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Corellia Room
this was one of the many casinos located aboard the Star of Empire. The casino was decorated with Corellian art and artifacts, and a wall-sized projection screen supplied visitors with an orbital view of the planet Corellia at all times. (SFE)

Corellia Star
this YT-1300 stumbled upon the Imperial V38 development project late in the Galactic Civil War. Its crew was killed near the Dreighton Nebula, but not before they contacted a flight of Alliance B-Wings. The Alliance pilots were able to recover the freighter and discover more information on the V38 project. (RA2)

Corellia StarDrive
this corporation was formed by a former Corellian Engineering Corporation executive, and had an illustrious - though brief - history. Corellia StarDrive was founded about 1,000 years before the Great Sith War, and created civilian and military craft to rival CEC. In fact, the Old Republic Navy chose many CSD designs over CEC. This success was brought to a halt when a freak shuttle crash killed the entire CSD design team. The corporation never fully recovered from the loss, and was purchased by CEC about 2,000 years after its creation. (EGV)

Corellia Times
this was a major Corellian newsnet, active during the height of the New Order and available in a variety of languages. (SWJ7)

Corellia Traffic Control
the arm of the Corellian Defense Forces which monitors all space traffic coming and going in the Corellian Sector. (AC)

Corellia University
this was one of the most prestigious schools found on the planet Corellia, and was best-known for its School of Starship Engineering. (DARK)

this was the name given to the human inhabitants of Corellia. As a people, the Corellians were known as risk-takers, and it was often said that most Corellians had rocket fuel for blood. Corellians were extremely loyal to their families, a trait which often extended to their Drall and Selonia neighbors. Most Corellians appear to be self-centered or disinterested, although these traits were usually thin masks which covered the natural Corellian intensity. The traditional Corellian wedding dress was green in color. (SW, RD, CCW)

Corellian Ale
this full-bodied brew was produced on Corellia, and was a perfect pairing for Teltier Noodles. (GG9, SWGAL)

Corellian Arms
this minor weapons manufacturer was one of the smaller, independent subsidiaries of the Corellian Engineering Corporation. Corellian Arms produced the CR-2 blaster pistol during the last decades of the Old Republic. (SON, NEGW)

Corellian Bloodstripes
this Corellian award was represented by a three-centimeter-wide broken stripe of piping that was sewn along the outer seams of a pair of trousers. There were two levels of bloodstripes that could be awarded, each distinguished by its color. The Second-level bloodstripe was gold and, although rarely given out, was the more common of the two awards. The First-level bloodstripe was red, and was usually awarded posthumously because of the exceptionally heroic and often fatal deeds required to earn it. Most bloodstripes were earned for courage under fire, and the recipient was often recognized for simply being a human in the right place at the right time, enduring unusual hardships. The wearer was by no means a superhero. Han Solo was one of the few examples of a living Corellian who earned First-level bloodstripes. He earned his Second-level bloodstripes for rescuing Chewbacca, but he never revealed the deed for which he was awarded the First-level bloodstripes. He preferred to wear the yellow stripes, so as not to receive inquiries on them. (HSL, CSA)

Corellian Brand
this was one type of brandy that was created on the planet Corellia. (SWGAL)

Corellian Brandy
an interstellar spirit, used as the main ingredient in a Twistler. (DFR)

Corellian Buccaneer
this form of corvette was designed and manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, during the early years of the New Republic, and was based on the successful design of the CR90 corvette and other ships known as "blockade runners." The Buccaneer was armed with ten double turbolasers. (SWJ3)

Corellian Butterfly
this species of avian insect was native to the planet Corellia, and was noted for its rigid social structure. (GQRG)

Corellian Cafe
a bar and restaurant located on Nar Shaddaa. (THG)

Corellian Carousel
this starship maneuver was invented by owners of YT-1300 light freighters. To help compensate for the lack of visibility due to the off-center placement of the cockpit, many YT-1300 owners will put the ship into a slow spin during landing. This spin - opposite the position of the cockpit - allows them to get a feel for their location and proximity during landing in tight spaces. This maneuver was later modified to allow pilots to check their position in heavy traffic situations, as well as during a firefight. (TT)

