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this Epicanthix warrior-chief was credited with uniting the myriad of Epicanthix clans into a single entity, as well as dispatching those clans who refused to join him. Canthar is also credited with taking the Epicanthix culture away from a purely barbaric society and cultivating cultural and technological advancement. (SESB)

Canti System
this star system, located in Tapani Sector, was under the control of House Reena at the height of the New Order. (LOE)

this dive was located on the Air Avab floating city of the planet Genarius, during the decade leading up to the Battle of Naboo. (WOTC)

Cantina Hangover
one of the many obstacles used on swoopchasing courses, the Cantina Hangover was deceptively simple in its design. The obstacle was formed from a long tube, inside which a mock cantina was created. Racers find themselves speeding through a maze of tables, chairs, bars, and simulated patrons. The Hangover part comes when the riders first enter the tube, which then begins to rotate around its central axis. The entire cantina begins to spin, and riders must continually alter their course to ensure that they get through the spnning maze of props. (BSS)

Cantina Row
this was the name given to the tavern-lined thoroughfare located in the city of Hedrett, on the planet Cularin. (LFCW)

Cantras Gola
the PowerOn Conglomeration, headquartered on this planet, threatened to secede from the Pentastar Alignment and join the New Republic. The children of the planet's chief ambassador were kidnapped by the Karazak Slavers Guild, on orders from the Alignement, in an effort to persuade Cantras Gola to remain with the Alignment. The children were rescued by the Red Moons, and helped break the Alignment's hold on the planet. (TFE)

Cantros Seven
this planet was one of the many inhabited worlds of the Cantros System. It was the homeworld of a race of feline humanoids. (MC93)

Cantros System
this system supposedly experienced a rash of Imperial activity following the Battle of Endor, despite the fact that Emperor Palpatine was dead. The feline being Minka traveled to Saijo to report on it, and barely escaped with her life. Further investigation of the system revealed that a renegade group of Alliance supporters was the cause, fueled by false information provided by Durne. (MC93)

this was a survival-class, gaseous substance that was developed to spread quickly and kill any indigenous life in the user's immediate area. The gas was highly poisonous to most lifeforms, and required the user to wear an environment suit to protect themselves. (GMR10)

Cantrosh-oxide Matrix
this was a way to contain pure cantrosh gas in an oxide's crystalline structure. When ignited, the oxide vaporized, leaving the cantrosh gas to flood the immediate area. (GMR10)

a deity worshipped by the Coways native to Circarpous V, Canu was a warrior who apparently in charge of administering justice. In their simple religion, Canu maked his decision based on the outcome of a battle between the strongest warrior on each side of an issue. The victor of the battle was obviously on the correct side, since Canu helped him win. (SME)

this world was known as a mining outpost that produced ores needed in the construction of starships and electronic systems. It was discovered by accident when a Victory-class Star Destroyer was dragged out of hyperspace in its vicinity by a rogue asteroid. The warship was grazed by the asteroid and damaged, but the only ships close enough to hear its distress signal were part of a pirate fleet. An Imperial rescue operation was mounted, and basically left the pirates alone. They recognized Canyon's natural resources, and set up the small mining operation. The pirates, led by Guldus Bemm, continued to control the world well after the Battle of Endor. The planet is an arid world of mountains and plains, which has an average day of 28 standard hours. Its year encompasses 389 local days. (SWJ8)

Canyon Dune Turn
see Tusken Turn (RAC)

Canyon Krayt Dragon
this was the smaller of the two subspecies of krayt dragon, native to the planet Tatooine. See Krayt Dragon. (WSW)

Canyon Mining Facility
this was the ore and mineral extraction operation established by Guldus Bemm and his pirates, after they discovered the planet Canyon while attempting to provide aid to a damaged Victory-class Star Dstroyer. Shortly after the Battle of Endor, Administrator Guldus Bemm tried to capture Luke Skywalker by claiming that the miners discovered a strange, crystalline mineral in the mines, and called for Luke Skywalker to come and see them, as they appeared suitable for use in lightsabers. Skywalker didn't go personally, but the group of New Republic agents who did were captured by Bemm's pirates. They eventually managed to escape. (SWJ8)

