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Colicoid Swarm
this Providence-class destroyer was one of two sister-ships to the Invisible Hand, and was often deployed throughout the Mid Rim in order to confuse the intelligence agents of the Old Republic about the exact whereabouts of General Grievous, during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWDB)

this man served the Alliance as a soldier on the planet Rafft, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. (SWJ3)

Colla Designs
this was the think-tank that developed some of the most ingenious technologies produced by the Colicoid Creation Nest. They were also paired with Separatist-held corporations, such as Phlac-Arphocc Automata, to developed droid starfighters and gunships. (X3)

Colla IV
this planet, located along the border of the Colonies Region and the Inner Rim, was the homeworld of the Colicoid species. (VD1, IWE1)

this Yuuzhan Vong yorik-stronha picket ship was originally known as the Hrosha-Gul, a name which literally meant "the price of pain". It was captured during the defense of Esfandia by the Galactic Alliance, and used as part of a daring mission to trick B'shith Vorrik into spreading his forces too thin. Once refitted and made spaceworthy, the ship was renamed by Jaina Solo to be the Collaborator. Tahiri traveled aboard the ship to present herself before Vorrik and offer him a chance to use her to infiltrate the Galactic Alliance's forces. She promised him that she would get close enough to the surface of Esfandia to allow his ships to locate the communications base on the planet. In reality, Tahiri hoped to draw off enough of Vorrik's defensive capability for the combined forces of the Alliance and the Imperial Remnant to neutralize him. (FH3)

this series of caves and caverns were located on Arda-2. The entrance to the Colla-Di is hidden by the Great Torgur Falls. (CSWEA)

this natural spice was used by poisoners, since its chemical make-up altered when it came into contact with certain cooking oils. The resulting elements could cause mental instability in human eaters. (SESB)

this was the generic term for any recyclable package used to store fluids. The collapsipack was most popular with young mothers, who carried packs of baby formula with them for easy storage and dispensing. (SBS)

this volatile gas was used, along with baradium, in the creation of seismic charges. (NEGW)

see Director (HSR)

Collections and Securities Division
this branch of the InterGalactic Banking Clan was responsible for the collection of debts from its various customers. The CSD was given free reign to go about its business, and the Division was using Hailfire Droids and other combat automata to augment its collection of debts from obstinate debtors. (SWDB)

Collective Commerce District
see CoCo District (IWE2)

Collector, The
this was the codename of the elderly man who approached Jozzel Moffett about located the Yavin Vassilika, shortly before the Alliance established its base on Yavin 4. The Collector worked with Bria Tharen to track down the artifact, knowing that it contained the key to unlocking the ancient Massassi temples. They paid Jozzel with the money they made from selling the spice which was stolen from Ylesia and the Besadii Hutts, (UYV)

College of Astrocartography
this university, located on the planet Charmath, was dedicated to teaching students about the subject of mapping the galaxy. (GMR9)

Collision Shield
developed by Lando Calrissian and the technicians he employed at Lando's Folly, this shield system allowed starfighters running through the asteroid belt to bounce off asteroids instead of crashing into them. The shield system included defensive arrays and repulsors, all of which were monitored and maintained from a remote station above the asteroid belt. (VP)

Collo Fauale
Mirith Sinn's New Republic agents fled to a hidden base in this mountain pass, on the planet Phaeda, after being routed by Colonel Shev's forces. The pass was then destroyed by Carnor Jax, who ordered the Steadfast and Emperor's Revenge to bombard it from orbit. (CE)

this New Republic Intelligence officer held the rank of Brigadier, and served under Carlist Rieekan in the Operations Office. He was involved in the intial planning of the mission to intercept the Teljkon vagabond at Gmir Askilon. He was one of the first people to interview Belezaboth Ourn, after the Paqwe turned himself in to the Republic. (SOL, TT)

