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Circarpous XIV
the fourteenth planet in the Circarpous system was home to an early Alliance outpost base. (SME)

Circarpousian Swamp Fly
a small insect native to the swamps of Circarpous V. (GOF9)

Circarpousian Water Snake
a large snake native to the swamps of Circarpous V. (GOF7)

Circle of Elders
this was the name of the governing body of the Order of the Sacred Circle. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the members of the order voted to revoke the power held by the Circle of Elders. Under the influence of Darth Vader, the members voted to allow sister Domina Tagge to serve as the Order's High Priestess. This was all part of Domina's plans to eliminate Luke Skywalker and the Alliance, in order to avenge the deaths of her brothers, Orman and Silas. However, when Orman appeared on Monastery and was killed by young Skywalker, she found her plans in tatters. Domina relinquished her position as High Priestess, returning control of the Order to the Elders. The Circle of Elders then voted to support the Alliance in the Galactic Civil War. (MC36, MC37)

Circle of Jedi Healers
this was the name given to the sub-order of Jedi Knights who practiced the healing arts, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (SWDB)

Circle of Kavaan
this was one of the most sacred places found on the planet Shalyvane, located near the ruins of Chinshassa. According to the story provided by Shira Brie, the human natives of Shalyvane regularly let a few drops of the blood fall on the stones of the circle, in remembrance of those family members killed in the civil strife which tore the planet apart. In reality, it was the Em'liy who made blood sacrifices within the Circle of Kavaan, offering their blood to the god Kavaan to ensure that the sun always rose and set each day. In the decade before the Galactic Civil War, the human natives of Shalyvane accepted an offer of peace from the Em'liy, the original sentient race which wandered the planet. A celebration was to take place in the Circle of Kavaan, but Imperial forces swept from space and bombarded the Circle of Kavaan during their attack on Chinshassa. The Em'liy nomads had given the Empire information on the humans' support of the Alliance, and the two sides were forever set against each other. Luke Skywalker later learned from G'hinji that most of this was untrue. The only thing which had any basis in reality was the Imperial bombardment of Chinshassa, as part of the cover-up to support Shira's story. (LTA3, MC60, MC62, UANT, GMR1)

Circle of Rest
this courtyard was constructed by the Killiks who were relocated to the planet Woteba. It was located near the Garden Hall, and provided a place where individuals could walk around and take in the natural beauty of the nearby marshlands. The Circle itself was framed by four egg-shaped stones, arranged in a semi-circle the opened onto a pathway leading to the Garden Hall. Each of the monoliths had a small fountain at the top that allowed water to cascade over the sides, making the entire Circle of rest into a walk-in fountain. Each stone was carved with the image of child-like Joiner or a Killik larvae, giving the entire Circle of Rest an oddly eerie but comforting feeling. (DN2)

Circle of Twelve
this was term used by Emperor Palpatine to describe his twelve Grand Admirals. (SWI66)

Circle Park
as its name implies, this was a circular park which was located at the heart of Tasariq City, on the planet Tasariq, during the height of the New Order. (SWJ15)

Circle Route
this pathway through the deserts of Tatooine connected Mos Eisley and Anchorhead, and avoided the outskirts of the Jundland Wastes. (SWTJ)

each of the primary social castes of the Nagai race was placed into a Circle, with membership being determined by birth. Within each Circle were several Sub-circles, and individuals could move upward through the Sub-circles during ritualized combat. The system of Circles was briefly abandoned during the Tof invasion of Nagi, as members of all social castes worked together to drive off a common enemy. In the aftermath of the Tof invasion, many Nagai lobbied to remove the system of Circles all together. (GMR1)

Circuitry Commando
this was Alliance soldier slang for any resistance member or freedom fighter skilled in the use of computers and electronics. (TBSB)

