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this was a strong alcohol produced by the Wookiees. (RD)

this Hutt was a noted sabacc player, during the height of the New Order. (RESB)

this planet, the primary world in the Corula System, was locatded in the Deep Core's Bormea Sector. It was the primary planet in the Corulag System, and was a temperate world covered with forests and plains. Corulag was originally settled by colonists from Coruscant many thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin, and it retained strong ties to the capital of the Old Republic. Over the years, Corulag became known for its bureaucrats, who worked tirelessly to ensure that beneficial legislation never sat idle in the Galactic Senate. During the height of the New Order, a satellite of the Academy was established in the capital city of Curamalle. The planet's economy was maintained because of its position, located along the Perlemian Trade Route, as well as the presence of the Academy buildings. In many respects, Corulag was one of the most cosmopolitan worlds of the Empire. Because of its strong allegiance to Emperor Palpatine, Corulag suffered the wrath of the New Republic's Senate after the Battle of Endor, as many Senators were reluctant to come to the aid of one of Palpatine's main supporters. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Corulag had been quickly subjugated because of its position near the Perlemian Trade Route, allowing the alien invaders to assume control of one of the galaxy's five main hyperspace lanes. The planetary government, once supportive of the Empire, quickly capitulated to the alien invaders. However, the government was merely a puppet of their Yuuzhan Vong commanders. Many wealthy residents fled for other worlds, while the middle and lower classes forged resistance groups. Some five years after the initial attacks on Helska, Corulag was attacked by the forces of the Galactic Alliance, in a bold move that followed on the heels of the reappearance of Zonama Sekot near Coruscant. The planet was quickly liberated, but the assault force was just as quickly recalled to Coruscant, as part of a bold move to recapture the capital world. (DFRSB, SWJ7, SWJ10, E1A3, HR, CCW, UF)

a New Republic modified bulk cruiser used in the assault on the Imperial base on Blackmoon. (XWN)

Corulag Academy
this was the name of the Imperial Academy satellite school located in Curamelle. It was rivaled in size and prestige only by the primary academy school on Raithal. Like all branches of the Imperial Academy, the Corulag Academy started out as a prestigious university established during the height of the Old Republic. (SWJ7, E1A4, CCW)

Corulag Bamboo
this was the species of fast-growing bamboo which covered much of the undeveloped land found on the planet Corulag. Areas which had become overgrown with Corulag bamboo were virtually impassable without mechanical assistance from a bulldozer or other large vehicle. (CCW)

Corulag University of Economics
this was one of the finest business schools located in the Core. (TBSB)

Corulag-Jatir Hyperroute
this hyperspace trade route connected the planet Corulag to much of the Mid Rim. (HNN4)

this star was the central body of the Coruus System, located in the Bormea Sector of the galaxy. (CCW)

Corus System
this star system was noted for the large concentration of pirates and smugglers who congregated there, during the early years of the New Order. (SWDB)

Corusca Bank
this financial institution, headquartered on Coruscant, is most famous for a clerical error which placed Emperor Palpatine at the top of a public list of loan defaulters. Although the list was available for only two standard hours, Palpatine discovered it and began searching for the perpetrators. He immediately remived the entire board of directors, and went looking for more. In an effort to lay blame on a single individual and reduce the attrition rate, Corusca pinpointed Onibald Daykim as the culprit. Daykim fled, and Corusca was eventually allowed to do normal business again. (JASB)

Corusca Circus
located in one of the most ancient parts of the Senate District of Coruscant's Galactic City, the Corusca Circus was a brightly-lit collection of old architectures and thoroughfares. The Corusca Circus was centered at the intersection of the three largest streets in the district, and glowed with a constant yellow light from streetlights and the windows of scores of public buildings. However, the labyrinth of dark alleyways just south of the Corusca Circus were among the dangerous of all location on Coruscant, and were avoided at all costs by many residents. (IWE2, LEV)