Collor Pondrat
manufacturers of racing engines for podracers and other repulsorlift vehicles.. (X1)

one of the galaxy's most forward-thinking philosophers, Collus was responsible for the creation of Alderaan University. Collus served the Old Republic as a sage and philosopher. He took his brightest students and formed the University in Aldera, which expanded as various leaders built adjacent schools near Collus' central university. He believed that knowledge without application was wasted knowledge, and that information gleaned from textbooks was inferior to information gained by direct experience. (ISU)

this small creature was considered a delicacy by many races, including the Twi'leks and the Hutts. They were usually served flambeed and then smothered in a thick stew-like broth. (BF4)

Colmar, Davaire
this human male was a Lieutenant with the Alliance. He had strong features that belied his quiet, extremely competant personality. Before joining the Alliance, Colmar was a rising star in the Imperial Special Training Corps. As a member of the corps, he participated in the Siege of Dalron IV, during which he received a severe head wound and was left to die. When he came to, he wandered the countryside aimlessly, all the while reviewing the battle in his head. He came to the realization that the Empire had failed to protect its own people, and he deserted the corps. He joined the Alliance on Dalron IV. (GG9)

this man, distinguished by the cybernetic eye that replaced one that was lost in a battle, was a member of the Cularin Militia during the height of the Clone Wars. (LFCW)

Colo Claw Fish
this huge, flat, elongated fish was found in the depths of Naboo's seas. It had two rows of phosphorescent nodules which travel along either side of its 40-meter-long body, which it used to attract its prey. The front end of the fish was dominated by a long, tooth-filled snout studded with large eyes that can see into the murky depths. Large, claw-like appendages sprout from either side of its mouth, which the colo used to capture and hold its prey while it took huge bites. The jaws of the colo claw fish can be unhinged, allowing it to swallow prey many times larger than its own head. The average colo claw fish was an indiscriminate feeder, and sometimes swallowed its prey alive. The prey included young opee sea killers, and colo specimens have been recovered that were killed when the opees chewed their way out of the colo's stomach. The colo claw fish also has the ability to emit an intense, hydrosonic shriek that can stun nearby fish, allowing the colo to feed at will. (SW1, IG1, SON, WSW)

Colonial Constabulary
the Rafa System's police force. (LCM)

Colonial Games
this series of athletic events was staged between the various colonies of the Roon System, during the early years of the New Order. (DCAR)

Colonial News Net
this news organization, headquartered on Findris, was the primary source of galactic information for the Findris Sector and much of the Colonies region. (CRO)

Colonies, The
this is the name given to the areas of the galaxy just outside outside the Core Worlds, which were settled during the early expansion periods of the Old Republic. The Colonies eventually grew into industrial and metropolitan centers, but these were heavily raided during the Emperor's New Order. During the early years of the New Republic, many of these worlds were freed from Imperial control and used as launch points for the Republic's fight to regain Coruscant. (SWSB, EGP)

this was the term used to describe the descendents of the Survivors, those beings who managed to survive the destruction of the Outbound Flight Project. Like the Survivors, they were considered members of the Outbound Flight Colony. After the Vagaari threat was eliminated, the Colonists grudgingly agreed to accompany the Outbound Flight Colony to Nirauan, staying as far away from the New Republic as they could. (SQ)

this was the term used tio describe the immense columns which lined the inner walkways of the Grand Piazza on the planet Anaxes. (CCW)

Colony Authority
this New Republic agency was a sister group of the Bureau of Scouting and Exploration Services, which was better known as the New Republic Scout Service. The Colony Authority was responsible for setting up and supporting new settlements on remote planets. (GG8)

Colony Class 23669
a heavy-duty power generator, the 23669 costs nearly 25 million credits. (SWJ9)

Colony Eight
one of the Ylesia slave and spice colonies, it was destroyed by Tuga SalPivo shortly before the Battle of Ylesia. (RD)

Colony Five
this Ylesia slave and spice colony was led by Pohtarza, shortly before the Battle of Ylesia. (RD)

Colony Four
this Ylesia colony was infiltrated by the Hyallp Noy Waglla, shortly before the Battle of Ylesia. (RD)

Colony Nine
the last of the Ylesian colonies to be built, it was still not operational when Jabba the Hutt sent Sniquux to infiltrate it. The Rodian laid a series of traps for the t'landa Til there and then startled them into them. (RD)