Canyon of Despair
this ravine runs through the Endless Wastes of the planet Kintan, and was carved by the Fire River. The exact path followed by the Fire River changed every local month or so, as the flowing lava was affected by the natural tidal pull of Kintan's moons. The volcanoes of the Burning Moon Range line the canyon, so that the lava they belch forth flows into the canyon to form the Fire River. The Fire River then flows for some forty kilometers before emptying into the Basin of Torturous Flame. As the lava river flows through the canyon, some of the lava "evaporates," forming crystals of hyper-ferrofeldspar that are continually ground up during seismic activity. These ground crystals then form a kind of sand that lines the Canyon of Despair with what is basically crushed transparisteel. This sand is then picked up in Kintan's vicious storms, creating sandstorms that scoured flesh from bone with transparisteel shards. (GORW)

this is a vast series of hotels, shops, restaurants, and meeting areas carved into the canyons of the planet Cejansij. The Canyonade is remarkable for its diamond-shaped clusters of nine bridges linking the opposing sides of the canyon: three main bridges span the center of the diamond, with two above and below them and a single bridge at the top and bottom of the pattern. (SOP)

Canyons of Mist
located on Endor, these are steep-walled canyons worn into the rock by the passage of the Whispering River. (AT)

the roots of this plant are a necessary part of the diet of the natives of the Tal Nami System. (GOF2)

Cape Regret
this remote spit of land was located on the planet Lamaredd, and was named for the fact that the reefs surrounding it caused many vessels to shipwreck while trying to reach land. (GMR7)

Capellan Turg-rrot
this was a species of large plant, harvested for its thick roots. (SWJ4)

Capens, Gaeriel
this woman was one of the galaxy's most popular singers, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Capens was also a spokeswoman for Lopez Drinks, although many business analysts questioned her popularity among non-humanoid species. (HNN4)

Capens, Thera
this woman, a native of Hargeeva, claimed to have been Niall Pedrin's mistress. She was captured by Stevan Makintay when he managed to apprehend Pedrin on Hargeeva, just after Pedrin was demoted. (SWJ10)

Capital City
this city was, of course, the capital of the planet Karideph, and is the site of the planet's only spaceport. (GG6)

Capital City
this was the capital of the planet Omman. (SWJ12)

Capital Codru
this was the capital city of the planet Munto Codru. (EGP)

Capital Powers Act
a set of laws drafted and approved by Emperor Palpatine, which gave him the authority to impose martial sanctions on any civilization in the galaxy, in order to bring them in line with the New Order. (COJ)

Capital Scavenger
this news program picked up the story initially written by Cindel Towani for The Life Monitor, detailing the various accounts of New Republic armed forces who fought and died during the Black Fleet Crisis. The article, drafted by Hiram Drayson, was designed to help bolster public support of Leia Organa-Solo. (TT)

Capital Season
the time between Expansion Week and Shelova Week in the Tapani Sector, Capital Season is a social event celebrated by the upper class and nobility of the sector. It is a time for them to mingle and spy on each other, and is held on the planet Procopia. Pleasure cruises are often booked from Procopia to Vycynith, but the main events take place on Procopia. To avoid Procopia during Capital Season means almost total isolation for the noble involved, which lowers their social standing and often has economic and political implications as well. Exceptions are made on an infrequent basis for people with business outside Tapani Sector, but all business inside the sector must stop or move to Procopia. (LOE)

Capital ship
any of the huge, deep-space combat craft. Star Destroyers and Mon Cal Star Cruisers fall into this category. (SWSB)

Capital Terminal
during the last decades of the Old Republic, this was one of the primary starports located in Imperial City, on Coruscant. It was used primarily by the Jedi Knights. (RP)