Corellian Chemical Corporation
known as CorChemCo, this leading producer of industrial chemicals is a subsidiary of Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company. (CSA)

Corellian Clam
a mollusk which is extremely difficult to open. (SE)

Corellian Consort
this Imperial Space Rescue Corps starship was known for its captain, Commander Everik Dondarvan. They held the records for most successful rescue operations (56) and the largest total number of persons rescued (543). (HR)

Corellian Crisis
also known as the Corellian Incident, this was the period of history which occurred early in the era of the New Republic, during which time the Sacorriad Triad tried to take control of the Corellian Sector. (CCW)

Corellian Cross
a medal given by the Alliance to those starpilots who displayed bravery and selflessness in battle. It was designed to commemorate the signing of the Corellian Treaty. (XW)

Corellian Defense Force
the quasi-military armed forces that guard the Corellian Sector, the CDF has many branches and divisions, all geared toward keeping the law in the Corellian Sector. (AC)

Corellian Desslin
this was a popular, personal starship, manufactued during the height of the New Order. (SWJ10)

Corellian Double-brandy
a twice-fermented version of the basic Corellian brandy. (RM)

Corellian Dreadnaughts
this was one of the less-experienced smashball teams of the Old Republic. Shortly before the Clone Wars, the Dreadnaughts were one of the first teams to allow the participation of non-human players, despite the sport's historically human teams. The Dreadnaughts were one of Han Solo's favorite smashball teams, though they were not a very good one during the early years of the New Republic. (COJ, HNN4)

Corellian Engineering Corporation
this corporation, widely regarded as the most reliable starship manufacturer in the galaxy, was an ancient corporation that grew over the millennia to become one of the three largest producers of starships, along with Kuat Drive Yards and Sienar Fleet Systems. While these other corporations contracted out large portions of their designs, CEC did much of its design and manufacturing of components in-house, allowing the corporation to eliminate the delays that were sometimes incurred during production. Additionally, CEC had the advantage of being successful in the civilian market, as well as the simple fact that Corellians were incredibly adept in the areas of starship design. Their military designs were also quite successful. CEC became one of the Corporate Sector Authority's original Contributing Sponsors when the New Order allowed the Authority to gain control of the Corporate Sector. (SCRE, SWSB, CSA, EGV, NEGW)

Corellian Flame Miniatures
this form of Corellian art was often imitated, but never truly duplicated, despite the fact they were simply a combination of shaped transoptical fibers, light-producing plants, and Goorlish light sources. (DFR)

Corellian Gambit
a Sabacc system in which the suits fit together in different patterns. The last hand is unique, in that one card - chosen by each player - can be locked in place before the cards are spun. (DA)

Corellian Grass Snake
native to Corellia, this was one of the most beautiful and deadly snakes found in the galaxy. (CCW)

Corellian Gunship
designed and manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, these expensive combat ships measured 120 meters in length, and were heavily armed with 8 dual turbolaser batteries, 6 quad laser batteries, and 4 concussion missile tubes. The remainder of the ship was made up of its fast engine plant and a small crew quarters. The Corellian Gunship required a crew of 91 officers and gunners to operate, and had cargo space for up to 300 metric tons of supplies and ordnance. (RASB, TLC, SOG)

Corellian Heavy Lifter
designed by the Alliance, this transport ship was based on the CR-90 corvette. The central section of the CR-90 was modifed to accommodate a pair of heavy clamps, which could be used to hold large cargoes for shipment. (FC)

Corellian Horticultural Digest
one of the leading journals on the cultivation and propagation of plants and flowers, this magazine is published in Coronet City. (IJ)

Corellian Incident
this was the historical term used to describe the secession of the Corellian Sector from the New Republic, when the Sacorrian Triad tried to assume control of the galaxy by unleashing the Starbuster Plot. This period was also referred to as the Corellian Crisis. (SWDB, CCW)

Corellian Inter-System Marketing Station
this was the general store and fueling depot owned by Jagged and Zena Antilles. It was destroyed by the Bonestar Pirates. (HXW)