Colony One
this was the primary spice-processing center on the planet Ylesia. The center was ostensibly the site of the religious order founded by Teroenza, although the devoted followers were used as slave labor. The t'landa Til kept the slaves blissfully unaware of their slavery by making them attend daily devotions at the Altar of Promises, where the creatures use their neck pouches to emit sonic vibrations that affect the sensory areas of the slaves' brains. The colony is located between the Mountains of the Exalted and Zoma Gawanga, and was 147 kilometers away from Colony Two. It was here that the Alliance struck the first blows of the Battle of Ylesia, engaging Nova Force in a brief firefight that left much of the mercenary group dead. Decades later, after the Yuuzhan Vong took control of the planet and turned it over to the Peace Brigade, the colony was renamed Peace City. The Yuuzhan Vong executed the Hutts who had been running the glitterstim production on the planet, turning the operation over to the Peace Brigade to fund their efforts. The t'landa Til were spared, but only to continue their "daily devotions" and help keep the slaves working. (TPS, RD, Y)

Colony Seven
this Ylesian slave and spice colony was infiltrated by Aiaks Fwa shortly before the Battle of Ylesia. (RD)

Colony Three
the third colony established by Teroenza on Ylesia, it was created after Han Solo and Bria Tharen nearly destroyed Colony One during their escape. Bria and her band of freedom fighters returned to Colony Three, seeing that it was not as sercurely guarded as the first two colonies, to rescue the enslaved pilgrims there. (THG)

Colony Two
the second of three planned false religious colonies established by the Hutts and the t'landa Til on Ylesia, it was here that Mrrov was held in thrall until Muuurgh rescued her. Colony Two, sited on the northeastern edge of the Zoma Gawanga, was located 147 kilometers from Colony One, across the Gachoogai River and the Mountains of Faith, and was nearly identical in layout to Colony One. (TPS)

Colony, The
this was the collective name given to the various hives of insectile creatures that were believed to have included the Killik race. At the Colony's height of growth and expansion, which occurred some five years after the Galactic Alliance defeated the Yuuzhan Vong, there were some 375 different hives, all acting together to carry out the Will of the Colony. The expansion of the Colony was traced by to an event known as Ub Ruur, or The Crash, when the Unu hive discovered the burned body of Raynar Thul. Until Thul's arrival, the Colony had existed for centuries as a small collection of hives deep in the Unknown Regions. After Thul was nursed back to health, he became the first true Joiner. His complete submission to the Will of the Colony gave the insect hives a connection to the Force, and showed them life in other forms. Under the guidance of UnuThul, the Unu hive became the dominant hive in the Colony, and the Colony flourished. New hives were established with surprising regularity, and the Colony began taking over planets that were very close to the borders of Chiss space. The Colony expanded its use of the Joiners, who transported goods to the Colony's worlds and accepted no real payment. Instead, they carried shine-balls and other items produced by the Colony back to the Outer Rim, where they were traded for more supplies. In this way, the Colony established trade relations with many planets. Unknown to even UnuThul, the rise of the Colony was being directed by the Gorog hive. This so-called Dark Nest served as the unconscious Will of the Colony, and was led by Lomi Plo and Welk. The two Dark Jedi were powerful enough to hide their actions, and the other hives of the Colony simply refused to believe that it existed. When the Gorog began capturing Chiss and using their bodies to feed their larvae, it directed the Colony to expand toward Chiss space. This nearly led to a war between the Colony and the Chiss near Qoribu, which was narrowly averted when Luke Skywalker and the Jedi Order brokered a solution. To appease the Chiss and ensure the continued survival of the Colony, entire hives were relocated to uninhabited worlds within the Utegetu Nebula. The appearance of the Fizz, which seemed to attack only Killiks, brought the conflict between the Colony, the Chiss, and the Galactic Republic to another head about a year later. (DN1, DN2)

a small alien creature which exudes a colored slime as it travels. The slime can be used to color a great many things, including hair, cloth, and paint. (CS)

Colo's Ship
this was one of six Imperial bulk freighters assigned to the replenishment fleet which contained the Black Ice. (BI)

this gas giant, orbited by 24 moons, was the fifth and outermost planet in the Belgaroth System. (CCW)