Circulation Network
known as the Circ, this was the collection of tubes and tunnels which links the capital city of Rhire with other locations on the planet Rhinnal. Use of the Circ allowed the Rhinnalians to avoid much of the planet's ahrsh weather. (CCW)

this ring-shaped, artificial planetoid was inhabited by the Shell Hutts, who ran their criminal operations from a base on the world's surface. (MA)

Circus Horrificus
this travelling menagerie displayed various exotic creatures throughout the galaxy. Malakili spent a good deal of time working for the Circus Horrificus before Bib Fortuna and Bidlo Kwerve had him waylayed under Jabba the Hutt's name. They had heard of Malakili's abilities to handler strange and dangerous alien creatures, and wanted him to handle the rancor they were going to present to Jabba. (TJP)

Cirenian Communications
this communications manufacturer produced several portable message transceivers, during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

this star was the central body of the Cirius System, which included the planet Caamas. (WOTC)

Cirius System
this star system included the planet Caamas. (WOTC)

Ciro, Keleman
one of Kaiya Adrimetrum's contemporaries in the Alliance, Ciro was the Captain of the FarStar during its early mission into the Kathol Sector. A native of the planet Dolomar, Ciro believed Kaiya was too aggressive. However, after Ciro was captured and reporting missing in action, it was Adrimetrum who was promoted to fill his command. Ciro was taken by Moff Sarne to the Q'Maere Research Facility, where he was severely tortured and interrogated over several weeks. It was then that the crew of the FarStar came to Q'Maere looking to restock its food stores. Kelemon was rescued, but was confined to sickbay until his injuries could heal. Unfortunately for the crew of the FarStar, Kelemon never recovered, and he died just before the discovery of the planet Kathol. (DARK, KO, KR, E)

Ciro, Noell
this man was the younger brother of Keleman Ciro, and served as a strafighter pilot in the New Republic military. A native of Dolomar, Noell was an accomplished swoop racer who was stationed at the Sluis Van Outer Starfighter Base. He was later assigned as an X-Wing pilot during the assault on Kal'Shebbol, joining the crew of the FarStar to serve with his brother during the initial stage of the search for Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne. Unfortunately for Kelemon, though, Noell was killed in action shortly after the mission started. During the FarStar's efforts to provide relief to the planet Kolatill, Noell found himself in battle with a group of Imperial TIE Bombers, and gave his life to ensure that the refugees on Kolatill were freed from Imperial control. (DARK)

Cirque Glacier
this immense glacier was located on the planet Hoth, just south of the Lanteel Glacier. Both glaciers fed into the Nev Ice Flow. (IWST)

this Aramandi akia, or clan, was known for its aggressiveness and combat skills. (SSR)

Cirra Mace
this ancient, ceremonial weapon was the primary icon of the Cirra akia of the Aramandi. The mace was stolen during the early years of the New Order by a Seela. The thief was caught, but the mace was never recovered. It was said to have been put up for auction on Genesia, and purchased by a Nalroni merchant, but no evidence was ever found by Cirra warriors. (SWJ14)

Cirra System
this planetary system, located in Brak Sector, was located in the restricted Aramand Cluster. (FBS)

this is the name given to the thick, pearlescent microcrystals found in the atmosphere of Monor II. Billions of these microcrystals can be found in a single cubic meter of air, and breathing them is hazardous to most races because it shreds the delicate tissues of the lungs. The native Sunesi have evolved the ability to breathe it, and it plays a large part in the change from young Sunesi to adulthood. Juveniles of the species cannot survive long without it in their atmosphere, and require it in order to create the protective coccoons used during their metamorphosize into adults. The cirrifog was found to be useful in certain applications during the early days of the New Order, shortly after Eujustus Kline discovered it. The Empire began mining the microcrystals, and extracted so much of them that the juvenile Sunesi were threatened. Agapos the Ninth spoke out against the Empire, and was condemned to death. (SWJ10)

