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this industrial city was located on the planet Ord Cestus, some 300 kilometers south of ChikatLik and seventy-five kilometers southeast of the Dashta Mountains. The city itself was built into the crust of the planet by the X'Ting, who burrowed well below the surface to reach an aquifer that could supply them with fresh water. During the decades leading up to the Clone Wars, Clandes was converted to serve as the location of a major communications junction between the largest cities of the planet. The power and connections required to service cities such as ChikatLik - not to mention the secret bunker maintained by the Five Families - meant that Clandes was exposed to intense levels of radiation. This rendered the city uninhabitable, a situation that provided the Five Families with a surprising bonus. Because the city was uninhabited, they did not have to employ the normal safety systems required in a high-radiation area. In this way, the Families maintained their communications and power grids without spending credits on additional shielding. Much of the original cityscape was leveled to make room for the manufacturing facilities of Clandes Industrial. (TCD)

Clandes Industrial
this was the name given to the immense, city-wide collection of manufacturing facilities that covered the city of Clandes, on the planet Ord Cestus, during the height of the Clone Wars. In addition to the various surface buildings, Clandes Industrial burrowed some twenty-four levels below the surface, with employee facilities buried well beneath the lethal radiation that bombarded the upper levels. These underground levels were carved from an abandoned X'Ting hive, from which the native X'Ting were evacuated or evicted. During the Clone Wars, Clandes Industrial was the primary manufacturing site of the JK-series of security droids. After the Desert Wind terrorist gang was routed from their base by a group of infiltration droids dispatched by Asajj Ventress, they set out to destroy the Clandes Industrial facility, thereby bringing the manufacturing facilities of the Five Families to a crippling halt with a minimum of bloodshed. In the wake of the attack on Clandes Industrial, the major cities found themselves suddenly without power and water, and many inhabitants were forced to horde whatever they could to survive. This placed a great deal of stress on the Five Families, since they had to maintain public safety without jeopardizing their own positions. (TCD)

rumored to have been crafted by the first Riileb female ever to exist, this piece of jewelry was held by the eldest member of the MotherClan. It denoted her position as leader of the Riileb people. (SWJ13)

this man worked as an Intelligence agent for the Alliance. Major Sisquoc requested that Clanson accompany him to Dlor 3, where they hoped to confront Barosa Warren. (AIR)

this tall, humanoid race was dsitinguished by its black and white fur, and by the long ears that sprouted from their wide skulls. (BH)

a Bilar term for the grouping of minds into a sentient individual. In general, the individual Bilars in a claqa must be born within minutes of each other in order to develop the mindlink and share their thoughts. (GG4)

this arid planet was covered with a variety of desert environments, from hot sands to ice-swept plains. (AIR)

this elderly female Ryn was on the Jubilee Wheel when it was attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong. Her husband was killed in the attack, but Clarani managed to escape. She was later stranded on Duro, at Settlement Thirty-two, where she took in Jaina Solo. (BP)

this was the name of an up-scale restaurant located in Imperial City, on Coruscant. (MJEH)

Clarion Scholars Academy
this school of advanced education was located on the planet Daemen. (SWED)

a member of the New Republic's Intelligence Agency, Claris was part of the team sent to Verkuyl with Cobb Vartos and Selby Jarrad to help liberate the planet from Imperial control some three years after the Battle of Endor. However, he was captured before he and his team could set up and detonate their explosives, planted at the capital's main communications station. After the Republic fleet came to Verkuyl, a second wave of agents liberated Claris and his team from the Imperial prison. (TFNR)

Clarity Gate
this trapezoid-shaped arbor led to a contemplative garden at the Jedi Temple on Ossus, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DN2)

Clariv Shipyards
this small starship production facility was loyal to the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. (AIR)

this was a pseudonym used by a smuggler who had a great deal of experience with droids. Claris was based on Svivren. (SWJ13)

this Twi'lek served Nilya Fek'ra as a doorman at her corporate headquarters on Cotellier. (GMH)

this barren, rocky world was the fourth planet in the Ralltiir System. It was orbited by a single moon. (CCW)

Class 1 Defense Unit
designed by Imperial Captain Kist and manufactured by Ulban Arms, this defense droid was originally created to augment the ground forces of the Empire. The Empire originally rejected the idea, but a nearly exact copy of the Class 1 unit showed up in the Corporate Sector, where it was used extensively by the Corporate Sector's Espos. The Class 1 Unit moved about on four articulated legs, and was armed with a medium blaster and a mdeium anti-vehicle cannon. It was later learned that the Corporate Sector Authority used armies of these droids to subdue the Trianii. (SWJ14)