Corusca Fire
this Victory-class Star Destroyer was part of the fleet dispatched under the command of Admiral Ackbar to liberate the planet Ciutric from Prince-Admiral Krennel. Using the Thrawn Pincer to surprise Krennel's fleet, Ackbar had the Corusca Fire and a sister ship, the Selonian Fire, remain on the far side of the Ciutric System until called for. When Krennel activated the gravity well projectors on the Binder, Ackbar ordered the two Victory ships to microjump forward. The gravity shadow from the Binder pulled them out of hyperspace behind Krennel's fleet, allowing them to pummel Krennel's ships which were also trapped in place by the Interdictor cruiser. Years later, the Corusca Fire was one of the leading ships in the defense of Dantooine against the Yuuzhan Vong. It was responsible for protecting the refugees fleeing from Dubrillion to Agamar, and nearly destroyed a Yuuzhan Vong worldship in the battle. The only reason it was at the battle in the first place was because its captain, Rimsen, was a native of Agamar, and learned that Leia Organa Solo had petitioned Agamar for help when the New Republin turned a blind eye to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Rimsen ignored his patrol orders and flew to Dantooine, saving the refugees from almost certain destruction. (IR, DTO)

Corusca Gem
formed from the intense heat and gravity inside Yavin's core, these extremely hard stones have never been found or duplicated in other gas giants. Individual stones are formed from carbon and metallic hydrogen, which are compressed by millions of atmospheres of pressure near the planet's core. The intense pressure actually removes electrons from the hydrogen and carbon, fusing them together and securing the metallic hydrogen's silvery-gray brilliance. The harsh environment of Yavin often sweeps gems off the core's surface, as does the foraging of grazers in Yavin's lowest atmosphere. The turbulent storms pick them up and actually polish them, and some of these jewels eventually land on the planet's fourth moon. Gantoris used them to construct his lightsaber while under the influence of Exar Kun. Later, Lando Calrissian set up the GemDiver Station operation, and emplyed heavily-armored mining ships to plumb the atmosphere of Yavin for the gems. (DA, SA, GG2)

Corusca Gem Casino
this casino, located on the moon Nar Shaddaa during the height of the New Order, was established in an area that many gamblers would have considered quite rough. However, the Corusca Gem's easy access and bright lighting attempted to bring in the high rollers who visited the moon, despite its location. The interior of the casino was loud and raucous, with hundreds of gaming tables always active. When the games weren't making noise, bands were almost always playing a variety of loud music. (WOA23)

Corusca Rainbow
this was the name given by the New Republic to the defected Interdictor cruiser Black Asp. It was part of the fleet assembled to defend Agamar during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, protecting the flow of refugees who were fleeing the front lines of the assault. Traest Kre'fey ordered the ship to travel to Ithor and hide behind one of the planet's smaller moons during the Battle of Ithor. After the Yuuzhan Vong had unleashed their bioweapon on the planet, Kre'fey ordered the Corusca Rainbow to fire up her gravity wells and keep the Yuuzhan Vong forces from leaving. The Corusca Rainbow and all surviving Republic ships then opened fire, destroying much of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet, including the Legacy of Torment. (WG, DTR)

Corusca Rush
this was the term used by historians to describe the brief period of galactic history that began some 2,500 years before the Clone Wars, after Corusca gems were discovered in the atmosphere of the planet Yavin. The rush lasted for about a century, when synthetic corusca gems were first produced, at a fraction of the cost of mining the real thing. (GORW)

Corus-Calis Glacier Ridge
located on the planet Elbara Nine, this natural glacier-formed chasm was riddled with an abundance of caves and tunnels. The Alliance established their GlitterFall base here. (HAS)

Coruscani and I
this was one of the trivial, pro-Imperial dramas produced by Ahric Korownosek and the NovaCluster Players, during the height of the New Order. (SS)

Coruscani Ogre
this race of simians inhabits the undercity of Imperial City, on Coruscant, although they are similar in most respects to sub-humanoids found on other urbanized worlds. The ogres are covered with a thick pelt of shaggy hair, and are heavily muscled. Their heads are large, misshapen, and triangular, and are split by a wide mouth filled with jagged teeth. They are semi-intelligent, and not very finicky about what they eat. Their exact origins are unknown, and no two Coruscani ogres had the same features. (JASB, ANT)