Cirrilla, Devton
this man was an official of the Empire's Ubiqtorate division. At the height of the New Order, he worked under the alias of Carill Benton, serving as the CEO of Data Equity Management, Incorporated. He used his position within DEMi to obtain vital, confidential corporate information from within Tapani Sector. (LOE)

this temperate planet orbited a pair of suns, but was far enough away from the center of the system that it remained temperate. Much of the planet was covered with oceans of golden water, which seemed to burn with an internal fire during the twin settings of the suns. The sky, because of the additional sunlight and reflected light from the oceans, was a pale yellow in color. Cirrus was orbited by a single moon. (SOJ)

Cirrus Colonies Incorporated
this corporation produced a wide range of prefabricated buildings and construction materials for use by settlers and explorers. Their products were known to be inexpensive and extremely durable, and simple to set up and install. Many of their structures cam equipped with particle shields which helped protect them in hostile environments. (SSR)

Cirus II
Tem Chesko's cargo hauler was built on this planet. (SWG3)

CIS Shadowfeed
this was the newsfeed which supplied information to the members of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, during the height of the Clone Wars. It was produced in stark contrast to the Old Republic's HoloNet News, and often showed a much different viewpoint on the events of the Clone Wars. (SWI66)

this Ryn tried to bum a ride to the planet Rhinnal from Han Solo and Roa, while they were on the Jubilee Wheel space station searching for Reck Desh. (HT)

a group of Alliance freighters assigned to pick up the materiel and Mon Calamari slaves rescued from the Star Destroyer Warrior. (XW)

Citadel Inquisitorious
this towering, black-stone building was located on the planet Prakith, and served as the base of operations for the Inquisitors who worked for Emperor Palpatine during the era of the New Order. Although outwardly religious in appearance, the Citadel was filled with various torture devices and detention areas where potential Jedi and other Force-sensitive beings were held for interrogation. The natives of Prakith claim that the screams of the Jedi echoed from the Citadel. (PH)

Citadel of B'omarr
this was a name used by some to denote Jabba the Hutt's palace, located in the wastes of Tatooine. It was given this name because it was originally built by the B'omarr monks. (TJT)

Citadel Station
this space station was erected by a group of Ithorians in orbit around the planet Telos, in the wake of the Great Sith War. The Ithorians were on Telos to assist in the restoration efforts aimed at repairing the damage done to Telos' ecosystem during a Sith bombardment of the planet. The immense Citadel Station moved over the surface of the planet, monitoring the various recovery zones that were helping to bring Telos back to life. (LAWS)

Citadel, The
a ruin in Plawal, on Belsavis. (COJ)

Citadel, The
this was the name given to the immense structure which served as the seat of power of the Yuuzhan Vong' Supreme Overlord, Shimrra, after the alien invaders captured and reformed the planet Coruscant. The Citadel was, in actuality, an immense worldship which had been constructed in such a way as to land in a specialized receiver that connected it to the planet's surface. Since the Citadel was mobile, Shimrra could move across the planet's surface without ever having to leave its confines. The Citadel's primary location was situated in the Well of the World Brain, on what used to be the most populous sectors of Coruscant. When on the ground, the Citadel rose from a yorik coral base and was virtually impregnable. However, should the need for escape arise, the entire bulk of The Citadel could disengage itself from the Well of the World brain and flee into space. (UF)

Citadel-class Cruiser
this was a form of civilian transport craft which was popular during the last years of the Old Republic. The most noted version was the ILH-KK Cruiser developed by Koensayr. Despite the obvious difference in size, the Citadel-class cruiser had many design similarities to the Y-Wing snubfighter, especially in the shape of its cockpit. (WOTC, TCG8)

Cith Sninif
this was one of the New Republic agents who was injured by Talak, during the theft of meleenium from the Qua'Tahc mines by Rani Quanic and Ostan Atur. (SWJ10)

Citizen Service Corps
this was the name of the bureaucratic, officious, local police force that controls the planet Teyr. The CSC heavily favored locals over offworlders in the disputes they handled. (SOL)

Citizens Against Unrest
this civilian organization was formed as a propaganda vehicle for the Empire. (SWJ11)

