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Carbonite Sled
see Carbonite Storage Repulsor Sled (IWST)

Carbonite Storage Repulsor Sled
developed by Bespin Motors, this specialized frame was used in carbon-freezing chambers to encase tibanna gas in carbonite slabs. The frame itself was a rectangle that contained the tiny repulsorlift projectors as well as a power-generation system, a refrigeration system, and chemical monitoring devices. This collection of systems allowed gas processors to assess the stability of the tibanna gas that was impregnated into liquid carbonite, and then frozen within the frame. The repulsors helped negate the weight of the carbonite, allowing a single individual to push the sled into position. When the sled reached its destination, the systems in the frame could be used to melt the carbonite and release the tibanna gas. In rare instances, a carbonite sled could also be used to freeze a living being, as demonstrated when Darth Vader froze Han Solo in a block of carbonite, shortly before turning the smuggler over to Boba Fett. (IWST)

this unique material, a combination of plastics and carbon-fibers, was lightweight and easily molded. It was often used to form barrels and crates for transporting cargo. (AFA)

this was one of the largest cities found on the planet Essowyn. It was located on the continent of Steltout. (PG1)

a thick, liquid foodstuff filled with sugars and carbohydrates. (CSA)

this species of aquatic mammal was native to the oceans of Droxine. It was distinguished by its unique vascular system, which pumped blood through vessels and could also pump water through a poriferal network of vessels. These water-filled vessels allowed the carchar to manipulate its own mass, so that it could move up and down through the water column in search of prey. (GORW)

this red supergiant star is the nearest stellar body to deep-space anomaly 1033. It is the second largest and seventh brightest of all the known stars in the galaxy. The Old Republic had been watching the star for any signs of it going supernova for at least 600 years before the advent of the New Order. (TT)

Card Captor
this was the alias used by the Sullustan who served as the Alliance primary cell leader on Bespin's Cloud City, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Card Captor held the rank of Captain, but his true identity was never revealed. (GMR3)

an Alliance starfighter pilot assigned to be Keyan Farlander's wingman during the Galactic Civil War. Cardacs signed up to help the Alliance rescue a number of prisoners from the Imperial detention center on Mytus VII, but he was killed in the battle. (XW)

