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Cron Cluster
this ancient grouping of stars was located in the Auril Sector. It was amidst six of the original nine Auril Systems. Much of the Cron Cluster was destroyed during the Great Sith War, when Aleema tried to rip the core from one of the stars. She wanted to hurl the star into the midst of an Old Republic fleet, in an effort to destroy the fleet. She succeeded in this, but she also ingnited the remaining stars in the cluster. All ten stars went supernova as a result of the explosion, and formed what was later known as the Cron Drift. The explosion also destroyed three of the Auril Systems, and devastated the planet Ossus. (TSW, GORW)

Cron Drift
this area of the Auril Sector, in close proximity to Nespis VIII, the Adega System, and Carida, was the site of the remnants of a multi-star supernova. Note that Dark Apprentice indicates that the supernova contained four stars, but The Sith War comics say that the supernova engulfed ten stars. During the Great Sith War, Aleema tried to use the Dark Side of the Force to rip the core from one of the stars in the Cron Cluster. She had hoped to destroy the Old Republic fleet that was pursuing the Sith followers, but she hadn't prepared for the possibility of the core igniting all the other solar masses in the Cluster. All of the stars ignited, going supernova at the same instant. Aleema was, of course, killed in the blast, and the Cron Drift was born. The current stars in the system made up six of the original nine Auril Systems. The rest were destroyed in the explosion. Following the genesis of the New Order, Ploovo Two-for-One operated his criminal business from the Cron Drift. Han Solo and Chewbacca also tried to run a clotheslegging operation there, several years before the Battle of Yavin, but it eventually failed. After the New Republic defeated Grand Admiral Thrawn, it was discovered that Terpfen had been 'programmed' to meet the Caridan ambassador Furgan within the Drift. (HSE, HSL, DA, DE2, XW, TSW)

this Dark Jedi was a scientist as well as an adept with the Force. Often referred to as a Mage Lord, Cronal was one of Emperor Palpatine's most gifted Dark Jedi. It was Cronal's "Science of Darkness" that was used to ensure that Force Detectors were capable of identifying Force-sensitive individuals. He attempted to twist the Trailian race into Dark Side monsters via genetic manipulation and Dark Side magic, hoping to bring down the New Republic. His plans were thwarted by a group of New Republic agents, accompanied by Jedi Knights, discovered his castle and defeated him in combat. However, the agents never found his body. Investigation into Cronal's history revealed that he was, during the height of the Galactic Civil War, the Imperial agent known as Blackhole. He was also found to have been the father of the Dark Jedi Sariss. (GMS, OWS, WOTC)

Cronau Radiation
this flash of light precedes any starship that exits from hyperspace. The flash is instantaneous, lasting less than a second but making it obvious that a ship had just exitted hyperspace. (TT)

this planet was the sight of one of Thrawn's last attacks prior to his attack on Coruscant. It was attacked by the Star Destroyer Nemesis in an attempt by Thrawn to draw off the Republic's forces from other engagements, spreading them as thinly as possible. (TLC)

this was the term used to describe the human inhabitants of the Cronese Mandate. (GORW)

Cronese Mandate
this was the first of three sectors which make up the Tion Cluster. Made up of 464 habited worlds including the fourteen worlds of the kingdom of Cron, the Cronese Mandate was ruled by the House of Cron from their holdings on Chandaar. The establishment of the Cronese Mandate occurred shortly after the establishment of the New Order, when the Empire took control of the Tion Hegemony and split it apart. (ML, GORW)