Colossus Wasp of Ithull
a huge insectoid alien, about the size of a large transport ship. The insects are so huge that the dead are scavenged by the various transport guilds in the Stenness system, and their exoskeletons are scrapped out. These hollow shells are then fitted with interior holds, navigation systems, hydraulics, and crew quarters. The exterior is then plated, and sublight and hyperspace drives are attached so that the entire carapace can be used as a fast cargo ship. They were virtually indestructible, since the round shape tended to deflect laser blasts. The pirates of the Stenness System later developed small ships which could latch onto and pierce the outer hull so that they could enter the cargo holds and steal the cargo. When alive, the wasps fed on stellar radiation, raw proto-materials, and the multitude of silicon-based lifeforms which lived in the vacuum of space. (TOJ, TOJC)

this planet was covered oceans and waterways. (COG)

Cols Kalaides Harvest Guild
this guild monitors and regulates the population of kalaides in Harvest Bay, on the planet Cols, working to maintain a balance that allows ideal water conditions and better harvests of fish. (COG)

this barren, rocky world was the second planet in the Dostra System. It had a single moon. (AIR)

this gas giant was the fourth planet of the Adega System. It was orbited by eleven moons. (GORW)

a member of the support staff of the Royal House of Alderaan, Colton was the owner of C-3PO and R2-D2 during the early years of Palpatine's rule as Emperor. He brought the two droids to one of Palpatine's balls, where C-3PO mistook Darth Vader for a GuardDroid. Colton demoted C-3PO to preschool teaching duty for the offense. In the novelization of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, it is inferred that Colton was the Captain of the Tantive IV, although in the script for Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, the Captain's name was Antilles. (SWN, EGC, OWS)

this New Republic Naval Ensign served aboard the FarStar during its travels through Kathol Sector. Colton was one of the few regular Navy officers, and served as the ship's Petty Officer. (DARK, KO)

this was one of the most common surnames found among the human population of Corellia. (GMR9)

this large white star is the primary star in the Colu System. (GG4)

Colu System
planetary system in the Mayagil Sector, it contains Clak'Dor. (GG4)

Colu, Gorton
this crazed, old man lived in the Upper City of Taris, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. He lived on the streets, and spent most of his day ranting about the plague that was turning the population into rakghouls. However, upon further questioning, Colu revealed that he was simply a pro-human racist, and the "plague" he ranted about was the presence of non-humans in the city. (KOTOR)

this Bith chemical research group created the compound Anti-Corr 113. (SWJ9)

this was one of the Alliance's MC80a cruisers, active during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this planet was considered the capital world of the Commonality. The planet was purchased some 1,500 years before the Clone Wars by the Greyshade family, which transformed it into a major trade world. Under the leadership of the Greyshades, the Columexi gradually took control of the commerce in the Commonality, and eventually became the Commonality's leaders. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Columex was razed by the alien invaders, although it was the only one of the Commonality worlds to be so fully destroyed. (GORW)

this was the term used to describe the human natives of the planet Columex. Many considered the Columexi to be the true leaders of the Commonality, and the races represented by the worlds of the Commonality felt that the Columexi exploited their labors for their own betterment. This sentiment was flet most keenly by the Vorzydiaks, whose early explorations brought the star systems of the Commonality together in the first place. (GORW)

these aliens, native to the planet Columus, are a peaceful, non-agressive race with a vast intellect stored in their huge heads. One third of their height, and most of their weight, is found in their heads, which are wreathed with throbbing blood vessels. The brain of the Columi is divided into over 100 lobes, each dedicated to an independent function. The collection of intelligence has long-since rendered their limbs useless, and they have to be transported in antigrav harnesses. The eyes of the Columi are capable of seeing in the entire electromagnetic spectrum, and can "hear" by analyzing the frequency of sound and radio waves. Their technology centers on the use of radio waves, generated by their immense brains. All Columi hardware is created to be activated and manipulated with radio waves. They use droids and other machinery to perform their physical work. Being one of the first species to develop an advanced society and technology, they were greatly dismayed to find the rest of the galaxy inhabitted by "barbarians." Also, the heaviness of standard gravity was hard for the Columi to overcome, so off-world travel is kept to a minimum. Those Columi found off Columus are either scholars, business leaders, or gamblers, and can be almost impossible to beat. They apparently freely joined the Empire, although mainly in order to retain their isolation. (CPL, GG4)