Car'das, Jorj
this man was an up-and-coming smuggler when the Clone Wars broke out. Car'das realized that the galaxy was changing, and decided that the time had come for him to start his own operation. He took control of Booster Terrik's operation when Booster was sent to Kessel by Hal Horn, and created a small but successful smuggling operation, although he was small compared to what the Hutts had. About fifteen years after the Clone Wars, Car'das was commandeered by one of the Dark Jedi from Bpfassh, who killed all the crew aboard his ship and demanded passage. Car'das survived the Dark Jedi's battle with the Jedi Master Yoda on Dagobah, after receiving treatment from Yoda himself. However, somehow Car'das was changed by the encounter. He began taking his organization to higher levels, creating a small empire that was involved in a number of criminal activities but not dominant in any one of them. This allowed him to become quite rich and modestly powerful, and his organization began to rival the Hutts' outfits. He somehow seemed to know the right move in any situation, and was always outthinking his opponents. It was during this time that Car'das also began amassing a huge library of datacards, storing information away like it was free credits. Then, one day, Car'das simply got into his private yacht and disappeared. His health finally started to fail, and the new life he had been given by Yoda evaporated. Car'das travelled to Dagobah to demand that Yoda put everything right. Yoda simply took his blaster and the beckon call from his ship and flung them into the jungle, then berated Car'das for wasting the gift he had been given. He also told Car'das that he couldn't help him any further, since he was busy preparing for the arrival of Luke Skywalker. Car'das couldn't return to his group, so he fled to Exocron, where Yoda had indicated he might receive help from the Aing-Tii monks. His organization continued to thrive for several months, but the lieutenants began to discuss the need for a true leader. Rather than put it to a vote, Talon Karrde - one of Car'das' most trusted students - simply took control of the organization. The other leaders weren't happy, but the new operation flourished for the next twenty years. After the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn, Karrde sent Lando Calrissian and Mara Jade to search for Car'das, a search which took seven years and ended up with Car'das somewhere on the planet Exocron. The lone clue was the beckon call Luke Skywalker had recovered on Dagobah. Later, Lando thought that Car'das held information which could help the New Republic diffuse the Caamas Incident, but Karrde refused to bring Car'das into it. During the Caamas Incident, Karrde finally realized that he had to confront Car'das; if not to confront his own fears, then to recover a copy of the Caamas Document. Car'das played an elaborate ruse on him, first appearing as a withered old man bed-ridden on the planet Exocron. Car'das' fortess was built into the side of a mountain, and Karrde was surprised at the other man's advanced age. However, Car'das had been planning this for some time - ever since he learned of Calrissian and Jade's search. Car'das used Karrde's desire to locate him as a way to draw the crimelord Rei'kas to Exocron and near the Kathol Rift. Car'das and Trey David knew Exocron couldn't stand against Rei'kas's fleet, but they also knew that the Aing-Tii monks wanted to eliminate Rei'kas. By allowing Karrde to get to Exocron, Car'das and David also gave Exocron's location to Rei'kas. However, Rei'kas' fleet was destroyed by the Aing-Tii monks when it tried to attack Exocron. This maneuvering was nearly transparent to Karrde, who realized that Car'das was more than a frail old man. He returned to Exocron and confronted Car'das again, who was no longer an aged man but a healthy man of somewhat advanced age. He also revealed the true size of his fortress, with its immense library of datacards. Within it, Car'das was unable to locate a copy of the Caamas Document. He was, however, able to dig up a wealth of information on Grodin Tierce, Moff Disra, and the conman Flim. Karrde and Shada D'ukal brought this information back to Admiral Pellaeon, after saying their goodbyes to Car'das. Car'das vanished from the galactic scene for a couple of years, before Dean Jinzler revealed that he had received word of Voss Parck's mission to locate the remains of the Outbound Flight Project from Car'das himself. Car'das then made sure Jinzler arrived, going so far as to trail Jinzler and help repair his ship in the Flacharia System. Jinzler told Luke Skywalker that Car'das was only trying to fulfill a promise he'd made years ago. Car'das then accompanied Jinzler aboard the Chaf Envoy when Aristocra Formbi greeted them, although Jinzler couldn't comprehend the discussion between Formbi and Car'das. (SOP, IJ, VOF, SQ)

in the game of sabacc, card-chips were used to form any given hand. Each card-chip had a small display panel that showed the card's suit and value, or the image of one of the many face cards. Each card-chip also had a transceiver chip imbedded in it, which allowed the table-field to communicate any changes to its suit and/or value while the card-chip was still held by a player, in accordance with the rules of sabacc. Once a card-chip was placed onto the table-field, its suit and value was locked for the duration of the hand. Note that some sources indicate that individual card-chips had buttons that could be pushed to reveal the image of its suit and value. (LCS, MIS6)

Cardean Party
an Esselian political party which opposed the Forad party, and sided with the Esselian New Order Party in many political debates. (SWJ8)

Cardellian Mints
a flavorful, aromatic candy. (COG)

a playing-piece in the game of Firepath. (CSWDW)

this drug was used to counteract the effects of toxic shock syndrome in pregnant, human females. (EVR)

Cardio-Muscular Package
this form of cybernetic enhancement involves the use of rybcoarse-based reinforcements to the recipient's heart, lungs, and muscles. The package allows the cyborg to run faster, lift more, and withstand more damage. The drawback is that the recipient suddenly feels invincible, and more often than not drives the recipient to self-destruct while attempting to hyper-exert themself. NeuroSaav Corporation pioneered this technology. (CFG)

this Sedrian was the high priest of the city of Fitsay when Karak and his followers stole a piece of the Golden Sun before being driving into the sea. Cardo himself was the leader of a group of priests who felt that the Golden Sun should be kept to the priests, being too powerful for the commoners to have access to it. Cardo treated the Golden Sun as simply a coral, not an intelligent lifeform. When Karak tried to steal the Golden Sun for himself and Commander Aban, Cardo fought valliantly to keep them out of the Great Shell Dome. Cardo was seriously wounded by Karak's attack. Only his proximity to the Golden Sun kept him alive to warn Pek of Karak's treachery. (BGS)

a planet, source of Fijisi wood. (TLC)