Cronese Sweeps
this era of conquest occurred during the centuries prior to the reign of Xim the Despot, well before the formation of the Old Republic. During this time, the kngdom of Cron expanded its boundaries by sweeping into neighboring star systems and subjugating habitable worlds before they could raise a defense. (GORW)

an Imperial Colonel who survived the death of the Emperor, Cronus was Delvardus' second-in-command. He became the de facto leader of Delvardus' fleet when Daala executed all of the Imperial warlords at Tsoss Beacon. He aligned himself with Daala and Pellaeon after seeing Delvardus' body and a holorecording of the summit. Cronus was a small but well-muscled man, with a full head of black hair. Daala appointed Cronus to be the commanding officer of the 112 Victory-class Star Destroyers she had rounded up following the execution of the warlords. He took the fleet on a galaxy-wide rampage of terror, striking at unprotected worlds and killing countless numbers before splitting up his fleet. He took twenty ships to Yavin 4, to assist Daala in her attack there, while the remainder of his fleet continued its rampage. Cronus was killed at Yavin 4 when a crippled Corellian gunship rammed his Star Destroyer, the 13X, and destroyed it. (DS)

Crooked Tail
a Dulok on Endor, Crooked Tail was a blue-grey colored creature who opposed the rule of king Vulgarr. He had his own ambitions about being king of the Duloks. (AT)

Crop Stubble
this was the term used to describe the lower section of the sargheet plant. Only the upper part of the sargheet was harvested as an edible grain, because the lower section was tough to chew and covered with brlue bristles that could collect in the digestive tract and cause fatal blockages. The flesh of the crop stubble was chopped into a meal that could be fed to domesticated zeles. (SWI76)

this was the Gamorrean name for the fall season on the planet Gamorr, when the wars between clans are brought to a close so that the male boars can return home and begin harvesting their crops. (SWJ14)

this was one of the more powerful tribes of Eickarie found on the planet Kariek, more than 400 years before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. The tribe's leader tried to retain his ancestral lands when two other tribes allied against the Cro-sall-trei, but his people were no match for the combined forces arrayed against them. The tribal leader ordered a retreat from their fortress, but his people were trapped beneath the ground when the enemy tribes sealed off the third watchtower the Cro-sal-trei used as an escape route. The Cro-sal-trei died in the tunnels, and their tribe vanished from Kariek's history. In spite of their easy victory, the two victorious tribes were themselves defeated in battle less than a year afterward. Centuries later, the Warlord would take control of the Cro-sal-trei fortress, unaware that the tunnels beneath the third watchtower were accessible to outsiders. (FB)

Crosear, Gil
this New Republic commando was a native of the planet Dantooine. He joined the New Republic shortly after the Battle of Endor, and showed a surprising aptitude for infiltration exercises. After training with the Special Forces division and earning the rank of Lieutenant, Gil served as Tere Metallo's first mate aboard the StarQuest, and successfully led an infiltration of the Imperial base on Sarahwiee. (SWJ6)

this creature is valued for its hide in the Kathol Outback. The shimmery hides are used to make coats and jackets which were quite fashionable. (VOF)

starfighter pilot slang term for a B-Wing. (IJ)

this was the Imperial Navy slang term for an Alliance X-Wing starfighter. (SWJ10)

Cross Crosslet
this award was presented by the Alliance to those individuals whose actions while under fire far exceeded the normal standards of bravery and valor. In 45% of all cases, the Cross Crosslet was awarded posthumously. The medal itself was a gold cross embossed on a platinum background. (ROE)

Cross-Galactic Mining
this corporation mines the Grillis Asteroid Belt in the Atrig System. It also controls the exporting of kyrf from the planet Korbin. (PG2)

Crossings, The
this was the name used by the Ferroan people, and probably used first by Sekot itself, to dsescribe the intense jumps through hyperspace that the planet Zonama Sekot took in order to remain hidden from the rest of the galaxy. The very first Crossings were hazardous to all life on the planet, and many beings, creatures, and plants were killed due to exposure to hyperspace itself. As Sekot learned what hyperspace was and how to protect itself, it used the lifeforce of Zonama to create organic shields that protected the planet during subsequent Crossings. (FH3)

this tavern was located in Gadrin, on the planet Cularin, during the height of the Clone Wars. The bar was decorated with weapons both real and non-lethal, a sort of memorial to the ways in which the natives of the Cularin System defended themselves over the millennia. A plaque on the wall contained a list of friends of the owners who had died in battle, either in direct defense of Cularin or in the galaxy at large. (LFCW)