Columi Mental Hoverpod
this small, chari-like repulsorcraft was originally developed by the Columi race. It encased the lower half of a being's body in the chair, and movement was controlled by mental projection. Originally, the cerebral interface could only be attuned to the Columi themselves. Over time, however, their skills with non-Columi minds allowed the chair to be modified to work with humans, Huts, Duros, Sullustans, and Bith. (GFT)

this was the alias used by a spy who had infiltrated the Old Republic's bota processing operations on the planet Drongar, during the height of the Clone Wars. Column was the alias he used when working with Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which was interested in grabbing a large share of bota. To his other employer, the criminal organization BlackSun, he was known simply as Lens. Column had been monitoring the actions of Admiral Tarnese Bleyd and Filba the Hutt, and was forced into action when Filba purposely destroyed a bota transport in an effort to drive up the prices. Acting on orders that served both of his masters, Column slipped a deadly poison into Filba's food, eliminating the Hutt and his machinations. Under the alias Lens, he then set up a meeting with the Nediji assassin Kaird, who had also been dispatched to Drongar by Black Sun, to ensure that their orders were not in conflict. In the following months, Column discovered that the bota plant was mutating at a tremendous rate, and would be worthless in just a few generations. Column relayed this information to his Separatist contacts, which essentially allowed them to gather the available bota and launch an all-out attack on the Republic's forces. It was the Jedi Padawan Barris Offee who discovered that Column was actually the base's minder, Klo Merit. Although Offee tried to go through official channels to have Merit detained, Jos Vondar took matters into his own hands. He confronted Merit with the evidence, and shot the Equani in the chest before he could escape. (MBS, MJH)

Column Commons District
this section of Coruscant's Imperial City was located between the Imperial Palace and the Calocour Heights District, during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was named for the huge columns that supported the "ceiling" of levels above the district, and it served as the base of operations for the many holodrama and newsnet publishers which were headquartered on Coruscant. (CCW)

Column of Light
the natives of New Apsolon erected these pillars of of light to honor the death of a loved one. (CTV)

this corporation developed highly-specialized droids brains for non-standard uses. (CRO)

this planet was the homeworld of the Columi race. It was a small world with a light gravitational field and very little tectonic movement. It was a flat, muddy world with no natural erosion. During the years leading up to the Clone Wars, a theraputic cloning center was established on the planet, to generate replacement organs for individuals suffering from life-threatening diseases. Much to the dismay of these individuals, the onset of the Clone Wars brought about a halt to any non-military cloning, under Senate decree E49D139.41. (GG4, SWI68)

Colunda Prime
a planet. (HNN5)

Colundra Sector
an area of the galaxy containing the planets Nyasko and Muskree, the Colundra Sector was located near the end of the Perlemian Trade Route, beyond the Tion Hegemony.. (DESB, WOA32)

an Alliance container group destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Com scan
a specialized sensor sweep modulated to detect the energy generated by message transmission signals. (ESB)

developed by BioTech, this communications implant was used by cyborged individuals to send and receive communictaions. It eliminated the need for the wearer to carry a comlink. (EGW)

developed by the New Republic, this was a speciallized form of nerve gas created to incapacitate the Yuuzhan Vong. (SBS)

Comar Antiatmospheric Gun
a specialized weapon that creates disturbances in the surrounding air, forcing airborne craft to the ground. (TME)

CoMar Combat Systems
manufacturers of surface-to-air weapons, CoMar was headquartered in the Corporate Sector. (ISB, POT)

a re-orientive drug. (COJ)

