic. (TFE)

Cones of Silence
this was the name of Ujin Voli's personal starship. (SSR)

this vegetable was used in the creation og many culinary delicacies. It was usually peeled, and the hard, rock-like nub at its base was discarded before preparation. (HNN5)

this Alliance Muurian transport was destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Confederacy of Independent Systems
this was the political bloc formed by those Old Republic worlds which seceded from the Republic, some ten years after the Battle of Naboo. Familiarly known as the Separatists, the CIS was founded by the former Jedi Master Count Dooku, who wanted to initiate radical changes in the Old Republic in order to re-establish equality and eliminate corruption. The name "Confederacy of Independent Systems" wasn't formally used until Dooku arranged alliances with the Corporate Alliance, the Techno Union, the InterGalactic Banking Clan, and the Commerce Guild, bringing a level of military and financial respectability to the Separatists' actions. Working in secret to avoid the eyes of the Republic, the Confederacy began planning for war long before the Battle of Geonosis. This gave them a large advantage when the Clone Wars broke out, because they had ships, droids, and weapons ready to deflect any Republic attack on core Separatists planets. Several thousand star systems had joined the CIS by seceding from the Old Republic by the time of the Battle of Geonosis, urged on by the charismatic speeches of Count Dooku, which brought the political clout needed to make the Separatists a legitimate threat to the status quo of the Old Republic. In order to avoid any conflicts, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine offered to negotiate a settlement with Dooku, but Dooku refused. In the end, the Separatists amassed a huge droid army on the planet Geonosis, and planned to launch a full-scale war against the Republic. Only the timely intervention of the Jedi Knights and the discovery of an army of clone troopers being created on Kamino was able to prevent the CIS from launching its war before the Republic could react. However, the Battle of Geonosis only served as the opening act in the Clone Wars, which were ultimately part of the larger game being played by Darth Sidious. The Confederacy's forces won many early battles, but the tide began to slowly change in favor of the Old Republic. By the time of the First Battle of Coruscant, the Council of Separatists had been forced to hide out on the remote world of Mustafar, after the deaths of both Count Dooku and General Grievous. When Palpatine revealed himself to be Darth Sidious and assumed control of the galaxy, he ordered Anakin Skywalker to destroy the Council of Separatists and put an end to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It was then that many beings realized that the CIS was nothing more than another pawn in Darth Sidious' plans to take control of the galaxy. (SWDB, SHPT, IS3)

this was the governing body of the planet Isht. (VOF)

Conference of Uncommitted Worlds
held on Kabal, this was a meeting of the neutral worlds during the Galactic Civil War. (CSW)

Confessor's Whip
this was one of the five traditional Geonosian weapons that made up the petranaki array. This three-tailed whip was used to debilitate an opponent, as its barbed tips were often coated with a nerve toxin. The toxin entered the bloodstream of an opponent through the vicious lacerations caused by the barbs, where it temporarily slowed the opponent's reflexes. (GORW)

Confidence Cloth
this was a form of bandage that was produced during the height of the Galactic Civil War. In addition to providing protection from infection, the confidence cloth contained a mild drug that helped to improve the victim's sense of confidence in themselves. (SWGAL)

Confiscation Authority
this was the name given to the individual bodies that controlled the impounds on various prison worlds maintained by the Old Republic. Each prison world had its own branch of the Confiscation Authority, which oversaw the impoundment of goods obtained during criminal investigations and arrests at various Confiscation Stations. (JQ8)

Confiscation Station
this was the name given to the impound centers located on the various prison worlds of the Old Republic. Each Confiscation Station was managed by the planet's Confiscation Authority. (JQ8)

this material was used to form bedrolls and temporary furniture, as it quickly conformed to a being's physical shape and supported their body. (SSR)