Crosstown Line
this monorail line split Estalle Island, on the plnet Procopia. It connected at two points along the Coast Line, allowing for quicker access to certain locations. (LOE)

Crosswind Saloon
this large, two-story building was a bustling restaurant and hotel, located in Storrd Township on the planet Seregar. Even after most of the larger mining operations moved off-planet, the Crosswind Saloon remained a popular place. (ND)

Crost Lib'eyay
this former Bothan spy served as an administrator aboard StarForge Station during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SOG)

this man represented his homeworld of Frego in the Old Republic Senate, some eleven years before the Battle of Naboo. While outwardly the Senator seemed willing to assist Lena Cobral in escaping Frego to testify against the Cobral crime family, Qui-Gon Jinn later found evidence linking Crote to the murder of Rutin Cobral. When the Degarian II was destroyed while on its way to Coruscant - supposedly carrying Lena Cobral and the Jedi - Senator Crote believed that he had finally cleared away any obstacles to the Cobral's power. However, when Lena and the Jedi arrived on Coruscant on a second ship, and testified against him, Senator Crote's career was destroyed. (TOW)

this Bimm expediter worked from a base on the planet Garnib during the height of the Galactic Civil War, linking bounty hunters with prospective clients. It was Crote who provided the Empire with contacts to Nariss Siv Loqesh, during the hunt for Han Solo following the Battle of Hoth. (SWG6)

an alien race. (SWJ5)

this Trandoshan served as the Chief Executive Officer of Revessa Global Shipping, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (HNN5)

this Imperial Moff controlled the planet Valc VII of the Imperial Remnant, following the peace accord made with the New Republic. One of the few females to attain the position of Moff, she was a member of the old school, and believed that the Republic should be left alone when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. However, she began to see that this was a deadly mistake when the Yuuzhan Vong destroyed Bastion and Muunilinst in short order. When Jacen Solo and the Galactic Alliance offered their assistance and a chance to join the fight against the alien invaders, Moff Crowal was one of the few Moffs who saw the logic in the offer. After the Galactic Alliance's intelligence, tactics, and assistance helped defeat the Yuuzhan Vong at the Battle of Borosk, Moff Crowal agreed to provide Luke Skywalker with a wealth of information that her agents had acquired in the rogue planet Zonama Sekot. Moff Crowal also provided one of her best xenoarchaeologists, Doctor Soron Hegerty, to the Jedi mission to assist with making contact with remote civilizations. (DTR, FH1)

this woman, a Master Sergeant in the Old Republic's Army, was sent to the moon of Sulon to help assist the rebels there in their fight against the Empire. She later led the formation and implementation of an Alliance strike force that infiltrated an Imperial plot to destroy Centerpoint Station. The Imperial had hoped to blame the destruction on the Alliance, but Crowley's strike force as able to prevent the explosion from occurring. (SFE, SWGAL)

this was a small, wide-jawed creature which was domesticated by the natives of the planet Ansion. (APS)

Crown Jewels of Alderaan
these wondrous jewels had been in the Royal Family of Alderaan for many generations, until the planet was destroyed by the first Death Star. At the time, they happened to be in the possession of Leia Organa, who kept them safe. Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, Leia decided that the Alliance needed new starfighters more than she needed the jewels. She used them as collateral to secure a loan from the Bank of Aargau, in a brilliant scheme which should have also discredited Darth Vader and the Empire. However, Vader turned the tables on Leia, using her own plans to complete his own. In the endd, Leia obtained the loan, but Vader managed to bribe the Aargauun officials and acquired the Crown Jewels for the Emperor. (MC48)

Crown of Rulership
this was the name of the large hat worn by Boss Nass, and signified his position within the leadership of Otoh Gunga. (IG1)