Corellian Limpet
this small mollusk was known to attach itself to a starship and multiply quickly. If left alone, the limpets would eventually clog exhaust nacelles. In addition, the mild acid they exuded to attach themselves to starship hulls eventually weakened the hull plating, which deteriorated the hull's integrity. (C)

Corellian Masternav, Incorporation
this Corellian corporation produced some of the galaxy's best astrogation maps during the New Order. (SSR)

Corellian Merchants' Guild
this is one of the largest private trade organizations in the galaxy. It is open to all native-born Corellians, as well as to owners and crews of Corellian-built starships. Many corporations elect a Corellian as their Chief Executives in order to gain access to the CMG's resources. The CMG will provide to its members a huge list of services, including information, trade contacts, repair facilities, messaging, and financial services. The CMG operates a multitude of Guildhouses throughout the galaxy. All are well-known for their services as temporary residences, clubs, and bars. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the CMG was banned from the Corporate Sector, although no formal reason was given for the ouster. (GG9, SWJ10)

Corellian Overdrive
this phrase, sometimes used by Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, is used to denote the need to do whatever it takes to complete a job. It ranges from finagling the rules to rearranging operational parameters, but doesn't mean cheating in an honest game. (ROJR)

Corellian Reserve
a vintage of whiskey fermented on Corellia. (TFNR)

Corellian Rum
an interstellar spirit. (CPL)

Corellian Run
this was another name for the Corellian Trade Spine. (BP)

Corellian Sanctuary
established on Coruscant, this small, domed building was designed to honor those Corellians who died off-world. Because the Diktat of Corellia would not allow members of the New Republic to land on the planet, natives who died while away from Corellia could not be repatriated. So, exiled Corellians built the Sanctuary. Corellians ritually cremate their dead, then use industrial-grade compressors to compact the ashes into a synthetic diamond. The diamonds provide immortality to the dead, and are placed in the black walls of the Sanctuary to represent the stars in Corellia's sky. (BW)

Corellian Scavenge Rat
this large rodent, native to the city sewers of Corellia, was known for its ability to save nearly everything it couldn't eat. (MA)

Corellian Sea Ray
this aquatic ray was native to the planet Corellia. (ECH, XWN)

Corellian Sector
a group of 24 star systems, of which the Corellian System is the most important. The Corellian Sector is located within the area of the galaxy known as the Core Worlds. In general, it is an inward-looking group of systems. The sector was particularly introverted during and after the Galactic Civil War, when it did everything possible to stay out of the political and social upheaval. The planets and their inhabitants have been labeled paranoid and distrustful because of their introversion. Much of this was attributed to the enforced laws of the old Empire, which demanded that the humans, Selonians, and Drall in the sector co-exist in relative peace, maintaining the outward appearance of cooperation. (AC, EGP)

Corellian Sector
one of many sectors of the Nar Shaddaa spaceport, it is also one of the busiest. (DE2)

Corellian Sector Fleet
the warships of the Corellian Defense Forces' Space Defense Service. (AC)

Corellian Sector Newsfeed
this was the primary news network serving the Corellian Sector, during the height of the New Order. (SWJ10)

Corellian Security Force
known as CorSec, this was the primary law enforcement agency on the planet Corellia during the New Order and the early years of the New Republic. Although ostensibly under the direct control of the Diktat, CorSec often acted independently. This allowed them to have jurisdiction over municipal police forces, as well as jurisdiction over certain parts of the Corellian System. This span of operation allowed CorSec officers to maintain a coordinated law enforcement system, and also reduced the bureaucracy involved in far-ranging investigations. Because of their loyalty and dedication to justice, many CorSec alumni became members of the Senate Guard of the Old Republic. During the reign of Emperor Palpatine, the leaders of CorSec ordered that their divisions accept the insertion of an Imperial Intelligance officer to monitor and coordinate activities with the local Imperial garrisons. After the Battle of Endor, the Diktat of Corellia broke from the New Republic, and transformed the force in the Public Safety Service. (TFE, IJ, HG)

Corellian Seed Poppers
this type of garnish was used to bring out the natural flavors of delicate foods. (SWJ12)