Citizen's Council
this governmental body was once in a position of leadership on the planet Dodz, until Governor Kugg took control of the planet. During Kugg's reign the Citizen's Council held very little real power, except when Kugg needed them to enact another tax increase. The Council was forced to heed Kugg's demands because of the threat of physical damage or death at the hands of Kugg's droid, the Destroyer. (MDCAR)

Citizens' Resistance
this was the name given to the underground resistance movement that grew on the planet Romin, during the reign of dictator Roy Teda, several years before the Battle of Geonosis. Led by Joylin, the Citizens' Resistance grew swiftly, until it was able to gain the help of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Siri Tachi, and their apprentices, Anakin Skywalker and Ferus Olin. The Jedi were on Romin in the guise of the Slams, and helped steal security and access codes from Teda's palace to help the resistance eliminate the security droids and launch their revolution. Although it was supposed to be a bloodless coup, the years of being forced to live in squalor led the rebels to launch an all-out attack on the wealthy natives of Eliior. In one night, the Citizens' Resistance managed to destroy the Security Management Control and take possession of Teda's palace. (JQ8)

Citros Snow Cake
a tasty pastry. (SOP)

City Bigspace
this immense concourse was established in the city of Otoh Gunga, on the planet Naboo, under the direction of Boss Nass. (SWDB)

City Bigspace Refreshment Bubble
this bubble building was part of the city of Otoh Gunga, on the planet Naboo, and provided a wide variety of restaurants and refreshment vendors. Originally commissioned by Boss Nass, City Bigspace was designed to impress visiting dignitaries and tourists. (IWE1)

City Boss
this was the title given tot he leader of the government of Belgar, the capital city of the planet Belgaroth. The orders issued by the City Boss were viewed by most Belgarians as mere suggestions, and the government of the city was sometimes described as benevolent anarchy. (CCW)

City Eater
this was another name for the Imperial World Devastator. (NEGW)

City of Ashes
this was another name for the city of Ranadaast, on the planet Duro. (GMR2)

City of Bone
a mysterious city found on the planet Mandalore, the City of Bone served as the base of operations for the slavers who controlled the planet during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The city itself was formed form the immense skeleton of a long-dead mythosaur, with buildings and chambers carved from the bones themselves. (MC69)

City of Glass
a song written and played by Annadale Fayde. It was first released as part of the compilation Darkness on the Land, and has been rated scarlet by the Imperial Board of Culture. (GG9)

City of Glowing Crystal
see Calius saj Leeloo (TLC)

this was the name used by the urban planners of the planet Brentaal to describe major urban subsections of the planet. Each cityblock was designated with a letter of the Aurebesh and a number, corresponding to the cityblock's location on a pre-set grid. (FOP)

this was the name used by the urban planners on Brentaal to describe the roads used to navigate through cityblocks. Citypaths carried more foot traffic than standard routes. (FOP)

Ciuray Sea
this was one of a handful of septic seas found on the planet Metellos. Its coastline ran along the boundaries of the Moridebo District, whose inhabitants referred to the sea as the Slurry Sea. Its waters were an inky black color and stagnant, although the water could be processing into potable water by massive sterilization plants. The Ciuray Sea also served as a dumping grounds for the criminal underworld of Metellos. (CCW)

this planet, the fourth world in the Ciutric System, was the capital world of the Ciutric Hegemony. It was the center of several trade routes between worlds of the Hegemony. It was here that Sate Pestage fled after being labeled a traitor to the Empire by Ysanne Isard. (XWMR, IR)

Ciutric Hegemony
this cluster of star systems and twelve member worlds contained the world Ciutric. The Hegemony was the holding of Sate Pestage during the years of the New Order, and he fled to Ciutric after Ysanne Isard began to assert control over the Empire. Pestage was murdered on Ciutric by Prince-Admiral Krennel, who took control of the Hegemony for himself and established the title of Prince-Admiral. (IR)

this was a common female name given to Sullustan females. It meant "dancing" in the Sullustan language. (GCG)