Crown Pass Road
located on the planet Lucazec, Crown Pass Road connects Big Hill and Jisasu. (BTS)

a native of Bestine, this independent spacer made a living buying and selling R5-series astromechs in the deepest reaches of the Outer Rim Territories, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (FTD)

this independent spacer, based out of Nar Shaddaa during the height of the New Order, had a cargo scanned by a Hound-W2 SPD-series droid. It found contraband in the holds, and earned Croy some time in the brig. (SWJ14)

this Dark Jedi Master discovered the location of the Heart of the Universe and hoped to use it to take control of the galaxy. He secreted the gem away in his tower castle, located inside a barren, cold asteroid. The tower was sealed from the vacuum of space, and was surrounded by a maze of physical and mental traps. Anyone trying to gain access would have to fend their way through random blaster bolts, energy fields, Dark Side creatures, and incredible illusions. Croym lured a group of Alliance agents to his asteroid by making information about the Heart available to them, hoping to discover a Force-sensitive being among them he could twist into as assistant and slave. Unfortunately, the agents managed to see through Croyn's illusions and defeat the maze to recover the Heart. (GMS)

Crozo Industrial Products
this corporation designs and manufactures computer access tools for cyborgs. One of their most popular products is the At-Computer Link. Crozo was one of the few corporations that managed to survive in the field of biocomp research and development, making substantial profits with a relatively small workforce. (CFG, NEGW)

this double star system once consisted of a blue-white supergiant star and its twin, a small yellow star. When the supergiant exploded, it caused two reactions: first, it collapsed onto itself, generating a large black hole; second, it caused the small yellow star to begin crystallizing. The smaller star, which continued to orbit its double, was now being drawn into the black hole and subjected to the hole's intense X-radiation, further hastening its crystallization. When the Empire built Crseih Station nearby, the crystal star was well on its way to being swallowed by the black hole. The intense energy surrounding the system altered the fabric of the Force so radically, that it allowed the anti-Force being Waru to enter the galaxy. The warped Force also affects those with Force-sensitivity, causing them to become listless and suicidal. Luke Skywalker succombed to the intense energies while on the Crseih station. (CS)

Crseih Station
a space station located on the fringes of the galaxy, Crseih is a collection of asteroids connected by tunnels and accessways. It was built by the Empire (under Palpatine's New Order) as a research outpost. It was built near the dying Crseih star system. The goal of the outpost was to discover a method by which the intense forces of the nearby black hole could be harnessed and used as a weapon. The station was placed under the command of Hethrir by Darth Vader, following his appointment to Procurator of Justice. Hethrir added to the station's mission, using it as a prison. Hethrir's cruelty toward his prisoners caused a rift in the Force which, when coupled with the station's proximity to the crystal star, brought the being Waru into the galaxy. When the Empire fell, after the Battle of Endor, it was believed that the station was deserted by the Empire. However, it was only Hethrir who left, biding his time in secrecy until he could build the Empire back up. Waru remained behind, and developed a great following. Hethrir eventually re-surfaced, and used the station as a sales point for his slaves. He later convened the first session of the Empire Reborn there, only to be thwarted by the New Republic. When Waru consumed Hethrir, Waru returned to his own galaxy. The station is a hot, balmy workplace, since the shielding which protects the station from the black hole's intense X-radiation give off tremendous amounts of heat. Since the Imperial influence has left, the remaining residents have developed their own society, much of which is based around the religion of Waru. Following Waru's return to his own galaxy, the station was moved away from the dying Crseih system and now orbits Coruscant. The New Republic arrested all of the Imperial supporters on board. (CS)

this MC80a was part of the Alliance's fleet, during the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was under the command of Dorin Millavec during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (T21)

this Jedi Knight skill allowed the user to transcend physical pain, giving them the ability to overcome tremendous pain and keep moving. (SWI62)

this was one of the most powerful - and most illegal - drugs available on the galactic black market, during the last years of the Old Republic. Many addicts who no longer found any satisfaction is death sticks turned to Crude, consuming capsules to reach new highs. (LEV)