Corellian Shipbuilders Union
this was an affiliation of the various starship manfucaturing laborers who worked for Corellian interests. Like most unions, the CSU worked to ensure better wages and benefits for its members. During the Galactic Civil War, the CSU was a quiet supporter of the Alliance. (CRO)

Corellian Slip
this starfighter maneuver is a countermaneuver which can be very dangerous for inexperienced pilots, but has saved a number of skilled pilots in battle. (CCG)

Corellian Space Cruiser
this Corellian Engineering Corporation starship was the precursor of the Republic Cruiser, the Corellian Gunship and the CR-90 corvette. Measuring 115 meters in length, the cruiser had three Dyne 577 sublight engines and a Longe Voltran Tri-arc CD-3.2 hyperdrive. It was produced without weaponry, since its primary market was to provide safe, dependable transport for diplomats and couriers. The Space Cruiser was also sold to wealthy civilians, which eventually led to the designation of the Republic Cruiser. Note that Star Wars: Empire - Alone Together depicts the Corellian Space Cruiser as similar in appearance to the SoroSuub PLY 3000 yacht. (X1, SOG, SWEAT)

Corellian Space Museum
located in Corellia's capital city of Coronet, this museum was perhaps the best-known facility in which visitors could learn of the role played by Corellia and its inhabitants in the development of interstellar travel. An genuine copy of the ancient Corellian Treaty, marking the boundaries of The Slice, was housed in the museum. (CCW)

Corellian Spark Grenade
this simple device was developed by Corellian weapons experts, to deliver a powerful electric charge when detonated. The idea was to disrupt electrical systems - or shock organic tissue - by sending a surge of power through them, rendering them inoperable. (T19)

Corellian Spiced Ale
one of Han's favorite beverages (CPL, DA)

Corellian Spine Trade Route
this was another name for the Corellian Trade Spine (LFC)

Corellian Stock Exchange
headquartered in the capital city of Coronet, this was the primary stock market that served Corellian businesses. (GG11, CCW)

Corellian System
the primary planetary system in the Corellian Sector, the Corellian System is an anomolous system in that it has 5 habitable planets (Corellia, Drall, Selonia, Talus, and Tralus; they are known in the system as the Five Brothers) orbiting the system's primary star, Corell. Some scientists and astrophysicists have hypothesized that the system was "built" by a higher power, since the planets all have similar, strange orbits, and all support life. The three primary species in the system - human, Drall, and Selonian - have moved about quite a bit during the system's life, and all are equally at home on any of the five worlds. (AC)

Corellian Tanamen Fever
this flu-like illness is common on the planet Corellia. It is rarely fatal, especially if caught in its early stages. Even advanced stages can be treated with bacta and cured. Symptoms include high fever, extreme thirst, and loss of equilibrium. (TPS)

Corellian Technologies
this Corellian corporation specialized in personal defense systems. (GG10)

Corellian Territories Engagements
Alexsandr Badure participated in this series of Old Republic conflicts. (CSA)

Corellian Thunder
this heavily-modified Ghtroc freighter was owned by the smuggler Davrin. He used it to transport Sienn Sconn and a Rythani Products weapon prototype off Rydonni Prime. (SWJ9)

Corellian Thunder
this Corellian Engineering gunship was part of the Alliance fleet which patrolled Trax Sector shortly after the Battle of Yavin. It was dispatched to assist in the destruction of the Bissillirus Resupply Base. (GMK)

Corellian Times
this was one of the best financial newsfeeds available in the galaxy, during the height of the New Order. (SWJ3)

Corellian Trade Spine
this hyperspace pathway originated on the planet Corellia, but was eventually extended to begin at Coruscant. It linked a group of trading worlds, from Duro outward to Anoat and Bespin, along which much of the galaxy's space traffic flows. The Duros had many maintenance stations located along the Spine. Among the other planets along the Spine were Froz and Nubia, passing by Tynna and Kalabra to Tatooine and Ryloth. Over time, this trade route was known by a number of different names, including the Corellian Run and the Corellian Spine Trade Route. During the middle stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, this trade route was ambushed by the invaders as they pushed toward the galactic core. (TLC, DA, BP, LFC, EVR)