Conform-lounge Furniture
this type of furniture was characterized by the use of special padding and materials that molded to the user's shape, enhancing the user's comfort. Many forms of this type of furniture were developed, including lounge chairs and sofas. (HSE)

this type of conform-lounge furniture was a essentially low, flat chair that was padded with special materials that molded to the user's shape, enhancing the user's comfort. (HSE)

this was a form of communications jamming equipment that was developed during the height of the Clone Wars. These broadband devices could be set up several kilometers from the target location, and used a combination of noise and signal absorption/degradation to limit communications in its zone of influence. (MJH)

this was one of the former names of the Star Morning. (SOL)

Congress of Caliphs
this was the primary governing body of the Swokes Swokes race, based on their homeworld of Makem Te. During the decades leading up to the Clone Wars, the Congress of Caliphs eagerly welcomed several off-world corporations onto Makem Te, where there were a wealth of ores and medical-grade spice. This action caused the Swokes Swokes people to wonder about their leaders' motives, since they were a simple people who cared little for high technology. Several splinter groups were formed at this time to disrupt the operations of the off-worlders, led by the Temple of the Beatific Razor. The cult grew rapidly in strength and numbers, until they rivaled the Congress of Caliphs in power. The Caliphs requested military assistance from the Old Republic, but the Republic pulled out when the Beatific Razors eliminated their entire force. This forced the Caliphs to ally themselves with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and the Separatist forces helped to quell the actions of the Beatific Razors for many years. The Congress was later recognized by the Empire, which left Makem Te more or less alone. (WOTC, GORW)

Congress of Malastare
this was governing body of the Gran which controlled the planet Malastare during the last decades of the Old Republic. (IS1)

Congress of the Republic
this was another name for the Galactic Senate of the Old Republic. (SW1)

this young slave boy was rescued from the sand drains of Mos Espa by Anakin Skywalker, during Anakin's attempt to free Arawynne and the Ghostlings from Gardulla the Hutt. (E1A8)

this race of starfish-shaped sentients is covered with reddish fur. They have two eyes on the top-most arm of their bodies, and a smooth-lipped mouth. The middle two arms serve as normal arms, and end with three thin fingers and a tentacle-like thumb. The lower two arms act like legs. (TSK)

Conjo Fighter
a form of atmospheric fighter which was used by local militias during the height of the New Order, the Conjo was produced by Aratech as the Y41-C2LC Fighter. It measured fourteen meters in length, and was armed with a concussion missile launcher and a pair of laser cannons. The Y41-4LC version of the Conjo was similar in design, but was armed with four laser cannons. The Y41-T was known as the Conjo Trainer, and essentially a slower version of the base Y41-C2LC version. This craft was designed to purely atmosphereic flight, and was driven by a repulsorlift engine system. (TBSB)

Conjo Trainer
this version of the Conjo atmospheric fighter was known by the model number Y41-T. It was similar to the Y41-C2LC fighter, but was slower. (TBSB)

this tall, lanky man served as the primary infochant aboard the Tanquilla Beach space station, during the early years of the New Republic. He made a regular living working at his flower stand, Conjob's Trifles, but he had a knack for locating truthful and pertinent information. Conjob was a native of the planet Siluria III, but was offworld when the Empire subjugated the planet and killed his family. For this reason, Conjob held personal support for the New Republic, and was honored when Kaiya Adrimetrum stopped at his flower shop during the FarStar's search for Moff Kentor Sarne. (DARK)

Conjob's Trifles
this small flower shop was owned by the infochant known as Conjob, and was located aboard the Tanquilla Beach space station. (DARK)

a playing piece in the game of Firepath. (CSWDW)

Conk Rifle
this was a generic term used to describe a concussion rifle. (RCHC)

this floating fortress was constructed deep within the clouds of the planet Genarius by the fallen Jedi Karae Nalvas, several years before Nub Saar was built. The fortress was located well below the altitude of Nub Saar, and never seemed to suffer the kind of radiation storms that eventually destroyed Nub Saar. The fortress was later destroyed by the Jedi of the Cularin System. Years later, the former Jedi Knight Dazen Mok theorized that Karae Nalvas had actually been assisted in building Conkesta by the dark force that destroyed Nub Saar. (LFCW)