this Gran owned and operated the Paddocks, located within the city of Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. He left his homeworld of Kinyen years before, and spent several years working for the previous owner of the Paddocks before they disppeared. Cruegar then assumed the responsibilities of running the business, and eventually took ownership. Cruegar was an opportunistic salesbeing who made sure that his prices were set to appeal to those moisture farmers and other settlers who couldn't afford a landspeeder or skyhopper, but needed reliable transport. He also bought and sold livestock for use by restaurants, although this aspect of his business was kept secret by both Cruegar and his customers. Cruegar had no qualms about taking in beasts that wander into the area, but he generally returned them to their rightful owners after short negotiations. Any beings who crossed him or otherwise antagonized Cruegar often found their homes or businesses beset by swarms of scurriers, which Cruegar kept in the Paddocks for just such occasions. (GMR7)

this was one of the more common names used by the Gran race. (UANT)

Cruel Kiss
see Kulkis (LFCW)

Crullov City
this was perhaps the most lawless city found on the planet Corulag. Located on the eastern shore of the continent of Resoria, Crullov City originally established as a manufacturing center. However, about a century before the Battle of Yavin, an earthquake destroyed much of the city, reducing its manufacturing facilities to rubble. The officials in Curamelle chose to ignore the city, rather than restore it, leading to rumors of huge payoffs from a Hutt crimelord who wanted to use Crullov City as his base of operations. Whatever the true reason for its existence, Crullov City became the home of most of Corulag's underworld, with smugglers and gangsters using it as a hideout. (CCW)

Crumbling Lands
this was a rocky, arid region of the planet Moorja. The sedimentary rock of the region had been hollowed out over time by underwater streams and rivulets, and is very unstable. The substrata has also been tunneled out by the boring bruwoses that live in the area. (SWJ8)

this popular snack food was produced by enslaved Wookiee children on the planet Kwookrrr. (GMR4)

see Til (CCW)

a small, chirping insect native to Courkrus, and a favored delicacy of Shala the Hutt. (IJ)

this nocturnal flying creature is native to the planet Garos IV. (SWJ4, SWJ12)

one of the two Victory-class Star Destroyers which was deployed to eradicate the Eyttyrmin Batiiv pirates. It was commanded by Zlece Oonaar. (SWSB, IJ)

this was the name of Hamar-Chaktak's personal cruiser. It was armed with four medium ion cannons and a pair of turbolaser cannons. (TSIA)

this was the name given to the prototype XX-777 automated escort frigate developed at Shipyard Lab 6671-X42, by the combined engineering forces of Loronar Corporation and the Corellian Engineering Corporation. (GMR10)

Crustacean Cat
see Xandank (SWGAL)

Voss Parck expected Luke Skywalker and his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker, to rendevous with Aristocra Formbi at this planet, after he sent them a secret message through Talon Karrde's network of informants, three years after the Skywalkers left Nirauan. It was at Crustai that the Chiss commander Formbi planned to meet Luke, to escort him to the remains of the Outbound Flight Project. However, the message was stolen by Dean Jinzler, and so the Skywalkers traveled directly to Nirauan instead. They later learned that Jinzler had posed as an ambassador from the New Republic to gain access to the mission, and that Formbi had met with Jorj Car'das when he picked up Jinzler at Crustai. (SQ)

this Taloron Hunter was known to boast that he had never failed to capture a target, and hated being compared to Boba Fett. This was because many felt Crutag wasn't as skilled as Fett was. Crutag once pursued a group of Alliance agents from Kwenn Space Station to Trinta, hoping to obtain the huge bounties on their heads. Crutag and his mercenary band traveled in the specialized starship Scent of Fear. Once on Trinta, Crutag was sought out by Halagad Ventor. The former Jedi Knight wanted to draw on the dark energies of Crutag's mind, hoping to increase his own connection to the Dark Side of the Force. However, Crutag and his team were defeated by the Alliance agents and eliminated, cutting off Ventor's new link to the Dark Side. (DOE)