Corellian Trade Summit
a momentous meeting of New Republic agents and the Corellian government to discuss the opening of trade with the Corellian Sector, it was spearheaded by Leia Organa in 37 NE. (AC)

Corellian Translines
this small transportation company worked several Inner Rim spacelanes during the early years of the New Republic. (SWJ15)

Corellian Transport Services
based on Corellia, this small business provided ground-based transportation across the planet's surface for both civilians and cargo, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (SBS)

Corellian Treaty
the agreement which solidified the three major factions of the early Alliance. Bail Organa and Mon Mothma had brought the three main resistance leaders together, and Garm Bel Iblis mediated the talks, which resulted in the common set of ideals which formed the Alliance. Since Bel Iblis was a Corellian, the document was called the Corellian Treaty. However, this often confused many Corellians, since the original Corellia Treaty was signed many thousands of years before the Galactic Civil War. Thus, it was more often referred to as the New Corellian Treaty. (DFR, CCW)

Corellian Treaty
this ancient agreement established the boundaries of The Slice and the hyperspace travel routes within it, during the earliest periods of the Old Republic. The treaty virtually defined the limits of the Old Republic at that time, since most exploration was started from Corellia or Coruscant, and was limited to known hyperspace routes. (CCW)

Corellian Twister
an alcoholic beverage. (TSK)

Corellian Twister, The
this was the name given to a section of the Agrilat Swamp Circuit, one of the most popular swoop racing courses of the New Order. (SWGAL)

Corellian Way
this New Republic frigate was part of the small fleet dispatched to protect the planet Esfandia, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (FH3)

Corellian Whiskey
a highly-intoxicating beverage. (RPG)

Corellia's Own
this was the name given to a quadrant of the Corellian System that was controlled solely by the Corellian Security Force during the era of the New Order. It provided easy access from Corellia to Talus, and was primarily patrolled by CorSec fighter craft. During the Galactic Civil War, Imperial starships were prohibited from entering the Corellia's Own quadrant, and any ship even hinting at Imperial connections was driven off. (SWGAL)

Corellidyne Holographics
this Corellian company produced some of the galaxy's most advanced doubler suits. Note that The New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology names this company Correlidyne Visuals. (GG10, NEGW)

Corellidyne Visuals
see Corellidyne Holographics (EGW)

this was the Old Corellian term for a Corellian. (SWJ7)

this starship manufacturer produced the Gymsnor-3 freighter. (SWJ9, KT)

a Quadrex repulsorlift engine. (GG7)

this town sprang up on the scrub plains of the planet Chrona, near the site of the first chronamite mines. (SWJ12)

Corestrike Credit Repository and Ore Exchange
this was the sturdiest building located in the boomtown of Corestrike, on the planet Chrona. It served as the town's only banking institution, where prospectors could assay their chronamite finds and store the credits they earned. (SWJ12)

Corestrike Hotel
located in the boomtown of Corestrike, on the planet Chrona, this was the only hotel in the area which provided miners and visitors with their own rooms and real beds. (SWJ12)

this was the code name of an Alliance agent who worked deep undercover in the Core Worlds. Very few members of the Alliance knew about Corewatch, and the agent's presence may have dated back to the origin of the Alliance. In reality, Corewatch was Bonic Tarracus, and was know to many as an extremely reliable agent. His confidence - and the Alliance's confidence in him - was shattered when he was unable to recover the 177th Light Infantry team inserted to blow up a munitions depot. Corewatch went AWOL, but later returned to acive duty. However, his effectiveness was greatly diminshed, and many in the Alliance's command structure felt he had been co-opted by the Empire and forced into double-agent duty. It was even rumored that he had become Ars Dangor's personal valet, although this was never proven. (CRO)

this was one of the most common female names given to human children across the galaxy. (GCG)