Class 1000 Cruiser
this Kuat Drive Yards design was used by the Empire to patrol non-agressive systems. The 1000's measured 300 meters in length, and were armed with 28 turbolasers and 12 ion cannons. The basic crew complement was 580, with 80 gunners. (GG6)

Class 2 Multi-phasic Robot
this was a general term used to describe any automaton that was analogous to a second-degree droid, capable of performing technical and engineering activities. The primary difference was that the Class 2 Multi-phasic robot was equipped with near-sentient programming, allowing it to interact on a personal level with most of the galaxy's races. (LCM)

Class 5 Droid
a mathematical robot often used as a starship navigator. (LCM)

Class 580 Freighter
this light freighter was produced by Ghtroc Industries, and could transport up to six passengers and 200 metric tons of cargo. It measured 37 meters in length, required a single pilot, and was armed with a single laser cannon. (FOP, PP)

Class 720 Freighter
a tortoise-shaped transport ship manufactured by Ghtroc Industries, this 35-meter-long ship had a square central section. A forward cockpit stuck out from the front. Two forward loading platforms were located at the two front corners, while the ship's stardrive was located in the rear. It had space for a crew of 2, plus up to 10 passengers. It could transport 135 metric tons of cargo. The stock Ghtroc freighter was equipped with basic shielding and a single forward-mounted double laser cannon. Unlike most other freighters, the 720 did not improve or enlarge the abilities of its forerunner, the Class 580 freighter. (RPG, SN, FOP)

Class 729 Freighter
this was a model of light freighter produced by Ghtroc Industries. In most respects, the Class 729 was identical to the Class 720 freighter. (SWJ2)

Class D Transport
this was the designation of a Jawa sandcrawler. (REV)

Class II Frigate
this was an Imperial frigate design. (SWED)

Class Three Carbon-Freezing Chamber
this was a model of carbon-freezing chamber produced by Figg and Associates. Several Class Three units were installed on Cloud City, for use in storing spin-sealed tibanna gas for shipment. (EGW)

Class VI Laser Projector
developed by BlasTech, this automated blaster was used to defend a specific location. Also known as a laser trap, the Class VI blaster was linked to a control computer and a sensor suite, allowing it to be remotely targetted on a specific object without human intervention. The Empire used these blasters to defend the prisoner cellblocks on the first Death Star. (EGW)

this was the designation of a Tykannin power converter. (EGV)

Class-4T3 Power Generator
this portable, Eksoan power generator was used to power the BlasTech E-Web repeating blaster. (EGW)

Class-6 Escape Pod
manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, these escape pods are similar in size and shape to the Faberstien-Lago design. The Class-6 pod had room for six beings, and had simple drive and sensor systems that determined the nearest inhabitable world and pushed the pod toward it. Note that The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels indicates that the CR90 Corvette is equipped with Class-6 escape pods, although the Star Wars Screen Entertainment package says it used the Faberstien-Lago design. (EGV)

Class-7 Repair Vessel
manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards, these 560-meter ships were used to supply, repair, and minimally defend mining operations. These ships had limited hyperdrive capabilities, and were armed with a single turret-mounted turbolaser battery. (SN)

Class-A Cruiser
this was one of the strongest and most powerful cruiser classes in the galaxy, during the final years of the Old Republic. (LJ2)

Class-A Thermal Detonator
this detonator has a blast-radius of about 20 meters. (CCG7)

Class-D Moon
this was the Imperial description for any barren, crater-scarred moon or satellite. (LTA2)

Classet, Zinn
this man was one of a group of bounty hunters contracted by the Empire to hunt down the Alliance agents who were investigating the construction of the Bissillirus Resupply Base. He wore a set of distinctive red-and-green battle armor. (GMK)

Class-I Freighter
this was another name for the LH-3210 freighter used by the Trade Federation. (COD)

Classical Ossan
used by the Ysanna, this was the modern version of the ancient language spoken on the planet Ossus, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. (EGP)