Capital-class Starship
a large warship. (THG)

this Rodian was a member of the Peace Brigade, and was part of the group which infiltrated the Queen of Empire in order to recover the Yuuzhan Vong priestess Elan. He and Darda posed as the contacts Major Showolter was to meet aboard the ship, in the effort to safely transport Elan to the Core. Their leaders had obtained classified information from a spy within the New Republic, which allowed them to gain Showolter's confidence. However, the backstories they were given were flawed, and when Darda claimed to have been working on Gamoor, Showolter saw through their facade. In a firefight, Darda was shot and killed, but Capo managed to escape. He also killed the two agents Showolter was supposed to meet before seriously wounding Showolter himself. Many months later, Capo returned to Ylesia and assumed command of the Peace Brigade's meager navy. He attained the rank of Admiral, although it was more decoration than actually meritted, and was commanded by Thrackan Sal-Solo to bring the fleet up to Yuuzhan Vong standards. (HT, Y)

meaning "brave", this was one of the most common names among Rodian males. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

Capper Spineflap
this flying insect was native to the planet Naboo. It was distingiushed by its scaly skin, and moved about in large swarms. (GQRG)

this was the nickname of the astromech droid R2-B3, which was assigned to Jaina Solo's X-Wing when she took command of the Twin Suns Squadron, some months after the Battle of Coruscant. Cappie was a gray-white color, with burgundy-colored markings. Cappie remained as Jaina's astromech when she took command of an XJ3 version of the starfighter, during the latter stages of the battle against the Yuuzhan Vong. (EL1, FH1)

Capra, Carns
this hot-headed young man joined the Alliance just after the Battle of Yavin, shortly after his father was killed in a rally on Mantooine. He wanted to get some measure of revenge against the Empire. (GMK)

a planet on which Mara Jade posed as a come-up flector for a swoop gang. It was also the sight of a swoop race tragedy, in which an assassin droid, sent to kill then-governor Amel Bakli, decided that it could meet its objectives by wiping out the entire swoop arena. (DFR, SWSB)

Capris Technologies
this small manufacturer produced a line of power recharging systems, during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

Capstan, Anni
this pilot was Jaina Solo's wingman in Rogue Squadron, during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Anni was a native of Corellia. As Rogue Twelve, Anni participated the Battle of Garqi. Unfortunately, Anni was killed shortly afterward, during the opening phase of the Battle of Ithor. Jaina quickly sent Anni's mother a notice of her death over Ithor, and Anni's mother responded quickly, inviting Jaina to Corellia. (DTO, DTR)

Captain Integrity
this was a nickname used by Denetrus to describe Andra, and derived from her struggle to do good. (DOR)

Captain of the Guard
this was the title given to the leader of the Senate Guards, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (WOTC)

this was the more familiar name used by Feytihennasraof to address Lando Calrissian. (LCS)

this was the more familiar name used by Senwannus'gourkahipaff to address Lando Calrissian. (LCS)

this was the name used by Senwannus'gourkahipaff to address Lando Calrissian. Its length and the number of honorifics used indicated that Sen considered Lando to be a peer. (LCS)

this was the name used by the Oswaft known as Feytihennasraof to address Lando Calrissian. Its length and the number of honorifics used indicated that Fey considered Lando to be a peer. (LCS)

Captain's Accredited License
this Imperial document was one of a number of documents required from any spacer who plied the spacelanes during the New Order. The procedures for obtaining the certification were documented in the Spacer's Information Manual. Known as a CAL, this document provided information on the starship captain's ability to operate a starship across interstellar distances. (SWJ9)

Captain's Ladder
a Corellian CR90 corvette that was part of the Invid pirate fleet that attacked the Tinta Palette, the Captain's Ladder was a false IFF transponder code used by the Backstab. (IJ)

Captain's Pride
this Ugor Black Hole-class salvage dreadnaught was commanded by ArrGack. It was dispatched to recover any salvage following the Imperial assault on Dankayo, and battled the Thrifty for salvage rights. (SH)

Captane, Daniil
this man was the portmaster of Taanab's primary spaceport, located in Pandath, when Lando Calrissian forced the Norulac pirates to flee the planet and leave the farmers along. (SWJ5)

CapTech Stealthpak
this was Capris Technologies' portable, blaster power pack recharging kit. (GFT)

Captisan, Dol
this noted Bakuran Senator was the father of Gaeriel and Ylanda Captisan. Dol and wife, Marga, were killed shortly after the Empire nationalized Bakura, when they were caught in the middle of a firefight between Imperial troops and the Bakuran resistance. Gaeriel learned years later, from her sister Ylanda, that Marga and Dol had been active members of the resistance. (TBSB)