Connection Trace
this is a method of determining a target's location by analyzing the strength and position of an incoming transmission. It is much easier to locate a target if the target is transmitting a signal, although a directed transmission can be used to locate the receiving end through various triangulations. (SW1)

Conner net
an electrically-charged metal mesh used to immobilze a target, Conner nets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Large Conner nets are used to detain ships, by dropping the net onto a ship and allowing the net to weld itself to their hulls. Smaller nets can be placed in passageways and triggered with motion sensors to drop onto intruders. This is a much less humane use, of course. (TLC, VOF)

Conner Ship Systems
this small corporation designed and manufactured conner nets. (TTSB)

this Alliance starship crewman served under Alain Gryphon aboard the Celestial. Conners was killed when the ship was captured by the Charon in Otherspace, during the aliens' initial wave of attacks. (OS)

this young Ghostling child was captured, along with Princess Arawynne, by Djas Puhr and brought to Mos Espa to be sold as a slave. Conno was just five years old at the time. (E1A5)

this Imperial trooper served under Administrator Brago, after Brago replaced Fuguee at the Kline Colony outpost. In reality, Conor was an Alliance agent named Urek who had infiltrated the colony after Brago's rise to power. It was Conor who supposedly shot down Daye Azur-Jamin's message pod, which told the Sunesi where to retrieve a cache of smuggled weapons. Urek later helped Daye and his companions escape from the colony's prison. (SWJ10)

this was one of the multitude of Imperial-class Star Destroyers which made up the Imperial Navy fleet, destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. Originally commanded by Admiral Quist, the Conqueror served for a brief time as Darth Vader's flagship, during the initial stages of his search for Luke Skywalker. The Conqueror was the first Imperial warship to reach Yavin 4 in the wake of the Battle of Yavin, and patrolled the Yavin System in hopes of capturing any Alliance starships. (XVT, 3D3)

Conqueror Assault Ship
this Surronian starship has an organic, streamlined shape. The overall design has a small pod in front for the bridge and commadn center, which is connected to a large, bulbous engine and power section by a thin neck. The Conqueror measures 28 meters in length, and the sleek, curving hull provides it with maneuverability that belies its size. It is armed with a pair of ion cannons mounted on the command section, and a turret-mounted double laser cannon. The Conquerer could transport up to 25 metric tons of cargo and a single passenger, in addition to its crew of a pilot and co-pilot. (EGV, PP)

the Imperial Interdictor-class Cruiser which was patrolling the space near Ithor for smugglers. It happened to discover the Ithorian culture and its knowledge of ecology, and obtained a vast base of knowledge from the Ithorians. Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina describes the Conquest as an Imperial-class Star Destroyer under the command of Captain Alima. This fits in with the Star Wars: Customizable Card Game, which indicates that the Conquest was one of the two Star Destroyers which chased the Millennium Falcon from Mos Eisley. (SCRE, TME, CCG2)

this Snivvian word represented the number 5. (HNN5)

Conroy, Allyse
Moranda Savich used this pseudonym to get close to Hal Horn on Darkknell, during the search for the plans to the first Death Star. Horn had been wearing a Jostrian choke-collar, placed on his neck by Ysanne Isard, in order to guarantee his cooperation. Moranda and Garm Bel Iblis needed to get him free in order to get to the plans, so Moranda pretended to be Allyse and ran up to him in the middle of Xakrea. She flung her arms around his neck in a big hug, then secretly unlatched the collar. (TFNR)

this was a form of musical composition that was created by the Zabrak race. (MBS)

Conservatory Epic Orchestra
based on the planet Brentaal, this presitigous orchestra was a member of the Brentaal Hall Conservatory. (SWJ13)

Consolidated Learning Systems
this manufacturer specializes in consumer electronics and appliances. They also provide high-profile business and military computer systems. CLS is one of the many non-voting contributing sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority. (CSA)