Cardooine Chills
this ailment is characterized by coughing, fatigue, body aches, and a ravenous appetite. The illness lasts about two weeks if treated with bacta, but the victim remains weak for a month or so afterward. The Cardooine Chills is only contracted once, because the victim develops an immunity to it. (BW)

this relatively fancy pub was located on the planet Ord Simres. It was here that Thune and Celia Durasha captured Treytis Prash. (SWJ14)

this was one of the most talked-about restaurants on the planet Coruscant, during the early years of the New Republic. Established by the Ortolan chef Handree Braman, the CardSafe was known for its use of local wildlife in the main dishes, including hawk-bats. (EGA)

Cardua System
a planetary system captured by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War, its inhabitants were put to work mining the system's asteroid belts. (TIE)

this man was a member of the underground resistance on Garos IV. Cardy was killed during on early skirmish with Imperial forces, shortly after the Battle of Endor. (SWJ2)

a native of Lazerian IV, this woman was the wife of King Alarik X of Devit, and was a loyal supporter of the New Order. (TSK)

CareLess Club
this dance club, located on Cloud City, was the site of an ever-exciting zero-gravity dance floor. (GG2)

Carella, Leanna
this former Imperial customs officer married Dav Kathis, and helped him get his independent transport agency off the ground. The couple eventually had a son, but Dav was captured by COMPNOR agents and imprisoned shortly afterward. Leanna was never told why her husband disappeared, and she spent much of her career plying the Enarc Run and looking for clues to his disappearance. (SS)

Carest 1
this lushly forested world was home to the Jiivahar race. Carest 1 was known throughout the galaxy as a tranquil vacation spot, and literally millions of lifeforms evolved on the planet. (AE)

Caretaker Virus
this computer virus was unleashed by the Ithorian, Zorneth, in his efforts to save the Smilers from exploitation. The virus was targetted to infect droids. When the droids encountered a Smiler in trouble, the virus took control of their systems and forced the droids to rescue the Smiler, no matter what the cost. The virus helped Zorneth keep the secret of savorium, but it also was planned to help him infect the galaxy with savorium. Zorneth had planned to take control of the savorium-addicted galaxy, until his untimely death prevented it. (DRO)

this man was a shipmate of Rosen and Benchar, and a companion of Cecil the Wookiee. They often hung out while on shoreleave, playing sabacc in the local bars. Note that this is a reference to the baseball player Rod Carew. (SWJ11)

this planet was located in the Mid Rim's Bruanii Sector, near the planets Javin and Aztubek. (WOA33)

this man served as Coruscant's Air Marshall during the height of the New Order. He was responsible for ensuring the safety of the huge amount of traffic which moved across the planet's surface. In his early career, Cargeloh was a TIE Fighter pilot who earned his rank of Air Marshall by destroying a rebellious city to rubble with just four TIE Bombers. He later served as a flight instructor, and many young TIE Fighter pilots clearly remembered the way he would slap them across the face with his leather gloves whenever they made a mistake. (CCW)

Cargo Blimp
this antiquated form of transport employed a huge, gas-filled balloon to achieve lift. The balloon was filled with lighter-than-air gases that kept it aloft, and counteracted the weight of the cargo that was carried in a gondola that was attached to the underside of the balloon. Propulsion and steering were accomplished by an attached drive system, also attached to the underside of the balloon. (DN1)

Cargo Consolidated, Incorporated
this shipping business was owned by the Herglic merchant Hamar-Chaktak. (TSIA)

Cargo Empress-class Super Freighter
this large Ghtroc Industries bulk freighter had the distinctive swept-back look of the Class 720 freighter, but was 110 meters in length. It required a crew of four to operate, had space for up to eight passengers, and could transport up to 50,000 metric tons of cargo. The Cargo Empress had minimal shielding, and was unarmed. The ship never sold well, and contributed to the eventual bankruptcy of Ghtroc Industries. Leftover stock was sold at auctions, and many Cargo Empress-class ships ended up in pirate fleets. (SWJ9, PP)