Captisan, Marga
this woman was married to Dol Captisan, and was the mother of Gaeriel and Ylanda Captisan. Dol and Marga were killed shortly after the Empire nationalized Bakura, when they were caught in the middle of a firefight between Imperial troops and the Bakuran resistance. Gaeriel learned years later, from her sister Ylanda, that Marga and Dol had been active members of the resistance. (TBSB)

Captisan, Ylanda
this was Gaeriel Captisan's younger sister. Gaeriel always called her "Landy." Where Gaeriel was offered a full scholarship to the Bakuran Senatorial Academy, Ylanda was destined to live her life out as a Home Mother at one of Bakura's Simple Homes. Gaeriel and Ylanda accepted this as the will of the Cosmic Balance: Gaeriel's success would be balanced by Ylanda's mediocrity. While at the Simple Home, Ylanda spent many years with minimal food, and became gaunt and withdrawn. After the Empire was ousted from control of the planet, Ylanda revealed to Gaeriel that their parents had been members of the original Bakuran resistance, and were killed trying to free their homeworld from Imperial control. (TBSB, NEGC)

Captison, Dol
this man served the Old Republic and his homeworld of Bakura as a Senator, during the years following the Clone Wars. After Emperor Palpatine assumed control of the galaxy and instituted the New Order, Dol and his wife found that they could not sit back and let the Empire take control of Bakura. While his daughter, Gaeriel, was attending the Bakuran Senatorial Academy, Dol and his wife began assisting the local rebel cells in staging protests against the Imperial occupation of Bakura. It was during one of these protests that the Imperials decided to open fire on the protestors, in an effort to break them up. Dol and his wife were killed in the crossfire. (SWDB)

Captison, Gaeriel
a former Imperial Senator from the planet Bakura, Gaeriel was the daughter of Dol Captison and the niece of Yeorg Captison. Her most striking feature was her eyes: one was grey and the other was green. Gaeriel dedicated her education to politics, and was accepted to the Bakuran Seantorial Academy as a teenager. Her parents were killed in the crossfire of an Imperial engagement with an Alliance team, and she vowed to become an Imperial loyalist. This, coupled with her religious concerns about the nature of the Force, made her the perfect senator on the Imperial world of Bakura. When the Ssi-ruuk invaded her homeworld, Gaeriel finally met several high-ranking members of the Alliance, including Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker, when they answered Bakura's distress call. Luke slowly opened her eyes to the atrocities of the Empire, and thought his actions she discovered that the Force was not inherently evil. It was Luke who helped Eppie Belden overcome her forced catatonia. It was during this time that gaerieal realized that she and Luke shared a common bond, although they remained nothing more than good friends. Following the defeat of the Ssi-ruuk and the surrender of Imperial forces on Bakura, Gaeriel continued to work in politics, and was eventually named Prime Minister. It was during this time that her political ambitions kept her in contact with the former Imperial soldier Pter Thanas. A romantic attachment grew, and they were married 8 years after the Ssi-ruuk invasion. Together, they gave brith to a single dauhgter, Malinza, before Pter succumbed to Knowt's disease. His death followed a failed re-election bid for Gaeriel. When the New Republic asked for Bakuran aid in defending the Corellian System during the Starbuster Plot, Gaeriel was made the plenipotentiary and placed in charge of the Bakuran fleet, commanded by Hortel Ossilege. She was mortally wounded when her spine was crushed in the decisive battle near Centerpoint Station, and the flagship Intruder was rammed by three robot ramships. It was Gaeriel who pushed the detonation button on the Intruder, igniting the ship in the midst of the Saccorian fleet, just as Admiral Ackbar arrived to help. (TB, AS, SC, SWDB)

Captison, Tiree
Yeorg's wife, and Gaeriel's aunt (TB)