Civilian Battle Award
this medal of honor was given by the Alliance to those non-military personnel who performed above and beyond the call of duty, in the assistance of the Alliance's war effort. (XWA)

Civilian Service Personnel
this was the name given to those humans who were conscripted in the Imperial armed forces whenever the Empire subjugated a planet. (SWJ13)

Civilized Authority
this was the name of the totalitarian government of the planet Apsolon, before civil war eventually led to the formation of the Unified Legislature. (TTB)

Civilized, The
this was the name of the prosperous minority of the planet Apsolon, before the election of a single planetary leader united the population. They controlled the Workers through the use of a secret piloce force known as the Absolutes, until the Workers began rebelling through a series of industrial sabotage actions. With the help of the Jedi Knights, the natives of Apsolon were able to unite under the leadership of Ewane. Many of the Civilized blamed the Jedi for the election of a Worker, and refused to acknowledge the authority of the Jedi. (TTB)

this small city was located in the western Doaba Badlands, on the planet Socorro. Named for an Old Corellian greeting, it was built within a thick wall, meant to keep out the Bharhulai bandits who raided the frontier city from their tribal lands 115 kilometers to the north. (BSS)

this was an Old Corellian greeting which meant, "you are wearing the road well." In more modern days, the greeting was meant to indicate that the receipient's reputation had preceded them, and that they seemed to be doing well for themselves. (BSS)

Ck3 Cryocooler
this was the MerrSonn CryoCooler heat dissipation unit used on the original EWHB-10 heavy repeating blaster. (NEGW)

this ancient protocol droid was assigned to Korren Starchaser's scouting team by the New Republic. CKO-171 was reactivated shortly after the Battle of Endor, and his programming and databanks were well out of date. Lacking the proper resources, the Republic simply turned CKO-171 on and sent him out into the field. This resulted in a huge gap in the droid's knowledge banks, which lacked information from the fifty years preceeding the Battle of Endor. Equipped with AutoTerrain treads, CKO-171 rolled about instead of walking, and showed open disdain for newer 3PO-series protocol droids. (SWJ6)

Ckratar Crafts
this minor starship manufacturer was noted for the production of the Venturer-class freighter. (AIR)

an old-model Koensayr hyperdrive motivator unit. (EGV)

this was Frei-Tek's version of the anti-starfighter cluster trap. (EGW)

produced by AccuTronics, this communication device allowed the owner of a droid to provide remote instructions to the droid. The user had a headset that contained a small display and a microphone, while the droid was installed with a tiny camera and a command module. (GFT)

this was the designation of one of the many clone troopers dispatched to rescue Jedi masters Mace Windu and Depa Billaba from Haruun Kal, some six months after the Battle of Geonosis. He served as the second Lieutenant aboard the lander that delivered trooper CT-6/774 to the rescue mission. (SS2)

this is a model of Ubrikkian landspeeder. (FOP)

Claatuvac Guild
this long-standing brotherhood of Wookiee explorers and cartographers spent centuries surveying the galaxy and cataloguing hyperspace travel routes, during the Old Republic. The archives of the Claatuvac Guild go back millennia, and were believed to contain near-mythical spacelanes and long-lost routes that the Old Republic itself either didn't know about or had forgotten. Because of this knowledge, the Confederacy of Independent Systems wanted to subjugate the planet Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars, in an effort to obtain the information in the Claatuvac archives and use it to harass the Republic's fleet movements and gain control of the galaxy's trade and communications pathways. It was later learned that Chewbacca had spent several years as a Claatuvac cartographer, planning hyperspace routes throughout the galaxy. (X3)