Coruscani Pilot Institute
this branch of the Imperial Academy was located on Coruscant during the height of the New Order, and provided cadets with the basic trainning and skills needed to pilto various forms of starships. (PH)

Coruscani Publishing
this publishing house, based on the planet Coruscant during the last decades of the Old Republic, produced a wide range of literature on a wealth of non-fiction topics. (WOTC)

Coruscani Rat
see Hive Rat (WOTC)

located at galactic coordinates (0,0,0), this planet in the Core Worlds was considered the centrer of the galaxy by virtually every government that controlled it, from the Old Republic to the Empire and the New Republic. Despite its designation as (0,0,0), Coruscant was not actually the center of the galaxy, being located just outside the Deep Core. However, politically and socially, it was the heart of everything that happened in the galaxy. Most xenoarchaeologists believed that the human race evolved on Coruscant, which was also the homeworld of the Taung and the Zell races. It was renamed Imperial Center by Emperor Palpatine. When the New Republic was born, the planet was renamed to Coruscant. Located some 10,000 light-years from the actual galactic core, Coruscant measured some 12,240 kilometers in diamater, had four moons and orbited a small blue-white sun. The planet's entire landmass has been covered - over the thousands of generations spanning galactic history - by multiple levels of the buildings that make up Imperial City. The oceans which once covered part of the planet's surface had been drained and stored in vast, underground caverns for eventual reuse. Several of these immense skyscrapers reach over 6,000 meters into the atmosphere. This means that there is little land available for growing food, and no natural rivers or lakes to provide water. To solve the dilemma of feeding and watering millions of inhabitants, many of Coruscant's architects build self-contained ecosystems into their buildings. Engineers have developed a series of huge pipes through which polar ice water is pumped to the cities. Nearly everything on the planet is recyclable, from clothing to packaging and machinery. One problem with a cityworld like Coruscant was that it generated incredible amounts of carbon dioxide, so atmosphereic dampeners were placed in orbit to reactively remove it. It was the center of all the Old Republic's activities, and helped describe Galactic Standard time. The standard hour and year are marked by Coruscant's local hour and year. The normal Coruscant day is divided into 24 hours, and its year lasts 368 local days. According to Rebellion, Coruscant is located in Sesswenna Sector. The Imperial Senate was convened there. When Palpatine assumed control of the Senate and the rest of the government, he established that Coruscant would remain the center of his Empire. He began a massive work effort to shape Coruscant to his desires, including installing a large number of surveillance systems. Following the Battle of Endor, Mon Mothma moved the New Republic onto Coruscant and again re-established the center of the Republic there. This came after the planet was liberated from Ysanne Isard, and the New Republic overcame the threat of the Krytos virus. Unbeknownst to all, Isard's infamous Lusankya prison facility was hidden in the Super-class Star Destroyer Lusankya, which was buried beneath Imperial City. Following the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Imperial Inner Circle began attacking Coruscant in an effort to regain the center of the galaxy for the Empire. This attack was driven back just before the Emperor was reborn as a clone, but the damage to the planet's resources was horrendous. Also, the immediate space surrounding the planet was littered with starship wreckage for many years to follow. Once the reborn Emperor was destroyed, the New Republic began cleaning up the planet to make it more presentable as the center of the galaxy. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Coruscant's defenses were augmented by the addition of a shell of orbital space mines. While these protected the planet, they forced all traffic to follow a handful of travel bands, causing massive traffic jams in the space over the planet. This ring of mines failed to stop the Yuuzhan Vong, some two years after their initial invasion, when the aliens used suicide bombers to eliminate the mines before launching an all-out attack on the planet. Borsk Fey'lya was forced to cede control of Coruscant to the Yuuzhan Vong, and the New Republic fled the system in disarray. When the Republic's forces were finally defeated, some three years after the Yuuzhan Vong invasion had begun, the city lights of Coruscant went out for the first time in many millennia. The Yuuzhan Vong then destroyed much of the planet's surface, using dovin basals to drag skyhooks and orbital satellites down and crashing them into the planet. This served two purposes: it eliminated much of the orbital technology, and it caused a widespread psychological fear into the planet's survivors. Within weeks, much of Coruscant was overgrown with fungus and algae. Those New Republic citizens who survived the initial attacks were faced several bleak alternatives: dying of starvation, as much of the food production system was destroyed; dying of thirst, since no open water sources were to be found; being killed over a cache of food or water; or dying at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong. Within months, a large portion of the population was dead or dying, and massive Vongforming efforts were under way. The planet's largest moon was destroyed so that it's debris could assist in the reformation of the planet's surface. Immense dovin basals were used to drag Coruscant into a tighter orbit around its star, creating a more tropical atmopshere. Other dovin basals moved the remaining three moons into a new, complex orbit. Vast amounts of material, displaced during the destruction of the cities, was thrown into nearspace and allowed to form a ring, assisted by the tidal pull of the three moons. This ring of debris resembled a braided rainbow when seen from the surface, and was known to the Yuuzhan Vong as The Bridge. A dhuryam World Brain was installed deep in the planet's crust, and speciallized mosses and lichens were used to break down duracrete and other building materials. The Yuuzhan Vong had remade Courscant in the image of their long-lost homeworld, Yuuzhan'tar. However, Jacen Solo's relationship with the dhuryam that controlled the planet and its reformation was seemingly stronger than any relationship the dhuryam had to a Yuuzhan Vong, for it agreed to help him cause all manner of trouble with the completion of Coruscant's transformation. Eventually, this forced Supreme Overlord Shimrra to command a huge sacrifice be made to the gods, to show them that the planet - and the galaxy - was ready for conquering. This ceremony was thwarted by the Shamed Ones who rallied behind the message of the Prophet, Yu'shaa. Shortly afterward, the Yuuzhan Vong on the planet awoke to find that the living planet of Zonama Sekot had traveled from across the galaxy into a position between Coruscant and Muscave. Zonama Sekot destroying the Rainbow Bridge which had been created in orbit around the planet, and scattered the one of the remaining three moons into a new location. This set off a number of seismic events that rocked the planet to its core, damaging or destroying the work of the Yuuzhan Vong. The sudden appearance of the planet forced the Yuuzhan Vong military leaders to break off their attack on Mon Calamari and return to the Core, as countless storms and environmental changes threatened to undo all the worldshaping that had been done. To this, Supreme Overlord Shimrra added several wildfires, started by the dhuryam which controlled the planet, as a way of destroying the planet in case it fell into the hands of the Galactic Alliance. However, despite the efforts of Shimrra, his familiar Onimi, and the warriors arrayed in orbit, the Yuuzhan Vong were eventually forced to surrender to the combined forces of Zonama Sekot and the Galactic Alliance. In the wake of Coruscant's recapture, it was estimated that some 365 trillion beings throughout the galaxy had lost their lives during the war. As the Yuuzhan Vong prepared to leave the Core on Zonama Sekot, their Shapers worked with Jacen Solo to convince the dhuryam that it needed to help with the rebuilding of Coruscant for the Galactic Alliance. This new world would symbolize the new unity between the Yuuzhan Vong and the peoples of the galaxy. (HTTE, DE1, JS, HTSB, ISU, WG, KT, REB, IWE1, DMSH, SWRPG, SES, SBS, DJ, EL1, EL2, T, PH, UF, E3N)