Cruva Lenda
this Twi'lek and his partner, Ranso Li, worked for Nirama during the the early years of the New Order. They were dispatched to Nar Shaddaa to negotiate the sale of several used freighters from the Hutt crimelord, Popara. (TF)

this is a nickname for the Cuirilla-Rayl Xylines-class spacetug. (PP, TA)

this Tarasin female served as the Irstat-Kes of the Hiironi tribe, following the sudden death of Meirana and the placement of Dariana as the tribe's Mother. She was a skilled hunter, and would rather have been hunting than leading her tribe. Her reluctance at accepting the position was evident in her decision-making, although she worked hard to get better. (LFC)

this was the name of a noted member of the Tarasin culture. (UANT)

Crying Dawn Singer
this vivid white Shashay was distinguished by his red crest and a splash of red on his chest. He was short for a Shashay, and had a large beak and wide eyes. Unlike most Shashay, Crying Dawn Singer was a free spirit, and didn't fit into their normally-regimented life. He was one of the galaxy's most famous space singers, and traveled through much of Rayter Sector with his entourage performing for Imperial dignitaries. He was one of the few Shashay which were allowed to leave their homeworld by the Nestmothers, since the credits he earned were returned to Crytal Nest to benefit the entire race. During the Galactic Civil War, the Farool brothers kidnapped him on the planet Najarka. They attempted to gain favor in the eyes of the Empire by blaming the kidnapping on the Alliance. Singer was held on the planet Narg, where he was eventually rescued by the Alliance. (TA)

Crying Room
this room was located in the Chateau Malreaux, and named for the fact that it was used by the wives of the Viscounts to bemoan their positions in life. Unknown to many who visited the Chateau, the Crying Room was filled with all manner of surveillance devices, including specialized infrared swtaches woven into the napkins and tablecloths. (YDR)

this small arachnid was native to the planet Neftali, and was known to the locals as the snow spider. They were white in color, which helped them blend into the snowy environment, and they had ten segmented legs. These insects were not considered aggressive, but would bite if provoked, injecting a painful poison that short-circuited a victim's neurological systems. (WSV)

this Nediji word described one of the many colors that were not visible to most humanoid eyes. It was only visible to races like the Nediji, that could see above and below the wavelengths of visible light. (MJH)

named for Arvel Crynyd, the Alliance starfighter pilot who caused the destruction of the Executor in the Battle of Endor, this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was captured by New Republic forces which were protecting the planet Milagro. The Imperial ship was damaged at the time, and limped into the Milagro System. It tried to fight back against the Dreadnaught New Hope, but was unable to defeat the Republic ship. Refitted and renamed the Crynyd, ths ship was made part of the fleet assigned to Han Solo and the Mon Remonda during the hunt for Warlord Zsinj. In the attempt to trap Zsinj at Vahaba, the Crynyd and the Skyhook were assigned to protect the Interdictor cruiser Stellar Web. (SOC, ECH)

Crynyd, Arvel
this Alliance starfighter pilot crashed his A-Wing into the Executor's command bridge during the Battle of Endor. The resulting explosion caused incredible amounts of damage to the Star Destroyer's control systems, and the gravity of the Death Star pulled it to its fiery demise. (EGV)

Cryo Lance
this heavy lance was essentially a polearm that had weighted ends. Each end of the cryo lance contained a small power generator, and a strike at bare flesh caused intense freezing damage. (SWGAL)

a chemical used in battle, it can be launched in a canister-type projectile. When dispersed, it freezes on contact, incapacitating those affected. (ISB)

nickname for the MerrSonn Gk3 heavy weapon heat dissipation unit. (ISB)

Cryo-cycle Statis
this was the name given to a medical technique that temporarily suspended the bodily functions on an injured being. The technique and its associated technology were developed during the final decades of the Old Republic. By literally freezing the body of an injured being, their internal systems could be slowed down to the barest minimum for a short peroid of time. This allowed doctors and surgeons a chance to investigate a problem, or tend to a more needy patients, before returning to the original injuries. This technique was not without its risks, and a patient could only be kept in cryo-stasis for a few hours before the body began to fail due to the effects of freezing. (SWI83)

this substance was used by medical facilities of the Old Republic to freeze cells and tissue samples for later use. The became important during the Clone Wars, as the various organs that were created for transplanting into clone troopers could be shipped and stored in cryogen and transported across the galaxy. (MJH)