Captison, Yeorg
this man, a native of the planet Bakura, served as the Bakuran Prime Minister at the height of the New Order, and was Gaeriel's uncle. As a child, his parents had chosen him to carry the Bowl, while his brother, Dol, was given the Feather. Yoerg renounced his religion in anger, and struggled out his own life. While attending the university in Salis D'aar, he met Tiree. The two fell in love and were married, and Yeorg won a seat on the Bakuran senate shortly afterward. He served on the senate for thirty years before assuming the position of Prime Minister. When the Empire nationalized Bakura, Yeorg found himself supporting the Alliance. (TB, TBSB)

this was the name of the small, backup ship purchased by the bounty hunter Bossk, in the unlikely event he ever lost the services of the Hound's Tooth. (NEGC)

an Imperial prison facility, Captivity is a hostile moon whose violent weather and magnetic storms quell even the harshest spirits. The moon is perpetually covered with thick clouds, and the moon's surface is a mixture of towering peaks and jagged rock formations. It is located in the Grehollo System. (RC)

Capture Beast
this bio-engineered creature was used by the Yuuzhan Vong to round up prisoners and captives in such a way that they were relatively unharmed. The capture beast resembled a 200-meter-long, segmented caterpillar, and it moved about on one hundred pairs of sucker-tipped legs. The sucker tips were used to grasp their quarry and herd them into a specific location, where the capture beast then used its mouth to grab its own tail, creating a living perimeter that was nearly impossible to escape. If a being did try to climb up and over the capture beast's four-meter-tall body, they were simply grabbed by a leg sucker and deposited back on the ground. (NJOSB)

Capture Cable
this device is used by bounty hunters and law enforcement agencies. Sometimes called a smart cable, the flexible cord with a weighted end is shot from a launcher. The weight shoots past its target and returns, and the kinetic motion causes it to wrap the extended cable around the target. (CCG7)

Capture Droid
similar in most respects to seekers, capture droids are small, repulsor-equipped automata which were dispatched to take down fugitives and outlaws. They had powerful stun rifles built into their carapace, and heavy lifting claws to grip and carry a downed target back to its base. Capture droids tracked their quarry by scent, heat, and sight, and could operate in day or night. (E1A8)

Capture Permit
this certificate was sometimes required, in addition to an Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate, to legally capture an individual wanted in a bounty posting. (GG9)

Capucot, Tybert
this Imperial Navy Captain was in command of the Assessor when it intercepted Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon. (RD)

this planet, located within the Velcar Free Commerce Zone, was a lush, tropical world. It was the home of the Commerce Master Commissioner Gregor Raquoran. (SWJ3)

C'ar L'andara
this Twi'leki female once served as a dancing girl for Moff Julstan of Arkanis Sector, before she was captured by Talas Piran. Piran, however, decided that she would be more useful to him than to the Empire, and placed her in charge of the Ryloth-based slaving teams which worked for the Mytaranor Slaving Council. (AIR)

the leaves of this plant were harvested and dried to create a kind of tobacco. (DFR)

Carababba tabac
this was the name used for the dried leaves of the carababba plant, which were rolled and sealed for smoking. (DFR)

a large creature native to Toola, the caraboose is a food source for the Whiphid race. It is favored slightly over the motmot in that it is easier to bring down, but a single caraboose provides much less that a motmot. The average caraboose stands about 2 meters at the shoulder, and is armed with a set of antlers that it can use to slash an attacker. (GG4, SWJ10)

this is the name of the green, chitinous surface of the Verpine body. It is composed of a thin layer of protein that deflects most slashing or stabbing attacks, and can even deflect low-powered blaster bolts. (GG4)

this crisp leaves of this lettuce-like plant were used in salads. (GFT)

Caramm V
this planet was ravaged during the Clone Wars, although not from any battle between the Grand Army of the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Rather, the planet was attacked by its own ruler, Ado Eemon, who usurped HMP droid gunships from the factories on the planet to bomb the holdings of his rivals. His jealous desire to eliminate all potential threats to his position led him to destroy large portions of Caramm V's beautiful landscape, reducing much of the planet to blasted wastes. (X3)

this lavender-skinned, female Twi'lek inhabited the criminal underworld of the Cularin System during the height of the Clone Wars. In public places, Caranna seemed to be a very talkative woman, and many considered her prattle to be quite annoying. She was chosen by Tendin Vought - a.k.a., Razor - to assist him on his mission to hunt down Nirama. Underneath her babbling exterior, Caranna was considered one of the galaxy's best bounty hunters, which was the main reason that Razor decided to work with her. While Vought negotiated with their droid employers for a new starship, additional melee weapons, and a protective suit of armor, Caranna pretended to simply hold his hands and pat them with her own. He was unprepared for Caranna's treachery, though, when she poisoned him with a mild toxin during the negotiations with their employers. She left Vought's inert form behind, and set out on the mission alone. (LFCW)