Consortium Navy
this was the formal name of the Hapan Navy. (DJ)

Consortium, The
this was one of the terms used to describe the criminal empire of Nirama, active in the Cularin System during the years following the Battle of Naboo. (WOTC)

Constable of Homunculi
a special Dark Side Adept, the Constable is the leader of the Emperor's Clone Keepers on Byss. (DESB)

Luke Skywalker was ordered to transport Gamine to this ringed planet, shortly after the Battle of Yavin, in order to prevent an Imperial force from taking control of the planet. His ship was intercepted by Imperial forces just before reaching the planet, and he was forced to abandon it in order to survive. They were recovered by Sharlee, and hidden on Outpost 8, located in the planet's ring. The ring around Constancia was formed primarily from large chunks of ice and frozen debris. With the help of Luke and Han Solo, Constancia remained free from Imperial control. During the early years of the New Republic, a large population of Zeltrons relocated to Constancia, where they found empathically-stimulating pleasure in conversing with the native Constancians. (LAT1, GMR1)

this was the name of the telepathic, humanoid race that was native to the planet Constancia. (GMR1)

this starship was part of the fleet commissioned by Queen Elsinore' den Tasia to carry explorers from Grizmallt to a new planet, accompanying the Beneficent Tasia on its final journey, many millennia before the Battle of Naboo. The colonists aboard the ships, which also included the Mother Vima, settled on the planet Naboo some 3,900 years before the Battle of Yavin. (GB)

Constant Industries
this small corporation provided security consulting services for large corporations and small governments during the last decades of the Old Republic. (LOJ)

Constellation Suite
this was one of the many luxurious conference rooms located within the Ulta Center, on the planet Rondai-2, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (SOJ)

this Imperial Interdictor-class Cruiser was part of the fleet that was amassed by Grand Admiral Thrawn during the early years of the New Republic. It served as one of the many Interdictors used by Thrawn to draw Republic forces out of space just outside the Bilbringi System, during the events that led up to the Battle of Bilbringi. (DFR, TLC)

a corvette under the command of Warlord Zsinj. He dispatched it to protect the Night Caller during a raid on Talasea, but the New Republic and Wraith Squadron were waiting for them. As the Wraiths pummeled the Imperials, the crew of the Constrictor decided to surrender. (WS)

this Concealer-class prison ship was part of the Imperial fleet which was dispatched to Brak Sector, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. It made a regular run between Lish and Bacrana. (FBS)

Constrictor Cloth
this was a form of tight-fitting bandage that was developed during the Galactic Civil War. The primary use of constrictor cloth was to help keep a wounded limb from being further damaged due to excesssive movement, such as when a limb is injured in battle. (SWGAL)

Construction Crawler
a crane-like device which was used to perform maintenance on tall buildings. The crawler ran along a track that was mounted to the building, and as it moved along the track it worked. Crawlers could clean, fix, and modify the buildings they were attached to. (LO)

Construction droids
huge, 40-story tall machines that are capable of gathering raw materials, synthesizing them into parts, and then building structures. They were built early in Emperor Palpatine's reign, and are still in use by the New Republic. They are often equipped with implosion wrecking balls, plasma cutters, and huge shovels and hammers. Each of these droids is programmed to operate along a specific path, reducing everything it encountered to rubble. This rubble is further smelted and reduced to its component elements within nuclear furnaces. These raw materials are sent on to processing plants within the droid, which modify the materials and create brand new construction materials. These can be assembled in the wake of the droid's path into new buildings based on preprogrammed designs. (DE1, JS, JASB)

Constructor Pods
small, crablike ships built by the Mon Calamari, they are used to build the star cruisers at the Mon Calamari shipyards. (DA)

Consular Ship
any starship registered to a member of the Imperial Senate, they were immune to spaceport and deep-space inspections. When the Emperor dissolved the Senate, he took away the ability to register as a consular ship, thus eliminating any secrets. (SW, SWR)