Coruscant Accords
this was the basic set of guidelines and bylaws that governed a planet's ability to become - and remain - a member of the Old Republic. (TCD)

Coruscant Atmospheric Reclamation Project
this was the name of the first set of planet-wide atmospheric scrubbing systems developed by the Old Republic, in an effort to ensure that Coruscant's atmosphere did not become laden with toxic gases. The project was required because there was no arable land left on the planet, and all plantlife which would have helped maintain the air quality was eliminated. Many of the stations employed specially-developed organisms - often referred to as devourer organisms - to literally consume the toxic gases and chemicals from the planet's air. (EL2)

Coruscant Cascader
this was the generic term, coined by Farbreini MicroElectronics Limited, for wondrous brooches that employed light-catching matrices to emit a dazzling show of lights. (GFT)

Coruscant College of Law
this was one of the most prestigious legal education facilities in the galaxy, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Based on Coruscant, the College provided barristers and other lawmen to assist the Republic in mediating disputes and completing negotiations. (TCD)

Coruscant Command
the defensive network monitoring all inbound and outbound traffic from the planet Coruscant, during the early years of the New Republic. (AS)

Coruscant Control
the traffic control network monitoring all inbound and outbound traffic from the planet Coruscant, during the months following the New Republic's retaking of the planet from Imperial control. (DA)

Coruscant Cooler
this mixed drink was popular during the height of the Clone Wars. (MBS)

Coruscant Crown Casino
this was one of the most popular casinos found on the planet Coruscant, during the last years of the Old Republic. (MBS)

Coruscant Daily NewsFeed
this politically-correct news agency reported on the various aspects of high society life on Coruscant. (SWJ3, SWJ9)

Coruscant Energy
this was the primary source of electrical power on the planet Coruscant. (JE)

Coruscant Energy Commission
this agency was created by the Old Republic to monitor energy consumption on the planet Coruscant, during the decades leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

Coruscant Fashions
located in the city of Cinnagar, on the planet Empress Teta, this store featured the latest in clothing styles from the Core Worlds. (PH)

Coruscant Freighter
this was another name for the AA-9 freighter. (TCG1)

Coruscant Full Symphony
this was the premier symphony orchestra of the New Republic, during its first decades following the Battle of Endor. (GMR10)

Coruscant Game Fowl
this small bird was raised in controlled farms on the planet Coruscant, and was considered a culinary delicacy. (SOA)

Coruscant Global Newsgrid
this news agency is based on the planet Coruscant, and provides information from around the planet. It is highly tuned to the New Republic and its governmental doings, and was one of the first agencies to show the Aramadia when Nil Spaar lifted off from Coruscant. (BTS)

Coruscant Guard
this was the name used to describe the stormtrooper police units assigned to protect Imperial interests on Coruscant and other Core Worlds during the height of the Galactic Civil War. They have an elaborate suit of armor which was red and black in color, and was based on the basic unit worn by stormtroopers. The helmet was specially-designed in order to help differentiate them from standard troops. (ROE, RESB)

Coruscant Hourly
one of the many news services which broadcast information about the New Republic from Coruscant. (SOP)

Coruscant Livestock Exchange and Exhibition
hosted annually during the height of the Old Republic at Coruscant's Grand Symposium, this event showcased some of the galaxy's most exquisite forms of creatures. Breeders from across the galaxy traveled to the event to buy, sell, or trade creatures of all shapes and sizes. Security at the event was very tight, in case one or more of the creatures got loose. However, the credentials of the dealers were rarely checked, and a reputable dealer could be found next to a con artist who glued on fake parts to make a mundate beast look like a rare ande xotic individual. (CCW)

Coruscant Lodge
this was the name of the suite of luxury apartments maintained for the Grand Warden of the University of Yabol Opa, located in Coruscant's Galactic City during the last decades of the Old Republic. The building containing the Coruscant Lodge was located near the Novaplex Hotel. (IWE2)

Coruscant Medical Hospital
this was one of the most prominent hospitals found on the planet Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. In the wake of the Clone Wars and the institution of the New Order, this hospital was renamed the Emperor Palpatine Surgical Reconstruction Center. (MBS, E3N)

Coruscant Ministry of Ingress
this was the primary governmental agency concerned with monitoring the immigration of beings to the planet Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars, the CMoI was forced to close Coruscant to immigrants, in an effort to decrease the overcrowding of its ports, as well as to address security and medical concerns across the planet. (HNN5)

Coruscant Museum of Galactic Cultures
this immense museum was one of many Coruscant facilities that experienced a rebirth in the wake of the Battle of Endor. The museum's displays and research was centered on a depiction of the variety of cultures that could be found in the galaxy, as a way to show how these cultures could live and together in the galactic community. (GCG)

Coruscant News Network
this was the primary news reporting agency which reported on the events of the planet Coruscant, during the last years of the Old Republic. (APS)