Cargo Ferry
any small craft designed to transport a single cargo container to and from storage. These 90-meter craft are often equipped with stabilizing wings, keeping the ship upright with the cargo container locked on top. These craft are slow (20 MGLT top speed), unarmed ships with minimal shielding (60 SBD, with 30 RU hull). (TIE)

Cargo Flyer
and repulsorlift craft used to transport cargo from one location to another. (CSW)

Cargo I
this was one of six Imperial bulk freighters assigned to the replenishment fleet which contained the Black Ice. (BI)

Cargo IV
this was one of six Imperial bulk freighters assigned to the replenishment fleet which contained the Black Ice. (BI)

Cargo Master
this was the name of a line of Aratech speeder trucks, including the Z-12 military truck. (TTSB)

Cargo Track
this was the name given to the swoopracing track that circled the Center Sphere section of Bartyn's Landing, on the planet Lamaredd, during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. (GMR7)

Cargo Track 3000
this annual swoop race was held at the Cargo Track racecourse, on the planet Lamaredd, during the era of the New Order. (GMR7)

Cargo X
this was one of two Imperial container ships assigned to the replenishment fleet which contained the Black Ice. (BI)

Cargohopper 102
this TaggeCo vertical/short takeoff and landing cargo lifter measures 5.5 meters in length. They were particularly useful in spaceports which had limited landing pad surface area. Older models were equipped with a loading claw, while more modern versions used a small tractor beam generator to manipulate cargo. The Cargohopper was little more than a pilot's seat and a sled-like cargo hold, which was open to the air for easiler loading. However, both the pilot's seat and the cargo bed were uncovered, leaving them exposed to the elements. (CSA, AEG)

any utility craft used to load and unload cargo at spaceports. Older models employ mechanical claws, while newer models use tractor beams. (HSR)

this brand of light-duty starship tractor beam generator was produced by Bonadon. (PP)

this was a 3.4-meter-long cargo speeder produced by Maeltorp during the height of the New Order. (SWJ4)

this planet, the fifth world in the Caridan System, was a gas giant which was orbited by fourteen natural satellites. (PH)

a large world with a greater than standard gravity and varying climate, Carida was staunchly loyal to the Empire, although it managed to pursuade the New Republic that is was undecided on the matter. Many of the original settlers left the planet because of the strong gravitational force. Some 200 years before the Galactic Civil War, when the Old Republic decided to establish a military academy aimed at training armed forces, Carida gladly stepped up to volunteer. A small community grew up near the site, which grew into a full-fledged town. The town grew to encompass an entire planetary economy which saw its heyday under the control of Furgan. The Empire controlled the planet until Kyp Durron used the Sun Crusher to destroy the system, while he was being influenced by Exar Kun. Later, Leonia Tavira twisted the event and made everyone who listen believe that Kyp had been sent to Carida under orders from the New Republic. (JS, COTF, JASB, IJ, PH)

Carida Engines
formerly headquartered on Carida, this heavy machine manufacturer was responsible for the production of the MT-AT walker. (JASB)

this was the designation odf the Carida Holonet node assigned to Myrette Davani, during her training at the Carida Academy. (PH)

this star was the central body in the Caridan System. (PH)

native to Carida, this race of squat, barrel-chested humanoids had spindly arms and legs,and were characterized by their wing-like, bushy eyebrows. They had numerous dealings with the Old Republic, especially during the formation of the original military Academies that were later restructured as Imperial Academies. When Emperor Palpatine rose to power, the Caridans were initially happy with the change in government, viewing the Empire as a large customer for their planet's environment. Palaptine's xenophobic leadership didn't sit well with the Caridans, although the Empire was allowed to remain on Carida indefinitely. After the destruction of the planet Carida, only a handful of Caridans remained at large in the galaxy, mainly merchants and a few supporters of the New Republic. (JS, PH)

this was the native language of the Caridan race. (EGP)

Caridan Military Academy
this was the name of the military school which was founded on the Spinara Plateau, on the planet Carida, during the height of the Old Republic. Originally founded as a way to shore up the Republic's military after a major battle was over, the Academy evolved as the Republic's own stance on the defense of individual planets changed. The Academy was responsible for the education of the best Planetary Security Forces officers during the last decades of the Old Republic, supplying many planets with security and military officers when the Republic could not fleets or forces to protect a planet. After Emperor Palpatine instituted the New Order, the Academy of Carida was absorbed as a satellite of the Imperial Academy. (HNN5)