Clat the Shamer
this empathic mutant assassin once worked for the Guild of Vindicators. He was given the assignment to destroy Darth Vader for belittling the Guild. He tracked Vader to Cheelit, where the Dark Lord was playing Firepath with Lady Dohl. Unfortunately for Clat, he was walking into a trap. Vader had manipulated him to Cheelit, and when Clat entered Dohl's Hive Palace to capture Vader, he ended up on the Firepath board. There, Vader let him see what had happened to him, then captured him like any other Firepath piece. Clat was then consumed in a pillar of flame. (CSWDW)

this alien race had a 600-year-old feud with the Nhoras race. Five separate generations of Jedi Knights failed to resolve the conflict, and the Empire simply let them be. The Clatear were heavily suppressed by Imperial forces, and thus learned how to fight better than the Nhoras. When the revelation of the Caamas Document brought forth many inter-species feuds, the Clatear decided that the time was right to attack the Nhoras and end the feud. (SOP)

this beautiful woman, with red hair and green eyes, was the chief operations manager for Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation's operations on Bandomeer. She was constantly struggling with the underhanded tactics of Offworld Mining Company, but managed to befriend Obi-Wan Kenobi when he was sent to the Agricultural Corps there. After the arrival of Qui-Gon Jinn aboard the Monument, they managed to defeat a group of pirates and sway a group of Offworld miners to come work for them. After landing on Bandomeer, and exposing Xanatos' plan for Offworld, Clat'Ha managed to obtain nearly exclusive rights to Bandomeer's ionite mines. (RF, DR)

Clathor, Huwin
this man worked as a geode miner on the planet Endregaad, during the early years of the New Order. (TF)

an Pakuuni Corvette destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this bounty hunter was the most feared in his sector. He used cybernetically-enhanced creatures as scouts and trackers, and never had a bounty get away. The Claw was finally stopped on the planet Yaronn by a group of freelance mercenaries, whom he had lured to the planet in hopes of killing them. The Claw believed that they were responsible for the death of his brother, and Imperial officer who was arrested and killed in a prison fight. He offered them a challenge, giving them an hour's head start to avoid him. The mercenaries managed to double back on The Claw and apprehend him. (GMS)

a CR90 Corvette used by pirates who worked for the discoverer of Butler's Cove, this ship tried to waylay the Alliance agents escorting Dr. Hegerty to Refgar. (SN)

this Interdictor-class cruiser was part of the small fleet provided to Captain Vocis Kenit during his search for the Far Orbit. After the Empire's failure to stop the Alliance's use of pirates and privateers, the Claw was reassigned to the small group of starships which was trailing the Suprosa, just before the ship was captured by the Alliance. (FOP, XWA)

Claw Vine
this aggressive, thorny vine was native to the planet Kashyyyk, and was considered a nuisance by virtually every other form of life. Claw vines were named for the way in which the leaves of eh plant curled into claw-like forms, and were known to be hindrances to the movements of most creatures, as the leaves caught in fur or ripped flesh when a creature tried to move through them. Claw vines were also somewhat motile, and could move their branches slightly in order to snag their prey. The claw vine was not carnivorous, lacking any sort of mouth or orifice. Instead, the vines fed off the nutrients that were exuded when the bodies of their prey decomposed. (GMR4, MIS7)

a species of light-colored birds native to Wayland, clawbirds were known as stana to the Myneyrhsi. These small avians had wings which are tipped with sharp spines that could inject a slow-acting poison into a target. Clawbirds attacked in swarms, with one wave bringing down their prey while another protected the kill from hidden scavengers. (TLC, TTSB)

this thin, durable cable could be deployed from a utility belt or an aerosol launcher, for use as a grappling line. Although it was possible for a human to use the claw-cable, the device was generally installed on a droid. (E3N)

this fast, agile, six-legged predator was native to Goroth Prime. Most clawcats lived in the mountainous regions of the planet, feeding on b'karriand other small herbivores. Measuring nearly three meters in length, the clawcats were almost totally fearless. Despite their obvious speed, clawcats were generally ambush predators. (GSE)

this shellfish, native to the planet Ando, was considered a delicacy by the Aqualish people. Clawclams were often served fried. (PH)

this was the native language of the Clawdite race, consisting of hissing sibilants and stressed, guttural croaks. (WOA23, UANT)