Coruscant Opera
this was the galaxy's finest opera company, performing some of the most prestigious operas of the Old Republic and continuing its grand stature during the early decades of the New Republic. It produced its performances in a pre-Republic edifice which was laden with baroque architecture, which had opulent boxes for the very rich as well as lower-level galleries for the common beings. (JE, COD)

Coruscant Opera House
this was one of the most elaborate landmarks found in Imperial City on the planet Coruscant. It was the base of operations for the Coruscant Opera, and provided the leaders of the Old Republic, the New Order, and the New Republic with a wide range of productions. (CCW)

Coruscant Park
this open greenway was located on the planet Coruscant, near the Jedi Temple, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Many Jedi Masters took their Padawans to this park for meditation, since it removed them from the commotion and atmosphere of the Jedi Temple. (MJH)

Coruscant Planetary Defense
this planetary defense force was created during the early stages of the Clone Wars, and charged with protecting the planet Coruscant from attack or invasion by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Admiral Terrinald Screed was placed in command of the CPD after Duro fell to the Separatists. (SWI75)

Coruscant Prime
this normal-sized, blue-white star was the central body in the Coruscant System. Because Coruscant Prime was so far from the planet Coruscant, and given its cool coloration, orbital mirrors were installed above the planet to collect stray starlight from Coruscant Prime and reflect it back toward the planet, ensuring that it remained temperate and inhabitable. (MBS, CCW, E3N)

Coruscant Prime
this is one of the major newsgrids available to inhabitants of the planet Coruscant. The service ran a series of inflammatory articles aimed at Leia Organa-Solo and the Ruling Council during the Black Fleet Crisis. (TT)

Coruscant Rimward
this planet was a marginally-technological world located in the Outer Rim. It was a backwater planet that tried to live up to its namesake's high standard of living on an Outer Rim level, but more often than failed in its attempts. (XWN)

Coruscant School of Music
this branch of the University of Coruscant was focused on the musical arts. (MBS)

Coruscant Sector
this was considered the capital sector of the galaxy, since it contained the planet Coruscant. (CCW)

Coruscant Sector Fleet
this was the name of the Imperial Navy sector fleet which protected the planet Coruscant - known then as Imperial Center - during the reign of Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine had declared that the planet was essentially its own sector, given its huge population and importance to the Empire. This allowed him to usurp an entire sector fleet to defend his throneworld. (RESB)

Coruscant Security Force
this branch of the Old Republic military was charged with maintaining the integrity of Coruscant's complex network of traffic lanes. (CCW, SWI81)

Coruscant Standard Carat
this was the accepted measurement used throughout the galaxy to determine the relative weight of a precious metal or stone. It was roughly equivalent to one-fifth of a gram of pure material. (PP)

Coruscant Standard Time
this was the galactic standard time reference, and was used to indicate the current time on the planet Coruscant, no matter where a being was in the galaxy. Many planets provided two time measurements: local time and Coruscant Standard Time. (PGT)

Coruscant Star of Valor
this medal was one of the first commissioned by the New Republic. It was created shortly after - and to comemmorate - the liberation of Coruscant from Imperail control. It was first awarded to the members of Rogue Squadron, for their dedication and loyalty during the liberation of the planet. (KT)

Coruscant System
this star system was considered the capital of the galaxy, since it contained the planet Coruscant. (CCW)

Coruscant Taxi
this is the generic term used to describe the small repulsorcraft that are used to moved beings between the buildings of Imperial City on Coruscant, although the basic design can be used almost anywhere. The most popular model was developed by Hyrotii Engineering, which was 8 meters in length and had a top speed of 191 kph. The ship requires a single pilot, and can transport up to 5 beings depending on their species. Like all the craft that travel Imperial City's byways, it has a speciallized automatic pilot that employs magnetic grids to keep it from straying in the huge flows of traffic which dominate the skies of Imperial City. (X1, TPM, SWDB)

Coruscant University
see University of Coruscant (AS, HNN4)

Coruscant University Press
this corporation produced a variety of textbooks and educational material written by the faculty of Coruscant University. (EGA)

Coruscant Water
this was the primary source of purified water on the planet Coruscant. (JE)