Comark, Amber
the daughter of Moff Jesco Comark, Amber was friends with a librarian in the Imperial archives during her early years. When the librarian was exposed as an Alliance agent, Amber could only watch as the librarian was arrested and interrogated. The death of the librarian was reported to Amber by her father, and only served to highlight the atrocities the Empire considered normal behavior. Amber decided to assume the role played by the librarian - as the special agent known as Tigress - but she had neither the training nor the contacts of the librarian. Her information was much less reliable, and Alliance Special Operations began to doubt Tigress' loyalties. When Amber discovered that her father was the mastermind behind the Death-Hunter project, she began filtering data about it to the Alliance. She provided information on the use of Plexus courier droids, as well as hints of strange kidnappings, through her astromech droid, R2-B4. She remained near the project, and was able to assist a group of Alliance agents in exposing it. She met them on Bescane, after the loss of Cooper Dray, and they were led on a chase which ended on Zeta Zero Nine. It was there that the Alliance agents, along with Lady Amber, defeated her father and eliminated the primary Death-Hunter development files. (SWJ9)

Comark, Jesco
this Imperial Moff was the creator of the Death-Hunter project. A native of the planet Chandrila, he was nonetheless easily swayed by Senator Palpatine's writings and speeches, and was one of the few Chandrilans who embraced the beliefs of the unassuming Palpatine. When Palpatine instituted the New Order, he awarded Comark with the position of Imperial Governor of Chandrila despite the protests of Mon Mothma. She lobbied that Comark had no political experience in governing a planet, and Comark eventually yielded to her. He then took a position within Renik, and began diverting its resources into the Death-Hunter project. He was finally brought down by Alliance agents at his secret base on Zeta Zero Nine, as a result of the information provided to the Alliance by his own daughter, Amber. In a battle within his underwater base, the Alliance agents were able to free nearly all of the kidnapped humans who were being used to create the Death-Hunter cyborgs. They destroyed the facility, and it was believed that Moff Comark perished in the destruction. (SWJ9)

this is the traditional method of deciding disputes between the S'krrr and Rabaanite peoples. It was initially created some 6,300 years before the Galactic Civil War, as a way for the two races to coexist in relative peace. Under the rules of Combat, the strongest warrior from each planet is selected to battle the other in single combat. The battle takes places on the Combat Moon, and the two combatants must fight to the death. The victor's planet is declared the winner of the dispute. (SWJ9)

Combat Aquaspeeder
developed from the basic Incom T-47 airspeeder, this Hydrospeare Corporation design modified the airspeeder for use as an aquatic attack craft. Unlike most Hydrospeare designs, however, this craft found use within the Alliance. This craft was armed with a turret-mounted quad-laser cannon as well as a power harpoon. The cockpit was modified to allow for a second pilot, and the entire fuselage was streamlined to give it better maneuverability underwater. (AIR)

Combat Arachnid
a twelve-legged insectoid native to the planet Carida, these crimson and maroon beasts had hard shells covered with needle-like spines. Their outer shell is extremely hard, and they have piston-like jaws that devour their prey quickly and efficiently. They communicate via a series of hypersonic transmissions. (TJP)

Combat Assault Vehicle (CAV)
this is a small, single-person combat ship which uses a repulsorlift, instead of wheels and treads, to move about. (DFR)

Combat Command Center
this area was the heart of an New Republic warship, and housed the battle analysis computers and a wealth of tactical sensors. (IR)

Combat Guild
based in the city of Bestine, on the planet Tatooine, this guild provided training in a number of military and martial arts to civilians during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWI68)

Combat Implant
developed during the decades leading up to the Great Sith War, a combat implant was essentially a small computer system was implanted into a being's body. The computer was linked to the user's brain, and provided a constant stream of data about battle situations. It could provide weapons specifications, troop estimates, and other tactical information at the user's request, allowing them to make swift, informed decisions as a battle raged around them. The technology behind the combat implant was experimental at best and prohibitively expensive, and never saw widespread usage. (KOTOR)

Combat Moon
this is the name given to the only natural satellite of the planet Rabaan. It is a barely habitable world, with a thin atmosphere supporting minimal plant and animal life. The Combat Moon is tectonically active, and great rifts and jagged peaks mark its drab, gray surface. Despite its proximity to Rabaan, it was declared neutral ground by the Rabaanites and S'krrr, who used the moon as the battlefield on which to settle their differences. A champion from each world would be sent to the moon to battle for the resolution of any dispute between the two races. It was on this moon that Imperial Commander Glave met Mika Streev and Sh'shak, who had prepared to do battle for their worlds, in the first stage of the Imperial invasion of the Ishanna System. (SWJ9)