Cryogenic Power Cells
shipboard power sources designed to store the energy created by the starship's reactor core. The energy from the reactor is stored in spherical containers at near-absolute-zero temperatures until needed. (SCRE, SWSB)

manufacturers of personal scanning devices, such as the EnhanceScan, CryonCop was founded during the last decades of the Old Republic. In the wake of the Clone Wars, the corporation allied itself with Bail Organa and the Alliance to Restore the Republic. With the destruction of the planet Alderaan, CryonCorp redoubled its efforts to ensure that the Alliance received the technology it needed to survive. The Alliance's victory at the Battle of Endor didn't bring any huge leap in profits for CryonCorp, although the corporation remained one of the New Republic's foremost suppliers of scanning devices and sensor equipment. (CCG9, NEGW)

this was another name for cryo-cycle stasis. (SWI83)

this is the name given to small tubes which can be used to transport chemicals or specimens. The cryovials are surrounded by a freezing agent which is activated with a twist or shake. Once activated, the chemicals reduce the temperature of the vial's contents to the freezing point, allowing them to be transported without fear of spoilage. (CCR)

Crypt Master
this was the title given to the Sullustan individuals who maintained the burial vaults that were established on the planet Sullust. In addition to protecting the crypts, the crypt master presided over tomb-walling ceremonies. (DN2)

Crypt of the Ancients
located in the center of Necropolis' largest cemetary, this huge crypt was supposedly the resting place of the witch Sycorax and her son. The building was heavily carved, with rows of dragon-like faces across the front and a massive iron door at the entrance. (GOF2)

Crypt, The
located deep beneath Coruscant's Imperial Palace, The Crypt was a heavily-secured computer slicing and decoding center during the last decades of the Old Republic. (CCW)

Cryptanalysis Department
this branch of the Old Republic's Office of Analysis was created by Senate Bureau of Intelligence Director Armand Isard during the early stages of the Clone Wars. The Cryptanalysis Department was formed to head off the slicers who were working for the Separatists, cracking into Republic computers and stealing all kinds of information. The Cryptanalysis Department was originally headed by Ilko Deminar. (SWI65)

native to the planet Necropolis, this large red berry is poisonous if consumed by humans and other humanoid species. Evazan used the juice from these berries to poison the subjects he used during Project Starscream. (GOF2)

Crystal Arch
this unusual stone arch, located on the planet Corellia, was formed entirely from crystalline material. (SWGAL)

Crystal Barnacle
these parasites were similar to the oceanic namesakes, but were a crystalline lifeform which could survive in the vacuum of space. Using small claws, crystal barnacles attached themselves to the hulls of starships in drydock, and used a mildly acidic secretion to eat away at the metallic hull. (EGP)

Crystal Cave
located on the planet Ilum, this cave was similar in many respects to the Dark Side cave found on the planet Dagobah. The key difference was that, once a Jedi Padawan completed the test which was laid before him in the cave, the student could obtain an Ilum Crystal for use in their lightsaber. Often, the mouth of the cave was guarded by gorgodons which had climbed the mountain in search of food. Once inside, the Jedi student had to face any number of visions and voices, sometimes experiencing past events or facing their fears before reaching the crystal growths. Once a crystal was harvested, the student had to then meditate and construct their new lightsaber before emerging from the cave. Lining the walls of the cave's length were crued drawings left behind by Jedi students, giving a sort of history of the Jedi. (JQ, WOTC)

Crystal Cave
this was the name of the cave, located on the planet Dantooine many millennia before the Galactic Civil War, that was kept secret by the Jedi Knights of the time. The Cave was located at the southeast end of the Sandral Fields. In this cave, they harvested the basic crystals that were used in the construciton of lightsabers. When the Jedi temple on Dantooine was abandoned, the location of the Crystal Cave was lost. (KOTOR)