this race of near-human beings was noted for its ability to alter its shape, Clawdites were native to the planet Zolan. Descended from the base Zolander stock, Clawdites were polymorphic within the boundaries of their own body mass, but could pass for virtually any other race with the proper concentration on the form. This ability was accidentally triggered when scientists tried to activate dormant skin genes in the Zolanders, in an effort to protect the race from increasing solar radiation. The genetic structure of the Zolander subjects was dramatically altered, and centuries of evolution produced the Clawdite race. Depending on the skill of the individual Clawdite, they might simply change their facial appearance or alter their entire body shape. The ability to alter one's shape allowed the Clawdites to blend into enemy camps, where they could gather intelligence fo commit crimes. Shape-changing took a good deal of patience and practice for the Clawdites, although medical enhancement of their physiology could enhance their abilities. A given appearance couldn't be maintained for very long, and a dead Clawdite always reverted back to its original appearance. Because of their shape-changing ability, Clawdites were ostracized by their Zolander cousins, and there were several periods of civil war marking Zolan's history. The Clawdites petitioned Count Dooku and the Separatists for aid in defeating the Zolanders, but were ignored when the Clone Wars. Broke out. Because of the ability of the Clawdites to alter their appearance, the planet Zolan was blockaded by the Empire, in an effort to prohibit the Clawdites from traveling abroad. After the Battle of Endor, the Clawdites mercilessly attacked the Zolanders, eventually taking control of the planet before the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. At this point, the New Republic began recruiting the Clawdites, hoping to use their shape-changing skills to infiltrate the Yuuzhan Vong. Note that Star Wars Insider, issue 70 indicates that radioactive bombardment from outer space triggered the change in the Zolanders, rather than a failed experiment, resulting in the creation of the Clawdite race. (ZW, AOTCN, VD2, SWI60, SWDB, SWI70)

this immense Quarren was known as the owner of the Event Horizon, a seedy tavern located on Duro's Rrudobar orbital city. A nasty individual at heart, Clawfish was distinguished by the fact that he was missing one of his facial tentacles. Before owning the Event Horizon, Clawfish worked as an outlaw tech in the Core and the Corporate Sector. No one was ever sure exactly why he was so bitter and callous toward others, but it was rumored he was actually a fairly good individual if one took the time to get to know him. (WOTC, CCW)

a small creature found on many desert planets. (RA2)

this avian, native to the planet Naboo, had a pair of pedipalps which hung down from its body when it was flying. (RP)

scrubby plants native to Yavin 4, the clawthorns have large, hooked thorns growing in their limbs. (COTF)

a family of moisture farmers contemporary with the Lars and the Jensens, living on the planet Tatooine during the height of the New Order. (TME)

Claymore Mine
an antipersonnel mine used to disable enemy troops. They can be set to explode after a specific time delay, or to detonate when touched. (DF)

manufactured by SoroSuub, this transport crate was outfitted with a cryogenic freezer unit. This allowed shippers to keep certain cargoes cold or frozen during transport. (PSG)

this cleaner droid often worked with the installer droid INS-444, helping to repair broken windows in the cityscape of Coruscant, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (SWI68)

Clean Land
this area, located south of the city of Nystao, on the planet Honoghr, was the only section of the planet that remained unaffected by the planet-wide plague that wiped out its plantlife. Most of the Noghri clans made their homes along the edges of the Clean Land, protecting the inner area for agriculture. The Clean Land was once a neutral location for the various Noghri clans, where they could discuss matters without worrying about inter-clan rivalries. (DFR)

Cleaner Droid
this was the generic term used to describe the legions of automatons which cleaned the exterior surfaces of the skyscrapers and buildings of the planet Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. These droids, such as CLE-004, had only minimal subsystems, relying on the commands of a central processor to drive them. (VD2, AOTC)

Cleansing of the Nine Houses
this was one of the many military campaigns that was considered part of the era known as the Old Sith Wars, which occurred some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. (SWI80)

Cleansing, The
this is another term used by the Yevetha to refer to the Great Purge. (TT)

Clear Lake
this was one of the few landlocked bodies of water found on the planet Senali. (SP)

Clear Skies
this was a common phrase that served as the traditional farewell between independent spacers. (HSE)

Clearance Blue
the security code phrase for the deactivation of the shield generator protecting the second Death Star near Endor. (ROTJN)

ClearSkyes Boutique
located in the city of Xakrea, on the planet Darkknell, this shop served as a front for an Imperial Intelligence drop site and computer terminal during the height of the New Order. (TFNR)

an Alliance Corvette destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Cleft Head
this tavern, located in the city of ChikatLik on Ord Cestus, was known for its wake-tea and conversation. Many of ChikatLik's residents converged on the Cleft Head for any manner of stimulants, especially the office workers who never really went home from their jobs. (TCD)