Consular-class Space Cruiser
see Republic Cruiser and Corellian Space Cruiser (NEGV)

this was Commenor's largest grocery store chain, during the year leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

Consumer Automata
this Old Republic holographic magazine provided its readers with modern information on the development, manufacture, and maintenance of droids and other automata. (HNN5)

Conta Sonhan
see Centa Sonhan (WOA5)

Container Ship
any of the huge supertransports utilizing standardized cargo containers to move huge amounts of cargo across the galaxy. These ships are very expensive and very slow, and require the use of a smaller transport ship to offload their cargo to its destination, since they are incapable of landing at any spaceport. There are various classes of container ship:

  • A-class, a 75-meter-long, trapezoidal box with 50 SBD shields and a 10 RU hull
  • B-class, a 55-meter-long, hexagonal tube with 50 SBD shields and a 10 RU hull
  • C-class, a 75-meter-long, tapered hexagonal tube with 50 SBD shields and a 10 RU hull
  • D-class, a 50-meter-long, six-pointed cube with 50 SBD shields and a 10 RU hull
  • E-class, a 50-meter-wide, hexagonal cone with 50 SBD shields and a 10 RU hull
  • F-class, a 50-meter-long, partitioned container with 50 SBD shields and a 10 RU hull
  • G-class, a 25-meter-long, dumbbell-shaped container with 50 SBD shields and a 10 RU hull
  • H-class, a 20-meter-long, saucer-chaped container with 50 SBD shields and a 20 RU hull
  • I-class, a 40-meter-long, three-sided container with 50 SBD shields and a 10 RU hull
  • J-class
  • K-class
  • L-class

Container Taint
this was a general name given to any disease or affliction that came from a being consuming spoiled or damaged foods or beverages. (GCG)

Container Transport
any ship designed to moved the various configurations of cargo containers. These 100-meter-long ships have a specialized central section which can grasp and hold several containers for movement to and from storage. They have been rated at 30 MGLT, with no weapons and minimal shields (50 SBD, 35 RU hull). (TIE)

Containment Bubble
a starfighter life-support system, the containment bubble is activated whenever a cockpit breach is detected. Using force fields, the bubble surrounds the pilot with a small envelope of breathable air that matches the shape of the cockpit. The containment bubble is incapable of protection against full vacuum, but will allow a pilot to repair the damage to the cockpit and restore normal operations. It also has a limited duration of about an hour, depending on the size of the power pack it is attached to. (IR)

an Imperial container transport operative during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this was the Snivvian word for "cold." (HNN5)

Contemplanys Hermi
this Old Corellian phrase literally meant "meditative solitude." Garm Bel Iblis, while he was the Senator to the Old Republic from Corellia, used this phrase to describe the closing of the borders of the Corellian System, shortly before the Clone Wars. While not officially seceding from the Republic, Bel Iblis and Corellia had decided that they needed to withdraw from galactic political until the storm of separatism broke. (HNN4)

Contemporary Galactic Architecture
a popular data-magazine published during the height of the New Order. (GMH)

Contender Squadron
this group of New Republic A-Wings served aboard the Allegiance during the defense of Adumar. (SOA)

Contest, The
this Silika battle of intestinal fortitude required that a challenger and his opponent consume a wide range of alcoholic beverages, with bets made at each round as to which contestant will pass out first. The challenger was allowed to choose the drinks, but was honor-bound to consume it the exact same way as his opponent. The rules of The Contest required that the loser accept his loss, and not take revenge on the victor. There was also a great deal of ceremony involved in the challenge, which each contestant had to follow or risk disqualification. (SWJ1)

Contingency Deployment Profile
this set of detailed instructions was provided to every clone trooper field officer deployed into battle during the Clone Wars. Stored on a datacard, the profile contained information on where and how to regroup in the event of a breakdown in the trooper's immediate command structure. This most often occurred when a control bunker or flagship was destroyed by Separatist forces, leaving the trooper without a commanding officer. (SWI70)