Corey, Swilla
this petty thief was in the Mos Eisley Cantina when Ben Kenobi sliced off Ponda Baba's arm. Corey was born into slavery, and was seemingly freed when her Tarnab masters were attacked by Karazak slavers after landing on Tatooine. Corey fled the downed ship, taking odd jobs as a jerba handler for several moisture farmers in the Motesta Oasis settlement, until she earned enough to buy her own jerbas. She lost much of her herd during a sandstorm, and fled to Mos Eisley in order to avoid getting into trouble. It was there that she learned that several of her jerbas had been taken by Ketwol. She initially wanted to punish the Pacithhip for hie thievery, but later learned that Ketwol had taken the jerbas into his own ship during the storm and kept them healthy. He turned the creatures back over to Corey, who thanked Ketwol for his efforts. She then struck up a friendship with Ketwol, which lasted for many years. (CCG2, SWDB)

Corf Sarb
this Enu gangster ran a number of gambling halls and a smuggling operation on his homeworld of Deylerax. He was a former Imperial employee who embezzled funds from the Empire to start his own operation, and was known to be willing to kill anyone to protect his business. (WBC)

the site of New Republic supply bunker, this planet was located in the Corellian Sector. (DFR, REB)

Corg System
this star system was known for its treacherous asteroid field. (AIR)

this New Republic Colonel served under Etahn A'baht during the blockade of Doornik-319 and the Yevethan Purge. He was one of A'baht's staff tactical officers aboard the Intrepid. (SOL, TT)

Corgan's Gustatorium
this restaurant was located in the city of Nehass, on the planet Tarhassan, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (SWI73)

Corgorlath Leisure Articles
this corporation produced a wide range of clothing and footwear for athletic activities, during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

Taryn Clancy and the Messenger fled from Coruscant with Del Sato and Colonel Bremen, hoping to get to this planet and send a message to the New Republic fleet before being captured by Imperial forces. (TFE, SWJ6)

meaning "enthralling", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

Cories, Niklas
this man, the son of a prominent Outer Rim businessman, was also a noted assassin during the early years of the New Order. He was known for his use of thermal detonators to eliminate his target, although the destruction caused by thermal detonators often made it unclear who his intended target actually was. He had a long-standing grudge against the Hutts, a situation which the Hutts returned by placing a number of contracts on his head. For many years, Cories was a member of the band Distraction, doing everything from hauling equipment to singing backup. Known as Aphus Polix to his bandmates, Cories satisfied his need for violence by placing small thermal detonators in the mosh pits around the stage. Their explosion was always blamed on the fans, and Cories was never discovered. All of this deception was aimed at one thing: revenge against Niklas' former girlfriend, Aquella Firth. She had rejected him as "too old and dangerous" several years ago, and Cories never forgot it. He saw his chance when Distraction played aboard the Sleemo Poya Jeedai, and arranged for Aquella to win tickets to the concert. Unknown to Cories, however, Quoltus Firth had been following his movements, and hired a group of freelance mercenaries to protect his daughter. Cories devised a devious plan to implicate Rossi Kildaon or Ushka Et in a series of subordinate murders, which would allow him to pose as Ushak Et so that he could kill Aquella. However, his drugging of the real Tzeel robbed him of his backbeat cues, and he couldn't sing the right words. The agents hired by Quoltus Firth realized the decetion and rushed the stage, capturing Cories and exposing his plans. Cories nearly had the last laugh, as he had planted more than thirty thermal detonators in the band's pyrotechnic displays. These were soon discovered and disarmed, and the agents turned Cories over to the Hutts to trial. (WOA28)

this immense, reptilian beast was native to the rolling plains of the planet Maridun. These stout-bodied sauropods had scales that were covered with a mottled brown coloration, giving them excellent camouflage in the grasses and among the rocks. The thick neck of the corinathoth supported a tiny head, which was protected by two thick horns on the males of the species. The spine of a corinathoth was studded with short spikes, while its front shoulders were protected by four longer, heavier spikes. (SWELM)

Corint City
the capital city of the planet Pirik. It is divided into several districts, such as the Talamp Industrial sector and Lowtown. (SWJ10)

this ore is mined on the planet Pirik. (SWJ10)

Corioline Marlee Theater
this Alderaanian theater was known for its grandeur and architectural design. (SOP)

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