Clegg Holdfast
this Nosaurian was one of the Outer Rim's least-experienced podracer pilots, despite the fact that he was also a reporter for Podracing Quarterly. Clegg was the son of a fisherbeing father and a candlemaker mother, but pursued an education and a career in journalism to escape these humble roots. His own research with the podracing circuits led him to race in a Keizar-Volver KV9T9-B Wasp racer. Holdfast was a tall, lanky Nosaurian with six bony horns rising from the top of his head, and was native to the planet New Plympto. His insider reports from the podraces made him one of the most popular writers for Podracing Quarterly, although many of his fellow racers believed him to be a fop. (TPM, RAC, IG1, IWE1, NEGC, GMR9)

Clem "Trigger"
this male Clantaani was a known associate of Longo Two-Guns during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Jabba the Hutt issued a bounty for his capture after Clem defaulted on a "generous" sixty-percent loan, which was eventually claimed by Jango Fett, who was on Tatooine trying to arrange a meeting with Jabba. (BH)

Clench Challenge
this was a form of combat used by the Wookiees of Kashyyyk to determine an individual's strength. A pair of competitors locked their arms around each other and squeezed, clenching their arms together until one Wookiee gave in. (AFA)

Lando Calrissian once won the deed to a Clendoran brewery as a result of his efforts in the Battle of Taanab. (SWJ5)

this grizzled man was formerly a Sergeant in the Imperial Army, where he dreamed of becoming a drill instructor. However, he spent most of his career in the classroom learning military theory, and decided not to re-enlist when his hitch was over. He returned to his homeworld of Yalln, but was bored without any form of activity. He eventually took a job working for Barosa Warren at the Galactic Outdoor Survival School, where his anti-Alliance sentiments meshed well with those of Warren himself. While at GOSS, Clenna found himself learning almost as much from Warren as he was teaching his own students. (AIR)

this tank is used for bathing. (RM)

this was a common name among Cerean females. Unlike their male counterparts, Cerean females use a single name unless they became a bond-wife. In this case, a female will take on their husband's grandfather's name for official matters. The name Clera indicated the sky, wind, or air. (GCG)

this man was the king of the daylight side of a remote planet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He worried that peace would never come to the two sides of the planet, and that his own daughter, Princess Risa, would no produce a male heir. When Han Solo crash-landed on the planet, he provided Cleroff with a plan to solve all his problems. Han arranged to have Prince Gil kidnapped by other brigands, so that King Cleroff could pay his ransom and make Gil's family indebted to him. In this way, Cleroff could demand Gil's marriage to Princess Risa as recompense. He didn't count on his own brother, the vizier Marius, plotting to voerthrow him, but he gladly accepted Han's help in eliminating any threats. (MC101)

Cless, Mavin
this man was a respected culinary expert who reviewed many restaurants in the Outer Rim Territories. He sometimes ran afoul of minor crimelords who owned these restaurants, and had to adjust his reviews accordingly. (GG11)

Clessigan, Thom
this Alliance agent was based in the Spilgan region of the planet Hollast VII, when Glorga the Hutt was murdered by Nakaron. Agent Clessigan also witnessed the murder of Lanish Ran, and immediately arrested Nakaron. While en route to the penal colony on Dles IV, Nakaron seized control of the transfer shuttle Protector, taking Agent Clessigan and the rest of the crew hostage. After the Battle of Endor, the New Republic mounted an investigation into Nakaron's whereabouts, in an effort to rescue Agent Clessigan and his crew. (SWJ4)

this smuggler was an acquaintence of Pyrron Nox and Gideon. He was killed shortly before the Battle of Hoth, after making a run from the planet Kessel. (SWJ12)

Cley, Usu
this man served the Grand Army of the Republic as a combat instructor at the Rimsoo Five military hospital on Drongar, during the height of the Clone Wars. A short man who fought in the middle weight classes, Cley had been a regular champion in the Ninth Fleet for several years before being stationed on Drongar. There, he finally met his match when Phow Ji was hired to served as the combat instructor for Rimsoo Seven. (MBS)

meaning "curious", this was one of the most common names among Rodian males. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

this Rodian was one of Prince Xizor's vigos, or one of his closest lieutenants. Clezo wasn't flashy or ruthlessly cruel, but he nevertheless posted a consistent profit each quarter. He had ties to many bounty hunting organizations, including House Tresario, and plotted to assassinate Navik the Red and install his own puppet - Chorh-dha - as the leader of the Chattza clan. Clezo was known for his management skills, and his innate ability to always find the right being for any given job. (SE, RESB)

this tribe of beings maintained its existence on the planet Iego, on a mesa overlooking the Scatter. The tribe, formed from castaways who had been stranded on the strange planet, was led for many years by Darubang Yosa. (WOTC, GORW)