Coruscant Weather Control Network
this was the system of weather control modules and monitoring stations that made up the weather production system on the city-world of Coruscant. Also known as the WeatherNet, it was responsible for ensuring that a regular progression of seasons was experienced on the planet. They could also alter the passage of seasons to adjust the planet's ecosystem, depending on the prevailing environmental conditions. (HNN4)

Coruscant Wildlife Management Department
this agency was established by the Old Republic to monitor the undercity of the planet Coruscant for new and unusual species of creatures. Much of the CWMD's budget went toward confining species such as the Coruscani Ogre to areas where they wouldn't come into contact with the beings who lived on the planet. Because the CWMD was never given serious responsibilities, many of its leaders were ineffectual cast-offs, and a small black-market operation to export ogres and other creatures evolved. (WOTC)

Coruscant Xenozoology Museum
this museum, located on Coruscant during the last decades of the Old Republic, boasted some of the most comprehensive collections of insect life from across the galaxy. (MJH)

Coruscant-class Heavy Courier
this Corellia StarDrive starship was similar in many respects to the Hoersch-Kessel Delaya-class courier: a highly-aerodynamic craft designed to transport personnel between planets. The Coruscant-class ship was larger, and had different sections for its components. The engines were arranged in two banks set at right angles to each other, allowing for greater maneuverability without supplemental thrusters. The main wing had retractable sections that provided increased maneuvering in atmosphere, but could be folded for landing. The Coruscant-class also had more cargo space than the Delaya-class, which meant that ground vehicles could also be transported with personnel. The ship measured 150 meters in length, and required a pilot and gunner to operate. It could transport up to six passengers and 25 metric tons of cargo, and was armed with a front-mounted pulse-wave cannon, three laser cannons, four proton torpedo launchers, and a pair of short-range concussion-sphere launchers. (EGV, TOJC)

Coruschal WeaponWorks
this weapons manufacturer produced several lines of sliugthrowers, including the Dagger Combat Pistol. (FOP)

this planet was located in the Galaan System of Corva Sector. The Old Republic tried to establish a colony on the planet, but it was wiped out when a group of clodhoppers were set loose on the planet. The insectoids, native to the planet Naboo, were believed to have arrived in a shipment of grain, and quickly devastated the planet. All the plant life on Corva was eaten or destroyed, and 87% of the colonists were also eaten by the clodhoppers. (SON)

Corva Sector
located in the Outer Rim, the Corva Sector is home to the Delari and H'Ken planetary systems. (SWJ8)

Corva Yag
this planet was the site of the grisly murder of 300 colonists, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. While the resulting public safety briefings claimed the deaths were due to a batch of sabotaged 87-RM collector droids, many felt that the colonists had stumbled upon a secret Imperial laboratory and were "silenced." (SWJ13)

Corvae, Tessala
this woman was the Major General of the Imperial Army forces deployed in Tapani Sector, at the height of the Galactic Civil War. She got into the Imperial Academy on Carida because of her father's fame as a General during the Clone Wars, but used her own skills to graduate with honors. She started her military career working as an AT-ST driver, but her competence earned her swift promotions. She was disgusted to learn of her promotion to command of the 1st Tapani Assault Battlegroup, and even more upset to learn that the majority of her work in the Sector would be as a diplomat, trying to wing the hearts of the noble Houses before having to resort to military violence. Tessala was also the founder of the Firebird Society. (LOE)

a model of landspeeder produced by SoroSuub during the last decades of the Old Republic. (HT)

this vicious predator was native to the forests of The Wilds. (DARK)

Corvallin, V.F.G.
this human was the editor of Galactic Games and Competitions during the last years of the New Order. (GFT)

Corvani Rum
this was Suroc's favorite liquor. (GG11)

Corvanni IV
this planet was located in the Neshig Sector. (GG10)

this man was a crew member of the Wild Karrde during the early years of the New Republic, serving primarily as a gunner. Note that Specter of the Past refers to him as Corvus. (HTTE, TLC , SOP)

Corvis Minor Five
this planet was part of a planetary system with a lackluster history, and was one of the member worlds of the Ciutric Hegemony. A large, gray-orange gas giant, Corvis Minor Five had many small moons, including Distna. (TLC, IR)