Crystal Cloak
this unusual cloak was in the possession of Gracca, on the Forest Moon of Endor, during the early years of the New Order. The Crystal Cloak allowed Gracca to turn any object into a solid shard of crystal. (ECAR)

Crystal Eye
this silvery orb was believed to have been one of the original eyes of the Kreegon beast, which terrorized the Ewoks during the early years of the New Order. The Crystal Eye was kept by Chief Chirpa in a safe place, preventing the Kreegon from reappearing. Morag later tried to steal the Crystal Eye, in an attempt to wipe out the Ewoks and gain power over the Forest Moon of Endor. However, Chirpa tricked Morag into using her magic against the Kreegon, and she destroyed the Eye completely. The destruction of the eye killed the Kreegon once and for all. (MECAR)

Crystal Fern
these silicon-based crystalline formations are strange, transparent growths that are found in some asteroid belts. The best crystal fern specimens have been found in the Hoth asteroid belt, where they have been known grow between neighboring asteroids. The average fern is several meters in height. When conditions are right, they can continue to grow outward, forming tangled webs. The ferns' ability to grow like this, spanning asteroids, has led to theories that the fern is an actual lifeform. The crystal ferns are sought by collectors, scientists, and profit-seekers, although they are incredibly hard to harvest without causing major damage to their structure. (ISU)

Crystal Flats
this region of the planet Mustafar was named for its ground structure, which was formed from the crystalline deposits left behind by ancient lava flows. The Crystal Flats was known to be the home of a particularly aggressive subspecies of Mustafar lava flea. (SWGAL)

Crystal Forest
located on the planet Calipsa, this protected forest was one of the only surviving natural areas on the planet. It encompassed five square kilometers of forest, and protected a variety of unusual plant and animals from throughout the Tapani Sector. (LOE)

Crystal Forests
this was the name of a huge grove of crystalline spires that was located on the planet Goratak III. (SWI80)

Crystal Fuel
developed during the last decades of the Old Republic, crystal fuel was a solid form of fuel that could be carried without the need for speciallized containers. It was engineered to provide maximum power from minimal material, in order to make its production and usage cost-effective. (BF4)

Crystal Gravfield Trap Receptors (CGT)
these sensory devices use a synthetic crystal grid to detect fluctuations in the gravimetric plane. They are very effective, but can be inconclusive if used near a large spacial body, such as a planet. They can also be rigged to reflect sensor scans, and are operable from thousands of kilometers away. (HTTE, TLC, LCSB)

Crystal Image Spinner
this was one of the many devices used by Ewok shamans to discern the future. When spun like a top, the crystal image spinner was believed to provide a shaman with a vision of the near future. (MECAR)

Crystal Jewel
this casino was located in the Southern underground, below the surface of Coruscant, just outside Imperial City. It had changed hands at least fifteen times before it was renamed the Crystal Jewel, and it was the site of the sabacc match in which Han Solo won the planet Dathomir from Omogg the Drackmarian. Under the name Crystal Jewel, it was where Jarril agreed to meet Solo to discuss the strange dealings going on in the Smuggler's Run. They felt the repercussions of Dolph's bombing of the Senate Assembly Chamber there. (TNR, CCW)

Crystal Memories Model 17
this was a holographic recording device which was developed shortly before the Battle of Coruscant, and used by many news agencies throughout the New Republic. It was popular among field reporters because it was lightweight and contained more audio and video memory than previous models. (EL2)

Crystal Moon
a restaurant opened in Mos Eisley by Porcellus and Malakili following their escape from Jabba the Hutt's palace. The restaurant quickly became known as the best place to eat in the Outer Rim, and a number of franchises were built on planets along the Corellian Run. A larger, more popular franchise was opened in Mos Entha during the early years of the New Republic. (TJP, SOT)

Crystal Moon Mos Ethna
this was the proper name of the Mos Ethna franchise of the Crystal Moon restaurant, in order to differentiate it from the original Mos Eisley restaurant. Much of the restaurant's funding came from Herogga the Hutt, who used the restaurant as a covert base of operations for his attempt to regain control of Tatooine for the Hutts. (SOT)

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