this legendary Mugaari space pirate and smuggler was described as one of the meanest criminals of his generation, during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Sector Rangers who pursued him recognized that Clabburn would kill beings just to see them die. A hairy humanoid with oily green skin, Clabburn managed to ambush the Malachite Scent, the starship of a wealthy Shistavanen noble and looted its holds, an act of piracy that made him exceptionally rich. Rather than retiring, he hid out in the Hoth asteroid belt, continuing to lie in wait for ships to fly close enough to ambush. He was never found, because he kept hopping around the asteroid field, relocating his base and hiding until he could strike again. Clabburn was known to leave a space slug living in his abandoned bases, further eliminating any pursuit. He disappeared during the last years of the Old Republic, although many law enforcement officers knew it was only a matter of time before he reappeared. When he did, however, no one assumed it would be in a partnership with the Mon Calamari pirate Salmakk, nor was it anticipated that the pair would be under the employment of Figg Excavation. In many respects, this was correct, as the smuggler who joined forces with Salmakk was actually Clabburn the Younger, Clabburn's own son. Clabburn the Elder, as he became known, remained in hiding during the Galactic Civil War, apparently enjoying his fortune and watching his son grow more powerful. (ISU, WOA34)

Clabburn Range
this long range of mountains was located on the planet Hoth, just south of the Nev Ice Flow. The two main entrances to the Alliance's Echo Base were located on the north and south sides of the Clabburn Range. (IWST)

Clabburn the Elder
see Clabburn (WOA34)

Clabburn the Younger
this Mugaari pirate took over his father's operations during the height of the New Order, but went simply by the name Clabburn to cultivate a mystique based on his father's deeds. This suited Clabburn the Elder just fine, although he never emerged from hiding to actually say it. Clabburn the Younger was similar in appearance to his father, but his face and body had much more scarring that his father's, indicating that he had worked hard to earn his place as Clabburn the Elder's successor. In fact, Clabburn the Younger was missing the lower half of his left arm. In his position, Clabburn the Younger was hired by Figg Excavations to work with Salmakk during the height of the Galactic Civil War, in an effort make it appear as if FiggEx was suffering from piracy. If successful, the plan would allow FiggEx to break out of the Mining Guild and establish its own regulations. Salmakk and Clabburn were eventually apprehended and questioned about their activities, but were later released in exchange for information on their contacts within FiggEx. (WOA34)

Clacis Sector
this area of the galaxy was controlled by the Empire during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. (AIR)

this was a term used by the Sullust race to indicate brothers of the same clan or family. (MBS)

this Core planet was the site of an exclusive prep school for the children of rich aristocrats. The school was run by COMPNOR, but it still had a cell of Alliance supporters. (CRO)

an Alliance escort shuttle group destroyed during the capture of Imperial outpost D-34 following the Battle of Hoth. (TIE)

Clafdatha, Mordaph
a Captain in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War, he was ordered by Darth Vader to create a detailed report on the various Alliance starfighters' strengths and weaknesses. Along with Jord Krass, Clafdatha created document number V492771R225Y. (XW)

Claim Beacon
this form of satellite is used by scouts and explorers to mark the location of worlds they discover. It broadcasts a message of ownership to anyone who comes into the system, thereby marking it as claimed. Many unscrupulous scouts will search out these beacons and disable them, replacing another scout's beacon with their own. Many paranoid scouts will place a thermal detonator inside their beacons, which will be triggered if another scout tries to deactivate it. (GG8)

this man was Callista Ming's uncle, who lived on Chad III during the last years of the Old Republic. (COJ)

Claing Bush
this thorny bush was found on the moon of Nierport Seven. It produced a type of berry that was often pressed to make claing juice. The thorns of the claing bush were a deep red in color, and grew tall from the trunk. (JQ5)

Claing Juice
this strong, red, alcoholic beverage was fermented on Nierport Seven, from the small berries of the thorny claing bush that grew on the moon's cold surface. (JQ4, JQ5)

Clak Beepbox
a musical instrument developed on Clak'Dor VII by the Bith, and often found in jizz bands. (TCC)

Clak'Dor I
this planet was once the innermost world in the Colu System. However, some 8,000 years before the Galactic Civil War, the star Colu expanded briefly. Clak'Dor I was then consumed by the star. (GORW)