Carantar, Ray
this small-time smuggler made his home on the planet Marotan. Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, he agreed to help an Alliance team infiltrate the planet Sevarcos and rescue Carter Escalon from the Imperial prison on Sevarcos. He allowed the Alliance agents to act as his servants and crew during the Festival of the High Winds, helping him compete in the wind-rider race. However, Carantar made it clear that he had no sympathy for the Alliance, and made the offer just to make a few extra credits. A large, bald man with several tattooes across his hairless skull, Carantar spent a great deal of credits trying to get invited to the Festival of the High Winds. (SWJ12)

one of the vacuum-breathing lifeforms found in the ThonBoka, the carapace creature provided a food-source for the Oswaft. (LCS)

this organic extension of the planet Zonama Sekot resembled a huge insect. They had flat, segmented bodies, and each segment had three legs. A seventh leg extended from the front of the main segment. A pair of chitinous horns surrounded the seventh leg, and were used for lifting heavy loads. Their bodies were a mottled collection of red, black and green patches, and some of the larger carapods were given mechanical implants to help them do more heavy labor. The Ferroans who worked to create Sekotan starships used the carapods as beasts of burden, employing them to transport the growing seed-partners, their masters, organic and high-tech materials to the forging and annealing pits. The carapods were mildly intelligent, and could react to simple commands from their riders. Their hides were formed from a variety of metallic elements, and glittering strangely in the light. (RP, FH3)

this was the name of a star cruiser design developed by Lorian Nod, during his education at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, some 68 years before the Clone Wars. He built the original as a model, but told his friends that one day he would travel the galaxy in the fully-built ship. (LOJ)

this was the name of the corporation established by Lorian Nod, to cover the illegitimate actions he planned against the Old Republic and the Jedi Knights. The corporation was named after the starship Lorian had once hoped to build, during his time as a student at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant more than sixty years before the onset of the Clone Wars. (LOJ)

this was the name of Mungo Baobab's personal freighter. This ship was briefly stolen by Governor Koong, after Mungo was captured in the Cloak of the Sith. (DCAR, WOTC, SWDB, GORW)

Carba Asteroid Belt
this debris field was located in the Bacrana System, between the planets Bacrana and Tomik. Its proximity to Bacrana made it the perfect staging point for rebel activity during the Galactic Civil War, but the Empire patrolled it regularly in order to minimize the threat. (FBS)

Carbanti United Electronics
manufacturers of shipboard sensor systems, Carbanti was one of the few major galactic corporations that survived without major diversification. Their only foray into another line of business came during the Galactic Civil War, when they reverse-engineered their own products to create anti-detection and evasion packages, such as electromagnetic countermeasures. They took advantage of the general fear of the Empire and sold these new systems to the huge market made up of smugglers, mercenaries, and the Alliance. (DFR, SCRE, EGW, NEGW)

one of the ancient Senex Houses. (COJ)

Carbinol, Verus
this incompetent man was promoted to be the Imperial Governor of the planet Garnib, during the height of the New Order. He hated water, he hated ice, and he hated the cheerfulness of the Balinaka. However, he overcame these things in order to reap the benefits realized from the taxation of the sale of Garnib Crystals. (GMS, PG1)

this incredbily dense, durable form of carbon-laced ceramic was used in the creation of energy-collecting windmill blade, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (E3N)

Carbon Flush
this phrase was used as a vulgar expression, denoting an individual's extreme displeasure with a situation. (EOV, GMR8)

Carbon Freeze Gun
this unusual weapon was developed during the early years of the New Republic, when it became popular among crimelords to freeze their enemies in carbonite. The carbon freeze gun was essentially a spray tube that would cover a target with liquid carbonite. The carbonite would freeze shortly after hitting the atmosphere, encasing the target in a thin layer of solid material. (MOTS)