Combat Sense
a technique employed by the Jedi Knights, it allows a Jedi to focus most of their attention on the battle at hand. The Jedi sees enemies as bright images, and can direct the flow of the battle while viewing enemy positioning. (SWSB)

Combat Speeder
this two-person speeder design was originally created by a designer working for SroSuub during the height of the New Order. However, the lead designer lost a great deal of credits in a sabacc match, and unknowingly sold the designs to an Alliance agent to pay for his debts. The Alliance took advantage of their good fortune, producing the 5.7-meter-long combat speeder for use in land battles against the Empire. Crewed by a pilot and a gunner, the combat speeder never made it to the civilian market, as the Alliance preferred to keep it a secret as much as possible. The speeder could attain speeds of nearly 230 kilometers per hour. (LAWS)

Combat Stance
this was the term used to describe the upright position of a Destroyer Droid. (SON)

Combat Training Chamber
this was the primary combat training facility maintained by the Jedi Order on Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Chamber was located within the Jedi Temple, and could be reconfigured to simulate a variety of locations and conditions. The Chamber's primary use was for training Padawans in lightsaber and hand-to-hand combat, especially when the Clone Wars broke out. (YDR)

Combat Utility Vehicle
any small (15 meters), maneuverable ship used to supply weapons and other consumables to space outposts. These craft have a top speed of 35 MGLT, and are armed with 2 laser cannons and 2 ion cannons. They are usually unshielded, with weak, 8 RU hulls. Thus, they are never far from their motherships. (TIE)

Combined Clans
this is the governing body of the Bothan race. It is made up of the leaders of the various Bothan clans. They were responsible for all aspects of Bothan life, including security and finance. They made a series of poor financial decisions following the Battle of Endor and the formation of the New Republic, and suddenly found themselves in debt. A clever manipulation of financial data made it appear that the Bothans were still in control of large sums of credits, but they were sorely impoverished at the time. This situation was exacerbated by the revelations of the Caamas Document, when they could not make any form of restitution to the Caamasi without bankrupting themselves and shaking up several major galactic stock exchanges. (SOP)

Combined Clans Center Building
this is the huge, spacious business center of the Combined Clans, located in Merchant's Square, in the city of Drev'starn on Bothawui. Much of the Bothan financial empire is centered in this edifice. (SOP)

this communications equipment is used in areas where natural surroundings make radio communication useless. Com-boxes are connectde via a fiber-optic link, which uses light impulses to transmit messages. (IC)

an Imperial Admiral whose fleet patrolled the Core Worlds during the Galactic Civil War. (DESB)

Comestibles and Curatives Administration
this group was established by the New Republic to ensure that the various corporations producing foodstuffs for the galaxy were operating with the interests of the galaxy in mind. (JE)

Comet Casino
a bar and restaurant located on Nar Shaddaa. (THG)

Comet Squadron
an A-Wing group serving the New Republic under General Crespin. (WS)

this was an alcoholic concoction which was popular in the Outer Rim during the early years of the New Republic. After the liquids were mixed in the glass, and impassioning machine excited the molecules of the beverage, giving the tongue a sort of electrifying sensation as it was consumed. (TG)

this was the mantra of the Quartermasters who served the Grand Army of the Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars. COMETS-Q represented the seven things that meant the most to any military force, and were often the different between winning and losing a battle: Chemical, Ordnance, Mechanical, Engineer, Transportation, Signal, and Quartermaster. (JT)

Come-up Flector
this was a backwater term for a person who patrolled a starport or other point of debarkation, searching for potential buyers of services they don't really need. (HTTE, TFE)

this personal comfort device was used on the planet Adumar to keep oneself cool. It was a small, hemispherical device with a handle. The flat side was crossed with vents, and the round side held the handle and an intake vent. A small motor drew air through the intake and pushed it out through the vents. In the city of Cartann, handling the comfan was an art, and each gesture had a hidden meaning. (SOA)

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