Clak'Dor II
this planet became the innermost world of the Colu System, after the star Colu consumed Clak'Dor I when it expanded, some 8,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Clak'Dor II then became a small world, whose surface was covered with molten rock. (GORW)

Clak'Dor III
this planet became the second world of the Colu System, after the star Colu consumed Clak'Dor I when it expanded, some 8,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Clak'Dor III then became little more than a searing ball of rock. (GORW)

Clak'Dor IV
this planet, located in the Mayagil System, was another world populated by the Bith. Because Clak'Dor I had been destroyed when the star Colu expanded some 8,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, Clak'Dor IV was actually the third planet in the Colu System. It was orbited by a pair of moons. (XWRR, GORW)

Clak'Dor V
this planet became the fourth world of the Colu System, after the star Colu consumed Clak'Dor I when it expanded, some 8,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Clak'Dor V was a gas giant which was orbited by twelve moons. (GORW)

Clak'Dor VI
this planet was once the sixth world in the Colu System. However, many millennia before the Galactic Civil War, the planet was torn asunder in an undocumented event. The rubble of the planet remained locked in orbit around Colu, eventually forming an asteroid belt between Clak'Dor V and Clak'Dor VII. (GORW)

Clak'Dor VII
the homeworld of the Bith race, this planet was once a beautiful world. The Bith, however, nearly destroyed the planet in a chemical war. It was once the seventh planet in the Colu System, in the Mayagil sector, but the destruction of Clak'Dor I and Clak'Dor VI eventually made it the fifth planet. During the build-up to the Clone Wars, the Bith were forced to join the Separatists simply because of the trade concessions they offered the government of Clak'Dor VII to join. (SCRE, GG4, LEV, GORW)

Clak'Dor VIII
this was the joking nickname used by the Bith who lived on Clak'Dor VII to describe Mezhra Station. (GORW)

Clamont, Jakke
this well-known big-game hunter worked as a ranger in an Imperial preserve for many years, but left when he realized that he'd rather kill the animals than protect them. He found employment among the wealthiest Imperials and crimelords who wanted an unusual creature for their private zoos. Instead of hunting animals, which was relatively easy, Jakke captured them alive and returned them to his employer. He would not, however, hunt sentient beings. (HR)

Clan Council
this was the primary Hutt government, during the early years of the New Order. (SWJ7)

Clan Tarnese
this Sakiyan clan was ruined when its patriarch, Tarnese Lyanne, lost everything the clan owned after being double-crossed by Shiltu the Hutt, many years before the Battle of Geonosis. The children of the clan were forced to look for work off-planet, since they were avoided by other Sakiyans. (MBS)

Clancy, Kal
this man was Taryn Clancy's father, a free-trader by nature who spent much of his career away from home. When Taryn was sixteen, he finally allowed her to accompany him aboard his starship, the Lassen. She became a capable pilot, and served as Kal' co-pilot on many runs. Unfortunately, Kal's method of showing his pride in Taryn's performance manifested itself in scathing criticism of her mistakes. Although saddened by her choice to join the Core Courier Service, Kal was never prouder than when his daughter achieved her position as pilot of the Messenger. (SWJ7)

Clancy, Taryn
a member of the Core Courier Service, she was trying to deliver information about a rendezvous location to the New Republic fleet, but was caught on Coruscant during one of the many early battles for the planet. Taryn was the daughter of Kal Clancy, and learned everything she could about flying a starship from him aboard the Lassen. However, Kal's love for his daughter often manifeted itself as criticism, and Taryn finally had to split with her father and go her separate way. She was in command of the courier craft Messenger along with her partner, Del Sato, although the run to Coruscant was only her fourth as commander on the Messenger. She and Del were conscripted to help Jak Bremen reach the cruiser Hope with information vital to the New Republic, despite their own misgivings. After surviving the run, Bremen offered them a chance to join the Republic, but they declined. (TFE, SWJ7)

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