Cliff Hawk
this raptor was native to the planet Prakith, where it hunted small mammals in the mountains and canyons. The plumage of the cliff hawk was mottled with grays and browns, allowing it to blend into the rocky environments in which it hunted. The talons of the cliff hawk were exceptionally sharp and strong, and allowed the avian to hang upside-down while waiting for its prey to wander near. Although it was a powerful flyer, the cliff hawk actually preferred to move about on its two legs while hunting for prey. (PH)

Cliffborer Worm
this arthropod creature was native to the sandstone outcroppings found on the planet Tatooine. They could grow to lengths of ten meters or more, but the average cliffborer was usually about 4 meters in length. A pair of jointed, vestigial legs provided the cliffborer with a way to defend itself, as well as a way to move through its tunnels. Note that the Illustrated Star Wars Universe indicates that the legs of the cliffborer worm were found at the rear of its body, while the Alien Anthology portrays the cliffborer with legs near its head. They inhabit the rocky outcroppings that are sprinkled throughout the desert, subsiding on razor moss and lichens. The tough skin of the cliffborer worm was used to make durable boots, and could also be fashioned into coverings for speeders. (ISU, ANT)

this was the name used by the students of the Imperial Academy on Carida to describe the facilities. The name referred to the fact that the main living halls were built on the side of a sheer rock face, and the walkway which led from the halls to the main assembly field was perched on the edge of the cliff. When the trainees were about to graduate, they had to assemble and march from the living halls to the field, in full dress uniform and in precise marching order, while negotiating the walkway. In the history of the Carida Academy, several students fell to their deaths when their troop leaders failed to turn the platoon precisely, and they were literally pushed over the edge by the troops behind them. This was the final "test" each trainee had to pass before graduation. (SFE)

Cliffside Resort Tower
this was one of the many casinos established on Streysel Island, during the height of the New Order. The Cliffside Resort Tower also offered a variety of accommodations, catering to high rollers and budget-minded visitors. (WOTC)

Cliffside, The
this was one of two cantinas which were located in the outpost settlement of Elesa, on Ando Prime, during the early years of the New Order. (GMR2)

native to the island cliffs of Vaynai, this snail was harvested for its tasty flesh, which was best served broiled. (GMR8)

this Imperial Navy Yeoman was one of the few females who served under Ors Dogot on the Bloodprice. She was killed when the ship was destroyed by the Teljkon vagabond. (SOL)

one of the many attractions of the SkyCenter Galleria on Cloud City, the Climateria was housed in a circular section of the park. The Climateria was divided into twenty pie-shaped sections, with transparisteel walkway tubes between them. Each section depicted a different sort of climate, with the approriate flora, fauna, and environmental conditions all on display. The climates were a consolidation of climates from planets which are known for their wondrous ecologies. There was a swamp climate, a rain forest climate, an ocean climate, and a desert climate already up and running when Cojahn was murdered by Black Sun. Each climate was extremely realistic, and participants could expect to get wet, dirty, or sandy, depending on which environments they visited. (TCC)

see Ionic Ring (CSWEA)

Climbing Claws
these metal claws are used by the Mistryl warriors for climbing anything from trees to buildings. They fit the hands like gloves, and allow the Mistryl to drive the claws into a surface and gain a handhold. (VOF)

Climbing Fern
this quick-growing fern inhabits the upper levels of the forest on Yavin 4, spreading out from the branches of Massassi trees in brilliant green cascades. Each frond measures almost two meters in length. (GG2)

Climbing Tauntaun
one of the smallest subspecies of tauntaun native to the planet Hoth, the climbing tauntaun had wide paws studded with heavy claws. This allowed the creature to climb the sides of glaciers and caves to reach lichens and moss, and contributed to its name. These tauntauns were more rodent-like than the others, and lacked the curving horns of their larger cousins. The two stubby horns of the climbing tauntaun curved upward, meeting just above the crown of the head. (WSW)

this was a generic term used to describe any set of clothing - in pieces or a full-body unit - which assisted the wearer in climbing activities. They are often coated with FrictionGrip to assist in ascending steep structures. The first Climbsuits were produced by Ayelixe/Krongbing textiles. (ROE, AEG)

Clinging Tree
this species of plant is native to the planeyt Yuga 2, and fills that world's Planetary Park. (MTS)

this was a sheer, clinging fabric used to make provocative eveningwear during the early years of the New Republic. (SWI67)

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