Carida's Blade
this asteroid field was located in the Caridan System, between the orbital paths of Carida and Cari. (PH)

Carida's Helm
this ring of frozen debris encircled the entire Caridan System, forming the outermost orbit around the star Caridan. (PH)

this was a tall, angry-looking race of beings. (BF3)

this Old Republic Governor of the planet Bryx managed to keep the early Imperial armed forces at bay when they tried to subjugate Bryx. He set up a system of ground-based guns and submersible fighters to combat the Empire. His defensive tactic were later known as the "Carigan Defense," although he eventually was overwhelmed by the Empire. (SWJ2)

Carigan Defense
this ground-based defensive measure was named for Governor Carigan, of the planet Bryx. Carigan managed to keep the early Imperial armed forces at bay when they tried to subjugate the planet. He set up a system of ground-based guns and submersible fighters to combat the Empire. His defensive tactic were largely effective, although he eventually was overwhelmed by the Empire. Despite its success, the Carigan Defense was rarely used by other planets, as it requried a great deal of time and equipment to prepare. (SWJ2)

Carillion-class Starship
an Imperial starship. (COJ)

Carinth, Coli
this woman was one of the few spacers who knew how to locate the planet Iego, although she kept its location a well-maintained secret. During the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo, she made regular trips to the planet in her starship, the Archai, bringing people to get a view of the Angels who lived on Iego and its moons. However, Coli was unaware that she had been "possessed" by the Angels, who subverted her mind in order to bring unsuspecting beings to Iego abd strand them there. (GORW)

the writing of the Sluissi. (DFR)

this Alliance starfighter pilot was a veteran of Rogue Squadron. (WS)

Carivus, Xandel
this heavy-set man served on the Imperial Interim Ruling Council. He decided to align himself with Feena D'Asta, in the wake of Carnor Jax's death at Yinchorr. Carivus was also working with Nom Anor, who predicted that the Council would eventually ask him to lead it. The other Council members felt Carivus was nothing more than a pampered bureaucrat, and appointed him to lead the Council after the death of Nolyds, hoping to make him a figurehead and a tool of their own plans. Carivus allowed the events to unfold around, knowing that Nom Anor's plans were falling into place. When Lieutenant Ganner discovered that clues left behind at the scenes of the murders of Burr Nolyds and Admiral Banjeer pointed to Kir Kanos being their assassin, he ordered every available ship and soldier to be requisitioned for a manhunt. His leadership was challenged by Feena D'Asta and Lord Manos, but their efforts to vote him out of office were thwarted by the other Council members. The challenge to his leadership rattled Carivus, but Nom Anor reassured him that D'Asta would not be a problem. When they arranged to have a third Council member killed, Carivus was frightened to discover General Immodet was poisoned. He was frightened because Immodet was not their target, and had been one of Carivus' supporters. Nom Anor claimed to be unaffected. Note that Destiny's Way claims that Nom Anor poisoned Carivus as well. Carivus then appointed a personal guard, and ordered all non-human members of the Council arrested. He also declared Feena D'Asta a traitor and had her put on trial as an enemy of the Empire. Shortly afterward, a Black Sun group of assassins tried to kill him. They were revealed to be clones of Carivus himself, and Carivus went into hiding. He emerged long enough to announce that he was disbanding the Council in order to rule the remnants of the Empire himself. However, his imprisonment of Feena D'Asta raised the ire of her father, an Imperial Baron with a huge personal fleet of warships. Baron D'Asta led an attack on Carivus's forces, decimating them in a short space battle. Carivus was left with a tattered fleet and no support, and even Nom Anor abandoned him to his misguided plans. Carivus then ordered that Feena D'Asta be returned to her father, in the hope that the fighting would stop. However, he also made plans to evacuate Ord Cantrell if the battle continued to turn against him, planning to abandon his troops if it came to that. However, he was trapped by Kir Kanos and Mirith Sinn, after they returned the real Feena D'Asta to her father. Kanos hunted Carivus down and executed him as a traitor to the Empire. (CE2, DW)