Continuing Medical Education
this was a series of classes and educational courses that were created by the Old Republic to ensure that the medical personnel assigned to military and governmental postings were kept up-to-date on the latest information and discoveries. Although the courses offered as part of the CME program were open to all, it usually required some form of approval or permission from a commanding officer to attend them. (MJH)

Continuum Void
this tapcafe, located in the city of Xakrea on the planet Darkknell, was the place where Alliance agents planned to turn over the plans to the first Death Star to an aide of Garm Bel Iblis. After Bel Iblis was nearly killed in an explosion on Anchoron, he decided to travel to Darkknell and recover the plans himself. (TFNR)

Continuum Warp
this was the term used to describe the way in which the hyperspatial continuum was altered when a starship entered hyperspace. The ship's hyperdrive system monitored the warp, which had to remain stable throughout the ship's passage through hyperspace. It was known that flying through a nebula or other gaseous area while traveling in hyperspace created enough friction to alter or even destroy the continuum warp, which could violently force a reversion to realspace that often caused damage or destruction to the ship. (DN1)

Contopault, Shep
this free trader and small-time criminal was a native of the planet Naboo. He was known to have several connections to a variety of crimelords, and was a known associate of Hesh Verbon. Despite his criminal background, Shep had given up his life of crime in an effort to form the Free Treader Association of Naboo, working with Verbon to develop an incentive program for Naboo merchants, hoping to induce more independent spacers to establish permanent bases at Kwilaan Starport. (SON)

Contract Sabacc
an obscure form of sabacc played by two teams of players. (BW)

Contracts Guild
this bounty hunters' brotherhood was formed on the planet Wroona. It was one of the less legitimate guilds targetted by Imperial Governor Norrin for elimination. (SWJ9)

the first of the Force skills which Jedi Knights are able to use, Control is an internal skill which can be used to recognize the Force in oneself and in the universe. (SWSB, IJ)

this was the codename of the Cavrilhu Pirate who monitored security at the Kauron asteroid base. Control was one of the inventors behind the Jedi-containing rooms built into the base. The room used a tight grid of bars which emerge from opposite walls of the chamber to pin a person inside. The bars are pressure-sensitive, and will firmly grasp anything they come in contact with. The room was also equipped with gas-emitting jets, which could be used to flood the chamber with deadly gases. They could also be used in reverse, creating an airless vacuum in the room. When Zothip flew to Bastion, in an effort to obtain compensation for the loss of a battle cruiser at Pesitiin, Control was the only member of the gang to survive the combined defense of Major Tierce and Karoly D'ulin. He had become tired of following in Zothip's misguided footsteps, and allowed the pirate captain to get himself killed. Control then assumed control of the Cavrilhu Pirates himself. He broke off the primary relationship with Moff Disra and the Empire, but agreed to keep producing Preybird for them. (SOP, VOF)

an Imperial Corvette operative during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this was Corran Horn's callsign, used when he was in command of Shocker Squadron during the defense and evacuation of the Jedi Knights' base on Eclipse. (SBS)

Control Box
this was another name for a caller, or owner - any device which can summon a droid that has been fitted with a restraining bolt. (MC1)

Control Brain Network
this is the heart of the Trade Federation's droid army. Contained in the massive bulk of a Federation droid control ship, the Control Brain Network coordinates the activities of all droids deployed by an invasion force. (X1)

Control Guide
this branch of the Keganite Enforcement Guides was charged with maintaining the order of the Learning Circle as well as the Relearning Circle. (FFT)

Control Leash
a device used by handlers of wild or dangerous species. It allows the handler to control their captives from a distance, administering controls and punishments without physical contact. (HSR)

Control Mind
a technique discovered by the Jedi Knights, in which the Force is used to take control os another person. It was considered a product of the Dark Side of the Force. (SWSB)

Control Zone
this cyborg prosthesis manufacturer produces limbs which are primarily used as weapons, such as the Repulse-hand. (CFG)