Carbon Glass
this tough, resilient material is used to create transparent partitions. (TA)

Carbon Rope
an especially strong rope used in climbing. (DOD)

Carbon Scoring
this is the by-product of blaster bolts which strike metal surfaces on starfighters and other devices. In firefights, carbon scoring builds up on metals and interferes with internal systems. (SW, GMH)

Carbon-freezing Chamber
a specialized chamber which preserves Tibanna gas for transport by freexing it inside carbonite. Lando Calrissian had one on his Cloud City mining colony. The Tibanna gas is first pumped into the chamber, and then mixed with molten carbonite. This mixture is then frozen, which traps the gas inside the block of carbonite until it is released in a reversal process. The process has often been used on living beings, as a form of torture or retribution. Darth Vader was going to use Calrissian's chamber to freeze Luke Skywalker for transport to the Emperor on Coruscant, and had Han Solo test-frozen first. If properly frozen, a living being goes into a state of hybernation until the carbonite is melted. (ESB, ROTJ)

Carbon-Ice Drive
this technology was developed by the Adarians. It is also known as the comet computer, since the system's primary components are made from supercooled, carbon-laced ice taken from comets. The Adarians use the frozen crystals of water and carbon to create the hardware and wiring used in their computer systems. The components are kept in super-cold conditions, and subtle changes in temperature are used to program the system. The Adarians have adapted their carbon-ice systems to monitor their starship systems, which are capable of hyperspace travel. The system has certain limitations, the largest of which is its size. Carbon-ice computer and hyperdrive systems can easily measure 200 meters across. Despite their limitations, carbon-ice systems are extremely powerful. (GG12)

a strong metal alloy used to preserve tibanna gas and other valuable materials, carbonite was a densly-interlaced matrix of carbon and tibanna atoms. Experimentation - mainly by disgruntled crimelords - revealed that carbonite could also preserve a living body, maintaining it a state of hibernation until the carbonite could be removed. The encased being often experienced hibernation sickness when extracted, although a being left for too long usually died from malnutrition. Note that Zorba The Hutt's Revenge indicates that carbonite was made from Tibanna gas at Bespin, although Dark Lords of the Sith indicates that carbonite was the chief export of the Empress Teta System. Zorba the Hutt's Revenge also lists carbonite as a source of fuel. (ESB, DLS, JS, COTF, ZHR, MBS)

Carbonite Constriction Net
a capture device that is shot from a specialized launcher. The net consists of a mesh of carbonite fibers attached to a number of carbonite spikes. When the net is shot at a target, the spikes deploy and spread the netting. The netting binds the target as the spikes continue at high speeds to impact a wall or other solid object behind the target. The spikes imbed themselves in the wall, drawing the net closer around the target. (DRO)

Carbonite Guilds
this ancient order of carbonite miners and distributors held great sway in the Empress Teta System before the Great Sith War. Their ranks were decimated by the atrocities performed by the Krath. (DLS)

Carbonite Inserts
a starship component. (DE2)

Carbonite Pipeline
see Koros Trunk Line (PH)

Carbonite Projector
this device was one of the original versions of the carbon freeze gun, first produced some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. (KOTOR)

Carbonite Run
this smuggling run was mapped durnig the height of the New Order, when smugglers began bypassing Imperial control of the carbonite mines in the Empress Teta System. Originating on Empress Teta, the Carbonite Run traveled past Primus Goluud along the Daragon Trail to Vulpter. On Vulpter, the Alliance established a secret base to offload the carbonite for distribution to the rest of the galaxy. (PH)

Carbonite Rush
this was the name used by historians to describe the era of history some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War, during which the Empress Teta System was tapped for its huge deposits of carbonite by the Mining Guild and other groups. It was said that there was so much carbonite to move that the Mining Guild couldn't hire enough freighters to move it along the Koros Trunk Line to Coruscant. Because the Koros Trunk Line provided the only safe hyperspace travel route from Empress Teta to Coruscant, it became known as the Carbonite Pipeline. (PH)

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