this was a section of Tatooine's vast, Western Dune Sea. (ROTJ, SOT)

this immense, blue-bodied Shikitari was the property of a Devaronian conman, who sold the being to a Rattataki warlord who hoped to use the natural Shikitari body structure to win one of the gladiator events known as the Blood Sport of Rattatak. Unknown to the Rattataki was the fact that Carl was in his pupal stage, which only lasted two standard days. This fact never came into play, however, because Carl was entered into the same event as Asajj Ventress. Despite his unique physiology, Carl was killed in combat. (SWDB)

an influential Imperial Moff. (ISB)

this Alliance agent was a member of the Sandwind Team, and was stationed on Tatooine after the Battle of Yavin. (AIR)

this was a noted individual from Frozian history. (UANT)

Carlson, Brooks
this man was a veteran pathfinder, having served with the Empire's armed forced before defecting to the Alliance with Crix Madine. He was recruited as a scout by Madine, when he was forming the strike force that would breach the shield generator bunker protecting the second Death Star near the forest moon of Endor. He held the rank of Sergeant during the Battle of Endor. (CCG10)

this man served as Lavisar's planetary governor during the early years of the New Republic. He was partial to sunfruit liqueur. (IF)

this small community is located about twenty kilometers from Shulell, on Lan Barell. (SWJ1)

this was a noted figure in Aqualish history. (UANT)

this Imperial Major General was stationed on Garos IV during the early years of the New Republic. Carner was in command of the mining facilities on the planet. (SWJ3)

Carner, Lej
this young man was the son of the Imperial Army Major General who had been placed in command of the mining complexes on Garos IV. A contemporary of Alex Winger, Lej found her quite appealing, although she never returned his affection. He was shot and killed by a man named Chance, who had been part of Alex's resistance team, during a mission on Hargon's Hill. Lej discovered Alex's alliance to the underground, and tried to arrest her. (SWJ1)

Carniss, Melina
once one of Jabba the Hutt's human female dancers, Melina had risen in the ranks of his dancers to become the dance designer for the crimelord. She foiled Mara Jade's first attempt on Luke Skywalker's life in Jabba's palace, intercepting Mara and accusing her of working with Lady Valarian. Mara then used the Force to coerce Melina into shooting a Gamorrean guard, creating a diversion for an escape. Note that X-Wing: The Bacta War hints that Melina Carniss was actually Mara Jade. It was believed that Carniss sold information to Ysanne Isard about the actions of Rogue Squadron during the Bacta War. She also sold information of Isard's movements to the Rogues, which allowed them to anticipate the attack of the Corrupter and Aggregator at Alderaan. When Talon Karrde discovered her duplicity, he had her eliminated as a threat to the Republic. (TJP, BW, NEGC)

Carnival Week
a week-long celebration on Coruscant. (COJ)

Carnivorous Mold
this orange and yellow form of fungi is native to the planet Nim Drovis. This mold is mobile when it groups into clumps, and has a limited form of intelligence that allows it to pursue prey. The groups ooze with a digestive slime that eats away flesh and dissolves into a liquid the mold can ingest. (POT)

Carnovian Eel-pup
this creature is considered a culinary delicacy by the Hutts. (RD)

this world was under the control of the Empire during the New Order. Airen Cracken and a group of Alliance agents convinced the farmers of the world to support the Alliance, but only after a brief display of force. The farmers had been told, by the Imperial prefect, that the Alliance was nothing but a group of pirates, and they refused to help them. Cracken's team modified their blasters to fire a wide spread of stun-level beams, bringing down a number of farmers without harming them. (CFG)

Carnuss Gorguul
this ancient Gamorrean left behind a crumbling ruin of a citadel, which later became the site of a famous podracing event during the last decades of the Old Republic. (GMR10)

this city was the capital of the planet Merisee. (PG3)

this man was a member of Red Hand Squadron, although he died in the attack on the Helot's Shackle. (RD)