Corvis Minor Four
one of the three inhabited worlds of the Corvis Minor System. It was a water-rich tropical world which produced several exotic xenobiological products considered luxuries by other worlds in the Ciutric Hegemony. (IR)

Corvis Minor Three
one of the three inhabited worlds of the Corvis Minor System. It was a semi-arid world with temperate zones at the poles, and produced several exotic xenobiological products considered luxuries by other worlds in the Ciutric Hegemony. (IR)

an Imperial Interdictor-class starship used during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

an alien race. (EVE)

a Bakuran noble Lady who agrees to watch Malinza when Gaeriel accompanies the Bakuran fleet to Corellia. (AS)

Corwin Kaezeb
this Siniteen was a yonta-level dejarik player who met Ohh Bronna in a semi-final match at the Sector championships on Arkania, during the year leading up to the Clone Wars. When Kaezeb suddenly played an unusual move that defeated Bronna, Bronna attacked Kaezeb and nearly killed him in a brawl. The pair was separated, and both were disqualified. (HNN5)

this man served as the Imperial Governor of the planet Metalorn, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was also the House of Tagge representative on the planet, and oversaw the development of a specialized weapons detection system. Corwyth and his team were able to monitor the exact location of each weapon on Metalorn, including whether it was with its assigned owner. However, his system failed to take into account unarmed spies and saboteurs, and worked so well that Leia Organa was able to steal a stormtrooper's rifle and place it an ore hauler while escaping in another direction. The detection system followed the weapon in the ore hauler, but Leia was long gone by then. Her mission to discover what was happening on Metalorn was a success, and Corwyth was forced to cover up that fact in order to remain in the Emperor's good graces. (MC30)

this computer slicer once tried to preserve data he was stealing by adding a power condensor to a DataSearch 12C-A search device. The resulting explosion was, in Coryndr's words, "pretty spectacular." (GUN)

this was the name of a family that traveled the galaxy with their father, a water chemist of small reputation. In reality, the Coryx family was a carefully constructed set of aliases developed for Jedi Masters Jai Maruk and Maks Leem, and their Padawans, Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy and Whie Malreaux, during their secret mission to Vjun at the height of the Clone Wars. (YDR)

see Committee of Seven for Garosian Unification (SWJ1)

this was a common name given to Zabrak males. Like many Zabrak names, it related to survival characteristics, and meant "pride" as it related to a male Zabrak being the pride of his family. (GCG)

Coslen Dantoinal
the meat of this creature is considered a delicacy, and is served on some of the galaxy's finest luxury starliners. (RM)

Cosmic Balance, The
a religion embraced by the Bakurans, the Cosmic Balance was believed to have been first formed on the planet Hemei IV. It was symbolized by a half-black, half-white ring. The core of the beliefs held by followers of the Cosmic Balance was that, for every good deed, there was an equal bad deed. The opposite was also true: for every bad deed, a good deed followed to balance it out. For this reason, most followers of the Cosmic Balance led very neutral lives, avoiding doing exceptionally good deeds for fear of a later bad thing happening. Followers of the Cosmis Balance believed that the Jedi Knights upset the universal balance through their use of The Force to ensure justice in the galaxy. The universe was ruled by the Cosmos, and there was a faith in a Cosmic Wheel which is always turning and re-establishing balance. (TB, TBSB, NEGC, FH2)

Cosmic Chance
this casino game allows a player to try and manipulate random rays of light to strike a predetermined target. Luke Skywalker once played Cosmic Chance on Vorzyd 5, striking three targets in a row by using his then-immature ability to bend the rays with the Force. This attracted a great deal of attention, since hitting a single target is rare enough. It also drew Imperial notice, and Luke and Leia Organa were intercepted in a travel tube. (CSWEA)

Cosmic Deck, The
this was a term used by independent spacers and players of sabacc to indicate the purest form of luck. Life was a series of cards dealt from the Cosmic Deck, and every once in a while you got a good one. (HSE)

Cosmic Egg, The
this was a religious icon of the Nediji race. (MJH)

Cosmic Egg, The
this was a religious icon of the Kitonak race. (TJP)

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