Controller FP
this wsa SoroSuub's premier force pike, originally developed for use by the Emperor's Royal Guards. At just seven kilograms in weight, the Controller FP was exceptionally easy to wield, and delivered an electric discharge that could literally destroy flesh. (ISB, NEGW)

this planet, perhaps best known as the homeworld of Airen and Pash Cracken, was considered one of the most industrious and advanced planets in the Mid Rim. It was often said that Contruum was the most Core-like world outside of the Core Worlds. It was known for its ore-smelting plants and shipyards, yet its inhabitants also committed themselves to preserving its environmental beauty. The Contruum system was located a short hyperspace jump from the Permlemian Trade Route, and two jumps from the Hydian Way. It was somewhat surprising, then, that Contruum avoided the notice of the Yuuzhan Vong, and remained a free world throughout the aliens' invasion of the galaxy. However, that nearly changed some five years after the invasion began, when the Yuuzhan Vong tried to launch an attack on the Galactic Alliance's base on Mon Calamari. A third of the war fleet had secondary orders to break off their attack and subjugate Contruum, where minimal Alliance forces would be present. This plan was smashed when Zonama Sekot arrived in orbit near the planet Coruscant, forcing the Warmaster Nas Choka to recall all Yuuzhan Vong warships to defend their home base. (CRO, WG, UF)

Contruum Six
this planet was the sixth world in the Contruum System. A small, ice-covered world, Contruum Six supported a pari of major settlements. It was in the orbit of Contruum Six that the New Republic established a defense network of warships to protect the mainworld of Contruum, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (UF)

Contruum's Pride
this freighter was discovered by Rogue Squadron to be working with the Imperial ship Vengeance Derra IV on Mrisst. The two ships worked together to throw off pursuit while smuggling. It was identified as an Imperial ruse because freighters usually aren't named after virtues. Pash Cracken, also a native of Contruum, couldn't identify the ship. (WG)

Contumely Club
an eating and drinking establishment that caters strictly to non-humans. Droids are also excluded. (RPG)

this volcanic world was the third planet in the Geonosis System. It was orbited by four moons. (GORW)

Convarion, Ait
this Imperial Navy Captain served during the attacks at both Derra IV and Hoth before being given command of the Corrupter. As a Captain, Convarion was charged with terrorizing rebellious worlds in the Outer Rim. After the Battle of Endor, he aligned with Ysanne Isard and brought the Corrupter to Thyferra to help protect the Bacta Cartel. He was known as a cruel and calculating opponent who worked hard to end every engagement quickly, despite the odds against him. When Convarion failed to recapture the Xucphra Alazhi, Xucphra Meander, and Xucphra Rose from the Rogue Squadron, Isard demanded that he round up and execute the families of the Alazhi as a demonstration of her power and his allegiance. He balked, but Fliry Vorru saved him by having already done the job. The test was not forgotten, though, as Isard ordered Convarion to take the Thyferran Home Defense Corps and attack the settlement on Halanit. He died on the Corrupter when it was disabled by the Rogues over Alderaan's asteroid belt. The ship could not be saved before it drifted into the asteroids and was torn apart. (BW)

this seedy Twi'lek was outcast from his village on Ryloth, and given as a slave to Big Quince. Big Quince later gave Con'varra to his brother, Omze'kehr Kahr, as a present at the opening of Omze's Incredible Traveling Starport. Omze then freed Con'varra and paid for him to be trained by the galaxy's best slicers and forgers. Con'varra returned to Omze and set up Con'varra's Datawork Central aboard the converted bulk cruiser. (PSPG)

Con'varra's Datawork Central
located aboard the converted cruiser known as Omze's Incredible Traveling Starport, this small business provided high-quality forgeries and computer slicing services to Omze'kehr Kahr's patrons. Run by the Twi'lek Con'varra, the operation boasted a huge computer system capable of producing exact duplicates of virtually any document. It was rumored that Omze sometimes sold information about the forgeries back to government officials, especially if the forging service was provided to a human. (PSPG)

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