Caros Arrow
this specialized projectile was used by the Tunroth Hunters who employed a klirun bow. (AIR)

this once-unassuming, orange star is the primary body in the Carosus System. The star expanded into a red giant about 200 years before the Nbattle of Yavin, and consumed the five innermost planets in its system when it did. The event was foreseen by Carosite astronomers, and most Carosites on the fourth planet were evacuated to Carosi XII. Carosi and its remaining planets are located in the Outer Rim Territories. (PG2, AE)

Carosi Alpha Hospital
this medical facility is the largest such operation on Carosi XII. The Sudden Restoration brings all of its wounded here for treatment. (PG2)

Carosi IV
this was the fourth planet in the Carosus System, and the homeworld of the Carosite race. It is was destroyed during the expansion of the Carosi star, forcing the native Carosites to flee to Carosi XII. (PG2)

Carosi IX
this gas giant was the ninth planet in the Carosus System, until its star expanded into a red giant. It is now the fourth planet. It has six natural satellites. (PG2)

Carosi Pup
this small creature is often described as "cute." (POT)

Carosi VI
this planet was the sixth planet in the Carosus System, until its star expanded into a red giant. It is now the first planet, and has become a hot, rocky wasteland with no natural satellites. (PG2)

Carosi VII
this planet was the seventh planet in the Carosus System, until its star expanded into a red giant. It is now the second planet, and is a hot, desolate swamp world enveloped in a greenhouse effect. It has one natural satellite. (PG2)

Carosi VIII
this planet was the eighth planet in the Carosus System, until its star expanded into a red giant. It is now the third planet, and is covered by a dense, hot jungle drenched in a greenhouse effect. It has two moons. (PG2)

Carosi X
this gas giant was the tenth planet in the Carosus System, until its star expanded into a red giant. It is now the fifth planet, orbitted by 10 moons. (PG2)

Carosi XI
this gas giant was the eleventh planet in the Carosus System, until its star expanded into a red giant. It is now the sixth planet. It has 15 natural satellites. (PG2)

Carosi XI Academy of Medicine
this prestigious medical education facility was located on Carosi XII. (AIR)

Carosi XII
this cool world was the twelfth planet in the Carosus System, a frozen, ice-covered rock just barely showing signs of life. Then the Carosi star began to expand into a red giant. The gradual increase in surface temperature has turned Carosi XII into a habitable world, now the seventh planet in the system. The metling ice has formed the Avuae Sea, which is now teaming with life. It is the current homeworld of the Carosites, who fled Carosi IV. The Carosites who now live there are ardent supporters of the New Republic. The planet is girded by the Eurae Mountains. Its average day lasts 30 standard hours, and its year encompasses 400 local days. One of the primary economic forces on the planet is tourism, with visitors from across the galaxy coming to partake of the pleasure domes found there. (PG2, POT)

an alien race once native to the planet Carosi IV. When the star Carosi expanded from a normal orange star to a red giant, the Carosites fled Carosi IV for Carosi XII. They are a bidepal, humanoid race. Carosites are tall and thin, with unusually long necks. They are covered with a fine coat of fur, and have long snouts and dark eyes. The lifespan of a Carosite about 120 local years. The Carosites have a unique, five-fingered hand that has two opposable digits on either side of the hand. The flight from Carosi IV has left them culturally disoirented, which meant they were easily coerced by the Empire. Since the Battle of Yavin, the Carosites have pledged their support to the New Republic, and have become quite adept in the fields of medicine and mechanics. They also became the primary trading partner of the Ebranite race. (COJ, PG2, GG12)

the capital city of the planet Togoria, Caross was a wondrous city surrounded by grassy plains. The city was populated primarily be female Togorians, most prominently the closest relative of the Margrave, as the males of the species were often deemed too wild to be polite. (GG4, MIS8)

this tall, lanky man was Zoltan Starkid's chief aide. He felt that it was unwise to deal with the Empire. (CSWDW)

Carper, Deckland
this businessman was native of Alderaan. He suddenly found himself the target of a bounty, placed on his head by an Imperial Admiral who was a childhood rival. The Admiral contracted Thune to kill Carper, in an effort to avenge a squabble he had lost as a child. Thune took the job and killed Deckland in cold blood. She then cut off his head and returned it to the Admiral as proof of his death. Thune then took possession of Carper's droid, U-THR. (SWJ14)

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